Cross-provincial remote off-site bid evaluation, Valley has the first case

On November 5th, the first case of the Wuhan District Leading Center, the first cross-provincial remote bid evaluation project "Military Shanshui Factory Expansion Project Preliminary Design (including Program Design)" successfully completed the bid evaluation work in Wuhan Economic Development Zone, Economic Development Zone Engineering Transaction The project’s full-scale electronic level is greatly improved, which will provide a more open fair and fair competitive environment for public resource transactions in the district. The remote off-site bid evaluation work has innovatively breaks the geographic regional restrictions, and there are two venues in synchronization. The main venue is located in the Public Resources Trading Center of Wuhan Economic Development Zone, and is located in Changsha City Public Resources Trading Center, Hunan Province. Relying on the "Internet +" technical means, the two crisis experts of Wuhan Economic Affiliation Experts and the Changsha Branch Field communicate online through video logistics, online discussion, synchronous score.

At the same time, the bid evaluation process achieves independent review, online supervision, full mark, publicly transparent, supervision personnel of the administrative supervision department can check the full video, supervise the evaluation process, to ensure the standardization of the bid evaluation process. According to reports, the Army Mountain Water Plant Expansion Project is the key project of the "Siwei Treasury" in Junshan New City.

The project is complex, large design difficulty, high technical requirements. Through cross-provincial remote bid evaluation methods, the wisdom and experience of Wuhan, Changsha can help the tendere have selected the best design.

"The remote off-site bid evaluation work is an important measure to optimize the business environment, which not only realizes the sharing of expert resources, but also isolates the tenderer, bidder and bid evaluation experts, and minimizes people-oriented interference, so that public resources ‘The deal is more standardized, fair, and efficient. "The head of Wuhan Economic Development Zone Public Resource Trading Center told reporters. At present, Wuhan Economic Development Zone is surrounded by the optimization of the bidding market business environment, fully implementing electronic bidding, conducting fiber optic transformation on network facilities, and has a comprehensive file upgrade for related software and hardware supporting facilities such as conference video systems.

This year, 177 full process electronic engineering transactions have been completed, and 100% electronic and "no see" in engineering trading projects have achieved a significant reduction in transaction costs and optimize the subject matter of the transaction.

Next, Wuhan Economic Development Zone Public Resource Trading Center will actively explore the pilot work of "assessing separation", establish a long-range mechanism for cross-provincial remote land bid evaluation, surround the demand for transaction in all parties, plugging points, pain points, pain points, Difficulties, continuously strengthen platform construction, optimize workflow, standard transaction management, improve service quality, maximize deputy profits, and reduce public resource transaction costs. (Reporter Zhang Wei correspondent Liu Kang Chen Ying).

930,000 people refer to 2016 national examination examinations less than 331 in recent years

  Yesterday morning, the second teaching building of the Beijing Clothing Institute, candidates waiting to enter the examination room. Jinghua Times reporter Zhou Min took a high-profile national examination public subject written test yesterday, nearly 930,000 people actually take the exam.

According to the public examination expert, the administrative professional ability test (referred to as a test) is not large, the score rate is slightly higher than the year. The application is focused on issues such as public literacy and citizens’ rational virtues, "The Analects" Classic "Does Not Learning," has become the central issue of the predicament.

  In 2016, the national examination recruits more than 10,000 people, with an increase of 25%, but the number of applicants did not "rose boat". Ten thousand people through the examination of the examination, and the online payment confirmation of the online payment confirmation, nearly 930,000 people actually participate in the exam, the reference rate is about%, and the number of people participating in the examination and the ratio of the recording plan is approximately 33: 1.

This also creates the lowest competition ratio in recent years, becoming "the best test year". □ On-site visiting the smog and hangup, the study, the Beijing Wish, the reporter came to the test point in the peace in the Dongcheng District, although the exam was started at 9 am, but some candidates have come to the test site. Waiting, holding various review materials. A new graduation candidate told reporters that although Beijing’s air quality, the traffic environment is not ideal, it can be not much in his own employment opportunities, and the level of treatment is quite a lot than the capital. More importantly, civil servants can still solve Beijing account in the case of constantly tightening the Beijing account indicators, so they participate in national exams, he does not hesitate to apply for a position in Beijing. Take another step, even if the exam is unsuccessful, he still hopes to stay in Beijing. A education and training institution hangs on the scene, which will open the real estimate of the real estimation. Many candidates have "take pictures", record the relevant information, so that they will go home "re-" estimation at night. The chance of "Chenggong". □ The overall difficulty coefficient of the focus test is not big yesterday morning, the test is curtains, the reporter learned from the public education and Huatu education public examination experts, this sub-provincial topic is 135 questions, the city-level top For 130 questions. Although the individual subjects such as speech understanding have changed, the details are more important, but the topic is successful "slimming" – the reading amount is relatively reduced, and the particularly long paragraph is less, and the overall difficulty is not high. Experts analysis, due to the unparalleled overall difficult coefficient, the depth is relatively shallow, and if the candidates have a comprehensive basis, the score rate is slightly higher than the year.

  Throughout the 2016 National Examination, the inspection content involves time political, legal, national conditions, economic, Chinese and foreign history, environmental protection, ancient biology and life common sense.

The interderseal test of this measurement is obvious and enhanced with the relationship between the time. The time is mainly surrounded by General Secretary Xi Jinping, the scope of examination is wide, and the candidates need candidates to learn about the 18th National Central Committee of the 18th National Central Committee last year.

  In terms of environmental protection, this year’s municipal level was taken to two questions, which were all surrounded by current environmental protection hotspots. A topic is related to the related knowledge of PM10, requiring candidates as decision makers, in rectifying suburban cement plants, rectifying suburban paper mills, urban vehicle limit, and improving suburban vegetation environment and other programs, but can be most effective Measures for air quality.

  The legal part has been more topic this year, there is 6, but it is generally unparalleled, generally surrounding the French.

For example, the Director of the Public Security Bureau of the Political Security Bureau will not accept the decision, and whether or not to mention administrative lawsuits.

In addition, the national emotions, the economy, and historical examination is more comprehensive, involving a wide range. □ Focus on the application of the application of the "China Fan] 2016 National Examination Request Paper (Deputy Provincial) Focus" Public Literacy and Awareness ", direct hit social hotspots, let" public literacy "the subject truly and national image , Emphasize the "big country awareness", let "China Fan] get up. (Deputy Provincial) Materials to start with "unique" Chinese Fan] ", causing everyone to pay attention to" National Quality ". Recently, the uncivilized behavior of the Chinese has been exposed, how to improve the Chinese civilized quality, guide and promote all the people to establish civilized concepts, strive to civilized citizens, show civilized image, and become the focus of this application.

At the same time, the title of this application also quoted the ancient language "not awareness, no standing" in the "Analects", reflecting the attitude towards the national examination for traditional culture. High-serving is based on "no learning, no" as a central issue, contact social reality and self-propelled essay.

Experts analysis, the application (deputy province) test paper is based on the background of the development of the big country, explore you and my "small people" is as, and it also reflects the development of the country inseparable from you. You and I have the progress of the big country. On the other hand, the 2016 national examination application papers (land) focuses on the ability of candidates to deal with organs, the theme is "good policy nourishing citizen rational virtues", highlights the combination of political areas and social fields. Its material setting involves ancient and modern Chinese and foreign cases. It has an ancient Su Dongpo governance West Lake and Zhang Junzheng promulgated a whip. There is also a policies in modern life, education, culture, etc.; Relevant regulations, and the US plan to develop pension insurance. High-serving, the candidates requiring candidates from "good policies not only to meet the willingness of citizens, but also to think about the words of the nourishing of citizens and even morality".

Experts believe that candidates must not only have sustainable attention in the usual events of social hotspots, but also to combine the relevant policies and theories.

  □ The topic of the most "regret not original" topic [Title] divide the following six graphics into two categories, so that each type of graphics have their own common feature or law, which is the correct one. A.146, 235B.124, 356 C.135, 246D.125, 346 [answer] b [Analysis] This question is in the exam, it is a nerd, or a composite talent that studies two incorrect.

As long as you play the "a painting" game in the mobile phone, you will be able to react it, and the graphics in the 124 are graphics, and the minimum number of strokes in the graphics in 356 is 2, so this question is B. [Cool comment] is not the simplest, only simpler, time consuming, the right rate is high, don’t do it for your life.

  The topic of the most "Croche] [Title] A, B, C, Ding 4 discivalent weekends travel, A: B, I will definitely; B said: Co will not go; Go, I am going; Ding said: At least one person in A B is going, I will go. Which inference below may be correct: A. B, C. C. A person I went to C. A, C. Three people went to D. Four people went to [answer] c [analysis] This question mainly inspects reasoning skills.

First translate the four people of the armor-B-Danzan into logical expressions, A: B → A; B: C → – B; C: C: C; Ding: A or B → Ding. Through C and B, it can be learned that ethylene can not go at the same time, so it can rule out the A, D option, and according to Ding’s words, the Ding’s words will definitely go, so the B option says one person to go. Incorrect, exclude B option, so the correct answer is C option.

  [Cool comment] The weekend has been staged first, and the minister is tired.

  Background Registration The number of people in the four years, the number of people has been held since the first recruitment of civil servants in 1994, and has been held 22 sessions. In 1994, the national examinations were only recruiting 490 people, and the number of applicants was only 4,400.

In 22 years, the national examination has formed a "million male teacher".

  In fact, "national test heat" began in 2003, and the number of applicants has doubled from more than 60,000 people in 2002. At that year, it is the year of the first batch of graduates after the expansion of colleges and universities. The expansion of colleges and universities directly leads to more talents to choose civil servants.

It has been 14 years since the first year of national test heat.

  The number of national civil servants registered the number of people from 2003 to 2016, which increased, far exceeded the number of recruits only about 4 times in 14 years.

In this 14 years, 2014 is the maximum number of people in the past, reaching 1.52 million, and 1.5 million people in 2013.

In addition, 2010, 2011, the number of passes in 2015 has exceeded 1.4 million.

The national examination registration is hot is the performance of the public in the difficulty of employment.

(Reporter Zhao Peng) Original title: 930,000 people refer to 2016 National Examination "Best Test" Editor: Hou Xingchuan.

Beijing Huairou will build the construction of the Great Wall Cultural Consumers in China ‘s Shaduku Fashion Consumer Area

People’s Network Beijing November 17th (Dong Zhai) This afternoon, Beijing cultivates the construction of international consumer center city news ventilation meeting. The reporter learned from the meeting that by 2025, Huairou District basically realized stimulating industrial vitality attracting "coming into the weekend", the brightening meeting has enhanced international reputation, building "science + city" to achieve Yiye, highlighting ecology The background color creates innovative consumption to carry four goals, Huairou International Consumer Center City "micro center" is unveiled.

Huairou District Deputy Director Jiao Baojun introduced that Huairou District will form a new pattern of "three zones and one core" consumption.

"Three District" is the Chinese shadow fashion consumption area, the international meeting is in the consumption area, Huairou Science City service consumption area, "two bands", the Great Wall culture consumer belt, the ditch area economic consumption belt, "one core" is the old city consumption core.

In order to build China’s shadow, the Huangou District will take the lead in building the "micro center" in China, the core area of ??the city, the core area of ??the core area, focusing on Beijing film and television cultural characteristics. Accelerate the promotion of the master base project, Huaijun South Station TOD project construction; support the second phase of the film and television culture theme paradise, Grand Car Museum, Yitian Movie Hotel and other projects. Fully protect the Beijing International Film Festival series activities, with the film carnival as an opportunity, actively build the "Night Economic" model of China’s shadow, to pull diversified consumption, through the consumption of science and technology, tourism, culture, etc., attract multi-level consumers, Chinese shadings create a "never ending film festival".

In the cultivation of the International Association, we have a functional pattern of "one core and double ring seven groups", and further polish the "gold medal".

Promote project construction in Qihu Group, Yanbai Shanzhuang, Songxiu Park, a reasonable layout of cultural leisure, technology exchange, commercial consumption, tourist sights and other supporting services.

Actively host the Chinese conference industry conference, Yanqi Lake Science Instrument and Sensor Forum and other brand exhibitions, increase the introduction of exhibition activities such as exhibitions, exhibitions, attracting well-known brands to hold new products, first store starting, etc. .

In the deployment of Huairi City, the high-standard construction of the city’s living room, Yanqi Xiaowei and other commercial facilities, providing international, high-quality supporting services for research institutes and innovative entities.

Relying on Beijing Jinsu Xingfa Education Technology Industrial Park, Beijing Yanqi Lake Application Mathematics Research Institute, Deloity University and other scientific research institutions, with rich business format, high-quality service experience, diverse consumption scene "Crown Pearl". In addition, Huairou District will also focus on building a Great Wall Cultural Consumers. Integrate the existing tourism resources, improve the core competitiveness of Huairiki, improve the special tourism product system, and build Bohai Town into the Great Wall International Tourism Vacation Destination.

Comprehensively improve the appeal of Mutianyu Great Wall, in-depth digging of the Great Wall Culture and create a highlight of tourism.

In the cultural village, the cultural village forms a tourism service industry characteristic cluster, with the chestnut as the core innovation agricultural product marketing model, and create a "Huairi chestnut" brand.

In constructing the economic consumption belt of the Sigua, combined with the "folk customs cultural line" planning, mining history and Manchu culture, cultivating non-legacy project cultural brands, running the Manchu Cultural Tourism Festival, "Convitalizing Fin" and other brand activities.

In-depth excavation of Star Resources, start the star travel project, and strive to create a "most beautiful star air destination".

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Chinese culinaire associatie en Xinhua News Agency National Brand Project om Chinees merkgeluid te verbeteren

Op 4 september ondertekende Xinhua News Agency’s National Brand Project een strategische samenwerkingsovereenkomst met de Chinese culinaire associatie en lanceerde gezamenlijk het Chinese catering-gebaseerde merkevaluatiesysteem, het bevorderen van catering enterprise-merkconstructie, promotie van Chinese culturele communicatie, helpt Chinese merkupgrades, en een gezonde ontwikkeling.

Jiang Junxian, een president van de Chinese culinaire vereniging, zei dat het dieet een culturele drager is, de vlek van het leven van de lippen en de tanden, het geheugen in het nationale gen erven. De cateringindustrie begint nationale merkprojecten, en is gerelateerd aan economische ontwikkeling, het levensonderhoud en de culturele erfenis van mensen, vooral onder invloed van de epidemie, en de Chinese maaltijd-upgrade is aanstaande.

De Chinese Cuisine Association en Xinhua News Agency hebben gezamenlijk het Chinese Dining Benchmark Merk evaluatiesysteem gelanceerd. Het wordt uitgegeven in de vorm van groepsnormen om een ??reeks wetenschappelijk, enkel, compleet, operabele evaluatiesysteem en via live, concurrerende activiteiten te vormen , enz. Om de Chinese voedingscultuur te bevorderen, stelt de industri?le consumptiewinden op, om de rol van nationale merken beter te spelen, de structurele hervorming van de aanbodzijde van de horeca-industrie te bevorderen, de kwaliteit en veiligheid van de industrie te bevorderen, de Chinezen te bevorderen Voedselcultuur en Chinese kookvaardigheid.

Xinhua Daily Telecommad Social Editor’s NIEUW zei dat de Chinese cateringindustrie een nieuw ontwikkelingspatroon is binnengegaan, de "oude naam" vergroten, het "nieuwe merk" versterkt, het promoten van catering cultureel erfenis en innovatie, is de missie die wordt gegeven door de tijden. In de toekomst zullen we vertrouwen op de rijke mediabronnen van Xinhua News Agency, krachtige communicatiekanalen en high-end intelligentie-energie, bevorderen de mijnbouw, bescherming en communicatiepromotie van immateri?le culturele erfgoed van de Chinese horeca-industrie en het bevorderen van Chinese voedselcultuur.

2 cases of no symptom infection in Halluits, Xinjiang are Delta variaries

  Xinhua News Agency, Urumqi, October 7 (Reporter Pan Ying, Zhou Shengbin) 7th, Xinjiang Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture People’s Government Information Office held a press conference, Yili Prefecture Health and Health Committee Party Secretary Chen Zhengfa introduced the source of epidemic flow in Holuas City At the time, October 5, Holuas City has begun the third round of nucleic acid detection. As of 19:00 on October 6, all the results are negative, and the current Holuas City has launched the fourth round of members. Nucleic acid detection. The sequencing analysis of new crown virus gene sequencing was carried out by two cases of invisible infections reported on October 3, Halluits. Chen Zhengfa said that the 2 cases of new crown virus genome were compared with the recent local epidemic in China, and did not find high homologous genomic sequences.

  At 0:00 to 6 October, 24, Yili (including the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Korda City), a total of 1 case of confirmed cases, reported to Holuas City; invoofer 4 cases, including 2 cases of Holuas City, the 42nd division of the Corps, Korda City, 62 regiments. Sun Yan, deputy director of the Ministry of Propaganda Department of Yili Prefecture, said that after the emergence of the epidemic, the State Council’s joint defense mechanism sent an expert guidance group to the Yili to guide the epidemic situation.

Autonomous Region, Yili, Holuas City and the fourth division of the Corps will respond quickly, struggle to win the second, and strive to carry out the efforts of the epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely control the epidemic in the minimum range. At present, the overshoot control situation is generally smooth and controlled.

  When Chen Zhengfa introduced the medical treatment of the epidemic, Chen Zhengfa said that 2 cases of invisible infections and 1 diagnosis in Holuitos have received medical treatment and health monitoring in Holuos City.

The joint medical treatment group consisting of autonomous regions, Yili, Holuas City, strictly in accordance with the treatment plan determined by the State Council’s joint-defense mechanism treatment expert and the medical treatment expert group of the Autonomous Region, continuously updated the optimization treatment plan, full treatment Patient.

At the same time, we carefully do the health monitoring and service management related work of asymptomatic infected people. Wang Zhongming, deputy director of the 4th Division of the Corps, Wang Zhongming, deputy mayor of Korda, said that since October 3, the fourth division of the Corps has encrypted all nucleic acid detection frequencies, from October 3, 4th, respectively. The three-wheeled nucleic acid test was completed on the 5th, and the cumulative nucleic acid was detected by 544,876 people. In addition to the reported 62 groups of 2 people, the other results were negative. On October 6, the 42nd group and the surrounding 61 groups, 63 groups, and 64 groups were completed, and the total number of nucleic acid tests were all negative. Other groups launched the fourth round of nucleic acid detection on the 7th.

At the door of the house, you can learn the party’s history Liuyang Huaichuan Street in the community "Party History Standard"

The old party members visited the "Red Station" in Chaoyang Community in Huaichuan Street. Huaichuan Street for the map People’s Network Changsha April 30th Party History Learning Education "Who" "Who" "How to speak" "Where can I talk about it, see effectiveness? Liuyang City Huaichuan Street Innovation "Good Neighborhood" brand, in the community and communities, the party history preaching station, promoting party history education, in-depth, deep into the grassroots, and deep into the heart.

The party group co-consisted small and micro "Party History Procurement Station" in the "Party History Standard" of the Cuiyuan Community, a row of bookcases filled with bookcases, many books in the bookcase have been yellow.

These special "old books" is a lot of old version of the party history, the party history yearbook, the top China Communist Party, is very precious, which is very precious, which is from the gift of the old party member Qu Gui. "Father always remembers that he is a communist party member. He hopes that more people will read their senses from these party history books, become a spiritual wealth that is passed down." Qui Lan retired after retirement, he was happy to help people, and he It is also a "party history", the most love reading newspaper in his later years, drilled the party history, so a large number of party history information.

After Quiilan died, the family followed his wishes and responded to the integrity of party history education, and took the initiative to donate all the more than 200 precious party history of the collections to the community, which made everyone moved. In order to play the value of this historical material, the community has built the "Party History Presentation Station", and the party history of Qu Keilan is archived, and in the bookcase of the preaching station, the party members and the masses are studied. At the same time, I also launched a residents to build a publicity station, collect the old objects, old materials, historical books of residents, and further enrich the "Party History Standard".

The grassroots preliminary preliminary "Party History Propaganda Station" vividly opened, in the Chaoyang Community "Party History Presentation Station", the old party member Huang Chussen is talking about the bonfire of the affliction of the world.

Huang Chi is an old party member with a 70-year-old party. He is also a veteran of 93 years old. During dozens of time, the old man’s memory is clear, he speaks emotions, and the community residents have heard serious. "Party members are the glory of life and forever responsibility.

"This is the motto of Huang Chu Sheng.

Although he is old, he usually insists on the obligation to clear the community. He has never been disconnected in more than ten years. He also has a friendly communist Party member of Liuyang City. He donated his military power chapter to the community "Party History Standard", leaving the bonfire story of the red years in the preaching station, incentive more people.

In the beginning, it is a long time.

In Chaoyang Community, "Red Party Shi Station", more than 100 red books, an old photo of the years, an old documents that have been faded, there are more than 30 people who have flowed with historical and cultural stabilizers. The old objects in these years have become the "protagonist", which said the brilliant experience of the Communist Party of China. "I like to listen to the story of the party. Now I have the ‘party history preliminary station’, I can listen to the party members’ grandfather to tell the revolutionary story!" The neighboring people near the community is a fan of "yellow old".

Many old Red Army in Chaoyang Community, the old warrior also sent a valuable award certificate for the community. "We will continue to do a good job in learning education, inviting more old warriors, and old party members tell the revolutionary story, let the community people can receive party history education more closely, inherit the red spirit." Li Xia said, "Li Xia, the party secretary of Chaoyang Community Party. In order to let the party members will revisit the party’s glorious history at home, Huaichuan Street has built the community "Party History Standard", turns the party’s history into the people’s home, so that the red story of the party "fly into the home". "

(Chen Zhen Xiang Jun Zou Chunling Liu Lihua) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Yingbing).

China college entrance examination increases the rule of law, not only for "knowledge points"

  Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the "National Education System to carry out the eighth five-year planning of the rule of law publicity and education (2021-2025).

It is mentioned that it is necessary to strengthen the cultivation of the scope of the rule of law of the students and the spirit of the rule of law, and increase the knowledge of the rule of law in the senior high school entrance examination, the contents of the college entrance examination. China college entrance examination increases the inspection content of the rule of law, which is conducive to the supervision of teaching schools and teachers to do their best to work well.

  Launching the rule of law in the education system, which has its importance and urgency.

The education activities are important in educating people, reflecting and highlighting a certain realistic appeal, the rule of law is the distinctive characteristics of our country and social operation, knowing the law, understanding the law is the basic requirement for a citizen, and the important aspect of the formation of the citizen . In all stages of legal knowledge organically integrated into adolescent education, you can strengthen students’ legal beliefs, significantly improve students’ legal literacy, education to exercise civil rights, perform legal obligations, and gradually learn to use legal weapons to defend their rights, and help students’ long-term developing.

  Vigorously carry out campus rule of law education, can improve the discrimination and self-helpance of students who are illegally infringed in the campus. For example, after encountering campus bullying or being excessively punished with teachers, students can realize that individual rights are being violated, and dare to encourage their courage to find out conflict contradictions, and to prevent harm to avoid harm and maintain their rights. From the perspective of the entire plan, the rule of law education activities can create a good rule of law atmosphere for the education system to enhance the ability of education system according to law. Education managers can strengthen the awareness of the rule of law, adhere to administrative administration according to law, reduce the production of education violations.

The majority of teachers explain the rule of law knowledge to students, and can also enhance their personal knowledge, and establish a good teacher’s model with the rule of law of thinking. Enhance the proportion of legal knowledge in the contents of the middle college entrance examination, which is conducive to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of the public education activities, thereby cultivating a group of professional teaching programs to form a more scientific teaching program.

  In the specific teaching, the coherent and normalization of the rule of law education should be maintained to ensure the adequacy of the basic class and pay attention to the quality of the course, and put each lesson; at the same time, it should follow the physical and mental development law of youth, according to its real life experience, Focus on precise cases, with the case, vividly present the rule of law details, rather than the emptiness. In order to strengthen the teaching effect, many schools will also cooperate with justice and law enforcement agencies into the rule of law education base, leading students to visit and learn.

In September 2016, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Ministry of Education have tested activities in the "Rule of Rule of Campus" in three years, many prosecutors have become the "Deputy President of Rule of Law".

According to the principle of "who enforcement, who is the law", the state government also needs to innovate the form of law, expand the scope of law, and the school can use this as an opportunity to form linkage with state organs and social power, so that students practices in learning, deepen in practice know.

  With the advancement of the relevant planning of the Ministry of Education, schools should be based on the existing course staff, actively find out the short board, formulate the program, improve the course, and reserve teachers, lay the foundation for the order of the follow-up teaching practices. In the context of national implementation of the law, the awe and belief of the law should be a consciousness of each citizen. Overall, appropriate increase in the rule of law knowledge in the senior high school entrance examination, the proportion of the college entrance examination, in an all-round way to conduct a rule of law in the education system, is an important part of the law-abiding in the whole people, which is conducive to comprehensively enhances the ability of youth to adapt to society.

Daqing City Network Security Promotion Week

The Municipal Party Committee Nets Tour the publicity theme of "network security is the people’s online security by the people", organized the development of network security and trust-check drills, city network security public service advertising, network security training and "I do practical things for the masses – Network Safety into the grassroots level "theme practice activities, and assess the recognition of Daqing City Network Security Emergency Technology Support Units, issued a letter to the network security emergency expert. All counties have also organized a variety of network security publicity activities: Linadian County launched the "Strong Network Safety Small Guard" online selection and broadcast activities; Salu District Committee Network Office launched "Saltu District Network Security Promotion Slogan "Collection Selection Campaign; Let Hu Zhu District Committee Network Office organized" online propaganda into rural "live activities.

After the launching ceremony, Daqing City will jointly work online, continue to carry out network security promotion activities, and strengthen online publicity on publicity week.

Through rich, we have a wide range of network security theme activities, enhance the allocation of network security awareness and protection skills, and create a good atmosphere of people involved in people.

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Accelerate digital transformation China Telecom Xinjiang company

Xinjiang Company and PetroChina Kunlun Gas Xinjiang Branch signed "" Wisdom Gas "Project Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement, the two sides will be achieved from 5G applications, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things applications, smart communities, smart families, Internet finance, etc. In-depth integration and innovation, jointly promote the infrastructure of Xinjiang "Smart City", promote the development of "smart gas", providing more convenience to the gas use of residents in Xinjiang.

Through this agreement, Xinjiang will make full use of information technology advantages, integrate both parties, and play the role of information technology, achieve accurate, high quality empowerment, promote 5G applications, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things applications, etc. Information Technology and Gas Industry Depth.

Further exploration on the application of 5G applications, Internet of Things, and cloud computing scenarios in the gas sector, and cooperate in all aspects of the development of the Double-channel wisdom payment, gas networking tables. At the same time, China Telecom Xinjiang Company provides gas networking tables and dressup services to both sides through financial installment, Zhijia business, and effectively promote the construction of new smart cities, improve the safety and convenient payment of residents in Xinjiang. Improve people’s livelihood to promote high quality development in the district.

TV-changing computer suspension in July 2020

After nearly 10 days of fighting, the research and development of the product was completed, and then quickly launched product training support in the whole, and took the lead in the promotion of rural areas. Xinjiang companies adhering to the service philosophy of "suspension of closing", so that students can use TV to learn online without computers at home.

At the same time, in-service personnel can also use the ITV version of the cloud desktop for remote office, and farmers can learn agricultural technology. High-defined ear tags realize standardized breeding.

Cangzhou City Water Environment Quality Further Improves Zhangzhou News Cangzhou Information

  In recent days, the public found that many roads in Yucheng pulled up construction enclosures, and machinery started the pavement. It turned out that this is the city is being transformed into the Yucheng Old Town Archive Management Network.

This is one of the first series of initiatives in the city’s water environment quality.

The reporter learned that in recent years, the city has seriously implemented Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thoughts, and in depth, the surface water pollution prevention and control, the city’s water environment is further improved. At the press conference held by the NATM News Office, the person in charge of the relevant department of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau introduced that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period of the city, the national assessment of the surface water environment quality of the city, 2021, as required to reach Class III There are 14 water quality, and the excellent rate goal is 70%. At present, the city’s surface water environment is maintained overall, from January to October 2021, there are 14 levels of water quality in 20 countries in our city, and the excellent rate is 70%. Among them, the Chengxi Reservoir Water Plant, the Ministry of Taiping Bridge is better than the water quality target. In terms of drinking water safety, from January to October 2021, the water quality of the 16 counties and above drinking water sources is stable to the drinking water standard, and the standard ratio is 100%.

  According to reports, the city has passed the provision of water source protected areas, strictly investigating the pollution, and strictly investing in the river sewage port, tighting the river water quality, the technology helps to check the pollution in the basin, project drive emission reduction, deepen rural sewage treatment , Promote joint defense and other measures, fully strengthen water environmental governance, and strive to solve the problems in water source protection, root the sewage into the river problem, etc., which strongly promotes improvement in water environment.

(Full Media Reporter Wang Taikin).