Accelerate digital transformation China Telecom Xinjiang company

Xinjiang Company and PetroChina Kunlun Gas Xinjiang Branch signed "" Wisdom Gas "Project Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement, the two sides will be achieved from 5G applications, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things applications, smart communities, smart families, Internet finance, etc. In-depth integration and innovation, jointly promote the infrastructure of Xinjiang "Smart City", promote the development of "smart gas", providing more convenience to the gas use of residents in Xinjiang.

Through this agreement, Xinjiang will make full use of information technology advantages, integrate both parties, and play the role of information technology, achieve accurate, high quality empowerment, promote 5G applications, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things applications, etc. Information Technology and Gas Industry Depth.

Further exploration on the application of 5G applications, Internet of Things, and cloud computing scenarios in the gas sector, and cooperate in all aspects of the development of the Double-channel wisdom payment, gas networking tables. At the same time, China Telecom Xinjiang Company provides gas networking tables and dressup services to both sides through financial installment, Zhijia business, and effectively promote the construction of new smart cities, improve the safety and convenient payment of residents in Xinjiang. Improve people’s livelihood to promote high quality development in the district.

TV-changing computer suspension in July 2020

After nearly 10 days of fighting, the research and development of the product was completed, and then quickly launched product training support in the whole, and took the lead in the promotion of rural areas. Xinjiang companies adhering to the service philosophy of "suspension of closing", so that students can use TV to learn online without computers at home.

At the same time, in-service personnel can also use the ITV version of the cloud desktop for remote office, and farmers can learn agricultural technology. High-defined ear tags realize standardized breeding.