“and also,That a what dragon,Is your brain sick?I suggest you go to the psychiatric department,Don’t pretend to be here!”

When everyone present heard this voice,Can’t help being surprised。
Because the person who spoke said something they thought about but didn’t dare to say it。Anyone who has a conscience,Would never think that what Ah Jianglong did was right。
but,Who is so bold?Dare to stop Master A Jianglong from casting a spell?
Is he going to die??And offended Master A Jianglong,It’s not just a loss of life,Maybe even the entire Nine Clan will be condemned。
Everyone looked suspiciously in the direction of the sound,I saw the person who spoke,It’s a Chinese youth with a strange face。
now,Everyone in the Meimiao family was shocked,Especially that Miss Devi,Her eyes rounded,Staring at the guy who speaks loudly without blinking,Full of shock。
The speaker is Lu Menglin,Stand with him,It is Liu Niu’er who holds his arms and poses a posture of invincible Laozi in the world.。
Of course someone at the scene recognizes Liu Niu’er,All of them were shocked,Some people regret,Someone cheers。
Although Liu Niuer is a great warlord in the Golden Triangle,Recently the limelight,But this is the Valley of the Gods in Myanmar,With his identity and strength,Not qualified to be arrogant here!
What’s more, the national teacher A Jianglong is a magical ghost and unpredictable,Not to mention a golden triangle warlord,Even the master of the secret medicine warrior,He can also kill at the fingertips。
Many people sigh secretly in their hearts,Liu Niu’er is dead,Like him,It’s a shame to die in this place。
A Jianglong also heard what Lu Menglin said,He stopped touching Su Yi,Raise your head,A masterpiece of yellow light in the eyes,Shoots towards Lu Menglin like lightning。
Across the crowd,A Jianglong and Lu Menglin face each other,Fight with sight。
“who are you?”at last,A Jianglong puts away his smile,Asked seriously。
Can move A Jianglong,And show such a solemn expression,Many people present were taken aback,Began to re-examine the young man who just spoke。
If that person is just an ordinary person,Probably as soon as he opened his mouth, he was directly cursed and killed by Lord A Jianglong.?
Moreover, Lord A Jianglong simply ignored Liu Niu’er, the more famous warlord.,Instead, he focused his attention on the Chinese youth,This in itself is a very abnormal thing。
At this moment,Su Yi finally raised her head,And after seeing Lu Menglin,Surprised。
Know without asking,Lu Menglin suddenly appeared here,Must be here to rescue her。