Vasily realized that Qiao Tianyu didn’t understand Russian,Leaned over and lay on his ears,Translate。

“Mr. Joe,Checked it out,The Baikal investment fund was originally a small Moscow securities company,But after being suddenly acquired yesterday,I spent a lot of money to buy trading seats on the exchange。”
“Just bought yesterday?”Qiao Tianyu was taken aback,Whispered。
“Yes,yesterday!”Vasily nodded and said。
“This.”Qiao Tianyu lowered his head and fell into thought。
“Tianyu!”Lily on the opposite side saw Qiao Tianyu enter“Enter”status,Yelled quickly,Then point to the electronic clock on the wall,“time is limited!”
“Oh。”Qiao Tianyu was relieved now。
Yes,Now the time has come10:25,It’s less than forty minutes before President Yeltsin made a TV speech.,There is really no time to waste it!
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu curled his lips,Since you are going to smash me to the end,I can’t make you feel better!
So Qiao Tianyu issued today’s eighth instruction。
“Comrade Vasily、Comrade Yegor,Multi-storage,each500Rouble a position,Pull the price of National Securities to the sky!”
“500Rouble a position?”Everyone was so shocked that their jaws fell,Is this a crazy rhythm??
“listen to me!”Qiao Tianyu was stunned to see the two trading officers,Shout at them,The two trading officers were taken aback,Quickly operate the trading system,Fully execute Qiao Tianyu’s instructions。
Actually, Qiao Tianyu’s idea is not complicated,Since your Baikal Investment Fund wants to fight with me to the end,I dare not rob National Securities,I pulled the price up,Significantly increase your cost of buying into National Securities,Disgusting you!
In Qiao Tianyu’s“vicious”Under instruction,The price of national securities has risen geometrically,In just ten minutes5000Rouble share。
And that Baikal investment fund is like crazy,No matter how high Qiao Tianyu raises the price,The other party is correct,Rich and generous!
But it’s similar to Qiao Tianyu’s previous calculations,Waiting for National Securities Price Station5000After a share of rubles,The national securities selling orders on the market came to an abrupt end。
Qiao Tianyu understands,Temporary equilibrium of the market at this time,It’s because the previous stop-loss sell-offs and profit-closed positions have all been shipped,The remaining investors are on the sidelines,Hoarders will not easily sell。