Mike, who just got off work, is holding the steering wheel with one hand,Big brother holding a brick in one hand,Relaxed tone,Cozy:“Hey,Bob,I am Mike。”

“Hey,Mike,”The guy on the phone called Bob,The tone is full of expectation:“So glad you called me,We haven’t seen each other for a while……Hey,Buddies,Your tone sounds tired……”
“OK OK,Buddy,Don’t be so careful,”Mike interrupted Bob:“I am in my car now,And my car is driving on the highway,Don’t worry if someone hears our conversation,So there are some things we can say directly。”
Since Mike made it clear that he doesn’t need to use code words,The guy on the phone called Bob gave a little bit:“OK,You said。”
“I know your company’s operating rate has been insufficient recently,I can introduce you a business……”
“Thank you so much buddy,”This is what Bob wants to hear most,Without waiting for Mike to finish,He was excited:“Hey,Buddy,I know,The share that should belong to you is not less……”
“Listen to me,Buddy,”Mike interrupted Bob:“I tell you,This is a big deal,Very very big business,and so……”He licked his lips:“I want one hundred thousand!”
“One hundred thousand?!You are crazy?!”Bob on the other end of the phone screamed in surprise:“Buddy,What are you kidding?!”
“I didn’t joking with you,”Mike’s expression became more cheerful:“Bob,It’s not the first day we cooperated,You saw me asking for a price?Trust me,Since I dare to ask for one hundred thousand,This business must be worth 100,000。”
After a minute of silence,Bob finally spoke:“You’re right,You are indeed a good partner,But 100,000 is not a small number……”
“It’s ok,Really okay,If you think one hundred thousand is too much,I can introduce this business to Pele Sheng,Or Xinmeiya……”
“Vaco!Damn it!”Mike hasn’t finished speaking yet,Bob screamed:“do not talk!Please stop talking!”
Mike shrugged,But as Bob said,He honestly closed his mouth……For bob,One hundred thousand is not a small number。
A moment later,Bob’s voice finally rang again:“OK,Buddy,Like you said,You have always been creditworthy,and so……See you in the same place tonight。”
Mike laughed silently:This is the advantage of credit in business,Even if your asking price sounds very excessive,But the other party is at least willing to give you an interview。
“of course,Same place,”Mike smiled more happily:“But as a friend,I remind you:I always pay with one hand,One-handed……”
“Vaco!Damn it!Stop talking,That’s one hundred thousand dollars!”Hear Mike’s voice,Bob on the phone became more and more angry:This bastard,How dare you ask me for a $100,000 benefit fee?!This bastard,Do you know how difficult Lao Tzu’s business is??