Sitting at the dining table,Zhu Zhengkang smiled and looked at everyone,He is not testing the family’s bottom line,But to everyone,I have crossed out the two words underline。
Zhu Ruzhi picked up the glass,But found that there was no wine in the cup,Shen Sheng said:“Are all gone!”
Everyone is forgiven,All gone,Only Zhu Guosheng and two brothers Zhu Guofu,And Zhu Zhengkang didn’t leave。
“People have come to the door now,Even if we did it wrong,But I don’t allow anyone to spoil my granddaughter’s engagement ceremony!”
Zhu.Ruzhi’s face is gloomy,Serve the people all my life,Now my grandson has done something that runs counter to my beliefs,You can not have it both ways,Family affection finally defeated faith。
“Just killed a person,Don’t be so exciting?The trouble I caused myself,I will find a way to solve it myself!”
Zhu Zhengkang said disapprovingly。
Do your own thing,Zhu Zhengkang understood the truth when he was very young。
That Xiang Chen is indeed quite bluff,But for Zhu Zhengkang now,Nothing terrible。
People who have experienced life and death,Can face anger calmly,This is not false。
Zhu Guosheng smiled noncommittal,I just feel that my nephew is a bit too strong。
“After all, a Chinese citizen,He is not the ant in your imagination,He has his brothers and sisters,He has his beloved relatives。look,At lunch,Isn’t someone already looking for it??”