but,A few boxes,Even a dozen boxes can’t produce good things,That’s hundreds of thousands。Hundreds of thousands,For many people,Is it income for several years??

Just now,There is someone,Bought six boxes in a row,Never admit defeat。
but now,Looking back,I realized that I had spent more than 100,000。That’s almost his year’s income,A hard year,Lost in a few minutes。
“Just over 100,000,not bad!”Huazi said casually。
As soon as this word comes out,The audience in the live room was speechless。Now Hua Tsai has made a fortune following Brother Hu,More than 100,000 are no longer in sight。
To know,when starting,This product is also happy for making thousands of dollars。
really,Environment will change a person,Capital can also change one’s attitude towards things,Hua Zi is a typical example。If you didn’t follow Brother Hu,,Eye-opened,And got rich,Hua Zi wouldn’t say this。
After Hua Zi said it out,,Also reacted quickly,Wry smile:“I didn’t mean that。”
Zhang Qingliang smiled:“It doesn’t matter!Don’t say it’s you,it is me,Now I feel that more than 100,000 is just like that。”
Don’t talk about Huazi,I’ve seen the big world with Brother Hu,millions、Tens of millions,Even over 100 million is not without experience,Shi Lai Wan really didn’t think anything。
“Xiaohao,Don’t bet!Be careful that your wife drove you out。”At this moment,Ge Pingping persuades。
feeling,He and that person know each other。In fact,They are neighbors,That guy has been lucky,After a sweet taste,Gambling addiction is growing,Often come to bet on treasure chest。
In the eyes of many people,This is not gambling,But Ge Jong thinks it is no different from gambling,And it’s not a small mess。
According to the guy’s current luck,Sooner or later, we will lose all our wealth。
“Uncle Ge,I won’t win back,My wife will never let me go。”That person’s eyes are red。
Get!Hear this,Many people think this kid is hopeless,Already bet red。in fact,Many people have this mentality。
I want to win more,I want to get back。
It is this mentality,So many gamblers go bankrupt,Even broke home。