In the end it fell into the hands of others,That’s why she feels that way。

A ninja of his level,Are among the best in the world,But today I was subdued by a guy,The unspeakable mix of flavors in the female ninja。
But even so,The female assassin still didn’t answer Qin Feng’s question。
“You should know,I killed the snipers before。”Qin Feng is not showing off,But want to make some words from this female ninja。
as expected,Mention the previous snipers,The female ninja turned out to be true,Speak。
“Sniper?”The female ninja said with disdain。
“how,Isn’t it?”Although Qin Feng got a few words from the female ninja,But I heard the disdain in her tone,Qin Feng even felt that he was wrong。
Is this female ninja,Really not sent by them?Qin Feng felt unsure for an instant。
“They also deserve to be assassins?”The female ninja said helplessly。
“Why not?”Qin Feng asked patiently。
“They are all rice buckets!”The female ninja looked at Qin Feng without guarding herself,Suddenly slipped,Pretending to fall,Ready to escape。
“You are very dishonest!”Qin Feng didn’t want to kill this charming chick,But now it seems,Maybe I have to change my previous thoughts。
“I……”Qin Feng’s icy tone,Instantly scared the female ninja。
“If it’s not for your beauty,I killed you a long time ago?”See the female ninja end,Qin Feng continued jokingly。