of course,Although Wang Zilin is only the initial cultivation base of the 9th rank,Only a short life span of more than two hundred years,But it’s only a matter of time before she gets to the next level with her talent,Even more worrying is Osheng,Especially Chen Xiu’s parents。

Chen Xiu himself now has a life span of a thousand years,It’s impossible for his parents to have such a long life with them。
“correct,Green Mulberry!”
Chen Xiu took out two green mulberries from the space bag,Gu Rimou said in shock:“This green mulberry can make a mortal life 200 years old,Extinct in the world,How did you get?”
“This is the last time I got it in the Wolf Valley of the Shennongjia Forbidden Land,The green mulberry tree grows at the entrance of the cave that enters Qingyunzong。”
“No wonder!”
Gu Rimou was surprised:“Qingyunzong has to cover the sky and fight to hide its breath,No wonder there are still green mulberries to survive。”
Chen Xiu said:“Since your old man knows this green mulberry,I was about to ask how to take this fruit,I plan to eat for Ou Sheng and my parents。”
Gu Rimou shook his head and said:“Green mulberry can prolong life,But it has toxins,Ordinary people can’t bear the rigidity of the whole body and die。”
This is beyond Chen Xiu’s imagination,Isn’t it wasted that I spent so much effort?! “But fortunately you met me,I can use it as the main medicine to make longevity pills,It can also make Mortal Life 200 years old,And without any side effects。”
Chen Xiu rolled his eyes,This old guy can do longevity pills,Specifically say useless to scare people。
“That line,I’ll leave these two green mulberries to you。
correct,and also……” Chen Xiu took out Qianye Guo from the space bag and returned it to Gu Rimou.:“The Qianye Guo that Ge Hong robbed was also returned,Now it’s back to its original owner。”
Gu Rimou is puzzled,Said:“I am the natural law of wind,The natural attributes in the Chiba fruit are not very useful for me to break through the second-rate peak!”
Chen Xiu said strangely:“There is still desperate to grab this Chiba fruit!”
“I grabbed it to prepare for Zilin。