505 Xiaozhi’s second test machine
Everyone has different definitions of happiness。
For example, Wang Yufei’s definition of happiness is not likely to be the life of a tyrant that everyone admires.。
To travel requires a luxury car,I want a private jet,I’m bored, I’m going to have a party in the depths of the ocean on my private yacht,You must drink red wine82Lafite or97Romanicom,The beauty around you must have long legs……
This is probably what makes Wang Yufei very helpless。
His body may have evolved,But has little effect on taste buds and touch,It makes him unable to be clearer、To perceive the world with a more layered sense。
in other words,Wang Yufei has little interest in pure enjoyment of life。
For the requirements of life, he still stays at having enough meat to eat every day,In order to get enough protein and nutritional intake, this rather simple requirement。
As for the spiritual needs of private life……
Lu Yuxin is enough。
Not only in life,,Can also help in business,This is perfect。
With john·Martinis compares,Wang Yufei feels very happy。
He is also willing to talk to John·Martinis shares his happiness,Don’t think about it crooked,Is the happiness of making progress in your career,Wang Yufei also firmly believes,Academic temptation for John·It must be very useful for a pure scientific man like Martinis。
“This is impossible,how can that be possible?There are too many technical problems that have not been resolved,Why their quantum computer can already be used to find Mersenne prime numbers?”John·Martinis muttered to himself,Didn’t care at all that he was holding the phone,I think the tiny sound is clearly transmitted into Wang Yufei’s ears through various devices。
“Of course it is possible!The third constant guess I have solved three of those seven equations,If you are willing to come to China,I can tell you the solution。Then we work together to solve the remaining four equations。”Wang Yufei said simply。
“what?You have solved three of the seven equations?Which three?”