But this figure,It’s a magical shadow。

“Xue Ying,It seems to be on the second floor of the Universe Tower,You have gained a lot!”Xiong Gu Tianshen instinctively felt a threat from Ying Tianshen。
The threat is not strong,But it exists。
“It’s really not small!”A smile appeared on Yingtianshen’s face,The power of the Nine Nethers of the second realm in his hand flashed by。
On the surface,Three hundred years of enlightenment,He only raised the power of Jiuyou by one level,It can only be regarded as a very ordinary one among the 27 true immortals.。
But actually,He sublimated the magical power he had learned,From a magical power that can only be regarded as the cultivation of ordinary gods and demons,Ascend to the real god level,He can now create two shadow clones in one go,The deity changes in the clone at any time,Even concealment。
Notice,There are indeed some lower realms in the real gods,Relying solely on a magical power,Or an innate spirit treasure that crosses the world。
His magic,Although it’s not one of the top 100 magical powers in the world,,But there is something special。
“Achieve a lot,Really very big!”Yingtian God also sighed,“Ming Daoyou,This time it’s really your request,But rest assured,I vowed to follow you for hundreds of millions of years,With my current strength,Should be able to help you。”
“All right,Now that everyone has arrived,Then go back to the Three Realms。”Li Ming also chuckled。
Xiong Gu Tian Shen and Ying Tian Shen are his subordinates,But Deyang God is not,Li Ming naturally doesn’t need to wait for him。
“Not bad,If you don’t want to wait for Xueying,,We’ve all gone back。Fellow Daoist Ming said before, but he wants to take us to see the great world of Zhongshan”Xiong Gu Tianshen also smiled and said,Deliberately joked。
“I know, I know!”Yingtian God also raised his hands,Seems a little helpless,But the corners of his mouth are cocked, it shows his mood。
Follow Ming Dao people for hundreds of millions of years,Not a bad thing in itself,And the other party promised to teach him a great power,My own strength has also improved,Status in the Three Realms will also improve a lot。
“All right,Let’s go!”Li Ming is also smiling,Wave of hand。
The force of the edge directly tore the void。
At the same time, a mana envelops three people,Appear directly within the Three Realms。
The moment when Li Ming’s universe clone appeared,A memory connection。
Many clones currently operating in Zhongshan World,And the clones hidden in Chunyang Dongfu and Chaos Stele opened their eyes at the same time。
A lot of memories connected to each other。