Lu Hao nodded,Slightly lip,Two relationships are good,Calling so many years of uncle,Some changes。

“dad,I know,I will pay attention to it later.。”
“Um!Kiki,Don’t give birth to your father.,Everyone will make mistakes。”Gu Xihong smiled and looked loving,Gaze。
I really want to take them back.,Have their brothers and sisters,It must be very lively at home.。
Blue Qiqi is just a nod,“dad,This time I look at my grandfather.,Don’t worry about you.。”
Dad is also the first time.,And she is also wrong,She should check again。
Lu Haocheng took her side to sit down,The long body gas field is extraordinary,Laughing and kneading his head,“Thank you Qiqi,Dad guarantee,There will never be such a thing in the future.。”
“Um!”Lan Qi nodded,Radi-like big eyes floating shiny smile,Make her whole cheek becomes playable。
At this time,Xiao Jun and,Chu Feiyang also came down together。
Lu Si and Le Yu don’t come back to eat,After Yi Tianqi is coming back,Everyone has a good time to eat,Lin Dami and Gu Xihong talented with dumplings。
Lin Dami called the grandmother in advance.,She didn’t eat at dinner.,Just waiting to eat granddaughter to give her dumplings。
Now Gu Yi Lin moved out,Only Gu Yi accompanied him grandmother at home。
Door opening,Looking at my son and her daughter-in-law,Gu Xiandan laughs and gets up,“Oy,You finally come back. 。”
“Yes,Mother,I will give you dumplings.。”Lin Deman laughed,Blue dumplings,The taste is really good。
“Good,I am waiting.?”Gu Xiaoyama looks at the preservation box in her hands.,Already can’t wait。
As if the forgotten Gu Yi is unhappy,“Mother,Don’t I give me this big brother??I haven’t eaten too much.,Just waiting for your dumplings.。”
Lin Mengyi, a son,“Have your partner,Your sister can not forget you,Know your belly,I have prepared a lot for you.,Waiting,I will go down the dumplings.。”
Gu An An entered the door,I heard a small word of two words.,The whole person is stunned.,Just slowly walk。
NS894chapter:Your eyelid cramps
NS894chapter:Your eyelid cramps
Gu Yimei, I saw Gu An’an.,Immediately give Gu Yi to make a look,Let him not mention the sister again。
Guizui Yi is a nerve strip,He also worried about grandmother,“grandmother,How do you take a leather cramp??Are you uncomfortable??”
Take care of your grandmother:“……”How is his grandson be more and more stupid??
“I say,Recall,How do you grow more and more ugly?,As long as you are in the mirror,Should not be disgusting。”
Gu Yi:“……”Grandma is old confused,This eyes can’t,He is ugly?
He is long and people love。
Gu Xiandai and then said:“Recall,When you feel that you are ugly,One is not everywhere,Don’t be too desperate,Because you have at least fat。”
“Cough……”Gu Yi was smashed,“grandmother,What are you suddenly??”
Gu Xiaoyao glanced at him.,“Help you recognize your true face。”
Gu Yi:“??”How did he feel grandmother deliberately?。
“grandmother,Big brother,I am back。”Gu An An language is temperate,Lips with shallow smile。
Gu Yi, I gave birth to an eye.,Suddenly understand the meaning of your grandmother。
He looked at the grandmother,Gu Xiandai glanced at him.。
So there is no eye,She is really worried about the future granddaughter.。
wrong,Prerequisites Is this small child or another thing?。