“To deal with Sun Kaizi,You must first understand him。”Uncle Geng watched Li Tianchou put away his smile,“The energy and power of this person is not what ordinary people can imagine。I fought him a few times,On the surface,But in fact it didn’t take advantage。”

Li Tianchou was secretly surprised,Even Uncle Geng has some scruples,It seems that I have two brushes,Can’t help but curious,“Is his power stronger than Biao Qi?”
“more or less。I mean they should be regarded as the same kind of people。Good at all means,And the six relatives don’t recognize,Even the way the two started up is different from other characters on the road。The most important thing is that these two people will do everything possible to win over and corrupt the real power figures in the officialdom to help themselves.,This alone is not comparable to ordinary hybrids。”Uncle Geng said,Obviously know the opponent well。
Seeing Li Tianchou’s silence,Uncle Geng continued,“Give an example,Just take the grandson,Many powerful figures in the county government are his guests,Some even call him brothers。This bastard has been operating in Fukuyama for many years but is very low-key,And very good at leaving a way for myself,He opened a club,Just invite these handsome officials,Many so-called clean officials are in his hands,The insidiousness of this person is evident。”
“Say so,It’s hard for us to get him down on the bright side?”Li Tianchou was a little discouraged。
Uncle Geng nodded,“and so,Your police friend has suffered。”But he suddenly changed,“Hard to get,Doesn’t mean it can’t be done。Sun Guaizi has a fatal weakness,Just his shit brothers,Dare to do anything evil,Relying on Sun Guaizi is simply lawless。In the past two years, this bastard realized the problem,Are starting to restrain them,But it’s too late。”
For the first time, Li Tianchou heard in detail about the life and life of a gangster“Deeds”,A little surprised,“No one cares about lawlessness like this?”
“tube,Things are too bad,Can’t clean up,Naturally someone will manage。Your police friend is one of them。”Uncle Geng smiled,Pinched out the cigarette butt。
Li Tianchou was startled,According to the meaning of Uncle Geng,Zhou Nan is not fighting alone,He should have a companion,Could it be that Liu Qiang?Just such a specious person,Really elusive。
“having said so much,Just to tell you,If you want to destroy Sun Guaizi,Must do more,It’s better not to disconnect the line from the police friend。Otherwise, we just beat and beat Sun Guazi here,It’s hard to kill him completely。”Uncle Geng stood up after speaking,“Ha ha,They are waiting,Let’s go there too。”
Only then did Li Tianchou notice that a large round table had been placed in the center of the courtyard.,Sea bald、Peng Weihua and others are already sitting around,Only I don’t see Ahao。Seeing this, everyone has been waiting for them for a long time。
Uncle Geng and Tianchou Li looked a bit crowded as soon as they were seated,But I managed to leave a place for Hao。
“It’s rare for everyone to get together,Liangzi hasn’t seen you in a long time,Today, your uncle Hai and I are host to invite everyone to drink,Picture a lively。”Uncle Geng doesn’t talk much,But it can inspire the atmosphere,Everyone immediately became happy,It’s just that there is nothing on the table,I made a loud noise and started to stare at me。
at this time,The courtyard door opened,A Hao led a few boys,Everyone walked into the yard in order with large pots and small pots in their hands,Everyone immediately smelled the tangy smell of food,All in high spirits。

Five million is definitely beyond Chen Xiu’s low price,If it was the previous one, he must have agreed without saying a word。

But since I went to see with Qin Zhi yesterday《Preface》after that,He is deeply fascinated by the vicissitudes of time immersed in antique itself。
The main thing is that he still has no shortage of five million。
“Zhang Lao,If you like,I can give it to you later……but,not now。”Chen Xiu shook his head and said:“I plan to use this cabinet to practice hands,Practice my method of repairing wooden antiques!”
Zhang Lao was originally a collector,Naturally, I also understand Chen Xiu’s mood to repair an antique by himself,Nodded and said:“It seems that I am more and more interested in repairing this craft,I am also very relieved,but,According to your current level……I want to restore this big guy,A little hard!”
“Not difficult,Is very difficult!”
Chen Xiu still knows how many catties he is。
“How can it be repaired without being new,I can’t start。”
“It’s not easy?”
“easy?Zhang Lao,Teach me。”
“If you want to restore the original simplicity, you must not use new wood,You must use old materials,I think the style of this cabinet is like that of Daoguang……You must find old Huanghuali materials from the Daoguang period to make up for the original defect。”
“Old material of the same period?”Chen Xiu said with a wry smile:“Now the price of new huanghuali wood is ridiculously high,I went there to find old materials from Daoguang。”
“You ready money,Leave the information to me……But before,You have to learn the carving techniques of the original craftsman of this cabinet,If your approach is different from others,I suggest you better not carved,Just install it with a piece of flat wood。”
“Since it needs to be repaired, it must be perfect。”Chen Xiu shook his head and said:“Chen Lao,You start to teach me from carving。”
Zhang Lao first asked Chen Xiu to buy some ordinary trees,Bought some woodworking tools,He taught Chen Xiu bit by bit from the most basic carpentry work。
Carving for woodworking,The most important thing is to keep your hands steady。
And Chen Xiu’s hands are undoubtedly the most stable,After Zhang Lao pointed out some theories,When Chen Xiu faces the carved lines according to the painted lines, he feels like a carpenter with several years of experience.。
Zhang Lao couldn’t help sighing:“If I had a pair of hands like this kid when I was young,I have at least twice as many items in my collection now!”
Two people teach and learn,More than three hours will pass in a while,When it’s time for dinner,Zhang Laocai looked at the cabinet reluctantly and said:“Kid,The price of huanghuali is higher now,Once you fix it,Plus its own historical value,At least it can sell for over ten million……You can find someone to look after the portal!”
Chen Xiu reluctantly pointed to Song Shihe who was sleeping on the counter and said:“I want to find someone who has the skill to take care of,But it’s hard to find people who can trust and need good skills……Now I have to keep him part-time vigil at night。”

But now,They are still very clear,Don’t talk about anything else,Follow Wang Teng,That’s right。

As for Wang Teng,I didn’t think about anything at all。
But now,What these people did was too much。
“You really think,Like this,Is it all right?”
“right now,Let the Zhang family panic first,Then let’s make sure,What to do next!”
When Wang Teng saw this,Wang Teng waved his hand even more,Don’t forget to speak directly here。
Those around,I didn’t expect it at all,Wang Teng would actually say such things。
But the more you think like this,Deep inside these people,I am a little eager to try。
I won’t talk about it so much for now,But how should we deal with this?,at this point,In fact, it’s already very important。
See these,Now,When Wang Teng thinks about it, he will find it clear。
“All right,Now words,I won’t talk about other issues for now。”
“At least for now,How should we deal with this,I think,We have a great chance of winning!”
When Wang Teng watched him a little bit,The more so,Actually put it here,Wang Teng’s heart,Even more eager to try。
And beside Wang Teng,The people around see here。
obviously,these questions,In fact, they naturally understand,What should I do?。

“If you can find their command、leader,Losing a dragon is equal to a group of headless flies。”

“After all, it’s still a bunch of beasts,Find their weakness,It’s just a matter of time to break them down。”
Zhu Minglang has returned to Shitouzhai,Found that there are dragons patrolling the towering cliffs on both sides。
It’s not too difficult to get around these dragons,But Zhu Minglang acted very carefully this time,Sanglong is extremely capable of disguising,Even if I use my spiritual sense,Sometimes I don’t know where they hide。
“unfortunately,Or there are too few dragons,If there is a strong concealment ability,Good at investigating,Dragons with superior insight and alertness are just fine,Can find out the leader of the lost dragon hidden in the dragon group for me,You can also get more information。”Zhu Minglang is talking to himself。
“You are one of the few dragon shepherds I have ever seen without a young spirit,No young,Where did your dragon pet reserve?,Look at others,At the Jun level, the number of dragon pets may exceed double digits.,Look at you again,These four dragons come and go!”Mr. Koi said very contemptuously。
“Didn’t you see a suitable one?。”Zhu Minglang said。
“No good,Go catch the dragon,Into those holy mountain magic dens,Find the traces of the Supreme Dragon,If you tame a supreme dragon,Even the up-front domestication costs are saved!”Mr. Koi hates iron but not steel。
Zhu Minglang is now taking the elite dragon route。
Just try to make every dragon you own strong,Beyond one’s own blood、The limits of race。
Although it is really effective right now,With the Fruit of Jude Mo,Shenmu Qingshenglong is also powerful,Only Big Black Fang is a little behind,But a truly powerful dragon shepherd,It’s impossible to break into the world with four dragons alone!
Where the Dragon Shepherd is strong,Is the dragon,Otherwise, how can the fragile dragon shepherd compete with the mortal???
Four dragons。
Only four dragons!
From Mr. Koi’s point of view,I wish Minglang doubled now,Not too much!
Not that every dragon must be extremely strong,Must have reserves!
Youngling、Young dragon、Chu Long、Untamed adult dragon,The supreme dragon that wants to capture,All of these,Even if many dragons are not high in cultivation,They have a special ability,It’s also worth starting。
For example, Xiantulong……
Who cares about Xiantulong’s cultivation,But Xiantulong has a rare healing magic!

The golden round of the king heard the face, and the body expanded in a bone.,More than the original high halfway,And the body is not thin and thin.,Instead, it is strong like a cattle!The amount of it is under the forehead“Vinegar”,Also high-rise is a small steamed bun……

This is the chicken with duck.,For the King of Jinshu,The important thing is to Tubo Buddhism、Temcer,There is no Han people’s national awareness。
Chu Deirers also ended“Come”Shelf,King Kong,Chu Deirers have also big two laps,It seems to be hard and hard。
Golden Wheel King is secretly embarrassed,I don’t dare to pay attention,Confrontation with Chu Debet,Two people’s war、The momentum is more and more……
Such a dignified atmosphere,Shenlong Holy Woman did not shoot,Want to wait for Chu Deirers and Jin Wheel King first。
But just in the same moment,The moment of the highest peak,Chu Deman……“Bamboo”A slimming,Gushing to Guo Wei!
Golden Wheel, the original gas, locks the Chu Deirers,At this moment, miss the target,Suddenly chest。
This is not a question of Chu Deirers……
According to the two sneakers lock each other,When don’t worry about each other,Can’t suddenly“disappear”Otherwise, you will only make your own gas disorder、Aeriality,Be paved by the other party,Falling into the wind,Pretty peak matching in the flag,Great influence!
But the Chu Deirens not only have“Treasure”Tips,It seems in the gas lock、Powering,I have long since I have already secret Chen Cang.、Change the target。
Thereof《Moving a big move》and《Large》Hide,Nothing、No change in yang,Instantaneous,Let the golden wheel of the King of Golden Wheel are empty……
at the same time,Chu Deirers have taken Guo Wei——As for Huo Cohe and Dalba,I have not reacted at all.,How can instance blocking??
I saw Chu Deer and Ghost,Grab Guo’s shoulder,After that, I will return it.,Before plundering and back,As if violates inertia……this is《Sunflower》Oi!
Waiting to go to the Erman to fall back to the crowd,Also just leave Guo Wei,After that, I will play it again.。
At this time, you are in the opposite direction of the cliff.,Shenlong’s pregnant is closest to the edge of the cliff,Golden Wheel and Yin Kexi are also exploring the cliffs、Just on the side,Chu Deirers at this time before the people,Dragon education and Mongolian masters on the cliff……
I saw Chu Deer’s arms exhibition、Bruise,It seems that everyone in front of it is necessary.?
Chapter 918 Wonderful
Cliff,Chu Deirers are alone in the masters of Shenlong and Yunyuan,Bike exhibition、Bruise——Seems to be shout:I want to hit ten!
The gold wheel is not anxious.,After all, what is the use of the moment??
Idea and god dragon,Even Yin Kexi,Not a low hand,You will deplete your hand,It also threatens us not?I am afraid it is a touch of wind.……
However, just at the next moment,“Windy”Hit!
Eat me、Ocean、none、quantity!——Chu Deirers shouted in their hearts。
I have experienced overseas dangers before,Chu Deiren tried,Imitate the kind of heaven and earth that encounters storms in the sea。
But even if the Chu Deer personally experienced、been touched,Got a bit of charm,Hardware is finally different——Not so big out!
But during the injury of Chu Deirers,Negative internal force is difficult,But the Chu deer has produced other ideas.,Another way,Developed this trick“Wonderful”。
Optical“Unmistive”、Heart is extremely“French sky”,I also gave the Chu Deirers.……
Now the Chu Deirers will be in the mind,Mimic the god of the storm of the sky,Disorderless release。
Chu Deirers know martial arts,I don’t know how much I do.,by“Chaotic work”After the gas is playing,Randomly derived,Or a dragon turtle、Or a sunflower、Or chemical empty fist、Or is a sword……
Dark fits“mad”!
At the same time, because of this chaotic,Just a primer,In addition, Chu Debans will have a powerful recovery effect.,Consumption is not small,But it can also be very considerable!

When Xia Jian comes out of the bathroom,Yao Junli is sitting on the sofa in attractive pajamas,There are two goblets on the coffee table in front of her,Half a glass of red wine has been poured in the glass。

“Come!Have a drink with me“Yao Junli raised the glass,Chong Xia Jian said with a smile。
Xia Jian nodded,He walked over and sat down next to Yao Junli’s soft body,He picked up the red wine on the coffee table and smiled slightly:“You really know how to enjoy life,At least not treat yourself badly“Xia Jian said and smiled,Raised the wine glass and touched Yao Junli,And drank a little bit。
“Ok!Drinking very well now,Not like before,Give you a glass of red wine,You should treat it as beer“Yao Junli finished,Sweet smile。
Xia Jian reached out,Put his arm around Yao Junli’s shoulder,Yao Junli fell into Xia Jian’s arms。suddenly,Xia Jian frowned and asked:“Didn’t you attend He Jing’s wedding??How is her boyfriend?“
“Hey!How to say this?As the so-called radish and eggplant have their own advantages。Her boyfriend is a demobilized soldier,Well-behaved people,Very Zhou Zheng,Is also an honest person!It feels like this anyway“Yao Junli smiled and said。
Xia Jian nodded,Sit up abruptly and said:“I hope God is beautiful,Don’t recur Ho Jing’s disease,Let them start and end well“
“Hey!That can do whatever you want!Just the day before yesterday,Mom He Jing secretly called me and said,He Jing’s illness is guilty again,Seems to be more serious than before“Yao Junli sighed and said。
Xia Jianyi listen,I couldn’t help but get nervous,He asked eagerly:“You mean He Jing is hospitalized again?“
“Correct!So I must hurry back to Pingdu city tomorrow,I am her best classmate,She can’t live without me at this time“Yao Junli finished,So he drank all the red wine in the glass。
Xia Jian glanced at her,Also drank the red wine in the glass,Then stood up,Took out his mobile phone from the clothes,So I called Ouyang Hong。
After a long time,Phone call,Ouyang Hong’s hoarse voice came from inside:“how?I didn’t know to call me until I couldn’t sleep?“
“That’s not,I just want to ask you,He Jing is hospitalized again,Do you know this?“Xia Jian smiled,Asked softly。
Ouyang Hong took a breath and said:“I’m in the hospital,I was by He Jing when the phone rang just now,Afraid to disturb her,That’s why I walked into the aisle to answer“
“How is she now?“Xia Jian asked eagerly。

The bowl fell from Xia Jian’s hand,Fell to the ground,Smashed to pieces with a click,He didn’t hear anything on TV,He just meditated in his heart,Xiping Village suffered a natural disaster,And it’s still a disaster。

First0078chapter Before disaster
“child,what happened to you?“Old Xiao stood up,Looking at Xia Jian,The old man was also a little scared。
A long while,Two long-lost tears,It just flowed from Xia Jian’s face,He said with trembling lips:“Old Xiao,My house was hit,Suffered a catastrophe,Over,All over…“This sound,Full of despair,miserable,Makes people feel uncomfortable。
Old Xiao sat back slowly,Turned off the TV,The old man’s face is solemn,He can see the picture on TV clearly,Which scene,It can be described as terrible,I don’t know how the casualties are.?Look at Xia Jian like this,There must be his relatives in this village。
“do not Cry,The man sheds blood, sweats, but not tears,This is a natural disaster,Manpower cannot be rejected,What you do now,Just go home quickly,Find out the disaster situation at home,Me and Xiao Xiao,And entrepreneurial groups will help you“Old Xiao said loudly to Xia Jian,The old man did not lose on the battlefield,Unflappable。
Yes indeed!Am i useful?Xia Jian wiped away his tears,Say decisively to Old Xiao:“I want to go back to Xiping Village,Go now“
“Row,Call Wang Lin,Let her arrange the driver,Drive you,It will be faster“Old Xiao finished,Immediately ran back to the bedroom。
Xia Jian worked hard to calm himself down,He remembered the phone number Fang Fang left him,I didn’t expect to use it so soon。Called,Xia Jian roughly explained the situation,Fang Fang on the phone didn’t think about it,Immediately agreed。
Packed a few clothes,When Xia Jian was about to go out,Old Xiao chased,Holding a big thick envelope in his hand,He gave Xia Jian a hand and said:“This thing you use now,You don’t have to say anything“Xia Jian nodded,he knows,This is Lao Xiao’s savings。
Fang Fang didn’t know if he was flying,Still car,Waiting for Xia Jianyi to go out anyway,Her car is already parked。After getting in the car,Needless to say,Fang Fang just asked Xia Jian’s address,A map,Look for paintings on it,Then said something:“Sit down“The car flew out like an arrow。
Along the way,Xia Jianman’s mind is full of tragic pictures on TV,He never expected,Xiping Village will endure such a great ordeal,It’s incredible,Before on tv,Seen in the newspaper,I didn’t expect to fall on myself today。
Fang Fang got off the troops without losing,Has an indelible will,She drove wildly along the way,Xia Jian remembers,Only when refueling,They just take a break outside。
After more than ten hours,The car turned into the country road,Soon arrived in Pingyang Town,Traffic through town,People come and go,But all looks hurried。Xichuan River reaches Pingyang Town,Is the most downstream,Traces of water from the river,Can’t see,How big was the water the night before yesterday。
Xia Jian didn’t dare to ask,Let Fang Fang drive straight to Xiping Village,Along the way,Villages with rivers passing by,All have different levels of disaster。When we are approaching Xiping Village,The car is very difficult to walk on the muddy country road,Some vehicles coming from outside,Had to stop by the side of the road,Fortunately, Fang Fang’s first-rate driving skills,Plus the new BMW has good performance,They finally drove the car to Xiping Village。

Tourist place,Naturally there is no shortage of places to eat。Chen Xia took Xia Jian into a seafood restaurant,I picked a place near the window and sat down。

This place is nice,Not only can eat,You can also see the scenery。Chen Xia said to invite Xia Jian,Seems to be sincere。He ordered a lot of delicious food as soon as he sat down,But this time,Xia Jian is really hungry。
suddenly,A child’s voice came from behind Xia Jian:“mom!I don’t like seafood,I want noodles”The child’s voice Xia Jian feels very familiar。He couldn’t help turning his head and glanced,He was dumbfounded。
So this little boy is not someone else,It’s Zhou Li’s son Xiao Chenchen。Although this child hasn’t seen him grow up in a long time,But Xia Jian recognized him at a glance。
First2411chapter Devilish woman
Xia Jian looked like this,Zhou Li, who was sitting side by side with Xiao Chenchen, just raised her head。When Xia Jian’s eyes collided with this woman’s eyes,Both are stunned。
“Hey!what happened?”Chen Xia, who was sitting opposite Xia Jian, asked softly。
Xia Jian recovered,he:“Oh!”Said:“It’s nothing,I will drive,Let’s just drink some drinks”Xia Jian said,Quickly switched the topic away。
Chen Xia nodded,So I didn’t ask anything。The dishes will be ready in a while,The two chatted,Ate happily。Xia Jian always has a smile on his face,But he doesn’t feel well inside。What exactly happened here?Is it really bad fate?
He feels where he is going,Can run into Zhou Li,This chance is too high, right?!Chen Xia is a smart woman,She vaguely discovered that Xia Jian should know Zhou Li who was sitting not far away。But Xia Jian refused to say it,Chen Xia is too embarrassed to ask more。
While eating,Chen Xia secretly picked up the mobile phone she brought back from abroad with someone else,I took pictures of Zhou Li, Xiao Chenchen and an old man。
Because sitting by the window,So the beauty on the beach can be said to be unobstructed。The two are eating seafood,While watching the scenery outside the window。
Suddenly Chen Xia smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Relax!Their family is gone”
“Who?”Xia Jian pretended to smile。
Chen Xia smiled,Opened the photo in the phone,And handed the phone to Xia Jian。Xia Jian has a look,His face changed slightly and asked:“Your phone also has a camera function”
“Ok!Newly released,The trustee got it back from outside,If you are interested,I’ll buy you one and send it over”Chen Xia said with a smile。
This phone can also take pictures?This is a new thing。However, Xia Jian’s mind was quickly attracted by the content on the photo.。
Chen Xia secretly took this photo,It happened to be taken when Zhou Li’s family got up and left。Xia Jian saw a man who was nearly 60 years old。This man should be Zhou Li’s current husband。An invisible rich man。
“You know them?”Chen Xia asked a little curiously。

Although Li Tianchou used his impression to judge that several masters are not simple,But I didn’t expect the most humble child in front of me to be so sturdy and domineering,My impression of the car dealer and Uncle Geng has turned,Could it be Zhaokun’s second??But Yi Luo Jun、It seems that Peng Weihua should not behave。

Miss Song doesn’t know what she’s up to in the office,Ran out,I only saw the scene behind,Not surprised。Small steps walked to Qi Baozhu,Grabbed him:“Why hit a woman?Can you trouble Uncle Geng??Hurry back to work。”
Qi Baozhu is so cruel,He was so obedient in front of Xiao Song,Let her take it back to the workplace。Many onlookers did not leave here。estimate,With their year-round experience of watching lively,Things are far from over,All are excitedly waiting for the next big show to be staged。
at this time,The fat man lying on the ground finally eased,I grumbled a few words in my mouth, I don’t know what I was scolding,I stretched out my hands and couldn’t get up,I just figured out the phone,“Hey,Hirako,grass…Hirako,I was hacked,Your numb sister-in-law was beaten,……in……Uh,This is Yuhua Road……A car dealership,Hurry up。”
“Mr,Are you okay?I’m so sorry,For whatever reason,I first apologize to you on behalf of the car dealer。”Xiao Song approached Fatty,very polite。
“apologize?grass,Leave your mom!Tell you,I’m playing today,You have to pay back ten times,Believe it or not, I told you to close the door?”Fat man with blood,Like peeled rotten persimmon,But still arrogant,
Xiao Song is not angry,Still a smiling face,“Don’t get angry,How about we take you to the hospital to see the injury,How much medical expenses,We assume。”
“To Nima,Less this set,Afraid now?Ha ha,late。You go,I don’t beat women。”The fat man cursed and wanted to get up again,But it was all in vain。
Xiao Song’s face is cold,“Why is your mouth so smelly,Since I refused our kindness,It’s up to you。”Turning around and glanced at everyone,“Master Peng、Baoju, please come here。”After speaking, he went straight back to the office in small steps。
Li Tianchou looked on with cold eyes,Except for a few apprentices who are a bit scared,Other people’s faces are calm as usual,As if nothing happened,What to do。
Not long,Peng Weihua and Qi Baozhu walked out of the office one after another,The two of them can’t see any changes in their expressions,But began to announce that it was going to close。
Peng Weihua walked to Li Tianchou and shook his head,“Is the little girl afraid of things?,Notice to close in advance,Close the stall after finishing the order。”
Li Tianchou nodded,Nothing said。Looked at Luo Jun in the distance,This kid is already changing work clothes,Ready to leave。I rely on,The interpersonal relationship here seems to be very different from my own understanding,I do not quite understand。All gone,Who treats the aftermath?
Several apprentices began to explain to the waiting car owner,apologize。With Qi Baozhu’s Liwei,Most car owners nodded,Dare not have any opinions,But few people actually left,The mentality of Chinese people watching the excitement can be seen。
“Hua brother,I have something to leave。Tian Chou,You go back soon,see you tomorrow。”Luo Jun said hello very neatly,Actually left。

“These goods,Just close together,No separate arrangement。”Li Tianzhen is very busy,Luo Jun fights,Get a thick rope to tie the five men in black one by one firmly,It’s still in a small room to the north on the first floor。

“Hey,Hey,Are you setting up a private court??”Shen Yingjie became idler,Help is not,Not help or not。
“It depends on how you understand。”Li Tianzhen didn’t look up,Reaching out and slapped Peng Weihua’s face,This guy has a swollen forehead,It’s very serious to get this stick,“Get cold water。”
The stupid bug on the other side immediately turned and ran out,Luo Jun looked at Li Tianzhi with questioning eyes,The other party shook his head,Imply okay。
really,Soon the bug came over with a basin of cold water,Li Tianzhen took it and poured it all on Peng Weihua’s head,At this time, the treasurer Peng can’t help but wake up。
“Cough,Cough。”Peng Weihua coughed repeatedly when washed with water,I opened my eyes so easily,But was shocked by the sight in front of me,People standing around,Except for Shen Yingjie,Know all,once、Brother now,How did Luo Jun jump out?Fucking!And cheap apprentices?!
This surprise is not trivial,Peng Weihua is struggling to sit up,But there is no strength,I had no choice but to reach out to Li Tianzhi,I can’t speak。
“okay,I take him to the house。And the broken leg,Is also a key figure,Brother Luo worked hard,See how to help him,The doctor outside。”Li Tianzhen finished,Reached out and lifted Peng Weihua up,I fought my shoulder and entered another hut。
“You let go of me!”Peng Weihua can finally shout out,Roar immediately,His memory is still in the scene of fighting with sneakers after he was drunk,The first impression is that the attacker was sent by Li Tianzhen。
The furnishings of the cottage are very simple,A chest of drawers by the window,A desk in the middle,Chairs on both sides,Nothing else,Li Tianzhen threw Peng Weihua on the chair,Reached out and grabbed another one,Sat opposite Lao Peng。
“I ask you to answer,critical moments,I don’t want to be nonsense。”It’s rare for Li Tianzhu to take out a cigarette。
“You are so mean,Dare to find someone to attack Lao Tzu。”
“How did Zhu Lei get to the villa in Aberdeen Bay?,Talk about。”Li Tianzhen ignored the other party。
“You let me say,I just said?Let me talk about,How come i got here?bed bugs,Where’s the damn bug?”Lao Peng doesn’t cooperate at all。
Li Tianzhen immediately got up and opened the door,Beckoned in the stupefied bug in the living room,Unexpectedly, Shen Yingjie also took the opportunity to follow in。
“Talk to him,How did he get here。”Li Tianzhen’s mood is obviously a little impatient。
Bugs,Dare not delay,Immediately recounted what happened before and after the attack,He speaks clearly,Very organized。
Peng Weihua,Eyeballs turn,“Whatever?Do you count on my old Pengcheng for your love??”