Recommended best treatment for infant eczema

Recommended best treatment for infant eczema

There are many treatments for infant eczema, and the treatment of different causes will be relatively different. The methods of treatment and treatment of Chinese and Western medicine also have their own advantages.

What is the best treatment for infant eczema?

Here are the best treatment options for babies.

The best treatment for infant eczema 1, the overall treatment principle Baby eczema can use a wide variety of drugs, parents should be under the guidance of a doctor.

Before replacing a new drug, be sure to remove the previously used drugs.

When changing the medicine, it is best to first rub the eczema on the baby’s skin and observe the effect to decide whether to use it.

Avoid aggravating the condition due to improper use of the drug.

Infant eczema is treated in some form, depending on the performance of the eczema, such as local erythema, papules, scales, crusting, and hormonal-rich drugs and ointments.

If there is more leakage and leakage, the solution should be cold and wet, and then the cream should be applied after the crusting.

For babies whose eczema is not serious, they can only be used locally, but they cannot replace the drugs themselves to avoid skin damage or infection.

2, cold wet compress (1) commonly used 1:10000 potassium permanganate solution wet application (note that potassium permanganate must be completely dissolved, undissolved potassium permanganate will burn the baby’s skin), even if the wound is clean,It also toxic sterilization and oxidation.

(2) 4-6 layers of fine gauze cloth, with no dripping water as appropriate, apply wet gauze to the wound surface, and determine the time and frequency of replacement according to the amount of eczema exudate. When the gauze absorbs the leakage material, the exudate has reachedReplace the gauze with a degree of semi-saturation.

Two to three times a day.

When there is a lot of exudate, the dressing should be changed diligently during wet application to avoid the dressing filled with exudate staying on the wound for a long time, irritating the surrounding normal skin, and causing the wound to expand.

(3) Give appropriate attention to large areas of eczema, the nature of the drug, the concentration and the size of the wet dressing area.

(4) If the redness and swelling of the wound gradually subsides, the exudate is reduced, and the wound surface is dry, the wet compress can be stopped and the paste can be changed.

(5) Please pay attention when cold and wet compressing: the wet compressing area should not exceed 1/3 of the whole body area, so as to avoid excessive dehydration of the body surface and cause the baby to dehydrate.

The therapeutic effect of crude rice

The therapeutic effect of crude rice

Plasma rice has the functions of improving human immune function, promoting blood circulation, eliminating depression and irritability, lowering blood sugar, preventing cardiovascular disease, anemia, constipation, and intestinal cancer.

  The nutrition of crude rice is far better than that of refined white rice. For example, the content of calcium in flour rice is 1 of white rice.

7 times, the iron content is 2.

75 times, nicotinic acid is 3.

2 times, vitamin B1 is up to 12 times.

The vitamin E in crude rice is 10 times that of white rice and 14 times higher than cellulose.

From the above data, it is not difficult to find out why modern people eat white rice to eat systemic diseases.

  The germinated coarse rice can promote the healthy rice after shelling but still retains the outer skin. The aleurone layer and the germ of the rice are called coarse rice. It will germinate at a certain temperature, causing dramatic changes in the interior and producing various health care andBodybuilding functional ingredients.

Japanese famous scholar, Professor of the University of Xinzhou, Mao Yuanzhen discovered through experiments that the germinated coarse rice has a magical body-building effect. He pointed out that germinating micron rice is used as a staple food to promote health and prevent disease.

  Professor Mao Yuan’s experimental results with mice confirmed that the germinated tiny rice is rich in anti-reactive phytic acid, ferulic acid, etc., can inhibit the production of melanin, keep the skin white, and promote metabolism, prevent arteriosclerosis, internal organs.Dysfunction and cancer.

A large amount of amino acid GABA is present in the brain and spinal cord, which has the effects of improving blood circulation, increasing oxygen supply, inhibiting autonomic nervous disorders and senile dementia.

In addition, the germinated coarse rice retains more trace elements necessary for the human body such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc and iron.

Therefore, Professor Mao Yuan advocates that people eat more germinated brown rice.

  The porridge skin is nourishing the yin and the yang is slowly simmering with the simmer. The thicker the sputum, the better.

After the porridge is thick, there will be a thick layer of skin floating on the surface.

Eat the porridge skin, it will be good, the spirit is strong, the face is tender as peach, white and red.

What are the characteristics of pelvic fluid?

What are the characteristics of pelvic fluid?

Pelvic effusion is not only a common gynecological disease in gynecology, but most of it is caused by health problems, which is extremely harmful for female friends.

So today, for everyone to explain in detail what are the characteristics of pelvic fluid?

I hope that many people can better understand the pelvic fluid disease.

What are the characteristics of pelvic effusion? 1. Abdominal pain has pelvic effusion. It is usually caused by scars caused by chronic obesity, adhesions and pelvic congestion. It can cause lower abdominal pain, lower abdominal pain, falling pain, lumbosacral pain and backache.Falling down the lower abdomen, etc., are often tired, after sex, when the bowel movements and before and after the menstrual period become heavy, so that women feel special discomfort.

2, when the pelvic effusion is more serious, it will lead to the fallopian tube double, resulting in infertility.

After the clinical examination, after the position of the uterus is reclined, the activity is restricted or fixed, and the fallopian tube or two fallopian tubes that can touch the thickening of the cord are also mildly tender.

3, menstruation, vaginal discharge abnormalities because of pelvic blood stasis, women with pelvic fluid, it is particularly prone to menstruation and vaginal discharge more.

When the ovarian function is damaged, symptoms of menstrual disorders can occur.

4, systemic symptoms, some patients with pelvic effusions will have low fever, easy to feel tired, lack of energy, general malaise and insomnia.

The above is a detailed explanation of the characteristics of pelvic fluid, I hope to help you learn some knowledge.

Once you find pelvic fluid disease, timely treatment, do not miss the best treatment opportunity, help yourself recover in time.

Chestnuts are the dry fruit king and supplemented fruit how to eat more health?

Chestnuts are the “dry fruit king” and “supplemented fruit” how to eat more health?

Who is the “king of dried fruit”?

What is the “kidney fruit” in the ancient famous doctor Sun Sishao’s mouth?

The answer is two words, it is “chestnut”!

Chestnuts are the good season to eat chestnuts.

In the eyes of Chinese medicine practitioners, the nourishing effect of chestnuts on the human body can be proved with ginseng, jaundice and angelica.

Sweet chestnuts, temperament “mild”, the three major meridians, spleen, stomach, and kidney meridians of the human body, have the three functions of nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen, strengthening the kidney and strengthening the muscles, and promoting blood circulation and stopping bleeding.

Chestnuts can eat two more benefits. Chestnuts can be cooked or eaten raw, and you will receive different effects.

The average person is more cooked, or fried or boiled, can benefit Qi and nourish blood, nourish the stomach and kidney, and strengthen the liver and spleen.

Among them, it is not kidney, strong bones and muscles are prominent, and it is effective for kidney deficiency, weak waist and knees, weakness of legs and feet, and frequent nocturia.

If you are raw with chestnuts, you can get two extra benefits – treating low back pain and soothing muscles.

Modern research has found that chestnut high blood pressure unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, anti-matter, have effects on high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

Vitamin C and vitamin B2 contained in chestnut can help treat oral ulcers.

Chestnut shell is a good medicine for treating whooping cough. The most troublesome thing to eat chestnuts is its hard outer shell. I can’t wait to use the “iron sand palm” to break.

In fact, the chestnut shell also has medicinal value, mainly has the effect of clearing away heat, dissipating phlegm, and stopping bleeding. It is often used to treat sputum nucleus, whooping cough, erysipelas, stroke, blood in the stool, and nasal discharge.

How to eat chestnuts is more healthy autumn is a good season tonic, want to eat chestnuts to spleen tonic, then you can do this: in the morning and evening, the skinned raw chestnuts directly into the mouth, chew,After the chestnut is turned into a slurry in the mouth, it will be swallowed slowly, so that the effect of chestnuts to protect the spleen and stomach can be maximized.

In addition to direct raw food, chestnuts can be smashed into chestnut porridge with the previous rice, and can be eaten with sugar or salt.

Chronic diarrhea caused by spleen and stomach deficiency, or in case of indigestion, eating a bowl of chestnut porridge can relieve symptoms.

If you want to strengthen the kidney and strengthen the bones, then it is recommended to add 250 grams of chestnut and pork bones, 20 grams of Eucommia and mulberry parasitic, together with soup.

Note that people with external sensation and yin deficiency should not drink chestnut pork bone and kidney soup.

The three details of eating chestnut are often ignored. The spleen and stomach are not suitable for raw chestnuts, because raw chestnuts are not easy to digest.

Second, maternal, diabetics should not eat too many chestnuts at once.

Cooked chestnuts have the disadvantage of being easy to stagnate, and eating too much can hurt the spleen and stomach.

Third, many people like to buy sugar-fried chestnuts, reminding them to pay attention to saccharin and sputum oil.

The fried chestnuts that look particularly bright may have been added with industrial paraffin.

Early diagnosis and early treatment of liver cancer is the most critical

Early diagnosis and early treatment of liver cancer is the most critical

Early diagnosis and early treatment of liver cancer is the most critical. From April 15 to April 22 this year, it is the 20th “Tumor Implantation Week” in the country. The theme of this year is: scientific anti-cancer and caring for life.

Primary liver cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors in the chronic world. About 260,000 people die of liver cancer every year in the world, of which 42%.


According to experts, surgical resection is still the best in various treatments for liver cancer. Early diagnosis and early surgical resection are the key to improving survival rate.

Experts say that in high blood pressure, the incidence of liver cancer ranks second in cancer incidence.

The malignant degree of liver cancer is large, the disease develops rapidly, the treatment is difficult, the curative effect is not obvious, and the health is extremely harmful.

If early diagnosis and early treatment can be achieved, the cure rate of some cancers can reach more than 90%.

Experts pointed out that liver cancer is the result of synergistic effects of various factors, mainly related to hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, aflatoxin, drinking water pollution, lack of certain trace elements, genetic factors, alcohol and other factors.

Among them, the relationship between chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer has been widely recognized in the clinic.

The study suggests that the positive rate of serum hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) in liver cancer patients is significantly higher than that in the control population, indicating the close relationship between hepatitis B virus infection and liver cancer.

At the same time, liver cancer often occurs on the basis of cirrhosis, 70%?
85% of hepatocellular carcinomas have a background of cirrhosis.

Experts point out that the vast majority of cancers are related to bad habits and eating habits. If the diet contains carcinogens for a long time, it is easy to cause cancer.

If peanuts, corn, sweet potato, rice, millet and other foods are mildewed, a fungus called Aspergillus flavus is produced, which produces a toxin called aflatoxin, which is a recognized carcinogen.It can damage the liver and can cause liver cancer.

Animal tests have shown that the time required for carcinogenesis is as short as 24 weeks.

Experts suggest that moldy peanuts, dried potatoes, dried radishes, etc. should be removed and decomposed, and humans, poultry and poultry are not edible.

In addition, peanut oil and cottonseed oil should not be stored for a long time.

When it is moving, vegetable oil should not be eaten after having a taste.

Because the stale oil contains a component called malondialdehyde, it can cause cells to lose their normal function and metabolize to the initial stage.


This week, Zhejiang has a minimum of 5°C. Don’t “fall in the autumn”.

This week, Zhejiang has a minimum of 5°C. Don’t “fall in the autumn”.

The rainy weather opened the curtain of the week, a little cool, rich autumn arrangement?
According to the provincial meteorological observatory, there will be cold air strikes this week. The minimum temperature in most parts of Zhejiang will reach below 10 °C on weekends, setting a new low since autumn.

Are your friends’ autumn pants ready?

It is expected that Zhejiang will be rainy and rainy before this Friday (26th).

Visibility in rainy days is relatively poor, and driving must pay attention to safety.

Cold air strikes are affected by cold air on the 26th. Zhejiang has strong winds and cool weather. The average daily temperature of most areas is 5-7 °C, and the coastal sea has 7-9 northerly winds.

On the 27th to 28th, the weather in the whole province was fine, and the highest temperature in the morning was 8-10 °C in most areas and 5-7 °C in the mountains.

At 19:22 tomorrow, the frost is replaced.

What are the customs of frost, how to maintain health at this time?

Come with the little cloth to understand?
Every year around October 23 of the solar calendar, when the sun reaches 210 degrees of the Yellow River, it is the frost in the 24 solar terms.

The frost is the last solar term in the fall and the transitional holiday from autumn to winter.

The origin of the frost drop, “The Seventy-two Hours of the Moon”, said: “In mid-September, the gas is condensed and the condensate is frosty.

“Visible “fog down” means that the weather is getting colder and the dew is condensed into frost.

The frost fell three times in ancient China, the frost was divided into three.

Waiting for the beast: the wolf begins to capture the prey; the second waiting for the vegetation is yellow: the leaves on the earth are falling yellow; the three waiting locusts are salty: the locusts at the same time, the holes in the hole are not moving, and the head is lowered into

The frosty custom appreciating the chrysanthemum frost is the time when the chrysanthemum is in full bloom.

At this time, folks will be antique chrysanthemums to express their love for chrysanthemums.

Eating persimmons in some places in Washington, eating red persimmons during the frost season.

In the eyes of the locals, this can even keep warm and keep the bones.

The frost fall health anti-autumn dry cream is falling, and the weather is getting colder.

At this time, autumn dryness is obvious, and it is prone to dry mouth, dry lips, dry throat, constipation, dry skin and other phenomena.

Should eat more sesame, honey, white fungus, green vegetables, apples, bananas and other nourishing yin and dry food.

Anti-Qiu Yu late autumn season, the weather is getting cold, deciduous fruit, all things bleak, easy to cause people to worry, make people depressed, depressed.

It is necessary to participate in some recreational activities such as singing and dancing, mountain climbing and other group activities.

Anti-autumn cold frost reduces the solar terms, the temperature drops suddenly, the elderly are prone to suffer from “old cold legs” and other diseases, chronic bronchitis is also prone to recurrence or aggravation.

This time routine is no longer suitable for “autumn freeze”.

For the elderly with poor resistance, especially the clothes should be increased or decreased on time to avoid the invasion of dampness and cold evil.

The cold air is coming, and the friends remember to add clothes in time?
The content is integrated from People’s Daily, China Meteorological Administration, China Weather Network, Zhejiang Weather, etc.

What is the treatment of male climacteric syndrome?

What is the treatment of male climacteric syndrome?

Male menopausal syndrome is a concept that has been raised. Before that, many people thought that only men have menopause. Male menopausal syndrome is caused by the deterioration of insulin capsule function.

Male menopause comes late, the time of appearance is very short, the age of onset is generally around 55-65 years old, so what is the performance of men’s menopause?

How to treat it?

The performance of male menopausal syndrome, the mental system symptoms are depressed: depression, sadness, sadness, silence, even sullen crying, pessimistic disappointment, loss of confidence in life.

Worried: nervousness, nervousness, horror, irritability, and a little shock is overwhelmed.

Suspicion, doubtfulness, lack of trust.

Second, the main symptoms of sexual symptoms are: reduced sexual impulses, decreased sexual desire, impotence (penile erectile dysfunction); including sexual desire, penile erection, ejaculation, libido and other functions, as well as impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission and sexual apathyEquivalent psychological abnormalities.

Third, the nervous system symptoms are mainly autonomic dysfunction, such as poor breathing, excessive excitement, local numbness, tingling sensation, back pain, cold feelings in the limbs, indefinite pain, itching, heat, eyesThere are black spots, tinnitus, easy sweat, weak body, ant feeling on the skin, joint pain and so on.

Chinese medicine treatment for male menopausal syndrome 1, kidney deficiency, yin and yang deficiency men how to treat menopause?

You can try the Chinese medicine method.

This type of male menopausal syndrome is mainly characterized by fat body shape, cold cold limbs, edema of face or lower limbs, dull face, dumbness, lack of spirits, weak waist and knees, intolerance to labor, low sexual desire, kidney deficiency, impotence, frequent urinationFecal diarrhea or diarrhea constipation alternately appears, the teeth shake off, the tongue is dim, the moss is white and dry, and the pulse is fine and weak.

In the treatment of Wenyang Yishen, yin and yang and make up, the selection of gold deficiency kidney gas pill and water Lu Erxiandan addition or subtraction or replace the Dihuang drink.

2, liver stagnation, spleen deficiency, blood dysfunction This syndrome male menopausal syndrome is mainly characterized by irritable irritability, chest tightness, hypochondriac pain, abdominal distension, poor food, thin or sputum, weak waist, nocturnal emission, loss of libido,Or see nausea, vomiting, fatigue, fatigue, heart sputum, slippery pulse, white or thick greasy.

In the treatment of liver and spleen, blood and essence, the choice of Chaihu Shugan Sanhe Liuwei Dihuang Pills addition and subtraction.

3, liver and kidney yin deficiency, virtual fire on the inflammation of this type of male menopausal syndrome is mainly characterized by thin body, palpitations, insomnia, dreams, dizziness, tinnitus, forgetfulness, waist and knees, five upset hot, hot flashes, night sweats, throatDry mouth, nocturnal emission, irritability, libido, loss of libido, red tongue, less moss, pulse string.

When treating, when nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing yin and reducing fire, it mainly replaces Zhibai Dihuang Pill or Qiju Dihuang Pill.

The effect of lemon has a certain beauty and cures

The effect of lemon has a certain beauty and cures

Treatment of acne: lemon essential oil is rich in vitamin C, especially beneficial for whitening, convergence, balance oil secretion, treatment of acne and other oily skin symptoms.

Eliminate morning sickness: Pregnant women can place some lemons on the bedside, sniffing in the morning, and eliminating the effect of morning sickness.

Prevention of cardiovascular disease: citrate vitamin C and vitamin P, can enhance blood vessel elasticity and toxicity, can prevent and treat high blood pressure and myocardial infarction symptoms.

Initial foreign studies have not found that lime has an approximate score that can cause abnormal blood sugar levels to decrease.

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory: Vitamin C for citrate plays a role in the human body. It is like natural antibiotics. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, enhances human immunity and other effects. You can drink hot lemonade to maintain your body.

Shengjin Jieshu appetizer: lemon peel can be aroma volatile ingredients, can be used to relieve heat, appetizing to spleen.

Summer heat is heavier, many people are tired and tired. After long-term work or study, they often have poor appetite. Drink a cup of lemon soaked in water. The refreshing and sour taste makes people feel refreshed and can open their appetite.

Clearing heat and phlegm: lemon can also be used, and the effect of lemon peel is stronger than citrus.

The summer weather is hot and humid. If the diet is not noticed, the internal wetness of the human body and the external humidity of the natural climate will induce each other, and the wet turbidity will accumulate for a long time.

Therefore, when the summer is too much, when the throat is uncomfortable, the lemon juice is warmed with water and a small amount of salt, so that the concentrated throat of the throat can be coughed out smoothly.

Delays aging to inhibit pigmentation: Lemon contains vitamin B1.
Vitamin B2.
Vitamin C and other nutrients, rich in organic acids, citric acid, lemon is a highly alkaline food, has a strong antioxidant effect, is very effective in promoting skin metabolism, delaying aging and inhibiting pigmentation.

Digestion is not good to eat

Digestion is not good to eat

What do you eat badly?

Many thin friends often ask this question.

Poor digestion, no appetite, nothing to eat, can not eat anything.

I think that the stomach is not good to try not to eat any fruit, sour food is easy to stimulate the stomach to secrete more stomach acid, of course, sweeter should eat less.

One more, the fruit is still cold food.

Friends who are not well digested should eat less negative, cold, and irritating foods.

Starchy foods should also be eaten less, and it is easy to produce stomach gas.

  Friends who do not digest well, usually pay attention to maintenance, conditioning their stomach, in the tonic should follow the principle of light, easy to digest, the classification of balanced nutrition, should eat less meals, eat less spicy food, avoid big fish,Overeating.

Corn, lotus seeds and other foods are conducive to digestion in the stomach, but also spleen and Qi.

Radish has the accumulation of stagnation, phlegm and heat, detoxification, qi, wide and medium effect, men who often have swelling gas phenomenon can eat more.

  Recommended digestion is not good to eat: winter should eat all kinds of warm hot porridge, such as corn porridge, lotus porridge, yam porridge, can not only protect the cold, but also treat diseases, is the holy product of winter health.

In the meat intake, meatballs, fish fillets, mutton porridge, etc. are easy to digest, suitable for men with poor digestion and lack of stomach.

Nutritionist: stricter vegetarian diet

Nutritionist: stricter vegetarian diet

Nutritionists generally believe that people who only eat vegetarian food and refuse dairy products are prone to osteoporosis.

However, the results of recent research published by American medical scientists are surprising – strict vegetarians seem to be thinner than ordinary people, in fact they are stronger and healthier.

  Strict vegetarians only eat plant-derived foods that are not cooked, processed or otherwise altered to their original structure.

  Bone light is not a bone brittle new US issue of the “Inner Science Literature” monthly publication published a research report at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Leading the research team’s Luigi?

Dr. Fontana said that vegans don’t have to worry about being more vulnerable to fractures.

Their bones are thinner and less related to the amount of calories absorbed, rather than osteoporotic spots.

  “Vegetarian intake of calories and protein, increased body mass index, and low levels of body weight,”
Fontana declined in the study. “Traditionally, people with low body mass index are considered to have poor bone mass and therefore fractures.The risk factor, while too many are not easy to fracture.

“The body mass index better Fontana involved in the group of 18 ages 33?
A vegan between the ages of 85 was studied.

These people only eat certain processed vegetables, fruits, dried fruits and grains, with an average age of 3.

6 years.

The researchers compared them to another 18 ordinary Americans.

The average vegetarian body mass index is 20.

5, the average American body mass index is 25.

  In vivo elemental health Dr. Fontana said that before starting the study, he believed that strict vegetarians did not eat dairy products and would therefore lack vitamin D. The result of the study was that their vitamin D content was significantly higher than that of ordinary people.

  When the human body touches the sun, the skin produces vitamin D.

This vitamin is the key to keeping your bones strong.

“Vegetarians are smart,” Dr. Fontana said. “They often bask in the sun to get enough vitamin D.

The results also showed that the C-reactive protein content in vegetarians was reduced.

This element is a cause of high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

In addition, their insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) levels are also low, meaning that diabetes and prostate cancer are less likely.

  Dr. Fontana said that he does not encourage everyone to become a strict vegetarian. His research is only to prove that people should eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to reduce the risk of cancer.