“I’m the opposite of you,I think it must be Qin Haosheng this time。”

“I don’t take advantage of you,Haven’t you been thinking about my fireball?Take this as a bet。”
Gong Gong Jian pretends to say generously,Then the two hit it off。
“I also think Brother Hao won,”Huang Xiaoding’s voice came。
“Xiaoding,Can you follow your innermost thoughts,Follow Qin Hao,You think he can do it anywhere。”
“It is bright,The rain stopped,You think you can do it again,Does that mean?”
Commander Xiao’s words are here,Huang Xiaoding stopped talking。
Although he is now an elite member of the Iron Blade,But before, he has been criticized by Head Xiao,So he was still a little afraid of Captain Xiao in his heart。
“Old Xiao,How can you say that,The result of the matter did not come out,Don’t make a decision lightly。”
At this time, both parties in the ring are ready together,Although Qin Hao is very relaxed,But seriously。
These three are standing on the ring,The powerful aura swept towards Qin Hao。
Before starting to do it,Momentum is important。
Chapter Fifty Nine King Kong is immortal,Win
Accumulate,This is a way to show strength for both sides at war。
Often in a duel,They use momentum to suppress the enemy。

Seeing these mercenaries have lost most of their gas,Robber Cook said with a smile“Is anyone still in charge now,Just give me 300,000 gold coins and I’ll leave immediately,It seems there is no one!”

“Then I have to search by myself,Brothers give me up!”
With an order,More than two hundred robbers approached the mercenaries。
Although I don’t have the courage to confront the bandit leader,But the mercenaries also know that the probability of escape is extremely low,Instead, the probability of surviving a desperate battle is higher!The mercenaries aroused the courage to clenched their weapons,Form a dense defensive circle。
On quantity,Robber more,But on individual strength,Except for individual bandit leaders,Ordinary robbers are not too strong!As for equipment,Professional mercenaries are also much more convenient to buy weapons and armors than bandits。
The mercenaries and robbers shot each other with bows and arrows,The mercenary is stronger here,Also better equipped,The armor shield resists most arrows that are not intercepted。
On the other hand, the bandit,Although most arrows are shot down by weapons,But still a few arrows hit the target,Wailing all over。
Robber leader Cook frowned,But didn’t do it,Because the number of bandits is several times that of mercenaries,Occupy the advantage,But also got the upper hand。
Although Wright and Curton heard Tom said that there are hidden masters in the caravan to deal with the strong of the Tkawi thieves,But the situation is urgent at this moment,In case the defense of the mercenaries is broken,Anna’s safety is hard to say。
Curton makes a full shot,Wind up!Bow!Shoot out!In one go。
Eight arrows are as fast as a shooting star but quietly,Each arrow is not powerful,But extremely accurate,Cleverly rubbing the bandits’ weapons and defenses,Shot into their chest、Eye socket、In the neck。The strange collapse of the eight bandits did not attract the attention of most bandits,Because of the fierce fighting at this moment,More than ten robbers and mercenaries died on the ground in a short time。
“boom!”A hot air wave mixed with bright flames,Swept towards the robbers in a fan shape with Wright as the center。
The hot air caused the bandits in the magic range to die,At this moment when the hot breath spreads,Most of the robbers were swallowed by the heat,The surface of the body is quickly smeared with a layer of charred black。
Some robbers use their anger to resist the high temperature,As the hot breath continues,However, they did not reach level seven,Dou Qi’s control has not reached the point where it can protect the body.,When they have to breathe,The scorching temperature poured into their fragile throat、Trachea and lungs。
Fire level six magic“Flame Breath!”
In the face of large-scale enemies,Magician is the strongest。
“Senior Magician!Wind Archer!”The bandit leader Cook originally smiled and watched his men suppress the mercenaries,However, this magic of Wright,Directly killed more than ten men,Although Kirton’s bow and arrow only killed eight of his men,But all of them are elite bandits!

If you rely solely on them,Not necessarily Wang Teng’s opponent。

So start now,The more so,Actually these things look,The more it makes people feel a headache。
“Then next,What should we do?”
People around look at Wang Le,Somewhat curious。
Actually this,Wang Le had already planned it in his heart。
But then,Since the people around you say so,In fact, it looks like Wang Le,this matter,It’s also time to make a break。
if not,Just keep consuming,Actually it’s not a problem。
And at the moment,Wang Le took a look,Speak directly:“Actually now,We should do it in advance!”
When Wang Le’s attention shrank,Directly in front of my eyes。
And the people around,See here,obviously,Actually in their hearts,Also a little eager to try。
After all, now,Actually such a problem,What do you need to do,at this point,It’s actually obvious。
While looking at,Now,In fact, it looks like Wang Le,everything,All can be solved。
slowly,Seeing these,Wang Le at this time,The more I think about it, the more it feels ridiculous。
“not bad,But now look,These things,Actually, we don’t need to worry about anything。”
“But then,I think,Our chance is here!”

Ran for a while,He feels that the big living person on his shoulder has become a burden。Seeing the road ahead,He simply threw the ladyboy into the straw mat under the tree,Although fearful that Li Tianchou will catch up,But it’s too eye-catching with a burden。

Can’t tell if it’s angry or disappointed,Anyway,The man sullenly hitchhiked back to the county hotel。It went smoothly along the way,Did not meet the imaginary chaser,Li Tianchou is nothing。He sneered and entered the room,Washed up and went down to eat,Anyway,Was released,Always have fun,Go see your comrades,As for the task of the old man,Think about it again。
The hotel’s restaurant is next to the lobby on the first floor,But Dahan is not used to buffet,He likes to order two dishes and a bottle of wine,Self-pour and self-drinking is delicious。So he came to a small restaurant diagonally across from the hotel,Just after dinner,There are not many people in the restaurant。The man picked a clean table and sat down,I turned my eyes when I asked for the menu and I felt my eyes dazzled,A man in gray has quietly sat on the opposite side。
The big guy was surprised,It seems that the man is Li Tianchou,With his vigilance, he didn’t even notice,Does this guy keep following behind??The big man suddenly felt cold sweat on his back。
“What happened?Go after,Rush to kill?”The man recovered his composure in a short time,He dropped the menu,But I cocked Erlang’s legs。
“Originally meant this,But see you let go my brother,Still speak,So my attitude towards you changed。I’m just wondering who the bad old man you scolded along the way is?”Li Tianchou picked up the menu,A calm look。
The big man stood up with a loud cry,But there are stormy seas in my heart。This is two hundred and five awesome,I can even hear my muttering on the road,What is this skill?Ghost??
Li Tianchou gently waved his hand,Look at the big man very playfully,“sit down,sit down。I didn’t do anything to you,I’m just curious,Better eat first,I am hungry too,Just come together。”
Big guy tight,In a state of extreme alertness,Not sitting,Station is not,Looks quite embarrassing。Li Tianchou has already waved to the waiter。
Watching the big man finally sit down,Li Tianchou passed the menu back to the man again,“You do it,I don’t know how to order,Whatever you drink。”
Li Tianchou is so calm and free,The big man couldn’t help but cried out ashamed,It’s really not good yet,I’m already at a psychological disadvantage。I haven’t been so embarrassed for many years,Is it going to be looked down upon by the next generation??Thinking of here, the big man was so proud,Took the menu,Ordered in minutes,I also ordered two bottles of 57% liquor,I didn’t care what brand it was。
Chapter Three Hundred and One Night Talk at the Wine Table

“but,What is the problem with Liu Dafu??”

Li Anti-style is also some do not understand,How can Han Shanshan be so beware?。
“A lot of questions,But it is not a big problem.,Such as the finished vegetable,For example, employees on the overlay line,For example, he has nothing to do everything in the factory all day.” Han Shanshan said a lot of questions,After listening to the wind, I also understood why Han Shanshan will say that it is not big.。
These situations don’t really count what big problems,But it is necessary to say that there is a problem everywhere.。
“Row,I know this thing.,At that time, it is not letting him turn up.。”
“Um,You know,These are some things I have organized.,You take back and look at it.。”
Li Hui has received the materials given by Han Shanshan,Just just sweep an eye,He knows that these things should be that the other party is taking out for a long time.。
Because it is not recommended to get vegetable greenhouses,Even mushroom shed。
Also quantify,Fixed point,Made some unique green sheds。
Vegetables planted in these greenhouses,Cultivated mushrooms can be used alone,Used to open up the market。
After all, there are still few mushrooms that are now packaged.。
Fully sword。
Look at the suggestion of one of the above,And some processing methods,Remedy。
Li Hui Feng is also a little admire Han Shanshan。
These workloads are if he,He is absolutely can’t do so fine。
Never use to manage a vegetable factory,Also have to use suppliers,Channels deal with these things。
If you put it on him,He feels trouble everywhere,I can’t even have a long time?,He may fight the temple。
But Han Shanshan not only did not fight back,Still further development。
“Big squad leader,thank,I am so grateful.,Since the big squad leader has this determination to do it well,Then I also decided.,With the big squad leader, let the vegetables,In the future, the vegetable farm is what you said.。”
Looking at the serious look of Li with the wind,Han Shanshan also laughed。
“okay,I have said that I have been like you.,In fact, there is not much confidence in my confidence.,Just do your best。”
“Of course,If you think about accompanying me?,I will still be very happy.。”
When I said this,Han Shanshan’s pretty face is also a shame。
She feels that this is already changing and admitted to some things.。
Li Hui also stayed in Han Shanshan’s shy appearance。
“Big squad leader,You are so shy, you have a beautiful sky.。”
“screw you,I know I said,You are holding this thing.,I am going to find a few employees with me.,Then I am ready tomorrow.。”
Seeing Han Shanshan’s wind fire,Li Hui Feng knows that he is also adding to the other party.。
“Row,Then I will go to the town.,Then add a vegetable greenhouse of a village.。”
After leaving Han Shanshan,Li Hui also drives directly to the town.。
When I came to the party committee,I found that the double boat is actually in the meeting.。
And everyone who meets him basically knows,Are the villagers of each village。
Ye Shuangzhou is also seen from the glass of the door.,Immediately directly invited Li with the wind。
After all, he is also a bit difficult today.。
And Li Hui is in,Many things can be solved.。
Everyone knows that Li Hui Feng is now a rich man.,And Li speaks from the wind as long as there is a village,Which village will basically develop。
Now although Taohua Village,Zhao Jiacun has its own greenhouse,Pig farm,But mention Lotus Village, That one is still envious。
Look at the construction of lotus village,Look at the construction of the other two villages,That is simply。

And swept in front of my eyes again,While watching,For such a problem,Actually Fang Liang looks,deep in the heart,It’s coming more and more clearly。

It just fell directly into the distance,In this situation,Actually Fang Liang felt,These things,Essentially,It’s nothing at all。
“All right,let’s start。”
Fang Liang finished,Wang Teng took out a glass of wine,Drink it all。
This speed,This rhythm,Completely scared everyone。
Looks in others,This is so straightforward,Let them not know,What should I say。
“how about it,come。”
Wang Teng waved his hand,Don’t forget to speak directly here。
And with Wang Teng’s words finished,obviously,Now,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,What should I do,Actually this,It’s beyond doubt。
quickly,Someone joins in。
But not long,These people feel the pressure。
Wang Teng’s face looks a little red,But it looks closer,But it doesn’t look like you’ve drunk too much。
The more so,It seems that the more it makes them feel an unprecedented pressure。
So here,Actually such a thing is in front of us,For Wang Teng,What exactly needs to be done,He is even more clear in his heart。
“Actually next,What we need to do,Don’t need too much。”
“Just need,Just keep drinking like this!”
Wang Teng said to Wei Yuyan,And Wei Yuyan,I looked a little dumbfounded。
“Wang Teng,Are you really okay?”

Xia Jian stretched out his hand,Gently patted Gu Yue on the shoulder and said:“You are too strong,So your dad can’t love you,Over time,Your relationship is alienated,The only thing left is partnership,It can also be said to be a mutually beneficial relationship。The only thing that maintains this relationship between you is money”

“You’re right,Whenever I see my mom’s negative life,I hate my dad very much in my heart,He ruined my mother’s life”Gu Yue said,Drank all the wine in the glass in one sip。
She pressed the service button on the table,The waiter walked in quickly。Gu Yue glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Two more bottles!Since I want to drink,Let’s drink enough”
“Too much,Just one bottle”Xia Jian said,Winked at the waiter。Waiter is smart,Immediately brought a bottle of foreign wine over。
Gu Yue smiled at Xia Jian:“how?Are you afraid I can’t afford it?Still afraid of me getting drunk?”
“neither,I’m just talking to you tonight。Money shouldn’t be a problem for you,If the woman of the CEO of Yunmao Group has no money,,Are we flat-headed people going to drink northwest wind?”Xia Jian joked。
Gu Yue opened the cork,After pouring her and Xia Jian each a glass of wine,She smiled and asked:“That’s you afraid I’m drunk?I can tell you,My volume is huge!Most people want to get drunk.,But it’s hard for you to say。Because wine is not intoxicating,Drunk”
“it is good!Then you will get drunk last time tonight,This is called Yizui Fangxiu。In fact, there is nothing to let go of in life”Xia Jian laughed and said,And Gu Yue touched a wine glass,Then I took a big sip。
Gu Yue took a long breath and said:“Xia Hao!do you know?How many people want to get me drunk?But i don’t drink,How am i?But sitting with you is different。I can get myself drunk,Do you know why?”Gu Yue said,Looking at Xia Jian with affectionate eyes。
Xia Jian smiled,Asked slightly:“why?”
“Because of your integrity,Not greedy,And special talent,It makes people feel like they hate it at first sight”Gu Yue said Xia Jian very well。She still didn’t say the most scared thing Xia Jian。Maybe Xia Jian thought too much in his heart。
Xia Jian laughed:“If that’s the case,I have to thank you too,Even if it’s me a Maxima,But without you, Bole,I’m still nothing”
“Hahahaha!What am i bole,I can only find things for you,Trouble”When Gu Yue said this,,Eyes are starting to blur。Xia Jian discovered,The second drink is almost finished。
No way,Absolutely can’t make her drunk,Because what he should say even though he said,But Gu Yue did not make a clear statement,Otherwise he can’t give Gu Changlong a satisfactory explanation。You have to be honest,Promised others,He has to get a result。
Xia Jian put aside the wine glass in Gu Yue’s hand,Nodded at her and said:“I’m just going to talk to you,Don’t move the house,Company you are still the boss。Let’s wait for the chance,you know too,Yunmao Group is not your father alone,You can’t push him too fast”
“Humph!I knew it,Old Gu, he will find you,And you are an upright person,So I didn’t even think about doing that,I didn’t find a moving company,I lied to Gu Changlong,I want to see,Does he still care about me”Gu Yue said,Snatched the glass again。
Xia Jian glanced at this beautiful woman,There is an unspeakable taste in my heart。He thought that Gu Yue would only be forced,I didn’t expect people to have a plan long ago,It seems that he missed it this time。
Gu Yue drank the wine in the glass,Then came over,Sitting on Xia Jian’s side,She asked shyly:“Can you borrow your arm?”

After packing up the acupuncture bag,Jingpu looked at the old man in black and said:

“but,Can it be cured,I still don’t know,See the results in half an hour,but,No matter what,You should hurry up and find someone now,Do what you did before,Before you find someone,Yun Qiyao should still be fine。”
If you don’t let Jingpu rule,,Jingpu can be cured,But the problem is that Jingpu doesn’t want to,after all,This Yun Qiyao is a demon,And the symptoms are weird,Jingpu didn’t dare to mess around。
Talking,Don’t these people have a cure before?,It was just Yun Qiyao who suddenly fell ill,No one has time to prepare。
Now words,Under control,Have time,Then go back and find someone,How did you treat it before,How to treat now,Jingpu won’t drip this muddy water。
The old man in black swallowed,Looking at Jingpu Road blankly:
“that……senior……You pin,How long can I protect Miss?”
Jingpu thought for a while:“If there are no other symptoms,That’s it,There are seven or eight days,If you want to extend it,Ten days and a half months or one month is fine,Enough time?”
People here are flying around,In a month,It must be enough?
only,The old man in black swallowed hard and said:
“afraid……Afraid it’s not enough……”
Jingpu raised his eyebrows:
“Two months is okay,But I don’t know if she can stand it。”
The old man in black swallowed again and said blankly:
“Two months……I’m afraid not……”
Immediately,Jingpu looked weird:
“You cloud demon royal family……Do you live in the sky?……Two months is not enough,How long will it take,You say it,I’m thinking of a way。”
The old man in black swallowed,Looking at Jingpu with an embarrassed expression:

“Okay kid,Your cowhide。Do as he says,I don’t believe you can fly out from here”Bald head talking,Made a gesture to his subordinate。

Discovered by the dim light,This bald head is really not shaved to be cool,Should be congenital my hair。Such people are generally ruthless,He has to be prepared。
Things have reached this point,Xia Jian suddenly felt a bit reckless。If you tell Luo Yi about this,,With her help,The situation is different。
But there is no regret medicine in this world,Xia Jian stared at his bald head with both eyes,Because everything here is under his command,If you can control him first,This can be easier。
The tape on Lu Wanting’s mouth was torn off,She shouted:“President Xia!These bastards are too bully,Don’t give them money,Let them kill me”
“Don’t worry,Since i’m here,I’ll take care of this。If they punch you again,I will deduct 10,000,Until the deduction”Xia Jian deliberately said loudly to Lu Wanting。
Bald,Hehe smiled and said:“Don’t fucking be naive here,Did the money not come?Laozi abolished you first”
Bald head talking,Wave of right hand,Which people behind him all pounced on Xia Jian。at this time,Lu Wanting suddenly took off,When everyone’s eyes were on Xia Jian,Her body suddenly slammed to the right。
Who on the right was caught off guard,I was hit by Lu Wanting and flew out。One move,Lu Wanting frustrated,The right leg swept like lightning to the person on the left。
The two made it in one go,Who on the left jumped and avoided,But he was forced to retreat by Lu Wanting a few steps,use this opportunity,Lu Wanting rushed towards Xia Jian。
Because my hands are tied back,So the running speed is not very fast。of course,Xia Jian has found Lu Wanting running towards him。So he shouted,Rise up。The right leg is like an iron broom,Swept into the air。
To know,Xia Jian’s feet are so powerful,Unlucky who ran into。With two screams,The two who rushed to the front fell over。
use this opportunity,Xia Jianmeng sprinted to the right,Stretch your right hand,Lu Wanting has been pulled over by him。Where are the bald heads standing stupidly for a while。
“fast!Help me untie”Lu Wanting said anxiously。Approached,Xia Jiancai found that Lu Wanting had injuries on her face,This irritated Xia Jian。
He moved quickly to relieve Lu Wanting’s hands tied back。Bald back,He couldn’t help being furious。He shouted loudly:“Give me all,Kill them both for me”
Bald shouted like this,Which horses with possessions attacked from behind。Thus,Xia Jian and Lu Wanting were made dumplings,What’s more, Lu Wanting’s tied hands have not been untied。
First2145chapter Break through
The situation is extremely crisis。Relying on Xia Jian’s palms to fight with these more than ten guys who are like wolves and tigers,Isn’t that just holding the egg and hitting the stone。
But things have come to this point,Xia Jian can’t kneel down and beg for mercy, right?!Lu Wanting looked anxious,She said loudly:“President Xia!You go!Leave it alone”
Say it’s too late,There are already two yellow hairs holding sticks,Chao Xiajian’s head hit,It seems that he really hit the dead。Everyone can’t help being furious,His hands slapped Lu Wanting’s shoulders,His body uses this power,People have vacated。


Ge Lingyue accepted Wang Yufei’s suggestion,And Bill the next day·Gates made an appointment,And before a formal agreement with Google,Flew to Biel·Gates’ smart villa that has been coveted by countless people all over the world。
This time is more secure for Ge Lingyue。
If Microsoft really wants to keep her in Seattle,Also consider how Google feels。
After all, she didn’t come forward to stamp,It also means that many days of negotiations are all in vain。
This is certainly not in Google’s interest。
Hey,For a woman, Ge Lingyue only thinks she is too difficult。
Who dares to imagine that one day the richest man in the world who was once a household name may invite her to a Hongmen feast?
Yes,Housekeeper,Or walk into Bill under the leadership of the manor employee·Gates’ Manor,Ge Lingyue still feels dreaming in her heart。Especially when I see my heart, I can’t help but feel anxious,So I brought two entourage。
Waiting in the manor,The subordinates are naturally entertained,What Ge Lingyue didn’t expect was,Bill·Gates actually waited for her at the gate of the manor himself,And took her to tour this villa。
Then Ge Lingyue saw the extravagant life of the truly rich。
probably18Metre deep huge swimming pool,Nine meters high trampoline room,A banquet hall that can accommodate hundreds of people,Super private library collection,Six different kitchens,I want to use food wherever I go,All kinds of drinks in a five-meter-high outdoor refrigerator,Can accommodate20Super luxury home theater for people,24 hours intelligent tree planting system,With various high-tech blessings……
have to say,The life of the world’s richest man is very delicate。
Ge Lingyue thinks if she lives in such a big house,May be lost every day in the previous week。