Daqing City Network Security Promotion Week

The Municipal Party Committee Nets Tour the publicity theme of "network security is the people’s online security by the people", organized the development of network security and trust-check drills, city network security public service advertising, network security training and "I do practical things for the masses – Network Safety into the grassroots level "theme practice activities, and assess the recognition of Daqing City Network Security Emergency Technology Support Units, issued a letter to the network security emergency expert. All counties have also organized a variety of network security publicity activities: Linadian County launched the "Strong Network Safety Small Guard" online selection and broadcast activities; Salu District Committee Network Office launched "Saltu District Network Security Promotion Slogan "Collection Selection Campaign; Let Hu Zhu District Committee Network Office organized" online propaganda into rural "live activities.

After the launching ceremony, Daqing City will jointly work online, continue to carry out network security promotion activities, and strengthen online publicity on publicity week.

Through rich, we have a wide range of network security theme activities, enhance the allocation of network security awareness and protection skills, and create a good atmosphere of people involved in people.

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