One of the most loved diseases of the eye is that everyone has been tricked

One of the most loved diseases of the eye is that everyone has been tricked

In recent days, Xiao Bian always felt that something had entered the left eye. It was a little painful and a little itchy. Looking in the mirror, I found that the eyelids under my left eye were actually a little red and swollen. I also grew a small mole. It’s hard to see me.What should I look at with long needles?

In fact, the needle eye has a professional medical name: sty.

I don’t know if you have this experience. Stye is always visiting from time to time.

Why is this so?

Let’s take a look at it. Let’s talk about what is a stye smear is an ordinary eye disease, also known as pinhole, mumps, an acute suppurative inflammation of the sebaceous glands or meibomitis near the eyelash follicles.

It can also be said that it is a long acne eye, and it is said that “it should not be seen”, no!





turn off!


Usually the stye is also divided as follows: the outer stye is an acute inflammation of the sebaceous glands or hair follicles at the base of the eyelashes.

It is manifested on the surface, that is, the local eyelids are red and swollen, with small induration, pain and tenderness.

The internal stye is an acute annihilation of the meibomian glands in the eyelids, and its symptoms are the same as those of the outer stye.

However, because the mortality rate is in the lighter tarsal tissue, the pain is more serious and the rupture duration is longer. In severe cases, the entire eyelid is red and swollen, the lymph nodes in the affected side are swollen, and there is tenderness, chills and fever.

Usually, the area of long sty, there will be redness and swelling accompanied by pain, usually in three days or so will purulent softening.

The pus infiltrated in a week or so, and the redness disappeared.

Of course, there are exceptions. If you haven’t got a good week, you have to go to the doctor.

Why is the eye sty swollen so high?

It can be said that there are many reasons: bacterial infection 1, usually do not pay attention to hygiene, no clean hands, towels, etc., or often rubbing your eyes, then bacteria attached to your hands or towels will be brought into the eye, causing infection of the eyes.

2, poor body resistance In general, if the person is healthy, the eyelids have a strong defense ability to resist the invasion of the royal outside bacteria, but if the body’s resistance is weakened, excessive fatigue, malnutrition, long-term lack of sleep, etc.Causes the bacteria to take advantage of the imaginary, causing eye infections.

3, wearing contact lenses because the contact lens is directly covered on the cornea, especially easy to carry bacteria, array lenses are not effectively cleaned, plus at least 10 hours a day, bacteria is not surprising in the eyes,The regeneration of the stye is taken for granted.

If the eye is not standardized 1, use the eye to overplay the game or work, the eye does not get a moment of rest, and the eyes are over-tired, which may lead to decreased immunity, pathogen invasion, inflammation, and sty.

2, refractive error reading, writing posture is not correct, or the light is not good, causing the distance between the eye and the book too close, or reading time is too long, or walking, reading a car by car, etc., causing excessive eye fatigue, the same reason, alsoEasy to cause stye.
In addition, people with trachoma, chronic conjunctivitis are also more common.

3, improper diet Some greasy frying explosives or spicy and irritating foods, will also become the cause of eye “stys” and “acute dacryocystitis”.

For example, eating too much spicy food, teppanyaki, hot pot, chocolate and other foods, leading to indigestion, gastritis and so on.

(No wonder Xiao Wei eats a little bit of food on the fire, the sty, it’s coming, and it’s not letting people eat it!

In general, stye is a common disease, and good care has no effect on vision.

However, if it is regenerated frequently, it may affect the appearance and function of the eyelids.

How do you get care for the stye?

If you want to recover soon, you can use it. Of course, it is also very stressful. If you have the condition, you can use wild chrysanthemum, dandelion or hook vine to boil water. If not, use hot water directly, then use a clean hot towel orSoak it on the eyelids with white gauze, every time 10?
15 minutes, 3 per day?
4 times.

Obviously: When you find that your eyes are red and swollen, you need to go to the hospital to see if it is a stye to play. Otherwise, some eye inflammation with similar symptoms will be aggravated by hot compress.

2, eye ointment or eye drops can be used to remove chlorinated eye drops into the eye to reduce inflammation, and then rubbed in the swollen position with erythromycin eye ointment or chlortetracycline eye ointment.

At the same time, some anti-inflammatory drugs can be taken orally to clear away heat and detoxify and go to the fire.
It usually heals in a week.

The initial is: the above drugs must be used in accordance with the dosage of the drug instructions or the doctor’s doctor’s advice.
3, correct drainage pus When the abscess matures, the small abscess ruptures itself, wipe the pus with sterile gauze, and then apply antibiotic eye drops or eye ointment after pus.

If the abscess is large and the pus is drained, you need to go to the hospital to cut the pus.

Usually drained, 1?
The wound can be cured after 2 days.

May be: Never try to squeeze.

Some people think that it is uncomfortable and affecting the appearance of the sty, so when the abscess has not yet formed, I feel that I have squeezed it out. In fact, this is absolutely unacceptable.

In case the pus infection spreads and enters the blood circulation, causing eyelid cellulitis, sepsis and other serious diseases, it is really a big deal.

4, in the daily life diet, must avoid spicy food, such as garlic, pepper, pepper, etc., greasy and thick flavors and sweets should also eat less, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water; health, pay attention toUse eye hygiene, don’t wipe your eyes with clean hands, paper towels, handkerchiefs, towels, etc., don’t rub your eyes repeatedly, lest the eyes be infected again by bacteria; work and rest, regular time, rest, stay up all night, don’t make eyesExcessive fatigue.

Control the eye time, use the eye for about 1 hour, and rest for 15 minutes.

In short, if you don’t want to have stye bumps, you should always pay attention to eye hygiene, not overuse your eyes, and eat less spicy and greasy food.

In general, stye can be cured on its own without special treatment.

However, if the pus and blood cannot be used again after one week, and the redness still exists, it is necessary to go to the hospital for surgical removal.