The security of expectant mother comes from expectant father,Since she wants to rest assured,Just for her。

Reached out and pulled the backing little woman back into her arms,Kiss her face,Slightly aggrieved and continued:“Wife,After my husband found out that I had a baby,You don’t love husband anymore,Husband hope you can understand,Child is baby,Husband is also irreplaceable,The child will grow up in the future,Will have his own home,Husband,Is the one who accompanies you through your life,Don’t favor one another。”
The man’s answer was too unexpected,Of course she knows that children will leave their parents when they grow up,Also start a family,Stay for life,Can only be a partner。
My eyes are foggy again,The man in front of you is so handsome,Outrageously gentle,The heart is floating in the air,Seems to be living in an illusion。
The happiness she wants,Finally came!
If the man answered that the baby is most important,She won’t dispute,At best, I feel uncomfortable,Because in my heart,That’s it。
But the man’s answer is too perfect,She became filthy for her careful thoughts。
Looking at the affectionate husband,Embarrassedly kissed the corner of his mouth,Give him a big thumbs up!
Of course the man sees her careful thinking,To avoid unnecessary trouble,It’s better to treat it as if you don’t know。
Forehead against her forehead,Nose against her nose,Warm breath sprayed on her face,“Wife,Kiss is not enough,Husband needs more substantial rewards。”
Men’s eyes glow with familiar brilliance,Willow trembled,Panicked,“Husband,baby”
“it does not matter,I consulted the third child,He said that the three-month danger period,Can exercise properly。Dear,Rest assured,I won’t hurt you and baby.”