Liu Yi’s heart is tight,Heart is over,I’m still here,No one in the backcourt can stop the monster He Jin!

He Jin Dabu Meteor,Like a broken bamboo,Easily got the first goal of the opening。
The morale of Class 3 took a big hit,They did not expect that the leader Liu Yi would be stopped by Lu Menglin,He even lost the rebound。
And the morale of the first class,He Jin and Geng Tao played vigorously,Perfect cooperation。
Liu Yi’s original idea was to fight Geng Tao by himself,While the others entangled He Jin to death,Just crush these two guys,Others should not worry。
I didn’t know but Lu Menglin suddenly appeared,Although this guy doesn’t have much scoring ability,But very active on the court,Almost covered more than half of the rebounds。
This is pretty terrible!
With Lu Menglin’s rebound,Geng Tao gave full play to his attack power,How to vote how to have。
And here in Class 3,Originally, the only attack power was Liu Yi,If he launches an attack,As long as you miss,Rebounds under the joint hands of He Jin and Lu Menglin,Hardly any suspense。
But if Liu Yi goes inside to grab a rebound,,Not to mention whether he can win those two perverts,There is no way to organize just offense,The success rate can be imagined。
End of first half,The score between the two sides reached 31 to 7,Class 3 has basically lost its fighting spirit。
The students who were watching around kept cheering,Just score every time,There must be applause。