Ran for a while,He feels that the big living person on his shoulder has become a burden。Seeing the road ahead,He simply threw the ladyboy into the straw mat under the tree,Although fearful that Li Tianchou will catch up,But it’s too eye-catching with a burden。

Can’t tell if it’s angry or disappointed,Anyway,The man sullenly hitchhiked back to the county hotel。It went smoothly along the way,Did not meet the imaginary chaser,Li Tianchou is nothing。He sneered and entered the room,Washed up and went down to eat,Anyway,Was released,Always have fun,Go see your comrades,As for the task of the old man,Think about it again。
The hotel’s restaurant is next to the lobby on the first floor,But Dahan is not used to buffet,He likes to order two dishes and a bottle of wine,Self-pour and self-drinking is delicious。So he came to a small restaurant diagonally across from the hotel,Just after dinner,There are not many people in the restaurant。The man picked a clean table and sat down,I turned my eyes when I asked for the menu and I felt my eyes dazzled,A man in gray has quietly sat on the opposite side。
The big guy was surprised,It seems that the man is Li Tianchou,With his vigilance, he didn’t even notice,Does this guy keep following behind??The big man suddenly felt cold sweat on his back。
“What happened?Go after,Rush to kill?”The man recovered his composure in a short time,He dropped the menu,But I cocked Erlang’s legs。
“Originally meant this,But see you let go my brother,Still speak,So my attitude towards you changed。I’m just wondering who the bad old man you scolded along the way is?”Li Tianchou picked up the menu,A calm look。
The big man stood up with a loud cry,But there are stormy seas in my heart。This is two hundred and five awesome,I can even hear my muttering on the road,What is this skill?Ghost??
Li Tianchou gently waved his hand,Look at the big man very playfully,“sit down,sit down。I didn’t do anything to you,I’m just curious,Better eat first,I am hungry too,Just come together。”
Big guy tight,In a state of extreme alertness,Not sitting,Station is not,Looks quite embarrassing。Li Tianchou has already waved to the waiter。
Watching the big man finally sit down,Li Tianchou passed the menu back to the man again,“You do it,I don’t know how to order,Whatever you drink。”
Li Tianchou is so calm and free,The big man couldn’t help but cried out ashamed,It’s really not good yet,I’m already at a psychological disadvantage。I haven’t been so embarrassed for many years,Is it going to be looked down upon by the next generation??Thinking of here, the big man was so proud,Took the menu,Ordered in minutes,I also ordered two bottles of 57% liquor,I didn’t care what brand it was。
Chapter Three Hundred and One Night Talk at the Wine Table