But now,They are still very clear,Don’t talk about anything else,Follow Wang Teng,That’s right。

As for Wang Teng,I didn’t think about anything at all。
But now,What these people did was too much。
“You really think,Like this,Is it all right?”
“right now,Let the Zhang family panic first,Then let’s make sure,What to do next!”
When Wang Teng saw this,Wang Teng waved his hand even more,Don’t forget to speak directly here。
Those around,I didn’t expect it at all,Wang Teng would actually say such things。
But the more you think like this,Deep inside these people,I am a little eager to try。
I won’t talk about it so much for now,But how should we deal with this?,at this point,In fact, it’s already very important。
See these,Now,When Wang Teng thinks about it, he will find it clear。
“All right,Now words,I won’t talk about other issues for now。”
“At least for now,How should we deal with this,I think,We have a great chance of winning!”
When Wang Teng watched him a little bit,The more so,Actually put it here,Wang Teng’s heart,Even more eager to try。
And beside Wang Teng,The people around see here。
obviously,these questions,In fact, they naturally understand,What should I do?。