Snow covered all sin and killing。

“Let it go,Down on the mountain。”
Gao Bao stands up,Four towards Tri Jade Master:“Master is not helpful,But this heart is felt.。
Today’s war is,Master is still in the city.。”
“Do not,I want to go to Luoyang.。”
The real jade master said slowly.。
what?What are you doing??Don’t you want me?“Honored”?
Gao Biyi face,Some embarrassment:“Yucheng is the most prosperous city in Qi,And will be more prosperous in the future。Master is going to enjoy it??”
“Do you think I care??”
Zhen Jade master asked。
If he is really,Will not be still monk,I still bother to run as a Taoist,Come back and forth multiple times。This is born is a person who is idle.。
“Master is in the temperament, people can’t stand instant,Be a foreground。”
Gao Baoyi face was beaten,He is when he,No one has hit his face like this。
“Just don’t want to see your priestous face,I hope you are so good.。”
The real jade master faded the arms,揉 揉 酸 胀 四,Turned and walked to the backyard of Jinlong Temple,It seems that there is no interest in talking to Gao Baoyi。
Gao Boyi ignores the armor on the ground,Turn straight towards the top of Jinlong Temple。He got a lot of things,Going to the peak of power,That location,I can even see it again.。
However, he also lost a lot of things.,Some old people,Choose no longer work with him。
These,It is the cost of growth。
one day later,Duan Zhao is in a big camp,suddenly,The leader came in.,Hand holding an arrow,Top of a letter。
“Goddess warrant warranty to the front of the big camp,Not waiting for us to react,He rides a horse.。”
Drafting will be tied to Duan Yao。
“Go out,No command,No one can come in。”
Duan Hao’s face has been overcast, you can drop the water.。
Waiting for the soldiers,Duan Yue this only demolition,Direct view,Sure enough, Gyeonggi, Datun, Gao Bo。
I think of my elite knife to die.,Duan Yuxin is in the blood。It’s just that things have passed.,No matter how embarrassed Gao Bo Yi,That is not in trouble。
Everything must be seen forward,Because the time has been nervous, there is no need to commit any mistakes.。
“Duan Duan,There should be no more food in the big camp.?Are you anxious??”
The beginning is such a sentence,Duan Zhaoqiang angry,Continue to see。
“Your believer,Buried in Jinlong Temple,If you have a chance,Remember to pick them。But it is estimated that you will not have the opportunity.。