Lu Hao nodded,Slightly lip,Two relationships are good,Calling so many years of uncle,Some changes。

“dad,I know,I will pay attention to it later.。”
“Um!Kiki,Don’t give birth to your father.,Everyone will make mistakes。”Gu Xihong smiled and looked loving,Gaze。
I really want to take them back.,Have their brothers and sisters,It must be very lively at home.。
Blue Qiqi is just a nod,“dad,This time I look at my grandfather.,Don’t worry about you.。”
Dad is also the first time.,And she is also wrong,She should check again。
Lu Haocheng took her side to sit down,The long body gas field is extraordinary,Laughing and kneading his head,“Thank you Qiqi,Dad guarantee,There will never be such a thing in the future.。”
“Um!”Lan Qi nodded,Radi-like big eyes floating shiny smile,Make her whole cheek becomes playable。
At this time,Xiao Jun and,Chu Feiyang also came down together。
Lu Si and Le Yu don’t come back to eat,After Yi Tianqi is coming back,Everyone has a good time to eat,Lin Dami and Gu Xihong talented with dumplings。
Lin Dami called the grandmother in advance.,She didn’t eat at dinner.,Just waiting to eat granddaughter to give her dumplings。
Now Gu Yi Lin moved out,Only Gu Yi accompanied him grandmother at home。
Door opening,Looking at my son and her daughter-in-law,Gu Xiandan laughs and gets up,“Oy,You finally come back. 。”
“Yes,Mother,I will give you dumplings.。”Lin Deman laughed,Blue dumplings,The taste is really good。
“Good,I am waiting.?”Gu Xiaoyama looks at the preservation box in her hands.,Already can’t wait。
As if the forgotten Gu Yi is unhappy,“Mother,Don’t I give me this big brother??I haven’t eaten too much.,Just waiting for your dumplings.。”
Lin Mengyi, a son,“Have your partner,Your sister can not forget you,Know your belly,I have prepared a lot for you.,Waiting,I will go down the dumplings.。”
Gu An An entered the door,I heard a small word of two words.,The whole person is stunned.,Just slowly walk。
NS894chapter:Your eyelid cramps
NS894chapter:Your eyelid cramps
Gu Yimei, I saw Gu An’an.,Immediately give Gu Yi to make a look,Let him not mention the sister again。
Guizui Yi is a nerve strip,He also worried about grandmother,“grandmother,How do you take a leather cramp??Are you uncomfortable??”
Take care of your grandmother:“……”How is his grandson be more and more stupid??
“I say,Recall,How do you grow more and more ugly?,As long as you are in the mirror,Should not be disgusting。”
Gu Yi:“……”Grandma is old confused,This eyes can’t,He is ugly?
He is long and people love。
Gu Xiandai and then said:“Recall,When you feel that you are ugly,One is not everywhere,Don’t be too desperate,Because you have at least fat。”
“Cough……”Gu Yi was smashed,“grandmother,What are you suddenly??”
Gu Xiaoyao glanced at him.,“Help you recognize your true face。”
Gu Yi:“??”How did he feel grandmother deliberately?。
“grandmother,Big brother,I am back。”Gu An An language is temperate,Lips with shallow smile。
Gu Yi, I gave birth to an eye.,Suddenly understand the meaning of your grandmother。
He looked at the grandmother,Gu Xiandai glanced at him.。
So there is no eye,She is really worried about the future granddaughter.。
wrong,Prerequisites Is this small child or another thing?。

But this figure,It’s a magical shadow。

“Xue Ying,It seems to be on the second floor of the Universe Tower,You have gained a lot!”Xiong Gu Tianshen instinctively felt a threat from Ying Tianshen。
The threat is not strong,But it exists。
“It’s really not small!”A smile appeared on Yingtianshen’s face,The power of the Nine Nethers of the second realm in his hand flashed by。
On the surface,Three hundred years of enlightenment,He only raised the power of Jiuyou by one level,It can only be regarded as a very ordinary one among the 27 true immortals.。
But actually,He sublimated the magical power he had learned,From a magical power that can only be regarded as the cultivation of ordinary gods and demons,Ascend to the real god level,He can now create two shadow clones in one go,The deity changes in the clone at any time,Even concealment。
Notice,There are indeed some lower realms in the real gods,Relying solely on a magical power,Or an innate spirit treasure that crosses the world。
His magic,Although it’s not one of the top 100 magical powers in the world,,But there is something special。
“Achieve a lot,Really very big!”Yingtian God also sighed,“Ming Daoyou,This time it’s really your request,But rest assured,I vowed to follow you for hundreds of millions of years,With my current strength,Should be able to help you。”
“All right,Now that everyone has arrived,Then go back to the Three Realms。”Li Ming also chuckled。
Xiong Gu Tian Shen and Ying Tian Shen are his subordinates,But Deyang God is not,Li Ming naturally doesn’t need to wait for him。
“Not bad,If you don’t want to wait for Xueying,,We’ve all gone back。Fellow Daoist Ming said before, but he wants to take us to see the great world of Zhongshan”Xiong Gu Tianshen also smiled and said,Deliberately joked。
“I know, I know!”Yingtian God also raised his hands,Seems a little helpless,But the corners of his mouth are cocked, it shows his mood。
Follow Ming Dao people for hundreds of millions of years,Not a bad thing in itself,And the other party promised to teach him a great power,My own strength has also improved,Status in the Three Realms will also improve a lot。
“All right,Let’s go!”Li Ming is also smiling,Wave of hand。
The force of the edge directly tore the void。
At the same time, a mana envelops three people,Appear directly within the Three Realms。
The moment when Li Ming’s universe clone appeared,A memory connection。
Many clones currently operating in Zhongshan World,And the clones hidden in Chunyang Dongfu and Chaos Stele opened their eyes at the same time。
A lot of memories connected to each other。


505 Xiaozhi’s second test machine
Everyone has different definitions of happiness。
For example, Wang Yufei’s definition of happiness is not likely to be the life of a tyrant that everyone admires.。
To travel requires a luxury car,I want a private jet,I’m bored, I’m going to have a party in the depths of the ocean on my private yacht,You must drink red wine82Lafite or97Romanicom,The beauty around you must have long legs……
This is probably what makes Wang Yufei very helpless。
His body may have evolved,But has little effect on taste buds and touch,It makes him unable to be clearer、To perceive the world with a more layered sense。
in other words,Wang Yufei has little interest in pure enjoyment of life。
For the requirements of life, he still stays at having enough meat to eat every day,In order to get enough protein and nutritional intake, this rather simple requirement。
As for the spiritual needs of private life……
Lu Yuxin is enough。
Not only in life,,Can also help in business,This is perfect。
With john·Martinis compares,Wang Yufei feels very happy。
He is also willing to talk to John·Martinis shares his happiness,Don’t think about it crooked,Is the happiness of making progress in your career,Wang Yufei also firmly believes,Academic temptation for John·It must be very useful for a pure scientific man like Martinis。
“This is impossible,how can that be possible?There are too many technical problems that have not been resolved,Why their quantum computer can already be used to find Mersenne prime numbers?”John·Martinis muttered to himself,Didn’t care at all that he was holding the phone,I think the tiny sound is clearly transmitted into Wang Yufei’s ears through various devices。
“Of course it is possible!The third constant guess I have solved three of those seven equations,If you are willing to come to China,I can tell you the solution。Then we work together to solve the remaining four equations。”Wang Yufei said simply。
“what?You have solved three of the seven equations?Which three?”

Chen Xiu said this is the key to things all at once,Taiyi unified began to choose Ge Hong as an agent because he hoped that he could become an expert by taking elixir《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》Come to the secret realm to find yourself after the practice,Unexpectedly, too many people stole the dragon jade pendant,Came to the Secret Realm。

People who are too orthodox are not strict about who acts as an agent,Just ask Tai Yi and Ge Hong to decide the outcome,Whoever wins is the sole agent of Taiyi。
Later, too many people trapped Ge Hong underground for more than a thousand years,In these thousand and six hundred years, the fifth ancestor was beaten by Taiyi Exorcism Gate to hide.。
Taiyi Exorcism Gate naturally became Taiyi’s sole agent in the world!
And more than a hundred years ago,Ge Hong escaped from underground;Taiyi Exorcism Gate lost the dragon jade pendant because of Mao Xiaofang’s generation,Reversal of power on both sides。
Taiyi has always thought of changing agents,That’s why Zhang Yuantu is anxious to take advantage of Ge Hong’s time to kill the zombies.!
Zhang Yuantu tells his own affairs one by one without concealing them,Even talking to Chen Xiu:“As far as i know,One of the five ancestors, the white tiger ancestor, also sent zombies to the magic city to find you。
Although I don’t know the gap between you and the ancestor Baihu。but,With your current strength, you can’t compete with the ancestor of the white tiger。”
Zhang Yuantu stretched out his hand,Staring at Chen Xiu and said:“Work with me,Now is the only way you can fight against the ancestors of the white tiger!”
Zhu Huiwei hides and heals,I don’t know how long it will take to recover,Even if it recovers,Zhu Huiwei is not necessarily the opponent of the ancestor of the white tiger。
In this case,Cooperation with Zhang Yuantu is undoubtedly the best choice。
Chen Xiu and Zhang Yuan shake hands,Said:“My cooperation with you is limited to dealing with the ancestors of the white tiger,If Ge Hong doesn’t take the initiative to attack,I won’t help you deal with Ge Hong!”
It’s not that Chen Xiu has a great affection for Ge Hong,He faintly thinks that Ge Hong is unpredictable,I know that the fifth ancestor is unruly towards him,But it is still openly crossing the robbery in Centipede Ridge,Obviously has a killer。
As long as Ge Hong doesn’t provoke himself,Why bother to provoke him!
Zhang Yuantu knows how careful he is,I was thinking:“Five ancestors have been together for thousands of years,Once we join forces to kill the ancestor of the white tiger,This hatred is settled。You are easy on board,Shipwreck!”

of course,Although Wang Zilin is only the initial cultivation base of the 9th rank,Only a short life span of more than two hundred years,But it’s only a matter of time before she gets to the next level with her talent,Even more worrying is Osheng,Especially Chen Xiu’s parents。

Chen Xiu himself now has a life span of a thousand years,It’s impossible for his parents to have such a long life with them。
“correct,Green Mulberry!”
Chen Xiu took out two green mulberries from the space bag,Gu Rimou said in shock:“This green mulberry can make a mortal life 200 years old,Extinct in the world,How did you get?”
“This is the last time I got it in the Wolf Valley of the Shennongjia Forbidden Land,The green mulberry tree grows at the entrance of the cave that enters Qingyunzong。”
“No wonder!”
Gu Rimou was surprised:“Qingyunzong has to cover the sky and fight to hide its breath,No wonder there are still green mulberries to survive。”
Chen Xiu said:“Since your old man knows this green mulberry,I was about to ask how to take this fruit,I plan to eat for Ou Sheng and my parents。”
Gu Rimou shook his head and said:“Green mulberry can prolong life,But it has toxins,Ordinary people can’t bear the rigidity of the whole body and die。”
This is beyond Chen Xiu’s imagination,Isn’t it wasted that I spent so much effort?! “But fortunately you met me,I can use it as the main medicine to make longevity pills,It can also make Mortal Life 200 years old,And without any side effects。”
Chen Xiu rolled his eyes,This old guy can do longevity pills,Specifically say useless to scare people。
“That line,I’ll leave these two green mulberries to you。
correct,and also……” Chen Xiu took out Qianye Guo from the space bag and returned it to Gu Rimou.:“The Qianye Guo that Ge Hong robbed was also returned,Now it’s back to its original owner。”
Gu Rimou is puzzled,Said:“I am the natural law of wind,The natural attributes in the Chiba fruit are not very useful for me to break through the second-rate peak!”
Chen Xiu said strangely:“There is still desperate to grab this Chiba fruit!”
“I grabbed it to prepare for Zilin。

In the end it fell into the hands of others,That’s why she feels that way。

A ninja of his level,Are among the best in the world,But today I was subdued by a guy,The unspeakable mix of flavors in the female ninja。
But even so,The female assassin still didn’t answer Qin Feng’s question。
“You should know,I killed the snipers before。”Qin Feng is not showing off,But want to make some words from this female ninja。
as expected,Mention the previous snipers,The female ninja turned out to be true,Speak。
“Sniper?”The female ninja said with disdain。
“how,Isn’t it?”Although Qin Feng got a few words from the female ninja,But I heard the disdain in her tone,Qin Feng even felt that he was wrong。
Is this female ninja,Really not sent by them?Qin Feng felt unsure for an instant。
“They also deserve to be assassins?”The female ninja said helplessly。
“Why not?”Qin Feng asked patiently。
“They are all rice buckets!”The female ninja looked at Qin Feng without guarding herself,Suddenly slipped,Pretending to fall,Ready to escape。
“You are very dishonest!”Qin Feng didn’t want to kill this charming chick,But now it seems,Maybe I have to change my previous thoughts。
“I……”Qin Feng’s icy tone,Instantly scared the female ninja。
“If it’s not for your beauty,I killed you a long time ago?”See the female ninja end,Qin Feng continued jokingly。

but,A few boxes,Even a dozen boxes can’t produce good things,That’s hundreds of thousands。Hundreds of thousands,For many people,Is it income for several years??

Just now,There is someone,Bought six boxes in a row,Never admit defeat。
but now,Looking back,I realized that I had spent more than 100,000。That’s almost his year’s income,A hard year,Lost in a few minutes。
“Just over 100,000,not bad!”Huazi said casually。
As soon as this word comes out,The audience in the live room was speechless。Now Hua Tsai has made a fortune following Brother Hu,More than 100,000 are no longer in sight。
To know,when starting,This product is also happy for making thousands of dollars。
really,Environment will change a person,Capital can also change one’s attitude towards things,Hua Zi is a typical example。If you didn’t follow Brother Hu,,Eye-opened,And got rich,Hua Zi wouldn’t say this。
After Hua Zi said it out,,Also reacted quickly,Wry smile:“I didn’t mean that。”
Zhang Qingliang smiled:“It doesn’t matter!Don’t say it’s you,it is me,Now I feel that more than 100,000 is just like that。”
Don’t talk about Huazi,I’ve seen the big world with Brother Hu,millions、Tens of millions,Even over 100 million is not without experience,Shi Lai Wan really didn’t think anything。
“Xiaohao,Don’t bet!Be careful that your wife drove you out。”At this moment,Ge Pingping persuades。
feeling,He and that person know each other。In fact,They are neighbors,That guy has been lucky,After a sweet taste,Gambling addiction is growing,Often come to bet on treasure chest。
In the eyes of many people,This is not gambling,But Ge Jong thinks it is no different from gambling,And it’s not a small mess。
According to the guy’s current luck,Sooner or later, we will lose all our wealth。
“Uncle Ge,I won’t win back,My wife will never let me go。”That person’s eyes are red。
Get!Hear this,Many people think this kid is hopeless,Already bet red。in fact,Many people have this mentality。
I want to win more,I want to get back。
It is this mentality,So many gamblers go bankrupt,Even broke home。


Sitting at the dining table,Zhu Zhengkang smiled and looked at everyone,He is not testing the family’s bottom line,But to everyone,I have crossed out the two words underline。
Zhu Ruzhi picked up the glass,But found that there was no wine in the cup,Shen Sheng said:“Are all gone!”
Everyone is forgiven,All gone,Only Zhu Guosheng and two brothers Zhu Guofu,And Zhu Zhengkang didn’t leave。
“People have come to the door now,Even if we did it wrong,But I don’t allow anyone to spoil my granddaughter’s engagement ceremony!”
Zhu.Ruzhi’s face is gloomy,Serve the people all my life,Now my grandson has done something that runs counter to my beliefs,You can not have it both ways,Family affection finally defeated faith。
“Just killed a person,Don’t be so exciting?The trouble I caused myself,I will find a way to solve it myself!”
Zhu Zhengkang said disapprovingly。
Do your own thing,Zhu Zhengkang understood the truth when he was very young。
That Xiang Chen is indeed quite bluff,But for Zhu Zhengkang now,Nothing terrible。
People who have experienced life and death,Can face anger calmly,This is not false。
Zhu Guosheng smiled noncommittal,I just feel that my nephew is a bit too strong。
“After all, a Chinese citizen,He is not the ant in your imagination,He has his brothers and sisters,He has his beloved relatives。look,At lunch,Isn’t someone already looking for it??”

Mike, who just got off work, is holding the steering wheel with one hand,Big brother holding a brick in one hand,Relaxed tone,Cozy:“Hey,Bob,I am Mike。”

“Hey,Mike,”The guy on the phone called Bob,The tone is full of expectation:“So glad you called me,We haven’t seen each other for a while……Hey,Buddies,Your tone sounds tired……”
“OK OK,Buddy,Don’t be so careful,”Mike interrupted Bob:“I am in my car now,And my car is driving on the highway,Don’t worry if someone hears our conversation,So there are some things we can say directly。”
Since Mike made it clear that he doesn’t need to use code words,The guy on the phone called Bob gave a little bit:“OK,You said。”
“I know your company’s operating rate has been insufficient recently,I can introduce you a business……”
“Thank you so much buddy,”This is what Bob wants to hear most,Without waiting for Mike to finish,He was excited:“Hey,Buddy,I know,The share that should belong to you is not less……”
“Listen to me,Buddy,”Mike interrupted Bob:“I tell you,This is a big deal,Very very big business,and so……”He licked his lips:“I want one hundred thousand!”
“One hundred thousand?!You are crazy?!”Bob on the other end of the phone screamed in surprise:“Buddy,What are you kidding?!”
“I didn’t joking with you,”Mike’s expression became more cheerful:“Bob,It’s not the first day we cooperated,You saw me asking for a price?Trust me,Since I dare to ask for one hundred thousand,This business must be worth 100,000。”
After a minute of silence,Bob finally spoke:“You’re right,You are indeed a good partner,But 100,000 is not a small number……”
“It’s ok,Really okay,If you think one hundred thousand is too much,I can introduce this business to Pele Sheng,Or Xinmeiya……”
“Vaco!Damn it!”Mike hasn’t finished speaking yet,Bob screamed:“do not talk!Please stop talking!”
Mike shrugged,But as Bob said,He honestly closed his mouth……For bob,One hundred thousand is not a small number。
A moment later,Bob’s voice finally rang again:“OK,Buddy,Like you said,You have always been creditworthy,and so……See you in the same place tonight。”
Mike laughed silently:This is the advantage of credit in business,Even if your asking price sounds very excessive,But the other party is at least willing to give you an interview。
“of course,Same place,”Mike smiled more happily:“But as a friend,I remind you:I always pay with one hand,One-handed……”
“Vaco!Damn it!Stop talking,That’s one hundred thousand dollars!”Hear Mike’s voice,Bob on the phone became more and more angry:This bastard,How dare you ask me for a $100,000 benefit fee?!This bastard,Do you know how difficult Lao Tzu’s business is??

Vasily realized that Qiao Tianyu didn’t understand Russian,Leaned over and lay on his ears,Translate。

“Mr. Joe,Checked it out,The Baikal investment fund was originally a small Moscow securities company,But after being suddenly acquired yesterday,I spent a lot of money to buy trading seats on the exchange。”
“Just bought yesterday?”Qiao Tianyu was taken aback,Whispered。
“Yes,yesterday!”Vasily nodded and said。
“This.”Qiao Tianyu lowered his head and fell into thought。
“Tianyu!”Lily on the opposite side saw Qiao Tianyu enter“Enter”status,Yelled quickly,Then point to the electronic clock on the wall,“time is limited!”
“Oh。”Qiao Tianyu was relieved now。
Yes,Now the time has come10:25,It’s less than forty minutes before President Yeltsin made a TV speech.,There is really no time to waste it!
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu curled his lips,Since you are going to smash me to the end,I can’t make you feel better!
So Qiao Tianyu issued today’s eighth instruction。
“Comrade Vasily、Comrade Yegor,Multi-storage,each500Rouble a position,Pull the price of National Securities to the sky!”
“500Rouble a position?”Everyone was so shocked that their jaws fell,Is this a crazy rhythm??
“listen to me!”Qiao Tianyu was stunned to see the two trading officers,Shout at them,The two trading officers were taken aback,Quickly operate the trading system,Fully execute Qiao Tianyu’s instructions。
Actually, Qiao Tianyu’s idea is not complicated,Since your Baikal Investment Fund wants to fight with me to the end,I dare not rob National Securities,I pulled the price up,Significantly increase your cost of buying into National Securities,Disgusting you!
In Qiao Tianyu’s“vicious”Under instruction,The price of national securities has risen geometrically,In just ten minutes5000Rouble share。
And that Baikal investment fund is like crazy,No matter how high Qiao Tianyu raises the price,The other party is correct,Rich and generous!
But it’s similar to Qiao Tianyu’s previous calculations,Waiting for National Securities Price Station5000After a share of rubles,The national securities selling orders on the market came to an abrupt end。
Qiao Tianyu understands,Temporary equilibrium of the market at this time,It’s because the previous stop-loss sell-offs and profit-closed positions have all been shipped,The remaining investors are on the sidelines,Hoarders will not easily sell。