In the end it fell into the hands of others,That’s why she feels that way。

A ninja of his level,Are among the best in the world,But today I was subdued by a guy,The unspeakable mix of flavors in the female ninja。
But even so,The female assassin still didn’t answer Qin Feng’s question。
“You should know,I killed the snipers before。”Qin Feng is not showing off,But want to make some words from this female ninja。
as expected,Mention the previous snipers,The female ninja turned out to be true,Speak。
“Sniper?”The female ninja said with disdain。
“how,Isn’t it?”Although Qin Feng got a few words from the female ninja,But I heard the disdain in her tone,Qin Feng even felt that he was wrong。
Is this female ninja,Really not sent by them?Qin Feng felt unsure for an instant。
“They also deserve to be assassins?”The female ninja said helplessly。
“Why not?”Qin Feng asked patiently。
“They are all rice buckets!”The female ninja looked at Qin Feng without guarding herself,Suddenly slipped,Pretending to fall,Ready to escape。
“You are very dishonest!”Qin Feng didn’t want to kill this charming chick,But now it seems,Maybe I have to change my previous thoughts。
“I……”Qin Feng’s icy tone,Instantly scared the female ninja。
“If it’s not for your beauty,I killed you a long time ago?”See the female ninja end,Qin Feng continued jokingly。

but,A few boxes,Even a dozen boxes can’t produce good things,That’s hundreds of thousands。Hundreds of thousands,For many people,Is it income for several years??

Just now,There is someone,Bought six boxes in a row,Never admit defeat。
but now,Looking back,I realized that I had spent more than 100,000。That’s almost his year’s income,A hard year,Lost in a few minutes。
“Just over 100,000,not bad!”Huazi said casually。
As soon as this word comes out,The audience in the live room was speechless。Now Hua Tsai has made a fortune following Brother Hu,More than 100,000 are no longer in sight。
To know,when starting,This product is also happy for making thousands of dollars。
really,Environment will change a person,Capital can also change one’s attitude towards things,Hua Zi is a typical example。If you didn’t follow Brother Hu,,Eye-opened,And got rich,Hua Zi wouldn’t say this。
After Hua Zi said it out,,Also reacted quickly,Wry smile:“I didn’t mean that。”
Zhang Qingliang smiled:“It doesn’t matter!Don’t say it’s you,it is me,Now I feel that more than 100,000 is just like that。”
Don’t talk about Huazi,I’ve seen the big world with Brother Hu,millions、Tens of millions,Even over 100 million is not without experience,Shi Lai Wan really didn’t think anything。
“Xiaohao,Don’t bet!Be careful that your wife drove you out。”At this moment,Ge Pingping persuades。
feeling,He and that person know each other。In fact,They are neighbors,That guy has been lucky,After a sweet taste,Gambling addiction is growing,Often come to bet on treasure chest。
In the eyes of many people,This is not gambling,But Ge Jong thinks it is no different from gambling,And it’s not a small mess。
According to the guy’s current luck,Sooner or later, we will lose all our wealth。
“Uncle Ge,I won’t win back,My wife will never let me go。”That person’s eyes are red。
Get!Hear this,Many people think this kid is hopeless,Already bet red。in fact,Many people have this mentality。
I want to win more,I want to get back。
It is this mentality,So many gamblers go bankrupt,Even broke home。


Sitting at the dining table,Zhu Zhengkang smiled and looked at everyone,He is not testing the family’s bottom line,But to everyone,I have crossed out the two words underline。
Zhu Ruzhi picked up the glass,But found that there was no wine in the cup,Shen Sheng said:“Are all gone!”
Everyone is forgiven,All gone,Only Zhu Guosheng and two brothers Zhu Guofu,And Zhu Zhengkang didn’t leave。
“People have come to the door now,Even if we did it wrong,But I don’t allow anyone to spoil my granddaughter’s engagement ceremony!”
Zhu.Ruzhi’s face is gloomy,Serve the people all my life,Now my grandson has done something that runs counter to my beliefs,You can not have it both ways,Family affection finally defeated faith。
“Just killed a person,Don’t be so exciting?The trouble I caused myself,I will find a way to solve it myself!”
Zhu Zhengkang said disapprovingly。
Do your own thing,Zhu Zhengkang understood the truth when he was very young。
That Xiang Chen is indeed quite bluff,But for Zhu Zhengkang now,Nothing terrible。
People who have experienced life and death,Can face anger calmly,This is not false。
Zhu Guosheng smiled noncommittal,I just feel that my nephew is a bit too strong。
“After all, a Chinese citizen,He is not the ant in your imagination,He has his brothers and sisters,He has his beloved relatives。look,At lunch,Isn’t someone already looking for it??”

Mike, who just got off work, is holding the steering wheel with one hand,Big brother holding a brick in one hand,Relaxed tone,Cozy:“Hey,Bob,I am Mike。”

“Hey,Mike,”The guy on the phone called Bob,The tone is full of expectation:“So glad you called me,We haven’t seen each other for a while……Hey,Buddies,Your tone sounds tired……”
“OK OK,Buddy,Don’t be so careful,”Mike interrupted Bob:“I am in my car now,And my car is driving on the highway,Don’t worry if someone hears our conversation,So there are some things we can say directly。”
Since Mike made it clear that he doesn’t need to use code words,The guy on the phone called Bob gave a little bit:“OK,You said。”
“I know your company’s operating rate has been insufficient recently,I can introduce you a business……”
“Thank you so much buddy,”This is what Bob wants to hear most,Without waiting for Mike to finish,He was excited:“Hey,Buddy,I know,The share that should belong to you is not less……”
“Listen to me,Buddy,”Mike interrupted Bob:“I tell you,This is a big deal,Very very big business,and so……”He licked his lips:“I want one hundred thousand!”
“One hundred thousand?!You are crazy?!”Bob on the other end of the phone screamed in surprise:“Buddy,What are you kidding?!”
“I didn’t joking with you,”Mike’s expression became more cheerful:“Bob,It’s not the first day we cooperated,You saw me asking for a price?Trust me,Since I dare to ask for one hundred thousand,This business must be worth 100,000。”
After a minute of silence,Bob finally spoke:“You’re right,You are indeed a good partner,But 100,000 is not a small number……”
“It’s ok,Really okay,If you think one hundred thousand is too much,I can introduce this business to Pele Sheng,Or Xinmeiya……”
“Vaco!Damn it!”Mike hasn’t finished speaking yet,Bob screamed:“do not talk!Please stop talking!”
Mike shrugged,But as Bob said,He honestly closed his mouth……For bob,One hundred thousand is not a small number。
A moment later,Bob’s voice finally rang again:“OK,Buddy,Like you said,You have always been creditworthy,and so……See you in the same place tonight。”
Mike laughed silently:This is the advantage of credit in business,Even if your asking price sounds very excessive,But the other party is at least willing to give you an interview。
“of course,Same place,”Mike smiled more happily:“But as a friend,I remind you:I always pay with one hand,One-handed……”
“Vaco!Damn it!Stop talking,That’s one hundred thousand dollars!”Hear Mike’s voice,Bob on the phone became more and more angry:This bastard,How dare you ask me for a $100,000 benefit fee?!This bastard,Do you know how difficult Lao Tzu’s business is??

Vasily realized that Qiao Tianyu didn’t understand Russian,Leaned over and lay on his ears,Translate。

“Mr. Joe,Checked it out,The Baikal investment fund was originally a small Moscow securities company,But after being suddenly acquired yesterday,I spent a lot of money to buy trading seats on the exchange。”
“Just bought yesterday?”Qiao Tianyu was taken aback,Whispered。
“Yes,yesterday!”Vasily nodded and said。
“This.”Qiao Tianyu lowered his head and fell into thought。
“Tianyu!”Lily on the opposite side saw Qiao Tianyu enter“Enter”status,Yelled quickly,Then point to the electronic clock on the wall,“time is limited!”
“Oh。”Qiao Tianyu was relieved now。
Yes,Now the time has come10:25,It’s less than forty minutes before President Yeltsin made a TV speech.,There is really no time to waste it!
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu curled his lips,Since you are going to smash me to the end,I can’t make you feel better!
So Qiao Tianyu issued today’s eighth instruction。
“Comrade Vasily、Comrade Yegor,Multi-storage,each500Rouble a position,Pull the price of National Securities to the sky!”
“500Rouble a position?”Everyone was so shocked that their jaws fell,Is this a crazy rhythm??
“listen to me!”Qiao Tianyu was stunned to see the two trading officers,Shout at them,The two trading officers were taken aback,Quickly operate the trading system,Fully execute Qiao Tianyu’s instructions。
Actually, Qiao Tianyu’s idea is not complicated,Since your Baikal Investment Fund wants to fight with me to the end,I dare not rob National Securities,I pulled the price up,Significantly increase your cost of buying into National Securities,Disgusting you!
In Qiao Tianyu’s“vicious”Under instruction,The price of national securities has risen geometrically,In just ten minutes5000Rouble share。
And that Baikal investment fund is like crazy,No matter how high Qiao Tianyu raises the price,The other party is correct,Rich and generous!
But it’s similar to Qiao Tianyu’s previous calculations,Waiting for National Securities Price Station5000After a share of rubles,The national securities selling orders on the market came to an abrupt end。
Qiao Tianyu understands,Temporary equilibrium of the market at this time,It’s because the previous stop-loss sell-offs and profit-closed positions have all been shipped,The remaining investors are on the sidelines,Hoarders will not easily sell。

“and also,That a what dragon,Is your brain sick?I suggest you go to the psychiatric department,Don’t pretend to be here!”

When everyone present heard this voice,Can’t help being surprised。
Because the person who spoke said something they thought about but didn’t dare to say it。Anyone who has a conscience,Would never think that what Ah Jianglong did was right。
but,Who is so bold?Dare to stop Master A Jianglong from casting a spell?
Is he going to die??And offended Master A Jianglong,It’s not just a loss of life,Maybe even the entire Nine Clan will be condemned。
Everyone looked suspiciously in the direction of the sound,I saw the person who spoke,It’s a Chinese youth with a strange face。
now,Everyone in the Meimiao family was shocked,Especially that Miss Devi,Her eyes rounded,Staring at the guy who speaks loudly without blinking,Full of shock。
The speaker is Lu Menglin,Stand with him,It is Liu Niu’er who holds his arms and poses a posture of invincible Laozi in the world.。
Of course someone at the scene recognizes Liu Niu’er,All of them were shocked,Some people regret,Someone cheers。
Although Liu Niuer is a great warlord in the Golden Triangle,Recently the limelight,But this is the Valley of the Gods in Myanmar,With his identity and strength,Not qualified to be arrogant here!
What’s more, the national teacher A Jianglong is a magical ghost and unpredictable,Not to mention a golden triangle warlord,Even the master of the secret medicine warrior,He can also kill at the fingertips。
Many people sigh secretly in their hearts,Liu Niu’er is dead,Like him,It’s a shame to die in this place。
A Jianglong also heard what Lu Menglin said,He stopped touching Su Yi,Raise your head,A masterpiece of yellow light in the eyes,Shoots towards Lu Menglin like lightning。
Across the crowd,A Jianglong and Lu Menglin face each other,Fight with sight。
“who are you?”at last,A Jianglong puts away his smile,Asked seriously。
Can move A Jianglong,And show such a solemn expression,Many people present were taken aback,Began to re-examine the young man who just spoke。
If that person is just an ordinary person,Probably as soon as he opened his mouth, he was directly cursed and killed by Lord A Jianglong.?
Moreover, Lord A Jianglong simply ignored Liu Niu’er, the more famous warlord.,Instead, he focused his attention on the Chinese youth,This in itself is a very abnormal thing。
At this moment,Su Yi finally raised her head,And after seeing Lu Menglin,Surprised。
Know without asking,Lu Menglin suddenly appeared here,Must be here to rescue her。

Xiaomi is newly appointed, former Liu Fengping, CEO of Storm TV, is the general manager of Xiaomi TV

Xiaomi is newly appointed, former Liu Fengping, CEO of Storm TV, is the general manager of Xiaomi TV
On May 9, Xiaomi Group announced its latest personnel appointment: Liu Yaoping, the former CEO of Storm TV, joined Xiaomi as the general manager of the TV Department.At the same time, Li Xiaoshuang, former general manager of the TV Department, served as general manager of the Home Appliances Division.This is following the routines of former Lenovo executives, Xiaoyan mobile phone founder Wang Xiaoyan and Nubian mobile phone founder Miao Lei, Xiaomi once again recruited executives from friends.The third from left is Li Xiaoshuang and the third from right is Liu Yaoping (photo courtesy of the enterprise).Xiaomi’s recent vigorous efforts to attract senior executives of friends and businesses also made netizens jokingly call it “The Avengers”.During the epidemic, Lei Jun repeatedly inserted the advertisement “Welcome talents from all walks of life to join Xiaomi” in interviews, which did not hide the desire for excellent talents.The joining of Liu Yaoping this time also shows that Xiaomi will comprehensively strengthen the execution capabilities of the AIoT strategy, consolidate and continue to expand its advantages in the TV field, and vigorously develop its home appliance business.Liu Yaoping, who joined Xiaomi this time, has the experience of traditional TV and Internet smart TV, and has been working in the TV industry for 20 years.According to public information, from 2001 to 2014, Liu Yaoping worked for Skyworth Group. Before leaving the business, he had served as the vice president of Skyworth Color TV Division and the general manager of China’s marketing.Brand independence.In 2015, Liu Yaoping Venture joined Stormwind as CEO.Just before the legal announcement, on May 7, Liu Yaoping issued a Weibo showing that the device used was Xiaomi 10, which was located in Qinghe, Beijing. The photo shows a bowl of millet porridge in the breakfast, which points to the fact that it joined Xiaomi.With Liu Yaoping joining, Li Xiaoshuang, the former general manager of the TV Department, will become the general manager of the Home Appliances Department. In fact, he took up this position in February this year.It is understood that Li Xiaoshuang is a post-80s management talent cultivated internally by Xiaomi, and is also one of the key figures for Xiaomi TV to start its business from scratch and reach the top of the domestic market.In 2018, Li Xiaoshuang succeeded Xiaomi co-founder Wang Chuan to take charge of the TV business, and his performance during his tenure was not bad.In 2019, Xiaomi ‘s TV budget and sales volume both ranked first in China ‘s annual year and became the first TV brand in China ‘s TV market to accumulate more than 10 million annually.Now Liu Yaoping takes over the Xiaomi TV business and is expected to continue to expand the site of the Xiaomi TV business and further expand its leading edge.Sauna, Ye Wang promised editor Chen Li proofreading Lu Qian

Sports blessings, places that have witnessed the growth of Chinese sports

Sports blessings, places that have witnessed the growth of Chinese sports
Zhengding Table Tennis Training Base Construction Year: 1992 Year: 79920 square meters Building area: 32325 square meters Introduction: Hebei Zhengding National Table Tennis Training Base was gradually developed and built on the basis of a juvenile table tennis sports school. In 1992, Zhang Xielin led ChinaThe women ‘s table tennis team prepares for the Barcelona Olympics at the base.In 1995, the base was named “China Table Tennis Association Zhengding International Training Center” by the State Sports General Administration.From 1992 to the present, the base is mainly responsible for the closed training task before the World Series, and is the “base camp” of the Chinese table tennis team.Xianghe National Football Training Base Construction Year: 2002 Area: 130,000 square meters Construction Area: 20,000 square meters Introduction: Hebei Xianghe Base is the only national football training base in China. After the base is completed, it will provide training for existing national football teams, Physical therapy and room and board services.The important general meeting of the Chinese Football Association is here antiques.The establishment of the State Administration of Sports Training Bureau: November 1951 Period: 19.Building area of 20,000 square meters: 18.Brief introduction of 70,000 square meters: The State Sports General Administration Training Bureau is the comprehensive national training base with the most championships in the early days of the founding of New China. The training bureau is divided into the east and west hospitals.Hebei Chongli Ice and Snow Town Building Year: 2018 Area: 2.89 million square meters Building Area: 1.2 million square meters Introduction: 2022 Winter Olympics, the core area of Zhangjiakou, Hebei, will provide Winter Olympics awards and VIP reception during the Winter Olympics,Guarantee services such as transportation, leisure and entertainment.Qitaihe Sports Center of Heilongjiang Construction Year: 2009 Area: 39562 square meters Construction area: 24129 Seats: 4775 Brief introduction: Qitaihe of Heilongjiang is the hometown of short-track speed skating in China and has the reputation of “the cradle of the Chinese Winter Olympics champion”Here, there have been 3 Winter Olympics champions, 3 Special Olympics champions, 7 world champions and a large number of outstanding short track skaters.On August 18, 2017, Qitaihe Sports Center was named the National Short Track Speed Skating Qitaihe Sports Training Base by the State Sports General Administration.Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center Construction Year: 2008 Area: 420,000 square meters Building Area: 13.About 80,000 square meters: Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center is the venue for the 2008 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games sailing competitions.After the Olympic Games, the Olympic Sailing Center successfully hosted the Volvo Ocean Yacht Race, Clipper Globe Yacht Race, International Extreme Yacht Race, Qingdao International Sailing Week, Ocean Festival and other festive events. The reputation of Qingdao as the “Sailing Capital” gradually became internationalStart.Qinghai Doba Plateau Training Base Architectural Year: 1986 Area: 1.76 million square meters Altitude: 2388 meters Brief introduction: Qinghai Doba Plateau Training Base is the highest altitude and largest area in China and even Asia, the most suitable plateau for national endurance trainingbase.World champions such as Wang Junxia, Xing Huina, Sun Yang, Jiao Liuyang, Liu Zige have all trained here.The rise of the “Majia Army” in 1993 brought the Doba base to the attention of the world’s athletes.Construction time of Shanghai Hongkou Football Stadium: 1999: 27.60,000 square meters of construction area: 72,557 square meters of seats: 35,000 Introduction: Shanghai Hongkou Football Stadium is China’s first professional football stadium, and Shanghai Shenhua’s home ground in China’s top football league (A, China Super League).In the 2007 Women’s World Cup in China Antiques, as the main stadium of the Shanghai Division, Hongkou Football Stadium undertook the tasks of opening, closing, championship and runner-up finals and other important matches.Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium Architectural Year: 1987 Area: 65,600 square meters Building Area: 41,000 square meters Seating capacity: 60,000 Introduction: In 1991, the first Women ‘s World Cup in China antiques, the opening and closing ceremonies and the championship and runner-up finals in Tianhe Stadiumget on.In 2011, Tianhe Stadium became the home ground of Guangzhou Evergrande.Fujian Zhangzhou Women’s Volleyball Training Base Architectural Year: 1973 Area: 55333 square meters Building Area: 30224 Area Introduction: Fujian Zhangzhou Women’s Volleyball Training Base, the “nanny” of most Chinese women’s volleyball teams, has witnessed many legends of Chinese women’s volleyball teams.Finishing / Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Xiao Editor Wang Xihuang

[Can pregnant women occasionally eat churros]_Pregnancy_Impact

[Can pregnant women occasionally eat churros]_Pregnancy_Impact

Fritters are a very common food in life, and the taste of this kind of pasta is not crunchy, but also has good tenacity. Most people like to mix churros with soy milk. The name of churros is very much, Some fat soup and twist, fried fruit, etc., but because pregnant women have high dietary requirements, so many pregnant women dare not eat blindly, so pregnant women can occasionally eat churros?

First, can pregnant women occasionally eat fritters?

Pregnant women can occasionally eat churros, but it is best not to eat churros for a long period of time, because churros are not only greasy, but they also contain aluminum elements, which can be harmful to your health.

Pregnant women still rely on high-nutrient, digestible foods.

Second, the diet of pregnant women and mothers should be selected properly. It is very important to avoid eating irritating and non-digestible foods. Fritters are non-digestible foods that do not meet the dietary requirements of pregnant women and mothers.

The essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E contained in fats and fats that have undergone high temperatures are oxidized and destroyed, reducing the nutritional value of fats and oils, and it is difficult to replace the role of multiple nutrients by edible fritters, which causes anorexia.

Third, can pregnant women occasionally eat fritters?

Fritters are high-molecular-weight, high-fat foods that are often consumed. Frequent consumption will increase the burden on the digestive system of pregnant women and is not conducive to nutrient absorption.

Not suitable diet recipes for pregnant women, it is also detrimental to human health.

Can pregnant women eat churros occasionally?


Because you need to add a certain amount of Ming staff when making the fried dough stick, and Ming staff is an inorganic substance containing aluminum.

When fried dough sticks are used, 15 grams of Ming staff are used for every 500 grams of flour. If a pregnant woman eats two sticks of dough sticks a day, it is equivalent to eating 3 grams of Ming staff.

In this way, the accumulation of aluminum every day is quite amazing.

These clear, intermediate levels of aluminum that pass through the placenta, the invasive brain, can become brain disorders, increasing the chance of dementia.

But occasionally one or two is not impossible.

[High-temperature preferred chicken silk noodles practice]_ high-temperature preferred chicken silk cold noodles home _ high-temperature preferred chicken silk cold noodles _ high-temperature preferred chicken silk cold noodles how to do

銆 愰 珮 娓 ╅ 阃?楦′笣鍑夐潰鐨勫仛娉曘€慱楂樻俯棣栭€?楦′笣鍑夐潰鐨勫甯稿仛娉昣楂樻俯棣栭€?楦′笣鍑夐潰鐨勫仛娉曞ぇ鍏╛楂樻俯棣栭€?楦 ‘笣 鍑 卑 卐 傐 軍 庝 宝 锅?
逯 宠  韬  綋 逋 進 顎 璋 玡 玡 現 緎 經 經 經 經 抔 犳 傥 嗸 佸 ソ 〃 綃 綮 痮 佹 乹 乹 范 环  纴 鍙  湁 鐠 駮 啸 唰 動 動 動 動 勯 動 動 勯 勯 勯 勯 勯 勯 勯 勯 勯 勯 姤涓婁繚璇佷汉浣撳仴搴凤紝鑰屽湪瀹堕噷鍋氶キ鏃犵枒鏄姣斿幓澶栭潰鍚冩潵寰楀共鍑€銆佸仴搴风殑锛岄珮娓╅閫?What is the best way to deal with this problem? Do you want to learn more about the chains of the relationship between the two countries? ー 篃 鍃  Mutual Tweezers  繁 鍦 ㄥ Read 屽 仛 銆?銆 侊 纸 5 浜 虹 殑 Read the high-level 椋 熸 潗 澶 囧 ソ 銆?銆侀攨涓姞姘村€掑叆楦¤兏鑲夛紝濮?What are you going to do? 2 monkeys, sorrows, sorrows, 5 stags, sorrows, ups and downs?5 闒 嗛 抓 銆?銆佹崬鍑哄湪姘撮噷杩囦笅鍑夈€?銆侀『鐫€楦¤兏鑲夌殑绾圭悊鎾曟垚涓濄€?銆侀粍鐡滃垏涓濓紝钁卞垏鑺憋紝钂滃垏纰庛€?What are you talking about? What are you talking about?A monkey monkey?鍕 猴 纴 琸 稸 娊 1 鍕 魍 祴 楦 $ 經 1 龍 診 診What is the monkey monkey?The monkey is so tired of it. 2 The monkey is so brave?銆佸叏娣峰悎涓€璧疯皟鎴愭眮銆?銆 侀 擨 閨 Press 鐑 紑 璑 叔 叆 鏱 ㈡ 浔 銆?銆佹按鎻愬墠鍦ㄥ啺绠卞喎钘忎笅锛屽€掑叆闈㈡潯杩囦笅鍑夛紝娌ュ共姘村垎銆?0 銆 丹 撶 咤 参 揂 欐 眮 眮 囧 湪 鈱 ㈡ 浔 嬂 傂 傂 傂 兂 哂 哂 哂 哂 哂 哂 哂 哂 哂 哂 哂 哂 哂 兂 姂 哂 兂 兂 兂 僂 兂 僂 Any or simple?1 銆 乹 訉 Hard and sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrel, tea, sorrel, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow叓瑙掍竴涓紝妗傜毊涓€鍧?璋 垩 枡 氱 洂 2 鍕 猴 瑴 鑺 discerning?鍕 猴 溜 浜 旈 Qie Kun Kun 鍕?2銆佽姳鐢熷湪閿呬腑缈荤倰涓€涓嬶紝骞茶荆妞掞紝鑺辩敓鍒囩澶囩敤13銆佽荆妞掔锛岃姳鐢熺锛岃姖楹诲€掑湪涓嶉攬閽㈢閲岋紝鍊掑叆鐩?What is the difference between a monkey and a monkey?Kunming monkey monkey, Kunming monkey monkey, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother4銆侀攨涓€掑叆閫傞噺鐨勬补锛屽€掑叆鑺辨锛岄檲鐨紝鍏锛岀倰棣欍€?5銆佹妸閲岄潰鐨勬潗鏂欒繃婊ゅ嚭鏉ワ紝鐣欎笅娌广€?6銆佹妸娌圭◢寰斁鐨勬湁浜涘噳锛屽€掑叆杈e瓙涓紝鎼呮媽鍧囧寑鍚庯紝鍐嶅€掑叆浜涢唻澧炲姞涓嬪彛鎰熷氨濂戒簡銆傞珮╅ 阃?楦′笣鍑夐潰鐨勫仛娉曠畝鍗曪紝瀹规槗瀛︿細锛岃€屼笖鑰楁椂杈冪煭锛屽彧瑕佷竴涓紤鎭殑绌烘尅锛岀編鍛冲嵆鍙嚭閿呫€?