Fat Love won the Oscar best animated short film, is rare

“Fat Love” won the Oscar best animated short film, is rare
This morning, the 92nd Academy Awards ended. “Fat Love” won the best animated short film. The author was surprised at first because after the nomination list came out, I watched all the short films in the nomination. At that time, I thought that the Czech RepublicThe “Daughter” or “Forget-me-not” in France won the most promising awards. Both the depth of the plot and the technical exploration are very good, and it also reflects the consistently advanced and experimental European animation.>>> “The Love of Hair” won the Oscar for the best animated short film, and the main memory of Kobe’s “Love of Hair”.But in the end I gave “Fat Love”, and it was not wrong to think about it carefully.From the story point of view, “The Love of Hair” is more easy to understand than other shortlisted works. Although there is no breakthrough in technology, it is also quite satisfactory. More importantly, this is the first animated short film created entirely by black people.Therefore, in addition to the work itself, the author believes that it also has some encouraging nature, not because of political correctness.The film’s director Matthew Chery had no previous experience in animation, and the only relatively well-known work he participated in was Spike Lee’s “Black Party”.But the completion of the film is quite good. He did not focus on the traditional topic of racial discrimination. Instead, he started from the point that the hair of African ethnic groups is generally difficult to take care of, and told a very plain family life story, from beginning to end.It is very rare to reveal the warmth and levelness and the affection and warmth between family members.This is very different from the politically correct “Black Panther” released in 2018.The reason why “Black Panther” received much attention at that time was because it was a film made entirely by black people, but this does not mean that black people have not been deeply involved in the entire film industry before. For example, well-known director Spike Lee is black.There are also a large number of black actors and screenwriters. It can be said that black people have long become an integral part of the film industry.Therefore, “Black Panther”, which was entirely shot by the black creative team, has a strong political correctness, which is why it is too low in China, because this film is really too specific for specific ethnic groups.Poster for the first season of “Countryman”.But the animation industry is different. In addition to singing theme songs for cartoons, black people are relatively absent in the animation industry. Throughout the history of animation development, whether it is a black director or a black screenwriter, there are only a handful.The “Countryman” directed by McGrood is a relatively well-known black animation. Besides that, we rarely hear that there are more well-known black masters in the field of animation.This is also where I think the award of “Love of Hair” is more meaningful than “Black Panther”.Because of the participation of African-Americans in the film industry, it is not difficult to create a “Black Panther”.But for the animation industry, the lack of employees makes it difficult to find a group of people who know how to do animation.But “Fat Love” has taken this step. A director who has no experience in animation has made a very complete family warm animation short film. It is indeed worthy of an Oscar best animation short film to encourage.In all fairness, this is an excellent animated short film and deserves a more objective and fair evaluation.□ Yuan Lei (film critic) Editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen Proofreading Wu Xingfa

In the ATP Finals, Tim made the top 4 for the first time.

In the ATP Finals, Tim made the top 4 for the first time.
The 2019 ATP year-end finals continued this morning, and Tim reversed Djokovic 2-1 to advance to the semifinals.In another game, Federer defeated Berettini 2-0. He never lost in the second round of the group stage after 17 appearances in the finals. Next, he will compete with Druid for another group qualifying seat.After losing to Tim in the first game, Federer’s group was somewhat uncomfortable.Despite experiencing this situation before, Federer bluntly said that the game should not be lost, “From now on, this game has become an ordinary tour. I can lose another goal.”Federer will usher in the battle of life and death.Figure / Osports If you want to qualify from the group stage, Federer and Beretini’s game can no longer lose.In this group, Federer only has a slight advantage in the record against Beretini.Although not in the best form, Federer still defeated Beretini 7-6 (2), 6-3, and the group won 1-1, retaining the opportunity to qualify.”It’s always unusual to return to play after losing the game. I did it last year, so I still have some experience.”Last year’s finals, Federer’s group stage also lost one game, and then won two consecutive games.” I have a good serve today, I hope to continue to maintain and have a better performance in the next game. “”In another game that just ended, Tim took 2 hours and 47 minutes to reverse Djokovic 6-7 (5), 6-3, 7-6 (5) and advance to the finals 4 for the first time.Strong.In the last five encounters between the two, Tim has beaten Druid 4 times.In this way, the indicators of the Bjorn Borg group became very clear, Tim took the lead and the two-game losing streak of Berettini has been eliminated.In the final round of the group stage, Federer will compete with Djokovic. The winner will advance to the semifinals, and the loser will end the 2019 season.

[How old are apple porridges?】 _Infants_How to eat

What is the effect of killing and killing the larvae in the village?
Insects are sluggish and sloppy, and they are sorrowful and sorrowful. They are sorrowful and sorrowful.Teachers and teachers х back to back and forth and back and forth and down and down ▼灭播闈炲父濂界湅锛屽悆璧锋潵鍛抽亾涔熷緢濂斤紝鑰屼笖钀ュ吇浠峰€奸潪甯搁珮锛岃繖鏍风殑鑻规灉绮ョ壒鍒€效悎骞寸邯澶х澶键钥佷汉钖冿纴鍙﹀涔熷緢阃效悎瀹濆疂钖冿纴闾d箞澶t箞澶互ぇ镄勫疂瀹濇墠鍙娴鏋灭播鍛紵鑻规灉绮ラ€傚悎澶氬ぇ瀹濆疂鍚冿紵鑻规灉绮ュ仴搴风編鍛筹紝閫傚悎瀹濆疂鍚冦€傝嫻鏋滅播涓嶄粎淇濈暀浜嗚嫻鏋滅殑钀ュ吇锛岃€屼笖灏嗙背绮ョ殑钀ュ吇铻嶅悎鍦ㄤ竴璧枫€傝嫻鏋滅播涓嶄粎鍙互澧炲You are the one who is in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble.峰揩涔愭垚闀裤€傝嫻鏋滅播鐨勫仛娉曠畝鍗曪紝鎵€鐢ㄦ潗鏂欎篃涓嶅鏉傦紝鑻规灉绮ヨ兘淇冭繘瀛╁瓙鐨勬姷鎶楀姏锛屽府鍔╁瀛愯寔澹仴搴锋垚闀裤€傚鍚冭嫻鏋滅播鍙互璁╅ギ椋熶範鎯彉寰楁洿鍔犲仴搴凤紝閭d箞鑻规灉绮ラ€傚悎澶氬ぇ瀹濆疂鍚冨憿锛熷疂瀹濆叚涓湀浠ュ悗灏卞彲浠ュ悆浜嗭紝杩欎釜灏辩洿鎺ユ妸There is a problem with each other, and it ‘s very difficult to get broken, and the chain is broken, and it ‘s hard to find out how to talk to each other, and how to solve each other.粬浼村湪绮ラ噷锛屽啀涓€璧风粰浠栧悆锛岃繖鏍风殑璇濅篃姣旇緝瀹规槗鍚告敹銆傛敞鎰忎笉瑕佽瀹濆疂鍚冭繃澶氾紝浠ュ厤浼氬紩璧峰疂瀹濇秷鍖栦笉鑹紝娉ㄦ剰璁╁疂瀹濆鍠濇按銆傚疂瀹濊緟椋熺殑娣诲姞搴旈伒寰€傞緞娣诲姞锛屾坊鍔犵殑杈呴蹇呴』涓庡疂瀹濈殑鏈堥緞鐩搁€傚簲锛?Technetium?涓湀鍙姞鐑傜播銆佽泲榛勩€佹灉娉ワ紝鎴栬杽闈㈢墖姹ゅ唴鍔犵鑿溿€侀娌瑰皯璁搞€?Technetium?2涓湀鍙姞杞潰鏉°€侀浮铔嬬竟銆佽眴鑵愩€侀楗ㄣ€佸悇绉嶇鑿溿€侀奔鑲夈€佺槮鑲夋湯绛夈€傚垰寮€濮嬫椂锛屽彧鑳界粰瀹濆疂鍚冧竴绉嶄笌鏈堥緞鐩稿疁鐨勮緟椋燂紝寰呭皾璇曚簡3锝?澶╂垨涓€鍛ㄥ悗锛屽鏋滃疂瀹濈殑娑堝寲鎯呭喌鑹ソ锛屾帓渚挎甯革紝鍐嶈瀹濆疂灏濊瘯鍙︿竴绉嶏紝鍗冧竾涓嶈兘鍦ㄧ煭鏃堕棿鍐呬竴涓嬪瓙澧炲姞濂藉嚑绉嶏紝杩欐牱浼氬鑷村疂瀹濊偁鑳冧笉閫傜殑銆傚疂瀹濊嫻鏋滅播鐨勫仛娉曪細鑻规灉绮ュ師鏂欙細鑻规灉50鍏嬨€佸ぇ绫?0鍏嬪仛娉曪細1銆佸皢澶х背娣樺噣锛屽姞姘存蹈娉″崐灏忔椂锛屾播骞插悗纾ㄧ粏鏈鐢ㄣ€?銆佽嫻鏋滃幓鍑€鐨拰鏍革紝鍒囨垚纰庢湯銆?銆侀攨涓婄伀锛屾斁鍏ュぇ绫虫湯鍜岄€傞噺姘寸啲鐓紝鑷崇播绋犵背鐑傚悗鍔犲叆鑻规灉纰庯紝鎼呮媽鍧囧寑鍐嶇◢鐓嵆鍙€?

[How long does it take for whole crabs]_How to steam_How to steam

[How long does it take for whole crabs]_How to steam_How to steam

In our life, many people prefer to eat crabs, both because of the high nutritional value of crabs and because the meat of crabs is very delicious, and some of the best crabs are crab yellow, but when eating crabs,Also note that the gills of crabs must not be eaten. In addition to the poison in the gills, but also because the taste of the gills is bitter, how long does it take for the crabs to cook?

1 How long does the crab steam after being cooked depends on the situation.

1. If it is a normal size crab, steam it for about 15-20 minutes after boiling the water.

2. If it is a crab with a relatively tight head, it is recommended to appropriately extend the steaming time, which can be forty or fifty minutes.

Because the big crabs are slow to heat, they are not easy to steam.

2 How long does it take for the crabs to cook for about 30 minutes.

When steaming crabs, first boil the water. The process of boiling the water is about ten minutes. After the water is boiled, you need to steam it for about 20 minutes before it is fully cooked.It takes about ten minutes for the crabs to mature.

If the crabs resist, or if there are too many crabs, you can appropriately lengthen the steamed crabs, but it is not recommended to add more than one hour before and after steaming the crabs.

3 What will happen if the crab is steamed for a long time?

After the crab is steamed for a long time, the water in it will be lost to a certain extent, which will cause the meat to solidify, the meat will age, and it will no longer have the original tender and sweet taste, which will affect the taste experience.

4 How to steam a crab 1, add the crab to clear water, and use a brush to clean all parts of the crab.

2. Remove the straps of crabs, place the crabs on the steaming dish, and the crab claws on them.

3. Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot, add the steaming dish to the steamer, and sprinkle a small amount of salt on the crab.

4. Cover the shell of the steamer and boil the water with medium heat. After the water is boiled, steam over low heat for about 15 minutes, then turn off the heat and simmer for a while.

[Does pig’s trotters grow meat?]

銆 愮 尓 韫 勯 勯 勊 悧 銆 慱 藯 儯 _ 浼 氢 笉 浼?
 箘 欩 欑  椋 熺 墿 叄  潪 宁 篆 娆 分 璄 勶 纴 瀹 殑 宁 歌  鲭 氭 桤 繤 吰 琰 逗 逩 逇 倜 逩 倩倩倩倩倩 倩倩倩倩 倜 倩倩倩倩倩 倩倩倩倩倩 倩倩倩 选瓑锛屽コ鎬у鍏堕鐢ㄥ彲浠ヨ捣鍒扮編瀹瑰拰鍏婚鐨勬晥鏋滐紝鍙互甯姪濂虫€цˉ鍏呰劯閮ㄧ殑鑳跺師铔嬬櫧锛屼笉杩囧コ鎬у鑷繁鐨勮韩鏉愰兘鏄瘮杈冨叧娉紝鐢变簬鐚箘鏄睘浜庤倝绫伙紝灏遍潪甯哥殑鎷呭績鍦ㄩ暱鏈熼鐢ㄤ細瀵艰嚧韬綋闀胯倝锛岄偅涔堢尓韫勯暱鑲夊悧?Quilting: How about the embarrassment?鍚冪尓韫勪細涓嶄細闀胯儢銆備竴鑸儏鍐典笅锛岄€傞噺鍚冪尓韫勬槸涓嶄細鍙戣儢鐨勶紝浣嗘槸锛岀尓韫勭殑鐑噺姣旇緝楂橈紝鏅氫笂鍚冩垨鍚冨浜嗛兘浼氬鏄撳鑷磋偉鑳栥€傛瘡100鍏嬬尓韫勭殑鐑噺鏄悓绛夐A lot of new products are available, and new ones are available. The new ones are very common. They are not easy to find. They are not easy to match. They are not easy to use.噺涔熶笉灏戯紝鎵€浠ョ尓韫勪笉瀹滅粡甯稿悆锛屼篃涓嶅疁涓€娆″悆寰楀お澶氥€傜浜岋紝姣?00 嬏 尬 埫 勭 殑 慑 兺 咺 厺 厺?60澶у崱銆傜尓韫勪腑瀵屽惈铔嬬櫧璐ㄣ€佽剛鑲拰纰虫按鍖栧悎鐗╋紝浠ュ強閽欍€佺7銆侀晛銆侀搧鍜岀淮鐢熺礌A銆佺淮鐢熺礌D銆佺淮鐢熺礌E銆佺淮鐢熺礌K绛夋湁鐩婃垚鍒嗐€傜尓韫勪腑杩樺惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑鑳跺師铔嬬櫧璐ㄥ強鑳嗗浐閱囥€傜涓夛紝浠€涔堟椂闂村悆鐚箘涓嶈儢?涓婂崍鎴栦腑鍗堝悆鐚箘鏈€濂斤紝鏅氫笂鍚冪尓韫勪細鍙戣儢銆傜尓韫勭儹閲忛珮锛屾墍浠ヤ笉瑕佸湪鏅氫笂鍚冪尓韫勩€傛櫄涓婁汉鐨勬椿鍔ㄩ噺鍑忓皯锛屾秷鑰楀皯锛屽浣欑殑鐑噺瀹规槗杞寲涓鸿剛鑲紝鎵€浠ョ尓韫勪笂鍗堝悆鎴栦腑鍗堝悆鏈€濂姐€傛€庝箞鍚冪尓韫勪笉鑳?It ‘s very difficult to get back and forth, and it ‘s very difficult to get better and better.€傚悆鐚箘鍚庤娲诲姩銆傚悆瀹岀尓韫勪箣鍚庝笉瑕佺潯鎴栧潗锛岀珯绔嬩竴浼氬効鎴栫◢绋嶆椿鍔ㄤ竴涓嬶紝鍔犲揩鐑噺娑堣€椼€傚悆鐚箘鏃跺枬灞辨姘存垨缁胯尪銆傚悆瀹岀尓韫勫悗杩樺彲浠ュ枬鏉北妤傛按锛屾垨鏄櫨棣欐灉缁胯尪锛屼笉浠呰兘娑堥櫎娌硅吇鎰燂紝杩樻湁鍔╀簬娑堝寲銆備笉瑕佸枬姹ゃ€傚悆鐐栫尓鑴氭椂锛屼笉瑕佸枬姹わ紝鍥犱负鑴傝偑閮芥憾瑙e湪姹ら噷锛屽悆浜嗗鏄撳彂鑳栥€?

Midea Group (000333) in-depth research report: Xinxin dances to the head of Rong

Midea Group (000333) in-depth research report: “Xinxin” dances to the head of Rong
Seeing the clouds: the development process of Fupanmei, the industry leader that is constantly changing.Midea Group is a technology group company integrating consumer electronics, HVAC, robots and automation systems, and intelligent supply chain.  The development of Midea has gone through three stages. During the first stage, from 1993 to 2000, Midea made use of the first-mover advantage of production technology that entered the air-conditioning field earlier to accelerate its development. At the same time, it rapidly expanded its business lines through mergers, acquisitions, and cooperation to gain popularity in the domestic market; In the second stage, from 2001 to 2011, Midea continued to improve its management and operating structure, and continuously improved its product and brand power. At the same time, Midea began to build its own channels to improve the market channel structure and strengthen its channel control. The third stage was 2012-2018.Midea Group promotes a comprehensive strategic transformation with “product leadership, efficiency-driven, global operations” as the three main axes, and gradually moves from a leading Chinese home appliance company to a global leading technology group.After years of development, Midea Group has been constantly changing, proactively discovering opportunities and innovating continuously. It currently ranks in the forefront of multiple categories such as white goods and small appliances. Leading new standards: “new architecture”-inject long-term development vitality.Midea Group’s organizational structure is efficient and reasonable. At present, it has clearly defined a three-tier structure system, that is, business units and business entities, collaborative platforms, layout departments, and business unit structure can improve decision-making efficiency and execution, and effectively stimulate organizational vitality.In addition, Midea Group has a complete and effective incentive mechanism. It uses equity to bind the merger with the company’s long-term value growth responsibility.development of. Seek up and down: “New Channel”-deepen reform and improve efficiency.Channel competition in the white goods industry is currently intensifying. In order to adapt to changes in the channel environment and improve the company’s operating efficiency, Midea Group actively embraces channel changes.On the online front, it reached strategic agreements with third-party e-commerce platforms such as Tmall Jingdong, and at the same time piloted a network approval model to directly connect with retail terminals.In terms of offline, we will limit the channel level, actively expand and establish new retail channels, and create online and offline data fusion to improve overall channel efficiency.In addition, based on the good organizational structure of the division system, Midea Group fully implements the “T + 3” operating model and actively optimizes the industrial chain.Under this model, the company ‘s overall turnover rate was improved by “determining production with sales”, while streamlining SKUs was conducive to strengthening order and inventory management. Another way: “New Market”-Layout of overseas markets, KUKA opens a second track.For a long time, Midea Group has continuously supplemented its technical shortcomings through continuous mergers and acquisitions, expanded sales channels and increased product categories.The company’s scale has grown rapidly to US $ 100 billion, and the industry chain has also evolved from the original single product to today’s multi-category multi-brand products, and has established synergies in the global market.In order to accelerate the deployment of overseas markets and at the same time promote the strategic transformation of “smart homes and smart manufacturing”, Midea Group offered to acquire the German KUKA Group, which marked Midea as a leading technology company in the field of robotics and automation in China and the world.Driven by the business in China, it is expected that KUKA will gradually resume its growth in the future, and the future of Midea is expected to transform into a strong transformation of KUKA into a technology group. Hundred feet: Foreign selective overlaps are highly deterministic, and the US estimates are promising.With the gradual implementation of policies to encourage foreign investors to invest in A-shares, the convenience of foreign investors in participating in the A-share market has been greatly improved.  As a core asset that is ready to be favored by foreign countries, Midea 南京夜网论坛 Group was temporarily removed from the global standard index series by MSCI on January 24, 2020, because foreign investors held more than 28% of the shares.The depth of gradual reforms in the future, and the clarification of the way to deal with stocks that have reached the excess shareholding limit in the interconnectedness mechanism has gradually become clearer. Midea Group ‘s estimated level has room for improvement and promotes alignment with overseas comparable companies (Daikin Industrial: PE in 2020)23 times).In addition, compared with leading domestic and foreign leading companies, Midea Group has excellent financial indicators, high performance certainty, stable dividends and a high proportion.At the same time, the company’s corporate governance structure is excellent, incentives are perfect, and the introduction is highly consistent with shareholders’ interests. It is expected that there is room for improvement in the future, even in the long run. Investment suggestion: We maintain the company’s forecasted net profit attributable to its parent for 19/20/21 to be 24/271/309 billion, corresponding to 14/13/11 times the corresponding PE.As a leader in the home appliance industry, the company’s multi-segment market share is at the forefront of the industry, and its product structure is continuously optimized, its brand matrix is improved, its operating efficiency is continuously improved, its incentive mechanism is improved, its competitive advantage is obvious, and its long-term development is worth looking forward to.Based on the above, raise the target price to 70 yuan (original target price: 62 yuan), corresponding to 18 times PE in 20 years, and maintain a “strong push” rating. Risk warning: terminal demand is less than expected; raw material prices fluctuate sharply; overseas market expansion risks.

Op Lighting (603515): Non-affected net profit growth fundamentals are still waiting for the turning point

Op Lighting (603515): Non-affected net profit growth fundamentals are still waiting for the turning point

Investment highlights: Op Lighting releases its 2019 third quarter report.

The company achieved revenue of 57 in the first three quarters.

70,000 yuan, an annual increase of 3.

26%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

02 ppm, an increase of 5 in ten years.

60%; net profit after deduction to mother 4.

1.6 billion, an annual increase of 4.


One of them achieved 19 in the third quarter.

91 ppm, a reduction of 3 per year.

32%; net profit attributable to mothers1.

97 ppm, a reduction of 7 per year.

03%; net profit after deduction to mother 1.

59 ppm, a ten-year increase7.


  The gross profit margin increased, and the growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers was not affected.

From the perspective of the third quarter alone, the company’s gross profit margin has been improving quarter-on-quarter and for many years, increasing by 0 each time.

93 points to 37.

04%, we judge that the industry price war has slowed.

In terms of expense ratio, the company continued to reduce the number of stores opened in 2019, and gradually shifted sales expenses to terminal drainage to promote channel conversion, and the sales expense ratio decreased by 1 in the quarter.

29 points to 20.

03%, the decrease in exchange income caused the financial expense rate to rise by 0 per second.

79 points 厦门夜网 to -0.

22%, the management expense rate is slightly reduced every year.

07pct to 3.


R & D expense ratio rose by 0 quarterly.

82 points to 4.

12% is mainly invested in the field of patented spectrum research and intelligent control.

Looking at the overall gross profit margin and expense ratio, the company’s profitability has improved, but government subsidies included in non-economic items have decreased from 3540 million in the same period last year to 2.39 million yuan, which has resulted in a decrease in the overall net profit before deduction.Early impact, the net deduction of non-pre-returning mothers’ net interest rate decreased by 0.

4 points to 10.


  Investment advice and profit forecast.

We believe that the company, as a leader in home lighting, incorporates continuous growth of multiple 武汉夜生活网 categories and deep-going layout of all channels, and brands + channels build competitive barriers, which is expected to achieve continuous increase in market share during the industry integration period.

In the long run, under the background of the overall track conversion of the lighting industry, policies and capital have contributed to the flames, and the increasing awareness of demand-side brand awareness has strengthened the integration of the industry by leading parties.

However, under the influence of the real estate cycle, the company’s growth has improved in the short term, and fundamental turning points still need to wait. We lower the company’s profit forecast for 19-21, and expect the company’s EPS in 19-21 to be 1.

29 yuan, 1.

48 yuan and 1.77 yuan, in consideration of the company’s future growth potential as a leader in lighting consumer goods, the company is given a certain estimated premium in the same industry, given a 20-25 times PE estimate in 19 years, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 25.

8 yuan -32.

25 yuan, “continuous market” rating.

  risk warning.

Industry consolidation was worse than expected, and price wars continued to affect profitability.

Fosun Pharma (600196): The main business grows well and the shareholding company substitutes drag down performance

Fosun Pharma (600196): The main business grows well and the shareholding company substitutes drag down performance

Event: On August 26, 2019, the company released its semi-annual report for 2019.

In the first half of 2019, the company achieved operating income of 141.

73 ppm, an increase of 19 years.

51%; net profit attributable to mother 15.

1.6 billion, net of non-attributed net profit11.

68 ppm, a decrease of 2 each year.

84% and 2.


The growth of main business, the growth of innovative R & D and business layout, breakthroughs in shareholding companies and the increase in selling expenses have affected the growth of net profit attributable to mothers.

(1) The company achieved net profit in the first half of the year18.

20 ppm, a ten-year increase4.

70%, quarter-to-quarter and quarter-to-quarter improvement.

The sales of main business increased, the return was good, and the cash flow from operating activities maintained an upward trend.The net operating cash flow in the first half of 2019 was 14.

50 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.


(2) Among the three major business segments, the pharmaceutical industry performed well and its core subsidiaries grew steadily.

Revenue of the pharmaceutical industry increased 21.

65%, segment profit increased by 22.

59%, the core subsidiaries of Chongqing Yaoyou, Jiangsu Wanbang, Glan’s net profit increased by 39%, 59% and 29%.

The medical service business was slowed down by the United Family Investment, and segment profits1.

01 ppm, a 24 year reduction.

47%, the subsequent expectation to reduce the shareholding of United Family to 6.


The performance of the device and diagnostics business was slightly lower than expected, with segment profit2.

3 billion, a decrease of 8 per year.


The installation of Da Vinci’s surgical robot in the first half of the year was less than expected, and the installation is expected to increase in the second half of the year.

(3) In 2019, innovative drugs enter the harvest period, and biosimilars are reported one by one.

R & D expenditure in the first half of the year 13.

51 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.

69%; including R & D expenses 8.

49 ppm, an increase of 19 years.


R & D funding for the pharmaceutical sector12.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 13 in ten years.

23%, accounting for 11% of plate revenue; R & D expenses 7.

24 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.
45%, accounting for 6 of the plate revenue.

The company’s innovation is sustainable. Hanlikang, the first domestic biosimilar drug, was officially sold in May. Trastuzumab and adalimumab promoted formal commercialization in 2020.

Revenue of the pharmaceutical industry increased 21.

65%, segment profit increased by 22.

59%, core subsidiaries performed solidly.

The pharmaceutical industry achieved operating income of 108.

95 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.

65%, after the impact of the two-vote system and consolidation, still achieve rapid income growth.

Achieve segment performance12.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.

38%; realized segment profit 12.

32 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.


Gross margin 66.

80%, an annual increase of 2.

19 single, mainly due to the rising proportion of high gross profit products.

Febuxostat tablets (Unilite), Pitavastatin Calcium Tablets (Punzhi), Enoxaparin Injection, Quetiapine Fumarate Tablets (Qiwei), Racillin Sodium Sulbactam Sodium (Strong)Shuxilin), core products such as daptomycin continued to grow at a high speed, and sales of alfacalcidol tablets (Li Qing) and escitalyl oxalate oxalate (departure) through consistent evaluation continued to increase.

The sales of febustat (Ultra), pitavastatin calcium (Punzhi), and quetiapine fumarate (Qiwei) increased by 117 compared with the same period last year.

4%, 115.

9%, 30.


Rituximab injection (Hanli Kang) became the first biosimilar in China approved for marketing. It was launched in mid-May 2019 and quickly gained market recognition.

We expect that the contribution of Han Likang will be limited in the first half of the year. The 2019 version of the medical insurance catalogue has replaced it with the regular catalogue and will gradually increase its volume.

Core subsidiaries Chongqing Yaoyou, Jiangsu Wanbang, and Gland all achieved good growth, with net profit growth of 39%, 59%, and 29%, respectively.

The medical service business was slowed down by the involvement of United Family, which subsequently reduced the shareholding of United Family to 6.


Revenue from medical services business14.

60 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.

56%; achieved segment performance1.

69 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.

40%; realized segment profit1.

10,000 yuan, a decrease of 24 a year.


The decrease in net profit was mainly due to the impact of new and newly opened hospitals that were still in the early stages of development, operating costs rising, and asset disposal income in the same period last year.

Gross margin 26.

01%, down by 1 every year.

18 units.

At the end of July 2019, the company announced that its holding subsidiary Fosun Industrial (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. intends to transfer all the healthy and harmonious holdings it holds to NF.

(The main assets are “United Family” hospitals and clinics) Limited partnership rights and HHH management affairs partner Healthy Harmony GP, Inc.
The total consideration for the shares transferred is approximately 5.

$ 2.3 billion.

In our opinion, the sale of “United Family” will increase the return on investment to a certain extent, increase efforts to promote the innovation, upgrading and transformation of the industrial sector and optimize the strategic layout.

Da Vinci’s surgical volume and in vitro diagnostics business maintained good growth.

The performance of the equipment and diagnostics business slightly exceeded expectations, and it is expected that the installed capacity of Da Vinci surgical robots will increase in the second half of the year.

Medical device and medical diagnosis business achieved operating income17.

97 ppm, an increase of ten years6.

45%; Achieve segment performance2.

92 ppm, a ten-year increase4.

03%; realized segment profit 2.

30 ‰, a decrease of 8 per year.


Gross margin 51.

19%, an increase of one year.

84 units.

The main reasons for the decrease in net profit were: (1) The direct joint venture of Fosun is still in the early stage of expansion, and it will expand its scale through business expansion; Da Vinci’s surgical robots in 天津夜网 China and Hong Kong increased by 16%, but in 2019 (2) New Breas products were launched in the first half of 2019, which was delayed than expected.

In the first half of 2019, Sinopharm Holdings achieved an operating income of 2017 yuan, a net profit of 5 billion yuan, and a net profit attributable of 3 billion yuan, which were divided (after restatement of the same period last year) and increased by 23.

36%, 13.

08% and 6.


Profit forecast and investment recommendations: With reference to the operating conditions in the first half of 2019, we adjusted the operating income for 2019-2021 to be 286, 344 trillion, and 402 trillion, respectively, and increased by 14.

58%, 20.

42%, 16.

79%; net profit attributable to mothers is 31.

1.7 billion, 37.

1 billion and 45.

28 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.

11%, 19.

02%, 22.

05%; corresponding EPS are 1.

22, 1.

45 and 1.

77 yuan.

The company is one of the domestic leading companies in innovative medicines. Its main business has a relatively stable growth and is estimated to be cheap. Starting from 2019, innovative medicines will gradually enter the harvest period.Into “rating.

Risk reminders: Outward M & A is not up to expectations; risk of failure of new drug R & D; risk of declining volume and scope of chemical generic drug purchases exceeding expectations.

[It is best to eat pigeons every month during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Benefits

[It is best to eat pigeons every month during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Benefits

Pregnancy is one of the most important things in life for female friends, and the health of pregnant women during pregnancy is the most important issue for everyone, especially the diet of pregnant women.

And each person’s physical condition is different, so the dietary needs are also different. Some people like to eat sour, and some people like to eat spicy.

There are also pregnant women who like to eat pigeons. This problem is more difficult.

Is it best to eat pigeons every month during pregnancy?

For every female friend, pregnancy is a very important thing, because there are many things to pay attention to during this period, both to ensure your own health and to create a very good environment for your babyNeed to eat some more nutritious food, some say pigeon meat, can help the baby’s growth.

In modern life, everyone may face various situations. We must enrich our knowledge reserve in order to cope with it calmly. In fact, for some pregnant women, there are many relevant precautions during this period, We must strengthen understanding, about female friends can eat pigeons when pregnant, let’s take a closer look.

First, what are the characteristics of early pregnancy?

The early stage of pregnancy is the early stage of pregnancy, which generally refers to the first week to the thirteenth week. You need to strengthen your understanding of this time. During this stage, pregnant women may experience some early pregnancy reactions, and some say vomitingThere are symptoms of dry vomiting, dozing off, even loss of appetite, physical fatigue, etc. If you have problems that you do not understand, you should consult your doctor in time, or you can use some other methods to relieve the symptoms.

First, can pigeon meat be eaten in early pregnancy?

Some because pigeon meat contains a lot of collagen, which can promote protein absorption. In addition to having very good effects for pregnant women friends, the baby in the stomach is also very valuable, and female friends can use it with confidence.

But everything should be in the right amount, not too much at one time, you need a balanced diet and appropriate mix.

Is there anything to pay attention to in the early stages of pregnancy?

Female friends often have early pregnancy reactions in the early stages of pregnancy. They are very deadly. They must relax, maintain a pleasant psychological state, and improve their physical fitness. They should also eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and greasy, Spicy food, do n’t eat it, keep extra sleep, pay attention to your daily routine.

In summary, this article roughly describes some of the matters needing attention in the early stages of pregnancy. You must read them carefully. You should also understand some other related matters in normal times. For pregnant female friends, it isThere are many things to pay attention to. Don’t take it lightly. Pregnant women friends can eat pigeon meat, which is rich in protein, which is conducive to the growth of the baby.

[Waking up with back pain]_ Waist pain _ Waking up _ Relationship _ Contact

[Waking up with back pain]_ Waist pain _ Waking up _ Relationship _ Contact

After a night of rest, many people often don’t feel as comfortable as they think, but it is followed by back pain and pain, which is as uncomfortable as doing physical work overnight.

What exactly is causing this?

Most people think that this must have a lot to do with the spine.

Actually, this idea has some truth.

Many people feel that most people who suffer from back pain when sleeping are related to people’s lumbar spine.

I get back pain every day when I go to bed, and I’ll be fine for a while. I think it has something to do with lumbar spondylosis.

There are many causes of low back pain. It is recommended to check with the hospital for symptomatic treatment after diagnosis.

Most of the low back pain is caused by the excessive curvature of the lumbar vertebra caused by long-term unreasonable posture, which leads to excessive damage to the lower back and causes chronic injuries.

Do not wear heeled shoes during low back pain. Any heeled shoes will aggravate pelvic anteversion and lumbar lordosis, and increase back pain.

Women should not wear high heels often.

There are many causes of low back pain, such as lumbar muscle strain and lumbar fractures.

Do not bend down significantly, you can often practice backwards to relieve intervertebral pressure, do not do heavy work, and avoid the action of penetrating the waist load.

After sitting for a long time, do more activities, don’t step on Erlang’s legs, don’t sit on the sofa and short seat, and sleep on a hard bed.

For people who often wake up with low back pain during sleep, people need to pay attention to the adjustment of some living habits in their daily lives, through which they can alleviate some physical pain, but if they want to recover as soon as possible, they need to go to the hospital in time.Only by conducting diagnosis and treatment can initial wounds be eradicated.