Tourist place,Naturally there is no shortage of places to eat。Chen Xia took Xia Jian into a seafood restaurant,I picked a place near the window and sat down。

This place is nice,Not only can eat,You can also see the scenery。Chen Xia said to invite Xia Jian,Seems to be sincere。He ordered a lot of delicious food as soon as he sat down,But this time,Xia Jian is really hungry。
suddenly,A child’s voice came from behind Xia Jian:“mom!I don’t like seafood,I want noodles”The child’s voice Xia Jian feels very familiar。He couldn’t help turning his head and glanced,He was dumbfounded。
So this little boy is not someone else,It’s Zhou Li’s son Xiao Chenchen。Although this child hasn’t seen him grow up in a long time,But Xia Jian recognized him at a glance。
First2411chapter Devilish woman
Xia Jian looked like this,Zhou Li, who was sitting side by side with Xiao Chenchen, just raised her head。When Xia Jian’s eyes collided with this woman’s eyes,Both are stunned。
“Hey!what happened?”Chen Xia, who was sitting opposite Xia Jian, asked softly。
Xia Jian recovered,he:“Oh!”Said:“It’s nothing,I will drive,Let’s just drink some drinks”Xia Jian said,Quickly switched the topic away。
Chen Xia nodded,So I didn’t ask anything。The dishes will be ready in a while,The two chatted,Ate happily。Xia Jian always has a smile on his face,But he doesn’t feel well inside。What exactly happened here?Is it really bad fate?
He feels where he is going,Can run into Zhou Li,This chance is too high, right?!Chen Xia is a smart woman,She vaguely discovered that Xia Jian should know Zhou Li who was sitting not far away。But Xia Jian refused to say it,Chen Xia is too embarrassed to ask more。
While eating,Chen Xia secretly picked up the mobile phone she brought back from abroad with someone else,I took pictures of Zhou Li, Xiao Chenchen and an old man。
Because sitting by the window,So the beauty on the beach can be said to be unobstructed。The two are eating seafood,While watching the scenery outside the window。
Suddenly Chen Xia smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Relax!Their family is gone”
“Who?”Xia Jian pretended to smile。
Chen Xia smiled,Opened the photo in the phone,And handed the phone to Xia Jian。Xia Jian has a look,His face changed slightly and asked:“Your phone also has a camera function”
“Ok!Newly released,The trustee got it back from outside,If you are interested,I’ll buy you one and send it over”Chen Xia said with a smile。
This phone can also take pictures?This is a new thing。However, Xia Jian’s mind was quickly attracted by the content on the photo.。
Chen Xia secretly took this photo,It happened to be taken when Zhou Li’s family got up and left。Xia Jian saw a man who was nearly 60 years old。This man should be Zhou Li’s current husband。An invisible rich man。
“You know them?”Chen Xia asked a little curiously。

But except for Zhang’s Sanxiong,There are more than forty zombies behind,This lineup is afraid that an army is not their opponent。

“What about you!”
“You have seen my light work just now。As long as you run,I want to run,They can’t catch me!”
Watching the vehicles behind get closer,Zhang Yuantu knows that this is not the time,Even handed her peach wood sword to Chen Xiu,Gritted his teeth and said:“Don’t try hard!”
“Want to run,Not so easy!”
Zhang Yuantu flew out towards the mountain road,The third of the three heroes of the Zhang clan flies behind him like a big bird。
Chen Xiu also jumped in the air,Cut it off with a peach wood sword,Zhang Laosan is a three-generation zombie,Still afraid of peach wood,Even more dare not make it hard,One tumble backward in midair,Fell to the ground。
“Boss、Second child,This kid has a bit of skill,Go together!”
“it is good!”
Zhang’s boss、As soon as the second child saw Chen Xiu’s shot just now, he knew that his martial arts was superior to his three.,What’s more, there is a peach wood sword that can restrain the three of them,Three people do it at the same time。
Figures from the late Ming Dynasty when the three Zhang brothers came,Before becoming a zombie, there were a few masters in the era,The three teamed up at the same time to use their unique skills“Frozen Palm”,There are still seven、At a distance of eight meters, Chen Xiu felt a biting cold wind.,Shaking all over,Can only carry infuriating resistance。
Seeing that the Zhang Clan’s trio of cold ice power will be photographed,Chen Xiu immediately took a palm,Two instincts,The air between the four is like an explosion。
Chen Xiu shocked his right arm,Dengjue’s cold air penetrated through his skin,Busy luck。
He is actually similar to the three heroes of the Zhang clan,Stalemate。
845 chase

Chasing Jiang Feng couple?

I took the flower palace’s house slave fled,Can I catch it??When you escape, you die.,Also blame me?
Refers to the black sideline and the Morning guest to kill Jiang Feng couple?
Pooh,The old lady is just not letting them borrow my name.,Who stipulates that I can’t explain a misunderstanding.?Vincen,Holly!
What is the exile of Yannan??Yannan is also desperate……
certainly,Moon Moon,Even if there is no flowery,Yannan Day If you find the door,Will not talk nonsense in the moon——It is a life and death.!
Otherwise, the sexy child of Yannan,Even if there is a resentment of the floral palace,I am afraid that I will not play.。
“Say that the flower slaves……”
“Do not mention her!”
“Who is the flower that and Jiang Feng??At that time, you have already eight floors.?You didn’t hear it?”
Inviting the moon to read a Chu Deiren,A pair“Will you chat?”Dispelling expressions。
but“Humming”I said after two:“The little white face at the time,I am talking about time being listening to me.,Very safe,Plus I have to turn off at the time.,So, it is specially converged in insight.。”
“Small white face?Then how did you look at him??”Chu Deirers heard the confusion。
“But……It’s too handsome.,Personality,Also poetry song……”Moon,Kick a Chu Deirers at the table,Let him not ask more。
Chu Deman:……
alright,I still look at you.,What do you have to follow the deep reason?!
“Is there a lack of spending??”
“Do not,They are all coming to me.……I am with the pity surname!”
Chu Deirers have taken a white eye,This is really the first name of the two sisters.。
Means of,The flower month is indeed different from other palace women.,It should be considered their slave。
“Flower unlock and little fish……”
See the atmosphere,Chu Deer’s testicity,However, the moon is decisive,And the face is cold。
really,This matter is for the invitation month,It is still a kind of obsession。
If it is the previous moon,Chu Deirers will not discuss this issue with her.——Even I know that I like myself like myself.!
However, three days ago,The two are really almost a battle of life and death.,Chu Deirers feel,Infite the moon in the face,Many words can be said to be exported.。
“How do you do it??”
“How can it be!”
“I will ask you and pity.?”
“hehe,I have been forgot to tell you.,From the beginning, it is a pity.,I don’t like you at all.!You have a bit of self-knowledge, it’s good.?”
“Grace,you do not like me。”
Chu Deiren“I know you are embarrassed.,I will not be dismantled.”Expression,Moon moon straight mill……
have to say,When you face the moon now,Chu Deirers feel like being faceless,Get along with you!
There is a kind of place as a spare tire,Will not be discovered!
“Are you thinking about something bad??”Inviting the moon to die, stare at Chu Deirers。

Song Fangyi listened,Ha ha smiled:“If this is the case,This is much easier”

“Is it human??You should be prepared for this。I’ll find Chen Gui in the evening,But you remember,Wait until you really become the head of Xiping Village,But we need to bring Chen Zhong to the leadership team,You are alone and weak,I have to find a helper for you”Wang Youcai said with confidence。
In fact, he couldn’t think of this at all,Dad Wang Degui arranged for him just now。How about ginger is old and spicy??
Summer weather is longer,The sun goes down for a while,Genius slowly darkened。Wang Youcai finished dinner,I couldn’t wait to go to Chen Gui’s house in the dark。
In broad daylight, he didn’t want the villagers to see,The relationship between him and Chen Gui’s family is a bit sticky。Chen Gui’s house seems to have just eaten,Two couples are watching TV while sitting on the kang,They saw that Wang Youcai suddenly came,There was also a hint of surprise on their faces。
“Yo!Boss Wang,Are you going to the wrong door?!”Meizi laughed,Jumped off the big kang。
This woman may be at home,She wears very cool。A short sleeve short to the belly button,The two buttons on the collar are not fastened,The black lace corset is exposed。
Wang Youcai glanced at it,The little heart throbs。He has seen a lot of women,But I don’t know why,He always wants to get something from Meizi。
“Oh, three young masters!Sit down。Is there something good about looking for me??”Chen Gui jumped off the big kang,I took one step in front of my wife Meizi,Pulling Wang Youcai and sitting on the edge of the kang。
Wang Youcai glanced at the two couples,Said coldly:“What do you mean?Don’t you welcome me,In this case,Explain?!I am leaving”
“Hi!Is a man not?I’m serious about joking,Sit on it!”Meizi said,Bypassing her husband Chen Gui,Push Wang Youcai on the big kang。
Wang Youcai took off his shoes,Sat inside the big kang,Leaned back against the wall。After he sits down,He took another look at Meizi,Whispered:“Turn off the TV,I have something to talk with Chen Gui”
When Meizi heard Wang Youcai’s words,The spirit came right away。She trot over,Quickly turned off the TV that was playing TV series。
“What am i talking about?what’s up?You speak!As long as i can do it,Just speak”Chen Gui laughed,A very proud look。
Wang Youcai lowered his voice,Tell him what his dad told him,I told Chen Gui from beginning to end。Chen Gui half-squinted,Listen very carefully。
Plums on the side,Put his head over。Wang Youcai has seen the not very deep gully on her chest,But this woman did not know it was on purpose,Still don’t know。
Chen Gui listened to Wang Youcai’s arrangement,Hehe smiled and said:“I can do it“

“what!Eat porridge?This person is hungry,Besides, it’s noon soon,How can you be full after eating porridge,Let’s have some hard goods!”Xia Jian smiled and said to Bai Ruyu。

Bai Ruyu shook his head and said:“Don’t understand!Stop talking,Come with me and you know if you can eat”
Finished,Bai Ruyu ran lightly,As if her illness has been cured long ago,From Xia Jian’s point of view,It doesn’t matter whether she takes this medicine or not,It’s a pity that 800 yuan。
Little Ring Hotel,A few characters,Can see from afar,Xia Jian thought,A porridge seller,Is it necessary to create such a big momentum??In his image,This one sells porridge,Usually push a car,It’s just a big deal with other pasta,This is clearly a professional selling rice porridge,This is the first time he has seen such a store。
Upon entering the store,Xia Jian was a little surprised,Spacious and bright room,Postgraduate decoration,All make people feel comfortable。What impressed Xia Jian was,In such a big store,There are so many people who actually drink porridge。
Bai Ruyu picked up the menu on the table,Shouted:“Waiter,Two bowls of porridge,A bowl of pickled mountain vegetables,Two tofu corners,Two hot oil cakes,Add two more leek buns”
Oh my god!This is too rich!Xia Jian couldn’t help but swallowed。
First0319chapter In front of power
Almost all the things on the table are what Xia Jian likes to eat,It can be said that all kinds of snacks in Pingdu,Made a collection,All under the name of porridge,This boss is too talented,No wonder this business is so hot,It seems that I dooutUp,I don’t even know such a delicious place。
Out of the hotel,It’s eleven o’clock,The sun at this time has no previous tenderness,Shine on people,There is a hot sensation。
Xia Jian glanced at Bai Ruyu who was a little tired,Whisper:“I will send you back,You have to get a good sleep,Remember to take medicine”
Bai Ruyu nodded obediently,Xia Jian stopped a car on the side of the road,Sent Bai Ruyu to their dormitory,Two talents wave goodbye,Xia Jian could tell from Bai Ruyu’s eyes,How she doesn’t want him to go。

But today is completely different,Two lives hanging by a thread,All appear out of thin air,The first is the chirp,Eternal and distant,The majestic and majestic sound waves seem to wash away all the dirt in the world,Suddenly in the depths of consciousness,Li Tianchou was suddenly in the huge and unparalleled colorful light field,Bathed in the coolness of the body,Rescue him from the painful body repair process in an instant,otherwise,It’s just the rising body temperature,Is enough to make Li Tianchou explode and die。

This is a very wonderful experience,Li Tianchou knows the life and death catastrophe he just experienced,Now look carefully at the feathers,There is a faint halo in the valley where you can’t see your fingers,Just like the colorful light field he saw not long ago。
And that call,Mu Yong questioned from the companion soul,Unfortunately, after Li Tianchou responded, there was no more sound,Did he fall asleep again?Smell the fragrance of Bodhi leaves,Li Tianchou’s spirit is lifted,Until now he knew that what Baiyun Old Tao said was true。
Li Tianchou carefully collected these two life-saving wonders,Take a deep breath,I feel that my physical condition is much better than when I first woke up,But I always feel that there is still an obscure shadow in the body that hinders the rapid recovery of physical fitness。
Unfortunately, his consciousness at this time、Vision and perception are far from the peak state,May only be slightly stronger than ordinary people,Can’t detect the essence of this shadow,Can only be put aside,At the same time, he gave up the idea of climbing onto the highway for help。
Just the opposite,He must act cautiously now,Hide yourself,At least not to show up easily until physical fitness and perception are fully restored,There is no doubt that the opponent’s sinister, despicable and vicious,But its powerful forces also left a deep impression on Li Tianzhi,Who knows what they have left behind?
It seems that Zhang Zhiqiang once did not have such energy,Otherwise, they will not be expelled easily,Although the trip to the southwest,The two fought again,Li Tianzhi didn’t seem to notice any qualitative changes in the other party。But things are impermanent,The situation a few years ago cannot be simply compared with the present situation,Maybe Zhang Zhiqiang is just a pawn thrown out。
Li Tianzheng fumbled in the car for a long time again,Finally found the phone,But it’s bad it can’t be used anymore,There is no suitable tool for digging in the trunk,He looked around the rather narrow valley floor,Fortunately, there are tall plants around,He quickly collected a bunch of sturdy branches and sticks,And broken parts,Just take advantage and be firmer,Were picked up by him。
Several simple tools came out soon,Li Tianzhen chose a highland that is not easily eroded by water currents or mountain torrents and started excavating,In fact, Huaishan’s body has been thrown horribly,The left arm and head have been separated from the body,It is impossible to completely seal and bury,Can only do our best。
suddenly,Li Tianzhen felt an inexplicable heart palpitations,It’s like something cold is slipping from the bottom of my heart,Made him feel extremely threatened,He immediately stopped the manual movement,Listening to the surrounding movement。
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty Six Phantom kill
Night wind,There seems to be a trend of getting bigger and bigger,The dark clouds in the sky are already thick,Can’t see the stars,The crowing of an owl is heard in the distance,Laughing like a child,Terrible in this dark night,Sometimes mixed with the whispers of unknown birds,It seems to alleviate the strange atmosphere of the dark night。
Li Tianchou listened intently for a long time,I feel this bird’s song is quite regular,Quiet as usual,So relax slowly,Keep digging,But after a while,Several nightingale’s calls came from farther away,Rough and short,Looks very unusual。

Xia Chenglong still did not speak,Zong Xueqin couldn’t help it at this time,Turned his head and said to him:“Hey,Are you really a piece of wood??”

“I’ve been busy recently,I’m a little tired,I have something to go back first,You are busy!”Xia Chenglong walked out of the gate after speaking。
At this time, Zong Xueqin came to Xia Chenglong’s body.,Stopped Xia Chenglong in one hand:“All said,You are my bodyguard,Come with me to sleep in my villa tonight!”
Xia Chenglong took a step forward and got close to Zong Xueqin,There is only a slight distance between the tips of the noses of two people,At this time, she actually had a little deer’s mind,She raised her head to look at him,I blushed my cheeks so rarely。
“woman,Don’t play with fire,I said i’m not interested in you,But it doesn’t mean I am not a man!”
The threat of Xia Chenglong’s words is obvious,But Zong Xueqin giggled when Xia Chenglong said this:“You say you are a man?Then you are a man,Why dare not touch me?Am i not beautiful enough?”
Zong Xueqin licked her red lips after speaking,Flaming red lips,Champagne,Medieval classical music is also played in the house,The moon in the sky is also perfectly round,Before and after,It’s just that Xia Chenglong didn’t care about it at this time.。
“I don’t want to tell you this kind of thing a second time,Woman, I advise you not to play with fire,Playing with fire**I think you should understand this truth!”
Xia Chenglong said and pushed Zong Xueqin away,At this time, she completely let him push herself away,Did not catch up。
It’s just that Zong Xueqin stared at the direction Xia Chenglong left.,Stood still for a long time,Then the corners of his mouth lifted slightly and a playful smile,She shook the goblet in her hand,Drink all the red wine in the glass。
“This man is really interesting,What my old lady is fond of,There really is nothing unavailable,Wait for my old lady!”
Xia Chenglong, who was already far away, suddenly sneezed heavily.,He rubbed his nose,And then whispered:“Which bastard is scolding Lao Tzu。”
What Xia Chenglong didn’t know was,At this time, he is already thought of。
After Xia Chenglong left here,Came to the place where the mysterious aura disappeared。
This place is an abandoned factory,Disrepair,Streets like doors and windows are crumbling,Cobwebs,It looks like no one has been here for a long time。
Xia Chenglong stepped up and walked in,Just at this time,The mysterious aura that disappeared before was felt by him again。
Xia Chenglong’s expression was also tight at this time,Then he turned his head fiercely。
After Xia Chenglong turns back,I also found a man standing behind me,A man wearing a mask。

Wu Xiaorou continued,How to deal with Wu Youcai,She hasn’t thought about it yet。

“give it to me,I’m sure to pack it up properly。”
Lei Zhong Bao Dao,Pat the chest,Very confident。
He is like this,In the eyes of Wu Xiaorou,Like an old child。
quickly,The two began to discuss countermeasures,Directly arranged Wu Youcai’s next destiny,Then talk and laugh,Waiting for Wu Youcai and his wife to arrive at nine o’clock。
During the waiting time,Wu Xiaorou did not forget to go to the store next to the station,Buy two bottles of water,One person and one bottle with Lei Zhongbao。
Wu Youcai and his wife were very anxious in the car,Yesterday was close to evening,That call from Wu Xiaorou,So they didn’t sleep well all night,But suffer from no transportation,Can only wait till dawn,Take the minibus that runs every morning to drive to the county。
Bus stop,Both of them wore obvious dark circles,Keep walking,When you get off the train, go outside the station。
But once out,But found,They don’t even know where to find Wu Xiaorou。
This time,What makes Wu Youcai and his wife anxious,Like ants on a hot pot。
“What to do,Talented?”
Lei Xiaoqin pulls Wu Youcai’s clothes corner,Asked with tears in the corners of his eyes,She feels a little flustered,Don’t know what to do。

The voice has not fallen,He just felt a rush of heat sweeping through his body,Then I found out that my portable space was opened。

A dark thing floated out,Floating in the air。
It turned out to be the seed of the Lord of Destruction that Xiaozhi gave him!
“Sacrifice it to me,You will get grace。”The voice of the bright dragon god came from the void。
Lu Menglin suddenly hesitated,Because this seed is a brand new species created by the ship-borne smart Xiaozhi,I don’t know what’s the use yet!
Logically,It’s nothing to sacrifice to the Guangming Dragon God,At most, I have never made this toy,also the same。
but,Lu Menglin immediately thought,The seed of the king of destruction,It’s Xiaozhi who collected the gene fragments from the dragon’s lair,Then combined with the new species created by alien biotechnology,Maybe it will have a big effect。
“If you sacrifice this seed,What can I get?”Lu Menglin stayed calm,Speak。
Dare to bargain with the Guangming Dragon God,This is among the sacrificers,Also scorpion shit,Only one!
“This seed is equivalent to a supreme sacrifice,You can get higher-level magic-building techniques,Such as creating attributes。”
When I heard the answer from the bright dragon god,Lu Menglin’s heart and brain couldn’t help beating wildly。
This old dragon god can surely peer into people’s hearts,So it knows what the sacrificers need most。
but,Only then do you need a heart that can resist temptation most!
Lu Menglin could not fully believe this mysterious and great will,Although it is obviously far beyond the life stage of human beings and gods。
In life,Many times the choice is more important than the effort!Because you don’t know that after making this choice now,Where will your life go。
“Bright Dragon God,I don’t plan to sacrifice this seed yet,Because it is far from mature。Also I want to ask,If you wait for this seed to mature,I will sacrifice again,Will you get greater grace?”Lu Menglin has an idea,Asked rhetorically。
The voice in the void paused for a full three seconds,Finally came a long sigh。
“Yes!If you can nurture it to maturity,Will be a mythical sacrifice,You will get unimaginable grace。”

Really,without any exaggeration,She is real no matter where it is,She wants to go。

“Xiao Fan,Can i go every one?”Lin Yoona just struck that thought in her mind,I didn’t expect her to ask Xiao Fan directly.。
After Lin Yuna asked that question,,I just feel that my own problem,Seems to be too unrealistic。
Because this question doesn’t need Xiao Fan to answer,She can also know the answer。
because,Xiao Fan just handed her the alternative tourist locations,There are as many as ten,The time for the two of them to travel is so limited,How could he have time to accompany him to travel everywhere?!
Moreover,Even if Xiao Fan can put aside his work,And travel with her,Then she is absolutely impossible to abandon the company,I went to travel directly!
so,Just like her question just now,Whether it’s from Xiao Fan’s perspective,Still consider from her perspective,The only answer is“no”!
Seeing Lin Yuner’s sudden emotion,Xiao Fan naturally guessed an idea in his mind。
Although I know it’s impossible?,But Xiao Fan still spoke to Lin Yuner:“if you are willing to,Of course it will do。”
“Xiao Fan,You really don’t have to make me happy,And deliberately said something like this to me,The work of the two of us,How could there be so much free time??”Lin Yuner said with a wry smile。
Although I said that,but,In her heart, she still feels very satisfied with the answer Xiao Fan gave her.。
Chapter six hundred and twenty six Slowly organized
Xiao Fan smiled,So he said directly to Lin Yoona:“Where am i to make you happy,Said that on purpose,What I said is real。”
Looking at Xiao Fan’s such serious look,Lin Yoona is really trapped,after all,Such an obvious and unrealistic problem,Xiao Fan could say so seriously。
so,Although I said in my heart for Xiao Fan just now,,I feel very confused about what he said,She still asked Xiao Fan:“Then tell me,Both of us are so busy,You come to show me,How can we let the two of us have time to go to these many places for a vacation?!”
After Lin Yuna’s words,,Just look at Xiao Fan with a good show,after all,From Lin Yuna’s point of view,This is absolutely impossible。
For Lin Yoona’s thoughts,Xiao Fan’s heart is naturally very clear,but,He didn’t take this thing as a thing,Because he also has his own consideration in his heart。