But Fang Yu’s method just now,It’s too hard。

Her old waist!
“Now it’s food……and,I thought it was just a meal。and so,I didn’t bring the silver needle……I have to go to the pharmacy later!”
Fang Yu slowly said。
“Miss Zhai,His silver needle therapy is very good。Let’s eat now……Is it possible that you want to get it right now?This was originally a restaurant,Not very suitable……”
Suo Yi reminded。
Zhai Yun knew she was too anxious。
So I smiled awkwardly。
“I go to the bathroom first!”
Fang Yu said something,Left the private room。
“how about it,I’m correct?”
After Fang Yu left,Suo Yi asked。
“Is very good……It didn’t hurt anymore。I feel,I hope to recover……And this does not require surgery……The hospital said he was going for surgery,I don’t have that time!”
Zhai Yun made sure。
“So the cooperative thing……”
Suo Yi looked at Zhai Yun,Smiled。
“Promise your thing,Won’t break his promise……Do not worry!The cooperation must be done……”
Zhai Yun said seriously。

“Hey!This woman is also true,Divorced twice,Not living honestly yet,I don’t know what she thinks”Ouyang Hong said puzzledly。

Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“She is taking revenge on Chen Erniu,Is also taking revenge on Xiping Village,Of course it’s revenge on me。She thinks she has fallen to where she is today,Was given to her by Xiping Village。This woman is going crazy,Really can’t underestimate,After all, she is the one who swims through the big rivers and lakes”
“Revenge on you?I just don’t understand”Ouyang Hong looked suspicious。
Xia Jianchao and Ouyang Hong beckoned,Let her sit close,So he told Ouyang Hong about the matter between him and Song Fang quietly.。After listening to Ouyang Hong,Glancing at Xia Jian and said:“Your bone,I don’t know how many more to coax…”
That’s it for Ouyang Hong,Self-knowledge,Smiled embarrassedly,Busy stopped。
Xia Jian had a few bites of food,Just laughed:“Things are like clouds,Don’t mention it。There is a more serious problem at hand,Your government will come to a solution”
“what is the problem?“Ouyang Hong couldn’t help asking。
Xia Jian glanced at Ouyang Hong,Speak slowly:“The number of enterprises in Pingyang Town is increasing,And the surplus labor in Pingyang Town is also a lot,But no one is available,The villagers still don’t work for me,Why is that?“
“The villagers will plant the land,They can’t do many things in the factory,So there will be these problems you said“Ouyang Hong said sharply。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“So your government has to come forward,Free skills training for villagers。For example, start by learning some simple English“Xia Jian analysis layer by layer,Tell Ouyang Hong one by one。Ouyang Hong listened very seriously,He thinks what Xia Jian said,Is the key to solving these problems。
This meal lasted until ten o’clock,Xia Jiancai and Ouyang Hong got up,Bid farewell to the dozing off lady boss。When they talk about work,I forgot about people in this village going to bed early at night。
Ride on a motorcycle,Here comes the problem,Where are you going back??Going to the town government of Pingyang Town is just a frustration,But Xia Jian knew,at this time,Ouyang Hong will never go back。

suddenly,Chen Erniu and a few villagers ran in with Fang Fang, who was in water,Zhao Hong sitting in the office on the first floor,Couldn’t help asking loudly:“Mr. Xia?”

Fang Fang said while vomiting:“President Xia was washed away by the river”
Zhao Hongyi listen,Head buzzing,No response for a long time。Chen Erniu sees it,Shouted at Mo Yan:“Take care of them”After talking, people have left the village committee compound。
Hundreds of people have gathered at the entrance of the village,It seems that everyone knows that Xia Jian was washed away by the river,Just listen to an old man:“children,Xia Jian was washed away by the flood because of our Xiping Village,So even if you find it in the sea,You have to find him too”
Chen Erniu with red eyes,Arranged loudly,The villagers dispersed by themselves,Along the river,Start looking down。
Rain last night,Surprisingly big,Just a few hours,So that the Xichuan River soared,On both sides of the original river,Have been washed away by the big water。
Due to the construction of the embankment in Xiping Village,In addition, the river was cleared in advance,So the big water just washed down a river bank at the turn of the village entrance,It happened to be caught up by Xia Jian and Fang Fang。
It’s easy,Easy to vent,Chen Erniu led the villagers down the river to search,Zhangwangcun, the nearest to them,Don’t say how miserable,Because the debris in the river has not been cleaned up,The river was forced into the village,Many houses collapsed,The team in the village is a wolf,There are crying from time to time,Sounds very sad。
Zhang Er followed closely behind Chen Erniu,He sighed and said:“President Xia rescued our Xiping Village again,If it weren’t for him, our Xiping Village would be worse than this Wang Village“
“Yes!I was a fool,I almost didn’t listen to him,Almost became a sinner in Xiping Village“Chen Erniu sighed,Nervously searching on both sides of the river。
On both sides of the river bank,The flood has drained,All that is left is mud,There are some trees that are plucked up by the roots,What’s more terrifying are the dead bodies of some animals,As soon as I see these,Chen Erniu felt sad。
Xia Jian, this kid,Fu Da Ming Da,But this time I’m afraid it’s too bad.。
“Chen Erniu,What are you doing in the river?“Ouyang Hong leads a group of cadres in the village,Passing by the country road,She shouted。
Last night,Ouyang Hong answered Xia Jian’s call,I haven’t slept,She calls from village to village,But no one believes。This is not,Someone came to report to her before dawn,Said this village was hit by a disaster,Which village is in distress again,So busy her。
“Mayor!President Xia was washed away by the flood this morning“When Chen Erniu said this,Are crying。
Ouyang Hong can’t believe her ears,Asked loudly:“What are you talking about?“
Deputy Mayor Zhao following her,I have heard what Chen Erniu said clearly,He whispered to Ouyang Hong:“It seems that President Xia was washed away by the river“
“Bastard!How to say?“Ouyang Hong’s bloodshot eyes stared at Deputy Mayor Zhao fiercely,Roar loudly,It seems that this accident was caused by Deputy Mayor Zhao。
Zhao Fuzhen is not angry,But whispered:“Don’t worry,Before the matter is inconclusive,Everything is possible,And our manager Xia,He is not ordinary,Fu Da Ming Da,There should be nothing wrong“
Ouyang Hong panting,Calm down,Whisper:“Come this way,Zhangwang Village was the worst affected,The key is the vegetable greenhouse that Xiping Village helped them build,Basically destroyed,You hurry up to the market,Give a detailed report on the disaster situation here,Especially when Mr. Xia was washed away by the flood,As a key report“

“but,What is the problem with Liu Dafu??”

Li Anti-style is also some do not understand,How can Han Shanshan be so beware?。
“A lot of questions,But it is not a big problem.,Such as the finished vegetable,For example, employees on the overlay line,For example, he has nothing to do everything in the factory all day.” Han Shanshan said a lot of questions,After listening to the wind, I also understood why Han Shanshan will say that it is not big.。
These situations don’t really count what big problems,But it is necessary to say that there is a problem everywhere.。
“Row,I know this thing.,At that time, it is not letting him turn up.。”
“Um,You know,These are some things I have organized.,You take back and look at it.。”
Li Hui has received the materials given by Han Shanshan,Just just sweep an eye,He knows that these things should be that the other party is taking out for a long time.。
Because it is not recommended to get vegetable greenhouses,Even mushroom shed。
Also quantify,Fixed point,Made some unique green sheds。
Vegetables planted in these greenhouses,Cultivated mushrooms can be used alone,Used to open up the market。
After all, there are still few mushrooms that are now packaged.。
Fully sword。
Look at the suggestion of one of the above,And some processing methods,Remedy。
Li Hui Feng is also a little admire Han Shanshan。
These workloads are if he,He is absolutely can’t do so fine。
Never use to manage a vegetable factory,Also have to use suppliers,Channels deal with these things。
If you put it on him,He feels trouble everywhere,I can’t even have a long time?,He may fight the temple。
But Han Shanshan not only did not fight back,Still further development。
“Big squad leader,thank,I am so grateful.,Since the big squad leader has this determination to do it well,Then I also decided.,With the big squad leader, let the vegetables,In the future, the vegetable farm is what you said.。”
Looking at the serious look of Li with the wind,Han Shanshan also laughed。
“okay,I have said that I have been like you.,In fact, there is not much confidence in my confidence.,Just do your best。”
“Of course,If you think about accompanying me?,I will still be very happy.。”
When I said this,Han Shanshan’s pretty face is also a shame。
She feels that this is already changing and admitted to some things.。
Li Hui also stayed in Han Shanshan’s shy appearance。
“Big squad leader,You are so shy, you have a beautiful sky.。”
“screw you,I know I said,You are holding this thing.,I am going to find a few employees with me.,Then I am ready tomorrow.。”
Seeing Han Shanshan’s wind fire,Li Hui Feng knows that he is also adding to the other party.。
“Row,Then I will go to the town.,Then add a vegetable greenhouse of a village.。”
After leaving Han Shanshan,Li Hui also drives directly to the town.。
When I came to the party committee,I found that the double boat is actually in the meeting.。
And everyone who meets him basically knows,Are the villagers of each village。
Ye Shuangzhou is also seen from the glass of the door.,Immediately directly invited Li with the wind。
After all, he is also a bit difficult today.。
And Li Hui is in,Many things can be solved.。
Everyone knows that Li Hui Feng is now a rich man.,And Li speaks from the wind as long as there is a village,Which village will basically develop。
Now although Taohua Village,Zhao Jiacun has its own greenhouse,Pig farm,But mention Lotus Village, That one is still envious。
Look at the construction of lotus village,Look at the construction of the other two villages,That is simply。


Ge Lingyue accepted Wang Yufei’s suggestion,And Bill the next day·Gates made an appointment,And before a formal agreement with Google,Flew to Biel·Gates’ smart villa that has been coveted by countless people all over the world。
This time is more secure for Ge Lingyue。
If Microsoft really wants to keep her in Seattle,Also consider how Google feels。
After all, she didn’t come forward to stamp,It also means that many days of negotiations are all in vain。
This is certainly not in Google’s interest。
Hey,For a woman, Ge Lingyue only thinks she is too difficult。
Who dares to imagine that one day the richest man in the world who was once a household name may invite her to a Hongmen feast?
Yes,Housekeeper,Or walk into Bill under the leadership of the manor employee·Gates’ Manor,Ge Lingyue still feels dreaming in her heart。Especially when I see my heart, I can’t help but feel anxious,So I brought two entourage。
Waiting in the manor,The subordinates are naturally entertained,What Ge Lingyue didn’t expect was,Bill·Gates actually waited for her at the gate of the manor himself,And took her to tour this villa。
Then Ge Lingyue saw the extravagant life of the truly rich。
probably18Metre deep huge swimming pool,Nine meters high trampoline room,A banquet hall that can accommodate hundreds of people,Super private library collection,Six different kitchens,I want to use food wherever I go,All kinds of drinks in a five-meter-high outdoor refrigerator,Can accommodate20Super luxury home theater for people,24 hours intelligent tree planting system,With various high-tech blessings……
have to say,The life of the world’s richest man is very delicate。
Ge Lingyue thinks if she lives in such a big house,May be lost every day in the previous week。

Five million is definitely beyond Chen Xiu’s low price,If it was the previous one, he must have agreed without saying a word。

But since I went to see with Qin Zhi yesterday《Preface》after that,He is deeply fascinated by the vicissitudes of time immersed in antique itself。
The main thing is that he still has no shortage of five million。
“Zhang Lao,If you like,I can give it to you later……but,not now。”Chen Xiu shook his head and said:“I plan to use this cabinet to practice hands,Practice my method of repairing wooden antiques!”
Zhang Lao was originally a collector,Naturally, I also understand Chen Xiu’s mood to repair an antique by himself,Nodded and said:“It seems that I am more and more interested in repairing this craft,I am also very relieved,but,According to your current level……I want to restore this big guy,A little hard!”
“Not difficult,Is very difficult!”
Chen Xiu still knows how many catties he is。
“How can it be repaired without being new,I can’t start。”
“It’s not easy?”
“easy?Zhang Lao,Teach me。”
“If you want to restore the original simplicity, you must not use new wood,You must use old materials,I think the style of this cabinet is like that of Daoguang……You must find old Huanghuali materials from the Daoguang period to make up for the original defect。”
“Old material of the same period?”Chen Xiu said with a wry smile:“Now the price of new huanghuali wood is ridiculously high,I went there to find old materials from Daoguang。”
“You ready money,Leave the information to me……But before,You have to learn the carving techniques of the original craftsman of this cabinet,If your approach is different from others,I suggest you better not carved,Just install it with a piece of flat wood。”
“Since it needs to be repaired, it must be perfect。”Chen Xiu shook his head and said:“Chen Lao,You start to teach me from carving。”
Zhang Lao first asked Chen Xiu to buy some ordinary trees,Bought some woodworking tools,He taught Chen Xiu bit by bit from the most basic carpentry work。
Carving for woodworking,The most important thing is to keep your hands steady。
And Chen Xiu’s hands are undoubtedly the most stable,After Zhang Lao pointed out some theories,When Chen Xiu faces the carved lines according to the painted lines, he feels like a carpenter with several years of experience.。
Zhang Lao couldn’t help sighing:“If I had a pair of hands like this kid when I was young,I have at least twice as many items in my collection now!”
Two people teach and learn,More than three hours will pass in a while,When it’s time for dinner,Zhang Laocai looked at the cabinet reluctantly and said:“Kid,The price of huanghuali is higher now,Once you fix it,Plus its own historical value,At least it can sell for over ten million……You can find someone to look after the portal!”
Chen Xiu reluctantly pointed to Song Shihe who was sleeping on the counter and said:“I want to find someone who has the skill to take care of,But it’s hard to find people who can trust and need good skills……Now I have to keep him part-time vigil at night。”

“To deal with Sun Kaizi,You must first understand him。”Uncle Geng watched Li Tianchou put away his smile,“The energy and power of this person is not what ordinary people can imagine。I fought him a few times,On the surface,But in fact it didn’t take advantage。”

Li Tianchou was secretly surprised,Even Uncle Geng has some scruples,It seems that I have two brushes,Can’t help but curious,“Is his power stronger than Biao Qi?”
“more or less。I mean they should be regarded as the same kind of people。Good at all means,And the six relatives don’t recognize,Even the way the two started up is different from other characters on the road。The most important thing is that these two people will do everything possible to win over and corrupt the real power figures in the officialdom to help themselves.,This alone is not comparable to ordinary hybrids。”Uncle Geng said,Obviously know the opponent well。
Seeing Li Tianchou’s silence,Uncle Geng continued,“Give an example,Just take the grandson,Many powerful figures in the county government are his guests,Some even call him brothers。This bastard has been operating in Fukuyama for many years but is very low-key,And very good at leaving a way for myself,He opened a club,Just invite these handsome officials,Many so-called clean officials are in his hands,The insidiousness of this person is evident。”
“Say so,It’s hard for us to get him down on the bright side?”Li Tianchou was a little discouraged。
Uncle Geng nodded,“and so,Your police friend has suffered。”But he suddenly changed,“Hard to get,Doesn’t mean it can’t be done。Sun Guaizi has a fatal weakness,Just his shit brothers,Dare to do anything evil,Relying on Sun Guaizi is simply lawless。In the past two years, this bastard realized the problem,Are starting to restrain them,But it’s too late。”
For the first time, Li Tianchou heard in detail about the life and life of a gangster“Deeds”,A little surprised,“No one cares about lawlessness like this?”
“tube,Things are too bad,Can’t clean up,Naturally someone will manage。Your police friend is one of them。”Uncle Geng smiled,Pinched out the cigarette butt。
Li Tianchou was startled,According to the meaning of Uncle Geng,Zhou Nan is not fighting alone,He should have a companion,Could it be that Liu Qiang?Just such a specious person,Really elusive。
“having said so much,Just to tell you,If you want to destroy Sun Guaizi,Must do more,It’s better not to disconnect the line from the police friend。Otherwise, we just beat and beat Sun Guazi here,It’s hard to kill him completely。”Uncle Geng stood up after speaking,“Ha ha,They are waiting,Let’s go there too。”
Only then did Li Tianchou notice that a large round table had been placed in the center of the courtyard.,Sea bald、Peng Weihua and others are already sitting around,Only I don’t see Ahao。Seeing this, everyone has been waiting for them for a long time。
Uncle Geng and Tianchou Li looked a bit crowded as soon as they were seated,But I managed to leave a place for Hao。
“It’s rare for everyone to get together,Liangzi hasn’t seen you in a long time,Today, your uncle Hai and I are host to invite everyone to drink,Picture a lively。”Uncle Geng doesn’t talk much,But it can inspire the atmosphere,Everyone immediately became happy,It’s just that there is nothing on the table,I made a loud noise and started to stare at me。
at this time,The courtyard door opened,A Hao led a few boys,Everyone walked into the yard in order with large pots and small pots in their hands,Everyone immediately smelled the tangy smell of food,All in high spirits。

“who is that?”Xia Shuyue has a cold back,Goose bumps came out all over,She put down the soup pot,Rubbing my skin,The goose bumps slowly disappeared。

“do not know,He said when he had barbecue at my place tonight,And asked me to prepare some food for you,Also tell me your address。”Chunmei says。
“Don’t say good things for him,Chunmei,Whatever you say today is useless,I almost died,do you know,I must call the police。”Xia Shuyue’s tone eased,She knew in her heart,If it wasn’t for Wang San tonight,,She may not live now,But there is no reason to thank him。
“Think about it,If you call the police,Prove that you are alive,Those who want to kill you will find other people to kill you,such,You can’t live either,Wang San can’t live either,Invite him,Wang San is so scared,Wang San said he had seen them kill,too harsh,Don’t you let yourself die again like this??”
Xia Shuyue did not speak,What Chunmei said is not unreasonable,It’s just that she really doesn’t understand,Incompetent self,Who did you offend??Why do you want to kill her??and also,Who is the man who slapped her today??Why beat her?
Chunmei said again,“You listen to me,Finished eating,Wait for the body to recover a little,Leave the provincial capital immediately,Don’t come back,If they find you alive,Definitely won’t give up,Next time you won’t be so lucky to come back alive。”
“I’m not afraid of them。”Xia Shuyue was still not convinced。
“Have a big belly,Why bother,No one needs to use a knife,Just hit your stomach hard,You might have a miscarriage,Month old,You will lose your life,Understand?Think about it for yourself,I don’t think anything is important anyway,In front of life,Only being alive is the most real。
“Then I suffer for nothing?”Xia Shuyue feels like crying。
“You don’t think for yourself,Think about the child in your stomach,Are you going to let the child be buried with you?”Chunmei sees Xia Shuyue finish the chicken soup,Put away the soup pot,“I have to go,Have to do business,My husband can’t be busy alone,You better leave the provincial capital tomorrow,listen to me,I won’t hurt you。”
“Thank you,Thank you。”Xia Shuyue nodded,Chunmei has no relatives and no reason,Willing to help myself like this,She really appreciates。
“I am leaving,Don’t be impulsive,Don’t call the police,Just hide yourself。”Chunmei left with the soup pot。
Xia Shuyue closed the door,Lying in bed,Thought for a while,Indeed,right now,No job,No boyfriend,No uncle,What are you doing in the provincial capital??It seems that all this is meaningless。
Zhang Siwei will definitely not do business with her again,She has no face to go to the store,Although she didn’t know the uncle was Zhang Siwei’s husband,But Zhang Siwei can’t forgive her。

Tlangote never expected Leo to be so decisive,And Seun, who kept pulling his head, looked at Leo in surprise.。

“Leo boss,Actually, we don’t have to mess with the Celestials!”
Stayed in this underground organization for a long time,Least willing to provoke the Tianlong people。
“What are you afraid of!I will take care of everything!”Leo took a look at Trangot,And then comforted。“Who am I, don’t you have any idea??I think the Tianlong people will trouble us?”
Tlangote changed his mind,Think it makes sense,I stopped talking。
Leo quickly forgot about it,He’s really not too afraid of Tianlongren。
This is to talk about the relationship between the navy and the Tianlong people,It looks like the Dragon is the boss of the navy。
Actually not quite right。
The Navy is an organization under the world government andCP、Like Qiwuhai。
But it doesn’t mean that the navy is really sold to the Denonites,Tianlong people are equivalent to royal relatives,The navy will protect the Denon。
But the Tianlong people are not their ancestors,As a powerful man,Who would really be a dog?
If it’s really humble,Who can’t go to sea to be a pirate!
and so,Tianlong people actually give some face to the navy,The navy keeps away from the Tianlong people。
of course,I want Tianlong people to give face,You have to have strength and status,It’s not that any navy is worthy of letting the Tianlong people give face。
I didn’t see Huang Yuan, even if he didn’t take down the straw hat group who beat the Dragon,Don’t the Tianlong people dare to say one more thing??
Fighting Tianlongren will provoke a general,The Tianlongren here refers to a whole,Not a few scum。

I’m afraid it’s a high-level dragon master.!

Is it in the first round,Zhu Minglang is just training other dragons,Did not show real strength at all。
“Fortunately, we prepared in advance,Let Gu Feijun of Qi Zong set up a net,Otherwise, relying on this holy dragon,I wish Minglang can easily enter the third round。”Zhao Xi said with lingering fears。
“Humph,It’s normal for Dragon Herd to hide his strength,I want to see how he breaks this move and kills ten sub-arrays!”Zhao Yinge said。
Shenmu Qingshenglong looks down on the bronze earth,After it circled,Take the initiative to fly to this large group of dragons and beasts targeting Zhu Minglang。
Its cyan vertical pupils proudly scan each dragon beast,The deer-like head slightly raised,Seems to be provoking every opponent present。
Chess game,There are ten people。
This chess array is also called the chess-kill ten-child array,Generally used to deal with some heinous people,A powerful formation to prevent him from escaping again。
Except for the chess master Gu Feijun,The other nine members are all Dragon Shepherd,Each of them summoned two or three dragon beasts,Several of them even summoned the main dragon!
Twenty or thirty dragons,Standing in the chess game,When facing Shenmu Qingshenglong,But there is no momentum to crush,Instead, one by one is like a big enemy!
Bronze battlefield,The sand is creeping slightly。
Some roots,Just like an underground rock snake,Drill out of the hard soil,Spread out densely,Just a few seconds,So that this area is covered with these python root whiskers that will wriggle by themselves……
Feather beard,Symphony like colored glaze,With the feathers and whiskers gently touching the ground covered with vines,Just planted like a magical seed,With the shining light of Shenmu Qingshenglong,These feather-beard seeds are growing at a very fast rate。
From germination to growth,It’s also just a few seconds。
rhizome、Wood bud、Carex、Branch flowers quickly covered the bronze battlefield,Those rock pillars don’t even know when they were covered with ivy,Green vines entwined in the sky above the bronze battlefield,Formed a huge rattan umbrella。