Beijing Huairou will build the construction of the Great Wall Cultural Consumers in China ‘s Shaduku Fashion Consumer Area

People’s Network Beijing November 17th (Dong Zhai) This afternoon, Beijing cultivates the construction of international consumer center city news ventilation meeting. The reporter learned from the meeting that by 2025, Huairou District basically realized stimulating industrial vitality attracting "coming into the weekend", the brightening meeting has enhanced international reputation, building "science + city" to achieve Yiye, highlighting ecology The background color creates innovative consumption to carry four goals, Huairou International Consumer Center City "micro center" is unveiled.

Huairou District Deputy Director Jiao Baojun introduced that Huairou District will form a new pattern of "three zones and one core" consumption.

"Three District" is the Chinese shadow fashion consumption area, the international meeting is in the consumption area, Huairou Science City service consumption area, "two bands", the Great Wall culture consumer belt, the ditch area economic consumption belt, "one core" is the old city consumption core.

In order to build China’s shadow, the Huangou District will take the lead in building the "micro center" in China, the core area of ??the city, the core area of ??the core area, focusing on Beijing film and television cultural characteristics. Accelerate the promotion of the master base project, Huaijun South Station TOD project construction; support the second phase of the film and television culture theme paradise, Grand Car Museum, Yitian Movie Hotel and other projects. Fully protect the Beijing International Film Festival series activities, with the film carnival as an opportunity, actively build the "Night Economic" model of China’s shadow, to pull diversified consumption, through the consumption of science and technology, tourism, culture, etc., attract multi-level consumers, Chinese shadings create a "never ending film festival".

In the cultivation of the International Association, we have a functional pattern of "one core and double ring seven groups", and further polish the "gold medal".

Promote project construction in Qihu Group, Yanbai Shanzhuang, Songxiu Park, a reasonable layout of cultural leisure, technology exchange, commercial consumption, tourist sights and other supporting services.

Actively host the Chinese conference industry conference, Yanqi Lake Science Instrument and Sensor Forum and other brand exhibitions, increase the introduction of exhibition activities such as exhibitions, exhibitions, attracting well-known brands to hold new products, first store starting, etc. .

In the deployment of Huairi City, the high-standard construction of the city’s living room, Yanqi Xiaowei and other commercial facilities, providing international, high-quality supporting services for research institutes and innovative entities.

Relying on Beijing Jinsu Xingfa Education Technology Industrial Park, Beijing Yanqi Lake Application Mathematics Research Institute, Deloity University and other scientific research institutions, with rich business format, high-quality service experience, diverse consumption scene "Crown Pearl". In addition, Huairou District will also focus on building a Great Wall Cultural Consumers. Integrate the existing tourism resources, improve the core competitiveness of Huairiki, improve the special tourism product system, and build Bohai Town into the Great Wall International Tourism Vacation Destination.

Comprehensively improve the appeal of Mutianyu Great Wall, in-depth digging of the Great Wall Culture and create a highlight of tourism.

In the cultural village, the cultural village forms a tourism service industry characteristic cluster, with the chestnut as the core innovation agricultural product marketing model, and create a "Huairi chestnut" brand.

In constructing the economic consumption belt of the Sigua, combined with the "folk customs cultural line" planning, mining history and Manchu culture, cultivating non-legacy project cultural brands, running the Manchu Cultural Tourism Festival, "Convitalizing Fin" and other brand activities.

In-depth excavation of Star Resources, start the star travel project, and strive to create a "most beautiful star air destination".

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Copyright law is a reality need for my country’s economic and social development.

Original title: Zhang Hongbo: The revision of copyright law is the realization of my country’s economic and social development, the third revision of the copyright law is completed in ten years. On November 11, 2020, it was a long-awaited day of the current majority of works and industry. This day, the twenty-third meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress Standing Committee passed the decision on the revision of the copyright law. It is implemented on June 1, 2021.

The newly revised copyright law is more than 6 of the current copyright law, which is significantly less than the National Copyright Administration to send a review of the Copyright Law Amendment to the Copyright Law of the State Council in December 2012. Copyright Law promulgated for 30 years, to standardize, encourage literature, art and scientific works, and strengthen copyright protection, management, and promote the development and prosperity of economic and social culture and scientific undertakings. However, there are many new problems and new challenges, and the current challenges of the two modifications in 2001 and 2010 are still relatively lagged after 2001 and 2010, and we must adjust and improve the current law.

  The newly revised copyright law defines the work of the work as the originality of literature, art and science, and a certain form of intelligence, while modifying movies and electrical works into audiovisual works, and modifying other works stipulated by laws and regulations into Other intelligence results in compliance with the characteristics of the work. Such regulations are more reasonable, with strong forward-looking and predictability, which can enhance the type of works that cannot be encapsulated by the existing law, and the new work type in the future is incorporated into the category of adjustment. All sectors of society have low copyright infringement compensation, and the legal compensation is 30 years unchanged and the principle of filling is long-term disease.

This repair will not only increase the upper limit of the statutory compensation to 5 million yuan, like the patent law, but also stipulates the lower limit of the statutory compensation of 500 yuan; at the same time, for intentional infringement, the situation is serious, the court can decide to give compensation 1 Double to 5 times compensation. Such a design, implemented the establishment of punitive compensation system proposed by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and improve the violations of infringement, will produce a good social effect: the possible infringement piracy produces a strong shock effect, effectively curb the occurrence of infringement behavior The agency’s agency’s agency will be further enhanced; many copyright infringement disputes will seek more peaceful ways to solve the comparative mediation, reconciliation, arbitration, and resolve a large amount of social contradictions, decompose the pressure of the judicial organ; and trademark law, patent Law, anti-unfair competition law and other intellectual property legal tends to form a unified hitting situation of intellectual property infringement piracy. The modification stipulates the type of "audio-visual work", and has a further clear statement of the copyright, TV drama copyright belongs to the manufacturer. In addition, the copyright of the audio-visual work outside the film and television drama is agreed by the parties, no agreement or agreed, is enjoyed by the manufacturer.

The authors of the opera, music, etc. can be used alone, alone. This is in line with the current situation of my country’s social development, responding to social concerns. The newly modified copyright law is based on the provisions of the Marrakech Treaty, which will "provide the unobumed way to read the obstacle" to the rational use category, which is limited to the free performance. Reasonable use conditions must not be based on profit. For the prohibition of power-and-television organizations in the majority of rights and related industries, it has clearly increased the right, and the radio station, and the TV station shall not affect, restrict or violate the right to exercise copyright or related to copyright. The copyright collective management system is an important sign for measuring a national copyright protection level. At present, my country’s 5 copyright collective management organizations charged legal functions charged by the law, promoting the legal ordered use and dissemination of the majority of members’ works, promoting industrial development, safeguarding social fairness and justice, and promoting comprehensive legal Plays an important role in social governance.

However, in terms of internal construction, the collective management organization has a big gap between the actual demand and international standards of the country, society, the public, the membership, and the public, and there are many new expectations. To this end, it is now clear that the collective management organization is non-profit legal person, in addition to direct participation in litigation, outside the arbitration, can also participate in mediation.

When the collective management organization is controversial with the user, it can apply for a decision to the authority of the copyright authority. If the ruling is dissatisfied, it can still sue the court; the parties can also prosecute directly to the court. The collective management organization is obliged to regularly publish the use of fee-free, manage extraction and use, and the use of the unallocated part of the purchase fee, establish the rights inquiry system, clarify the responsibility of the State copyright authorities to supervise and management. Such design helps to improve the transparency of collective management organization, which is conducive to enhancing its own service capabilities and levels, which is conducive to social supervision, promoting collective management organization to strengthen their own construction, better serve the party and national overall situation, constantly satisfying The needs of society, members, and users have become an important force in governing the country, building intellectual property countries, strengthening social governance. Since the third revision of the National Copyright Office in July 2011, it has been complex as a legal relationship with the most complicated relationship, and the most intellectual property of the main body is the most important. It is amended. Social concerns. After the Copyright Law Amendment was submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, the repair speed was accelerated. The Chinese National People’s Congress has publicly requested opinions. The National People’s Congress Standing Committee has repeatedly held a symposium, assessment, and widely solicited social opinions, collection. Form a lot of consensus.

It can be said that the country’s highest legislature completes the third revision of the copyright law, not only to implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council strict intellectual property protection, improve the business environment, improve the property rights protection system, the construction of intellectual property rights, comprehensive national policy, etc. It is also the current civil condition and the internal conditions and external environment of my country ‘s development, and the real needs of my country’s economic and social development. It is still in line with internationally, and implemented this year’s "audio-visual performance Beijing The inevitable step of the Treaty.

  This paper is a major reform of party and national institutions, and the global encounters of new coronary pneumonia epidemic, some new design, new arrangements, new considerations, extensive propaganda of the media, the implementation of the whole society, need judicial The organ, the administrative organ strictly enforce the enforcement, conscientious performance, effectively safeguard the dignity of the law, maintain the market order, and the right to learn the use.

At the same time, for the revision of the copyright law, the next State Council is expected to revise administrative regulations for the implementation of the copyright law implementation regulations, the copyright collective management regulations, the information network distribution rights protection regulations, and the "Computer Software Protection Ordinance". (The author is the Director General of China Writing Copyright Association Zhang Hongbo) (Edited: Lin Lu, Li Wei) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Add new motivation for the Asia-Pacific region and global development

  "The Asia-Pacific region should be responsible for the times, play the leading role, firmly move towards the construction of the ASIA’s Destiny Community." On November 11th, President Xi Jinping was invited to publish a chance to the Asia-Pacific OECD industry leaders in Beijing. The chairman of Xi Jinping’s chairman, based on Asia Pacific, focusing on the world, indicating the direction of Asia-Pacific cooperation under the new situation, injecting new power for the Asia-Pacific region and global development. Asia Pacific as an important growth of the world economy is getting more and more prominent. For decades, the Asia-Pacific region has continued to overcome challenges in the crisis, maintaining a long period of rapid development.

At present, the epidemic of new crown pneumonia has spread, and the world economic recovery is difficult.

As a region in the crisis, the Asia-Pacific economies should unite, watch the help, to promote the regional prosperity and human development, and promote the construction of open inclusive, innovation, interconnection, and cooperation, win-win situation.

  The wise man consumes time. Building a Asia-Pacific fate community, fighting the epidemic is the primary task.

To adhere to the people’s first, life first, ensure the availability and aggressiveness of new crown vaccines in developing countries, together with "immune divide"; open cooperation is gathering.

To open your mind, grasp the big potential, proactively expand open, stick to forward, go forward, against discrimination, exclusive practice; green transformation is the way. It is necessary to adhere to the common but distinctive responsibility principles to address climate change, promote green transformation in economic development, achieve greater development in green transformation; promoting innovation is an important force.

To accelerate scientific and technological innovation and system innovation, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and cultivate new movements in economic development, so that innovation has become a strong support for coordinated economic development and green transformation. For a long time, China’s economic development has always been accompanied by the Subcommittee of the Asia-Pacific regional cooperation.

As a positive advocate of Asia-Pacific cooperation, China has always been unpaid in Asia Pacific, building Asia-Pacific, and benefiting Asia Pacific.

From the first to approve the "Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement" to the application to join the "comprehensive and progress across the Pacific Partnership Agreement", from the proposal of carbon-up, carbon neutralization target to carry out a series of emission reduction actions, from promoting the joint construction All the way "High-quality development to propose global development initiatives, China has always adhered to the promotion of reform and opening up, promoting comprehensive green transformation, and is committed to promoting cooperation and winning, making significant contributions to Asia-Pacific economic development.

In the future, in the road to building a socialist modern country, China will have to bring more new opportunities for the Asia-Pacific region. Difficulties and challenges in front of you can’t stop the historical trend of the development of the Asia Pacific region. Regardless of how the world is evolved, the Asia-Pacific economic toughness is good, and the strength of power is not changed. China is willing to achieve a win-win situation in cooperation, contributing to the unity and prosperity of Asia-Pacific family, and work together to create a better future.

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2019 China Nieuws Fotografie Summit gehouden in Qinzhou

  Hoe maak je onze archieven naar de foto van het document, hoe foto’s, vervorming, hoe onze foto’s meer echt te maken, steeds nauwkeuriger nieuw tijdperk opnemen? Op 1 november, de 2019 China Nieuws Fotografie Summit Forum op "De historische echte en documentwaarde van nieuwsfoto’s" in Qinzhou. Meer dan 100 mensen, zoals het hoofd van de mainstream-media van de Centraal- en provinciale Prefecture-provincies, directeur van de fotografieafdeling, fotografen en foto-editors zijn gepassioneerd.

  Xu Zugen, president van China Nieuws Fotografische samenleving, maakte het thema, spreken, spreken, de president van de China Nieuwsfotografie Society, Xu Zugen, maakte het onderwerp. Hij wees erop dat diepgaande leren en bevorderen van de geest van China’s karakteristieke socialistische denken en de 19e nationale plenaire vergadering van de partij, het is een belangrijke taak van onze nieuwsfotografie-industrie. Nieuwsfotografen moeten bewust de vlag van de vlag dragen, het hart, het onderwijs verzamelen, nieuwe mensen, Xing-cultuur en tentoonstelling, en op basis van de verbetering van "vier vermogen" en het communicatieverkrachting van nieuws publieke opinie verbeteren terwijl het aan het nieuws voldoet van het nieuws. Forces, invloed en geloofwaardigheid, bieden meer nieuwsfoto’s met historische literatuurwaarde voor tijden. China Nieuws Fotografie Society-apparatuur en internationale samenwerkingscommissie Qi Heng spreekt in het forum om een ??professor van de universiteitsjournalistiek van de mensen, Shengxi Gui in het forum te spreekt. Liu Wei Spreken, Liu Wei Spreken op het forum, de directeur van de China Nieuwsfotografie Theorie en de directeur van het Academisch Comité, Qishi Long, Presided Over the Forum Forum Sudentably, China Nieuws Fotografische Society Equipment and International Comité Comité Qi Heng, China People’s University Journalistieke Academie van Journalistiek Sheng Yizui, China Dagelijkse Fotografische Afdeling Editor Yan Linhua, Tianjin Dagelijkse redactionele commissie Huang Zhiwei, Hualong Network Chongqing Gallery, Verantwoordelijk, Liu Wei, met "De geschiedenis van nieuwsfotografie" "Nieuws Fotografie" "Volledig gebruikt Good Image Resources Better Service New Times Guo Chuan – China Daily Remarkary" Oefening en Thinking " Historische praktijk en denken "Gebruik rijke gevallen, levendige talen, gecombineerd met hun eigen werkervaring Hoe de historische materialen authenticiteit en informatie-integriteit te verbeteren, hoe de waarde van nieuwsfotografie-literatuur te verkennen, hoe de waarde van de waarde van de historische literatuur uit te voeren naar het ultieme inhoud prachtige delen.

China Nieuwsfotografie Society Theorie en directeur van het Academisch Comité, Qishimuo, voorgezeten over het forum. () [Verantwoordelijke editor: Zhang YU].

2021 Anhui "Safety Medicine Maand" event geopend

Op 21 oktober werd 2021 "Safe Pharmaceutical Month" activiteit officieel van start gegaan. Het thema van "veilige medicatie maand" activiteiten in de provincie dit jaar is "veilige medicatie en zich te houden aan de oorspronkelijke hart". De drug afdeling toezicht op alle niveaus zal de hervorming en ontwikkeling van het toezicht van geneesmiddelen in de provincie presenteren op diverse vormen van de wetenschap publicitaire activiteiten. Industri?le ontwikkeling van de geschiedenis, het verhogen van de openbare veiligheid van geneesmiddelen wetenschappelijke geletterdheid, waardoor mensen de drug veiligheid, geluk en gevoel van veiligheid.

Farmaceutische veiligheid met betrekking tot de gezondheid, de economische en sociale ontwikkeling en de nationale veiligheid, en strikte de onderste regel van de veiligheid van geneesmiddelen is de heilige plichten van de afdeling drug toezicht.

Tijdens de "13e Five-Year Plan", drug afdeling toezicht van de provincie volgde de "vier strengste" als de fundamentele, op basis van de inzet van de provinciale partij commissie, de provinciale overheid en de Staat Food and Drug Administration, met succes de taken van het toezicht op geneesmiddelen, waarborgen van de veiligheid van geneesmiddelen situatie van de provincie is stabiel, Anhui drug Safety uitvoerige evaluatie gelederen in het land voor vele jaren, in 2020, het is een sterke garantie voor de veiligheid van de massa’s in het land. Sinds dit jaar heeft de provincie drug toezicht op het systeem van de hoofden van mensen, wat attent is, wat er verwacht wordt opgelost, als de belangrijke inhoud van de partij geschiedenis onderwijs, op de voet in combinatie met de feitelijke situatie, krachtig uitvoeren van "medicijn, is er me" voor private praktische maatregelen. "Urgente kwestie" in de preventie en bestrijding van de nieuwe coronale longontsteking, "high-strength" uit te voeren vaccin toezicht, "versnelling" naar vaccin toezicht capaciteit, nieuwe kroon virus vaccin productie te verbeteren van nul start, snel verbeteren, geleidelijk aan te standaardiseren focussen op massa-medicatie veiligheid "事", innovatieve vorm, rijk middelen, volledig uitvoeren van de veiligheid van geneesmiddelen wetenschap publiciteit; "moeilijke dingen" waarmee de ontwikkeling van geneesmiddelen bedrijven, ik wil countermere, uit trucs, online online overalls, de lancering van het geneesmiddel bedrijven annuleringsvoorwaarden, focus "Hoop" in de ontwikkeling van farmaceutische bedrijven, het beleid, platform, uitstekende service, integratie te bevorderen, en dienen de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van de farmaceutische industrie. Tijdens de volgende "veilige geneesmiddelen maand" -periode, zal de provincie drug toezicht op het systeem nauw draaien het thema van de "veilige medicatie en zich te houden aan de oorspronkelijke hart", in combinatie met de partij van het geschiedenisonderwijs, "Ik doe praktische dingen voor de massa" en "I hebben me" Voor particuliere praktische activiteiten, het organiseren van de ‘Safety Medicine Lecture Hall’ demonstratie patrouille in de provincie, stedelijke en landelijke samenwerking met de veiligheid van geneesmiddelen lijn, veiligheid geneeskunde algemeen welzijn lijn, medicatie veiligheid artime micro video tentoonstelling, medicatie veiligheid kennis antwoord, etc . Activiteiten, publiceren en populariseren van de relevante begrippen en kennis van de veiligheid van geneesmiddelen, en het verbeteren van het bewustzijn van de openbare veiligheid medicatie en zelfbescherming.

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Ten days, how to let children learn from the law? "Giraffe Action" helps youth to carry out weight management

  Recently, the "Giraffe Action" Youth Weight Management Public Welfare Project hosted by Guangdong Green Thin Charity Foundation is committed to helping young people to carry out weight management, leading youth to the path of health, except "giraffe training camp", including "giraffe class" and "Giraffe Experience Tour". The "Giraffe Training Camp" has helped many children to change bad habits, so that they have a healthier future, so the Green Thin Charity Foundation has done a bold decision this year – expand the benefits as much as possible.

  The first is to expand, Guangzhou, Shanghai, two places, and the number of participants rose from 13 last year to 60. At the same time, "walking" is open for adolescents that cannot be involved in 10 days of closed camp due to individual or homes.

  This summer, a total of 60 teenagers are "lucky", entered the "Giraffe Training Camp", saving the strongest body. Adolescents are in terms of development, and the adult is different from the "three low and one high" (low energy, low-fat, low carbohydrate and high protein) of adults. Adolescents have more adults in the demand for carbohydrates. Ensuring the diversity of food, ensure fish, meat, eggs, milk, beans and vegetables, fruit intake, it is recommended to have more than 25 kinds of food per week.

  For the "difficulty" problem, the Green Thin Training Camp Coach Delumo will transform the boring athletic class to combine fun game teaching. "Youth is in physical development, mainly based on the basic physical fitness of exercise, can do pedal exercises, motion bicycles, battle rope, seeming to play, substantive exercise." After overcoming this "boss", Jun Xi At home, you will actively develop sports plans.

On the first day after going home, get up early and step on the bicycle.

  In the process of receiving training, many parents have questions about the coach, what is the difference between adolescents? The coach has made a vivid metaphor for everyone: "Our daily guidance of adults is through overall planning, nutrition intervention, sports intervention, psychological intervention, full of five ‘force’ to intervene, thus helping adult science The ground, healthy and thin.

The children are still growing during growth, and the mind is not yet mature, nutritional matching and motion combinations need to be adjusted according to the characteristics of the teenage group, which can be referred to as the youth version of ‘five force combined.

"In the interest in the emotional class, the psychological counseling teacher told the children, and the mouth stopped in fact," emotional eating ", understand the reason for the distinctive, can learn to take the mouth. At the same time Daily eating habits, when you eat, put your attention in the process of diet, enjoy the process, do not play mobile phones. In this ten days, "Giraffe Training Camp" around "Diet, Sports, Emotions, Work" Four Areas , All-round, three-dimensional weight management atmosphere, helping young people better in weight management, but also affects relatives and friends around you.

British media: Putin said that it is willing to mediate the refugee crisis and is already in progress

On November 16, according to Reuters, Moscow reported on November 15th, the Kremlin said on the 15th that Russia is willing to mediate in white Russia and the EU refugee crisis, and Moscow has begun to do so.

The EU accused Belarusia to receive thousands of immigrants accepted by aircraft and pushed them to try illegal bridal access to Poland, thus launching a hybrid attack on the EU.

According to the report, the Kremlin had previously denied that Russia had any as in this crisis, and Russian President Putin is willing to help solve this crisis on the 14th. On the 15th, when the question and Russia thought that he was able to play, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: Just as a negotiator, (already) did this in part. Review Message Network November 16 Reuters Moscow reported on November 15th, the Kremlin said on the 15th that Russia is willing to mediate in Bai Russia and the EU refugee crisis. And Moscow has started doing this. The EU accused Belarusia to receive thousands of immigrants accepted by aircraft and pushed them to try illegal bridal access to Poland, thus launching a hybrid attack on the EU.

According to the report, the Kremlin had previously denied that Russia had any as in this crisis, and Russian President Putin is willing to help solve this crisis on the 14th.

On the 15th, when the question and Russia thought that he was able to play, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: Just as a negotiator, (already) did this in part.

The 15th China · Xinghua Zheng Shiqiao Art Festival opened

Xinghua Zheng Shiqiao Art Festival opened.

Yang Guihong photographed the People’s Net Taizhou October 16th (Zhang Yufeng) Golden Autumn October, Chrysanthemum Crab Fertilizer, the 15th China · Xinghua Zheng Shiqiao Art Festival officially opened.

It is reported that this Zheng Banqiao Art Festival is based on "Xing culture, Hui people, promoting development, and expansion", from October 16th to November 18th, hold more than 20 unique cultural, travel, and economic and trade holidays. Activity. The intensity of the cultural culture is deep, and the famous family is famous. Zheng Banqiao is among the leaders.

Mr. Banqiao said "the poems and painting three strons", the book, claiming "six half books", the history of Chinese calligraphy is unique, is known as "a new, Zhuoran famous".

Since 1993, Xinghua has adherored to the "Memorial Band Bridge, Promotion and Xinghua", and held a Zheng Banqiao Art Festival every two years, in order to make a medium, singing good economic and trade, cultural two play, gradually became an intersection of intersection. A beautiful business card.

"Culture is strong and strong, this is also the source of Xinghua ‘barrier, select high-end’ Xinghua spirit." At the opening ceremony, the secretary of the Xinghua Municipal Party Committee said that the art is booming because of Hui people. The festival is both an artistic event and a festival of the masses. The development is wonderful, and the Banqiao Art Festival is to let everyone build together. I will walk away, I will be old friends, I will make new friends, talk about mulberry, talk about development, and promote cooperation .

In previous years, this year has the following three characteristics: highlight the panel of the bridge element, expand local cultural influence, surround the theme of the bridge, fully demonstrate local characteristics culture, to create a water-growing cultural brand; focus on deep integration, promote cultural high quality development, Carefully organize a series of characteristics, promote cultural, tourism, sports, ecological, industrial, e-commerce, etc. , Focus on enhance the mass and audience of various activities. This year is the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China. Do practical affairs, "new brand, the previous artistic festival opening theme song -" The people ‘s things are greater than the sky "officially released in the Japanese art performance.

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People’s Net Assessment: "Kechuang China", let the industry insert innovation wings

Some people say that science gives people to determine, and give people to people.

This sentence is more distinct in today’s era.

On May 30 this year, the fourth national science and technology worker day, with "Technology as the people, and I have me" theme. Today, "Kechuang China" brand officially unveiled, "Kechuang China" service platform launched, as a holiday gift for the majority of scientific and technological workers.

This brand new, energetic, prospectic, shining, shining, people are looking forward to.

What is "Kechuang China"? Why is "Kechuang China"? Answer these two questions, need to be based on national conditions, rooted the age. Affected by the epidemic of the new coronal pneumonia, the economic and social development encountered a non-small impact, and the comprehensive promotion of re-producing products should be driven by science and technology innovation, providing new movements for high quality development, which is necessary. my country’s industrial industry is in key stages of transition and upgrading, breaking through the root of development of bottlenecks is in innovation, the key to technology, this is inevitable.

The current international epidemic and world economic situation is grim, crack global problems, and technology innovation is the "first official" of international cooperation, which is the trend.

In this sense, the "Kechuang China" is created, promoting the development of scientific and technological and economic integration, and creates a good ecology for entrepreneurial innovation, allowing technology to better serve economic and social development, not only just right, but also. This year, there are two sessions in the country, "Ministerial Channel" has a story in touch with: When the epidemic is the most nervous, Zhong Nanshan academician has passed 5 critically ill patients through the 5G video, and the diagnosis and treatment have played a positive role. This is the embodiment of science and technology, and is also a vivid display of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

Not only that, as a whole chain innovative ecosystem, "Komang China" aims to gather in innovation elements, promote the cooperation of scientists and entrepreneurs, and fully stimulate technological innovation in new organizational models and work. It can be said that "Kechuang China" is a platform, broadens the cooperation channels of scientific and technological strength and market power; it is an ecology, put basic research, technology transformation, market service, international cooperation, talent training, policy system, etc., is the engine, Let the technology community integrate into the world innovation network in cross-border collaboration.

Change your life, change the world, and technology has a strong sense of mission from the beginning.

But how to use technology, how to make technology to be good, is a common topic of human beings.

This is to solve the various "obstruction" on the road of technology innovation, such as how to dredger the "last kilometer" transformation of scientific and technological achievements, how to translate the "Death Valley" transformation of the results, create a healthy scientific and technological innovation, and how to produce Aiming at the country needs and responding to social concerns, and so on. This is a major problem that accelerates the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to reality, promoting science and technology and economic close combination, and is a certain extent to a certain extent.

It is foreseeable that with the construction of the science and technology economic finishing platform, the construction of the innovation hub city, the promotion of science and technology volunteers, the organization of talent technical training, overseas intellectual innovation and entrepreneurship, "Kechuang China" technology decision consultation, a vitality Bruity, a raised scorpion drawing will slowly.

No value pursuit, no way, no value, the science and technology work is lacking in the soul. Today, the world, technology has a thousand miles, innovation, and the new months of innovation is no longer a technology product, and the number of scientific and technological achievements is not enough, but it is not good enough to benefit people.

Taking the new coronary pneumonia vaccine research and development as an example, the National Science and Technology Front actively responded to 12 departments of the Party Central Central, Science and Technology, and Wei Jian, into a scientific research project, and the parties of the school research and research were closely cooperated. As a special product for health people, China is fully promoting vaccine development and industrial chains, strengthening global cooperation, and committing Chinese new crown vaccines as global public products contribute to humans.

Science and technology for the people, technology benefits human beings, is the eternal value.

Only by meeting the yearning for the people’s good life as the foothold of scientific and technological innovation, put Huimin, Leimin, Fumin, and improve the people’s livelihood as the important direction of science and technology innovation, "Kechuang China" can brighten "gold brands" in development. Not negative, no time.

A scientist said that we strive to climb the peak of scientific research, we strive to cross the gapsen gap, we strive to take the scientific research crown.

This is the responsibility of the majority of scientific and technological workers, and it is not the essential meaning of "Kechuang China". "Kechuang China", let the industry insert innovation wings, China Dragon will definitely take off. (Editor: Yin Shen, Yue Hongbin).

The major media focused on the release of the "General Secretary Xi Jinping, General Secretary of Xi Jinping" published

  The Xinhua News Agency, the "Regular Secretary of the Governing Practice of Total Secretary Xi Jinping", recently published by Xinhua Publishing House, and is issued in the country. "Governing the Country New Practice – Xi Jinping General Secretary Important Activity Communication" points (1) (2) two volumes, including the Xinhua News Agency, from the 2012 Party’s 18th National Congress, the 19th National Congress of the 2017 The General Secretary of Xi Jinping, the important activities of communication, close-up, and side, 240 wonderful pictures, real recorded General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important meeting, major activities, in-depth investigation and research, visit five The wonderful scenes of dozens of countries in the continents fully showed the mission of Xi Jinping in order to the party and the people’s career, the mission of the people, and the exciting mission, vividly reflect the great practice of the party’s party centers governing the country with Comrade Xi Jinping, profoundly The Practical Logic and Deep Connotation of Chinese Characteristic Socialist Thoughts in Xi Jinping.

  After publishing this book, it has triggered a wide range of attention to major media. For the publication of this book, "News Network", Xinhuanet has been reported on August 2, and the "learning power" platform forwards "news network" 60 seconds to play content.

According to incomplete statistics, "People’s Daily", "People’s Daily", "Guangming Daily", "Xinhua Daily Telecom" "Xinhua Daily Telecom" "Beijing Daily", "Liberation Daily", "Tianjin Daily", "Fujian Daily", Sichuan Daily "Hubei Daily" "Henan Daily" "Liaoning Daily" "Nanfang Daily", "Guangxi Daily" "Guangzhou Daily" "Guangzhou Daily", "Chongqing Daily", dozens of newspapers and other dozens of newspapers were published on August 3, and they were published. The official website forwarded.

Xinhua View point, "Check Daily", military reporter, integrity Shanghai and other official microblogging concentrated release.

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