World Good Drama · Chinese Audience Theory Week will open, invite Chinese and foreign dramatists to talk for four days

World Good Drama · Chinese Audience Theory Week will open, invite Chinese and foreign dramatists to talk for four days
The value of Chinese drama stems from the demand for drama and the fundamental desire for drama viewing by Chinese audiences. It also comes from the Chinese audience’s understanding of drama and their longing for soul comfort.All this is determined by the drama’s creative and creative ability, the understanding and blending relationship of the Chinese drama creators to the audience, and the understanding and blending ability of the world’s most advanced and advanced drama concepts and techniques.These abilities belong to drama, to China, to the world, and to the core of human civilization.Under this concept, from December 3 to 6, 2019, the world’s best drama co-sponsored by Poly, Yanghua, Sauna Night Net, Beijing Normal University, and the Montpellier Actor Spring Theatre Festival in ChinaThe audience commented that Daozhou Week is about to solemnly hold antiques in Beijing, and a total of 7 large-scale themed activities will be held for 4 days.At that time, the guests who represent the development power of Chinese drama will reconstruct theatrical creation, drama production, theater functions, national drama education, drama incubation, international cooperation and other aspects in depth with European guests who can represent the most advanced forces of international drama.Talk, and gather professional action forces, hoping to inject new energy into the future cultural drama industry and cultural drama market in China as a whole, discover new talents, and open actions for the development of Chinese drama and the prosperity of Chinese drama.The world’s best show · Chinese audience Lun Dao Zhou has changed to open the registration channel for on-site audiences. You can scan or identify the QR code published in the Lun Dao Zhou event introduction on the day of registration, participate, perceive and conduct important live communication.From the fundamental point of view, discuss the current situation, problems and future of drama. For a long time, drama has been regarded as a niche category in the field of Chinese culture.Life, comfort people’s hearts, change people’s mental outlook to achieve the important cultural form of the entire society’s spiritual civilization.With the development in recent years and the improvement of the overall quality of citizens, more and more audiences have entered the theater, and the drama has been adapted into a movie from the stage to the big screen. These changes have greatly promoted the influence of the drama.Let more and more people pay attention to this relatively niche cultural category.At the same time, as China’s support for the cultural industry has increased, China’s drama industry has entered a very favorable era from policy and market segments, and more and more cross-border areas have begun to pay attention and join the drama.Drama festivals, drama exchanges, drama towns, and drama tourism come into being.But no matter how good the external conditions are, the root of the drama is the content.Only when more and more good content appears can Chinese drama truly move towards a stage of benign development, thus becoming a part of the cultural industry and promoting the development of the entire Chinese culture.This discussion week is to start from the fundamental point of drama, and drive the industry and the industry to think about the current situation, problems, and future development direction of drama in China.From this perspective, the open drama theories for the public domain are the first antiques in the development of contemporary Chinese drama.Cutting-edge and powerful, the organizer of the latest discussion week of domestic and foreign heavyweights and leading companies are all industry leaders and groups with practical experience in the domestic and foreign professional fields, walking in the forefront of the market, and the sharpest sense of smell and observation.They are: · Poly Theatre, China’s overall scale and influential theater theater. For the development status of the drama market and market demand, they are the most professional experts with the right to substitute.· Yanghua Drama, an influential drama production unit in the field of domestic drama, is also a domestic performance company with international resources control and the use of international resources to achieve high-quality and excellent works.The accumulation of more than 40 outstanding word-of-mouth works for more than 10 years has provided it with rich professional experience and case-sharing materials in drama selection, production, exploration, marketing and international cooperation.· Sauna Night Net, the most professional and insightful and in-depth analysis mainstream social media with the most investment in the field of cultural reporting and industry observation and reporting.· Beijing Normal University School of Arts and Media, year-round observation and analysis of the theater industry in the academic field, as well as the inheritance and development of drama art, in-depth research on how to make drama education and national basic education and other aspects into academic professional logo art institutions.· The Spring Festival of French Montpellier Actors is a prestigious theatre festival in Europe, with 33 years of historyThe large-scale art festival has extremely high influence and artistic authority in Europe.In addition, this event also brought together heavyweights from the European theatre industry, including: the famous European theatre festival French Montpellier actors Spring Theatre Festival President Jean Varela (Jean Varela); Lithuanian National ExaminationDean of the Nas Theater Egidijus Stancikas (Egidijus Stancikas); President of the French National People ‘s Theatre, famous theater director Jean Bellorini (Jan Bellorini); Israel Carmel TheaterRan Gwetta, general manager; Eric Lacascade, a famous French drama director, whose works have been invited three times to perform at the Avignon Theatre Festival “Papal Palace”; Spanish Theatre ArtDirector, famous drama director Oriol Broggi; famous French clown drama, children’s drama director, screenwriter, actor Philippe Martz; famous French education expert, the national drama movement promotes BuddhaLawrence Marco (Firenze March); Philippe Maurizi, operations management and program consultant for the Spring Theatre Festival of the French Montpellier Lilier; Jean-Pierre, Vice President of the International Association of Performing Critics· Khan (Jean-Pierre Han).The corresponding Chinese guests at the beginning also gathered important forces in the field of Chinese culture and art today. They are: Jiang Yingchun, General Manager of Poly Culture Group Co., Ltd .; Deputy General Manager of Poly Culture Group, Chairman of Beijing Poly Theater Management Co., Ltd., and Guo Wenpeng, General Manager; Song Ganshu, President of Sauna Night Network; famous playwright Wan Fang; Dean, professor and doctoral supervisor of Beijing Normal University School of Art and Media; Hu Zhifeng; director of the Dramatic Opera and Film and Television Professional Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education; Zhou Xing; Kuntai GroupChairman Wei Ping; Director of Beijing Dongcheng District Culture and Tourism Bureau Li Xuemin; Director of Beijing Culture and Art Broadcasting Station Xu Xiuling; Poly Yanghua, Secretary-General of the European Drama Show Season Project Anna Yisi Martin; famous Hong Kong director and screenwriter Situ Huizhuo; Wang Yiwen, deputy dean, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Arts and Media, Beijing Normal University; Wang Keran, chief producer of Yanghua Theatre; famous young director Zhou Ke; Jin Qiu, editorial board member of Sauna Night.The professional actors participating in this Daozhou Week activity are: famous actors Sun Qiang, Zhang Liang, Yan Nan.They will be led by Zhang Yue, a well-known host of CCTV; Bi Xiaonan, a well-known young scholar and host; and three hosts, Mi Xia, a well-known host of Beijing Literature and Art Broadcasting, on the different topics in this forum week and foreign guests.In-depth communication.Therefore, from the first organizer, the guest finals and the content of the event can be trimmed. The first Lun Dao Zhou will truly start from the most realistic problems, gather the top international resources, bring warm and most practical to the development of the Chinese theater industryThe in-depth thinking, even the pulse of the industry as the most practical solution to the strong action.Incubation and international cooperation go hand in hand to accelerate action. The in-depth discussion on the most acute issues of drama will be carried out at the fundamental discussion session of Tan Daosheng, the organizer also launched the first Poly Yanghua on October 29.· Sauna Yewang Youth Drama Creative Talent Incubation Project, led by Poly, Yanghua Drama, Sauna Yewang and Beijing Dongdu Culture and Tourism Bureau, gathers strengths to promote the new development of Chinese drama and create a new power of Chinese drama as the slogan,Through the form of propositions, we recruit drama talents and scripts from the whole society, and finally select the selected works in the first Lun Dao Week, and incubate them into repertoire in the following year to tour in 60 theaters across the country.Such a talent training plan also reflects the “attitude” aspect of the event. The organizers just sit back and talk about it, and show their determination to move forward in the field of drama and promote the development of the industry-mobilize all resources with the best abilityEncourage and promote young drama talents, intensively explore the drama, and make a powerful and actionable contribution to the development and prosperity of the entire industry.What’s more worth mentioning is that during the event, the organizer will also announce a pioneering cooperation between the Chinese drama field and international drama-China’s professional drama team is about to carry out in-depth and long-term cooperation with the top international drama festivals and theater groups.For the first time in drama development, production, communication, education and other fields, deep integration, and ongoing large-scale tour.For the embodiment of Chinese culture going global in the field of international drama, and the introduction of international excellent culture to broaden the horizon of Chinese audiences, many of the heavy messages to be released at this event will be great for both Chinese and foreign drama practitioners and enthusiasts.Exciting good news.Therefore, whether it is every activity held by Dao during the week, or the first announcement of cooperation between Chinese drama and international drama, it is hoped that through continuous exchanges and dialogues with the world’s advanced practitioners of theater ideas, Chinese drama will be quickly letThe exploration of the world is on the same track with the most advanced concepts in the world today, and it also allows the society and the audience to understand what exactly has Chinese theater done in the process of going forward?This is the significance of this operation.All in all, from December 3rd to 6th, “World Shows · Chinese Audience Week” will be grandly opened.Event organizer December 3 of the year Venue: Beijing Wangjing Kuntai Taijiarui Cultural Center Event 1: World Good Show · Chinese Audience Theoretic Week Opening Ceremony[14: 00-15: 00]Dialogue 1: The Spring of Drama-Where is the good show?【15: 20-17 : 00】 December 4 Venue: Beijing Wangjing Kuntai Taijiarui Cultural Center Dialogue 2: Drama and Juvenile-Discussion on the Direction of National Drama Education[14: 00-16: 00]Venue on December 5: Beijing Normal University Activity 2: The Future Power of Drama-Poly · Yanghua · Sauna Yewang Youth Drama Creative Talent Incubation Project Final Review December 6 Location: Beijing Wangjing Kuntai Taijiarui Cultural Center Dialogue 3: Drama Impact Dialogue【13: 30-15: 00】 Activities three and four: Poly · Yanghua 2020 international show season repertoire, Poly · Yanghua 2020 creation repertoire released; Poly · Yanghua · Sauna Night Net youth drama creative talent incubation projectAnnouncement and Closing Ceremony of Selected Works[15: 30-17: 30]Single Event Introduction and Registration Channel Activity 1: World Good Show · Chinese Audience Discussion Week Opening Ceremony Time: December 3, 14: 00-15: 00Person: Zhang Yue Location: Outside Hall of Times Hall, Kuntai Garry Cultural Center Guest: Jean Varela French Montpellier Actor Spring Theatre Festival Chairman Eric La Cascade French famous drama director Lang GuETA Israel Carmel Theater General Manager Egidius Stinchkas Dean of the Lithuanian National Kaunas Theater Oriol Brogi Artistic Director and Director of the Theater 29, La Perla, Catalonia, SpainPhilip Martz, famous French clown drama, children’s drama director, screenwriter, actor Florence Lawrence, famous French education expert, national theatre movement promoter Jean Pierre Khan, vice-chairman of the International Association of Performers, Chinese guest: Jiang Yingchun PauliGeneral Manager of Culture Group Co., Ltd. Song Ganshu, President of Sauna Night Net, Xiang Xudong, Deputy Director of the Propaganda Department of Beijing Dongcheng District Education Committee, Li Xuemin, Director of Beijing Dongcheng District Culture and Tourism BureauXu Xiuling, Director of Beijing Cultural Radio, Chen Xiaohua, Vice President of, Hu Letian, General Manager of Maizuo Business Department, Zhang Chaohui, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Poly Theater Management Co., Ltd., Anna Yisi, Martin Baoli, Yang HuaThe main producer of the drama Zhang Liang, famous actor Yan Nan, famous young stage actors. Contents: World Good Show · Chinese Audience On Dao Week Opening Ceremony, the heavyweight domestic and foreign guests participating in this Dao Week will gradually come together to start the bookThis is a four-day Daoist Week event.At the same time, the opening ceremony itself carried out an important international drama art cooperation launching ceremony, which opened for the glory of Lun Dao Zhou.Dialogue 1: Spring of drama-where is the good drama?Dialogue time: December 3, 15: 20-17: 00 Host: Bi Xiaonan Location: Kuntai Jiarui Cultural Center Times Hall Foreign Dialogue Guest: Jean Varela French Montpellier Actor Spring Theatre Festival Chairman Lang· Guetta, General Manager of the Israel Carmel Theater, Egidius Stinchkas, Dean of the Lithuanian National Kaunas Theater, Eric Lacascade, famous French director of the Chinese dialogue, guest: Situ Huizhuo Hong KongFamous director and screenwriter Zhang Liang’s dialogue with famous actors: Where is the good show?The current Chinese audience needs some kind of good show?Actors want to perform some kind of good show?On the first dialogue of Daozhou, famous artists at home and abroad will jointly discuss the meaning of “good drama”, which will arouse public judgment and thinking.On December 3[Opening Ceremony + Dialogue I]Registration Channel Dialogue 2: Drama and Juvenile-Discussion on the Direction of National Drama Education Time: December 4 14: 00-16: 00 Host: Bi Xiaonan Location: Kuntai Jiarui CultureCentral Times Hall Dialogue Organizer: Yanghua Drama, Langkun Cultural Dialogue Co-organizer: Beijing Normal University School of Art and Media, Beijing Normal University China Excellent Traditional Drama Art Inheritance Base, Greenmonster lab Guest Speaker: Li Youlin China Care Implementation CommitteeUnder-Secretary-General Wei Ping Kuntai Group Chairman Foreign Dialogue Guests: Jean Varela French Montpellier Actor Spring Theatre Festival Chairman Lawrence Marco Famous French education expert, National Drama Movement promoter Eric LacasCard France’s famous drama director Auriol Brogenia Catalonia La Perla 29 theater art director, director of the Chinese dialogue main guest: Zhou Xing Ministry of Education Director of the drama and film professional teaching steering committee ChinaDialogue guests: Zhang Liang, famous actor Wang Yiwen, associate dean, professor, doctoral tutor of Beijing Normal University School of Arts and Media Dialogue: What can drama give children in the widest scope?In this dialogue, Chinese and foreign guests will focus on the current situation of the expansion of drama education in China and Europe. The National Drama Education will conduct in-depth discussions on topics such as the improvement of citizen quality and how to spread the national drama education, and promote the viewpoint of drama education to the whole society.December 4[Dialog 2]Event Registration Channel Activity 2: The Future Power of Drama-Poly · Yanghua · Sauna Night Net Youth Drama Creative Talent Incubation Project Final Evaluation Time: December 5 Organizer: Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd., Yanghua Drama, Sauna Night Network, Beijing Dongcheng District Culture and Tourism Bureau co-sponsored: Beijing Normal University School of Arts and Media, Beijing Normal University, China’s outstanding traditional drama art inheritance base, Lang Kun Culture, Beijing Art Broadcasting Venue: Beijing Normal UniversityUniversity Final Judging Panel: Wang Yiwen, Jin Qiu, Zhang Yue, Zhou Ke, Shang Xiaolei, Sun Qiang, Zhu Guang, Tian Huiqun, He Jianwei, Wang Run, Cheng Hui, Yan Nan, Teng Xuekun Final Supervision Committee: Wan Fang, Wang Keran,Zhang Chaohui’s activities:-Promote the new development of Chinese drama and create a new force of Chinese drama!Poly · Yanghua · Sauna Night Net Youth Drama Creative Talent Incubation Project was launched on October 29, 2019. It explored and nurtured future-oriented Chinese young drama creative talents in the form of theme creation.Incubation of young drama creation talents.At present, the incubation project has received a total of 622 valid manuscripts from contributors from across the country and the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Australia, and other countries.The organizing committee has concluded the preliminary evaluation on November 27 and added the list of 60 finalists announced on November 28. The finalists are invited to come to Beijing to participate in the final evaluation alternate.On December 5, the organizing committee will conduct a final evaluation at Beijing Normal University, and finally select 8-9 works.At that time, the works that were eventually excavated and incubated will be toured in more than 60 theaters across the country in 2020.The event recruits the whole society, discovers and builds the future Chinese drama editors, directs important talents, and starts actions for China’s drama career and the development and prosperity of Chinese drama.(This event is not open to the public.) Dialogue 3: Drama Influence Dialogue Time: December 6 13: 30-15: 00 Moderator: Zhang Yue Location: Kuntai Jiarui Cultural Center Times Hall Co-sponsored by: PolyTheaters around the theater, Beijing Normal University School of Art and Media, Beijing Normal University, China’s outstanding traditional drama art inheritance base, foreign dialogue guests: Jean Valera, French Montpellier Actors Spring Theatre Festival Chairman Jean Bellorini President of the French National People’s Theatre, famous director Ron Gueta, general manager of the Israel Carmel Theater, Aegidius Stanchikas, director of the Lithuanian National Kaunas Theater, Chinese Dialogue Guest: Guo Wenpeng, Deputy General Manager of Poly Culture Group, Chairman and General Manager of Beijing Poly Theater Management Co., Ltd. Situ Huizhu, a famous Hong Kong director, screenwriter Jinqiu Sauna Night Network editorial board activities: What is the impact of the theater on the development of drama?How did the world’s top theaters prosper drama creation?This dialogue will focus on the current status of Chinese theater development and the modern concept of European theater management to discuss the future development direction of Chinese theater.Events 3 and 4: Poly Yanghua ‘s 2020 international show season repertoire, Poly Yanghua ‘s 2020 creation repertoire released; Poly · Young Hua · Sauna Nightnet Youth Drama Creative Talent Incubation Project Selected Works Announcement and Closing Ceremony Time: 126On the 6th, 15: 30-17: 30 Host: Zhang Yue, Mi Xia Location: Kuntai Jiarui Cultural Center Times Hall Foreign guests: Jean Varela French Montpellier Actor Spring Theatre Festival Chairman Jean ·Bellorini Dean of the French National People ‘s Theatre, famous director Eric La Cascade, famous French theater director Ron Gueta, general manager of the Israel Carmel Theatre, Egidius Stanchikas, Lithuanian NationalDirector of the Theatre of Kaunas, Oriol Brogi, Artistic Director of La Perla, Catalonia, Spain, director of Philip Marz, famous French clown drama, director of children’s drama, screenwriter, actor Florence Marco Renowned French education expert and promoter of the National Drama Movement Jean Pierre Khan International Vice President of Performing Arts Critics Association Chinese guests: Guo Wenpeng, deputy general manager of Poly Culture Group, chairman of Beijing Poly Theater Management Co., Ltd., general manager and director of Weiping Kuntai GroupChang Wanfang, famous dramatist, Sun Qiang, famous actor, Anna Yisi, Martin Baoli, Yang Hua, secretary-general of the European Drama Show Season Project, Wang Keran, chief producer of Yang Hua Drama, Jinqiu Sauna Night Net Editorial Board, Yan Nan, famous young actor Content: WorldGood show · In the last event of Chinese audience discussion week, the organizing committee will announce to the whole society the repertoire of Poly Yanghua’s 2020 international exhibition season and the creation of Poly Yanghua’s repertoire in 2020; and announce the first Poly Yanghua ·The selected works of Sauna Yewang Youth Drama Creative Talent Incubation Project draw a happy ending to this Daozhou Week event.December 6 event registration channel: joint organizer site support event organization structure master plan: Guo Wenpeng, Wang Keran Director System: Guo Wenpeng, Song Ganshu, Li Xuemin, Wang Keran Literature Advisor: Wan Fang Chief Producer: Guo Wenpeng Producer: Zhang Chaohui, Wang Keran Planning: Zhang Zhaohui, Wang Yiwen, Tian Huiqun, Bi Xiaonan, Jin Qiu, Zhang Jianfan, Kan Lingyun, Li Xiong, Shang Xiaolei, Tian Lan, Zhu Guang, He Jianwei, Tian Nie, Yu Yue, Liu Zhen, Liang Yefeng, Zhang Yupeng, Zhang Bolun, Miao Hao, Yang Hongguang, Sun near the goal, Mi Xia, Li Yan, Guo Jiaming executive team: Sky Blue, Yu Yue, Zhang Bolun, Zhang Yupeng, Liang Yefeng, He Ming, Wang Qi, Qu Yuxiao, Chen Limei, Liu Qizhuo, Miao Hao, Guo Jiaming,Mach, Kang Kai, Hong Dashan, Li Zonglei, Zhang Rui, Luo Lei, Yao Shuying, Chen Zhikang, Wang Jianfeng, Ma Honghan, Zhou Jingyi, Miao Long, Du Hongda, Na Ouyang, Huang Ruixue, Jia Shihan, Li Songqi, Li Wangshu, Hao Zihan, WuYin Fei, Wang Li, Liu Lu, Liu Dongyang, Qiu Di, Jia Boxiao, Lei Jiawei, Jiang Cheng, Zhu Yue, Li Xinwei, Hu Yangqing, Liu Yang, Bo Shiwen, Chen Mo activities and guests have fine-tuning, please take the dayThe announcement shall prevail.

[Can boiled potatoes lose weight]_Recommended diet

[Can boiled potatoes lose weight]_Recommended diet

The moment of potatoes is very low. The moment of potatoes of the same quality is only equivalent to 1/4 of rice. Although the starch in potatoes is very high, the starch in potatoes is resistant starch, which has the effect of shrinking tiny cells. In addition,Aunts contained in potatoes are extremely low, so as long as they are consumed properly, eating potatoes has a good weight loss effect. Let ‘s take a look at this.

For people who want to lose weight, they can eat boiled potatoes, which has a good weight loss effect, and the method is relatively simple. First put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, clean the potatoes, and then boil them in the pot.Until it is fully cooked, remove it and place it on a plate. Peel off the potato skin and dip it in some rice vinegar. You can eat it directly.

This method of weight loss works well. Generally, you can eat 2 to 3 potatoes, and it has a good feeling of fullness. It is suitable for those big stomach kings to lose weight. Eating potatoes does not cause obesity. The reasonSome people eat too much potatoes, which is related to the way the potatoes are cooked.

One of the more obvious characteristics of potatoes is that they have a particularly strong adsorption capacity. For example, French fries can cause very high levels of fat in potato fries. When people eat such fries, they can easily cause physical problems.Absorbing more aunts will cause too many problems.

Therefore, the key to whether you can lose weight by eating potatoes is also the cooking method. As long as you do not put too much vegetable or animal oil in the potato, you will get good weight loss. In addition, the potatoes are rich in supplementary fiber.The fiber content is equivalent to that of apples, and the digestive effect of the stomach on potatoes is relatively slow, so that it has a good feeling of fullness, which can promote the metabolism of fat and some garbage, so the weight loss effect of potatoes is very good as long as it is cooked properly

[Coffee classification, these 10 categories are the most common!

】 _How to classify_How to classify

[Coffee classification, these 10 categories are the most common!
】 _How to classify_How to classify

Many people have the habit of drinking coffee. There is caffeine in coffee. After drinking it, it will make people’s central nerves excited. Every time in the afternoon, people are easily sleepy. At this time, drinking coffee has a refreshing effect, but you know what?

There are many types of coffee. Different coffees have different flavors and are suitable for different groups of people, so be sure to drink the right coffee to work.

First, espresso belongs to espresso, which is the kind that we usually brew directly from coffee. It has a strong taste, a slightly bitter mouth, and a fragrance after swallowing.

Suitable for office workers.

Second, Machiatto adds two spoonfuls of milk foam to the espresso and turns it into a cup of Machiatto.

Macchiato is an imprint in Italian. It means a sweet imprint.

Third, Americano (Americano) is the most common type of coffee, which belongs to black coffee.

It is made by adding a lot of water directly to espresso, the taste is relatively light, and the caffeine content is high.

Fourth, white coffee (Flatwhite) is a specialty of Malaysia. The color of white coffee is not white, but it is lighter and softer than ordinary coffee. The taste of white coffee is pure and the aroma is sweet.

Fifth, the classic blend of Caffè Latte espresso and milk.

The coffee is full, the milk is on the coffee, and the top is a layer of milk foam.

You can also add some caramel to turn it into caramel latte.

Sixth, Con Panna is one of the Italian coffee varieties. It is as famous as Macchiato. It is mixed with espresso and whipped cream, with the coffee underneath and the whipped cream above the coffee.

Seventh, Cappuccino, Italian coffee mixed with equal amounts of espresso and steam foam milk.

The color of the coffee is like that of a monk at the Cappuccino Church, who wears a turban over a dark brown coat, hence the name of the coffee.

Eight, Mocha coffee (CafeMocha) is one of the oldest coffees, made of Italian espresso, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and milk. Mocha is named after the famous Mocha Port.

Its unique sweetness, sourness and bitterness are extremely elegant.

An excellent variety loved by ordinary seniors.

Usually single products are acceptable.

Drinks are lubricious and delicious.

The mellow taste lasts forever.

If blended with comprehensive coffee, it is an ideal variety.

Nine, Caramel Macchiato is made by adding espresso, vanilla, and topped with pure caramel to the aromatic hot milk. “Caramel” means caramel.

Caramel Macchiato is Macchiato with caramel, which stands for “Sweet Mark”.

10. Irish Coffee is a kind of coffee that looks like wine and coffee. It is made by adding Irish whiskey to espresso and putting a layer of fresh cream on top.

It can be said that Irish coffee is a type of coffee containing alcohol.

[Can yam be eaten raw]_Yam_eaten_Can you eat it

[Can yam be eaten raw]_Yam_eaten_Can you eat it

As a common food in life, many people like to eat yam, and it is rich in nutrition.

First of all, yam is cooked and there are also statements about eating it raw.

Strictly speaking, yam can be eaten raw, but there are many things to pay attention to when eating yam raw, and some are clean.


Can be eaten raw.

Yam is different from sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are very sweet when eaten raw, so some people are willing to eat them raw. Sweet potatoes contain a lot of starch, but they do not necessarily contain the corresponding enzymes. Raw food will produce a lot of gas in the abdomen, causing abdominal distension and abdominal pain.Aggravated indigestion.

But eating yam raw is different, it can help digestion, yam is the opposite of sweet potato.

Although yam also contains a large amount of starch, it also contains a large amount of amylase and saccharified amylase in the mucus of its section.

Raw yam can no longer digest its own starch, and it can also digest other starches inserted at the same time. After eating, you will feel particularly comfortable in the body.


People will feel numb and itchy when they encounter yam skin, because the saponin or mucus in yam skin contains phytoalkali, which will cause skin irritation and itching after contact.

But to get out of this error zone, there is no such problem when washing and eating.


When eating yam raw, make sure to wash it first. Pay attention to it when eating raw. Be sure to wash it clean. In addition to hygiene issues, the key is to wash away toxic substances such as alkaloids contained in yam skin. Although the amount is small and the toxicity is small,To eat it raw, it is best to make sure to wash it before eating it.


When indigested, yam raw is better than cooked. Yam raw is easier to play the role of the enzymes contained in it than boiled, because this amylase in yam is afraid of heat. The enzyme is destroyed after heating. Only eat rawHave such a role.

Therefore, when you feel indigestion, you can treat the yam as if it were fruit, and eat a few tablets raw or cold yam can help digestion well, it is worth a try.

Depth-Company-Aerospace Information (600271): Deducting non-growth, both main business growth and gross profit hit record highs

Depth * Company * Aerospace Information (600271): Deducting non-growth, both main business growth and gross profit hit record highs

On March 29, the company released its 2018 annual report: 279 in revenue.

00 million, a decrease of 6 previously.

1%, net profit of 16.

200 million, an increase of 4 every year.


The company’s overall business gross margin improved, the main business under pressure resumed high growth, and the value-added service potential of the company has not yet been released. Maintain the BUY rating.

The key points of the support level are the second highest growth rate in the past eight years, and the income structure has improved.

Net 杭州桑拿 profit growth earlier in 2016?
It improved slightly in 2017, and its performance was in line with expectations.

The fair value of the restricted shares held by PetroChina Capital decreased by nearly 4 over the same period.

900 million, significantly affected the company’s apparent net profit.

The deducted non-net profit is 15.

90,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.

0%, the new highest since 2016 and the second highest of 8 (just below the 38 in 2015).

9% level).

In terms of revenue structure, the channel sales segmented by gross profit level, the volume of IC cards and other types of business contracted, and the proportion of channel sales revenue blocked by the volume started from the same period.

0% decreased to 45.


The gross profit margin of the entire line of business decreased.

The gross profit margin of each business increased by 1.

The 8 grades vary, which drives the overall gross profit margin up by 4.

4 units.

This shows that the downstream market environment has improved, and the company’s competitiveness and bargaining power have improved.

The main business under pressure has ushered in a significant recovery.

The tax control system and equipment business under pressure due to policy price cuts ushered in 16 years in 2018.

4% accelerated growth in the past three years, gross profit margin increased by 2.

3 points.

During the year, 3 million sets of gold tax disks were sold, and 13.3 million corporate customers were accumulated. The market share of new households increased by 2 percentage points.

Corporate members and loan assistance business have good potential indicators and are poised for growth.

In 2018, the cumulative number of members exceeded 2.3 million, and the membership business income was nearly 7 trillion, and the work plan was exceeded. The fiscal and tax training in the institutional market achieved $ 100 billion in revenue.

The loan lending business realized a scale of 17 billion yuan, which has doubled before.

If calculated at market rates, it is expected to achieve high profit margins of about 200 million yuan.

With the successive introduction of support policies for SMEs, the growth rate of related businesses in 2019 may increase significantly.

Estimated for 2019?
Net profit in 2021 is 20.

3 billion, 23.

600 million and 27.
900 million, EPS is 1.

09, 1.
27 and 1.

50 yuan (fine adjustment 1?
3%), corresponding to PE, 26, 22 and 19 times.

We are optimistic about the main business boost and membership / loan assistance business entering an explosive period. The company estimates that the growth rate is relatively low 杭州桑拿网 and maintains a BUY rating.

The main risks faced by ratings were lower than expected; the growth rate of member income was lower than expected.

Jianfa (600153) Interim Review: Supply Chain Business Steady Growth Real Estate Sales Exceed Expectations

Jianfa (600153) Interim Review: Supply Chain Business Steady Growth Real Estate Sales Exceed Expectations

Investment suggestion: The company’s supply chain business remains stable, real estate business achieves rapid growth, and outstanding financing capabilities and high-quality land resources in the future will help form long-term competitive advantages.

EPS is expected to be 1 in 19/20/21.



44 yuan, corresponding to the current total PE is 4.



4x; the company currently underestimates, has high dividends, and has growth. It gives a target price of 12 yuan and maintains a “strong recommendation-A” rating.

  The company announced the 19-year interim report: 夜来香体验网 Jianfa’s 19-year H1 realized revenue of 1278.

3.4 billion (+10.

60%), net profit attributable to mother 13.

7.7 billion (+16.

03%) net profit after deducting non-attribution is 11.

6 billion (+19.

75% year-on-year growth), with an expected ROE of 5% (+0.

1pcts), the basic EPS is 0.

49 (+16.


  The supply chain business maintained steady growth, and sales receipts accelerated to continue to increase cash flow.

Due to the high prices of commodities in 17 and 18, a high base led to the increase in revenue in the first half of 19, so the revenue of the supply chain business in 19H1 achieved 1181.

3.7 billion (+9.


However, the company insists on professional operation, the core varieties continue to grow, and the revenue of metallurgical raw materials still achieves a growth rate of about 20% under 失败:重查 the base of physics.

In addition, the business continued to contribute to operating cash flow due to the relatively fast repayment of supply chain sales.

  Adhering to refined operations, the real estate business has grown for ten years.

twenty one%.

In 19 years, the real estate industry strengthened the macro scale, and the sales growth rate of the industry increased. However, the company insisted on fine operation and promoted the continuous growth of sales scale.

  In the first half of 19, the real estate business achieved revenue of 76.

1.3 billion, +19 a year.

21%, of which the contract / equity sales amount increases by 14 each year.

46% / 32.

49%, both higher than the growth rate of sales of commercial housing in the country over the same period.

  The reported company supplemented 21 cases of land through various methods, and the unsold land reserves reached 1599.

860,000 square meters, high-quality soil storage provides long-term support for future real estate business development.

  Asset disposal increases profits 1.

3.8 billion, low financing costs provide financial advantages for real estate development.

In the first half of the year, Jianfa Real Estate withdrew from the Shenzhen Longhu Villa project and contributed nearly 1 net profit to its mother.

3.8 billion, accounting for about 10%.  The strength of the company’s credit group has the ability to obtain financing through multiple channels. At the end of the reporting period, the average financing cost of real estate subsidiaries was about 4.

5-6 percent.

The company has excellent fund management, and its budget debts are paid on time, forming a virtuous circle of credit. The resulting financing advantages will help the real estate business continue to advance.

  Risk warning: real estate pricing policy tightens, real estate sales fall short of expectations

Inspur Information (000977) Interim Review: The external environment slightly affects the POWER business on track

Inspur Information (000977) Interim Review: The external environment slightly affects the POWER business on track

The company released an interim report: 19H1 revenue 215.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 12% in ten years; net profit attributable to mother 2.

70,000 yuan, an increase of 39% in ten years;

40,000 yuan, an increase of 32 in ten years.


Based on this calculation: 19Q2 revenue of 118.

500 million US dollars, an increase of 3% in ten years, an increase of 22%; net profit attributable to mothers1.

8 ‰, an increase of 28% in ten years;

700 million, an increase of 29% in ten years.

The external environment has a slight impact, and the power business is on track. Subregions: Domestic revenue is 19.1 billion yuan, a long-term growth of 18%, and a gross profit margin of 12%, which gradually rises to 0.

26 points.

Overseas revenue was 2.3 billion, 21% over ten years, and gross profit margin was 7.

4%, beyond level 1.

79 points.

The overall growth rate is still waiting for industry demand to pick up.

Revenue of Inspur Business Machines, a subsidiary of Power products, was 19H1.

2 trillion, a 508% increase in ten years.

Multi-dimensional funding efficiency increased by 7510 at the end of 19H1.

10,000 yuan, a decrease of 70 a year.

6%; inventory 77.

10% reduction of 4%.

1%; accounts receivable and notes receivable 74.

500 million, an increase of only 2 a year.


Short-term borrowings at the end of 19H1 amounted to 26 trillion yuan, a decrease of 75.

3%; financial expenses are 9017.

60,000 yuan, a decrease of 52 per year.


19H1 net operating cash flow can be reduced by 29.

300 million, net profit is reduced by 58 every year.


The forecast for 19-21 is 0.

69 yuan / share, 1.

00 yuan / share, 1.

39 yuan / share forecast company 19?
21-year revenue was 547.


10,000 yuan, net profit attributable to mother is 8.
9, 12.

9, 17.

90,000 yuan, with an average of 35%, 45%, and 39% respectively. The corresponding price-earnings ratios based on the latest closing prices are 39, 27, and 19 times.

Taking into account the company’s overseas, channel, multidimensional development of the operator market and the effect of scale in the next few years, it will bring about improvement in operating efficiency. It is expected that the compound growth rate of profits in the next three years is about 40%.

At the same time referring to the company’s PE band since February 2014, we believe that the company can give the company a 40-year PE estimate for 19 years, corresponding to a reasonable value of 27.

58 yuan / share, given a “buy” rating.

Risks suggest that the recovery of Internet customer capital expenditure growth may exceed expectations.

Some Internet customers may turn to the risk of ODM vendors purchasing servers.

Uncertainty in overseas market expansion and external environment.

Risk of asset impairment due to large amount of accounts receivable and inventory.

Business growth and fair incentives may lead to the risk of rapid R & D expenses, financial expenses, and management expenses rising.

[How to make five-dish pancakes]_Home-made practice of five-dish pancakes_How to make five-dish pancakes_How to make five-dish pancakes

[How to make five-dish pancakes]_Home-made practice of five-dish pancakes_How to make five-dish pancakes_How to make five-dish pancakes

The simple and easy threshold for learning is the motivation for modern people to cook. The five-dish pancakes not only meet the tastes of the public, but also meet the time requirements, without repeated waiting.

With a bowl of fragrant white rice and a bowl of broth, you can really enjoy life.

1. Five kinds of vegetables cut into filaments 2. Pour glutinous rice flour, corn flour, shrimps 3 into a large bowl, pour chopped vegetables, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, paprika 4, pour in water, stir into mud 5 in a timely manner, and add oil to the hot pan, Put the mold to fry 6, first the high fire, then the low fire, and finally the high heat the pan, turning the middle continuously, I use 5 minutes (the frying time is determined by the thickness of the cake stand) 7, the pan is controlled by oil and placed on a plate, put on the plateOil-absorbing paper 8. It ‘s convenient to have another restaurant for dinner, but we do n’t know if the food is hygienic. Do n’t worry about cooking by yourself. You might as well learn the practice of five-dish pancakes.

[Can potatoes and milk powder be eaten together]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboos

[Can potatoes and milk powder be eaten together]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboos

Potatoes are foods that often appear on people’s tables. Although some people know a lot about potatoes, they probably don’t know much about foods that are good with potatoes. Can potatoes and milk powder be eaten together?

It is found that potatoes and milk powder have no effect on grams, but potatoes are on the contrary with bananas, tomatoes and other foods. Let me introduce the taboos of potato diet.

First, the food that can be eaten with potatoes and cannot be eaten with potatoes is mainly: bananas, pomegranates, persimmons, tomatoes and so on.

1. Potatoes should not be eaten with bananas.

Potatoes and bananas can easily become facial spots, such as freckles.

2. Potatoes should not be eaten with pomegranate.

Potatoes and pomegranates can easily cause poisoning. Once poisoning infection occurs, you can use leek water to detoxify.

3. Potatoes should not be eaten with persimmons.

After we eat potatoes, a large amount of hydrochloric acid will be produced in the stomach. If we eat persimmons again, persimmons will precipitate under the action of gastric acid, which is difficult to digest and difficult to discharge, which can easily cause indigestion.

4. Potatoes should not be eaten with cherries and tomatoes.

The reason that the two cannot be eaten with potatoes is similar to that of persimmons, because after eating potatoes, potatoes will produce a large amount of chloride in the human body.

Tomatoes, cherries, etc. will not precipitate water in the acidic environment of high temperature, resulting in poor appetite and indigestion.

Second, potato diet taboos: 1, avoid even skin.

Potato contains a toxic substance called solanine. If the body contains a large amount of this substance, it can cause acute poisoning.

This toxic substance is mostly concentrated in its skin. Red or purple skin is more than yellow skin. Those who make the skin greener by light can increase the depth of the skin, so they must be peeled when eating, especially if they have been peeled.Green skin, because even if the potato is peeled and cooked, it is possible to pass about 10% of solanine in the skin to the flesh.

In addition, the germinated potatoes are more than poisonous, and the content of solanine is 100 times that of normal. Therefore, it is necessary to dig out the buds and roots when eating, because this substance can replace water and should be soaked in clean water.
In addition, the substance is easy to decompose in the presence of acetic acid, and it can detoxify when heated, so it should be stewed on high heat. Adding vinegar during cooking is more conducive to the decomposition of toxic substances.

To prevent poisoning, germinated potatoes are best discarded.

After the poisoning, you should go to the hospital for treatment immediately.

2, spleen and stomach deficiency cold bogey eat more potatoes have the role of Tongxia, spleen and stomach deficiency cold easy to diarrhea should eat less or not.

3, pregnant women do not eat pregnant women often eat potatoes with a high content of solanine, accumulation in the body may cause deformities, so it is better to eat less.

Pregnant women, in particular, should not eat germinated potatoes that have been stored for a long time to prevent miscarriage due to poisoning.

4, avoid frozen potatoes should be stored in a cool place, not exposed to the sun, can not be frozen, frozen wounded potatoes can not be eaten.

[How long does it take to cook pork ribs in an induction cooker]_ribs_stew time_when to cook

[How long does it take to cook pork ribs in an induction cooker]_ribs_stew time_when to cook

Induction cooker has become a common courage to cook at home. Induction cooker is simple and easy to use. Compared with gas induction cooker, it is safer, and what dangers will arise because it is an electric product.For example, you can cook, cook soup, or stew pork ribs to see how to make delicious pork ribs with an induction cooker. What are the precautions when using the induction cooker?
It’s best not to boot for a long time.
First, the radiation frequency of the induction cooker The induction cooker has a low working frequency and has little impact on the human body.
Household microwave ovens have been designed with anti-microwave leakage in mind when they are designed, and they must undergo several strict microwave leakage tests before leaving the factory.
New microwave ovens are generally leak-free.
The high frequency radiation component of the induction cooker is extremely low, much lower than that of mobile phones; low frequency electromagnetic radiation is very harmful to the human body, and I think it can be basically ignored.
Regarding the magnetic field and radiation of the induction cooker, there are some quantitative indicators.
But these are not what ordinary consumers need to know.
It can be said that as long as you don’t hold your body close to it when using the induction cooker, its harm is even smaller than that of using your mobile phone to make and receive calls.
Fourth, about the socket used by the induction cooker Induction cooker is generally recommended to power a separate socket.
Important: you should never share the same power outlet with your TV and induction cooker.
It is best to power one wire or one socket (plug strip) of the induction cooker separately.
Otherwise, if the induction cooker burns the fuse, if the performance of the TV is not good, it may easily cause damage to the TV.
同样,电脑也尽量不要和电磁炉共用电源 <炖的可能不好吃,且不安全,别守在旁边》排骨煮白萝卜材料主料:猪小排(猪肋排)250克,辅料:白萝卜100 grams, seasoning: 5 grams of salt, 2 grams of MSG, 5 grams of vinegar, 10 grams of shallots, 5 grams of ginger Wash the pork ribs and chop them into sections; 2. Peel the white radish and cut into pieces; 3. Slicing shallots and ginger slices for future use; 4. Place the pot on a hot fire, pour in boiling water and boil pork ribs and vinegar; 5. Skim the floating foam, add the onion segments and ginger slices to boil, add the white radish pieces, pour into the casserole, cover the lid, and cook on low heat for 2 hours; After the pork ribs are cooked and rotten off the bones, remove the onion section and ginger slices without using, add salt, MSG and adjust the taste. Tips food phase grams: white radish: white radish avoid ginseng, American ginseng. 蟹肉排骨煮凉瓜简介 以凉瓜烹制的菜式多种多样,其中常见的有凉瓜炒牛肉、潮式凉瓜煲等,这次以凉瓜与蟹肉、排骨配搭,又是一With various flavors, the dish highlights the sweet and fresh taste characteristics of cold melon, and it is reasonable and balanced in nutrition. It is a home-style side dish with quite a taste. Ingredients: 250 grams of pork ribs, 400 grams of cold melon, 15 grams of spring onion, 5 grams of white pepper, 10 grams of ginger, 10 grams of fried garlic, 1 crab, raw soy sauce, salt, sugar, chicken soup2. Cut the cold melon into dominoes, marinate it with salt for a while, and rinse it with water; 2. Mix the spare ribs with salt, sugar, and raw soy sauce; 3. Cook the crab with water and remove the meat for use;Open chicken soup, add cold melon, ginger slices, spring onions, cook on medium heat for 10 minutes, then add salt, sugar, white peppercorns to season, add pork ribs and crab meat to cook for 10 minutes, and finally add fried garlic to make.