Cangzhou City Water Environment Quality Further Improves Zhangzhou News Cangzhou Information

  In recent days, the public found that many roads in Yucheng pulled up construction enclosures, and machinery started the pavement. It turned out that this is the city is being transformed into the Yucheng Old Town Archive Management Network.

This is one of the first series of initiatives in the city’s water environment quality.

The reporter learned that in recent years, the city has seriously implemented Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thoughts, and in depth, the surface water pollution prevention and control, the city’s water environment is further improved. At the press conference held by the NATM News Office, the person in charge of the relevant department of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau introduced that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period of the city, the national assessment of the surface water environment quality of the city, 2021, as required to reach Class III There are 14 water quality, and the excellent rate goal is 70%. At present, the city’s surface water environment is maintained overall, from January to October 2021, there are 14 levels of water quality in 20 countries in our city, and the excellent rate is 70%. Among them, the Chengxi Reservoir Water Plant, the Ministry of Taiping Bridge is better than the water quality target. In terms of drinking water safety, from January to October 2021, the water quality of the 16 counties and above drinking water sources is stable to the drinking water standard, and the standard ratio is 100%.

  According to reports, the city has passed the provision of water source protected areas, strictly investigating the pollution, and strictly investing in the river sewage port, tighting the river water quality, the technology helps to check the pollution in the basin, project drive emission reduction, deepen rural sewage treatment , Promote joint defense and other measures, fully strengthen water environmental governance, and strive to solve the problems in water source protection, root the sewage into the river problem, etc., which strongly promotes improvement in water environment.

(Full Media Reporter Wang Taikin).

2017 Mi Mi Wanlong Wuxi Network Literature Writers Salon is successfully held

Recommended reading in the "14th Five-Year Plan" opening, it is necessary to deeply recognize the importance of strengthening intellectual property protection in promoting building a modern economic system, stimulating the innovation of the whole society, supporting the construction of innovative national construction and socialist modernization.

2021-11-0509: 32 Due to the development of Marxism, it is deeply rooted in the people. For the people, relying on the people, it is the theory of the people, and the people’s identity, support and support can only be transformed, and China has changed the world. Human history and vividly explain the theoretical character of "line".

2021-10-2815: 56 Implementing an innovative driving development strategy, accelerating building an innovative country, is a high-quality economic system, building a modern economy system.

"Innovation Drive" deeper important question is "Drive Innovation"? 2021-10-2609: 43 In the process of moving towards the second hundred years of struggle, common wealth has become an important strategic objective for my country’s economic development, and ecological rich people can also play a huge function and role.

From 2021-10-2109: 34 From the perspective of construction experience, the intersection of smart urban construction has been involved in the government to participate in the society, and the multi-main body, diversified model transformation of joint construction operations, "Government guidance + market lead + public participation" The value model is worth reference.

2021-10-1909: 26 Future in the central city and the surrounding urban circles, the population will continue to grow. And in the perimeter of the central city, the population will emerge.

In order to meet the trend of re-layout this population, urban and rural and regional development policies are required to implement differentiation.

2021-10-1514: 04 Digital civilization construction is a systematic project, which involves multi-level content of economic, political, cultural, mental, environment, and continuous optimization of social digital relationships will be an orderly, efficient development of all aspects. Create more convenient conditions. 2021-10-1310: 00 National Day, Meng Liangzhou is returned.

After experiencing storms, peace of mind, she thanked the people of the motherland. She deeply got a strong motherland. When she walked down the plane, she said that people had a good sentence: "There is a five-star red flag, there is a faithful lighthouse." 2021-10-0909: 24 China uses 9% of cultivated land in the world, accounting for nearly 20% of the world, and actively participates in the global elimination of hunger and food trade, not only successfully solves the food problem of more than 1.4 billion people, but also for the world Food security made a prominent contribution. 2021-10-0409: 07 Promoting the construction of the Yellow River National Cultural Park is a strategic starting person, task, systematic and strong system, and need to be well-planned, and need to be well-planned. 2021-10-0209: 07 Review the historical process of reform and opening up for more than 40 years, the Chinese Communist Party has always been able to turn the crisis as the transfer, and promote high quality development, and have accumulated rich and valuable historical experience in this practice process.

2021-09-2614: 57 The American Democratic "transformation" of the United States for 20 years of Afghanistan is just a farce of the US self-directed, "Kabul Time" once again recreated the US "universal value" pseudo mask.

2021-09-1509: 18 "Actively do action, do not do wishes", promote the common prosperity of more than 14 billion people, "China’s rules" practice is the powerful confidence and strength of world peace and development, fully reflecting a The responsibility and responsibility of the big country should be.

2021-08-3110: 05 China is currently superimposing the key nodes of the second modern transformation in the first modernization process, it is necessary to learn from the advanced experience of the first modern transition of developed countries, and face the first time. New Situation of the Second Modern Transformation.

2021-08-1614: 42 Governance corruption, adhere to the party and national supervision system, should adhere to accurate Metei, through continuous deepening of reform and purification political ecology, recover the macro political cost of corruption, and the "toxins" induced corruption.

2021-08-1014: 58 In the current situation of China’s economic finance, the legal supervision system and industry guidance mechanism of self-media should be improved as soon as possible, and the expected management actively extends to the media platform to maintain the effective market. Sex and stability. 2021-07-3116: 13 Fully implement the depth, breadth, breadth and difficulty of rural revitalization strategy, is unbearable, and the intersection of the rural revitalization, "three rural" work must be resolved Full problem paving the road.

2021-07-3009: 45 Whether it is a central region or major strategies in major regions, it is not possible to solidly self-seating, and should further adhere to the "integration" concept on the basis of "hugging", and extends the internal advantageous industry and elements. To other regions, constantly strengthen cooperation between different urban groups. 2021-07-2711: 05 Science and Technology Innovation is the system engineering. People are the most important variables. As long as people play a good role, we will grasp the pulse of innovation, and they have promoted our country better and faster development. Maximum power source.

2021-07-1709: 26 National key information infrastructure scale construction and information technology innovation ability continue to increase, in order to change production methods, lifestyle and governance in digital transformation, high-quality construction of digital economy, digital society, digital government Lined a solid foundation. 2021-07-1517: 31.

Copper beam: human environmental remediation allows the village to open "beauty" mode

Hualong Net – New Chongqing Client November 16th (Correspondent Chen Gang) Recently, in the Tongliang District, Chongqing City, Zhaomo Village, the new and simple farmhouse in front of the city is particularly bright, and the vegetation is full of vitality on both sides of the road. , A beautiful wall and a beautiful courtyard form a bright country landscape. Wayed to the village, the house building facade is unified, the red brick white wall, the roof is unified to cover the resin tile.

In the far household, the window is clear, and the house is clean and tidy.

Looking at it, the entire village is in the wrong way, and a pastoral scenery is good.

The Tongliang District Anju Town is a corner of the mountain village.

Correspondent Chen Gang was introduced by Zheng Ting Ting, secretary of the party branch of Xiangshan Village. Xiangshan Village has a unique geographical environment, adjacent to the Lijiang River, and launched along the provincial 416.

In recent years, Xiangshan Village has vigorously carries out the environmental remediation of human residence, helping rural resolution, and adheres to the development of rural people’s environmental remediation, township, township construction, rural governance, and farmers, from the most basic, visible, farmers It can be made to get the things you can, build a beautiful countryside, so that the beautiful countryside is more beautiful and continuously enhance the happiness index of the masses. The Tongliang District Anju Town is a corner of the mountain village.

Correspondent Chen Ganghot "We fully stimulate the internal motility of the people to participate in the environment and rectification, so that the people enjoy the environment, the benefits of the beauty, thus achieving the whole staff to participate in environmental rectification." Zheng Tingting said, combined with the integral system, village Require the masses to keep the courtyard in front of the house, clean and tidy, the goods in the courtyard are neat, the firewood norms are placed; encourage the masses to use their own bamboo, trees and other materials, and start the bamboo fence, build the chicken duck, Chaima house, etc. Villagers plant fruit trees planted after home chest. Correspondent Chen Gang simultaneously, the farmer who regularly maintains flowers and sweeps the road, can be exchanged in potted flowers, fruit trees, daily necessities, etc.

Nowadays, like the households in the mountain village have points to pass, the accumulation cards are posted, and the masses can consciously maintain the clean hygiene of their home court.

In the Ruba of Xiangshan Village, the author saw that the masses were planted in front of the house, the triangle plum, the carava, the gardenia, the cactus, the jewelry flowers and other flowers, the house is planted, plum tree, eucalyptus tree, peach tree Place fruit trees, there is a beautiful peach source. Xiangshan Village villagers used the chicken duck coils prepared by Nanzhu. Correspondent Chen Gang photo "We are now having a good food in the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Necessary and orderly, Lujiayuan was also rated as "the most beautiful courtyard" in Tongmiang District this year, and won the award.

Zheng Zongxian also told the author that the village was also piloted in his family, with a high-end massage chair, chess, fitness ball and other entertainment facilities.

At the same time, under the support of the town and villages, the villagers around the village also spontaneously organized the publicity of environmental remediation policies, and got a review of farmers who were chaotic.

In addition, Xiangshan Village also regularly organizes villagers to participate in volunteer services, promoting people’s environmental remediation, garbage classification, filial piety love, civilization law, etc. Dear users, "Chongqing" customers have officially revised to upgrade to "New Chongqing" client. For subsequent use, please scan the QR code above and download the new version in time. More quality content, more convenient experience, we are waiting for you in "New Chongqing"! .

A combat map, assemble "100 groups", break through "Cascade", Wu Hao tells the ? red print

Tian Yuehui: "Xinhua Daily (North China Version)" released the first Jiejun "North China Traffic Line Attack War off, the eight-way army hundred groups elite at the same time", the first time I mentioned the word "100".

Since then, this loud name is awkward.

Subsequently, the Eighth Route Army and the Japanese army have launched a more fierce battle, and they have conducted the second phase of the Japanese military base, and the Japanese military retaliated the third stage of the "sweeping".

From August 20 to December 194, the enemy’s military and civilians were closely matched, and they were fighting for 1824 times, smashed the day, and more than 10,000 people; pulling more than 470 kilometers away from the railway, more than 1500 kilometers. However, the Eighth Route Army also paid a price of more than 10,000 people. On January 24, 1941, the 5-month hundred groups have won the victory at the end of the "sweeping" in North China.

Tian Yuehui: The Battle of Baiguan is the largest and strategic attack on the eighth road army in North China. It is also a majority of the international fascist invading the airweight, China’s anti-war faces a critical moment of the critical test. Significance strategic action. After the news of the Bandal Wars, China’s military-hearted people were oscillated.

During this battle, the North China enemy led by the China Communist Party’s anti-Japanese military people worked together, and the former servants were followed, and the blood of the Japanese invaders fought, showing the spirit of the Chinese nation, and wrote a glorious page in the history of China’s anti-Japanese war.

I am the Eighth Route Army Taihang Memorial Tellors Li Yu Lei, born in 1995.

I often feel that the museum is used to collect memory, and memory needs to be activated by a precious cultural relic.

The turmoil war age, a military map planned six roads on the battlefield, deploying the eight parties, witnessing the difficult history of the blood battle in the Baiguan Warrior, and let us regain the paragraph related ‘not fearful, bloody battle Bonfire memory. As a tandem, I would like to lead more people to pick up this memory again, let it be a spiritual wealth that encourages us to move towards new journey.

50 miljoen yuan! Zhengzhou-couponwelzijn zal morgen weer komen

  goed nieuws! Zhengzhou’s kleine vrienden hebben voordelen! Op 19 november wordt de nieuwe fase van 50 miljoen yuan-kortingsbonnen uitgegeven.

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(Chief Reporter Yang Guifang) (Editor-in: Snior, Yang Xiana) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

The high-quality development of high-quality development in the high-quality development of Tang Dynasty, the "2021, China Real Estate Most Radical Company" Award

, Focusing advantage, etc., Datang Group Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Datang Group Holdings) won the title of "China Real Estate" Top 2021.

The market demand and the industry will move in the future, and incentive.

The company award is based on the data contrast and algorithm model score mechanism, paying attention to the future growth, soft strength, highlighting brand value, and selection of high quality development samples in the new period. 100 million yuan, increased by 23 billion over the end of last year, with an increase of 41%, reflecting the Group’s operating funds and health. At the same time, its operational blood ability is also greatly strengthened. During the period, Datang Group Holdings Cash 200 million, increased by 114% from the same period last year. Aspect, Datang Group Holdings are also continuously optimized. As of June 30, 2021, Datang real estate net and liability rate is%, down 11 percentage points from the end of the previous year; cash short debt ratio is basically in the end of last year, maintaining a green line standard.

In the case of the collective reduction rating of many real estate companies, Datang Group Holdings are still subject to trust and recognition of international rating agencies, and by Moody and S & P. Holdings in the main market development of real estate and contract sales scale, as well as long-term and robust financial indicators. Editor in charge: kJ005.

2021 "Safe Production Month" activity started

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 1 (Reporter Liu Xiacun) This year is the 20th National "Safe Production Month" this year. The Office of the State Council, the Emergency Management Department held a "Safe Production Month" activity in Beijing in Beijing on June 1, this year’s theme is "implementing safety responsibility and promoting safety development". The meeting requires, we must deeply understand the importance of "safety production month" activities. The current national security production situation is generally stable, but there are large accidents in some industries, and the safety prevention pressure continues to increase, and the task is more heavy.

All regions, relevant departments and units should be carefully organized, refine deployment, and actively carry out the activities of "Safe Production Month" under the conditions of prevention and control of normalization.

To stand out the theme, organize all regions, relevant departments and units and enterprises to watch the learning "Life is more important than Taishan – Learn General Secretary on Safety Production on Safety Production" Risk, overall management, decline in safety precautions, and prevent the blind spoop vulnerability, effectively prevent the remediation of heavy accidents; closely surround the special rectification of safety production three-year action, sum up experience practices, promote the results of the system, strengthen the problem hidden danger Warning exposure, practical construction of safety production lines.

To strengthen publicity, expand security and publicity channels and audiences, enhance the safety awareness and conscious action of the whole society, and further mobilize all walks of life to do safety production work.

To actually play effect, promote the deeper nature of safety production. (Editor: Yuan Bo, Niu Yi) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

Sichuan Province introduced the implementation of the opinion and issued a notice to promote the "two studies and one" learning education normalization institutionalization

Original title: Our province has introduced and issued a notice to promote "two learning and one" learning education, institutionalization, adherence to the daily, put "two learning one" as the basic content of party members education, forming normal adherence, promoting levels Party organizations and party members rely on their own power to correct mistakes, improve the adherence to leadership lead, give full play to leadership, leading cadres to lead demonstration role to adhere to classification guidance, targeted work measures, explore the effective way to educate education and organize life within the new party Recently The Office of the Provincial Party Committee issued the "Implementation Opinions on" Studying the Institutionalization of Two Learning "and issued a notice, requiring the party organizations at all levels to study the General Secretary of Xi Jinping to promote" two learning. " The spirit of learning the institutionalization of educational normalization, from the high level of politics, the "two studies and one do" learn "learning education, the constitutionalization, adhere to the party regulations to regulate the party members and cadres, and use the general secretary of the close" Important speech, unpacking mind, guiding practice, and promoting work.

"Implementation Opinions" pointed out that the "two studies and one to do" learn the institutionalization of schooling, and further use the general secretary of the general secretary of Xi Jinping, strengthen and regulate the party’s political life, maintain the party’s advanced nature and purity. Enhance the vitality of the party, consolidate the development of good political ecology, inspiring the majority of party members to do qualified party members, as a leader, to ensure that all levels of party organizations and the majority of party members are more closely united around the Party Central Committee of Xi Jinping as the core, constantly create Chinese characteristics The new situation of the socialist business, promoting the governance of Xingchuan, and accelerate the construction of beautiful and prosperous and harmonious Sichuan, struggling to write the Chinese dream Sichuan chapter, with significant and far-reaching significance. Promote the "two learning and one" learning education, institutionalization, must put ideological and political construction first, adhere to ideological education, further tighten the ideological "total switch"; insist on incorporating daily, put "two learning" as party members Basic content forms a normal state; adhere to the problem-oriented, promote party organizations and party members to rely on their own power to correct mistakes, improve improvement; adhere to leadership lead, give full play to leadership, leading cadres to lead demonstration roles; adhere to classification guidance, targetedly formulate work Measures, explore an effective way to create education and organize life within the new party.

"Implementation Opinions" requires careful arrangement of learning content, and earnestly uses the general speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping.

Adhere to the original, learn the principle, understand the principle of understanding, to list the key learning books, list the key learning book; adhere to the actual learning, bring problems, continue to follow up, and learn about the General Secretary of Xi Jinping to Sichuan’s work "important instructions Contemporaneously, firmly use the general secretary of Xi Jinping, the spirit of the national secret speech and the new ideological new idea of ??the governing the country, the new idea of ??the new ideas, the governance of the Sichuan; adhere to the basic system, innovative way, multi-channel learning, in the province’s administrative village Covering the Night School of Peasants and promoting learning education to each branch, each party member.

"Implementation Opinions" emphasized that we must deepen the ideological and political construction of leadership teams and consolidate the development of good political ecology.

To promote the normalization of ideological and political construction, focus on strengthening political guidance, improving governance ability, resolutely refreshing the corruption, cultivating the new wind, the construction of the corruption, and strengthening the construction, and stimulates the spirit and continues to deepen the ideological and political construction of the leadership team. It is necessary to adhere to the close combination of the party and the system of the party and the system to carry out the new ideological strategy of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the new ideological strategy and the provincial party committee to govern the Zhuxuan major decision-making deployment and training, continuously carry out ideological theory, law, warning and advanced typical "Four Education", strengthen the construction of political culture within the party, standardize the operational mechanism of leaders, and adhere to the precision scientific selection people, and grasp the incentive of cadres.

It is necessary to strictly grasp the regular management supervision of cadres, and establish a report and check-out system of personal issues and check-out system, lay-level classification, and strengthen political discipline and political rules and internal political life. Guidelines, the supervision and inspection of the party’s internal supervision regulations, establish a list of powers, and continuing to use the right strength.

"Implementation Opinions" clearly, to practice "four speaking four" standards, guide party members to do qualified party members, and do personnel. Party organizations at all levels should guide the majority of party members to make political qualifications, implement discipline, qualified and qualified, in accordance with the "four speeches and four" standards. It is necessary to "meet the 19th National Congress of the Party and" Implement the Party’s 19th National Congress, the Eleventh Party Congress of the Provincial Party Congress, and the Qualified Party Member, Drafter Pioneer "is the theme, and deepen the demonstration action of the Communist Party member. Education and guide the majority of party members. The sleeves were dried, and the body was firmly implemented. It is necessary to give full play to the advanced typical demonstration role, and vigorously promote the advanced party organization and excellent party members of the "two studies".

"Implementation Opinions" requires that the ideological work is actually realistic to find solving problems, maintain the advanced nature of party organizations and party members. Party organizations at all levels and the majority of party members must dare to face the problem, be brave in the self-revolution, and put the solution to solve the problem as the provisions of learning education. To make the party’s organizational life as an important way to find and solve problems, pay attention to listen to the opinions and reflection of the masses, and grasp the small, anti-micro. Party organizations and party members and cadres must accurately focus on the problem of democratic life conference and special organization life, formulate rectification programs, implement rectification measures, and tell the establishment of row.

It is necessary to carry out three rectification, "look back", and promote rectification of normal long-term performance. "Implementation opinions" emphasized that "key minorities" must be grasped, give full play to leadership, leading cadres to lead the demonstration role. Party members’ leadership cadres should take "two students" as the basic skills of tempering party spirit, must repair the courses, strengthen political ability training, strengthen political experience, consciously put politics run through the whole process of daily work life, run through the whole process of party sexual exercise, with distinctive Speak politics.

The leadership must take the lead in learning, take the lead; leading cadres must have higher standards, higher requirements, take the lead in realism, and learn to learn. Leading cadres must take the lead in strengthening party spirit, take the lead in strict self-discipline, take the lead in responsible, take the lead to do qualified party members, qualified leading cadres.

The "Implementation Opinions" requires the basic system of "two learning and one lesson", and the "three sessions and one lesson".

To establish a distinctive orientation of all the party’s work to the branch, the ideological and political work has fallen to the branch, and the party members from the strict education management will fall into the branch, and the masses will be put into the branch. It is necessary to improve the quality of the "three sessions", highlight political learning and education, highlight party sexual exercise, highlight a certain type of ceremony, adhere to the party class, promote the party day of the party branch, and use the red education base to carry out open organization life .

It is necessary to strengthen the basic construction of the party branch, improve the basic organization, build strong basic team, improve the basic system, and strengthen basic guarantees.

"Implementation Opinions" emphasized that party organizations at all levels should promote the "two learning to do" learning education normalification institutionalization as a basic engineering of strict governance parties, grabbing, and earnestly grasping the heads of responsibility; Organize the "two studies and one" learning education is included in the party’s party construction work assessment, party organization secretary pays the important content of the party construction work; we must focus on the overall "five-in-one" overall layout and coordinate "four comprehensive "The strategic layout and in-depth implementation of the" three major development strategies ", struggling to achieve" two leaps ", consciously combine learning education with the stability of reform and development, and complete the local, this department (unit) key task Combining, integrating with the center work, attached to the active thing that is doing, adheres to both hands, and do two promotion, continuously inspiring party members and cadres, the gathering of the gathering, and the new steps.

(Reporter Lin Ling) (Editor: Cheng Hongyi, Chang Xuemei).

Provide the "China Program" for the construction of Olympic venues in the world – Interview with Chairman Yue Peng, Chairman of Beijing State-owned Companies

  Xinhua News Agency, November 11th: "China Program" to the World Provided Olympic Venue Construction Operation – Interview with Chairman Yue Peng Xinhua News Agency, Chairman of Beijing, Beijing, Zhao Xu, Zhang Wei from 2008 to 2022, from "Bird’s Nest" "Water Cube" to "Ice Ribbon", Beijing State-owned Asset Management Co., Ltd. has become a "two Olympics" witnesses and pro-party, becoming the "Shuang Olympics" in Beijing.

  During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing State-owned Companies completed the investment and construction and event security tasks of 5 major Olympic venues such as National Stadium, National Swimming Center, National Tennis Center, Hostel and Archery, and launched national stadiums and national swimming. The central operation duties have formed "China Experience" in the Olympic venues "repeated utilization, lasting use, comprehensive utilization".

Winter Olympics enters Beijing time, Beijing State-owned Companies shoulders the new mission of national stadium, national swimming center renovation and national speed slot, and will also undertake the sports display and award ceremony. "Bird’s Nest" and "Ice Ribbon" are hailed as "two Olympics" landmarks. "If the ‘Bird’s Nest" is the’ China Image ‘, the’ Ice Ribbon ‘represents the’ China Program ‘.

"Chairman Yue Peng, Chairman of Beijing State-owned Companies.

  On October 10, "Meeting Beijing" speed before answering, "Meeting Beijing" speed is ended in the National Sliding Hall "Ice Ribbon".

This test was fully inspected in accordance with the principle of "full elements test", fully inspected venue facilities and service security.

The competition is also the first international event that "Ice Ribbon" is completed after the opening of the enabled. "In the 3-day competition, four athletes slipped out of personal achievements." Yue Peng introduced that an important factor in the breakthrough in the contestants lied to the "fastest ice" created by the country’s speed skid. "Before the game, the Chinese and foreign ice groups in the national speed slot in accordance with the athlete feedback, which provides a guarantee for the athletes.

"In the National Swimming Center that turned into" ice cube "as" ice cube ", the Chinese team won the 2021 World Wheelchair Champion Championship, this event is also the only winter disabled in this" meeting Beijing "series test. Olympic test project. The venue hardware facilities and event services in the National Swimming Center have accepted a comprehensive inspection. Kate Kate Kate Kate Kate, who did not violate the "ice cube", indicating athlete locker, barrier-free ramp, etc. Behind the facilities are very delicate. "Behind the score is the system planning and bold innovation of the renovation of venues.

"Yue Peng said. In this test competition, the epidemic prevention and control is the top priority. Yue Peng introduced that under the guidance of the professional epidemic prevention management department, the venue is based on the customer base space and streamline of different risk levels. "The" closed-loop ", and also formulated a sound epidemic prevention program and an epidemic prevention manual, and the epidemic prevention and control" one-in-one policy ", ensuring that the partition does not overlap, the streamline does not cross, the boundary must be strict, personnel Not cross-zone.

  "The test match is an important simulation test before the winter of Winter Olympics. It is not only a test of the hardware of the venue, but also a comprehensive inspection of the service guarantee work.

"Yue Peng said that the overall success of this test competition also reached the purpose of" checking and leaking ". In the ice and snow, the Chinese story music, light, projection is fortified, and the law is beautiful.

At the National Swimming Center 2021 World Wheelchair Curling Tournament, four parallel curling tracks and audiences "investment screen", colorful "digital curling" with a variety of pitches, in order to participate in the competition, The coach presents an ice music picture.

  Yue Peng introduced that the Bei’ao Group, Beijing State-owned Companies, as the official "Sports Show and Award Ceremony Service" sponsor of the Beijing Winter Olympics, created the primary river from the host enterprises as the official "Sports Show and Award Ceremony Service" of the Olympic Games.

  "The light show of this wheelchair ice capping World Championships is the drill of a sports show.

"Yue Peng said that the Sports Show link of Beijing Winter Olympics will focus on highlight Chinese elements.

The audio used on-site will not only select local representative music based on the countries and regions from the contestants, but also the music of Beijing and Hebei. The content of the projection will combine the venue characteristics and competition projects around Chinese culture, event, winter, etc.. At present, the North Olympian Group has formulated a perfect work program and security work program, and has formed 9 Winter Olympics Sports Exhibition Personnel Team.

In order to better demonstrate Chinese culture, North Olympics is innovative in video production, shooting, audience entertainment interaction, and better integrate cultural demonstrations into the stadium. "During the Winter Olympics game, it will also stage Chinese traditional lion dance performances, which show the global audience, showing a variety of Chinese culture." Yue Peng introduced.

  Many of the staff participating in the Beijing Olympic Games from the representative "China Program" to the "China Program" "Company participated in the Beijing Winter Olympics project.

Yue Peng said that from the Summer Olympic Games to the Winter Olympic Games, it is the transfer of Olympic experience. It is also the continuation of the Olympic complex. "When foreign friends learned that my Beijing State-owned company is the investment operator of ‘Bird’s Nest’, it is always sincere commend.

Whenever I am so honored. "Yue Peng said," The ‘Ice Ribbon "has widely carried out scientific and technological research and independent innovation in the construction, contributing to the world’s design, Chinese technology, Chinese materials, and China’s manufacturing of Olympic venues to build’ China Program ‘. This makes me more proud.

"In terms of construction technology," Ice Ribbon "achieved the world’s largest span orthogonal two-way saddle-shaped cable network roof, cracked the roof cable network structure high vanadium closed cable" card neck "technology.

Wan square meters of ice is the "most environmentally friendly ice" made from carbon dioxide, in green, environmentally friendly, and sustainable aspects establish a new benchmark.

Similarly, the National Swimming Center creatively proposes the "water ice conversion" double Olympic venue renovation plan, which has built a series of technical problems. National stadium transformation highlights wisdom, green and humanized characteristics, will open new models for sustainable development. "In the operation of the game, the ‘Ice Ribbon’ also provides the world of China Program ‘." Yue Peng introduced, on the one hand, continue to strengthen the close relationship with the event organization, strive for international, national high-end event resources; another In terms of strategic cooperation, actively organize relevant sports events and mass activities, and create another example of the operation of the Olympic venue after the "Bird’s Nest" "Water Cube".

  "At the beginning of the birth of the Olympic venue, ‘body’, still have to surname ‘" after the game, the main function after the game is still a cultural and sports activities. It is necessary to highlight the concept of "people centered", and the venues should serve the people.

"Yue Peng said that the future" Ice Ribbon "" Ice Cube "should serve the whole people’s ice," Ice Cube "South Square underground construction will be open, the people open to the masses in the whole year." Can experience and In-depth participation in ‘two Olympics’, is a huge honor of Beijing State-owned Companies, is a major mission.

"Yue Peng said," Delivery to complete the preparations for Winter Olympics, only the lowest standard, there will be more goals in the future to achieve one. "


Seven Star Guanzu District: Orange Man Garden Full Harvest

Tourists experience pick.

In recent years, the orange full garden community has adhered to the village social partners. In recent years, the "three changes" experience, "Company + cooperative + farmers" development modelStrengthen the collective economy and promote more village employment income."Next, we will also vigorously promote the industrialization of agriculture, focus on highlighting, due to local preparation, development goals, grasp the point, take the point, create high quality citrus demonstration planting project, and highlight the production and sales docking and industrial integration,Really realize the community income, the masses get rich. "Zhang Yan, the party’s total party secretary of the orange, the town of Qingshui Town, said Zhang Yan.(图 / 文杰) (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.