Take care of her grandmother:“What is your hoe??

When did I not change??”
Lu Si whispered:“When will I change?,Always been an old stubborn。”
Take care of your grandmother,Vaditude:“soy Mujer,You are 嘀咕 骂 我?”
Lu Si was shocked,Getting older,The ears are still so good?
“hehe”She brings a lip:“grandmother,I didn’t yell you.,How do I dare to marry you??”
“I say,Pair,Can you help me buy a double shoe??”
Le Yu looked at his own feet,Good territory,She will be sick。
She hates cold,Very annoying。
Shen Jiaqi,Apologize,“Gather,sorry,Just now,Thanks to you。
But the shoes of our two people,I sold a pair of good high heels,I want to wait for the child to be born.,Still new,You put it first.,This place is cool,Blue is not said,Are you afraid of cold??”
Le Yu is a glimpse,I saw Shen Jiaqi,Heart warm,Blue, you can remember that she is afraid of cold,Mu Ziyi remembers that she is afraid of cold,Remember only。
She laughed,It seems that she did not seriously talk about love these three years.。
She looked at Shen Jiaqi laughing:“Jiaqi,give it to me,thank you,Remember that I am afraid of cold。”
She memory,Blue is a very warm person。
Jiaqi is also,Sisi is also,Life is everywhere,But there is always a warm moment。
Shen Jiaqi called someone to take a shoe in the lounge,Give Le Yu。
The clerk quickly cleaned up the store.,The store can be opened normally.。
Shen Jiaqi made her aunt made a big table dish.,Everyone eats together in a small courtyard。
Le Yu is here to think about drinking,But just played a,Many mood have a lot。
Now she doesn’t want to drink alcohol,I want to know about Gujia’s things.,Who is so lacking?,Want to make a good thing?。
Lin Dami sits around Shen Jiaqi,Gu Xiaoyama is also sitting in the other side of Shen Jiaqi.。
Gu Xiaoyamai glanced at Lin Deni,“Hui Mom,What is your low??
A pair of thieves。”
Lin Dami helplessly saw her,In front of the outside,Can she leave myself a little face??
Lu Si is also in front of a fire,“Yes,Gu Boyu,Are you doing something sorry??
Why can’t take it up??”
Lin Dami listened,Just feel that body is tight,How did this, how did this unknown Mu Qingjie??
This nerve strip,No wonder we will divorce。

Zhu Lei wakes up soon,I actually smiled when I saw Li Tianchou,“That’s too late,I threw it away,He’s got it right。Ha ha。”

Li Tianchou feels sad,Motioned him not to speak,Check Zhu Lei’s body carefully,Seems to be fine,Maybe I was fainted just now。The only regret is that my hearing is much worse,One ear seems to be deaf。
There was a sirens in the distance,Such a big thing,Someone must have called the police。Sitting on the ground, Zhu Lei suddenly struggled to stand up,“You go quickly,I’ll deal with the police coming。”
“How do you deal with it alone?”
“I am the restaurant owner,Do you have a problem in your store??But you are there,If recognized,Then it will be a big trouble。”Zhu Lei is anxious。
Li Tianchou had to think about it,He nodded,“I’m around,I’ll call you some helpers。”After speaking, he jumped on the motorcycle and galloped away。And Zhu Lei couldn’t stand still and sat down on the ground,He took out his cell phone and dialed the emergency number without a hurry,Fire Phone,Anyway, all that can be dialed,The livelier the better。
I just found a quiet place,Li Tianchou called Qi Baozhu,Everything is normal over there,He briefly introduced the situation of the restaurant,Then ordered Fu De and Xiao Liu to prepare,Rush back to pick up someone。
When Li Tianchou’s motorcycle returned to the compound,A dark place not far outside,A few shadows just evacuated。
“I fucking grass,Could this surnamed Li be an unknown prophet??Nima’s,Busy for a long time。”A tall and thin man is unwilling,Bitter complaint。
“Who the hell knows,Chen Bin, this fool can’t do anything at all,And help him be the boss,That decay。”Another person。
“Complain about a ball?Strictly guarded by others,Fortunately the boss informed,Otherwise, we must suffer a lot。”
“Be careful when you go back,Mad King is in a bad mood,Don’t be unlucky。”
The restaurant had to close the next day,The police not only turned the restaurant inside and out,And took away all the remaining flower baskets,Not sure how long to investigate。But it just opened one day and closed,This is a great psychological shock to everyone,Everyone is depressed and uncomfortable。
Zhu Lei is being treated in the hospital,Perforation of left ear eardrum,And a slight concussion,In fact, the injury was quite serious,Even the transcript of the inquiry was made in the ward。Fu De became the busiest person at this time,As the legal representative of Yuxing,He squatted in the police station for a long time,After being cross-examined,Went to the streets to find relationships,See when the restaurant can reopen。
Li Tianchou、broad bean、Qi Baozhu has a record,Can’t show up。It’s useless to stay in the yard in a hurry。Everyone is very emotional,Especially Qi Baozhu may lose control,So Li Tianchou couldn’t walk away for a while。
Wen Hui and Xiao Song came back in the evening,The news brought back made everyone very frustrated。Despite all the hard work of Fu De,But there is still no deadline for the restaurant to reopen;Zhu Lei’s condition improved quickly,But he is also very irritable,After all, deafness in one ear is unacceptable。
Li Tianchou silently observes everyone,In my heart, I’m secretly calculating how to kill the mad king in one go,Never let this perverted dangerous man go this time,Otherwise, I really should have Zhu Lei’s words,Lingering。But the biggest headache is the teapot’s next news,I don’t know when there will be,How will it appear again?It’s always shocking, making people’s hearts unbearable。

When Lu Monkey saw Wang Youcai,Said with a smile。

Wang Youcai walked over,Grabbed him by the collar,Just pulled him out of the bed。Lu Monkey saw Wang Youcai’s face,Be honest all at once。To know,When this guy was following Gao Wei,,Don’t put Wang Youcai in his face at all,But it’s different now。It’s really 30 years in Hedong,Hexi for thirty years。
“Listen to me,This place will come less。What is the relationship between Boss Chen and,You know in your heart。If you are really disobedient,Next time,Don’t ask for your two legs”
Wang Youcai said,There was a fierce light on his face。Monkey Lu nodded in shock,Floating straight on Chen Xiaoju’s body。
Chen Xiaoju didn’t even look at Lu Monkey,I feel like this person is like air。
“Boss Wang,I asked two girls to come and accompany you,I’m free today”Chen Xiaoju said with a smile。
Wang Youcai shook his head and said:“no need,Monkey Lu has already played,I just forget it。Two cups of tea,I have something to talk to this guy”
“Boss Wang,The girl here is nice,Boss Chen is free again,There is such a good thing,Why don’t you enjoy。Or you just let me”
Lu monkey licking his face,Look like a rascal。
Wang Youcai said nothing,Suddenly throw a punch,This punch hit Lu Monkey on the forehead。This guy snorted,Fell on the bed。Chen Xiaoju sees it,Just pretending to see nothing,Walked out the door quickly。
After a while,Lu Monkey took a breath,He said with a smile:“Wang Youcai!You fucking want my life?Still said you want to talk to me”
“You really think of yourself as an onion,What can you say about me and you?Just like you,No more than two days,This street in Pingdu,There will be one more beggar,This person is you。You are not promising,The old guy”
Wang Youcai scolded,Fist and want to hit。Lu Monkey turned over,Quickly hid in the corner。

“What did you drink for them?Get the antidote,Otherwise I will break your arm first”Xia Jian said,The strength in the hands is getting bigger and bigger。Wang Laogua can’t stand it anymore,He started to tremble。

“Xia Ge!Stop talking nonsense with him,Let him go first,This person is bad,Be careful of him”Lu Wanting said out of breath,I can see that she is very uncomfortable。
Xia Jian no longer hesitates,One plus strength in the hand,Wang Laogua shouted:“do not!I give the antidote”This old guy can’t stand it anymore。The other hand took a small paper bag from his pocket,Left on the table。
“Call everyone in,Just step in the corner for me,Otherwise, your boss’s arm won’t be kept”Xia Jian said to the big guy who shot him just now。
That person can tell,Wang Laogua wants to escape from Xia Jian,Is not an easy task,He ran out quickly,Not much effort,He called all the guards in the yard, Squatted honestly in the corner with the few in the house。
Father and daughter Lu Wanting taking the antidote,One by one got better。Lu Wanting stood up first,She moved her body,Can’t help but scold:“Wang Laogua!You are not human,What shit did you give grandma?,I was almost uncomfortable”
Gao Deju walked slowly to Xia Jian,Whispered:“Leave this old thing to me,You take a break”Her words haven’t finished,I saw this woman make an uppercut,Hit Wang Laogua’s cheek,Several teeth flew out of his mouth with blood。
Wang Laogua yelled in pain,Gao Deju’s cruelty surprised Xia Jian。He said quickly:“Forgive and forgive,As long as you are okay,Let him go!”
“it is good!Young people are people who do big things,Although this Wang Lao Gu treated me like this,But i can’t hate it,Let him go!”Lu Changfei said,Turned his head aside。
Xia Jianyi listen,Let go,He is afraid that if Gao Deju strikes again,The teeth in this old guy’s mouth may be all polished。
Wang Laogua got out of Xia Jian’s control,He glanced at Lu Changfei and said:“Even if you let me go,But i won’t remember your favor,The mountain does not turn, the water turns,See you later,Either you die or I die”
Wang Laogua finished,Turned around and took his people away quickly,When he goes out,A glimpse of Xia Jiantou,I can see the murderous look in his eyes。
Lu Changfei walked to Xia Jian,Patted him on the shoulder and said:“Young people have good skills,Really rare。Thank you for taking the matter tonight,But can’t spread,This is the rule”
“dad!See what you say,They are not ordinary young people,He is the boss of the startup group”Lu Wanting said proudly。
Gao Deju’s eyes are always sweeping back and forth on Xia Jian,She heard that Xia Jian is the general manager of the venture group,Suddenly came the spirit,She laughed:“Yo!It’s Mr. Xia!Handsome,Good skill,Still have money,No wonder my Wanting never forgets you,If this changes me,me too”
“Save it!The old ones are scum,Still here with tenderness”Lu Changfei couldn’t help but say Gao Deju。
Gao Deju said with a cold snort:“I like!Bullshit”
The old couple,In front of Xia Jian,Started arguing。This makes Lu Wanting so angry,Eyes wide open,She said coldly:“Hurry back,Be careful and kill Wang Laogua again”
“Uncle and Auntie should go,Be careful in everything,This man showed a fierce face when he left,You have to be careful,I want to go back“Xia Jian finished,Turn around and go。
Lu Wanting chased Xia Jian until she reached the alley,She whispered:”Thank you!This tonight,Only you can deal with it,No one else,Only for money。But I know,Even if I gave them money,They may not let us go,So only a complete solution,But among the people I know,Only you have this ability“

Chapter Twenty Seven Vientiane Demon?

Just when Li Ming appeared at a distance of a hundred meters near Yingyue Hall,Suddenly a few breaths burst out。
There are several breaths approaching quickly,Three Vientiane Monster Beasts flew out of the cave!
Three-headed Vientiane Avenue,One of them is a flower cat,But the two tails behind him are quite conspicuous,One is a bear demon,Whole body brown-gray,Bulky,The strongest breath,The huge bear paw is still holding a pair of sledgehammers。
And the last,But it is a monster transformed into a human form,Li Ming does not deliberately investigate and cannot know what monster it is。
These three big monsters form a triangle,Trap Li Ming in the middle,But apart from these three big monsters,Li Ming also sensed ten breaths to lock himself,There is actually the breath of an old demon from the soul。
“Was found?”Li Ming was also surprised,He is《Nine Turns Xuan Gong》getting Started,Changes。
“who are you,How did you get in!”Two-tailed cat demon looks alert,Amber eyes fixed on Li Ming,In addition to being 70% alert,More suspicious。In fact,If it weren’t for them, this cave is controlled by an old demon,See one‘Mosquito’Through the thunder,They will never find anyone enters。
And this also stunned the demon,After all, they have run the nest for hundreds of years,Saito has never been able to attack。
“Naturally walked in!”Li Ming for these monsters,But not so kind。
Non-self race,He knows his heart will be different。
Panlong universe has no ethnic struggles,However, the main theme of devouring the starry sky and universe is the struggle between races for resources and territory.。
Even if I have been the ancestor of the candle dragon for tens of millions of years,But he still prefers human race,There are only three or five heads in the Yaozu that make him blue eyes。
Li Mingyi move,Change back to human form。
“Humanity,Answer our question,otherwise,dead!”Vientiane real person transformed into a human female form,The form of expression is quite elegant and charming,But the voice is hoarse and dry,With a special rhythm。
Li Ming shook his head,Don’t want to say more。
Star Domain Expansion,The time and space around it seems to be frozen,The three-headed Vientiane Great Demon changes simultaneously。
“boom!”Two-tailed cat monsters and monsters transformed into humanoids can’t move at all。
But it seems bulky,In fact, the most powerful bear demon wielding two hammers,Actually shook Li Ming’s Dao domain。

It’s me,Don’t do it myself!

Why,Not only did I not lose my strength when I worked hard,Even more energy than you,I don’t have my share when I eat meat?Is it because I was born with a angry face?Cheng Xingming and Sun Shoupeng know very well,It’s on myself,Don’t do it myself。
But in this plan of the Jialing Factory,This mini car project is of great significance to the Jialing plant,Far more significant than the motorcycle project,Unceremoniously,Once this project can be successfully launched,The position of Jialing Factory in the system is moving up.。
the most important is,Chen Geng’s refusal is also intriguing,He didn’t say he couldn’t do it,But rather dissatisfied with the consequences,This is interesting。
The two quickly explained at the same time:“Mr. Chen,We don’t mean that……”
“It doesn’t matter what you mean,The important thing is that this incident has had a serious impact on me,”Chen Geng seems to be very upset,I waved my hand directly:“Two,I am a little uncomfortable,Let’s get here first today?”
Chen Geng used his sickness as an excuse to provoke people,What else can Cheng Xingming and Sun Shoupeng do??Just say goodbye。
Come out from Chen Geng,Sun Shoupeng frowned:“Lao Cheng,I always think we seem to have forgotten something。”
“is it?”Cheng Xingming heard,I frowned and thought for a moment:“Seems to be……”
But what’s the matter?
The two looked at each other,Pat the thigh at the same time……
“The head of the ministry asked us to inquire about it!”
I thought that the ministry had repeatedly told me to figure out things I had forgotten,The two people suddenly felt annoyed。
at the same time,Mirren also asked Chen Geng curiously:“boss,I think this mini car project is good,You really don’t plan to do?”
Chen Geng without any signs of discomfort,Asked rhetorically:“Who said i’m not going to do it?”
“what?”Mirren froze for a while:“You obviously refused just now……”
“I refused because I need Jialing factory to give us better cooperation conditions,”Chen Geng said with a smile,In a good mood:“Want to cooperate with us in the car?Their Jialing factory must show some sincerity。”

A lot of horses,Outstretched arms,Cross back and forth,Facing Chen Jiannan,Feel quite calm。

Chen Jiannan warmed up,Before striding,Slightly sideways,Poses Sanda,Protect your chest with fists,Staring at each other like a falcon。
Talking late,Then soon,Chen Jiannan stepped forward,A left uppercut strikes like lightning,Hook to the other’s right cheek。
His punch,Not only uses the strength of the arm,But while moving,With the help of waist and abdomen,Penetrate the whole body,Fast and accurate。
This punch,Everyone has a good eye,All know how great。
Whether it’s power or speed,All break through the level of ordinary fighting enthusiasts,Reached a very professional standard。
Missed,The middle-aged man swayed slightly,Left palm cut out,Chen Jiannan’s fist was easily attached,Receive and give away,So he blocked this fist。
Followed by,The middle-aged man takes a half step forward,The upper arm drives the shoulder,Seem to rely on,Stuck to Chen Jiannan。
The distance between the two suddenly narrowed,Actually, it started hand-to-hand。
Chen Jiannan has rich practical experience,Suddenly feel bad,Even think about it,An uppercut,Hit the opponent’s lower abdomen to the chest。
With his power,If this punch is firm,Even if the opponent is a cow,I’m afraid I will vomit on the spot。
I don’t know the opponent’s footwork is so fast,With an extremely light retreat step,Calmly escaped Chen Jiannan’s uppercut,And a backhand,Slapped Chen Jiannan on the shoulder。
This palm is not heavy,If it hits the shoulders of ordinary people,It’s worth it, But for Chen Jiannan,Not hurt yet,To be so,But also surprised Chen Jiannan。
The opponent’s footwork is weird,The technique is even more tricky,obviously,Flexible than change,Chen Jiannan admits he is not an opponent,So he changed his mind,Immediately launched a set of open and close play。
Everyone watching around saw the wind and fists,Brother Nan seems to have burst out suddenly,Used a set of combo punches,Like a storm,Without stopping at all,Punch after punch and go straight to the opponent。
Chen Jiannan is already strong,Extremely long arm span,Born to be a good frame for fighting,Plus he is a brave man,Whether it is guts or boldness,All of the best。

Finished,Lin Yoona strode out of the bedroom。

And Xiao Fan,He was stunned in place,What is it that I can only watch。
Lin Yoona today,What exactly is going on?
Could it be because last night,Suddenly got such a large amount of fortune and was so happy!
But what does it matter??
Lin Yoona, she only needs to be happy。
As for the reason,That for myself,What does it matter??
Subsequently,Xiao Fan smiled faintly,And walked out of the bedroom。
quickly,Two people had breakfast together,And then came to the company together。
Correct,Yes,Came to the company together。
Since Lin Yoona’s kidnapping happened that day,,Xiao Fan decided to stay by Lin Yuner’s side all the time in the future,Because of that,He really doesn’t want to experience it again。
After coming to the company,Lin Yuna went to the board meeting,Then I arranged some specific tasks。
And Xiao Fan returned to his office。
But it was not long after Xiao Fan sat down,Came from the door of the office“Da da da”The sound of high heels。
As soon as I heard this sound,Xiao Fan doesn’t need to think about who is here。
really,Five seconds of no use,At the door of Xiao Fan’s office, a beautiful woman appeared——Qiao Anan!

Without delay,Xia Chenglong,Lu Lao,And Lu Yinger,Great,Moji,Five for the fifth rank and above masters,In addition, more than ten low-grade saints will go together。

Someone leads the way,They move quickly in the forest,Plus the unique spices with bee jade flute configuration,Normal spirit beasts will not approach them。
The bee jade flute did not come because he had tested it a long time ago,My own methods have no effect on that area,Go for nothing。
And cause such a thing,The main reason is that there seems to be an extremely powerful force on that island,This force is based on their judgment,Is a seven-level beast。
What kind of existence is the seventh-level spirit beast,There is no way to describe it except for terrible。
Although they will not have the power of artistic conception like the human being,But God is always fair,Any spirit beast that has evolved to level 7,Will have a special skill because of their own abilities。
This skill is unique to the opponent,It can be said to be very powerful,More importantly,Their wits will rise to a terrible level。
Totally not human,Sometimes even more cunning and changeable than humans。
Come out of Shura City,It took about two sticks of incense before everyone approached the place Lu Lao said,There were already five or six people waiting by the time。
Several figures in the woods flashed from a height,Then kneel down,“Subordinate Mo San has seen the city lord Lu Lao!”
“Get up!”
Mo San,It should be three brothers with Mo Da Mo Er behind,You can tell from their looks。
“Mo San,Talk about the situation!”
“Everyone please follow me!”
Go through the woods in front of you to the bank of the Kui River,At this time, the Qui River is already extremely wide,And from here you can see the island Lu Lao said。
Opposite the river at fifty or sixty meters,A beach appeared in my eyes,Behind the beach is dense woods,Cover up the original face inside。
That is……Tu Canchandi Leather Whip!

Yang Qiuyun did not face to face with Lu Jinning,You can only judge his mood from the sound and tone。

Maybe I think he’s gone,I might feel wronged,No longer conceal from both sides,Speak out her daughter’s thoughts,“Yaoer said,She doesn’t know what the Huo family means,Nothing else,Just as her illegitimate daughter,Most people will not agree,Not to mention such a big giant,In case they pick this reason,She can’t do anything。”
“He dare!My daughter of Lu Jinning,Who dare to bully?I,me……”
Lu Jinning jumped into thunder,Dare to bully his daughter,It depends on whether he agrees or not!
Can talk,But hesitated,“So what,How could Yao’er have that idea??The Huo family is not a family with high eyebrows and low eyes。Moreover,When I introduced them to,I said Yaoer is the daughter I raised outside,Will marry as Lu’s parents,They all acquiesced,The problem she is worried about does not exist。”
“Step back ten thousand steps,Even if they really use this,We are not afraid,As long as I’m there,Forgive him, the Huo family didn’t dare to do anything!”
“Oh——”Yang Qiuyun makes a long tone,Sneered,“After all,I’m still a mom who doesn’t know people well,My natal family has no power,Fall into your gentle trap, Lu Jinning,No one helped me vent my anger when I was wronged,Even my daughter,Are looked down upon。”
Yang Qiuyun even taunted,Lu Jinning can’t come to Taiwan,Cough a few times to hide your embarrassment,“What do you always mention the past??Make yourself angry for nothing.So what,Take good care of Yao’er,I’ll come to see you after I’m busy。More,Cafe work,If you feel tired,Don’t do it,I,I don’t want you to be tired。”
Lu Jinning never said such heart-warming words before,But he will prove your place in his heart with actual actions。
May have been apart for a long time,The cold personality changed a little,Also know to coax women,Sweet talk that comes with open your mouth,I felt hypocritical at first,After talking a few times,I found that Qiu Yun likes listening,Happy,Like to talk more,I didn’t feel that I lost the dignity of a big man。
A woman’s heart is soft,Lu Jinning has a few good words,Just make Yang Qiuyun happy,“All right,I know,I like to have things to do,So as not to think randomly。correct,I won’t tell you,I’m still stewing soup for Yaoer on the stove,I’m going to see。”
“What soup?”
“Cordyceps Laogui Soup,Yao’er’s face is not so good these past few days,The Cordyceps you gave me last time,I am not willing to eat,I went to the vegetable market today,Bought an old turtle,Make soup for her。”
“Old tortoise is not fishy,Can Yaoer drink?”