The therapeutic effect of crude rice

The therapeutic effect of crude rice

Plasma rice has the functions of improving human immune function, promoting blood circulation, eliminating depression and irritability, lowering blood sugar, preventing cardiovascular disease, anemia, constipation, and intestinal cancer.

  The nutrition of crude rice is far better than that of refined white rice. For example, the content of calcium in flour rice is 1 of white rice.

7 times, the iron content is 2.

75 times, nicotinic acid is 3.

2 times, vitamin B1 is up to 12 times.

The vitamin E in crude rice is 10 times that of white rice and 14 times higher than cellulose.

From the above data, it is not difficult to find out why modern people eat white rice to eat systemic diseases.

  The germinated coarse rice can promote the healthy rice after shelling but still retains the outer skin. The aleurone layer and the germ of the rice are called coarse rice. It will germinate at a certain temperature, causing dramatic changes in the interior and producing various health care andBodybuilding functional ingredients.

Japanese famous scholar, Professor of the University of Xinzhou, Mao Yuanzhen discovered through experiments that the germinated coarse rice has a magical body-building effect. He pointed out that germinating micron rice is used as a staple food to promote health and prevent disease.

  Professor Mao Yuan’s experimental results with mice confirmed that the germinated tiny rice is rich in anti-reactive phytic acid, ferulic acid, etc., can inhibit the production of melanin, keep the skin white, and promote metabolism, prevent arteriosclerosis, internal organs.Dysfunction and cancer.

A large amount of amino acid GABA is present in the brain and spinal cord, which has the effects of improving blood circulation, increasing oxygen supply, inhibiting autonomic nervous disorders and senile dementia.

In addition, the germinated coarse rice retains more trace elements necessary for the human body such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc and iron.

Therefore, Professor Mao Yuan advocates that people eat more germinated brown rice.

  The porridge skin is nourishing the yin and the yang is slowly simmering with the simmer. The thicker the sputum, the better.

After the porridge is thick, there will be a thick layer of skin floating on the surface.

Eat the porridge skin, it will be good, the spirit is strong, the face is tender as peach, white and red.

Face – a barometer of good health!

Face – a barometer of good health!

The pale complexion is caused by insufficient filling of the capillaries in the face. Chinese medicine believes that this is mostly a deficiency or cold disease, and it is a manifestation of poor constitution.

In addition, such as major bleeding, shock caused by strong contraction of capillaries, hypothyroidism, chronic nephritis, lead poisoning, etc., will also cause paleness.

  The flushing complexion has both physiological and pathological features.

The former appears to be related to drinking, sun exposure, day and night sports or emotional activities, anger or shyness; most of them are caused by high fever diseases caused by infection, such as typhoid fever, malaria, tuberculosis, pneumonia and so on.

If you take a drug such as atropine to dilate blood vessels, and a large amount of hormones, it will also cause temporary flushing of the face.

In addition, patients with lupus erythematosus, carbon monoxide poisoning will also have symptoms of flushing.

  The blue-purple complexion is mainly caused by the lack of oxygen. The pain of pain often makes the face pale and bruising, heart failure, congenital heart disease, etc., and the face will turn into cyanosis.

  The yellowish complexion is mainly caused by cell damage, or the concentration of bilirubin in the blood exceeds the normal range at both ends of the biliary tract, and is infiltrated into the tissue and mucous membrane. It is medically called “jaundice”.

Mainly found in acute jaundice hepatitis, gallstones, acute cholecystitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer, pancreatic head cancer and other patients.

In addition, patients with hookworm disease may have symptoms of yellowing due to chronic chronic blood loss.

  Chinese medicine believes that black face is a manifestation of kidney cancer, so it is often used to treat kidney.

In addition, cirrhosis, adrenaline dysfunction, chronic renal insufficiency, chronic cardiopulmonary insufficiency, liver cancer and other patients, will also appear darkened.

Due to the physiological phenomenon, the face becomes black, the age-related pigmentation spots, and the pregnancy spots of women are normal phenomena, not diseases.