Digestion is not good to eat

Digestion is not good to eat

What do you eat badly?

Many thin friends often ask this question.

Poor digestion, no appetite, nothing to eat, can not eat anything.

I think that the stomach is not good to try not to eat any fruit, sour food is easy to stimulate the stomach to secrete more stomach acid, of course, sweeter should eat less.

One more, the fruit is still cold food.

Friends who are not well digested should eat less negative, cold, and irritating foods.

Starchy foods should also be eaten less, and it is easy to produce stomach gas.

  Friends who do not digest well, usually pay attention to maintenance, conditioning their stomach, in the tonic should follow the principle of light, easy to digest, the classification of balanced nutrition, should eat less meals, eat less spicy food, avoid big fish,Overeating.

Corn, lotus seeds and other foods are conducive to digestion in the stomach, but also spleen and Qi.

Radish has the accumulation of stagnation, phlegm and heat, detoxification, qi, wide and medium effect, men who often have swelling gas phenomenon can eat more.

  Recommended digestion is not good to eat: winter should eat all kinds of warm hot porridge, such as corn porridge, lotus porridge, yam porridge, can not only protect the cold, but also treat diseases, is the holy product of winter health.

In the meat intake, meatballs, fish fillets, mutton porridge, etc. are easy to digest, suitable for men with poor digestion and lack of stomach.

I have to take a shower and avoid taboos.

I have to take a shower and avoid taboos.

Bathing is an extremely important part of the day for everyone. Bathing is probably a prelude to our farewell to a busy day. At this time, you can enjoy it alone, and you can only relax your tightness and emotions.You pay attention to it. There are times when it is not suitable for bathing, which can lead to adverse reactions in the body.

  It is not advisable to take a shower immediately after work.

  Whether it is after mental work or physical labor, you should take a break and take a bath, otherwise it will easily cause the heart, lack of blood supply to the brain, and even syncope.

  Do not take a bath when you have a fever.

  When a person’s body temperature rises to 38 ° C, the body’s energy consumption can be increased by 20%, the body is relatively weak, and bathing is prone to accidents.

  It is not advisable to take a bath when the blood pressure is too low.

  Because the water temperature during bathing is high, it can make people’s blood vessels dilate, and people with low blood pressure are prone to collapse.

  Do not take a bath after drinking.

  Taking a bath after drinking, blood sugar can not be replenished in time, prone to dizziness, vertigo, weakness, and severe hypoglycemia coma.

  It is not advisable to take a bath after a meal and during drought.

  Bathing after a full meal, the blood vessels of the skin are stimulated by hot water to expand, and the ruptured blood flows to the body surface. The blood supply to the abdominal cavity is relatively reduced, which will affect digestion and absorption. When sleeping, it may cause hypoglycemia, even collapse, and faint.