The first underground interior intersection in Anhui Province

The first underground interoperability in Anhui Province-Binhu Science City Garden Avenue Project was built by Anhui Luqiao Group, which serves as one of the main roads of Luogang Park, from Huizhou Avenue, east to Baohe Avenue, and a full length. The total construction is divided into the underground interoperability.

It is reported that during the construction process of Binhu Science City Garden Avenue Project, two "first" "first" in the history of the province’s municipal road construction: First, the garden avenue project and the Zhangzhou Avenue project are interactive underground, including the Zhangzhou Avenue located in the underground On the first floor, the Garden Avenue is located in the second floor of the underground, and the ground is 26 meters away. It is the first underground interchange in Anhui Province. The second is to complete the main runway of Luogang Airport, further improve the land utilization and optimization of space layout, and better integrate into the design of Luogang Ecological Park, the garden Avenue has adopted a tunnel method in the runway section. Under the construction process, this is the first application in Anhui Province. At present, the Garden Avenue wears the underground intersection of the Zhangzhou Avenue. The first section of the first section of the main runway of Luogang Airport has begun to go to the end of November. It is expected to be completed at the end of November. (Editor – in: Fan Xiaolin, Gong) Sharing let more people see.

Qingdao Zhongxuan four square build China high-speed rail "gold medal"

  On January 22nd, China’s high-speed railway welcomed "Allair Warrior". The CR400AF-G new revival of the CR400AF-G, which is independently developed in Qingdao’s Square Share Company, from Beijing to Harbin. As the latest member of the revival number, the CR400AF-G type train group is a "alpine version" of Revival, with a special skill of cold and snow, can run at a speed of 350 kilometers at speed at a low temperature environment of -40 ° C, It is called the world "most antifreeze" high-speed EMU.

  "High Cold Edition" Revival is a member of the four-way railway transportation equipment industry in the middle of the middle.

In the four parties in the middle, innovation and progress have been happening: With the continuous improvement of innovative strength, the high-speed EMU will produce the speed of three columns every four days; from here, the urban rail subway train saves more than 100 lines at home and abroad; Product exports to 27 countries and regions in the world, becoming a beautiful "Chinese business card" to overseas.

  How is the "high-precision version of the" high-precision version "that can be run at -40 ° C high-speed running through the innovation breakthrough? Jia Xiangjie, director of the Shuangfang Co., Ltd., introduced that the new "Alpine Edition" rejuvenation number from the train used by the train, the electrical components, the steering frame, the steering frame, and the air supply, the air supply is low-temperature design, can Say "cold ability" armed to teeth.

  "Joint" is frozen. In low temperature environments, some carbon steel materials in metallic materials may break, so the train is hanging bolt nuts using anti-low temperature chromium molybdenum alloy, stainless steel material, and the train operates under extreme cold weather, bolts, The nut will not break. "Feet" is frozen.

This train group has a wheel non-slip, anti-lock function. When the wheel speed is detected, automatic reduction of braking, traction, and improve friction through the sandstand device, avoiding the snow and snow, while driving the wheel slip.

  "Blood vessel" antifreeze.

Train tank, water pipe equipped with "warm baby" – heating plate, electric heating line, box and pipe outside wearing a thick "cotton coat" – cold cotton, cold weather is also available normally. Such innovation has long been integrated into the development of the four parties in the middle bus.

  Entering the four-party traffic line of the middle car, a list of the new high-speed EMUs like dragons, ready to go.

The "first" of China’s high-speed rail: China’s first rapid speed is 200-250 kilometers, 300 kilometers per hour, first speed, 380 km high-speed EMU and the first "revival" EMU, is born Here.

  The CRH380A drove here, set the first speed of the world’s high-speed rail operation test; "Revival" EMU achieved 350 kilometers of commercial operation speed, making China a country in the world’s high-speed rail commercial operation.

  In June 2020, the 600-kilometer speed magnetic floating test sample car was successfully tried by the high-speed magnetic floating research and development of China’s high-speed maglev in China.

  Today, from here, there are more than 1,500 standard column high-speed EMUs, which is the largest number of companies in China ‘s online operation.

  Accelerate the way to overseas innovation and drive, and help the enterprise "lead" and win the market in international competition. China’s high-speed rail equipment manufacturing enterprise is "China’s manufacturing" representative, and the middle cars are the leader. In recent years, the four parties in the middle cars have gradually enamel the "One Belt" Construction and the high-speed rail "go out" gold opportunity, vigorously promote the international management, actively explore the overseas market, lead the high-end rail traffic equipment to accelerate the "sea". In April 2017, China’s Jakarta to Wanlong Expressway, which was in the construction of Indonesian corporate cooperation, signed in Indonesia Jakarta. The middle car will provide a high-speed EMU for 350 kilometers from the high-speed rail of Jakarta to Bandung.

This has become the first single "walk out" in China’s high-speed rail.

  In Singapore, the middle cars were four-party, and 916 subway vehicles were obtained, and the breakthroughs of China’s subway vehicles exported.

  In Brazil, September 2017, the four-way cars won 64 urban railway orders, which is the first order of the urban rail vehicles winning in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In Sri Lanka, the four-party in the middle car has accumulated 390 internal combustion engagement orders, accounting for more than 50% of the total number of running vehicles in Sri Lanka, which became the largest railway passenger equipment supplier in Sri Lanka. In Argentina, the TMB has won the total 709 intercity EMU supply contract, which has become the largest intercity motorcycle export order in China.

  It is worth mentioning that the 2020 middle cars also overcome the difficulties of new coronal pneumonia, actively promoting the development of overseas markets, successfully signed a number of overseas export orders, "going out" to achieve new breakthroughs.

  In June 2020, the four-party motorcycle and the Argentine National Railway Company passed the video mode. The "cloud sign" has the maintenance project cooperation agreement of 709 intercity EMUs in Argentina, and the four-way car will provide the other party to provide maintenance programs, technical services and Maintenance accessories. This is another important result of the enterprise "product + technology + service".

  At the same time, China and Laos (Laos) Railway EMU project contract signed that the four parties of the middle car as the leader form a consortium, which will be 160 kilometers to the medium and old railway volume. Subsequently, the Siki Tournament No. 4 (24 vehicles) (24 vehicles) of the National Railway Company "Aramida-Konli" Railway (24)) Internal Combustion – Power Double Power EMUs Order. This is the first dual power rail train project of Chile, and the first dual-active EMU export order for China ‘s rail transportation equipment.

  As of the end of 2020, the four-party rail transit of the middle cars has exported to 27 countries and regions around the world, and became a beautiful "Chinese business card" running overseas.

  Building a industrial cluster in Qingdao, the truck four-party has driven the rail transportation equipment industry to form an industrial cluster, and aggregate to become a "motor train town" with world influence. The Qingdao Chengyang District, which is located in the middle cars, has gathered in the four-party shares of the middle cars, the four-way manufacturing enterprises of the middle cars and the 3 full-vehicle manufacturing enterprises and Wio, O’., etc., industrial collection level The country’s first place.

In 2020, there is a Qingdao Branch of the Medium Car Research, China Call Technology Park (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., and the Central Current Truck Information Technology Branch established in Qingdao, with the four parties of the middle bus, the leading enterprise traction, Qingdao Rail Transit Industry Cluster Development Output source energy constant kinetic energy.

  The continuous increase in scientific research is also helpful for the Qingdao Rail Transportation Equipment Industry.

  Here is China’s first national technology innovation center – National High Speed ??Train Technology Innovation Center. At present, the center has formed a high-end thinking, a high-end high-end research institute, including 21 top experts at home and abroad, and 10 well-known high-end scientific research institutions such as SMEs, Beijing Aviation Materials Research Institute, and with German Dresden University. , Germany Tyssenk Furu, many universities, institutions to carry out deep cooperation, gather more than 230 high-end talents. Today, nearly 60% of the EMUs and 25% of the subway vehicles have been taken here, we have built a national new industrialized industrial demonstration base, the national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base, the first batch of strategic emerging industrial clusters in the country, becoming a veritable " High-speed rail heart.

  At present, Qingdao is doing a high-end equipment industry chain represented by rail transit. It will create a global influence of advanced manufacturing aggregation land, international high-end emerging rail transit technology strategies, internationally recognized rail transit technical standards leading land, international Leading industry innovation resources intersection. With more innovative talents and projects, Qingdao will release more more powerful new kinens in the rail transportation equipment industry.

“Aye!”Li Ming sneezed,Drew a tissue from the pocket,I wiped my nose and threw it into the trash can。Looks like he is also infectedRvirus,But with his physical fitness and immunity,The symptom of the disease is only that the nose is itchy。

“?”Li Ming’s eyes rolled,He saw about thirty meters away from him,A stray dog penetrating his head caught his attention。
“Some of us here throw the Tibetan mastiff directly outside,I’m not afraid of biting people?”Although this stray dog looks bad,But the height is also 70 cm,Extremely strong body,According to Li Ming’s visual inspection, it might be about 50 kilograms。
And this stray dog has red eyes,A bloody smell came out of the dog’s mouth,I don’t know what other stray animals were attacked。
Li Ming frowned,This large stray dog and ordinary stray dog are two different things,Very aggressive,Ordinary adults are hard to beat。
Hesitated for a while,Li Ming still doesn’t bother。After all, the current dog fans are very powerful,He can’t crawl along the network cable and kill one by one。Say again,Look at this dog’s sick look,I don’t expect to live long,Let him fend for himself。
Stray dogs,Is just an episode。
the next day,Li Ming got a bad news。
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Chapter 2 Despair to Hope
A.D.2015year1month8day,A student in Li Ming’s class,Less than half a month after returning home,Fell ill in bed,Merged in AD2015year1month8Died after rescue failed,This is also the first time a student of Li Ming’s school has died。
And this is just the beginning。
2015year1month9day,Mass deaths in urban areas,Disinfecting water has been sprayed on a large scale in public places。Factory shutdown,School closed,Only the medical and emergency departments are working hard,And the effect。。。Little。
This time the outbreak of the virus is terrible and its spread speed、The lethality far exceeds any plague in human history。

About five thousand years have passed,A news came,Only then did Li Ming know how decisive Phoenix’s revenge is。

Phoenix takes the ancient heaven,Taking advantage of the sentence mang to enter the chaos,Suddenly attacked and killed the golden god。
Maybe I don’t even know,He secretly incited Gonggong and Zulong to be dug up。
Ju Mang learned the news,Coming from the chaos。
But now it’s too late!
Phoenix personally leads Zhou Tian’s star battle array,Inspire endless starlight energy from chaos,I turn into endless flames of profound Yin!
Jin Shenling received this crazy siege,Although I tried my best to resist,But never escaped death。
But the last fight before death,However, the actual gods and demons of Pangu Chaos can see the strength of the Golden Ancestor God。
The nine sword lights that burn all divine power,Hit the phoenix hard,Even more into the Zhou Tian star battle array。
The phoenix who met the enemy with the gods and demons was seriously injured by the knife light,Even the left wing was cut off。
And the ancient monster clan has suffered heavy losses,Most of the first batch of people of all races who have cultivated to Daozu were killed and injured。
but,Ye Shou is dead after all。
He provokes Zulong and Gonggong’s decisive battle,The Fall of Ancestral Dragon。
But only after a short time,He followed in the footsteps of Zulong,Become the second fallen ancestor god in Pangu Chaos World!
Be his friend,After Mu Shen Jumang returned to the Chaos World of Pangu,Everything is late。
An angry Jumang shot and killed the seriously injured Phoenix,But the phoenix uses the law of Nirvana,Regain the top。
Phoenix and Jumang fight,It almost fell apart,Out of the Chaos。
But on the other side,The Yaozu Heavenly Court follows Phoenix’s arrangement,After spreading the story of Liaoshou and Styx’s co-work with the dragon,Also attracted the attention of Nuwa Fuxi。
finally,In Fuxi、Under Nuwa’s intervention,Phoenix and Jumang,The two huge forces stopped the war。
After all, the secret calculation reappears,Ju Mang has no position to fight with Phoenix anymore。

“Huang Xiaoding will follow you,You know him so well,”Flying wolf releases his kindness。

From now on, he and Qin Hao will be special forces of the same status,On potential,Qin Hao is bigger than him。
“Thanks a lot,Flying wolf,I’ll go down and make arrangements,”Qin Hao quickly left。
Qin Hao is still a polished company,make,The team did not start to form,Now there are only two of him and Huang Xiaoding。
To find a good seed,Form the team as soon as possible,We must go to each unit to select elite special forces as soon as possible。
This is the same as taking the college entrance examination,The college entrance examination is a way to select talents。
Someone admitted to Qingbei,Also admitted to the excavator。
of course,In the first place, every company chooses the best talents。
Qin Hao and the others have the same idea,Pick the best in special forces。
In this way, they can better add this strength to their team.。
What makes Qin Hao different from other team captains is that,He only needs the elite among the elite。
Nothing else,Not more。
According to Qin Hao’s vision,Their team only accepts up to eight people,Plus ten people including him and Huang Xiaoding。
Why he thinks so,I just want to be a sharp knife in iron and blood,Fangs。
“Brother Hao,I have arranged everything,Are we going to be one step ahead of others,”Huang Xiaoding said casually。
“Correct,Our team is short of people now,Can’t let them get ahead,”Qin Hao answered。
“go,Let’s go to the Spike Brigade,”Qin Hao smack his lips。

And swept in front of my eyes again,While watching,For such a problem,Actually Fang Liang looks,deep in the heart,It’s coming more and more clearly。

It just fell directly into the distance,In this situation,Actually Fang Liang felt,These things,Essentially,It’s nothing at all。
“All right,let’s start。”
Fang Liang finished,Wang Teng took out a glass of wine,Drink it all。
This speed,This rhythm,Completely scared everyone。
Looks in others,This is so straightforward,Let them not know,What should I say。
“how about it,come。”
Wang Teng waved his hand,Don’t forget to speak directly here。
And with Wang Teng’s words finished,obviously,Now,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,What should I do,Actually this,It’s beyond doubt。
quickly,Someone joins in。
But not long,These people feel the pressure。
Wang Teng’s face looks a little red,But it looks closer,But it doesn’t look like you’ve drunk too much。
The more so,It seems that the more it makes them feel an unprecedented pressure。
So here,Actually such a thing is in front of us,For Wang Teng,What exactly needs to be done,He is even more clear in his heart。
“Actually next,What we need to do,Don’t need too much。”
“Just need,Just keep drinking like this!”
Wang Teng said to Wei Yuyan,And Wei Yuyan,I looked a little dumbfounded。
“Wang Teng,Are you really okay?”

“Any questions?”Cao Anna puzzled。

“do not know,I’ll send it to him first……”
Cao Fa took out his phone and took a picture of the pattern drawn on the note paper,To Xu Tian who is busy training all day。
Prelude-newborn Chapter Seventy Six Golden Palm Villa
Intersection of Binhai Road and Xiange Street, Jingnan City,There is a“Golden Palm Garden”Upscale villa area,Strong developer,Many politicians and merchants live here in Jingnan City。
After many inspections of the security system here,Xu Tian finally decided to buy a villa here。The price is to spend almost all the money he earned in his career,Who made him never accept a commercial endorsement in order to concentrate on training??
“Atian,The moving company you hire is sure to move?How do I think they came to my house to rob?”Gandhi on the phone asked in a lazy voice。
“Ha ha,Hurry up and hand over your glory game pod!Move it over,Have the opportunity to train with me……Is it not good?”Xu Tian takes the name of invitation training,In fact, I want to snatch the game cabin of old teammate Gandhi。
Because Gandhi hid in the game cabin and refused to follow,As a result, the moving company and the game cabin were moved to Xutian.“Golden Palm Garden”At home。
“Big customer,To give us a house moving company5Star praise!”The foreman of the moving company with a yellow hat said with a smile。
“If you can keep my privacy confidential!So i give6star!”Xu Tian is still not at ease。
“no problem,Dear Customer,We don’t know anything,Never leak half a word!”
Unexpectedly the next day,A《Xu Tian’s retirement life:Build a love nest with Gandhi》Gossip news was published,Fortunately, I didn’t mention the location of Xu Tian’s new home。Cao Fa promptly started online public relations after seeing,Took down this unscrupulous news for the first time。
“Ding Dong!”
“Ding Dong!”
“Ding Dong!”
After hearing the doorbell ring,With long gray hair,Mask on face,Gandhi was brushing his teeth down the steps,Opened the big screen of the security door ringing the doorbell。Found one with sunglasses,A man in red with unruly long hair appeared on the screen。
After Gandhi opened the door,The man in red at the door was startled。
The person who came is not someone else,It was the red eye who accepted Xu Tian’s invitation to join the team。Red eyes thought that standing in front of him was a tall girl,I thought Xu Tian’s private life was too messy,After embarrassment,He asked in Chinese with a hint of Vietnamese:“Sorry,Excuse me……Is this Xu Tian’s house??”

“If you can find their command、leader,Losing a dragon is equal to a group of headless flies。”

“After all, it’s still a bunch of beasts,Find their weakness,It’s just a matter of time to break them down。”
Zhu Minglang has returned to Shitouzhai,Found that there are dragons patrolling the towering cliffs on both sides。
It’s not too difficult to get around these dragons,But Zhu Minglang acted very carefully this time,Sanglong is extremely capable of disguising,Even if I use my spiritual sense,Sometimes I don’t know where they hide。
“unfortunately,Or there are too few dragons,If there is a strong concealment ability,Good at investigating,Dragons with superior insight and alertness are just fine,Can find out the leader of the lost dragon hidden in the dragon group for me,You can also get more information。”Zhu Minglang is talking to himself。
“You are one of the few dragon shepherds I have ever seen without a young spirit,No young,Where did your dragon pet reserve?,Look at others,At the Jun level, the number of dragon pets may exceed double digits.,Look at you again,These four dragons come and go!”Mr. Koi said very contemptuously。
“Didn’t you see a suitable one?。”Zhu Minglang said。
“No good,Go catch the dragon,Into those holy mountain magic dens,Find the traces of the Supreme Dragon,If you tame a supreme dragon,Even the up-front domestication costs are saved!”Mr. Koi hates iron but not steel。
Zhu Minglang is now taking the elite dragon route。
Just try to make every dragon you own strong,Beyond one’s own blood、The limits of race。
Although it is really effective right now,With the Fruit of Jude Mo,Shenmu Qingshenglong is also powerful,Only Big Black Fang is a little behind,But a truly powerful dragon shepherd,It’s impossible to break into the world with four dragons alone!
Where the Dragon Shepherd is strong,Is the dragon,Otherwise, how can the fragile dragon shepherd compete with the mortal???
Four dragons。
Only four dragons!
From Mr. Koi’s point of view,I wish Minglang doubled now,Not too much!
Not that every dragon must be extremely strong,Must have reserves!
Youngling、Young dragon、Chu Long、Untamed adult dragon,The supreme dragon that wants to capture,All of these,Even if many dragons are not high in cultivation,They have a special ability,It’s also worth starting。
For example, Xiantulong……
Who cares about Xiantulong’s cultivation,But Xiantulong has a rare healing magic!

The bowl fell from Xia Jian’s hand,Fell to the ground,Smashed to pieces with a click,He didn’t hear anything on TV,He just meditated in his heart,Xiping Village suffered a natural disaster,And it’s still a disaster。

First0078chapter Before disaster
“child,what happened to you?“Old Xiao stood up,Looking at Xia Jian,The old man was also a little scared。
A long while,Two long-lost tears,It just flowed from Xia Jian’s face,He said with trembling lips:“Old Xiao,My house was hit,Suffered a catastrophe,Over,All over…“This sound,Full of despair,miserable,Makes people feel uncomfortable。
Old Xiao sat back slowly,Turned off the TV,The old man’s face is solemn,He can see the picture on TV clearly,Which scene,It can be described as terrible,I don’t know how the casualties are.?Look at Xia Jian like this,There must be his relatives in this village。
“do not Cry,The man sheds blood, sweats, but not tears,This is a natural disaster,Manpower cannot be rejected,What you do now,Just go home quickly,Find out the disaster situation at home,Me and Xiao Xiao,And entrepreneurial groups will help you“Old Xiao said loudly to Xia Jian,The old man did not lose on the battlefield,Unflappable。
Yes indeed!Am i useful?Xia Jian wiped away his tears,Say decisively to Old Xiao:“I want to go back to Xiping Village,Go now“
“Row,Call Wang Lin,Let her arrange the driver,Drive you,It will be faster“Old Xiao finished,Immediately ran back to the bedroom。
Xia Jian worked hard to calm himself down,He remembered the phone number Fang Fang left him,I didn’t expect to use it so soon。Called,Xia Jian roughly explained the situation,Fang Fang on the phone didn’t think about it,Immediately agreed。
Packed a few clothes,When Xia Jian was about to go out,Old Xiao chased,Holding a big thick envelope in his hand,He gave Xia Jian a hand and said:“This thing you use now,You don’t have to say anything“Xia Jian nodded,he knows,This is Lao Xiao’s savings。
Fang Fang didn’t know if he was flying,Still car,Waiting for Xia Jianyi to go out anyway,Her car is already parked。After getting in the car,Needless to say,Fang Fang just asked Xia Jian’s address,A map,Look for paintings on it,Then said something:“Sit down“The car flew out like an arrow。
Along the way,Xia Jianman’s mind is full of tragic pictures on TV,He never expected,Xiping Village will endure such a great ordeal,It’s incredible,Before on tv,Seen in the newspaper,I didn’t expect to fall on myself today。
Fang Fang got off the troops without losing,Has an indelible will,She drove wildly along the way,Xia Jian remembers,Only when refueling,They just take a break outside。
After more than ten hours,The car turned into the country road,Soon arrived in Pingyang Town,Traffic through town,People come and go,But all looks hurried。Xichuan River reaches Pingyang Town,Is the most downstream,Traces of water from the river,Can’t see,How big was the water the night before yesterday。
Xia Jian didn’t dare to ask,Let Fang Fang drive straight to Xiping Village,Along the way,Villages with rivers passing by,All have different levels of disaster。When we are approaching Xiping Village,The car is very difficult to walk on the muddy country road,Some vehicles coming from outside,Had to stop by the side of the road,Fortunately, Fang Fang’s first-rate driving skills,Plus the new BMW has good performance,They finally drove the car to Xiping Village。

When he said it was a pity,A little underfoot,The body is already tens of meters,I disappeared in the woods in a breath。

Gu Rimou is cursing in the direction of the disappearance of the old pervert:“What pearl secret cast,Is Lao Tzu a bad master?!Wu Tingfang,There is a kind of you don’t run,Stay and fight with me for three days and three nights!”
“Lao Mouzi,Don’t hit the swollen face at the fat guy,Lao Tzu knows that your anger is almost exhausted,If I fight with you for another hour,You must do your best,Capture me。I will put you on the face of this little brother tonight,You won’t be so lucky next time!”The voice of the old perverted Wu Tingfang came from the woods,But it goes further and further。
“Humph,Nice to say,What to leave me alone,It’s not that we can’t win together,Don’t run……”
Gu Rimou yelled at the woods for a while,I can’t hear Wu Tingfang again,Finally sat down on the ground,Gasping,Chen Xiu hurriedly went to help him,Care to ask:“Gu Lao,Where did you hurt?”
Gu Rimou waved his hand and said:“Fortunately this old pervert was scared away by your last sword,If he keeps entangled,I won’t be able to succeed without fifty strokes!”
Chen Xiu couldn’t think that Gu Rimou would consume so much zhenqi,It turned out that he was the one who braved all the time。
“Gu Lao,What do we do now?”
“Find a safe place to hide,Except for the old pervert,There are still a group of old people looking for me,I must recover my anger as soon as possible,Others are not old and perverted, so good to deceive!”
An hour later,Snake Valley Cave。
Gu Rimo looked around the group,Nodded and said:“The entrance to this valley is very hidden,Not easy to find,It is indeed a good place to hide。”
“Then your old man should meditate and recover,I’ll go to the hole to help you check the wind。”
“Don’t worry,I consume too much in addition to my qi,I had a few confrontations with that old fellow Liu Dunyue when robbing Qianye Guo,Hurt the internal organs,Not every March can’t recover this year!”
“March!Half a year!”
Chen Xiu was taken aback,He thought that Gu Rimou could recover after meditation,If it takes such a long time,Even if Snake Valley uses secrets here, it will definitely be found for the old perverts。
“take it easy,Sit down and speak slowly,As long as you do me a favor,I naturally have a way out。”
Chen Xiu wondered what else Gu Rimou could do to get out of the eyes of the masters at this time,I saw a watermelon in the palm of Gu Rimou’s palm out of thin air、Seven-petal fold fruit,Chen Xiu was in Chiba Fuji?I saw it from a distance,I recognize this is Chiba Fruit。2018