“No way,He can’t go tonight”Chen Erniu swayed and said。

Xia Jian turned around,Kicked Chen Erniu’s ass:“shut up”
First2681chapter Convince people with virtue
Xia Jianyi is angry,Chen Erniu has become honest。Xia Sanhu drove him out of the gate of Chen Erniu’s house,But where did Wang Youcai stand?,Did not leave and did not speak。
Xia Jian knew,This Wang Youcai must still be holding a bad breath,The bad breath in this guy’s heart can’t erupt,This matter is not over。
“What happened?Don’t want to go to bed tonight?I think you ran for a day,Should be tired!”
Xia Jian approached Wang Youcai,Whispered to Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai’s eyes moved,Said with a cold smile:“Holding my breath,Do you say i can sleep?”
“Then you say!How to fall asleep?As long as your request is reasonable,I will promise you”
Xia Jian said very sincerely。
Wang Youcai said with a faint smile:“You drink with me。I’ll go to sleep after drinking,Tonight, this matter is over for your face”
Xia Jian just understood,It turns out that Wang Youcai can’t afford to lose face。Let him drink,From the perspective of the villagers,He is accompanying Wang Youcai for Chen Erniu, isn’t he。Don’t look at Wang Youcai’s virtue,But he is smart,Very treacherous。
Xia Jian’s mind turned a bit,Then he laughed and said:“can!Then let’s talk about it,Can only drink one bottle of wine,Do not drink one more drop,how about it?”
“it is good!Just do as you said”
Wang Youcai said,Beckoned, Chen Gui whispered something in his ear。Chen Gui is listening,Nodding unceasingly。
In a while,Chen Gui set up a small dining table on the kang in the west room where he lives,When Xia Jian and Wang Youcai enter,,There are four drinking dishes on the table,There are also two small wine glasses and an unopened bottle of liquor on the small table。
Meizi wears a white filial piety,She said to Xia Jian hoarsely:“The master I invited back tonight,I messed around,You two will just。Wait for this matter to pass,I asked Chen Gui to invite you over,No matter how much I treat you”
“All right!Already very good,Go with you!Oh!I have to remind you,Auntie, I didn’t enjoy the blessing of a day。If someone’s natal family asks for anything,You promise,Not enough money to speak up。Also don’t be afraid to spend money this time,Come to sit at night,People who like to drink,Serve wine and vegetables,This doesn’t cost much”

Wang Huimin was embarrassed,She hurriedly lowered her head。Xia Jian can’t see it,Asked softly:“police officer,Is there something wrong with us?“

“Of course there is,Take out your documents,We have to routinely check“Director Tang glared at Xia Jian,Said very proudly。
Now Xia Jianzhen is stumped,You said someone who ran out of the den of thieves,What documents can I have,He couldn’t help but smiled slightly:“police officer,I’m so sorry,Because I was busy when I came out,I really didn’t bring this certificate with me“
“is it?No documents,Can’t explain that you are good and bad,So those who don’t have documents have to follow us to the police station“Director Tang’s voice is loud,As if to say to other people。
He Jingyi listen,Stood up immediately,She laughed and said:“We have something to do,So I didn’t bring my ID,If you don’t believe it, you can call Pingdu Public Security Bureau”
“Yo ha!Are you the director’s wife or the director’s daughter,Not a small tone,No documents,Don’t talk to me,Arrived at the police station,Have a chance for you to speak”Director Tang said with disdain。
Wang Huimin sees it,Hurriedly took out his ID,She whispered:“This is my identification,They are all my friends,I can prove,They are all good people”
“Go! Go! Go!I see you as a local,Don’t worry about trouble here”Director Tang pushed away the hand extended by Wang Huimin。
At this moment,The boss pretended to pour water on Xia Jian,Stick your mouth to Xia Jian’s ear,Whisper:“Need to give some money,Otherwise this matter is not over“
Xia Jian got angry right away,There is such a blackmailer,If it’s someone else, then forget it,This police station also does this kind of thing,What is the difference between this and Mingqiu。
Who is behind Director Tang?,Took off his police cap,Fell at the dinner table,Shout loudly:“Get the ID if you have the ID,Follow me without a document,Don’t dawdle here,Otherwise it will be better for you”
Xia Jian suppressed his anger,He doesn’t want to have trouble here,So he smiled and said to Director Tang:“How about this!I will go to the office with you,No need for other people”Everyone,All stood up。
First0357chapter Moment of danger
Taibai Town is blocked behind,It can be said that there are very few foreigners who come here,There is a saying called Yan Guo plucking hair,Actually this is the true portrayal of here。
Director Tang roared with wide eyes:“What do you want to do?I tell you,I don’t care where you are from,But to my three-acre land,Have to abide by my rules,Otherwise there will be good fruits for you to eat“
“I said that,I will go with you,I’m almighty agent for their affairs,Alright?“Xia Jian said patiently。
Director Tang glanced at Xia Jian,Sneered:“Who are you?I said you can go alone?No way,Have to go,No one less“Director Tang is swaying,This made Xia Jian feel very uncomfortable。
“If we don’t go,What can you do?“He Jing said,In front of Xia Jian。

Xia Jian pointed to a few mountain vegetables and said:“Uncle Guan!This is our authentic mountain vegetables here,Manually dug one by one,It is a natural pollution-free vegetable,So you eat more。

“it is good!Such a delicious dish,What if there is no alcohol?,Opened which bottle for me”
Xia Jian laughed and said:“Good Uncle Guan!I’ll open it for you right now”
Xia Jian had an idea,So he opened the second bottle of liquor very quickly。Guan Tingna’s face is ugly,But Xia Jian didn’t look at her face at all。
Lin Ruoyun is anxious,But it seems that she is still a little afraid of Guan Zhenshan who has had a drink,So despite her anxious look,But she never said a word。
Xia Jian filled him and Guan Zhenshan each with a large glass of liquor,Then he smiled and said:“Uncle Guan!You are always massive,I can’t accompany you。But you came from afar,Makes me very happy,I respect you”
“slow!Xia Jian。Your uncle’s,I’m very uncomfortable calling。Tell me the truth today,When will this mouth change?”
Guan Zhenshan swayed and stood up,He stared at Xia Jian。
The atmosphere in the room suddenly became tense。
“Hahahaha!This matter!almost,Now you can”Xia Jian suddenly laughed and said。
First2513chapter Feng Man Lou
“Xia Jian!Don’t prevaricate me,Since you said it’s fast,You really thought I was drinking too much?”
Guan Zhenshan’s tongue straightened,Shaking body。It seems that the spirit of this baijiu has begun to develop。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I don’t believe that Uncle Guan will get drunk with such a little alcohol。How about I toast you again”Xia Jian said,Raise the glass,All in one go。
Guan Zhenshan was angry when he saw it,He shouted loudly:“What do you mean?Do you think you can drink more than me when you are younger?Give me another drink”
Lin Ruoyun hurriedly winked at Xia Jian,Not let him pour Guan Zhenshan wine。But Xia Jian deliberately pretended not to see,He moved quickly to pour Guan Zhenshan another glass。
After this person drinks too much,No matter what you drink, it’s like drinking cold water。Guan Zhenshan has reached this state,He raised his glass,Drank this glass of wine without ambiguity。
Don’t wait for Xia Jian to ask him to sit down,The old man suddenly crooked his neck,Just a plop,The whole person slumped in a chair。Lin Ruoyun shocked,Even Guan Tingna stood up nervously。

Countless sea water turned into a downpour and fell towards Leo。

Look at the sea water,Leo flashes again,Flashing for two or three times in a row, it was out of the coverage of the sea。
Although he is not very afraid of the sea,But Sigen is right,Once he is corroded by the sea, his strength will weaken。
“Hahaha,Leo Hugh Run!”
Get more excited,Sigen became more violent,The whole body exudes a strong momentum。
Month step-rocket!
Sigen’s body suddenly burst out,He also has the ability to accelerate,I just can’t think Leo is so casual。
Leo gently stepped away,Elegant body,Seems to have no weight。
The attack fails again,Sigen frowned。
Leo’s displacement ability is too annoying,He couldn’t hit at all,Only moves that can be locked can be hit。
But there are too few such attacks。
There are only two attacks in the six forms,I have used it just now。
Only the Rift Punch hit Leo,Unfortunately no effect。

Leo’s strength is actually slightly stronger than him,Ok,Should be slightly stronger?

From that level, I reached the realm of playing against Raleigh?
Can fight Raleigh,The strength should be at least the level of a strong seaman?
It actually crossed one and a half levels in a month,This is a bit scary。
Trangot is very happy,Leo has reached the level of a strong seaman,Then their power can really reach the first-class level。
And he is the steward of first-class forces,Finally reached the pinnacle of life?
“Sure enough, sometimes the muscle brain works!”Seun couldn’t help but think,Leo is indeed a qualified boss full of muscles。
“Boss,When will you reach the level of the sea powerhouse?”Si Keen couldn’t help asking。
Seen suddenly spoke:“Do you guys know?”
Followed by,Seun throws out a newspaper,It says Leo’s report。
“People who are stupid should read more,You can read more newspapers without books,Don’t let yourself appear so ignorant!”Seren said。
Despised again。
See a newspaper,These people know how to read,Looked at it quickly。
Leo was a little surprised,My strength was exposed so quickly?Just reached this level,It’s still the kind of reluctance。
Encountering a power type like Weibull,Almost instantGG。

“Haven’t you been paid yet??”

Xiang Yang looked at Ling Yun suspiciously。
“You two speak Chinese very well,But I knew it was not from Huaxia,I don’t even know that I can store value in an Internet cafe!”
Ling Yun smiled and continued to lead the way,Although I dislike the process of using future money,But thinking that I can’t do much damage to my future,The most important thing is to let the two people behind me have a full meal,worth it!
“Because i don’t have a computer,So when you need to check information,I will come here,Far away,But the environment is not bad!”
All the way,In order to be distracted,Ling Yun chatted with Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang.,Maybe it’s been too long without anyone chatting,Ling Yun’s endless words made Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang feel the pressure。
Then these details,Ling Yun didn’t mean to be quiet at all,Until Ling Yun took out some line graphs in his mobile phone to introduce Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang to his major,I was met again by Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang’s simultaneous stop gesture,That I don’t understand at all。
After a short silence,Ling Yun and the three of them have arrived at their final destination。
Lingyun put the ID card on the machine,From the speaker“Dear member,Happy birthday to you”the sound of。
Ling Yun was taken aback,I have forgotten my birthday,I didn’t expect to be remembered by the machine today。
Although only one of the three of Ling Yun is online,But after the machine reminded happy birthday,The webmaster still gave the gentlest smile and blessing,Then Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang also sent birthday wishes to Ling Yun。
Ling Yun was stunned again,Then happily smiled at the webmaster。
“Help me make three instant noodles,Add ham and braised egg!”
The webmaster goes to help the instant noodles,Ling Yun smiled at Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang again。
“Today is my birthday,Eat something ritual!”
Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang expressed their understanding,It doesn’t matter what you eat,The important thing is to eat!
Ling Yun has not forgotten what Xiang Chen did to those who embarrassed him before,So after eating the meal before,Everyone is not going to have any more intersections。
Ling Yun habitually clicked on the mosaics and discounts that Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang could not understand,Have to admit,Ling Yun was reluctant to say goodbye,But once I imagined the magnificent waves,Ling Yun didn’t think about it long ago,So it’s better to cherish each!
“Xiang Chen,Do you remember how you treated me before?”

“Fire everywhere!”

Countless flames directly turned this place into a sea of flames under the catalysis of aura,Originally arrogant**The wolf king began to roar in pain。
This time。
“Month,Ying Er!”
Two women who also have fire attributes,I understand what Xia Chenglong meant at this moment,At the same time, nodding his head and heading to both sides of Thunder Wolf King。
The dancing meteor butterfly exudes the power of burning space,Go to the middle guy with the Jiuyou Quehuo on the other side。
It can indeed be immune to the power of mood,But not immune to this kind of spiritual attack。
“Huoli Yaoyue!”
“Fire Butterfly Eats the Sky!”
“Jiuyou soaring!”
Three different forms of spirit cremation into animal forms,Go to that guy in a roar。
There is another violent roar and fire waves,Everyone stared at that space,After all, no one can be sure what will happen next!
In the eyes of everyone,The Thunder Wolf King actually swallowed the power of the surrounding flames,This……
It’s hard to imagine,This is much more complicated than imagined。
His thinking is wrong?

“can,Not bad!”

Talk to himself unconsciously,Nod and smile,It seems that his choice is not wrong。
This young man will eventually set off a storm in the entire Great China,I just don’t know whether this storm is beneficial or harmful to Dahua.!
After all, this is the weird thing the people above did to him,If you really let that kid find something,Never give up。
Of course it’s still far,Want to touch those things,You have to use enough strength,Xia Chenglong who didn’t even reach the gods,Too far away for these。
In the center of this circle,Old man,Huang Lao。Elder Tujia and others looked at the compass,Everyone has their own minds,Seems very tense。
Because the light that had always been dazzling has dimmed at this moment。
Elder Tujia smiled,This is the result he wants to see,He has a lot of knowledge about that circle,So knowing that the previous light does not mean anything,Now is the beginning。
Nothing,Self-righteous decision,Arrogant thoughts,I really thought I didn’t notice,Fully revealed right now。
Whether it’s the first“Everything fades”Or something that has reached the limit now,Still can’t play any role in front of this old man。
Think about fighting other people,This“Everything fades”How did you pack those guys?,But the effect achieved at this moment,Can only be described as “can’t bear to bet”。
“I know what you are thinking,Do you want to see my mood!”
Xia Chenglong’s internal organs are still suffering,He lies directly on the water,He is not qualified to stand on the bamboo raft。
Unstoppable mood,indeed,He should have his own mood。
“Rejuvenation”I came up with it just to deal with him,He has such strength,So what is the other party’s mood??
If the figures at the moment are memories in his mind,Then he is sure that Feng Duxi didn’t use such an existence before,I suddenly said something like this today,Make a difference。
Feng endless is really showing his artistic conception,This is different from the previous world。
Every mood is the other’s world,And the mood of endless sealing turned out to be above them,A huge black hole appeared。

So we must resolve this matter as soon as possible,Only then can we solve everything properly,Then Xiao Fan told Yiming and Chu Chuyao:“The two of you come with me because there is a more important task for you。

But now I don’t know if you can accomplish such a task,Although I trust you,But I have to keep you safe,Otherwise, you will be in deep danger,I will feel very guilty。
Or feel that I have no protection from you,Although you can now be alone,Even many things can be done very well,But this does not mean that you cannot be protected by me。
I still have to ensure your safety,But this time I really don’t feel relieved if I hand it over to others,Actually you can do it yourself,But in that case there may be some troubles。
Or they will do some other things during this time and other people, so I hope to leave them such an opportunity,I just hope you can complete the task I gave you。
And can come back to me in peace,In this way, we can solve this problem with the best of both worlds,Then we can continue to do what we should do when we return to China,But the premise is to keep you safe。
If your safety cannot be guaranteed,Don’t just finish the task blindly,After all, this task is not that simple,In fact, this mission is a little bit of experience for you。”
Then Yiming and Chu Yao nodded,Yiming told Xiao Fan:“brother,Do not worry,We will do our best for this matter,If you really lose your name and life,That’s not worth it,We also know which one is more important。
So in this matter, I will ensure my safety before completing the task.,Not to mention that we have been experienced for so many years,So these things are not enough for us。
If you really have something to tell us,We will prepare well,Then complete this task,After all this time, everyone needs a good exercise for us。
And this is not the first time,If we really need to confess to any special task, we will do our best to complete such a task,Then complete the task given to us。”
Xiao Fan nodded in satisfaction,He also knows,Chu Yao and Yiming are two rare assistants around him,Although Shen Lin and Su Ran are also growing,But the two of them are not very experienced,And some things may not be mature。
So there are some things Xiao Fan dare not give them,It’s not that I don’t trust them, I’m just worried that they will be dangerous,Or relatively speaking,Xiao Fan doesn’t want this to happen。

Chapter Two Hundred and Fifteen Meet the scumbag again

Lin Yoona turned her face,Looking at Lan Yingying with a bad face,Said:“I beg you to speak carefully,Can you say anything casually??Believe it or not if you say anything more,I sue you for libel!”
Lan Yingying was suddenly changed by Lin Yuner,Surprised。
But,That’s just an instant thing。
“how?You yourself even this nasty thing,I can do it myself,Don’t you allow others to say it??One bar,Raising a little white face is very energetic,He didn’t hesitate to spend his three hundred million to make a face for his man,One?Soft rice can be so delicious,Don’t you say,You two are really a perfect match!”Lan Yingying’s words really get harder to hear。
Lin Yuner is almost irritated by Lan Yingying’s words,She never thought that a person could say such ugly words,I never thought about a person’s vicious language,It hurts people so deeply。
I have completely accepted Xiao Fan now,So now I can deeply understand,When facing insults,How broken my heart is。
Lin Yoona is really hard to imagine now,When Xiao Fan faced those insults alone,How did he face it with a smile。
this moment,Lin Yoona suddenly felt that she was even more sorry to Xiao Fan,If not for yourself,Xiao Fan shouldn’t have been wronged。
Thought of here,Lin Yun’er’s eyes were covered with mist,She had never expected Xiao Fan to come to her side as soon as she did now,I owe Xiao Fan an sorry。
Lan Yingying saw Lin Yoona’s face changed,I thought Yoona Lin couldn’t refute what she said?
and so,The whole person is even more proud!
So he continued:“I heard your name is Yoona Lin, right?,You,Really shame us women,To be a woman to this extent,except you,I guess in this world,There shouldn’t be a second person!That’s just a waste,You even helped him speak,Could it be that he is better at a certain aspect,That’s why you can’t stop。”
“Snapped!”Lan Yingying raised her hand inconceivably and covered her left face,“You die,You dare to hit me?”