“These goods,Just close together,No separate arrangement。”Li Tianzhen is very busy,Luo Jun fights,Get a thick rope to tie the five men in black one by one firmly,It’s still in a small room to the north on the first floor。

“Hey,Hey,Are you setting up a private court??”Shen Yingjie became idler,Help is not,Not help or not。
“It depends on how you understand。”Li Tianzhen didn’t look up,Reaching out and slapped Peng Weihua’s face,This guy has a swollen forehead,It’s very serious to get this stick,“Get cold water。”
The stupid bug on the other side immediately turned and ran out,Luo Jun looked at Li Tianzhi with questioning eyes,The other party shook his head,Imply okay。
really,Soon the bug came over with a basin of cold water,Li Tianzhen took it and poured it all on Peng Weihua’s head,At this time, the treasurer Peng can’t help but wake up。
“Cough,Cough。”Peng Weihua coughed repeatedly when washed with water,I opened my eyes so easily,But was shocked by the sight in front of me,People standing around,Except for Shen Yingjie,Know all,once、Brother now,How did Luo Jun jump out?Fucking!And cheap apprentices?!
This surprise is not trivial,Peng Weihua is struggling to sit up,But there is no strength,I had no choice but to reach out to Li Tianzhi,I can’t speak。
“okay,I take him to the house。And the broken leg,Is also a key figure,Brother Luo worked hard,See how to help him,The doctor outside。”Li Tianzhen finished,Reached out and lifted Peng Weihua up,I fought my shoulder and entered another hut。
“You let go of me!”Peng Weihua can finally shout out,Roar immediately,His memory is still in the scene of fighting with sneakers after he was drunk,The first impression is that the attacker was sent by Li Tianzhen。
The furnishings of the cottage are very simple,A chest of drawers by the window,A desk in the middle,Chairs on both sides,Nothing else,Li Tianzhen threw Peng Weihua on the chair,Reached out and grabbed another one,Sat opposite Lao Peng。
“I ask you to answer,critical moments,I don’t want to be nonsense。”It’s rare for Li Tianzhu to take out a cigarette。
“You are so mean,Dare to find someone to attack Lao Tzu。”
“How did Zhu Lei get to the villa in Aberdeen Bay?,Talk about。”Li Tianzhen ignored the other party。
“You let me say,I just said?Let me talk about,How come i got here?bed bugs,Where’s the damn bug?”Lao Peng doesn’t cooperate at all。
Li Tianzhen immediately got up and opened the door,Beckoned in the stupefied bug in the living room,Unexpectedly, Shen Yingjie also took the opportunity to follow in。
“Talk to him,How did he get here。”Li Tianzhen’s mood is obviously a little impatient。
Bugs,Dare not delay,Immediately recounted what happened before and after the attack,He speaks clearly,Very organized。
Peng Weihua,Eyeballs turn,“Whatever?Do you count on my old Pengcheng for your love??”

“You are really chaotic。”Yuanshen smiled,“Do you think endless void is something anyone can go to?If the cultivation base is a little bit worse, it is difficult to survive there,According to the standards of the gods,Only those who reach the realm of the main god have the ability to explore the void,So you can return to this time and space from the endless void,It’s all due to this chaotic body。”

“Chaos Body?”
Li Tianzhu was completely dumbfounded,He obviously has both parents,Flesh and blood,How can it be the body of chaos?Even the legendary reincarnation of the god of war,It’s better than Yuwen?Unbreakable,That’s naturally amazing,But he was injured countless times,Like ordinary people,It hurts,The bloody one still bleeds,I was shot by Zhang Zhiqiang last time,Almost killed,How can it be unbreakable?
“Because your body is still changing,Far from reaching the true body of chaos。”
“You mean,My bones have turned golden?”
“Far from it。”
It seems that the more you talk, the more endless,Li Tianzhen shook his head vigorously,But curiosity can’t be shaken off,It’s rare that the primordial spirit cares about him today,I have to ask to understand。
“I see runes on the bones,Extremely difficult to identify,Do you recognize?”
“Chaos Body,What will become in the end?”
“Why do you call Yuwen the old thief?Did he offend you before?”
“grass!Then you at least tell me,Where is our temple??There are so many samurai, but only one ugly,I want to understand the cause and effect?”
A series of questions,Li Tianzhen seems to be talking to the air,Li Xiucheng’s soul has long been silent,It’s like this since returning to this time and space,Their communication combined is not as much as today,Yuanshen always treats him indifferently,Li Tianzhen is too lazy to ask again。
Moonlight,The sky is rare and clear,Two red dots moving slowly in the sky,Li Tianzhi knew that it was a drone,It must be the old man Dong who let people fly to explore the unknown mountain at night,I don’t know if you watch him by the way。
Chapter nine hundred and nineteen debate
Li Tianzhen suddenly throbbed,The primordial spirit is showing signs of detachment,He quickly stopped,“Don’t have trouble,Let him go。”

Yang Ying snorted coldly,Said a little unhappy。Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Mr. Yang, please forgive me,I wanted to speak up immediately,But I didn’t expect something happened to the Luo family again,Presumably you also know。So for a while”

“But also,Your recent business is a bit more。When you and Luo Yi were together,I wanted to remind you,I’m afraid you might misunderstand,I didn’t expect it to be such a result”Yang Ying said,Also sighed on the phone。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Saying that I am a man of hard orders,Mr. Yang, don’t get angry with me anymore”
“You kid!I’m angry with you, why are you calling this phone??What do you want to do next?How about doing it with me?”Yang Ying said,Laughed out。
Happy to hear Yang Ying,Xia Jian took a breath and said:“Thank you Mr. Yang for your kindness。I registered a company myself。I got a piece of land in Pingdu City with my friends,Prepare to respond to local policies,Build an industrial park,Special investment promotion”
“Pingdu!This is a small city, right!”Listen to Yang Ying’s tone,She is very interested in cities like Pingdu,Feeling a bit dismissive。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Is Mr. Yang interested in thinking about setting up a factory here?。City size is not important to you。Can you produce the products you need,This is the last word。
“Just your kid can talk,You do it first!I will come over and take a look at some time。Hey!ComeGZStop hiding from me, okay?Luo Yi is not here now,No one is staring at you either!“When Yang Ying said this,The voice is full of charm。
The two chatted for a while,Then hung up the phone。Yao Junli may not want to hear Xia Jian and other women chat so happily,So she called Lu Hao,Went to bed early。
Xia Jian sat on the sofa alone,Full of thoughts。It’s a little difficult to circulate here,But when we get this place,Someone has to come here to open a factory!
Although Yang Ying is as difficult as Hu Huiru,But she can help Xia Jian after all,So this woman can’t offend。Once this new industrial park is built,You need someone as capable as Yang Ying to settle in。
“It’s late,Go to bed early!”Yao Junli’s a little impatient voice came from the bedroom。Xia Jian responded,Got up and went into the bedroom。
It’s good to get up early,But Xia Jianyi lay down in the gentle country,I don’t want to get up。Until half past eight,Yao Junli was pulled from the bed。
Had breakfast,Yao Junli asked Xia Jian to clean up the office,She is not at ease,Went to find Lu Hao and He Yumei personally。
Xia Jian has nothing to do,Only with Yao Junli’s staff,Cleaned up his office。Yao Junli is also generous。Gave him the largest suite on the second floor,Thus,His office is not small,It’s no problem to put more than a dozen desks。
Xia Jian smiled when he thought about it,Alone,Why don’t you put more than ten tables?Okay,Yao Junli will be back soon。She originally went directly to the provincial capital from Zhangluhe Village,But friends from the provincial capital said,The relevant documents of Xia Jian’s registered company will be delivered to Pingdu this afternoon。
Let them go to Pingdu to get it from the competent department tomorrow。So Yao Junli did not return to the provincial capital,But ran back to look at Xia Jian’s office decoration。

“Wang Lin is back to Buchuan,I’m so bored by myself,Come out and walk around,I didn’t expect to be here,So I went up and sat down”Xia Jian said,Sat on the chair in front of Yao Junli。

Yao Junli smiled and said:“Which Murong Sisi is pretty。I saw her shopping with her boyfriend the other day。But the temperament of beautiful women is usually very big,I think she scolded a boyfriend decently”Yao Junli couldn’t help laughing at this point。
Didn’t you say it is urgent?Why did she gossip again??Although Xia Jian said he had doubts,But he was still embarrassed to ask directly。
Yao Junli stood up,She made Xia Jian a cup of instant coffee。Then he took a breath and said:“This is a bit procrastinating,Time is a bit long,Mr. Wang can’t wait anymore?”
“She still has a lot of work to do in Bucheon,So go back first。What’s the situation on your side?”Xia Jian finally got a chance to ask about this。
Yao Junli nodded and said:“Time is a little longer,But the result is quite satisfactory。We can talk to Lu Hao directly about this now”
“Oh!What do you say about the problems left over from the history of Luhe Village??Will the villagers ask us to settle old accounts??”This is what Xia Jian cares about most。Although He Xiaoxi, who said the trouble, has been arrested,But Zhangluhe Village is a big village。The village is big,Everyone has。
Yao Junli took a breath and said:“Zhang Lu Hecun held a meeting of all cadres and party members for this matter yesterday。So if we go now, it should be an opportunity,As for whether the villagers are making trouble?It’s hard to say。But then again,This is something in their village”
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Then you contact Lu Hao,Let’s make an appointment,Let him prepare in advance。I don’t want something like He Xiaoxi to happen again”
“I will contact”Yao Junli said,So he took out his cell phone and called Zhang Luhe’s village head。
Where is Xia Jian sitting and drinking coffee,He is quietly waiting for the result of Yao Junli’s call。This call lasted more than ten minutes。Yao Junli told Lu Hao many things on the phone,It should be very detailed。
After hanging up,Yao Junli walked to Xia Jian’s side and sat down and said:“arranged,Let’s be there in the afternoon。Meet for the first time,Get to know each other,Touch the bottom of the other party。The result won’t come out so quickly”
“Row,Then we will go there this afternoon”Xia Jian said,Glanced at the watch,Found it was eleven o’clock。
Yao Junli is a very smart woman,She glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Now that Wang Lin is gone,Then you return the hotel room,Come live with me。What a five-star hotel,The cost per night is not low”
Xia Jian nodded and said:“I’ll go back to the hotel and check out,Here you arrange”Xia Jian said,Get up and go。
“Don’t worry!There is no place for you to sleep”Yao Junli said,Happy smile。
Xia Jian went downstairs,Ran to the opposite side of the horse race and drove my jeep back to the hotel。Before twelve o’clock,He finished the check-out procedures。
Pingdu City originally had its own housing,But he is willing to live。Because he only shows up in the staff apartment,Hu Huiru must know his whereabouts,So it’s better not to go。
When he was driving to the convenience hotel,And passed by which clinic Wang Youcai opened。It seems that the decoration here is almost done,It looks like it will be completed a year ago。Xia Jian glanced and understood,He just doesn’t understand,How could Wang Youcai think like this?。

Do you want them to destroy the Du family??

“father,I investigated,We don’t have to meet Zang’s family……We can deal with another person!”Du Mi is sure。
Du Hong looked at his son,Frown。
“A person named Fang Yu……I asked my nephew。All his reasons……That’s why it all。It must be his and Gou Shengtian’s daughter,Gou Shengtian went back to find Zang’s family,So that Zang Jia can take action!
If it fixes him,Our grievance can also be released!”
Du Mi sneered。
Some trouble with Gou’s family。
Zangjia is even more impossible!
but,Deal with these little people。
No need to think about it!
“you sure?”
Du Hong looked at his son,Some hesitation。
If it is so,This person really has to tidy up!
“Is it possible for my nephew to lie to me……In addition to being flexible,Actually, I don’t have much strength!”
Du Mi is sure。

“Damn!You are getting dressed soon。You look like this,If your husband saw it,We should not be clear again“Wang Youcai said,Still not forgetting to glance at Wang Rong’s body。

But this woman is a little thin,Really nothing good。Wang Rong smiled and said:“You are so courageous,I thought how capable。Tell you,I’m not going for nothing,I will walk with you,As for you to see or not,That’s your business,My two hundred yuan can’t be less“
“Of course“Wang Youcai only needs two hundred yuan for Wang Rong,This is much less than he thought。He immediately took out his wallet,Drew out two hundred yuan bills from it,Put it on the table。
Wang Rong glanced at Wang Youcai,Only then began to wear clothes。This woman doesn’t know what she is from,Wang Youcai is also a man anyway,But she got dressed,Not shy away,It’s like Wang Youcai is a transparent person。
It takes time for women to dress up before going out,But Wang Rong didn’t make Wang Youcai wait anxious,She just spent three to five minutes。It seems she is not interested in makeup,Just cleaned up a bit。
When Wang Rong went out with Wang Youcai,,I didn’t care about the man sitting where he was watching TV,Which man just glanced at Wang Rong,He did not speak either,But quickly turned his eyes to the TV。
Out of the alley,Wang Youcai felt his stomach screamed,He whispered to Wang Rong:“Let’s eat something before leaving!What do you like to eat?“
“I like to eat delicacies,But not here。Let’s eat bowl of noodles each!“Wang Rong said,Pointed to the small noodle shop on the side of the road。
Wang Youcai smiled slightly,Then strode in。At eleven o’clock,Not many people in the small noodle shop。A man in his forties greeted him,He glanced at Wang Rong,Smiled and said:“Boss Wang is here!What to eat?“
“Two bowls of meat noodles,Fry another small dish of chili,Which one is particularly spicy“Wang Rong finished,Just sit wherever you go,Talk to no one。The woman walked out of her small hotel,It’s like a change。
Wang Youcai is a person who is not willing to be lonely,He glanced at Wang Rong and said:“As the saying goes,Acquaintance is fate,Can know you,This shows that we were a little affectionate in our previous life,So I asked you how about sister Wang?“
“Don’t get close to me,I’ll tell you the truth,I just want to earn you some money,Besides,There is nothing between us“What Wang Rong said is serious,Let Wang Youcai have nothing to say。
Fortunately, their noodles came up。Wang Youcai took it and ate it,Otherwise this scene is really embarrassing。He couldn’t figure it out for a while,How could Wang Rong’s change be so big?。
Finished eating,Wang Youcai paid for the meal,Two people walked out of the small noodle shop together。Wang Youcai glanced at Wang Rong a little unhappy and said:“how far,Let’s find a car!“


Long Shaoyun is naturally more difficult to get used to Qin Feng’s jumping thinking。Besides, isn’t he afraid of accidents when he goes to the law firm??
But Long Shaoyun couldn’t help but shudder when he thought of the other party’s strength beyond human strength.,I even warned myself not to die。At least it’s not the time for Qin Feng to be by his side。
Long Shaoyun’s Revenge,But he knew unless he could find someone who could defeat Qin Feng,Otherwise, he may only be trampled under Qin Feng’s feet in his life, and he will never have a chance for revenge.。
unfortunately,Now people have to bow their heads under the eaves,Long Shaoyun can only follow Qin Feng to the law firm he knows well,Find a lawyer who usually helps Long Shaoyun handle business。
The lawyer even found an opportunity to inform Long Qianyuan,I think that Long Shaoyun was hijacked to do the transfer procedure。It’s just that this lawyer didn’t expect that in the end, even Long Qianyuan would just say that there would be no follow-up response after learning about it。
It is late at night after the procedures are completed,But many lawyers don’t work from 9 to 5,Besides, handling these transfer procedures will cost them a lot of processing fees,Of course they are willing to work overtime。
Did Long Shaoyun hide and leave Qin Feng privately?,But he was somewhat surprised when he saw the other party transfer 80 million to his account。
Because I didn’t expect Long Shaoyun to have a company worth over 100 million when he was in college.。And the working capital already has 80 million,This is really amazing!
of course,No matter how good Long Shaoyun is in business,Now his industry has been taken over by Qin Feng,So he wants to make a comeback, I’m afraid it will take a lot of time。
“Can i go?”Seeing Qin Feng’s smile blooming,Long Shaoyun was bleeding in his heart,But to be able to leave this demon,He can only keep smiling。
“Of course you can pull。Shaoyun brothers,With our deadly friendship, you can naturally leave at any time。the most important is,I didn’t mean to drive you away,If you want to stay in Dongcheng and continue to study and pick up girls,I also welcome。”Qin Feng looked at the money figures in his account and didn’t know what his anger was.。
Even he is still feeling,My previous desperate mercenary missions may not even rob Long Shaoyun this time.。
of course,The most important thing is that Qin Feng doesn’t take many tasks,Although the asking price is quite high,But if it is to deal with the assassination mission of some state administrators and others, Qin Feng will definitely not accept it.。
So even in the mercenary world, Qin Feng is called Death,But it’s not an unreasonable demon。

And the point is,The price of carrier-based aircraft is much more expensive than trainer aircraft,If you modify it,Sell the trainer as a carrier-based fighter,Consider the profit of foreign trade,Tut……Profit from selling a carrier-based fighter,At least eight ground-based trainers can be sold on top。

And Oleg·Jemchenko knew,Now the key point is,Hurry up and build a one that can fly、Shipboard that can be shown to Indians“Light fighter”,This is the point。
Oleg·Jemchenko Smart,The heads of the other three design bureaus are not fools,Immediately expressed their opinions,Our own design bureau must resolutely obey the instructions of the Military Industrial Equipment Committee,Based on this advanced trainer,Fully develop the light fighter on the shipboard。
Nicholas·Marinkov is satisfied,That’s right!He waved hard:“Gentlemen,Very tight,We want to contact India immediately、Determine intent,And can you take this order?,It depends on whether you can bring out the display machine in time。”
this moment,Nicholas·Malinkov is very grateful to Chen Geng:Mr. Fernandez,Nice guy。
Gorbachev has a bad expression。
Not only did Gorbachev’s face look bad,The expression on the circle of fur around is not pretty,They have only one thought:furious!Fernandez,It’s so rampant,Dare to threaten the great Soviet!
Just now,Chen Geng showed Gorbachev and his entire staff of the emergency authorization document sent by the White House,At the same time questioned Gorbachev:Are you sincere in cooperation?If sincere,Then finalize the time to visit the U.S. as soon as possible,If you are not sincere,Ha ha……
Can be angry again,No more dissatisfied,Faced with Donald·Chen Geng of Li Gen’s authorization document,It’s useless for the Kremlin.“Don’t leave the Soviet Union”To threaten Chen Geng with words like this,Everyone understands,Now that Chen Geng can come up with this authorization document,It means that he represents the U.S. official and even Li Jianren,This threat,It’s meaningless except to make people laugh and generous。
Ignore the gloomy face of Gorbachev who seems to be raining,Chen Geng smiled:“These words,Representing the entire ruling team of Mr. Li Gen,Mr. Gorbachev,I am a businessman,I don’t know much about your diplomatic rhetoric.,I am more used to think about issues from a business perspective,and so……”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng looked at Gorbachev with a smile,Tao:“Mr. Gorbachev,Some words,I just said it straight:You have never set a specific time for your visit to the United States,Do you think Mr. Li Gen is now in trouble with the Iranian door and the stock market disaster?,Can’t get out,So I want to take this opportunity to make more money for myself?But what I want to say is,Your abacus is not very smart。”
Gorbachev did not speak,Boris on the side·Pan Jin’s face sank:“Mr. Fernandez,What do you mean?”
Chen Geng didn’t even see Boris·Pan Jin glanced,Continue to Gorbachev:“I’m going straight,If this matter is finalized,I can purchase from the U.S. every month from now on4010,000 tons of various materials,Plus those purchased from China and Asia,Every month I can provide more than12010,000 tons of various materials for trade,A year is almost the same1500Ten thousand tons,But if things can’t be settled this time,i am in America、in Europe、Procurement in Asia will be greatly affected,The transaction volume can be maintained every year40010,000 tons is not bad——Mr. Gorbachev,If less1100Import of more than 10,000 tons of external materials,Do you think you can still sit so securely?”
Chen Geng said this,More than Gorbachev,Primakov、Boris·Pan Jin、Valentin·The faces of Stalievich and others changed all the way。
Thanks to Chen Geng, this precious trade route,Although the economic situation in the Soviet Union is still deteriorating,But this year,Everyone’s life is actually relatively better,Once Gorbachev refused to visit the United States, the Reagan administration directly cut off the trade line……
Gorbachev watched Boris·Pan Jin glanced。
Boris·Pan Jin immediately asked Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,Mr. Li Gen’s term of office is just over a year,How do you guarantee that our trade can proceed normally after one year?”

Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu couldn’t help but shudder all over,It seems that this trip to the British Virgin Islands is absolutely shocking.,I must not take a wrong step!

Calm down for a while,I saw that the light in the room has been obviously dimmed a lot,Qiao Tianyu quickly glanced out the window,Then I realized that it was already dark clouds outside,The black clouds have already completely covered the entire sky。
“It’s really raining!”
Qiao Tianyu sighed helplessly,The weather outside is really like Qiao Tianyu’s mood now,My heart is heavy,Pressed him out of breath。
Seeing the sky outside is getting darker and darker,Worried about being blocked by the storm,Qiao Tianyu quickly left the apartment with Michelle,Drive all the way to the beach hotel。
But when Qiao Tianyu just got off at the beach hotel,The phone in my pocket rang suddenly,Look down,Displayed on the phone screen,It turned out to be Sanchez’s number!
Some people can’t help but talk,Qiao Tianyu thought of him just now,I didn’t expect to call so soon。
“Brother Joe,Are you staying at the beach hotel”After the call is connected,Without any greetings,Sanchez said coldly。
Hear Sanchez’s cold voice,Qiao Tianyu was shocked,what’s the situation?
Since the two met,Sanchez has never spoken to Qiao Tianyu in this tone。
“Dude,I stayed at the beach hotel,What’s wrong?”Qiao Tianyu asked tentatively。
“I’m on the No. 1 beach of the beach hotel,Come here。”Don’t wait for Qiao Tianyu to come back,Sanchez directly hung up。
“what the hell!what’s the situation?!”Qiao Tianyu is even more puzzled,Is it possible that Sanchez knew in advance that Qiao Tianyu wanted him“kick”Out of the beach hotel?

“I have already said,I still have things to work on,What are you trying to do?”Qin Feng said very upset,Because he really doesn’t want anyone to follow him,Especially when chasing like this。

(End of this chapter)
Chapter VIII Lin Qianqian
I heard Qin Feng’s words,The beauty also said unhappily:“I said you don’t listen to anything,Is there something wrong with you??”
“Ha ha,You still have to ask yourself about this。”Qin Feng also said mockingly:“Do you really think the whole world is accustomed to you??”
This sentence is not wrong,Although the beauty in front of you is very beautiful,But Qin Feng really doesn’t need to get used to him。
Seeing Qin Feng’s appearance,That beauty is also a little wronged,Because she really didn’t expect,I will be treated like this。
at this moment,The beauty said viciously:“Are you treating us as enemies??”
“You can think about this。”Qin Feng also left quickly,Meet this kind of brainless guy,All he can do is stay away from such people。quickly,Qin Feng returned to where he lived。
But what Qin Feng didn’t expect was,He just returned to where he lives,But the door of the room was knocked。
Who is this?Because the three people are in different rooms,So it’s impossible for anyone to know he’s back。