Recommended best treatment for infant eczema

Recommended best treatment for infant eczema

There are many treatments for infant eczema, and the treatment of different causes will be relatively different. The methods of treatment and treatment of Chinese and Western medicine also have their own advantages.

What is the best treatment for infant eczema?

Here are the best treatment options for babies.

The best treatment for infant eczema 1, the overall treatment principle Baby eczema can use a wide variety of drugs, parents should be under the guidance of a doctor.

Before replacing a new drug, be sure to remove the previously used drugs.

When changing the medicine, it is best to first rub the eczema on the baby’s skin and observe the effect to decide whether to use it.

Avoid aggravating the condition due to improper use of the drug.

Infant eczema is treated in some form, depending on the performance of the eczema, such as local erythema, papules, scales, crusting, and hormonal-rich drugs and ointments.

If there is more leakage and leakage, the solution should be cold and wet, and then the cream should be applied after the crusting.

For babies whose eczema is not serious, they can only be used locally, but they cannot replace the drugs themselves to avoid skin damage or infection.

2, cold wet compress (1) commonly used 1:10000 potassium permanganate solution wet application (note that potassium permanganate must be completely dissolved, undissolved potassium permanganate will burn the baby’s skin), even if the wound is clean,It also toxic sterilization and oxidation.

(2) 4-6 layers of fine gauze cloth, with no dripping water as appropriate, apply wet gauze to the wound surface, and determine the time and frequency of replacement according to the amount of eczema exudate. When the gauze absorbs the leakage material, the exudate has reachedReplace the gauze with a degree of semi-saturation.

Two to three times a day.

When there is a lot of exudate, the dressing should be changed diligently during wet application to avoid the dressing filled with exudate staying on the wound for a long time, irritating the surrounding normal skin, and causing the wound to expand.

(3) Give appropriate attention to large areas of eczema, the nature of the drug, the concentration and the size of the wet dressing area.

(4) If the redness and swelling of the wound gradually subsides, the exudate is reduced, and the wound surface is dry, the wet compress can be stopped and the paste can be changed.

(5) Please pay attention when cold and wet compressing: the wet compressing area should not exceed 1/3 of the whole body area, so as to avoid excessive dehydration of the body surface and cause the baby to dehydrate.

Anti-aging: recommended for the beauty of grape seeds

Anti-aging: recommended for the beauty of grape seeds

Ancient Chinese medicine also records the medicinal use of grapes.

Grapes are sweet, sour, flat, into the lungs, spleen, kidney, can replenish qi and blood, strengthen bones and muscles, pass through the meridians, pass through the swelling, benefit urination, nourish the kidney and benefit the liver.

Grape roots and leaves are also Chinese herbal medicines.

Grapes are easy to diarrhea and should not be overeating.

Medically, it can dialysis kidney, strengthen waist, nourish the blood, reduce blood pressure, and appetite, especially in the prevention and treatment of neurasthenia, stomach pain, abdominal distension, cardiovascular disease and other aspects have a significant effect.

“Minnan Materia Medica” said “big qi and blood, Shujin active”.

“The sketch of Weinan this book” said that the treatment of acne poison, fetal gas on the rush, decoction and drink immediately.

“Materia Medica renewed” said it “warm stomach and spleen”.

“With the diet”, it is considered to be “invigorating Qi, nourishing kidney fluid, benefiting liver and yin, strengthening bones, quenching thirst, and building a fetus.”

“Lu Chuan Materia Medica” records: “nourish strong, blood, strong heart diuretic, sedative pain, stomach pain, mental fatigue, bloody heartbeat.

Grapes have a high iron content. For those with iron deficiency anemia, eating raisins is highly beneficial and is an auxiliary measure for treatment.


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