2015 Snooker World Championship-Ding Junhui reverses Davis into the round of 16 to fight Higgins

2015 Snooker World Championship-Ding Junhui reverses Davis into the round of 16 to fight Higgins
On the evening of April 21, Beijing time, the 2015 Snooker World Championships continued their first round of contention.Ding Junhui chased three innings 0-4 in the first stage, trailing Marc Davis 3-4.In the second stage, Ding Junhui had a chance to hit 147 points, but even 97 points were interrupted by negligence.But in the end he counterattacked his opponent by a 7-3, with a total score of 10-7 to reverse the victory, advancing to the top 16 will face four-time world champion Higgins in the 1/8 final.Ding Junhui’s spontaneous problems are all happy. Ding Junhui and Mark Davis’s first stage game is progressing slowly. It was originally scheduled to play nine games and only seven games were played.At that time, Ding Junhui entered the state slowly, making mistakes again and again, losing four games in the opening and trailing 0-4.After the break, Ding Junhui finally broke out, hitting 66 points, 109 points and 76 points in a single shot, reducing the score to 3-4.Because it took too long, the two ended the first stage of the match two games in advance.  After nearly a day of rest, the two sides launched the second stage of the contest.In the eighth inning, Ding Junhui succeeded in the pass with three passes, but then lost the basketball.Davis played 106 points on a single shot, leading the total score of 5-3 Ding Junhui.In the 9th inning, Ding Junhui once had a chance to hit 147 points. At that time, Davis made a mistake and left the middle stage. After Ding Junhui succeeded, he launched a continuous attack around the black ball and scored 12 sets of black balls.In the red ball, without any danger of calling the black ball, he called a low score blue ball.This negligence suddenly made his timing unbelievable, and also made everyone on the scene including the referee and opponent Mark Davis stunned, and everyone couldn’t help laughing.After recovering, Ding Junhui still tried the black ball with a very thin angle, and eventually made a mistake.Despite the unsuccessful impact of 147, he still pulled back a city with a single shot of 97 points, chasing the score 4-5.  In the 10th inning, Ding Junhui continued to maintain a positive posture, hitting 82-0 three times in the next city, and tied his opponent 5-5 for the first time.In the 11th game, Davis scored a red ball and lost the black ball. Ding Junhui won the game 62-2. Before the break, the total score was 6-5 to overtake.  After the break, the game continued, and the 12th game was very tight. Davis ended the tug of war 59-14 with a score of 6-6.In the 13th inning, the Ding Junhui scored 44-38 in the lead and lost the penultimate red ball in the 13th inning.Davis received the red ball 47-44 to do snooker for himself, the solution result was a big leak.Ding Junhui seized the opportunity to clear the ball and lead Davis 7-6 again.  In the 14th inning, Davis defensively scattered the ball pile, and then made a major mistake in the solution. Ding Junhui had a chance to win with a stroke, but scored 59 points and hit the black ball, and the club hit the red ball foul and was fined.7 points lost.Davis chased the last two red balls of 22-66 to make a safety ball and accidentally missed the bag. Ding Junhui won the game 93-22 and opened the distance with his opponent 8-6.  In the fifteenth inning, the red ball was scattered all over the table in the defensive battle. Ding Junhui only had 6 points to make a serious mistake. The red ball did not enter the pocket and Davis did not miss the opportunity to reduce the total score to 7-8 with 69-6.In the 16th inning, Ding Junhui struck Davis with a perfect safety ball, and he scored 47 points and 51-0 to lead the cue ball but failed to rush out of the ball pile and make himself a snooker.However, after several shots of defense, Ding Junhui continued to score through the far stage, clearing the stage with a single shot 80 points to win the game, the first to obtain match points 9-7.  In the 17th inning, the game is now complete and the pressure is all on Davis.Davis scored one red ball cue ball but failed to call the black ball comfortably. He rashly attacked the bag and eventually made a mistake, leaving Ding Junhui with an excellent drop line.Ding Junhui played steadily and steadily ended with a single score of 85 points. The total score was 10-7, reversing the 18th-ranked English veteran Mark Davis, advancing to the top 16 and facing the four world champions in the 1/8 finals.14th seed Higgins.(Moline)

Christels came back because of the water in women’s tennis today?

Christels came back because of the water in women’s tennis today?
Pliskova advanced to the women’s singles final of Zhengwang.Picture / Zhengzhou Tennis Open 36-year-old Christels announced his comeback next year, causing women ‘s tennis to shake.Ka Pliskova, who is now ranked third in the world, said that Christels may have decided to come back because she felt that the level of women’s tennis today is a bit poor.Ka Pliskova is participating in the Zhengzhou Tennis Open this week, and advanced to the league’s fifth singles final after defeating Tomjanovic 2-0 this afternoon.Tomorrow afternoon, Pliskova and Martic will compete for the first women’s singles championship in Zhengzhou Tennis Open.As the current top player in women’s tennis, Pliskova was also asked about the return of Christels after the game.”I don’t know if she thinks that the current level of women’s nets is a little too bad, so she wants to come back.”Pliskova said that everyone’s experience and ideas are different, and it is difficult for her to say what Christels is thinking about,” she is 36 years old and has three children.She can continue to play, but I am not sure what level she will reach, which is bound to what kind of preparation she has made and how to start the new season when she is ready.”Pliskova, born in 1992, has only emerged in recent seasons and has never had the opportunity to play against Christels before.”I only started to enter the ranks of top players after she retired. I know what she was like when she was in good shape.”Of course, I wish her good luck, because she has always been a great player, let us see what level of her status will return to.”According to the relevant rules of the WTA, as the former world first, Christels can apply for the wild card of the game without restrictions next season.36-year-old Christels is a legendary women’s tennis player who has won 41 singles titles in his career, including 4 Grand Slams and 3 year-end finals.After his first comeback in 2009, Christels won three Grand Slam titles and took a year and a half to return to number one in the world.After announcing his second comeback, Christels was also welcomed by women’s tennis.WTA CEO Simon said that Christels has inspired countless people, and her return is an important asset for women’s tennis.American player van der Wig also said through social media that he welcomed the childhood idol to return to the arena.

Territory is comparable to family planning

Territory is comparable to family planning

From the data of about 15 million new born babies nationwide in 2018, economists see that the true reproduction rate has not exceeded 1.

2, and it is expected to continue to decline, because after a round of house price doubles caused by strictly controlled land and shed reforms, house price income exceeds the peak period of the bubble in Japan and Taiwan.

  The fertility rate is below 1.

2 means 40% or more reduction per generation.

Now people in their 30s and 40s even have pensions, and most of them have to work until they can’t move before they can retire. Many of the accumulated assets will be worthless by then.

In fact, it doesn’t take that long. The 25-year-old and 20-year-old population are more than 7 million and 13 million less than the 30-year-old respectively, which is enough to drink a pot.

  The first cause of this deadlock is the family planning system, which has long been recognized as a growth rate1.

8, simple mental calculations will know that it requires 1 out of 10 women who are unmarried and infertile + 1 only child + 7 second and 1 third child to have 18 children, of which there is only 1 only child,This is obviously not true.

The mentality behind it is that officials often “maintain 深圳桑拿网 the official position, and control it flooding” when it yields tens of thousands of microns per mu.

  The peak birth rate in 1990 was 28 million, and only 14 million in 2002. Imagine the pressure on housing prices.

Post-95 women have a reproduction rate of between 6 and 8 million per year.


At 2, the number of newborns is only 6-10 million per year.

  However, the more severe population and economic killer in the future is actually land. There are even 45 billion mu of cultivated land and more than 300 million mu of rural homesteads and construction land in a semi-abandoned state. There are more restrictions on land in the name of food security and protection of cultivated land.Developed, and efforts are overweight each session.

As a result, urban residential land in the country is less than zero.

500 million 西安耍耍网 acres, plus the urban industrial warehousing business service land including the industrial park development zone, a total of less than 100 million acres!

In addition, the railway high-speed has only about 1% of the total capital value of the country, but it has accumulated more than the total currency of the United States and Europe. This structure cannot be sustained and healthy for a long time.

House price income exceeds 10, referring to the corresponding growth rate of 1 when Taiwan is 6 times.

2, if it is maintained 10 times, it is estimated that it will soon reach 1.

0 or less.

  However, these are not included in the KPI of the country, and they still continue the practices of previous decades.

Capital has always been difficult to go to the countryside, resulting in only 23 million of the 600 million rural residents engaged in modern operations (the third agricultural census in 2016), and the poverty is anthropogenic disposable income1.

420,000 yuan, only 37% of towns.

600 million people have been forced into poverty, and the economy has not moved. There is excess production capacity of steel, building materials, appliances, automobiles, high-speed rail highways, trade surpluses, and friction between China and the United States (ca n’t afford anything good)., Sports land less than 2 square meters is generally a fat house, insufficient education land has led to expensive school districts, private schools and tens of millions of left-behind children. Hundreds of millions of farmers in the north rely on small coal stoves to cause haze.
It can be said that there is no hard book.

  After the 2013 Plenary Session, the Third Plenary Session required the market to decide and gradually implement land equalization, but the land instead reversely introduced “strictly restricting the expansion of megacities” and “permanent basic expansion is determined by near and far,” which doubled house prices again.In order to prevent the “central decentralization” from decentralizing planning affairs, it is also trying to use the new land law to break through and authorize ministries and commissions.

  From the wrong direction of the land law 20 years ago, it has been difficult to return. Even if radical changes in land policies are complemented by the perfect coordination of modern local fiscal financing and decentralization reforms, in the most optimistic situation, only a small number of people can control their income for 5 years.2.

80,000 to 100,000 yuan, the reproduction rate increased to 1.

8 or so, it is possible to avoid a sharp decline in house prices and financial turmoil.

There are many levels of logic nesting. You need to sort out the relevant experiences of the United States and Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan to help clarify several key points.

  1 Recently, I read “Why Planning Fails.” The author mentioned that in the 1960s, when urban towns in the United States expanded freely upstream, the median house price / median household income in the urban areas were almost double.

That means that most ordinary young people work for three to five years after graduating from high school, and can get married and buy a house. At that time, 70% of the houses were detached houses, with a median area of 145 square meters, and three or four bedrooms.1000 square meters.

  Early marriage, lots of empty rooms, enough space for kids to have fun, and half-old children. You can ask for some pocket money to take care of the little baby. The school is not expensive by the community, and it is full of joy.
Therefore, despite the impact of popular concepts such as feminist anti-war, the birth rate was still 2 in 1969.

5. It can be said that it is a field of hope.

  Even at present, according to a data I roughly sketched in the previous two years, except for overseas islands and Alaska, the geographic conditions, religions, ethnic cultures, years of education, income levels, and urbanization rates of the remaining native states are roughly equivalent. Single-family homesThe top five states (more than 72%) have an average reproduction rate of 2.

0, and the five states with the highest percentage of condominiums (more than 35%) just over 1.
6. It can be seen that the house is large and there are many rooms, and the degree of influence on the indigenous intentions is very high.

  In contrast, the opponent Soviet Union at that time, the residents were crowded in a 20-square-meter dwelling house, and six or seven young couples shared a kitchen. How could they encourage heroic mothers, and the overall reproduction rate could not be raised.

  More than 20 years later, the Soviet Union collapsed.
  2 Beginning in the 1970s, the Roman Club ‘s “Limits to Growth” threatened, and then the oil crisis. Many urban planning in the United States began to restrict expansion and residential development. Those cities with the largest expansions now have median house prices / median household income.The number has reached 5 to 8 times, which is comparable to many cities in Europe. However, the cities with comparatively loose development expansion still only have more than two.

  The author of Why Planning Fails is distressed.

2% of the land in the United States is enough for everyone to live in big villas, large parking lots, large shopping malls, amusement parks, factory parks, corporate headquarters, school hospitals, planning and planning, which has raised about 30% of housing prices.

Last year, the median house price in the United States was $ 200,000, which was more than three times the median household income of $ 60,000. According to the author, if there is no planning limit, the price-to-income ratio will return to more than twice.

  The consequences of restricting development are too many.

The stricter the planning, the more adequate the housing prices and rents, tens of millions of families ca n’t afford a house, or they ca n’t live after renting. The government needs hundreds of billions of dollars a year to supplement interest and rent.Welfare; and the proportion of crime, drug abuse and homelessness is higher, requiring a large amount of government police, prison, welfare and medical expenditures; many children and children give up trying to school, anyway, there is no hope, because the generation of parents has also solidified.

Those methods that originally pursued efficiency, beauty, and convenience were counterproductive, but few people intervened and it was difficult to change.

  Seeing this, I think the author is a bit biased.

Since the 1970s and 1980s, East Asian economies such as Japan have continuously accumulated external reserves, robbed orders but did not buy enough American goods, and the external reserves have accumulated to more than $ 5 trillion.

The US industry has lost five to six trillion US dollars in exports and employment, while asset pools such as stocks, government bonds, and real estate have injected an equal amount of water. There has been a huge gap between rising housing prices and lowering salaries. It is not objective enough to mention these.
  Fortunately, the United States has a high degree of local autonomy, one city, one policy, and the federal government has no right to intervene. It is not difficult for companies such as Apple Amazon or Fuyao Glass to find cheap land of about 100,000 yuan per acre and build huge headquarters or factories. Residents can alsoFree relocation to those cheap places.

It can be said that some parts of the United States are infected with refractory fungi, and there are still many normal states or cities that can take refuge.

  If the author knew about the nationwide chronic suicide caused by land control in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, he might not criticize his country so harshly.

  The biggest difference between Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan on the 3rd is that there are many legislations and strong cross-regulation by the central bureaucracy. All local governments, residents, businesses, and landlords have very little autonomy and cannot play the decisive role of the market mechanism.

  I have talked too much about the East Asian model in the public name, so I only make up a few paragraphs here.

The non-Liberal Democratic Party Prime Minister Hosuke Hosokawa, who was elected in June 1993, had previously served as Governor of Kumamoto Prefecture (equivalent to the governor), and had repeatedly visited Tokyo ‘s bureaucracy for a 30-meter bus stop.

Maybe it was stimulated. When he was elected Prime Minister, he listed more than 11,000 regulations and announced “abolition in principle.” Of course, he was immediately stepped down.

  The other was to see the Taiwan media’s complaints, saying that President Cai went to Taichung to cheer the real industry, but some bosses were angry on the spot: I went to Kobe, Japan to invest, and the factory was per square meter (3.

3 square meters) only 6.

NT $ 50,000, found at NT $ 250,000 in Taichung Industrial Zone, how to do it!

I searched and found that the cheapest Zhangbin Industrial Zone was NT $ 50,000 per ping, and I immediately understood why young people in Taiwan did not raise their salaries for 20 years, and they had to test their civil servants hard or be in trouble.

  This mechanism is probably like this: After the land is strictly controlled, it will be difficult for the manufacturing industry to build new factory buildings in the park, and it will only be possible to go to the sea. Other companies will find it difficult to build new headquarters, and they will only be crowded into cities to pay high rents.

Innovative incentives, stock dividends, employee salaries will be thinned by rents, and stock market returns are incomparable to the place where Buffett played.

Factories are not expanding, good employment opportunities are overly concentrated in first-tier cities (so Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan have super large central cities). Young people go through tuition classes at a young age for good job opportunities. Only in their thirties can they squeeze into small houses.In addition, we must work hard to repay the mortgage overtime, and the growth rate naturally declines; generally, the mentality collapses when we can’t squeeze in. Japanese youth houses and Taiwanese youth are in trouble.

  Including the real estate bubble in Japan, much of the credit is due to land control.

When buyers scrambled to sell, many surrounding land was designated as agricultural land forbidden development, and there was very little land that could be developed, and it took a few years to process the delivery. The price soared, causing more people to pursue it, and the house prices self-circulated.Already.
House prices in Taiwan rose four-fold from 86 to 90. The principle is similar. The funny thing was that the government also restricted land supply at that time.

  The bureaucratic society in East Asia is similarly terrifying. Boss, the policy of his predecessor cannot be changed, and the power of colleagues must not be cut. It is tantamount to suicide.

Even plagiarized free media, independent justice and election politics, but the bureaucrats alternated superbly throughout their lives. Prime Ministers and parliamentarians took them almost the same. People and businesses were mainly submissive and catering. Scholars and the media quarreled and passed.The “U.S. government, the largest opposition party,” requires at least structural reforms, but it usually does not work because it cannot be removed from office. The bureaucracy is not nearly equal to zero.

  During the US-Japan negotiations, the U.S. group really gave suggestions and requested decentralization of planning authority and adjustment of the land structure, thereby promoting investment and consumption and domestic demand. However, this “American market thinking determines the decisive role” of the American thinking and the East Asian bureaucratic structure isNatural enemies have enjoyed many provincial governors’ pleadings over and over again. The officials of the local “relationship group” who visited the dock several years ago were just as painful as withdrawing heroin.

Finally, we promised to adjust the land tax system. The average residential land for each household was increased to 95 square meters, and infrastructure expansion was increased.

It wasn’t until the bubble burst that the toothpaste was squeezed a little bit to delegate power. Well, the gradual “reform” was indeed more moderate, and the cost was Japan.

  However, Japan has received special care. 55% of the houses are built by single-family houses with an average usable area of more than 120 square meters, and the overall yield can reach 1.

4, better than South Korea 1.

0 and Taiwan 1.

2 is much better.

Now I only know that Japan’s ageing is miserable. That is because the peak of birth in South Korea and Taiwan was ten years later than the peak in Japan after the war. It is not yet time for everyone to perform what is called a real human tragedy.
From the miracle to the disintegration of the Soviet Union, from the miracle to the trap in Latin America, there are only two generations. East Asia will not go from miracle to extinction any longer.

  However, it is still good that Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are strictly controlled, and there is no prohibition on the circulation of land rights. They have been rich for decades, and no artificially created urban-rural income gap.

Seven times, and the property income gap is 12 times. This is comparable to the fragmentation of Latin America and Africa.
  4 At last we have reached the core part: the domestic land policy interrupted the normal wealth cycle and chain transformation, resulting in a reduction in the per capita income of residents by 2/3, and it needs to be continued as soon as possible to maintain economic growth, debt, and house prices.

  Some performance indicators need to be given up. Residents have exhausted themselves and are unwilling to have a baby or even get married.

  Here are a few examples to help understand the normal mechanism: Example 1: If Beijing newly grants 30 million square meters of new or rebuilt residential and commercial office projects each year, the owner is required to allocate 6 million square meters of school hospital gymnasiums as planned, and each newPay the municipal capacity increase fee per square meter, assuming an average of 1 per square meter.

For 50,000 yuan, the government revenue is 450 billion, which is about twice the gross revenue of land auctions each year.

Banks will automatically provide hundreds of billions of dollars of loans to owners, of which construction and security expenditures will turn into related enterprise revenues and workers’ salaries and flow to the whole country.

  The key to a normal mechanism is to qualify with a fiscal and taxation framework.

Property tax is the support of municipal maintenance and the index of municipal bonds. The expansion depends on the market subscription of new bonds and the capacity increase fee for new areas. Levy is based on multiples of the declared value of the property. Several times the price of nail households must be paid annually.Times real estate tax.

In short, there are too many problems with the way in which the superior government restricts land supply + local collection and auction + estimation and loans to support infrastructure.

  Example 2: Establish a five-year temporary rule. For every 300 square meters of new residential and office space in the city, a set of homestead indicators need to be purchased.

For the 30 million square meters in Beijing, it is necessary to purchase 100,000 homesteads for about 50 billion yuan, and 100,000 rural residents will bring about 400,000 yuan into the city as a down payment.

Obviously, the receiving cities and towns need to buy homestead indicators again, and continue to demolish more homesteads, so the chain reaction has started.

In five or six years, we can probably correct mistakes. The vast majority of farmers have entered the city. The operating area of full-time farmers has increased tenfold, and suburban villages and towns have quickly become European and American.

  Example 3: Enterprises and individuals including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas wealthy, after purchasing multiple or even dozens of hundreds of homestead indicators, you can purchase large tracts of land (multiple will automatically select hills and forest grasslands), build villas, castle estatesAnd headquarters.
Chinese people now purchase 30,000 luxury homes in the United States each year, which is close to US $ 30 billion. 30,000 immigrants even take away 30 million yuan of wealth, which is also a trillion-level outflow of wealth every year.

Why not go to the rural countryside, private high-end hospital schools and charities?

This money will become the consumption and investment of farmers, teachers, doctors, and will return to the company’s revenue, profits and taxes, one round after another.

You need to know that the 2013-2017 financial poverty alleviation subsidy was only 278.7 billion US dollars in five years. Most of them only tossed cadres and raised lazy people. Why should we save 20 times the money to North America and Australia?

  Example 4: In the existing suburbs, there is no rigid development boundary around the county seat. With supporting fees and property taxes, sewage treatment and sanitation planning requirements, it will naturally eliminate unnecessary waste.

Even if each household occupies one acre or two acres, it is understood that there are even 200 million people living in six or seven million people, and three or four million acres will be occupied, not to mention that more than half of the village can be returned.

Do not set any planned agricultural land protection policy. The bureaucratic KPI can only increase the number every year.

  The above is a rough explanation. The detailed and supporting measures required for actual landing are far from being listed by individuals, and most readers can’t read it.

What can be confirmed is that after the adjustment, urban-rural differences, economic stagnation, debt crisis, housing bubbles, insufficient domestic demand, excess production capacity of steel and building materials and appliances, high-speed rail expressways, insufficient imports caused trade frictions, and even civil servants .
Most of these disappear automatically.
China’s economy can also be transformed into a modern economy: less than 5% of agricultural employment, less than 20% of industrial employment, and the remaining 70% are national defense education, medical, financial, legal, legal, sports, cultural, entertainment, catering, sanitation, property transportation, etc., most of which areServe each other.

At that time, talent really became the source of wealth, not a tool for bureaucratic competition.

  In accordance with the “market decision” and “land equalization” and “central land decentralization” proposed by the central government in the past few years, the decentralization of land, rural areas, environmental protection, education, and medical care to be centrally managed by the central government should be initiated long ago.

However, the bureaucratic machinery of the relevant industry ministries is tougher than imagined and cannot be bypassed immediately. If the National People’s Congress and the national ministries and commissions gradually change their finances to reset institutional authority and KPIs, they will not dare to speak in the future.

  The space and review are limited, and there are thousands of leaks. Several extended readings are also welcome. Professionals are also welcome to join the knowledge planet. Structural macros and organizational behavior are more timely and thorough.

[Can I eat fruits during Pigu]_Pigu therapy_Can I eat

Distinguish between different types of amines, squads, and swindlers, and spoofing and arbitrarily arbitrarily arbitrarily arbitrarily arbitrarily arbitrarily arguing that there is no difference between the two.噺杞讳汉镄勮韩浣撹礋鎷咃紝鐤忛€氫汉鐨勭粡缁滐紝鏀瑰杽浜轰綋鏈鸿兘锛屾不鐤楀绉嶇柧鐥呫€傝緹璋锋槸鎸囧湪涓€瀹氱殑鏃堕棿鍐咃紝涓嶅悆浜旇胺鏉傜伯銆傝€屽湪杈熻胺鏈熼棿锛屾槸鍙互閫傞噺鐨勫悆涓€浜涙按鏋滅殑锛屼絾鏄敞鎰忎笉鑳藉鍚冿紝鍚屾椂鏌垮瓙銆侀钑夈€佺暘鑼勩€佹瀛愩€佸北妤傜瓑姘存灉涔熸槸In the meantime, you will be able to find out what is going on, how to do it, how to do it, how to do it, how to do it, how to do it, how to do it?缇璋锋湡闂撮毦鍏嶄細鏈夐ゥ楗挎劅锛屽挨鍏舵槸绗竴娆¤緹璋凤紝鎴戜滑榧撳姳鏂伴亾鍙嬬涓€娆¤緹璋蜂笉蹇呭鑷繁澶繃浜庤嫑姹傦紝鍙互閫傚綋鐨勫悆涓€鐐规按鏋滐紝浠庡崐杈熻胺寮€濮嬶紝鍏堝浼氬崐杈熻胺锛屼互鍚庡湪灏濊瘯鍏ㄨ緹璋枫€傚綋鐒舵按鏋滀篃涓嶈兘鍚Sorry, there is no such thing as a sorrow, and there is no way to do it. It ‘s a good thing. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea.区分熻胺鏁堟灉锛岃鏂伴亾鍙嬫斁蹇冦€傜浉鍙嶏紝杩囦簬鎵х潃浜庡暐涔熶笉鍚冿紝鍙嶈€屾槸鏈夊績鎴愬姛锛屼笉濂姐€備簩銆佽緹璋锋湡闂村摢浜涙按鏋滀笉鑳藉悆?I ‘m not sure what I ‘m doing, I ‘m going to say something, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m not sure what to do, I ‘m not sure what I ‘m doing, I ‘m not sure what I ‘m doing.紝鑳冪値銆備笉鑳藉悆棣欒晧锛氶钑変腑鍚晛澶氾紝瀹规槗寮曡捣琛€娑蹭腑闀侀挋姣斾緥澶辫皟锛屽蹇冭绠′骇鐢熸姂鍒朵綔鐢ㄣ€備笉鑳藉悆鐣寗锛氱暘鑼勫鏄撲笌鑳冮吀浜х敓鍖栧鍙嶅簲鍚堟垚闅句互婧惰В鐨勭‖鍧楋紝寮曡捣鑳冩簝鐤°€佽儍鐐庛€備笉鑳藉悆姗樺瓙锛氭瀛愭眮鍚湁澶ч噺鐨勭硸鍒嗗拰鏈夋満閰革紝绌鸿吂浼氬埡婵€鑳冪矘鑶溿€備笉鑳藉悆灞辨锛氱┖鑵瑰悆灞辨涓嶄粎鑰楁皵锛岃€屼笖浼氬紩鍙戦ゥ楗挎劅锛屽鏄撳嚭鐜拌儍鐥涖€傝緹璋锋湡闂存渶浣崇殑椋熺墿褰撳睘榛勭摐銆佽嫻鏋溿€佽タ鐡溿€佹銆佺寱鐚存銆佽憽钀勩€佺伀榫欐灉绛夈€傞暱鏈熻緹璋疯€呭彲浠ユ湇椋熶竴浜涚孩鏋c€佹牳妗冦€佹澘鏍椼€佺櫨鍚堛€侀粍绮剧瓑骞叉灉鍜岃嵂鏉愶紝涓嶈鏈嶉璞嗚眽姹ょ瓑鐗┿€備笁銆佽緹璋风殑濂藉杈熻胺鍙互鍑€鍖栦汉浣擄紝鏈夊埄浜庣枏閫氫汉浣撶殑缁忕粶锛屾彁楂樺拰鏀瑰杽鏁翠釜鏈轰綋鑴忚厬鍔熻兘锛屾湁鏁堟不鐤楀绉嶇柧鐥呫€傜壒鍒槸楂樿鍘嬨€佺硸灏跨梾銆佽倽鐐庛€佸摦鍠樸€佽剛鑲倽銆佺被椋庢箍銆佽€佽姳鐪笺€佽€佸勾鎬ц繎瑙嗐€侀蓟绐︾値銆佽偁鑳冪値銆佽偉鑳栫棁绛夐兘鏈夌潃寰堝ソ鐨勭枟鏁堬紝涓婅堪鐥呮偅鍙渶瑕佺粡杩囦竴涓煭鏈熸垨涓湡鐨勮緹璋凤紝缁濆ぇ澶氭暟閮戒細鏈夌潃寰堟槑鏄剧殑鐤楁晥锛屾垨鑰呯洿鎺ュ交搴曟不鎰堛€傚鏋滆兘鍧氭寔杩愮敤杈熻胺鏈紝瀹氭湡杈熻胺娓呯悊鍑€鍖栬韩浣撳拰鍐呰剰锛屼笉浣嗚兘澶熷珐鍥虹枟鏁堬紝鑰屼笖杩樿兘寤跺勾鐩婂銆?

[Do you eat more figs?]_ Eat more_ Impact

[Do you eat more figs?]_ Eat more_ Impact

Fig plants are different from other plants. Most of the plants in the world have flowers before flowering.

However, the plant such as figs has not blossomed, and it has become a fruit directly. In fact, the plant of figs is a combination of flowers and fruits, and its flowers are its fruits.

And figs are also very good for human health, so eating more will have a beneficial effect on the human body, but is it better to eat more figs?

First, the benefits delay the aging of figs after having grown up with vitamin C and anthocyanins.

Eating can clear free radicals from the body.

Inhibit the speed of cell aging, play a role in beauty and beauty.

Appetizing and healthy eating figs contain a large amount of plant acids and sugars. The taste is sweet and sour. It gives people a unique taste of sweet and sour when eating. It has an appetizing effect and is suitable for people with poor appetite to eat before meals.

Dried figs, stomach and stomach digestion Figs contain a variety of beneficial acids. When eaten, a large amount of gastric acid is secreted from the gastric juice, and the speed of food digestion will become faster.

The anti-cancer and anti-cancer figs contain higher active ingredients such as bergamot lactone and psoralen, and benzaldehyde can be extracted from the fruit juice that grows into future figs. They all have anti-cancer and anti-cancer properties.effect.

Purple peel fig intestinal laxative figs contain a large amount of supplemental fiber, which can stimulate peristalsis and promote the excretion of feces during intervention.

Second, aggravating diarrhea has the same effect as laxatives.

Has a strong excretory function.

In normal consumption, it can still have alkaline laxative and laxative effects. You must not eat figs during diarrhea.

The sugar content index of excessive figs is very high. If a large amount of glucose, fructose, and starch are consumed, the sugar in the blood cannot be consumed by timely metabolism, and it will be turned into an adult hoarding in the body, causing obesity.

When the figs are allergic to picking off the branches of the figs that are connected, there will be some white juice, which may corrode.

Because of this, allergies may occur when eating figs directly.

So friends with a history of allergies must pay attention to it?

Yuantong Express (600233): Market share increased by 1.

7PCTS to 13.

6% deducting non-net profit increased by 19.


Yuantong Express (600233): Market share increased by 1.

7PCTS to 13.

6% deducting non-net profit increased by 19.


The company released the first quarter report of 2019: the revenue in 2019Q1 increased by 20.

65% to 64.

44 trillion, of which the main business income of express delivery increased by 24.

55% to 55.

5.2 billion; gross profit increased by 18.

71%; net profit attributable to mother increased by 15.

66% to 3.

6.5 billion; net profit after deducting non-attribution 北京夜网 increased by 19.

41% to 3.

5.7 billion.

Q1 delivery volume also increased by 39.

64%, the market share increased by 1 in ten years.

7 pieces to 13.

The 6% Yuantong Q1 express delivery volume also increased by 39.

64%, higher than industry 22.

With a growth rate of 5%, the city share increased by 1.

7 pieces to 13.

6%; the company’s single ticket income is reduced by 10.

81%, considering the adjustment of the supplementary income caliber, the actual decline is expected to be about 5-6%, compared to 4.

The 2% decrease was slightly expanded.

Single piece gross profit is at 0.

The high level of 47 yuan is expected to gradually stabilize in the future. The company’s single-piece gross profit is expected to be zero.

47 yuan, a decrease of 12 compared with 18Q4.

22% (-0.

07 yuan), down 14 in the earlier 18Q1.

99% (-0.

08 yuan); after the advancement of the company’s cost control and the arrival of the small express season, it is expected that the gross profit per piece will gradually stabilize.

The growth rate of the four fees higher than that of wool profit was mainly due to interest expenses on convertible bonds.

41% of the company’s operating profit increased by 15.

34%, lower than the growth rate of gross profit, mainly due to the same increase in Q1 four fees 28.

03%; 84% of the management expenses increased by only 18%.
94%, while sales, research and development, and financial expenses increased by 43%, 104%, and 207%, respectively. The increase in financial expenses was mainly due to the index expenditure of convertible bonds; the report decreased, and the company’s government subsidies included in non-recurring profit and loss decreased by 674.
60,000 yuan, deducting non-net profit increased by 19.

41%, higher than the growth rate of net profit.

Investment advice: The company’s express delivery has resumed steady growth and the city’s share has continued to increase; since 18Q4, the company’s cost optimization has accelerated, and single profit has remained at a high level; through the completion of this round of production capacity replacement, the company’s cost has been optimized.

The company’s 19-21 net profit is expected to be 22 respectively.



76 ppm, an increase of 17 in ten years.

8% / 16.

2% / 14.

2%, the corresponding EPS is 0.

79, 0.

92, 1.

05 yuan / share, corresponding to the latest closing price of PE were 17.

79x, 15.

31x, 13.


Combined with the company’s performance growth and comparable company valuations, the company is given 20 times PE in 2019, corresponding to 0.

The reasonable value of 79 yuan EPS is 15.

8 yuan to maintain the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: price war; fuel and labor costs increase; trade disputes; e-commerce growth is slower than expected

In May, institutional research turned to technology stocks

In May, institutional research turned to technology stocks

Since May, small and medium-sized innovation technology has gradually recovered, and 5G, hydrogen energy, and blockchain concepts have become active again.

The market style has changed, and small and medium-sized enterprises have also regained the favor of institutional investors. The replacement of cyclical stocks by technology has become the focus of attention recently discovered.

  According to Wind statistics, as of now, a total of 728 (secondary) institutions in Shanghai and Shenzhen have studied 327 listed companies this month.

The respondents included 279 small and medium-sized startup companies, accounting for 85%.

From the perspective of industry distribution, listed companies in the electronics, computer, medical and biological sectors received retrospective investigation agencies.

  Since May, Hikvision has the largest number of institutions that study the “weight” of small and medium-sized boards.

Including well-known private equity firms such as Suzaku and Xingshi, Hikvision has received investigations from 167 institutions in the past five months.

These institutions mainly focus on the company’s first quarter performance decline.

According to the first quarter report, Hikvision achieved net profit.

3.6 billion, downgraded by 15 every year.


In this way, Hu Yangzhong, general manager of Hikvision, said in the research that investors may pay particular attention to the present, but from the perspective of the operator, they may not see much.

For companies, there must be a time lag between spending and expectations.

Although the development of overseas business has suffered some obstacles at present, the company is still relatively confident: one is the competitiveness of the product itself, and the other is through the promotion of localization. Now about two-thirds of the marketing and service departments of overseas teams areLocal employees, I believe there will be more opportunities in the future.

  In addition, Huayu Software, Shenxinfu, Dongfang Guoxin and other multinational GEM listed companies have also been surveyed by institutions. The number of research institutions is more than 30, indicating that institutions have recently discovered that the focus is shifting from the previous mutant varieties to technology-related growth stocks.
  Performance and company business development remain the focus of the organization.

In the research, Huayu Software stated that the company continued to increase the research 淡水桑拿网 and development of safe and reliable platform products to form a series of products based on safe and reliable platforms.

  From the perspective of private equity research alone, a total of 441 (times) private equity participated in the research in May, accounting for more than half of all research institutions.

In addition to technology stocks, private equity has also increased its focus on the furniture industry.

Among them, Gao Yi Assets, Jing Lin Assets, and Xing Shi Investment investigated European companies, good wives and other companies.

  Judging from the previous performance, most of the stocks studied this month followed the market trend adjustment adjustment stage, and only a few stocks out of the independent market.

According to statistics from Wind data, the stocks gathered by institutions have dropped by 夜来香体验网 an average of 5 since May.


Among the better-performing stocks, Guanhao Bio and Yaguang Technology increased against the trend, with an increase of 30.

63%, 30.

54%; among individual stocks, Hengjiu Technology and Southeast Grid dropped the most.

Jinhui Wine (603919): Steady growth in performance and further optimization of product structure

Jinhui Wine (603919): Steady growth in performance and further optimization of product structure
Event: The company released its 2018 annual report, and the company achieved operating income14.62 ppm, a ten-year increase of 9.72%, net profit attributable to mothers2.59 ppm, a ten-year increase2.24%, net profit after deduction is 2.51 ppm, an increase of 0 in ten years.75%, the basic profit return is 0.71 yuan / share, an annual increase of 2.90%, with an expected average ROE of 13.57%. Revenue increased steadily, and net profit margin dropped slightly.The company’s main business maintained a good growth trend in 2018, with annual revenue growth of 9%.72% in the fourth quarter, the company’s single quarter revenue4.97 ppm, an increase of 16 in ten years.93%, net profit attributable to mother 0.98 ppm, an increase of 28 in ten years.73%, single quarter profit growth far exceeded revenue growth.From 2018, the company’s sales expense ratio increased by 1.84pct, the overhead rate is reduced by 2 every month.05pct, gross margin is slightly broken down to 0.71pct, which ultimately reduced the company’s net margin by one.30pct. The product structure was further optimized, and the market share outside the province increased.Reported that the revenue growth of the company’s liquor business was stable, with low-, mid- and high-end liquor revenues of 0 respectively.5.3 billion, 8.7.8 billion and 5.31 trillion, the proportion of low-grade liquor from 5 in 2017.14% to 3 in 2018.61%, the proportion of high-end wine from 30.25% increased to 36.35%, the overall product structure is further optimized. From a regional perspective, the company ‘s revenue in Gansu reached 12.34 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.9%, of which the main increase in the western and southeastern regions of Gansu, revenue increased by 38.09% and 13.78%.Gansu’s market outside the province is growing faster than in the province, and tandem revenue is reported1.28 ppm, an increase of 18 in ten years.52%, the proportion of business revenue outside the province increased by 0.67 points to 8.77%. Focusing on accurate marketing of resources, the market inside and outside the province is developing steadily.According to the report, the company ‘s precision marketing has achieved steady development both inside and outside the province. It has focused resources, implemented precise marketing, strengthened the construction of the “Thousand Network Project,” promoted channel transformation, strengthened management, refined assessment, and promoted terminal sales. At the same time, it accelerated the construction of markets outside the province., Ningxia, Xinjiang market expanded sales area, newly developed Inner Mongolia market, and realized accelerated development.Within the company, gradually strengthen the implementation of the company’s marketing policies, strictly implement the constant management of channel inventory, considerate, thoughtful, and meticulous service to channel customers and consumers to ensure the healthy development of the market. Profit 杭州桑拿网 forecast: The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.82 yuan, 0.99 yuan and 1.At 29 yuan, the price-earnings ratios are 16 times, 13 times, and 10 times, respectively. Risk warning: food safety risks; increased competition in the industry

[Children’s Recipes 67 years old]_How to do_How to do

[Children’s Recipes 67 years old]_How to do_How to do

At this age of seven years, it is a good time to grow your body. At this time, the gastrointestinal function will also open up, so the child’s appetite is particularly good. At this time, the child should add more nutrition. This is the most basic.The recipe must include eggs, flour, vegetables and meat. The resulting food has high nutritional value and good taste.

Ingredients for pan-fried potato pancakes: potatoes, 2 eggs, garlic, parsley, flour, salt, allspice, oil method 1, two potatoes shredded, washed with water, then beat two eggs, add garlic and parsley, add flour (according toIf you like more or less dishes, you can add water and flour, if appropriate, and make a thick paste, then add salt and some spices.

2. Add oil to the pan. When it is slightly hot, use chopsticks to pour some vegetable paste into it and adjust it into a round cake shape. Slowly fry over low heat until both sides are yellow.

Ingredients for children’s version of seaweed rolls: 100 grams of rice, 20 grams of spinach, 10 grams of diesel, 10 grams of salmon, 10 grams of cucumber, 5 grams of dried laver, seasoning: 1 grams of soy sauce, 2 grams of salad dressing1.

After the spinach is cooked, squeeze out the water and set aside; 2.

Mix the soy sauce and the sliced fish.


Salmon pine (salmon) mix well with salad dressing and soy sauce; 4.

4. Cut the cucumber into filaments; 5.

Cut the seaweed (seaweed) cut into the appropriate size into two halves, put half the amount of rice, put the prepared materials separately, then roll the seaweed tightly and cut into edible sizes.

Tips: Food: Rice: Rice should not be eaten with horse meat, honey, and cocklebur.

Spinach: Spinach should not be eaten with catfish, leek, cucumber, lean meat.

Cucumber: Cucumber should not be eaten with celery, spinach and other foods supplemented with vitamin c.

Cucumbers should not be eaten with peanuts, otherwise diarrhea is likely to occur.

Laver (dried): Laver should not be eaten with persimmons; it should not be eaten with sour fruits, it is easy to cause repeated use of shiitake mushroom polenta material rice, corn kernels, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, ham Method 1. Wash and soak the rice for 1 hourAbove, the carrots are washed and cut into small pieces.

I use canned corn kernels; shiitake mushrooms and ham are also cut into small pieces.

2. Put some salad oil in the rice, add the mushrooms at the same time, and then start cooking.

3. After opening the pot, add carrots, corn kernels, and stir while cooking. Follow one direction!

4. When you feel ready to cook (about 20 minutes), add diced ham.

5. After opening the pan again, sprinkle the shallots, preferably with salt.

Tips and tricks If you cook this porridge with chicken soup, it tastes better!

[How to eat yam tonic blood]_ effect _ effect

[How to eat yam tonic blood]_ effect _ effect

Chinese yam can use a lot of qi and blood effect, mainly because this Chinese yam contains more iron elements, and can strengthen the spleen and stomach. Generally, the method of eating yam is to make soup, and yam can be used forStew pork rib soup or chicken soup.

You can come to understand the method of yam and what is the medicinal value of yam, and then eat some food made from yam appropriately.

1, nourishing blood and nourishing blood should be nourishing blood.

To play the blood-improving effect of yam, it is best to eat with food supplemented by blood-improving effect.

Foods with better blood effect include pork liver, hoof tendon, cuttlefish, longan meat, black soybean, black sesame and so on. The traditional Chinese medicines with strong blood effect include Ejiao, Rehmannia glutinosa, Angelica, Polygonum multiflorum, Paeonia lactiflora, Sorbaria mulberry, Mulberry, etc.

Chinese yam and qi, spleen, nourish the stomach, and use it in blood-enriching foods and medicines can enhance the effect of blood-enriching.

2. Tonic and anti-aging yam tastes sweet, cool, enters the lungs, spleen, and kidney meridian. “Debian Herbal Medicine” states that it has the function of tonicing and depleting. Chen Qingyuan, a medical doctor in the Qing Dynasty, explained the function of yam and said it was qi.Flat into the lungs, sweet into the spleen, while the spleen is the blood, the main limbs, spleen and blood are not obese, the limbs are light and easy;Tonifying the kidney and filling the essence, fine feet are strong yin.

Modern pharmacological research suggests that the protein, glycoprotein, sulfide, tetanin, yam, choline, starch and calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. contained in yam have the effect of inducing interferon and have certain anti-aging substances.basis.
It can be seen that yam can indeed make up for the deficiency.

3, strong beauty yam contains a variety of mucoproteins that can replenish the body with a variety of glycoproteins, which can increase the lubricity of mucous membranes and skin, and reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous feces. It is a good beauty food, which can be taken alone or in a compound.Application, yam porridge, yam wine, Liuwei Dihuang drink, Zishen Shenggan drink, etc., always strengthen the muscles, beauty and fitness.

4, nourishing yin, nourishing yam, and yam, nourishing yin and clearing heat, Huang Guanxiu said in Herbal Medicine, that yam is a food, and the ancients used decoction, saying that it nourishes the spleen and nourishes heat.

The white color enters the lungs, and the sweetness enters the spleen. Although the qi is warm but flat, it can nourish the spleen and lungs, and can moisturize fur and grow muscles.

Its astringent nature, can cure the nocturnal emission, sweet and salty, but also can benefit the kidney and strong yin, scalp and apply scabies, reduce swelling and hard, is also the meaning of yin and fever.

Analyze the predecessor’s use of yam formula, blindly dioscorea supplement yam to treat fever, wheezing, depression, or spontaneous sweating; Shisheng Decoction is mainly yam, combined with black ginseng, atractylodes, burdock seed, chicken internal gold, treatmentYin deficiency, labor fever, etc .; Astragalus extract takes yam as adjuvant, helps astragalus and gypsum to treat lung disease.

Quanyin uses yam and raw rehmannia, asparagus, and black ginseng to treat thirst for yin deficiency. Yuzhu yam soup treats thirst, with yam bamboo, sky flower powder, Polygonum multiflorum, etc. He yam uses Ziyin Shengjin.
In this regard, it can be seen that yam has a certain effect of tonifying yin and clearing heat.

5. Fuzheng Quxian yam has a gentle taste, functions to nourish the lungs, strengthen the spleen, and nourish the kidney. It can not only yang to strengthen the function of viscera and spleen, but also yin to fill the material base. What’s more gratifying is that it corrects and does not loveEvil can also be used when the evil exists.

Therefore, on the basis of deciding on righting and eliminating evil, the medical doctors of different dynasties often substitute it to form a prescription, which has a wide range of applications.

The yam is compatible with silver flower, yam is shared with burdock seed, etc., it is the effect of using yam’s righteous energy without falling in love, and eliminating diseases without hurting righteousness.

6, spleen and stomach yam contains amylase, polyphenol oxidase and other substances, is conducive to digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach, it is a medicine and food dual-purpose product that can replenish the spleen and stomach.

Absolute spleen-yang deficiency or stomach-yin deficiency can be eaten.

Clinically, it is often used with hypertension to treat complications such as weak spleen and stomach, eating less body, and diarrhea.

7, Yifeizhike yam contains saponin, mucus, has the function of lubricating and nourishing, so it can benefit lung qi, nourish lung yin, and treat the symptoms of lung deficiency, phlegm and cough.

8, lower blood sugar Yam contains mucoprotein, has the effect of lowering blood sugar, can be used to treat diabetes, and is a good food therapy for people with diabetes.

9. Longevity Yishou yam contains a large amount of mucoprotein, vitamins and trace elements, which can effectively prevent the precipitation of blood lipids on the wall of blood vessels, prevent heart and blood diseases, and achieve the benefits of Yizhi Anshen and longevity.

Chinese yam is contraindicated. Yam has astringent effect, so those who have dry stools should not eat it. In addition, those who have real evils should avoid yam.