930,000 people refer to 2016 national examination examinations less than 331 in recent years

  Yesterday morning, the second teaching building of the Beijing Clothing Institute, candidates waiting to enter the examination room. Jinghua Times reporter Zhou Min took a high-profile national examination public subject written test yesterday, nearly 930,000 people actually take the exam.

According to the public examination expert, the administrative professional ability test (referred to as a test) is not large, the score rate is slightly higher than the year. The application is focused on issues such as public literacy and citizens’ rational virtues, "The Analects" Classic "Does Not Learning," has become the central issue of the predicament.

  In 2016, the national examination recruits more than 10,000 people, with an increase of 25%, but the number of applicants did not "rose boat". Ten thousand people through the examination of the examination, and the online payment confirmation of the online payment confirmation, nearly 930,000 people actually participate in the exam, the reference rate is about%, and the number of people participating in the examination and the ratio of the recording plan is approximately 33: 1.

This also creates the lowest competition ratio in recent years, becoming "the best test year". □ On-site visiting the smog and hangup, the study, the Beijing Wish, the reporter came to the test point in the peace in the Dongcheng District, although the exam was started at 9 am, but some candidates have come to the test site. Waiting, holding various review materials. A new graduation candidate told reporters that although Beijing’s air quality, the traffic environment is not ideal, it can be not much in his own employment opportunities, and the level of treatment is quite a lot than the capital. More importantly, civil servants can still solve Beijing account in the case of constantly tightening the Beijing account indicators, so they participate in national exams, he does not hesitate to apply for a position in Beijing. Take another step, even if the exam is unsuccessful, he still hopes to stay in Beijing. A education and training institution hangs on the scene, which will open the real estimate of the real estimation. Many candidates have "take pictures", record the relevant information, so that they will go home "re-" estimation at night. The chance of "Chenggong". □ The overall difficulty coefficient of the focus test is not big yesterday morning, the test is curtains, the reporter learned from the public education and Huatu education public examination experts, this sub-provincial topic is 135 questions, the city-level top For 130 questions. Although the individual subjects such as speech understanding have changed, the details are more important, but the topic is successful "slimming" – the reading amount is relatively reduced, and the particularly long paragraph is less, and the overall difficulty is not high. Experts analysis, due to the unparalleled overall difficult coefficient, the depth is relatively shallow, and if the candidates have a comprehensive basis, the score rate is slightly higher than the year.

  Throughout the 2016 National Examination, the inspection content involves time political, legal, national conditions, economic, Chinese and foreign history, environmental protection, ancient biology and life common sense.

The interderseal test of this measurement is obvious and enhanced with the relationship between the time. The time is mainly surrounded by General Secretary Xi Jinping, the scope of examination is wide, and the candidates need candidates to learn about the 18th National Central Committee of the 18th National Central Committee last year.

  In terms of environmental protection, this year’s municipal level was taken to two questions, which were all surrounded by current environmental protection hotspots. A topic is related to the related knowledge of PM10, requiring candidates as decision makers, in rectifying suburban cement plants, rectifying suburban paper mills, urban vehicle limit, and improving suburban vegetation environment and other programs, but can be most effective Measures for air quality.

  The legal part has been more topic this year, there is 6, but it is generally unparalleled, generally surrounding the French.

For example, the Director of the Public Security Bureau of the Political Security Bureau will not accept the decision, and whether or not to mention administrative lawsuits.

In addition, the national emotions, the economy, and historical examination is more comprehensive, involving a wide range. □ Focus on the application of the application of the "China Fan] 2016 National Examination Request Paper (Deputy Provincial) Focus" Public Literacy and Awareness ", direct hit social hotspots, let" public literacy "the subject truly and national image , Emphasize the "big country awareness", let "China Fan] get up. (Deputy Provincial) Materials to start with "unique" Chinese Fan] ", causing everyone to pay attention to" National Quality ". Recently, the uncivilized behavior of the Chinese has been exposed, how to improve the Chinese civilized quality, guide and promote all the people to establish civilized concepts, strive to civilized citizens, show civilized image, and become the focus of this application.

At the same time, the title of this application also quoted the ancient language "not awareness, no standing" in the "Analects", reflecting the attitude towards the national examination for traditional culture. High-serving is based on "no learning, no" as a central issue, contact social reality and self-propelled essay.

Experts analysis, the application (deputy province) test paper is based on the background of the development of the big country, explore you and my "small people" is as, and it also reflects the development of the country inseparable from you. You and I have the progress of the big country. On the other hand, the 2016 national examination application papers (land) focuses on the ability of candidates to deal with organs, the theme is "good policy nourishing citizen rational virtues", highlights the combination of political areas and social fields. Its material setting involves ancient and modern Chinese and foreign cases. It has an ancient Su Dongpo governance West Lake and Zhang Junzheng promulgated a whip. There is also a policies in modern life, education, culture, etc.; Relevant regulations, and the US plan to develop pension insurance. High-serving, the candidates requiring candidates from "good policies not only to meet the willingness of citizens, but also to think about the words of the nourishing of citizens and even morality".

Experts believe that candidates must not only have sustainable attention in the usual events of social hotspots, but also to combine the relevant policies and theories.

  □ The topic of the most "regret not original" topic [Title] divide the following six graphics into two categories, so that each type of graphics have their own common feature or law, which is the correct one. A.146, 235B.124, 356 C.135, 246D.125, 346 [answer] b [Analysis] This question is in the exam, it is a nerd, or a composite talent that studies two incorrect.

As long as you play the "a painting" game in the mobile phone, you will be able to react it, and the graphics in the 124 are graphics, and the minimum number of strokes in the graphics in 356 is 2, so this question is B. [Cool comment] is not the simplest, only simpler, time consuming, the right rate is high, don’t do it for your life.

  The topic of the most "Croche] [Title] A, B, C, Ding 4 discivalent weekends travel, A: B, I will definitely; B said: Co will not go; Go, I am going; Ding said: At least one person in A B is going, I will go. Which inference below may be correct: A. B, C. C. A person I went to C. A, C. Three people went to D. Four people went to [answer] c [analysis] This question mainly inspects reasoning skills.

First translate the four people of the armor-B-Danzan into logical expressions, A: B → A; B: C → – B; C: C: C; Ding: A or B → Ding. Through C and B, it can be learned that ethylene can not go at the same time, so it can rule out the A, D option, and according to Ding’s words, the Ding’s words will definitely go, so the B option says one person to go. Incorrect, exclude B option, so the correct answer is C option.

  [Cool comment] The weekend has been staged first, and the minister is tired.

  Background Registration The number of people in the four years, the number of people has been held since the first recruitment of civil servants in 1994, and has been held 22 sessions. In 1994, the national examinations were only recruiting 490 people, and the number of applicants was only 4,400.

In 22 years, the national examination has formed a "million male teacher".

  In fact, "national test heat" began in 2003, and the number of applicants has doubled from more than 60,000 people in 2002. At that year, it is the year of the first batch of graduates after the expansion of colleges and universities. The expansion of colleges and universities directly leads to more talents to choose civil servants.

It has been 14 years since the first year of national test heat.

  The number of national civil servants registered the number of people from 2003 to 2016, which increased, far exceeded the number of recruits only about 4 times in 14 years.

In this 14 years, 2014 is the maximum number of people in the past, reaching 1.52 million, and 1.5 million people in 2013.

In addition, 2010, 2011, the number of passes in 2015 has exceeded 1.4 million.

The national examination registration is hot is the performance of the public in the difficulty of employment.

(Reporter Zhao Peng) Original title: 930,000 people refer to 2016 National Examination "Best Test" Editor: Hou Xingchuan.

Bookmaster Power Supply Bureau carries out "post training" training activities

A few days ago, Guizhou Xingyi Power Supply Bureau launched the "post training" training activities according to the Xingyi Power Supply Bureau, by looking for gaps, supplementing shortboard, strong weaknesses, let employees learn about learning importance from consciousness, from practical Improve business capabilities. Before practicing, the training teacher first explained what kind of content should be taken seriously before the student, one is the nuclear name and rod number, carefully check whether the pole, the foundation, and the cable are firm, check whether the rod tower affects the attachment of climbing; Second, when you board the block, you must carefully check the safety belt to the whole process. You should take the foot snaps. When you transfer your job position, you are not allowed to lose your safety protection, prohibit your carrying equipment or shift on the tower. "Subsequently, the employees participating in the training have begun, after security check, quickly wear safety belts, feet and hard hat, do the impact test of seat belts and footsters, and start to board the rod.

The beginning of the beginning is very slow, the position of the feet is not suitable, and everyone is very careful, the beam is bundled.

"Pay attention to the steps of the pair, the foot pair is flat, the elbow is as far as possible" It is reported that the purpose of post training is to improve the quality of employees, strengthen the construction of skills, and further strengthen employee safety awareness, and standardize on-site operating processes. The bureau demands from "What to learn, what" "What, what" "What is the lack of practice, what to practice", focus on "How to practice" "How to practice" "How to inspect and apply" training the troops ".

According to the position of the post training, combined with the job evaluation, timely, the results are summarized, and the continuous improvement measures are put forward, and the quality of work is improved.

(Zhao Shi Lai, Cao Wei) (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

China Telecom issued an open platform CTWING 5.0

  On May 13th, when the World Telecom Day in 2021, Tianyi Federation held the China Telecom Internet Open Platform Online Conference, which released the new image, new ability, new ecological and new service, and launched 5G UNDNEIW online trading platform, realizing Internet products, application trading integration, release a variety of Internet of IoT chip modules. As the base of China Telecom’s new digital infrastructure ability, CTWING is a unified digital open platform for China Telecom Internet Network, gathers China Telecom Cloud Network Fusion, 5G full connection management, equipment management, urban perception, end-to-end security and other comprehensive capabilities.

At present, the platform has served hundreds of users, the Internet of Things equipment is connected to 60 million, and the number of the platform is nearly 20 billion times. The platform built by Tianyi smart community industry appliances, and the country has deployed more than 20,000.

  Zhong Ping, general manager of Tianyi Branch Technology Co., Ltd., said that in 2017, China Telecom has launched the layout and construction, release, released, and is based on customer personalization, diversification, complex information needs, and continuously upgrading platform capabilities. In-deploy, version, the real, stronger, be strong, and the infrastructure of deep digital economic development, driving the 5G Terrace value sharing. Where is "new"? Zhang Xingsheng, deputy general manager of Tianyi Tili Technology Co., Ltd., said that after five years of core technical research, CTWING’s new image, new ability, new ecological and new services have been open to social, and the platform is also developing from a simple vertical enable platform. Become a comprehensive enable platform integrating 5G full connection, quantum safety, perception platform, benchmark application, and market transactions. (Lin Xiaohua).

Deze winter zal het Rena-incident vormen "koude winter" echt?

Originele titel: deze winter zal het Rena-incident "koude winter" echt komen? Netizen zei: De donsjack is gewassen, rustig plus de elektrische deken □ Top Nieuws · Dahe Daily verslaggever Kang Yafei Onlangs heeft de Nationale Klimaatcommissie Center officieel aangekondigd een belangrijke nieuws: sinds juli van dit jaar, de Oost-Pacific, de Oost-Pacific heeft voortgezet Om sinds juli dit jaar af te dalen. Er wordt verwacht dat het in oktober de Lenna-staat betreedt en een zwakke tot gemiddelde intensiteit van Ranina-evenementen in de winter vormt.

Wat gebeurt er met Ranina-evenementen? Welke veranderingen is dit de wintertemperatuur dit jaar? Het Ranina-evenement zal de wintertemperatuur van mijn land vormen, zal worden be?nvloed van het binnenlandse lokale gebied extreme koude golf van dit jaar, en in februari is de hoge temperatuur warm. In mei is de tornado in juli zeer sterk en de continue zware regenregen In juli, en de temperatuur van de luchttemperatuur in oktober. Er is gevonden dat dit jaar meerdere extreme weersomstandigheden heeft ondergaan, extreme weersomstandigheden ontwikkelen zich in nieuw normaal.

  In het National Climate Center zal de ambtenaar deze winter een zwak vormen voor het Medium-Strength Ranna-incident, deze winter zal deze winter geen probleem zijn, zal deze winter abnormaal zijn? Voordat we eerst kwamen, laten we eens kijken naar het Lanina-evenement. De publicatie laat zien dat "Lanna" -evenement verwijst naar het buitengewone koude water in de Oost-Pacific Ocean-temperatuur, en de intensiteit en de duur bereikt een bepaalde conditie.

In het algemeen is Lanina-fenomeen verschenen na het El Ni?o-fenomeen, dus het is ook bekend als een anti-ni?o en de twee worden beschouwd als een belangrijke oorzaak van een wereldwijd abnormaal klimaat.

Over het algemeen wordt de frequentie van extreme koude evenementen op het noordelijk halfrond verhoogd in de winter. Voor het klimaat van mijn land kan de invloed van "Ranina" worden gezien van de twee aspecten van temperatuur en neerslag. De meeste "Lanna" -incidenten bereiken de periode in de winter. Op dat moment zijn de koude luchtactiviteiten van mijn land frequenter en intensiteit dan alle jaren. Sterk, de temperatuur van het grootste deel van het centrale en oostelijk deel van mijn land is groter dan de kans op laag in dezelfde periode van het jaar, en de waterdampomstandigheden in het zuidelijke deel van ons land zullen aanzienlijk afwijken van de dezelfde periode van het jaar, die niet bevorderlijk is voor het vormen van neerslag. Ranna kwam tot koude winter zonder noodzaak, Ranina is geen absoluut signaal "koud winter". Volgens de klimaatstatistieken, wanneer het gebeurtenis "Lanna" optreedt, is de winterpolarisatie van mijn land groot. De meteorologische afdeling slaagde aan de resultaten van 15 "Lanina" -incidenten in mijn land sinds 1951: 10 De wintertemperatuur van La Nina is laag en 5 Lianina is hoog in de wintertemperaturen. Dat wil zeggen, van het wetenschappelijk oogpunt, het is geen lage gemiddelde temperatuur in de winter van Ranina, maar na het Lena-incident is de kans op kou in mijn land tweemaal de kans op kou.

  Het is de moeite waard om te vermelden dat "koude" "verschuiven" wordt vergeleken met het gemiddelde, maar de bepaling van "koude winter" "warme winter" is strikt standaard.

Volgens de gegevens die zijn vrijgegeven door het National Climate Center, wanneer de gemiddelde temperatuur van het enkele station minder is dan of gelijk aan de standaardafwijkingstijden, overschrijdt het aantal koude winterstations het totale aantal van 50%, het koude wintergebied overschrijdt het koude wintergebied 50% van het nationale effectieve gebied, is koude winter.

  Afgelopen winter, in 2020 van 12 tot en met 15 januari, van 5 tot 8 januari, van 5 tot 821, heeft mijn land vier grote koude trends ervaren. Ik heb een indrukwekkende kleine partner, ik moet onthouden dat er veel gebieden kunnen worden gezegd Koud om record te breken, dus het zien van de winter van vorig jaar, het is geen probleem, maar in maart dit jaar bracht National Climate Centre nieuws uit, 2020 van 1 december tot 28 februari 2021, de winter is warm.

  Koude winter is een klimaatconcept, niet absoluut vertegenwoordigt onze eigenlijke zin, dus na het Finaana-incident moeten we nog steeds van tevoren voorbereiden om te reageren. Na de zonnige dag daalt de temperatuur van Henan 4 ° C tot 6 ° C, de provincie, die meer dan 6 ° C is, en de winters in het zuidwesten van Nanyang-gebied. Er zijn kleine regen of sporadische regenval; andere bewolkte wolken . De provincie is bevooroordeeld van 2 tot 3, de laagste temperatuur westelijke bergachtige regio 7 ° C tot 9 ° C, andere regio’s 9 ° C tot 11 ° C; de hoogste temperatuur West-17 ° C tot 19 ° C, andere regio’s 20 ° C tot 22 ° C.

  De nacht van vandaag tot 30 dagen, de provincie is bewolkt in zonnige dag.

  Op 31, is de westerse wolk bewolkt, en er zijn kleine regen of sporadische regen; andere gebieden zijn bewolkt.

  De provinciale hoofdstad Zhengzhou heeft een bewolkte dag, zonnige dag.

Neem deel aan de Zuidwind 2 op niveau 3.

Minimale temperatuur: 10 ° C tot 11 ° C; Maximale temperatuur: 21 ° C tot 22 ° C. Op de 29e nacht tot de 30e dag: zonnige dag, 11 ° C tot 24 ° C; 30 dagen tot 31 dagen: bewolkt, 11 ° C tot 20 ° C.

(Editor: Huang Sha, Yang Xiana) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

Beijing Winter Olympics International Test Race Semi-epidemische preventie en controle, de werkorganisatie en ander werk is stabiel en ordelijk

Op 12e zei de Olympische Comité Beijing Winter in het eerste stalen park, de internationale testrace is al te half al in de 5 oktober .. Momenteel is de huidige epidemische preventie en -controle, het werk van het evenement soepel en ordelijk , ontdekte dat twee gevallen nucle?nezuurdetectie van nieuwe Crown-virusucle?nezuren in overzeese atleten effectief zijn weggegooid. Volgens Yao Hui, de minister van Management, Peking Winter Olympische Spelen, vanaf nu, SPEED SKATING CHINA open, Aziatisch dialect schaatsen open, korte reisschaatsen World Cup, etc. Internationale evenementen en sneeuwcars ??Internationale trainingsweek, Curling Binnenlandse test het evenement is succesvol afgerond.

Daaropvolgende testcompetities en trainingsweken worden ook gehouden zoals gepland zoals gepland. Om ervoor te zorgen dat landen (regio’s) atleten met succes kunnen aankomen in de competitie, onder de nauwe samenwerking, zal Beijing Winter Olympics Committee deelnemen aan sporters in de testcompetitie, met teamfunctionarissen, technische functionarissen en Olympische uitzendingsdiensten, sportshow, enz. Verschillende professionals regelen vluchten. Huang Chun, adjunct-directeur van de epidemische preventie- en controlebureau van Peking Winter Olympics, zei dat de internationale testrace is verhoogd om de nucle?nezuurdetectie van twee overzeese atleten binnen het closed-lus-management te starten.

Onder hen, op 4 november, een buitenlandse atleet die naar China kwam om deel te nemen aan de Slee International Training Week en slee World Cup werd gebruikt om nieuwe kroonvirussen te detecteren bij het betreden van de douane. Nadat het heronderzoek positief was, werd het gediagnosticeerd een niet-symptomen infectie. Op 11 november, in de routine-detectie van nucle?nezuren per dag, was een nucle?nezuurdetectie positief aan de voorkant van het vorige geval, en werd gediagnosticeerd als een onzichtbare infectie. Volgens het handboek epidemisch preventie werden deze twee atleten verzonden naar gespecialiseerde isolatiefaciliteiten voor isolatiemonitoring en hun advies implementeerden een eenpersoonskamer in het hotel, alleen. Kunnen nucle?nezuurdetectie positieve atleten kunnen blijven deelnemen? Huang Chun reageerde dat na de evaluatie van het deskundige team, het adduute een aparte ruimte gebruikt, alleen, alleen, in strikte gezondheidsbewaking en persoonlijke bescherming, twee nucle?nezuurdetectie dagelijks, kan normaal werken of deelnemen aan de concurrentie die op activiteiten wachten op activiteiten. Als de positieve atleet in lijn is met de release, is de isolatie-site ge?limineerd of is het ziekenhuis geen probleem, het is geen probleem in de gesloten lus, waardoor de norm een ??follow-up of competitie in de gesloten lus kan nemen . Epidemische controle, hoewel het management van gesloten-lus strikt wordt ge?mplementeerd, streeft de Commissie Peking Winter Olympics om te bereiken "Er is temperatuur".

Huang Chun zei dat er een café, een wisselkoers, schoonheidssalon, supermarkt, etc. is

Op 8 november, in Yanqing, een Sleigh International Training Week, raakte een Poolse speler gewond bij de training. Volgens de diagnose en behandeling is het de beenfractuur en wordt de operatie ‘s avonds uitgevoerd en is de operatie erg soepel. Er wordt gemeld dat de atleet naar verwachting wordt afgevoerd op de 12e. Voor de kwestie van de media-vraag, werden "Poolse atleten gedurende 30 minuten na de behandeling behandeld", antwoordde Yao Hui dat de informatie onjuist was.

"Ons medisch personeel arriveerde op het toneel van (incident) op het toneel, op de bergweg, we moeten zorgen voor veiligheid, maar ook om snel te zorgen, van het begin van het ziekenhuis voor meer dan 30 minuten." Voor de buitenwereld Het ondervragen van Peking Snowfall minder, kan niet voldoen aan de vereisten, als u veel kunstmatige sneeuw produceert, kan de lokale omgeving en residenti?le water, Zhao Weidong, minister van Peking Winter Olympia, gezegd dat de Winter Olympics Snow Project Competition Peking Winter Olympics Snow Project Competition voornamelijk is gevestigd Yanqing en Chongli-gebergte. Er zijn meer natuurlijke sneeuwval in deze twee regio’s.

Op 6 november luidde Beijing in de vroege winter, de vroege sneeuwtijd was zo vroeg als het hele jaar door, en op dezelfde dag luidde Zhangjiakou ook een breed scala aan sneeuwval in.

Volgens de waarneming bereikten de sneeuwval in de Divisie Yanqing en Zhangjiakou het meelniveau. Van het wereldwijde sneeuwproject, om de kwaliteit van het spel te beschermen, gebruiken de internationale belangrijke gebeurtenissen in feite kunstmatige sneeuw. Kunstmatige sneeuw heeft geen invloed op de regionale waterveiligheid en de ecologische omgeving.

Zhao Weidong zei eerst de gegevens van het Bureau Beijing Water Affairs dat het watervolume is goed voor de totale hoeveelheid water in Yanqing District, goed voor 4 ‰ van de lokale waterbronnen in Yanqing District; na het spel is Water vereist om water te gebruiken, het totale bedrag van het totale bedrag van 6 ‰ van het volume van de lokale watervoorzieningen.

Daarom heeft de YANQING-divisie geen tekort aan waterbronnen. Wanneer de Olympische Winterspelen, zal het water gebruik water niet van invloed zijn op de waterveiligheid van Yanqing District.

Op het moment van het spel zorgde Zhangjiakou District District Water goed voor% van de totale hoeveelheid water in het district Chongyuan, goed voor% van de waterbronnen in de wijk Chongyuan.

De bovenstaande gegevens geven aan dat het woonwater van Zhangjiakou-inwoner niet door de sneeuw zal worden be?nvloed. Ten tweede, door de ontwikkeling van waterveiligheidsbescherming, rioleringsbehandeling, besparing van water, enz., En het verbeteren van de wateromgeving draagvermogen van het sectische gebied.

Het skigebied gaf de voorkeur aan het verzamelen van natuurlijke neerslag, oppervlakteafvoer, enz. Als kunstmatig sneeuwwater.

Het kunstmatige sneeuwsysteem maakt gebruik van ‘s werelds meest geavanceerde energiebesparende kunstmatige sneeuwapparatuur en intelligent sneeuwsysteem, die een optimale sneeuw-effici?ntie volgens de externe omgeving kan behouden, water besparen. (Reporter Ji, Gao Meng, Li Chunyu) [Editor: Zhou Yuli] Share:.

Bank of China Debuut 2021 Golden Expo toonde Digital Finance "Hard Core" -sterkte

Bank of China Debuts 2021 Gold Expo.

De tak van Suzhou van Bank of China is beschikbaar op 28 oktober, de 4e Chinese Financial Science and Technology Stumtit en de 3e China Financial Science and Technology Sector Summit en de 3e China (Suzhou) Financial Science and Technology Application Expo (hierna aangeduid De Sino-Finance Science and Technology Summit georganiseerd door China Informatie en Communicatie Research Institute en Suzhou Financial Science and Technology Association (hierna aangeduid als "" Gold Expo ") schopte af bij Suzhou International Expo Center.

Zoals de enige speciale ondersteuningseenheid van de bank van deze conferentie, gebruikt de Bank of China Suzhou Branch (hierna "Suzhou Bank of China") de "智 汇 生汇 生 生", "" "" "" de reeks financi?le producten en diensten weerspiegelen de "harde kern" -sterkte van Bank of China in de upgrade van Digital Finance Transformation. In het afgelopen 2021 was het het jaar van het "14e vijfjarenplan", voorgestelde Suzhou om "krachtig digitale economie te ontwikkelen", het pilootwerk van de digitale valuta van de centrale bank, de digitale financi?le keten van de prospect van de centrale bank, het bouwen van digitale monetaire, Industry Aggregation Area and Block Chain Chain Development First Dictation District, die de bouw en werking van nationale platforms bevorderen, zoals het lange driehoekige Digital Money Research Institute, Digital Finance Research Center.

In de innovatieve hete bodem van Suzhou, is Bank of China altijd in de times Pulse geweest en heeft hij een felle oogprestaties gemaakt op het gebied van digitale stroom, slimme scène-ecotrope en digitale RMB-betalingsinnovatie-ervaring. Bij deze Golden Expo heeft Suzhou Bank of China negen thema-gebied geregeld. De exposanten van de belangrijkste tentoonstellingshal bedekken de "acht grote financi?le" strategie?n, slimme scène-cirkels, Suzhou Boci Innovation Laboratories, Intelligente Financial Transaction Service-platforms, en twee belangrijke voordelen in grensoverschrijdende en winter Olympische Spelen. Suzhou China Bank Digital RMB Innovation-prestaties worden ook onthuld in de tentoonstelling, die wetenschappelijk en technologisch, interessant en lof vertonen, zodat de exposanten worden ondergedompeld in de digitale RMB-betaalmethode van verschillende vormen.

Ski-handschoenen portemonnee, slimme horlogeportefeuille, slimme armband-portemonnee en andere multi-vorm digitale RMB-betalingshulpmiddelen, laat de gebruikerservaring gelukkig zijn met de rest.

De grote rode papieren digitale RMB-portemonnee in de nummer Monet Hall trok ook veel vrienden.

"Mr. Feng, die om te tonen.

Naast de interessantere activiteiten van de Digitale RMB verbetert Suzhou Bank of China ook de interactiviteit en interesse van de hokje. Voor oudere vrienden kunnen pensioenrobots wijsheid en intiem, de ouderdom-educatie voor ouderen aanpassen door middel van mens-machine-interactie; voor reizen enthousiastelingen, "Bank of China", "Bank of China", kan het online aankoopkanaal bieden voor " Bescheiden impositie "en andere speciale projecten voor zakenmensen, digitalisering, line-up paren, particuliere grensoverschrijdende diensten kunnen voldaan aan de wereldwijde financi?le behoeften …

Summarize the experience promotion of good practice Liuyang held a contradiction dispute diversified resolution site observation

Communication scene, Yongan Town is a map.

People’s Network Changsha on September 10th, in-depth development of social governance, modernization, comprehensive promotion of township (street) strengthen communication, broadening, innovative ideas, summing up promotion experience, good practice, September 10, Liuyang City’s first contradiction dispute Diversified Site Observation and Experience Exchange will be held in Yongan Town, and the observation group consisting of various judicial office and the representatives of township street representatives. "Let’s go out and learn experience, but also take it back to promote upgrading." On the same day, Warao Group has visited the Lutang Village Committee of Yong’an Town, the Yongan Town Social Governance Service Center, everyone walks to learn from the side. Members of the observation group carefully recorded the "flash point" seen.

By looking at the scene, listen to the explanation, comparison, find the gap, and learn about the experience of the village of Yong’an Town in contradictory disputes. At the experience exchange meeting, the three comrades from Yongan Town, Ji Li Street, and Chengtutan Town have made a speech, and they intended to work, share advanced working methods and mediation. Experience. The meeting said that the streets of each township should understand the profound connotation of "Fengqiao experience", and grasp the contradiction disputes and resolve the work, and constantly improve the level of grassroots contradictions and disqualification and grassroots governance levels. path. In recent years, Liuyang City has fully implemented grid management work, actively innovating contradictory disputes, and established Liuyang City Contradictory Dispute Diversification Guidance Center in February 2020. According to the "one-core leading" "one network coverage" governance framework, the grassroots social governance command dispatch platform has been established, and "the party construction leads" "multi-interaction" "multi-interaction" governance pattern, created grassroots governance Modern "browser model".

Up to now, the platform has been registered 29,845 people, the city’s 32 township (street) grid information sent by 100%, 9320 cases entered into contradiction disputes, including 9,124 pieces, mediation success rate,%, conflict dispute The effect of "one thing you know, know a network solution". (Peng Dear) (Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Li Wei) Sharing let more people see the client download.

Qinghai Provincial Culture and Tourism House held a special meeting of the epidemic prevention and control work

People’s Network Xining October 21 On October 21st, Qinghai Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall held the 32nd meeting of epidemic prevention and control, informing the current prevention and control of Qinghai Province, and the next stage Control key work has been analyzed and analyzed and arranged.

It is reported that the Scenic Spot, the Teach in Qinghai Province, and the Teaka Salt Lake Scenic Spot will be suspended from October 22, 2021.

The meeting requires that all units of the province’s Wenxiao should take the prevention and control of the epidemic as the first political task. A deep understanding of the severe complex situation facing the current epidemic prevention and control, earnestly improving the awareness, resolutely overcoming paralysis, luck, loose mentality, compaction with the responsibility of work, do a good job, the idea of ??fighting the battle, and go all out Good epidemic prevention and control work. Keep staring at key areas, key venues, key links, strengthening investigation and rectification, and resolutely prevent epidemics through cultural and tourism pathways.

At the same time, supervising all local Wenxiao Department strengthen communication and coordination with local health, disease control, public security, information and other departments, and achieve flat management, rapid disposal, and cooperate.

Combined with the actual work, revise the prevention and control emergency response programs, refine the process, and improve measures. All units should be responsible, who managed principles, strengthen hierarchical responsibilities, handle units and personal point lines. Strengthen management, do a good job in internal prevention and control, and comprehensively do a good job in the filing and return management of young people and return to you, adhere to the principle of "non-necessary not to go out", and must not go to the medium and high risk area. Nucleic acid detection must be performed on the day of the day. (Editor: Chen Jing, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

The thirty-third meeting of the Fifteen National People’s Congress of Hohhot held a second plenary meeting

On October 27, the thirty-third meeting of the Fifteen National People’s Congress of Hohhot held a second plenary meeting.

Chang Yuanzhong, director of the Standing Committee of the Hohhot Municipal People’s Congress, presided over the meeting, Deputy Director Schin, Yan Chunliang, Zhang Hongxia, director of the representative qualification examination committee, Zhang Xiaofan, secretary, attended the meeting, in accordance with the statutory Number of people. Wu Congwang, member of the Standing Committee of Hohhot Municipal People’s Congress, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Director of the Municipal Committee, Director of the Supervision Committee, Wang Yanjun, deputy mayor, Zhao Heimin, the municipal people’s court, the procurator of the Municipal People’s Procuratorate Zhang Zhongming, the relevant departments of the city, the meeting .

The meeting listened to the report of Cui Zhenwu’s "Municipal Supervision" report on special rectification grassroots "micro-corruption" work ", Wang Yancheng’s" Report of the Municipal Government on the Work of Sustaining Employment Work in Our City ", Zhang Zhongdong, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government "The Municipal Government has reported on the recommendations, criticism and opinions of the four conferences of the Municipal People’s Congress, and the recommendations of the Professional Supervision. (Reporter Yun Yanfang) (Editor: Mumbai Wei, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

The reaction is slow, the isolation person "is running"? The anti-vlorative first-line can not form a formalism bureaucracy

On September 28, the Harbin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission said that since September 21, 2021, Xinzhi Pneumonia has a new champion in Bayan County, Harbin, Songbei District, Bayan County, Individual Party Member and cadres pays attention to it is not enough. Insufficient preparation, incorporating the isolation transporter is not in place, causing adverse effects on the prevention and control of the city. Therefore, the Songbei District, Bayan County Epidemic Prevention and Control and Executive Duty Dead Division Cadres and Cadres. From a notification, it is seen that on September 24th, the Sanya District received a push-to-store information.

The Songbei District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters pushed the information until it was not tracked after its street office. Due to insufficient isolation points, the relevant street offices are not implemented until 9 o’clock in the 28th, it is concentrated. In another case, on September 26th, the Bayan County Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Solidation Transfer Group will transs the two close contacts of the diagnosed case to two hotels in Harbin. Due to the implementation of epidemic prevention and control, the two isolation people have left the isolation room to the hotel lobby. "The embankment is like an ant hole, and the air is irritated." These cases show that some party members and cadres have paralyzed ideas in the "taking the knot", tired of mood, luck, and weak state. In the epidemic prevention and control chain, "disappearing" "misplaced" in any link may disrupt the epidemic prevention and control overall situation, and the consequences are unimaginable.

The above case is some of the alarms of some ideological laverse party members: facing the systemic work of the epidemic prevention and control of this ring rings, must not engage in the set of "Self-sweeping doors", formalism, bureaucracy should not be.

In addition, the reporter found that in Harbin, a case-controlled community in Harbin, and there was also a case where the garbage stack was not cleaned up in time. Life materials guarantee, domestic garbage freight, etc.

Relevant parties need to be powered, perfect personnel deployment, and give people more warmth and peace of mind in the details.

The earth will not be loose in the northeast earth. I hope that the accountability of the discipline inspection department can effectively alert some party members and cadres, and further promote the majority of party members and cadres, and strict implementation of management measures and work requirements, and strive to win this epidemic prevention and control and preventive and control.