Bow in the game to solve the problem of the problem to actively promote development

In order to thoroughly implement the major decision -making deployment of the Henan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and the "President Entering Ten Enterprises" activities of the Henan Banking Regulatory Bureau, the Zhengzhou Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China has carried out a big development around corporate needs and actual difficulties. Investigation, big visit, active on -site service, accurate docking needs, take the lead in taking the lead in "chief financial service officer" for enterprises, and send "financial living water" to the development of the enterprise, adding "financial momentum" to the high -quality development of Zhengzhou.

Improve political standing and quickly arrange for promotion. The party committee of the Agricultural Bank of China Zhengzhou Branch firmly establishes the concept of the community of destiny of banking and enterprises, actively improves political standing, consciously fulfills social responsibilities, regards the "President into Wan Enterprise" activities as the real economy, implements the "top ten strategies" of provinces and cities, and supports the "two guarantees to ensure the two guarantees. "Important measures, combined with the province’s" capacity building year "activity, consciously bowed into the bureau, responded quickly, and coordinated.

The bank quickly held a special deployment meeting to formulate the implementation plan, and issued a mobilization order to quickly carry out the "President into the Thousand Enterprises" activities to the entire bank. Strengthen the organization of the organization, and the contractors are implemented.

On the basis of the list of lists issued by the regulatory authorities and superiors, the bank further extended the radius of the event coverage in combination with the actual situation, actively expanded the breadth and depth of the visiting households, and promoted the "President into Ten Enterprises" activities.

Cao Fuxing, the party secretary of the bank, took the initiative to take the lead in determining that the Provincial Banking Regulatory Bureau designated the agricultural bank as a list of 5 companies and 6 companies independently identified by Henan Agricultural Bank of China. Enterprises improve the docking level and send the financial "spring breeze" to the company. Other customers are attributed to the members of the Zhengzhou Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China and the presidents of the branch within their jurisdiction as the person in charge of the households.

Carry out investigations and visit to strengthen bank -enterprise interaction.

The bank actively supports the company’s finance in the list of main responsible banks. The party committee team leads the team into the enterprise, seek needs, and runs practical things. Aiming at enterprise financing demands, the entire bank’s resources will be resolved. Zhengzhou Construction Group Co., Ltd. is a key construction private enterprise. In 2021, it was affected by the economic environment and national real estate regulation. In order to improve the efficiency of funds, it hopes to reduce financing costs.

After visiting, the bank immediately links up the main branch and overseas branches to innovate business models to handle 100 million yuan in inside -in -insurance and 10 million yuan international commercial transfer loans for enterprises, which effectively helps the enterprise reduce financial expenses.

On the bank, the small and micro enterprise Henan environmental protection technology Co., Ltd. and a certain instrument and equipment Co., Ltd. of Henan, Henan, and a small and micro enterprise. It provides corporate online credit loans for corporations and effectively solve problems such as financing and guarantee difficulties in the production of enterprises.

Since the launch of the "President Entering the Thousand Enterprises" activities, the Zhengzhou Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China Zhengzhou Branch led by the party committee secretary Cao Fuxing as the group leader’s financial service class, carried out special activities for "president into the 10,000 enterprises", set up professional teams, actively connected the project, and took the initiative to docking projects. Visit millions of companies, focus on the development of corporate development and problems, provide professional financial services, and effectively improve the financial gain and satisfaction of the majority of market entities. Comrade Cao Fuxing led the professional team to Zhengzhou Annke Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Xinming Wood Co., Ltd., Henan Muxiang Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Henan Shuai Tai Custom Home. Difficulties, in -depth docking of enterprise needs, and promoting the "10,000 people to help 10,000 enterprises" activities with practical actions.

During the visit of the enterprise, Cao Fuxing and his party learned in detail the company’s production and operation status, production environment, development planning and enterprise’s needs and suggestions for financial services, and affirmed the development of the enterprise. The development of enterprises provides targeted and customized comprehensive financial services, and effectively runs practical things and solve problems for enterprises to help enterprises accelerate development. The bank carried out special service activities for special specialized "little giants" enterprises. As of the end of February, it had cooperated with 31 "little giant" companies to cooperate with a cooperation coverage of%. Since the launch of the event, the president of the city and county has visited 45 "little giants" enterprises, and has initiated the loan approval process for three companies, with a loan amount of 100 million yuan.

It is reported that while the bank is doing a good job of "the president into the thousands of enterprises", it will thoroughly implement the strategic deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial government’s "project as the king". A number of provincial and municipal key infrastructure construction such as rail transit, highway "13445", and intercity railway. As of the end of February, the bank has added a new legal person loan to 100 million yuan. Local economic development provides strong assistance. (Editor -in -chief: Yang Xiaona, Xu Chi) Share let more people see recommended reading.

“How do you know??”

“Because your big brother makes our brother secretly protect Li Xiaoyong Comrade!”
NS414chapter Is it a hardece of a jellyfish killer?
It turns out that Nine people such as Jing Yun and Zhou Dawei will always be willing to believe that it is a person.,I also hope that he is comrades.,Now, this kind of person is rejoicing.。
Qi Rui does not know that there is a sniper in the martial art team.,Li Xiaoyan does not know,Mainly because Xiao Wu has no opportunity to show this skills.,There is no sniper gun again.,Everyone just thinks he is a monk hand.。
Qi Rui original plan is to leave Tianjin with Fu Ying Xue,Then I put back to the milder to kill Mao Chuan Xiuhe and the two goals of Sato.,Now there is Xiao Wu’s sniper,He changed its plan,Let Xiao Wu are ten o’clock in the morning of the west side of the Zhongyuan Department Store in Heping Road.。
Rui Rui is investigating in advance,Evacuation route,How to adhere to the comrades and cooperation have been designed,And he dares to guarantee that this action is basically unhappy.。
Early in the morning of May 3,Song Jian,Tang Rui with Wang Tianwu、Guo Lianyun also has Gu Junru, a line of boat back to Shanghai,Jiuchi Jun Fu and Qingshan Yamei personally send them to the boat。 Fu Yingxue driving on the road to the villa,Rui Rui found a small place to get off,Change to the yellow chassis and find a public telephone,Imitation Mao Chuan Xiuhe and the voice to Sato Magno office。
“Sato Length!I am Mao Chuan!”
“Oh!Mao Chuan Machine,Hello。”
“Sato Length,You now take people immediately to the Zhongyuan Department Store.,Reliable message,Ten o’clock has two common people in front of the door.,One of the people held the big report in his hand,Another person holding a daily newspaper!They will be rolled with newspapers,Newspaper newspaper,Please, you must catch them.!”Rui Rui deliberately says the details clearly makes Sato Xu Zhi feel the reliable。
“Now 9:15,I immediately take people!”Mao Chuan Xiuhe and the intelligence must be reliable,Sato is placed on the phone immediately with the people.。 Qi Rui came to the phone to get to Fu Yingxue waiting for him to get off,Then I bought some food on the bus.。
Sato Xiong knows that now Mao Chuanxiu and the energy are all in special armed.,Then I have a special high school.,This time is important because of arresting action,Mao Chuanxiu and directly let yourself,He did not dare to launch people to rush to ambush in advance,At this time, Jing Yun has been confirmed by the photo of Sato.,And gave Xiao Wu to the signal。
Shawu hand also has a photo of Sato,These photos are all available,Xiao Wu who saw the goal is very calm.,Because the room distance of Tianjin then is not very far,Rui Rui gave him a sniper point from the target, the distance of seven or eighth。
Xiao Wu is not expected to expect this shot very accurate hit Sato Majex heart position,Because the bullet is harmful to transformation,Entering his body produces a cavity effect to form a horn-shaped trauma,Sato Zoxi was killed on the spot。
Xiao Wu Shun is ready to prepare the rope to the ground,Cao Jun pulled a yellow charter and later waiting,After Xiao Wu jumped, the two quickly left.,Jing Yun is determined that Sato Maizhi planted to the ground and immediately took the track tram on the peace road.。
Because I didn’t hear the gunshot,At the beginning of the special high school, I don’t know where the sniper is hidden.,At that time,When they judge the sniper position according to the ballistics,Shawu, they have no shadow.。
“Sato male is assassinated!Mao Chuanjun,When is this??”Also received a lot of calls to the phone very shocked,
“Long pool,Less than ten o’clock,Sato Teaner took people to the place,The result was a sniper, who was already in ambush.,Very strange is that the special high school is said to be a call to him.。”Mao Chuan Xiuhe and the voice are the same as seeing ghosts.。
“Is Sato said in hand??”
“Yes,The operator also determined that I called the phone,Japanese,But I didn’t give him a call.。”Mao Chuanxiu and very difficult,
“Where is the phone played from??”
“Is a public telephone。”
“Some people can imitate your voice?This is too foreigner.,Is it a person around Maochuan?,How is this possible?!”
“That’s right,Long pool,The body of Sato Tea has been pulled back to special qualifications.,I am here,You have come over.。”
“I have passed。”
Rui Rui put down the phone to Fu Ying Xue smiled:“It seems that Xiao Wu is indeed a very good sniper.,Sato Male has been killed。”
“Mao Chuanxiu and you plan how to kill?”
“Kill Kawako and may have to wait,He must wait until we will leave Tianjin.,I will go first.。”
“Then I will see Shen Xilin,Tell him about it again。”

Gaoqiao Town, Changsha County carried out the theme party day event of "Party Building Agreement Ecological Tree Planting"

"The weather is very powerful today. Let’s work together to ensure that one tree is guaranteed to live one!" On March 11th, on the occasion of the Tree Planting Festival, the Party Branch of the Changsha Smart Transportation Development Center and the Changsha County Transportation Bureau The party branch of the party branch and the general branch of Baishuan Village, Gaqiao Town, Changsha County jointly carried out the theme party day event of "Party Building the Gathering Ecological Tree Planting". In the morning, the volunteers of party members came to Baishiyuan Village, Gaoqiao Town to voluntarily plant the tree planting base. Volunteers entered the base in an orderly manner. You waved the soil, I put Miao Fuzheng, he stepped on the real watering, and cooperated with the tacit understanding.

The rows of newly planted sapling stood upright, putting green clothes for 100 acres of deserted slopes, and instantly added strong greenness. Mr. Dong, a party member volunteer, recorded the entire process of planting his trees and marked the location of the tree. "Such theme party day activities are very meaningful. I will often take a look when I have time to witness its growth.

Beautiful China, we are all actors! "This activity not only allowed volunteers to have a sense of satisfaction, but also further improved the awareness of the green planting and greening green and green greening of the whole people, promoted the harmony of man and nature, and created the intention of planting trees, sincere love trees, carefully raising trees, and elaborate trees. The good trend of enthusiastic trees.

"Everyone is full of today’s activities. In the future, we will continue to carefully organize a variety of theme party day activities, further stimulate the vitality of grass -roots party organizations, effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of party members and volunteers, and better invest in realization Come to the work of rural rejuvenation.

"The relevant person in charge of Baishiyuan Village, Gaoqiao Town, Changsha County said.

(Yu Chen Ran Mi Mengyun) (Responsible editor: Li Shujing, Luo Shuai) Share more people to see the client download.

He wants to tell everyone,His Wu Hao,The same is not good。

The two will step by step,Going to the central government。
“Please advise。”
No extra words,Burder。
Wu Hao, took out the most powerful basement martial arts.——Star knife!
At this time, the sun,It’s getting dark,But as Wu Hao broke,The upper appearance is incomparable。
It seems that there are countless stars gathered to the ring.,The gorgeous knife is like a god of light.。
But this is not a sacred beauty。
This is like a shammous and wavy death。
Brief silent,Half air riot,Murderous。
Like a landslide,The violent energy is dramant。
The whole platform is full of violently shaking,Forbidden to refresh,Another moment of exhausted energy tear。
I would like to know how strong this knife is.。
Wu Hao’s stars, the knife, is called the martial arts.,Have a windy rain-like power。
If it is a general constructor, it is covered by this knife.,Really the bones。
The long knife in his hands,The energy of the god is like a generous layer of mercury.,出 海 气 气,Stirring energy shakes。
A knife,Ten parties,Take the Gobian。
Howest powerful pressure and energy on the ground,Prohibition is completely torn,The ground is rushing to crack。
Very terrible。
Wu Hao only took a knife,It has caused such a terrible consequences。
People are shocking,Gogjian is in the hands of a red sword,No slightest,Greeting heavy waves。
The violent knife waver will drown him。
The body of Gogjian is also broken.,Residual limbs。
Wood disciple,All stood up,Stunned。
Legendary like Gogjian,Even the other party can’t stop,It was completely smashed.?
Next moment。
Wu Hao did not win the joy of victory。
Instead, a very bad premonition,Feeling the shadow of death。
not good!
He yelled,I don’t want to think about it.,Flying in the body。

In order to quickly and resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control battle (People’s Forum)

Accelerate the screening and control of nucleic acid screening and risk personnel, accelerate the construction of square cabin hospitals, and speed up the speed of bed turnover … Since the epidemic in Shanghai this round, various districts and departments in Shanghai and departments have been in a sense of urgency and the execution of the battle. , Make efficiency, make up for shortcomings, and strong weaknesses, and promote various epidemic prevention and control measures to play a role.

At present, the prevention and control of the Shanghai epidemic is at a critical stage. Only by unswervingly implementing the "dynamic clearing zero" general policy and taking resolute and powerful measures can we promote the inflection point as soon as possible and allow the social epidemic to achieve clear zero as soon as possible. Racing with the virus is to race with time. The faster you run, the more you can grasp the initiative of war "epidemic".

The strains that are popular in Shanghai’s epidemic are mainly Omikon, and the transmission speed is very fast. Studies have shown that compared to Delta strains, the propagation speed of Omikon strains is 77%faster, and the strains are 66%faster than that of the strains. Without any intervention measures, an Omikon infection will infect individuals.

In addition, Omikon’s mutant strains are particularly hidden, asymptomatic infected and mild cases are very high, while asymptomatic infections and mild patients are also contagious. From a scientific perspective, leaving some opportunities for Omikon’s mutant strains will quickly infect a large area.

Only by fast words, to strengthen risk management and control, to find out the source of infection by screening, and timely transport and isolation can it avoid large -scale transmission. The people’s supremacy and life first, curbing the epidemic as soon as possible is the truly respect for every life. From the perspective of public hygiene, the whole crowd is the susceptible crowd of Omikon’s mutant strains. At the same time, from the perspective of pathogenicity, the mutant strain of Omikon is by no means a "large influenza", and its harm must not be underestimated.

Those countries and regions that are "lying flat" are much higher than those of the elderly and other fragile people than expected.

Such as a newborn of allergic asthma, or an elderly person with basic diseases, once the virus infection is superimposed, it will cause the danger of severe illness. According to the report from the Shanghai Health and Health Commission, as of 24:00 on April 17, 16 patients with heavy patients received treatment at designated medical institutions were treated; on April 17, 3 cases of death were added. The disease did not vaccinate the new crown vaccine. This also fully illustrates that the popularity of Omikon poisonous strains is still serious.

In order to discover the epidemic, quickly deal with the epidemic, and strictly implement the prevention and control measures, we can control the source of infection, cut off the channels of communication, and protect the susceptible people.

To fast and fast, testing the efficiency of execution, but also the synergy efficiency. For example, in the treatment of infected people, if the positive infection and the densely connect are not transferred in time, the epidemic will continue to spread in the community. Decisively promoted the "four response and four", so that the infected people were treated, and the close personnel were isolated in place; in the treatment and management of the square cabin hospital, due to the high number of infected people in Shanghai, some infected people could not earn timely income of fixed -point hospital isolation treatment treatment It is necessary to further accelerate the construction of square cabin hospitals, strengthen the overall resources of resources, dig deep potential in each district, unblock the discharge process, and achieve the positive cycle of the number of discharge as soon as possible than the number of admission. In terms of people’s livelihood protection At the time, the more meticulous people’s livelihood protection, the more meticulous the people’s livelihood must be arranged with deep feelings, paying more attention to the difficulties of the masses, and effectively guaranteeing good medical medicine and food supply. Continuing and lost. Grabbing the prevention and control measures of the epidemic, so as to achieve fast and orderly and efficient synergy in order to achieve zero targets of social clearing as soon as possible. Fast is one of the essence of dynamic clearing.

If you find it early and deal with fast, you can timely cut off the epidemic transmission chain in time, and make social production and life return to the right track as soon as possible. Shandong Province announced on March 29 that this wave of epidemic since the end of February achieved social dynamic clearance, and the production and re -production entered the "fast track"; Shenzhen followed the "slow line keys" to implement a scientific and accurate resistance strategy. By April 8th, it will be promoted in an orderly manner to return to schools at all levels to return classes; Jilin Province announced on April 14 that cities and states have achieved zero society and the order of social production and life gradually recovered … with fast ways, let us do it, let us do it. The epidemic discovered and extinguished together.

Promoting the spirit of hard work, maintaining a state of fighting, and working hard to move quickly, you will be able to defeat the epidemic as soon as possible and win the battle against this epidemic.

Supernatural power《Mo Jin Yu Luo》,36,000 gold and jade veins burst into his body at the same time。And the power of blue and white mist,Chaos power is also instilled!

Guiding the Chaos of Liangyi with Heart Force,Strength gathering!
Eternal sharp gun in hand,Motivate its origin with chaos,One shot straight up,Deriving spear from formation。
At the same time, Li Ming’s feathery dark silk robe agitated,The two instruments of light and dark form a circle of brilliance on the body surface。
Simultaneously,Li Ming also performed《Heart formation》Third level·Two Hearts and One Heart。Guide to gather these two energies!
One shot,Blast!
“puff~”Li Ming flew out suddenly,Flew a hundred thousand miles away,A trace of blood oozes from the corner of the mouth,But nothing more。
After many years,Li Ming once again displayed the method of unity of mind and force。
but,This shot,For a while,It’s mental strength、Supernatural power、Dafa with the three powers of mana in one—-Prototype。
The higher the state,The harder it is to improve。
In Li Ming’s current state,If it is cast《Heart formation》The first two,Even if the heart power is separate from the divine power、Mana fit,Can’t increase much power。
Because the mystery of this combination is too weak,Even if combined,Power improvement is also limited。
But this《Heart formation》Third level·Two Hearts and One Heart,It is very superficial in the three forces。
Li Ming also guessed,If this formation reaches completion,Three forces in one,The three strongest ways—The Heart Force Array Dao is completely compatible with the Chaos Array Dao、Fusion,There will be a surge in strength at that time。
but,He doesn’t have much breakthrough ideas now,I can only sharpen myself through strong pressure。

Persist in people -oriented to overcome the mentality of loose strength

  Omikon’s mutant plant has been fierce. Recently, my country’s local agglomeration epidemic has a large, wide, and frequent situation. Enter the most vigorous stage. At such a critical moment, some people distorted the meaning of "dynamic clearing zero", questioned my country’s prevention and anti -epidemic measures, and irresponsibly throwing out improper remarks such as "dynamic clearing zero". "Strategy.

If the error theory is confusing, it will shake the confidence of resistance, affect the effectiveness of resistance, and even affect the healthy development of the economy and society. "Dynamic clearing zero" is not the pursuit of absolute "zero infection", but the general policy of normalized epidemic prevention and control under the general strategy of my country’s "external prevention input and internal prevention and rebound".

The "dynamic clearing zero" requires early discovery, early reporting, early isolation, and early treatment of cases. At the fastest speed, the strongest strength, and maximum coverage, the epidemic is blocked to ensure the safety of people’s lives and health.

It reflects the people -oriented anti -epidemic concept. It is also proved that it is not only effective in preventing and controlling the epidemic, but also has positive significance for coordinating economic and social development.

  Public data from various countries show that the seemingly "mild symptoms and low mortality" Omikon mutant strains have greatly threatened the elderly population and severe basic diseases. There are differences in medical and hygiene conditions in my country and local regions. The "one old and one small" group has a huge base. The above factors are superimposed together. Once a loose epidemic prevention policy is adopted, the consequences are unimaginable.

In the face of such a reality, we can see more clearly the profound logic of my country’s firm "dynamic clearing" road -the prevention and control of the epidemic is related to the safety of the people. It is a big deal. "Try and error" with the health and life of the people.

  For Shanghai, "dynamic clearance" is also a choice in line with the actual situation of society.

As a large city, Shanghai has a large population density, frequent flow of people, and frequent logistics; high degree of aging and more susceptible population; some old -fashioned residential buildings are shared with cross -infection risks;

Only by taking the active "dynamic zero" policy can we maximize the safety and physical health of Shanghai citizens. Strict control control measures will inevitably have an impact on market activities and inconvenience on the daily activities of residents. Therefore, the difficulty of "dynamic clearance" requires us to implement epidemic prevention measures faster and thoroughly. Maintain strategic determination, do not paralyze, do not tire of fighting, do not loosen, seize the time window, unify our thinking, firm confidence, and overcome time. Economic and social development.

(Source of this article: Economic Daily Author: Niu Jin).

Say,He turned,One of them,“Blocking his mouth。”

“Zhao Fei!!”
Guo Lijuan screamed。
I came to tear my heart behind him.,Zhao Fei frowned,Flashing in the eyes,Immediately become cold。
He didn’t choose。
If you dare to violate Jike Hall’s orders,Not only Guo Lijuan will die,He will die。
In this case,Or Guo Li is dead.。
In the heart,He likes Guo Lijuan,Very like。
if not,I will not marry her a woman.。
But Zhao Fei did not have the courage to die with Guo Lijuan.。
“Blame,I’ll blame you.。”
A sentence,Zhao Fei looked at the big man on Monday。
Subsequent,Gaze,Eight people sitting in the door of the warehouse,Not from the corner of the mouth。
This time for that person,Jiao Yutang can be described as a bloody。
Not only send ten else,Even eight super masters。
Zhao Fei doesn’t know how high the so-called super master,But listen to the strong man around you say,Even if Master is facing these eight people,Also very polite。
certainly,The ten elite identities are also very special。
I have mixed with Jiao Yutang,But in later,I have already left,Sit up the legitimate business。
In other words,Whether it is successful or failed tonight,What’s the final result?,Not related to Jiao Yutang。
Zhao Fei even secretly guess,Jiao Yutang put them at first,In fact, it is interested.,Or,Is his step chess。
Now used,Nature also needs them to come out。
Be behind the whimper,Interrupted Zhao Fei Yan,Torp in a hurry,Immediately say。 At this moment。
Although the mouth is sealed by a tape,But Guo Lijuan is crying more powerful than before.。
Until this moment,She can’t accept everything that happened to him.。
She left home,I thought I found love.,Found rely on……Always,She is all thinking,Even myself feel sorrowful and ignorant。
She didn’t think of it.,all of these,It’s a dream。
Do not!
Not a dream。
She is ultimately killed by the man you love.!

Beijing Winter Paralympic Games | "You are my eyes" [Photos]

In the long -distance traditional technology (visual barrier) competition of the Cano Cannchomonic Ski Women, Chinese player Wang Yue (right) fell on the guide Li Yalin (taken on March 7).

When the visually disabled athletes participated in the crossed off -road skiing, the winter and the high mountain skiing competitions, they must complete it with the help of the guide. They chase their dreams, challenge themselves, and share happiness and honor.

The snow channel of the two centers of the two centers of the two centers of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games in Beijing 2022 is winding between the valley.

In the visual disabilities competition, you can always see the scene of the visually impaired players and guides holding a snow stick, and often hear the prompts of different languages ??and the breathing of force. These ups and downs are moving.

The guide slipped in front and paid attention to the state of the athletes behind them. They spoke through the loudspeaker or intercom, reminding the athletes to master the direction and rhythm. Sometimes, in order to smoothly slide the special stage, the guide would extend the snow stick back in time. The visually impaired players clenched the snow stick tacitly, and the two moved towards the end at the same frequency. During the medal issuance ceremony, the guide and the visually disabled athlete would appear on the podium together and won the medal.

This is not only a positive affirmation of the athletes, but also the respect for the guidance and athlete’s special partner. There are visually impaired athletes to evaluate their guide: "He (she) is equivalent to my eyes, and we must trust each other." Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Bo won the championship Canadian player Brian McGiff (left left ) Together with the guide Russell Kennedy attended the long -distance traditional technology (visual disabled) medal issuance ceremony (taken on March 7) with the long -distance traditional technology (visual disabled) medium. Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Chao, after a short -range free technology (visual disabled) final in the Cross -Olympic Crossanium Ski Women, won the championship Austrian player Calina Edlinger (left) and guide Lorenz Joseph Hugging and celebration (taken on March 9). Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Huhu, a German player Lioni Maria Walter (right) and guide Pilming Strekl, in the long -distance traditional technology (visual disabled) competition (March 7th) in the crossed off -road ski women. Photo). After the Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Bo, after a short -range free technology (visual disabled) competition in the Cross -Olympic Ski Men, the third place Swedish player Sebastian Modin (left) and the guide Emir Yansong tried to the audience ( Photo on March 9). Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Guanyu was photographed at the two women’s mid -distance (visual disabilities) medals in the two women’s mid -distance (right). Guidance Li Yalin (right) wore medals (photographed on March 8) for Chinese player Wang Yue. Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Huhu Photo Statement: China Network Picture Library () is for this special manuscript. Any website, newspapers, or television stations shall not be partial or all reprinted without the permission of the Chinese website. Consultation telephone 010-88820273.

“All right。”

槐 消。
Zhou leaves continue to ask:“What did you talk to the adult??”
槐 序 头 头 头 头 头 头:“Just say,People invited me to eat.,Also got some precious……Yes, I also brought you a few fruits.,Quite delicious。”
Said that he reached out,Touch a few fruit,Blindly throwing,Continue to say:“People, please ask me to eat.,I can’t say a word, I can’t say anything.?”
“Don’t you do this??”
槐 lifts the head,Very serious to Zhou:“Your person is sometimes really annoying!”
“go on。” “He is also unfamiliar with me.,I can only say some groups with him.、Red dyeing and forest clock,He knows these people。”槐 has been played with Nan Ge,“He is quite rare,A neutral,Not too opposed to the Lin Zhong。Just the previous demon king, he still complied with the demon king’s order,But now the demon king doesn’t know where,Only red dye……You said that the demon king is really being designed to kill it.?”
“Lin Zhong also has suspicion?”
“That’s impossible,Monster is a rib,Can’t do those things you have。”槐 shaking head。
“This way.。”
Zhou eaten fruit,Continue to listen to stories。
Next day,early morning。
Before dawn,Low temperature。
Nan Ge wrapped down the down jacket tightly,Wearing a hat standing on the side of the roadside walking down,From time to time。
Head is cloudless,Orientally lit up fire。
Shenshan continued,Pure color in the dark。
Flying Temple Views is a less than a charging viewing station that does not have any advantage other than a cement land.,You can choose to go to the side of the road to the side of the road.,You can also choose to turn over the low wall to avoid the charge.。,
There are still many people who don’t want to pay.,Nan Ge and Zhou Zhiwei standing many people。
They are excited to wait for the sunrise,Everything discussed with each other is unexpected weather today.。
Nan Ge twisted the head,She pulls her clothes to the top,Low head,Crack chin and mouth,A pair of big eyes staring around,Blinking。
Zhouzhi is not ignive。
Last time,The sun jumps from the east,Golden sunlight,Plating a layer of gold for the snow mountain。 Nano is excited to wow wow,Take out the phone and continue to take pictures。
Every time I feel so beautiful,Then I found that the next second is different.、Look more better,Continue to pat,I don’t know if I have accumulated a bunch of photos that can’t come out next to the album.。
The early morning air is the cold,Just a moment, her hand is frozen, stunning,Let her straight tooth。
Until the snow mountain whole becomes gold,Gradually beaten。
Nan Ge finally put down the phone,Long call out one breath,This will have a good light.,She put her hand,Like a crab, a step is walking around,Quietly and enjoy this‘One of the most beautiful snow mountains’。
Beautiful beauty, don’t know,Zhou Zhi and Nan Ge have never seen snowy mountains,Incomparable。
But it is very big,Very close,High recognition。
The nose of Nange has been frozen.,She sucked the air,Then call out a white smoke,Squeeze the crushed circumference:“I have a not very good news to tell you.。”
“I didn’t buy a ticket to Chunming.,So we can only charter to Zhongdian or Lijiang,Rail back and return to Chunming。”
“I have an idea……”