Li Shuzhen hands holding a box,The last thing in my heart is also shattered at this moment.。turn out to be,Dad wanted to put her out.,She thought smart,But it was still made of Dad.。

NS1746chapter:Older gingers are more spicy
Two ladies andkayAfter leaving,Liuxu fell in bed,Dear watching the window,The heart only feels the pain of tearing。
She thought she was very smart.,Didn’t think of ginger or old spicy。
Li Xu wants to think,Looked at a time,Twelve,At this time, Lu Hao Cheng has already slept.。
She struggled in her heart for a while,no,She can’t be ruined by her father.,She must save her own,She is going to have their own life,Not in the hands of Dad。
She wants to marry the memory,Can’t let memorizing white waiting for so many years。
She made a mobile phone。
Lu Hao Cheng and Lan Xin have already lie down,Lu Haocheng was entangled in Blue Xin twice,Let the bluex rest,Sleeping in this time,I am afraid that I have been sold. I don’t know.。
Lu Haocheng couldn’t sleep,I have been sleeping。
The phone is vibrated on the bedside table,He is a bit unreasonable,But call him at this time.,I am afraid that there is something。
Lu Haocheng carefully lowered the bed,Pick up your phone and pick up your phone.。
Look at the number of Liuxu,He went directly to the balcony to pick up。
“Continental,The legal representative of the Legsu Group is me。”
Lu Haozheng,Low tone:“How do you say it now??”
Liuxu:“I just know,Many notice me late at night,Just don’t want me to have a room。”
Lu Haozheng,If there is no cooperation between Liuxu,He can have no acclaim,But now the Legal Group is going out,Li Shuzhen’s representative of this legal person can’t run。
Liuxu,Gu Yi will definitely come to him.,Blue and blue are also certainly don’t want to remember and Liuxu separate。
He can’t see the blue-blue eyebrows.。
Li Tingby, this old fox,Millions,Didn’t count, he will come to this hand。
Lu Haocheng said a sentence“wait for my call”After that, I hang up the phone.。
Liusi:“……”I didn’t have a main bone in an instant.,I can only sit quietly waiting Lu Hao Cheng’s phone.,I hope that she will have two suites there.。
Lu Haocheng hangs after the phone,I immediately dialed the phone of European。
The phone rang several times,European。
“what。”Of anger with dissatisfaction with dissatisfaction。
Lu Haocheng 抿 抿 抿,It’s too embarrassing that a man with a wife in the middle of the night is really too embarrassing.。
I will know what happened when I listen to this voice.。
“That I am not bothering you.?”Lu Haozheng is a little careful。
Some sorrows。
Ou Jing, I looked at Ning Feifei.,The clothes have been faded by him.,At this time, I look at him like silk.,His mood is even more difficult to describe。
“I know you call this time.。”Ou Jingqi suppressed anger。
Ning Feifei In order to let him forgive her,These days, it is to say that you have seduce him.,If it is not still three months,He has already sent it.。
Lu Hao grows short,I quickly told the things of Liuxu to Ou Jing.。
Ou Jing, listen to the mobile phone。
How can it suddenly become like this?。
“Why don’t you say it??”Ou Jingqi suppressed anger。

“what”When the Qing Palace hurts home under the night,The top of the upper entrance,Just see the bandage on the face,It’s a bit hard to blow cold wind at the door.。Even with thick bandages,The Qing Palace is still vividly seen from the gap of the bandage.。

“you”Qing Palace has a smile,Strive to make your laughter,“It seems to be a bitter.。”
“Inbuse and Elisa are taking a shower,”The sound of the squash is passed down from the bandage.,“Just pushed in the door”
“Then you are not biting.?”Clear angle of the Qing Dynasty,“Do you still push it open??”
“Do not,A door。”Laid out,Suddenly sorrowful,“Who knows that two guys don’t worry? Write something in the living room.!”
“Be numb!”Yintke is listening to this sentence,Gas ran out from the house,狠 上 上,“Eliza is writing a lyrics!Who let you suddenly come in?!”
“I am going home.!”Want to cry without tears,“You are really too much.!”
“You are really no one.。”Qing laugh,Shake the shaking head,Turned to go upstairs,“You both do two yourself,I’m going back。”
After he stepped up,It is also forced to be in the office by Xiaomei teacher.,quilt‘Volunteer’Helping Xiaomei teacher sorted out several hours of information,Although I know Xiaomei teacher is for‘revenge’Ourselves,Although it was subsequently sent to a delicious barbecue,I have been tired of a day.。
“Ai Aiai,Don’t go first。”did not expect,The upper strip, but the Qing Dynasty,“I have something to tell you.。”
“what’s up?”Qing Palace,Turning through the head。
“Is such that。”The upper stroke is speaking,Speak out,“Tomorrow, Alisa is going to the wear company to sign a contract.,I think,Soon Steier’s attack after the attack,I want to have a hand,so”
“You want me to protect her?”The Qing Palace is slightly looking at the upper strip,“Do you have this kind of thing??”
“I want to go to Xiaomei’s tutorial counseling lesson tomorrow.!”Have a sadness,“Your bastard is still talking about it.!”
“That is not blame me.。”Qing Palace can’t help but laugh,“Who let you say that the kind is good?,I promised that is,but,”Speaking of which,Qing Palace blinks,“Does Elisa have nothing to go with her??”
“What to say,I seem to have called a friend.。”If you think about it?,“However, who is specific, I don’t know.,And you don’t have to follow her whole process.,Custody can be protected,I am willing to see you, you will be good.,but”
“You don’t have it.。”The Qing Palace turned over white eyes,“Your luck,Celiles,Will you have any birth?。”
“Feed,It’s too much.”
“The fact is so。”
the next morning。
Wearing neatly Elisa standing in front of a station,Some somewhat looked at the four weeks,At this moment,A vibrant female voice suddenly came from behind。
“Misaka~”Elisa turns back,Looking at the girl with tea behind,The face couldn’t help but show a bright smile.,Can then,Her smile suddenly wonder a few points。
After the tea girl,Also followed two girls in junior high school uniforms,And a wheelchair
“this”Just as Elisa is curious when you have a black child and others,Not far from the top of a building,The Qing Palace is an armed look at the person,“Aisa trusted”
“Actually a Menqin?”
“Tiles company is the company outside the hunter number in three years ago?”On the elevator leading to the top floor of the company,Meiqin is surprised to look at Elisa,“I really know this one.。”
“Be right。”The first spring smiles,“Tiles,Also called the door company,Gamble gambling the company’s fate of space crash,The company is thus bankruptcy,But in the later, it is a miraculous resurrection,And contributed to this time‘Ethillion’Program implementation。”
“Oh。”Meiqin blinked Barbed eyes,I took a sentence.,Obviously, this news is not as interested.。
“Take a way,The president of mergers and acquisitions is girls.!”The first spring laughed and looked at Meiqin and Elisa.,“If you don’t make a mistake,The age announced now is——Ten years old!”
“what?”Meiqin is really surprised this time.,“Ten-year-old?How can this be?Then she was only seven years ago three years ago.?”

Gao Yang looks at the far away from the distance,A long time later,He only sighed,There is a color of stagnation。

In the study of the backyard of Licheng County,Li Zuli did not sleep,Still in the struggle。At this moment,People who have a fisherman dressed quietly pushed,Hold the boxing in Li Zugui。
“Did things do it??”
Li Zu Sheng did not ask for a question。
“Proper,No flaws。”
“Do not,In fact, this is a flaw everywhere.,But just have to play it.,If it is too dense,Instead。In order to be cautious,You don’t have to go abroad recently.,Just stay in the county。The emperor will go tomorrow.。”
“Bamboo,If you are responsible。”
This person raises his head,Herone is the tour guide to the row of Zhaojun on the same day.!
NS664chapter Will be the top of the top
The scene of the coming of the city of the city,I really destroyed the intensity of the Gao Ocean。
The Queen is to come with him to Qizhou,Secretaneus,It’s not too late to face.,But his high face。
Just this thing is not possible to say,To be said, Qilu,Folk style。
Next trip,The big army went to Shanxi County along the historical city.
As a result, Yu Zhaojun is mood.,Don’t want to leave!
Mountain county,Today, Zhang Xia Town, Changqing District, Jinan City,Taishan County,Close up from the Cities。
Zhao Zhaojun, this old woman suddenly said that physical discomfort,I don’t want to go to Taishan.,Missao high-hearted evil,I can’t really sell his mother to the hill.!
“His Majesty,Taishan Fengchan also pays attention to the time,Autumn is very fast,Not far from the winter, not far away.,It’s really unsuitable.。”
Autumn harvest time,It is the great moment of Fengchan。If it is winter,Every country is everywhere, it is frozen and hungry and homeless victims.,That’s awkward。
Seeing the high cream,Gao Bo Yi carefully recommended:“Don’t stay in the mountains,The army continued to go to Taian to teen.。Thai,Prepare to Fengchan,Can be completed at any time。”
Fengchan,It is a gift of heaven and earth.,Not a high ocean to visit the Tamsama。
The white tiger in the Han Dynasty is said to say this.:“King,Prognosis,Raifeng Taishan。what?The meaning of the adjacent。At the time of life,Reform,World peace,Cheng Yicheng Fengchan,Take Taiping。”
The five scriptures written by Liu Xiang in Western Han Dynasty said this.:“God thought,Gifted,Taiping in the sky,Report the work of the group。”
This is visible,Departure point of Fengchan,It seems purely from political purposes,Indicates that the emperor is killed by the king,Treasure peace,Expressive to You Guardian,Of course, I have to report the emperor’s performance.。
One sentence:Laozi is wide,Here to show the show,Beige!
Therefore, the specific ceremony of Fengchan is very symbolic.。
Ban Gu:“Sole,Also increase;Lower Zen Liang Father,Gang;Carved stone number,Self-efficacy。Heaven is high,Thick,Therefore, the high of the Taiying Mountain is on the day.,Unique site,Life in tomorrow,Merge,Good to heaven and earth,If the height is higher,Thick people thick”。
What does that mean,That is to say,Just go to Taishan here.,Dawn,Say with God,Then a big industry is further。
This is visible,The purpose and symbol of Fengchan,In addition to the most lightweight load,It contains a more deep potential consciousness.:Emperor,Communicate with God,Coordinate day、land、God、Relationship between people,Make it a harmonious unity of mental will and external behavior。
in short,Let God bless Laozi,Better ruling the people’s people。
So what is the ceremony of Feng Zen??
Qin Dynasty unified China,The Emperor was in the twenty-eighth year of BC219Annual patrol,First to Zou Yushan,Row,Carved stone Qin Dynasty。
At the same time、Lu Jian Jianji Feng Zen etiquette,The confrontation is different.。
The Emperor of the Emperor,Renovation,Mountaineering。Dengfeng,And Yidi。From the north of Taishan,Louis Zen Li Yu Mingshan。
As for how to play,The sacrifice and sacrifices are secret,There is no flow of a word so far.。
Unclean,Gao Bo Yi doesn’t know!
It is a very clear process that Han Wudi Feng Chan Taishan is recorded.。 Yuan sea seal first year of BC110March,汉武帝率群臣东巡,至泰山,派人在岱顶立石。之后,东巡海上。四月,返至泰山,自定封禅礼仪:

soon,Yu Siyun’s information appeared in the computer。

Ou Jing, take a closer look.,Yu Siyun’s company,It is also a well-known company,But in this year,And it is the company where the Yao Yao is located acquired this company.。
Yu Siyun’s ability to work in their company is still,But it is not very good here.,Why can she enter the Lu Group??
Ou Jing, slightly, thinks for a while,Also check it,There is no special message to find out。
He called Lin Ye’s mobile phone。
“Hey!European secretary。”
Lin Ye’s voice is a bit helpless。
Ou Jing, smiled, smile:“Lin Ye,I know that you are very busy recently.,But still have to help me check a woman called Yu Siyun.,I have no time now.。”
Lin Ye:“woo woo woo woo!European secretary,I really busy this time.。”
European:“I know that you are very busy this time.,But this thing is not a difficult thing for you.。
You can help me first.,Call directly, tell me the result.。”
Lin Ye:“Um,knew,I will give you the following tomorrow.。”
European laugh:“Your ability to do it has always been,But hope is a good result。”
Lin Ye smiled:“People who are suspicious by you generally don’t have good results,I look forward to the higher the disappointment.,Don’t hold too much hope。”
European:“There are also exceptions。”
Lin Ye smiled:“Tell you before get off work tomorrow.。”
Hang up the phone,Ou Jing’s eyes become sharp,For Yu Siyun today,Can’t stay in the company,I can only see that she is the next performance.。
Lu Hao Cheng,Give Blue Xinmus,Involved in the music,A little penetration,Can touch a corner of the heart。
Lu Haocheng smiled softly:“Blue,This is your favorite music.,I would also like,Can make people feel instantly,The heart can be quiet and quiet.。
You will listen to your weekend.,Although today is not weekend,But I still want to listen to you.。”
“The company’s things are also smooth,I modified your winter design.,I don’t know if you like it.,but,I think,Consumers will love it very much.,The style is really beautiful.。”
He is handsome, a touch of warm smile,She and his thoughts are almost,She will definitely like it.。
“Blue,Of course, I have been here to see you.,This time,He is at the weekend,I’m going to practice singing and dancing.。”
“He lives very much,and,I don’t want to ask my father’s aura.,I have to go out of the world.,Tartar,Also 拽,I don’t want to hear him.。”
“Kiki’s painting,I have already sent the exhibition,She is very nervous every day,yesterday,Yi Dad and mother have to accompany her to the exhibition,People evaluate her words very high,Someone is purchased,She painted a mother,Got a lot of people’s praise,Someone gives it.50Excellent price,She has not sold,And the price is still climbing all the way。
Kiki is a natural painter.,Recently,She is also happy to have a lot。”
“Xiao Jun is still that,There are not many words,After completing the homework,Take yourself in the room to study the computer,Will you come over to see you on the weekend。”
“There is also flying,He is now doing yourself.,And learn a lot of progress,You can also rest assured。”
“Awfully”Suddenly came to knock on the door,Lu Haozheng slightly eyebrows,Some unsatisfactory:“Come in。”
Gu Yi Lin took Shen Jiaqi,Hand holding a bouquet of flowers,The two came in。
Shen Jiaqi has a lot of people.,The whole person is round,I saw Blue Xin on the bed.,She is wet eyes,She lows her head,I don’t want to pass this sadness to anyone.。

Every member came to come,She will not lose the etiquette and say hello.。

“Monica,You are really my goddess,Always so beautiful。”
Harris embraced the wine glass,The eyes are burning like a fire-like Eye God。
I want to talk to more like-minded people《President of the king》,WeChat attention“Reading literature ”,Chatter,Look for oneself~
First1751Chapter I want to be quiet.
Harris never covered the love of Monica。
In fact。
Still in a small,He often follows his father to the Dark Parliament Headquarters。
It also met Monica at that time.。
Since then,I often find an excuse to see Monica.。
Even if it is not exaggerated,Many people in the Dark Parliament,I know that he likes Monica.。
Just didn’t care at the time.。
After all, Monica is a holy woman in the Parliament.,And the holy girl is not married,Will keep pure body。
But now it is different.。
Horizon gradually disappeared,Let Harris have seen opportunities。
“Monica,Careful calculation,We have already seen it for 135 days.。”
He is a glass of wine,Deep affectionate look at Monica,“Do you know?,In the day without you,I miss my day.,Dreaming at night……”
Monica’s 眉 微 微 蹙。
If it is an ordinary,She will also perfuse a few words。
Just today,Not only there is summer present,Coupled with Horizon,And the face of each other before the square……I don’t want to say a word.。
“Harris,Enough,Don’t forget,I am a saint。”
After the end,Turn around。
Harris faces a smile,Soon and converge,Re-revealing elegant smile,Stepped over。
But after a few words,Smile again converge,Thoroughly become gloomy。
Monica’s direction,It is that……Summer day!
Harris’s eyes are full of hostility and hatred。
Although he doesn’t know what Monica and this youth do,But Monica is after seeing youth,The face has a smile on the face.……This really can’t stand it。
At this time,A smiley voice came。

No girl doesn’t like to dress yourself,Even if she is a female martial art,Girls have cheered。

Hanjiang also likes handsome things,But he is another hand.,Even if I don’t know what appearance of design is enough to look good.。
So armored appearance of this problem,He only expects Santa Feria original combat service and armor enough to look good。
“The above is two good news,Customize the design diagram of the appearance, you should pay it quickly.,Latest Friday,Otherwise we can only wear a combat armor。”Ji sings said that everyone was dissolved.。
Girls three or two,Happy to leave the training ground,Ji is still standing in place,But the eyes are staring at two people who haven’t walked yet.。
Ji rushed out two fingers,Refers to Han Jiang and Qiana,Refers to the eyes of the eyes:“You two either go to the classroom to learn,Either go to the library,If you let me see you elsewhere,The consequences you understand yourself。”
Han Jiang and Qiaa have a look at it,Qi Yana snorted to see another place。
“Budding,Bronia helps me.,If the exam is not as good,Automatic training is not my share。”Qi Ya Na, pulled the buds and Baronia。
“I admit that I am stupid.,Not good at learning,But there is still a history of history.5Minute,This means that the test paper is really difficult,Not my problem。”Qi Yana is not forgotten to the Hanjiang while。
Han Jiang widened,The grass will actually pull themselves to share the firepower of the buds and Bronia.。
In classrooms,Hanjiang flipped historical textbook。
Buds and Baronia first began to give pointed to Qiaa,Just over the past half an hour,Three people have become a discussion to customize what kind of armor appearance is discussed.。
Three people said,Already patched writing painting on paper。
Several people sitting is not far from,Han Jiang’s eyes,Only Bronia is still painting,Other two people have begun to design for their armor。
“How about it,The armor designed by this lady is good.?”Once to the aftertaste of Hanjiang,Qi Ya raised the paper in his hand to Hanjiang。
Han Jiang nodded:“good,Some places are unreasonable,Others have no big problem。”
Qi Yana is the armor designed by himself is the western ride style.,It is also the role called Ranger in the game.。
But not the final version of the cloak,But a thick windbreaker。
“Nuts,The armor designed by this lady is absolutely reasonable.,Let me see where your design is good.,Dare to say my difference。”Qi Yana is not convinced。
Han Jiang jumped this,Directly pointed to the design picture of Qi Yana:“You see your windbreaker,For girls too thick,And the operation is inconvenient,It’s impossible to take off each play.,Still, make a set?”
“This is also。”Qi Yan is carefully considering,Nodded:“Girls wear wind coats are really uncomfortable.,Most important is not enough。”
“so be it,Change the windbreaker to the cloak,This will be a lot of words.。”Qi Yana said to re-draw a piece of paper,Start painting。 “Ding:Qi Yana Caslan Good Sensory10,Good feeling60Get skills,Bullet。”
Han Jiang is happy to pick the eyebrows,The first step in the Long March began。
Although learning is not,Can Qiaa painted the book or strong,The roughly style of the hairdry is drawn out.。
The pattern of the other side of the bud has been drawn,Han Jiang hung past。
Birvana’s combat clothing dark pink and black intertwined,Is the name of the game in the game。
“Why didn’t Bronia classmates??”Han Jiang did not endure the opening asked。
Baroniya does not lift,Say with a consistent touch:“Bronia feels that the school’s armor is good.,There is no need to waste excess my mind above。”
“what the hell,Does the buds are not also designed for their own combat clothing and armor?,How is a waste of waste??”Qi Yana can’t help but。
“Bud Jacket’s sister’s armor concept is white blade warfare assault armor,Sister buds is good at too much knife,So it is designed for a better battle.。”
“But the combat efforts of the stupid kiana are full of personal colors.,You are a gunman who wants to be a melee in the crazy beast.,Design armor is also better for better look.。”Baroniya did not know the idea of Qi Yana。
Qi Yana is in turn to say the mouth:“Good look is to increase combat power,Moreover, no one stipulates that armor can only be,In the future, I invite my aunt and Ji Aunt who personally designed the armor for me.?”
Qi Yana is very right,Let the Hanjiang people can’t find a reasons for a refurbishment。
“White blade warfare assault armor?”Hanjiang looked at the crimson armor on the jacket drawing,Asked。
The gentle laugh is teased:“Yes,I am good at being too knife.,This armor is more suitable for BC。”
“Yesterday,I saw Hanjiang classmates used too knives.,Some of your use of knife seems to have a little similar to my home path.。”Schulid continues。
Han Jiang’s heart,The buds have this question again,This is the breakthrough of Hanjiang approached the three people.。
Follow the timeline,They haven’t long been out from the long-term market.,There are fewer personality to be affected by the second collapse,Will be more lonely than the general classmates。
At this time, the father of the buds is more framed.,Later, I didn’t know any trace.,What can I not see from the surface?,But the heart will definitely have a little problem.。

The coffee Xia Jian asked for came quickly。Xia Jian gently turned the spoon,Take a sip。This kind of thing like soup medicine,He doesn’t know why so many people come here to drink。

Really big world,Divergent opinions。Some people like sweet,And some people have to find bitterness in sweetness。All beings,Different。
Thinking about all these messy things,Xia Jian drank bitter coffee gently。Eyes through the glass window,I looked at the neon lights flickering in the distance。I remember when he first arrived in Bucheon,There should not be so many tall buildings in this area,But it’s different now。
Look around,People seem to be in a forest city,All the tall buildings are not far away。
“What to watch?”With sound,Fang Fang came over,Sat directly opposite Xia Jian。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Came back。He took a look at Fang Fang,Found that this woman has lost a lot of weight,Face and look a bit dark and thin。
“What do you suffer?Don’t you have enough food every day??”Xia Jian asked with some concern。
Fang Fang took a breath and said:“Endless tasks。Sometimes I have one meal a day,How do you make me fat?”
“Worked hard!Why are you asking me to come here?”Xia Jian said,And quickly changed the subject。
Fang Fang has no Li Xia Jian,But beckoned to the waiter,I ordered a cup of ground coffee with sugar。Xia Jian just understood,I’m too anxious,Even lost the courtesy。
But they don’t care about it。Fang Fang waited for the coffee to come,She drank two mouthfuls and said:“I invited you here,I have my reason”
“Then you can talk quickly!Made me a little confused”Fang Fang does not say,Xia Jian was anxious。
Fang Fang sighed and said:“I knew about Mr. Xiao’s illness,But I have never dared to see him。Really can’t face it,This disease is for people,It’s so cruel”
“We all have to let go。Mr. Xiao said,Birth, old age, sickness and death,No one can escape。so,We should face reality,Not at this time,Makes Mr. Xiao go unhappy”Xia Jian tried his best to find some good words to comfort Fang Fang。
Fang Fang smiled and said:“okay!Everything will be easier when you come,You accompany me to see Mr. Xiao in a while”Fang Fang said,Helplessly shook his head。
Xia Jian glanced at Fang Fang and said:“You must have something to tell me,Then speak bluntly!”Xia Jian knows Fangfang better。After all, they have been together for so many years,They still understand each other’s personalities。
“You are Xiao Xiao calling you back !”Fang Fang drinking coffee,Asked quietly。
Xia Jian said something:“I don’t even know about Mr. Xiao’s illness,Xiao Xiao told me。In addition, something happened to the startup group,You should also know this”

“That wife!”

Bad opened his eyes,I have been full of hesitation.,
“I said something,Don’t be angry!I just mention it.,You can’t do it.?”
“Have something to say,Have a fart!How to still grind!What kind of problem!”
“Then I can say it.”
Dabe is removed,No more staring at your wife,
“Just when you eat yesterday!I feel that you are so good.!Chew slow,SSSV!Looking also also comfortable!”
“I feel!The child has learned a good thing outside.,We don’t have to give him back.!eat slowly,Can you eat it?!”
“Away from home,More ceremonies are always good!People do not blame!”
“I am watching him.,I haven’t said that it is not good.”
The big master is somewhat uncomfortable,I am distressed by myself.。How is it,Also said yourself
“daughter in law,Say it is not angry.!I know you are distressed,I am also distressed.!”
Great hand is unable to,Reflections, is it too sensitive to this matter.。
Daurother looked anxious,Suddenly laugh。
“Stop!Yellow is so big,What should I know?,What is not good to him?!Let us,Just support him behind him.!Need usually,Let’s go again.!”
“Um,You can think so!”
“Otherwise I can think about it.!You are really!”
“I just answer a sentence.”
“okay,I know,Go to bed early!Ming children are busy!”
“mother,Do you want to say??”
Niu Niu saw his own mother in his own house for a long time,Want to say something,But I have always been in my heart.,Face is red。
“Niu Niu,If it is not a younger brother?”
Zhou’s half-day swallowing said halftails。
“My sister is also very good.!I left the beautiful clothes to her.!There is still a flower,Give her a good look.!”
Niu Niu feels no big problem,Originally, a boys and girls are people can control.。
My little brother sister can!
I was just that I said it.!The mother is still in my heart.!
“mother,What are you talking about??You loudly!I can’t understand it.!”
“No, no earlier.,Niu Niu sleeps early!Ming children have earned breakfast earlier,Don’t sleep on the day on the day,No one is happy to manage you!”
“I can manage myself.!”
“It is your mouth.!All right,The mother is gone.!”
213chapter Child
Said to be no one, Niu Niu。
Second day,I still stayed at three people.,Waiting for the Niu Niu to go to the ground。

“Um!”Lu Haochi smiled slightly。

“Lu Shu,Then you don’t bother you and mom dine.,My mother is gave to Lu Shu.。Lu Shu must send my mother home safely.!”
“good!”Lu Haocheng listened to this, don’t have fun.:“Ran Ran,do not worry,I must send your mother safe home.。”
“Thank you, Uncle Lu。”
Blue Xin:“??”
Ok, this is what is called to give her to Lu Haocheng.。
Blue Xindong wants to think,Ok, I am happy.:“mother,eat more,Mom goodbye!”
Take a quick turnover。
Blue Xin can only smile,Mom hopes she married later,She can understand my mother’s mind。
But why is it true??
Lu Haocheng suddenly asked:“Blue,Xiao Jun, the school, the three people who want to go to the school,Are you found??”
Blue Xin nodded slightly:“Choose,Elementary schools not far from our house,So my mother took the child convenient!Already register。”
Lu Hao Cheng listened,That elementary school is not too good。
He wants to let his children go to the aristocratic school,But,Blue blue must not agree。
What should he do??
Look at,Not long after I started school!
Lu Haocheng thought about this,To make perfect solution。
He asked:“Blue,Have you ever thought that they learn the best noble school in Jiangyou??”
Blue Xinyi,Laugh laugh at the taste:“What to do there??Do you want to compare??Go to fight or go to study.?Go to the child who reads over there,Parents have opened a luxury car?I have a luxury car.?It is a problem with the child’s tuition.?”
Blue Xin said,Laugh again,Hoe:“Lu Hao Cheng,How many wages have you given me??My child wants to go to the aristocratic school,Our family is drinking northwest wind.。”
She is not a child,And three children。
Kiki wants to learn to paint,Xiao Jun wants to learn computer knowledge,Of course you want to perform,These fees are also a small expenditure。
NS406chapter:Have your boss like you is so good

NS406chapter:Have your boss like you is so good
How can she have money to send children to the noble school??
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Sterile pain,He thought about it,Say:“Blue,Jiangyou Anist School,Donated money in our family,And most of our land is more donated.,The children of our Lu family go to school,Cost not much。”
Blue Xinyi,嗤 嗤 了 起。
“Lu Hao Cheng,Your land of the children,What is the relationship with me??never mind,This thing you don’t have to worry!
I will go in my child if I use your relationship.,Be seen by others,They are there to school there,Will only be labeled and crowded by others。
The school they want to study now.,It is also a very good school.,Also a school。”
She took a child for a few years.,When sending children to kindergarten,She realized the level of climbing this.。
Besides, she will not let their children go to that place to contaminate those bad customs.。
As long as they are willing to work hard,Master in their hands in the future。

“Hi!Really strange,Didn’t you just sing a song for Wang Lin??Do you need to be so excited?I’m tired of her singing”Ruth said word by word while belching。

Chen Xia sitting next to her,Pressed her head and said:“If you are tired of listening, you will sleep,Don’t let us down here”Ruth is obedient,Fall asleep。
“Hey Mr. Wang!I didn’t expect you to be so versatile,Really admirable,Come!We drink one”Xia Jian raised his glass,Smiled and said to Wang Lin next to him。
Alice pushed Xia Jian,Half-playing:“Hey hey!Don’t call it Mr. Wang,Time to change,Sounds awkward,is not it?”She asked,Chen Lu and Dong Na,Respond immediately,Embarrassed Xia Jian for a while。
Wang Lin responded quickly,She smiled and said:“Outside the company,It’s not good for Mr. Wang to shout,You can just call me Wang Lin”
“It should be Lynn!”Chen Xia booed aside。
Wang Lin stared,To fight against Chen Xia,The women suddenly became a group。
at this time,A very well-dressed man walked over,He also has a briefcase under his arm,He stopped by Wang Lin,Then he bowed gently and said:“Hello, Miss Wang!Our boss wants to hear you sing another song,The cost is up to you”
A few slapstick women hurriedly stopped,Wang Lin was a little surprised and shook her head.:“Sorry!I don’t know your boss,Moreover,I’m not a singer“
“Miss Wang misunderstood,Because your singing is so beautiful,Our boss is afraid to ask you not to move,That’s why I mentioned the cost“When the man speaks,Respectful。
Chen Lu raised her brows and asked:“Are you always foreigners?!“
“Miss guessed well,he isjNational,Has a company in Shenzhen,This time I visited Bucheon,Also to run the factory,I hope Miss Wang will save face“Man without compromise,It seems that Wang Lin will not give up unless he agrees。
Chen Xia snorted coldly:“All right!jBoss,I don’t understand our Chinese singing,You should be Chinese,Understand what I mean,Please come back!Don’t disturb us playing“
Man hesitates and stops,Hesitated a bit,Then take a step back,Turned away。
Dongna shook her head and said:“Don’t you say,ThisjChina’s corporate culture management is really extraordinary,Can translate,Can become like this,Really admirable“