“Seeing there,Then there is a central block,There is a very powerful collapse beast by two kilometers.,You have to avoid avoiding。”

“and this,Also hold,Otherwise, the team members who evacuate the people will treat you as a mess.,Will only drive you away。”
The staff will be handed over to Hanjiang is a preparatory team.,No volunteer documents,This is ready for a long time ago.。
“Where you should pay attention, you must pay attention,Once the body can’t persistent,Maxim,Don’t hard。”The staff still emphasizes safety.。
Han Jiang did not interrupt,See the emergency response measures in the advanced region,Take http://www.haixingsujiao.cn this place,Hanjiang heart feels very not taste。
Even the first time I first go out to implement the task,The city around the long-air city is much better than the emergency measures here.。
The staff is handed over to a topographic map of Hanjiang.,Cracking,There are many contact methods in the city.。
Let Han Jiang to help,It is because the commander saw Hanjiang left from the tent of Qingtianqing.。
People who surround the sunny sunny,In addition to the leader of Wang Guangming, it is an ordinary person.,Other people clearBLevel female Wushen。
BLevel female Wushen is here to be a big person,Even the general commander is justCLevel。
Since you can know those people,Let him go to the zone,And did not stop。
This shows that Hanjiang is not a regular student.,Still have certain things。
otherwise,Casually come to individuals to be a volunteer,Let him go,Isn’t that harm??
Han Jiang left Lily,The commander saw the blood of the long ax in the back of Lily, jumping,This little girl is not simple。
The idea of the commander and Wang Guangming did not agree,Probably a certain family is going out to exercise,Let’s get a good reputation.。
Anyway, how can you save more people?,Have a good thing,As long as you don’t mess up。
Han Rong took Li Lisi all the way,After entering the city,Just feel that the broken crashed cracked。
The whole city is shrouded inside,The collapse of the periphery is still good.,Normal person contacts,No death within twenty-four hours。
Han Jiang saw a lot of people carrying big bags on the road.,Even people holding pets,Puppy,Evacuation in the mountains of slowly。
The city in the hilly area is built in the river.,The city is probably a strip shape,The people have evacuated very slow。
Some people don’t want to leave their homes,Some people blame the team why not immediately eliminate monsters,There is also a child crying and looking at the monster.。
Han Jiang sighed,Small local people are not enough。
Arrange the evacuated person,Some is male,They have the first time in the collapse.,I have been six hours until now.。
More than two kilometers,Cracking energy concentration slightly improved。
A person who is slightly poor physique,Men’s spot has appeared。
Can they still use drugs,Try to evacuate the people,Anti-collapsed drugs can only be used when they live。
Hanjiang is in the center area of Lily,More and less people,The degree of mashite on the body of the team is more serious。
See these,One said http://www.power18.cn one,Hanjiang admire Outo to hold the whole world。
Although it is because of some reasons,But Otto is dead and floating island,Regardless of the change in the whole world,No one can make what he makes?。

However, it turns out that Wright is definitely not the scariest。

“Brother brother”Betty shook Wright’s arm,“Wait for the stupid wolf to be dealt with by his master,Can you buy me some bones,I recently did an alchemy experiment,The bone meal of wolf monsters is not enough!”
Fortunately soon,The guards rushed to stop the tooth wolf from running wild——It knocked down two storefronts,Trampled on the goods of three vendors,And after scratching the ground of a street。
Of course this is just an episode of Wright’s return to http://www.shadoweffect.cncollege,The final conclusion is that Senior Oliver was ordered by the college management to pay full compensation for the damaged ground、Losses of houses and vendors,At the same time, he must make up the medical expenses on the college mat for the treatment of his head bruise.。If unable to compensate within the time limit,Otherwise, the diploma will not be issued,The veteran magician is indeed considering whether to sell the stupid wolf。
“call,finally come back”Wright looked at the Golden Eyed Lion Mastiff Street17Dormitory,Show a long-lost smile。
third chapter What’s happening with roommates
“Cheers!”In a secluded side street in the inner city of Puang No. 1 Magic Academy,In a secluded restaurant,Three-thirds of young people holding cups and drinking。。
of course,Carl and Wright’s glasses are full of juice,After all, most magicians don’t like alcohol。
Burke is the only one who likes to drink,Hold the cup with a grunt,A full glass of beer filled my stomach。
“Cool!”,The young man with thick eyebrows and big eyes said so,“Youngest,You went to experience for more than a year,We almost thought you were hanging in it。Come and talk to me,How about experience,Do you know the beautiful adventurer big sister?!”
Carl hit his head with his hand,Rolled his eyes:“I say Burke,Can’t you stop thinking about serious things?,Wright returns from experience,Of course we want Wright to confess who that pretty girl is,Was it abducted back from the experience??”
Wright:“。。。http://www.99lebao.cn 。。。”Ok,Reunion not seen in a year,Let Carl, the most stable and wise elder brother in the dormitory, also lose his tune。
Had no choice but to introduce,Is my sister,Because the teacher temporarily left the capital,I think Heishui Street is not safe,Stay in the college with the younger sister,Now settled down。