[What is the bottom flour]_Features_Features

[What is the bottom flour]_Features_Features

When we make pasta, we generally choose flour according to the type of pasta. The higher quality flour is generally high gluten flour or special gluten flour, because this kind of flour has better softness and plasticity.Yes, the prepared pasta tastes better. Low-gluten flour is the cheapest flour, but it can also meet the requirements of ordinary pasta. So what is low-gluten flour?

Friends who like to make food by themselves, I believe that sometimes they suddenly want to make some cakes, but they do n’t know where to buy low-gluten flour. In general daily cooking, it is a product with a relatively low usage rate.At that time, we did not know where to buy low-gluten flour.

However, some people may go to the supermarket to buy, but they do n’t know if the flour in the supermarket is low-gluten flour.

In fact, where to buy low-gluten flour, it is really difficult to buy low-gluten flour in some supermarkets. If it is in a large supermarket, it may still be available.

With that said, everyone must ask where to buy low-gluten flour.

Grain and oil stores in some places or shops specializing in flour can be purchased.

So when it comes to where to buy low-gluten flour, many people buy it directly online.

So is the flour sold in the supermarket low-gluten flour?

In fact, most of the flour sold in supermarkets is medium-gluten flour. Of course, the types of flour in some supermarkets are clearly marked on the packaging.

When it comes to buying low-gluten flour, the average protein content of this flour is 8.

About 5%, so you do n’t know where to buy low-gluten flour, and then you do n’t know what kind of flour is sold in supermarkets in your area, then you can also look at the protein content.

Low-gluten flour is generally used to make softer foods such as cakes because of its low strength.

But in daily life, I believe that few people often make cakes and other pastries, so low-gluten flour is basically not available in the market, and even there is, so the space for replacement should be very small.

But it doesn’t matter, because you really don’t know where to buy low-gluten flour, buy it online.

[How to eat three meals to be healthy]_Recommended diet

[How to eat three meals to be healthy]_Recommended diet

The working rhythm of current office workers is often faster, and sometimes the diet is very irregular, which has a great impact on health. In daily life, you must develop good eating habits. You must eat three meals. Only in this way can youFacing work and life better, how to eat three meals to be healthy?

Let’s take a look at this content.

The first is breakfast. You should eat some staple food for breakfast, some eggs and milk, or some soy products, and some vegetables and fruits, and some nuts. If you are busy at work, you can make some supplements and be nutritiousFor breakfast, you can eat ready-to-eat oatmeal, which can be brewed with boiling water or milk, and you can also eat Babao porridge or whole grain drinks.

Lunch is very important for people’s health. You must have a full lunch. When you eat lunch, try to choose some protein foods. For other staple foods, you can consider steamed dumplings or rice noodles, etc., eat some vegetables or some edible mushroomsSome say carrots, broccoli, shiitake mushrooms, black fungus, etc., to eat some lean meat, try not to eat fat, you can eat chicken and beef appropriately.

Many people have a very bad habit, that is, they usually eat a lot when they have dinner one day after work. In fact, this is not good for health. Eat less dinner and try to eat lighter, especially during the day.Very busy, some people will rest after dinner, which can easily cause slight accumulation, and even cause some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems, so try eating some vegetables and fruits, drinking a glass of milk, etc. at dinner, which is all good.

Briefly understand how to eat three meals to be healthy. Folk saying is to sum up eating three meals: eat well for breakfast, eat enough for lunch, and eat less for dinner.

These three sentences sum up how to eat three meals to be the most healthy. Breakfast is very important, so you should eat more protein foods, and eat less dinner.

[How to make peanuts in ice powder]_Ice powder_How to make

[How to make peanuts in ice powder]_Ice powder_How to make

Ice noodles and cold cakes are two essential cold snacks in Sichuan in summer. Because the taste of ice noodles is parasitic jelly, ice noodles are a more popular existence.

When eating ice powder, of course, you must add other different ingredients to make the taste of ice powder more layered and richer.

Adding peanuts can make the flavor of ice powder become fragrant, so how to make peanuts added to ice powder?

Ingredients: 250g peanuts, 4 peppers, 3 dried red peppers, salt, and sugar.

Method 1: Soak the peanut rice with water, peel off the red coat of the peanut rice, and drain the water.

2. Put oil in the wok, add the frozen peanuts, heat the oil slowly over low heat, and remove when fried.

3. After the oil temperature rises a bit, add the peanut rice to the double fry and remove the oil.

4, leave a small amount of base oil in the pot, put pepper, dried red pepper section and fry.

5. Pour in the peanut rice and stir fry.

6. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt before seasoning and season with sugar.

1 brown sugar osmanthus ice powder raw materials: 3 grams of ice powder, 500 grams of water, brown sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus sugar.

Method 1: Pour the water into a large bowl, add ice powder, and stir well; 2. After the water is allowed to cool, the water will solidify; 3. Cut into cubes with a knife on a transparent freeze and putFill the bowl with ice powder; 4, start to boil the brown sugar water, put the brown sugar in the spoon and pour it while boiling; 5. add the right amount of sweet-scented osmanthus sugar;Fire, it is acceptable to let it cool down and drizzle on ice powder.

2 Rose ice powder raw materials: 120 grams of brown sugar, 25 grams of white sugar, 35 grams of rock sugar, 270 grams of water, 50 grams of jelly powder, 1200 grams of rose water, 2 fresh roses Practice: 1. Take 2-3 fresh roses and wash themSoak 1200g of boiling water.

Among them, a small amount of petals should be taken for later use.

2. Make ice powder, in which the water is the rose water that I have soaked before. I added some rock sugar to the jelly. I like the original taste without sugar.

3. After the ice powder has been made, it has a rose scent. Pour it into the locker box to cool it and set it. Adjust the petals evenly to facilitate subsequent cutting.

4. Pour brown sugar, rock sugar, sugar and 270g of water into a milk pan and cook for 25 minutes. The syrup starts to thicken and turn off the heat.

Add rose petals to soak, put in a vial and cool in the refrigerator after cooling.

5. Pour the solidified jelly powder into syrup and serve immediately. Sprinkle a few petals to increase the beauty.

3 Watermelon ice powder material: 5g ice powder, watermelon juice amount, 350g water, watermelon fruit size method: 1. Pour ice powder into a large bowl that has been clean.

2. Boil the water and pour it into a bowl containing ice powder.

3. Stir quickly with a spoon to completely melt the ice powder, and put it in the refrigerator after cooling down.

4. The frozen ice powder is cut into small pieces with a knife and put into a bowl.

5. Slowly pour in an appropriate amount of watermelon juice, cut into pieces of watermelon fruit, and garnish with ice powder.

4 Walnut and sesame ice powder materials: 20 grams of ice powder, 1,000 grams of boiling water, brown sugar, nuts and white sesame, etc .: 1. Take a larger container and pour 20 grams of ice powder.

2. Pour 1,000 grams of boiling water not lower than 90 degrees and stir for about 5 minutes.

3. Put the agitated ice powder water on the side to cool. When it becomes cold, put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate, and it will become frozen ice powder.

4, red brown sugar water, you can properly thicken the brown sugar water to cool, you can also chill the refrigerator.

5. Cut the solidified ice powder into small pieces with a knife, put it into a small bowl, pour in brown sugar water, and sprinkle some nuts and white sesame seeds.

5 milk tea cranberry ice ice powder ingredients: 20 grams of ice powder, cranberry amount, condensed milk amount, milk amount, condensed milk amount, 1 black tea bag, 1000 ml hot waterPour the water into the ice powder and mix well.

2. Add cranberry, pour it into the mold and put it in the refrigerator for a while, or put it in a bowl.

3. Add milk and condensed milk to the black tea bag and heat for a while.

4. Take out the ice powder and add it to the milk tea.

6 Mango ice powder raw material: 20 grams of ice powder, a method of mango: 1, ice powder with a small amount of water.

2. Pour the remaining water into a casserole and boil.

After boiling, pour in the white jelly.

Stir well.3. Pour the cooked white jelly into the container and let it cool in the refrigerator for 4 hours.

4, mango flesh, a small part of the pellets, the rest of the flesh plus some water to beat the fruit to use.

5. Refrigerate the white jelly into small pieces with a spoon.

Add fruit jelly to the bowl and sprinkle with coconut.

[What are the diseases of dermal contraception]_ dermal contraception _ harm _ bad

[What are the diseases of dermal contraception]_ dermal contraception _ harm _ bad

Buried contraception is a contraceptive method used by many women today, but this method may also overlap. Sometimes it will cause irregular menstruation. However, subcutaneous contraceptive replacement is relatively small, and it can resume fertility after recovery.

1. There may be side effects. Menstrual disturbance is a common side effect, especially those who see vaginal bleeding within 3 months after use.


But 70% of them gradually returned to normal within one year, and 25% recovered within 2 years.

No need to worry, no special treatment is needed. According to clinical experience, the traditional Chinese medicine has a good effect.

The basic prescription is: Angelica, Habitat, Baiji, Ejiao, Dry Lotus, 15 grams each of Motherwort, 10 grams each of Panax notoginseng, 5 grams each of Licorice and Chen Ai, Shuijianbi, 3 doses per week.

15% of people have “dizziness, headache, tiredness, nausea and other early pregnancy reactions after skin burying”. They do not require treatment, and usually disappear in February to March.

For those with severe symptoms, you can use traditional Chinese medicine perilla, 20 grams each of ginger, and decoction with brown sugar, which has a relief effect.

2. The advantages of skin burying are good effect, the effective rate can reach more than 99%; long-term effect, one implantation can prevent contraception for five years, etc .; it is reversible, and fertility can be restored quickly after recovery.

3, its disadvantage is that some people will not be allowed to menstruate at the beginning of use, prolonged menstruation and excessive menstrual blood volume, and some women will have amenorrhea after use.

Most of these phenomena will gradually improve after half a year of use.

[Four benefits of women to maintain a married life]_Female

[Four benefits of women to maintain a married life]_Female

We all know that a healthy and beautiful family cannot be separated from husband and wife’s sex life. Many women used to worry that if they did not take proper protective measures, they would cause various gynecological diseases, but this is not the case. Experts said that normal, regularInstead of being the culprit of gynecological diseases, your sexual love helps to keep the female reproductive system healthy.

Women’s normal sexual life has at least the following four aspects of benefits: First, it is conducive to the enjoyment of normal people’s physical and mental lives, making people full of spirits, happy emotions, increased appetite, good sleep, and a state of struggle.

At the same time during sexual life, the skin is blindfolded, the body surface is widely massaged, breathing and heartbeat more than doubled, blood pressure also increased by about 1/3, which can make the body get an exercise from the outside to the inside.


Old people should protect their bones in winter

Old people should protect their bones in winter

The cold winter is coming, and the elderly should pay more attention to this season. In order to protect the health of the elderly, winter care should pay attention to many, especially in winter, which is the frequent season of fractures in the elderly.

  The fracture caused great pain and left dysfunction.

The most common fractures of the lower extremities, such as the hip femoral neck fracture, are difficult to treat, and a considerable proportion of patients are difficult to heal, and even femoral head necrosis occurs.

  Older people are often bedridden for a long time, which can cause serious complications such as bruises, pneumonia, cerebral thrombosis, urinary calculi, and life-threatening.

Therefore, it is especially necessary to pay attention to the cold weather and take various measures to prevent fractures in the elderly.

  Strengthen the care of the elderly.

Try not to let older people live alone.

Older people should be accompanied by someone out there.

Increase indoor temperature and reduce dressing to prevent excessive swelling and affect activities.

There is a choice of shoes to wear, and hard plastic shoes are the most unsuitable.

The floor of the room, especially the toilet floor, should be kept dry to prevent water accumulation and freezing.

Use crutches as appropriate.

  Once you fall, others should ask carefully to check for any harm.

If the pain is heavier, local swelling, deformity, and those who are unable to move should be suspected of having a fracture or dislocation. It is advisable to do a simple fixation near the nearest material, and then send it to the hospital for examination. X-ray film is taken to assist in the diagnosis and correct treatment.

  Weight control.

Avoid excessive obesity and treat the disease in a timely manner.

Note that drugs commonly used in the elderly, such as antihypertensive drugs, can cause orthostatic hypotension, leading to falls.

Too much drinking, often resulting in imbalance, need to be controlled.

  Strengthen nutrition and exercise.

Try to delay the aging process and reduce the aging.

Older people should eat more protein and vitamin D foods.

Frequent outdoor activities, exposure to the sun, promote the body to synthesize more vitamin D, assist in the absorption of calcium, in order to promote the renewal of bone components.

Also, be careful not to smoke to prevent calcium absorption.

Legend of taking medicine

Legend of taking medicine

With the prescription, you have to go to the pharmacy to get the medicine.

In the pharmacy, you can see the medicine staff put the prescription on the counter, hold the scorpion with your hand, and go to the medicine cabinet on the back of the medicine cabinet to pick up the medicine in a small grid of small syringes.

If it is an old pharmacist, he will see a few grams at a glance, with a hand in the small cell, with a scorpion, a few grams.

People often say that practice makes perfect, and this kind of hard skills is practiced by the practice of adult medicine.

New drug workers can’t reach this level when they take medicine.

  When you pick up the medicine, there is a good legend.

In the Tang Dynasty, the drug king Sun Sizhen often went out to practice medicine. No matter where he went, as long as he had good medicine, he would not take the medicine to go to the mountains, climb the cliffs, or cross the river canyon.

Because the medicinal materials are many, their sexual tastes are different, so they cannot be stacked together.

In order to facilitate classification and use, he made a special body, sewing a lot of small pockets around the body, where a medicinal material was taken, it was packed into a small pocket, which was much more convenient to use.

  Once, Sun Siwei went to a village to take medicine.

Suddenly there was a barking, and I saw some women lying on the ground, and the mouth was constantly making out the painful shouts of “Oh, oh.”

It turned out that the lady’s calf was bitten by a dog and her blood was flowing.

He hurriedly took a medicine from his pocket and applied it to the woman. After a while, the blood on the woman’s calf stopped and the pain eased a lot.

Her husband came to see this scene, very grateful, and thanked the drug king for his treatment.

  This is where the medicine king goes, where to go to medical treatment.

After he treated the patient, he took the medicine out of his pocket. Because the drug compatibility did not need a lot, he always grabbed it from a small bag in a small bag, so people called it “pilling medicine.”

  Later, people opened pharmacies, in order to make many drugs difficult to disperse, it is easier to classify and take medicines. The owner also follows the method of Yaowang, putting the medicine cabinet into a lattice plaque, and dividing it into three in a small lattice.Or four squares to store and store various herbs.

Write the name of the Chinese medicine on the outside of Xiao Shou, remember to take it, and avoid it.

Until today, when patients go to the pharmacy to buy medicine, some places are still called “pick up drugs.”

The unexpected climax made her more sexual

The unexpected climax made her more “sexual”

Sexual love is an interactive process full of fun, relaxation and enjoyment. However, the mistakes you often make and the hidden “habits” make the love of the bed become tasteless, and it is a pity that it is a pity, which is in any case in life.The shortcomings.
In fact, if you want to fully enjoy the fun of making love, sometimes give up some insincere persistence and expectation, and you can appreciate the mystery and pleasure.
  Don’t have to be a lady all the time. Misunderstanding: Men in bedtimes like shy ladies, so they can play the leading role and control sex.
  Positive solution: Men want you to relax and take the initiative to issue a “sex bullet.”
  Someone has done an interesting experiment: 136 men were randomly selected and four kinds of sex life were envisaged. Two of them were men and women who did not take the initiative, and the other two took turns to take the initiative.
It turns out that the traditional model in which men take the initiative is not welcome, and men react strongly to the woman’s active model.
Experts believe that men are more willing to play a leading role in sexual life because it can awaken men’s potential desires and free men from the responsibility of taking on the protagonist of sex.
A soft and shy image can indeed make a man show a strong side, but pretending to hold it will make his desires lose.
  Amy was originally a woman with a cheerful personality and a romantic reverie about her marriage. She felt too restrained after marriage because she was always afraid that her husband would feel that her experience was old. As a result, her silence and passiveness in bed made her husband feel at a loss.
Once, my husband couldn’t help but ask her: Are you uncomfortable?
What are you thinking?
After a while, the husband’s performance on the bed was boring.
  Actively express your love for sex, and tell him the idea of sex, how you like him, boldly confide in his ear, he will be psychologically satisfied, and will meet your requirements in a timely manner.
  In fact, as long as you change your senseless persistence in sex, and enjoy every one-time love with boldness and enthusiasm, your life will have a lot of surprises.
  There is no need to set a timetable. Misunderstanding: His fixed sensitive points can always achieve twice the result with half the effort.
  Positive solution: The machine has a fixed program and efficiency, but it can’t make love.
  The love of bed is a pleasure and brings passion and vitality. Just like football, its charm is manifested in its unpredictability.
If you regard it as a habit and obligation, and set a fixed timetable and procedures, and wait for the expected effect, it is a big mistake.
The machine can be turned on at a fixed time, but people can’t.
  Maybe you can barely agree to make love more than a week, but you can’t make love on a few nights a week, let alone stipulate that you can only make love in the room and in what way.
By the same token, there is no way to climax. Experts believe that all the tricks and movements are all ways to help each other enjoy sex. If you stubbornly think that posture changes and habits of sensitive touch will make two peopleAll are satisfied, and efforts to follow the agreed habits will undoubtedly lose the enjoyment of enjoyment, adding too much inexplicable pressure and norms.
  The sensitive points in people are different every day. It changes with the state of mind, physical condition and environment. Therefore, each process of making love is a process of creation, discovery and exploration, and it also contains some kind of contingency.
Therefore, experts suggest that the best way is to find the most sensitive part of sex, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort.
  There is no need to have a climax. Misunderstanding: Because of the climax, sex becomes beautiful and meaningful.
  Positive solution: Treat the climax as an unexpected surprise in the process of sex, and you will fully enjoy the unspeakable fun.
  According to information, 4 out of every 10 American women have an obstacle.
Freud also believes that female sexual desire is “an unknown world hidden in skin folds and muscles.”
Therefore, the climax is good, but often it is hard to ask.
  Anne is 28 years old.
At the beginning of her marriage, she inadvertently reached a climax. From then on, every time she made love, she wanted to have the same pleasure, but somehow, after that time, she almost never reached the climax.
Anne couldn’t help but feel a bit resentful. She even began to blame her husband for not working hard. She only said that she was happy and ignored the feelings of the other party.
  Once, Anne went to Wuxi to study, married a college boyfriend, they had a one-night stand, but Anne regrets that she did not get the expected pleasure, and even quite uncomfortable.
She had some “hearts to die”, thinking that the bed was really the same thing. I didn’t expect to go home shortly, but unexpectedly got a climax in a certain sex. She believed that something could not be expected.
  In fact, sex is a holistic concept, and the climax is only part of it. If you take the climax as the only goal, you will lose the good part of sex.
  On the other hand, the lack of orgasm is also one of the types of sexual disorders. It may be useful to examine the reasons for your own orgasm, such as whether the psychological aspect is depressed, whether there has been sexual indulgence, tension with couples, and poor physical image.Etc. Whether there are menopausal vaginal atrophy, nerve damage, heart disease, smoking and obesity.
For the above reasons, you may wish to consult a doctor and take medication.

7 ways of health care for your nose

7 ways of health care for your nose

Guide: nose, the ancient name Mingtang, face king, located in the center of the face, is the outer sputum of the lungs, an important gateway for gas in and out.

“Nei Jing” pointed out: “The lungs pass through the nose.”

Therefore, the health of the nose is very important and should be started from many aspects.

  The upper part of the nasal cavity is similar to the brain. In the lower nasal passage, there is a nasolacrimal duct communicating with the eye. The nose and throat of the posterior nostril are connected with the throat. The trachea and the esophagus are separated here, and the middle ear is connected with the eustachian tube on both sides.

Therefore, many diseases of the nose often affect the health of adjacent organs.

From the role of the nose, the entrance and exit of the nasal five respiratory tract is not only one of the important organs for human metabolism, but also the first line of defense against the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms, dust and dirt.

There are nasal hairs and elbows in the nasal cavity, so there are often many bacteria and dirt in the nose, which sometimes become the epidemic source of disseminated bacteria.

Therefore, the health of the nose is very important and should be started from many aspects.
  In addition, Jianniu works from the “Inner Power Diagram” and exercises in three steps.

Rubbing the thumb with both hands, rubbing the nose for 36 times, then calmly guarding and eliminating distracting thoughts.

The second eye looks at the nose, the number of breaths is 3-5 minutes; before going to bed at night, lying on the bed, temporarily going to the pillow, bending the knees to make the two feet up, using the nose to breathe 4 times, exhale 4 timesAnd finally resume normal breathing.

This method can moisturize the lungs, prevent colds and nasal diseases, and strengthen the body.

  Wiping the nose and nose directly with the outside world, enhancing the adaptability of the nose to the outside, in order to improve its defense function.

The so-called whole nose is similar to the bath and nose exercise, and it is cold bath nose and cold air bath nose.

If you continue to exercise all the year round, it can effectively improve the blood circulation of the nasal mucosa, enhance the ability of the nose to adapt to weather changes, and prevent colds and other respiratory diseases.

  The specific operation method is as follows: the index finger of the two hands or the thumb of the right hand, and the fingertips of the index finger are rubbed on the nose respectively, from the inside of the eye (the savvy hole), the nose root, the bridge of the nose, the nose to the side of the nose (Wangxiang point),Apply even force and rub it up and down 100 times.

For those who are prone to colds or nasal congestion, patients with respiratory diseases should adhere to the whole nose every day, which can enhance the body’s immune function and reduce the chance of illness.

The nose bridge fracture, injury, is not suitable for the time being.

  Frequent rubbing of the nose can make the nasal blood flow smoothly and the temperature increases, so the air sucked in becomes warm, so that the lungs are stimulated by cold air to avoid coughing and preventing colds.

Enhance local blood circulation, make the nose skin moist and lustrous, moisturize the lungs.

  Pushing the bridge of the nose and pushing the bridge of the nose, also known as irrigation Zhongyue (Zhongyue refers to the nose).

Use your right index finger to place your finger on the tip of the nose, alternately twirling clockwise and counterclockwise, from the tip of the nose to the base of the nose, then from the base of the nose to the tip of the nose, and swing back and forth for about 20 to 30 times.

Use your fingers or the knuckles of your thumb to rub the nose around you. From the scent to the base of your nose, scent on the sputum.

  It is suitable for patients who are not ventilated, stuffy nose, and allergic rhinitis in the nasal passages. Persistence is repeated every day until there is no obvious episode, and 10 to 20 times can be used to reduce the substitution.

The nose bridge fracture, injury, is not suitable for the time being.

  ”The source of miscellaneous diseases, rhinoceros and rhinorrhea,” refers to the “Nature Book”: “They often point to the sides of the bridge of the nose, twenty or thirty times, so that the table is hot.

The so-called irrigation Zhongyue, to run in the lungs also.

“Hand, foot, Yangming, large intestine, stomach, hand, sun, small intestine, etc. are all through the nose, massage to promote the blood and blood circulation of the meridians, yin and yang, and have the role of colds and nasal diseases.

From the point of view of modern medicine, it is believed that the nasal passages are not smooth, often due to vasoconstriction, excessive nasal secretions, accelerated blood circulation, and removal of foreign bodies in the nose, which can alleviate symptoms.

  Wiping the nose and roots is also known as the lower pole, commonly known as the bridge of the nose, the root of the mountain.

When operating this method, if there is a person wearing glasses, first take the glasses down, let the nose roots relax for 5 seconds, gently pinch the nose with the thumb and forefinger, it will feel a little soreness of the nose, it is normal,Because the nose is continuously pressed by the glasses, the blood is not smooth.

Then use the index finger to quickly rub back and forth the nose, about 20 times, so that the nose is slightly red to stop.

  This method is suitable for wearing glasses.

In addition, the baby with a deformed nasal root, parents can often pinch the baby’s nose, there will be unexpected effects.

The nose bridge fracture, injury, is not suitable for the time being.

  Between the two eyes, the top of the nose is sunken, and the foot and the stomach are lifted by the stomach. By pushing the surface of the skin, Chinese medicine believes that the skin and the surface of the meridian blood are used for yin and yang.

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that the relationship between Yamane and the internal organs is a condition that can reflect the heart. The mind is the god, sometimes the daytime thinking is too much, but at night, when you can’t sleep insomnia, press the root of the mountain to help you sleep!

  Take the nose with your thumb and forefinger, and put it in the middle of the nose. Gently pick up the nose and let it go. The movement is repeated about 20 to 50 times.Suitable for nasal diseases, symptoms are not serious, occasionally feel nasal congestion or telangiectasia on both sides of the nose, and poor spleen and stomach function, after eating cold food, such as watermelon, people who are prone to diarrhea.

The nose bridge fracture, injury, is not suitable for the time being.

  Above the nostrils, it is called the nose. The theory of Chinese medicine believes that the relationship between the nose and the internal organs can reflect the condition of the gastrointestinal tract. Through massage, the blood runs smoothly to adjust the function of the spleen and stomach.

  Pinch the nostrils and pinch the nostrils, which can be called the mountain source (mountain refers to the nasal septum).

Put the index finger in the nostril, pinch the nostrils with the index finger and pinch it, and apply evenly, about 60 times per minute, until the nose has a sore feeling.

With the index finger, the middle finger goes deep into the two nostrils, and gently grips the nasal septum.

This method has a good effect on allergic rhinitis and nasal congestion.

The nose bridge fracture, injury, is not suitable for the time being.

  Normally, the air is breathed by the nose. The dust and fine microorganisms in the air are blocked by the nasal hair in the nasal cavity. It is easy to cause foreign bodies in the nasal cavity. Every day, the nasal foreign body can be removed by pinching the nostrils, and the nose is pinched to promote the nose.The inner blood circulation, breathing enough air, allows our body to get the oxygen needed to maintain physiological metabolism.

  揉 Press Yingxiang Yingxiang to open 0 at the midpoint of the outer edge of the nose.

5 inches, take the fragrance in the nasolabial fold.

Use your fingertips to step on the fragrant scent and shake it while pressing to achieve a soreness.

About 5 to 10 minutes each time.

The nose is not smelly, the face is swollen, there is a person who causes twitching by evil winds, and it is like itchy insects. This point has a good effect.

  Yingxiang point is the hand, the foot Yangming intersection, in terms of anatomical position, in the upper lip muscle, the subarachnoid branch of the maxillary nerve, the branch of the facial nerve, the surface movement, the branch of the vein.

The massage stimulates the fragrant acupoints. The meridians around the face and the nose can be smooth and the blood is smooth, so that the blood in the nose can also be carried out. The Chinese medicine believes that the blood is impassable, and the disease will follow. The health is to prevent it before, before prevention,To maintain a healthy body, it is said that righteousness is in the air, and evil cannot be done.

  According to the squatting person, the water ditch is called the middle hole, and the upper 1/3 and the middle 1/3 of the middle ditch are at the junction.

Use a fingertip to gently lick the person’s middle point and turn it 20 to 30 times in the clock direction, then turn it 20 to 30 times counterclockwise, then press it 10 times with your fingertips.

Usually health care, strength should be light, should not be too heavy; if applied to people who suddenly faint, the tactics need to be heavy, and quickly send the doctor, do not bear the golden moment of treatment.

  The mental committee is generally weak, lethargic, and the face has involuntary tics. Usually you can use the button here to help alleviate the symptoms, and the refreshing effect is good.

Rabbit lip patients are damaged during the repair surgery or the skin here, and it is not suitable for people.

  The ditch is the Du Meridian, the meeting of the hand and foot Yangming, the position of the modern anatomy is the orbicularis oculi muscle, the branch of the subarachnoid nerve and the upper lip movement and vein.

The function is to calm the wind and open the mind.

Cardiovascular disease is not suitable for the elderly

Cardiovascular disease is not suitable for the elderly

Guangzhou ushered in a bright sun, making people feel innocent to be hot.

A cardiovascular doctor at the People’s Hospital of the city reminded that the elderly should be cautious about “hot strokes” when they experience the advent of high temperature and high humidity.

  It is reported that when the temperature exceeds 32 °C, “hot stroke” is more likely to occur.

Because of the high temperature, people sweat every day through the skin to cool down, in order to maintain the normal physiological functions of the human body, which will increase the burden on the heart, leading to excessive blood circulation, high blood pressure, and cerebral hemorrhage.

  In addition, due to a large amount of sweating, blood volume is reduced, blood viscosity is increased, blood flow is slow, and it is easy to cause cerebral infarction.

And quite a few “hot stroke” patients are associated with improper use of home air conditioners.

If the temperature of the room with built-in air conditioner is adjusted too low, the temperature difference with the outside world is very different, alternating into and out of the room, suddenly hot and cold, sometimes the elderly, especially high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, middle-aged and elderly brain blood circulation disorder and brain stroke.

  Therefore, cardiovascular doctors recommend that when using air conditioning in summer, the indoor should be adjusted at 27 ° C, indoor and array temperature difference penetrates more than 7 ° C; the elderly gradually reduce the number of access to air-conditioned rooms, to avoid a cold and heat on the human blood vessels, especiallyThe blood vessels in the brain repeatedly contract and cause accidents; in the middle-aged and elderly people with cardiovascular disease, it is best not to use air conditioning, and it is better to use a hand fan to cool.

  ”If the face suddenly appears, the arms or legs are numb, especially the unilateral numbness of the body; difficulty in speaking or difficulty in understanding; problems with visual acuity in one or both eyes, inability to see objects; difficulty in walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination;When you have unexplained symptoms such as high blood pressure and headache, you should go to the hospital in time.

Because the brain is the best treatment time within 3 hours after the occurrence of stroke.

Cardiovascular experts say early diagnosis and treatment is critical for patients with “hot strokes.”

  Middle-aged and elderly friends, especially those with hypertension, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, etc., should pay attention to “three and a half minutes” and “three and a half hours” of self-care to improve vigilance and prevent problems before they occur.

“3 and a half minutes” means wake up in the morning or at night. After opening your eyes, continue to lie flat for half a minute, then sit on the bed for half a minute, then sit on the bed for half a minute, then finally get up or go to the toilet.

“Three and a half hours” means half an hour in the morning, half an hour after dinner, and half an hour at noon.

  In addition, the easiest and most effective way to prevent “hot strokes” is to drink plenty of water, even if you are not thirsty.

Drinking water every day, 2000-2500 ml, can be boiled water or light tea water, which can replace blood, prevent blood viscosity from being too high, and avoid blood vessel embolism.