[Can you eat apricots during physiological period]_Menstruation_Impact

[Can you eat apricots during physiological period]_Menstruation_Impact

Most female friends like to eat fruits, because most fruits have the effect of beauty and beauty, and can supplement the vitamins that are lacking in the body.

The main thing is that most of the fruits taste better, and apricot is a fruit that girls like to eat, because its sweet and sour taste and cute appearance are loved by many people.

And for girls who are in the physiological period, can they eat apricots?

Can you eat apricots during menstruation?
So the question is, can you eat apricots during menstruation?

Apricots cannot be eaten during menstruation. Consumption before or after menstruation will prevent blood flow from being blocked, and cause abdominal pain due to poor menstruation. Therefore, it should be avoided.

What can’t you eat during menstruation?

Menstruation should be avoided during menstruation: acidic foods, generally acidic foods have astringent and astringent properties. After eating, they tend to condense blood vessels, and the blood is astringent, which is not conducive to the smooth flow and discharge of menstrual blood, which causes menstrual blood stasis and dysmenorrhea.

Precautions for eating apricots during menstruation Like we said above, women are best not to eat apricots during menstruation, so what to do if they want to eat?

What are the precautions for eating apricots during menstruation?

1. Do not eat more than 3 apricot meats, which are sour, sweet, poisonous, and hot.

If you eat too much apricot meat during menstruation, the toxicity and heat of apricot meat will be emitted, and the pregnant women’s muscles and bones may be damaged.

Therefore, women with gluttonous mouths should not eat more apricots. They can eat up to about 3 during menstruation.

2. Pregnant women eat apricot meat. Be careful not to add it to some women’s mouths. If you want to eat snacks such as apricots that are widely available in the market, you should be careful of various additives, such as flavors and preservatives, to prevent damage to yourself.

3. When eating bitter almonds is forbidden, be careful not to eat bitter almonds.

Although the bitter kernels in bitter almonds have anti-cancer effects, the bitter kernels also have small poisons.

Just in case, women just suspend bitter almonds!

What do you do if you eat too much apricot? Women love to eat apricot, and it ‘s easy to eat too much at once. What if you eat too much apricot?

Apricots are delicious, but not too much.

Almonds are sweet and bitter.

Among them, bitter almonds are poisonous and need to be soaked in cold water before eating.

Adults eat 40?
60 capsules, children eat 10?
20 capsules, there is danger of poisoning.

Because the substance contained bitter alkanane can be decomposed by enzymes to produce hydrocyanic acid and benzoic acid, while excessive aluminum hydroxide is combined with iron-containing respiratory enzymes in tissue cells, which can prevent respiratory enzymes from delivering oxygen, which can cause tissue cells to suffocate.Severe cases can inhibit the medulla oblongata, causing respiratory paralysis and even death.

Consumption of almonds can achieve the effect of promoting hydration and quenching thirst, moistening lungs and asthma, smoothing bowel, and reducing cancer.

There are many ways to fry almonds, which can be used to make porridge, cakes, bread and other types of food, and can also be made delicious with other condiments.

Although almonds have many medicinal and edible values, they should not be eaten in large quantities.

Almond toxic substance hydrocyanic acid (100 g bitter almonds decompose and release 100 hydrocyanic acid?
250 mg.

The lethal dose of hydrocyanic acid is 60 mg.

The content of hydrocyanic acid in sweet almonds is about the supplement of bitter almonds). Excessive consumption can cause poisoning.

Therefore, it must be soaked in water for several times before being eaten, and heated and boiled to reduce or eliminate the toxic substances in it; maternal, young children, people with real constitution and people with diabetes should not eat apricots and their products

[It is best to eat pigeons every month during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Benefits

[It is best to eat pigeons every month during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Benefits

Pregnancy is one of the most important things in life for female friends, and the health of pregnant women during pregnancy is the most important issue for everyone, especially the diet of pregnant women.

And each person’s physical condition is different, so the dietary needs are also different. Some people like to eat sour, and some people like to eat spicy.

There are also pregnant women who like to eat pigeons. This problem is more difficult.

Is it best to eat pigeons every month during pregnancy?

For every female friend, pregnancy is a very important thing, because there are many things to pay attention to during this period, both to ensure your own health and to create a very good environment for your babyNeed to eat some more nutritious food, some say pigeon meat, can help the baby’s growth.

In modern life, everyone may face various situations. We must enrich our knowledge reserve in order to cope with it calmly. In fact, for some pregnant women, there are many relevant precautions during this period, We must strengthen understanding, about female friends can eat pigeons when pregnant, let’s take a closer look.

First, what are the characteristics of early pregnancy?

The early stage of pregnancy is the early stage of pregnancy, which generally refers to the first week to the thirteenth week. You need to strengthen your understanding of this time. During this stage, pregnant women may experience some early pregnancy reactions, and some say vomitingThere are symptoms of dry vomiting, dozing off, even loss of appetite, physical fatigue, etc. If you have problems that you do not understand, you should consult your doctor in time, or you can use some other methods to relieve the symptoms.

First, can pigeon meat be eaten in early pregnancy?

Some because pigeon meat contains a lot of collagen, which can promote protein absorption. In addition to having very good effects for pregnant women friends, the baby in the stomach is also very valuable, and female friends can use it with confidence.

But everything should be in the right amount, not too much at one time, you need a balanced diet and appropriate mix.

Is there anything to pay attention to in the early stages of pregnancy?

Female friends often have early pregnancy reactions in the early stages of pregnancy. They are very deadly. They must relax, maintain a pleasant psychological state, and improve their physical fitness. They should also eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and greasy, Spicy food, do n’t eat it, keep extra sleep, pay attention to your daily routine.

In summary, this article roughly describes some of the matters needing attention in the early stages of pregnancy. You must read them carefully. You should also understand some other related matters in normal times. For pregnant female friends, it isThere are many things to pay attention to. Don’t take it lightly. Pregnant women friends can eat pigeon meat, which is rich in protein, which is conducive to the growth of the baby.

[How to make five-dish pancakes]_Home-made practice of five-dish pancakes_How to make five-dish pancakes_How to make five-dish pancakes

[How to make five-dish pancakes]_Home-made practice of five-dish pancakes_How to make five-dish pancakes_How to make five-dish pancakes

The simple and easy threshold for learning is the motivation for modern people to cook. The five-dish pancakes not only meet the tastes of the public, but also meet the time requirements, without repeated waiting.

With a bowl of fragrant white rice and a bowl of broth, you can really enjoy life.

1. Five kinds of vegetables cut into filaments 2. Pour glutinous rice flour, corn flour, shrimps 3 into a large bowl, pour chopped vegetables, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, paprika 4, pour in water, stir into mud 5 in a timely manner, and add oil to the hot pan, Put the mold to fry 6, first the high fire, then the low fire, and finally the high heat the pan, turning the middle continuously, I use 5 minutes (the frying time is determined by the thickness of the cake stand) 7, the pan is controlled by oil and placed on a plate, put on the plateOil-absorbing paper 8. It ‘s convenient to have another restaurant for dinner, but we do n’t know if the food is hygienic. Do n’t worry about cooking by yourself. You might as well learn the practice of five-dish pancakes.

[The practice of Wufu fancy steamed dumplings]_The common practice of Wufu fancy steamed dumplings_The practice of Wufu fancy steamed dumplings_How to make Wufu fancy steamed dumplings

[The practice of Wufu fancy steamed dumplings]_The common practice of Wufu fancy steamed dumplings_The practice of Wufu fancy steamed dumplings_How to make Wufu fancy steamed dumplings

Many office workers will choose to go outside for three meals a day. After all, they are tired from work, and it is not easy to insist on cooking by themselves. In fact, the practice of Wufu fancy steamed dumplings is simple, and this course is rich in nutrients.You only need to overcome a little bit to eat delicious food, and at the same time you can make yourself healthier.

1, 300 grams of flour, about 110 grams of boiling water and 40 grams of cold water, adjust the water absorption of the flour by yourself, and stir into floc with chopsticks.

2. Knead the dough. At this time, the dough is not smooth. Don’t put it aside, wake it up and knead to make a smooth dough.

3. Let’s prepare the ingredients at the time of the noodles. When the meat is bought, let the seller chop it, chopped the onion and ginger, and 30 to 40 pumpkin flowers.

4. Soak the pumpkin flower in salt water for a while, then align the flower and tear it apart. Do not sacrifice the flower stalk inside, because the stamen is bitter into the meat filling and affects the taste. Wash the flower with flowing water.

5. Wash the squash flowers and chop them to squeeze the excess water.

6, prepare a pot, stir the chopped meat, onion ginger, cooking oil, a fresh soy sauce, sesame oil, oil consumption, Shisanxiang, MSG, some kind of salt together.

7, add pumpkin flowers and stir well.

8. Put the eggs in a pan and fry them. Cut them in advance. Put the agaric fungus and the shredded carrots in boiling water and scald them in cold water. Cut them into coriander and red bell pepper.

9, knead the dough into a smooth dough.

10. Knead the dough into strips and scoop into 25g each.

11, use a rolling pin to roll into dumpling skin.

12. Put stuffing on the skin.

13. Divide the dumpling skin into 5 equal parts.

14. Tighten the central part with your fingers, do not seal on the outer side, and squeeze the two adjacent sides tightly.

15, the five sides are so tight.

16. Take a recent photo, beautiful.

17. Put them all on the steamer when they are done, cover the lid, and let the water boil in cold water for 12 minutes.

18, put the prepared 5 materials into the round holes of the steamed dumplings with a small spoon after the pan is out, and the beautiful Wufu steamed dumplings are completed.

19. Take two photos.

20, the shape of the blooming flowers with coriander is beautiful?

21, are there any temptations to feel you?

Cooking at home is definitely hygienic. The practice of Wufu Fancy Steamed Dumplings is simple and can be done very well without any talent for cooking.

[A man who can insert even without an erection]

[A man who can insert even without an erection]

How to insert a soft penis into the vagina?

You may wish to adopt a sitting position facing the female. This is more than normal posture. First, the male has his upper body up, his knees flexed and his toes are firm.

In fact, with the legs of the female lying on her back, the index fingers of her empty hands seemed to clamp the penis like a plaster cast.

As long as it is not a virgin with a very hard vaginal opening, it can be inserted by this method even if the hardness is quite insufficient.

Next, the male twisted his waist little by little and kept that state for a while.

Although there is impotence, the penis should gradually expand with the joy of insertion and the soft stimulation in the vagina.

When the penis really gets bigger, it’s time to move the piston.

For the lower body, this self-confidence is the best exercise.


[What method of contraception is best]_Contraception_How to do_How to contraception_Contraceptive methods

[What method of contraception is best]_Contraception_How to do_How to contraception_Contraceptive methods

The problem of contraception is the situation that many couples will face. Many women have adopted the correct contraceptive method, not only effectively performed contraception, but also protected their bodies. However, some women have adopted incorrect contraceptive methods.Will lead to self-confidence failure, and there are also things that are harmful to the body, so what method is the best way to contraception?

Let’s take a look through the following introduction.

1. Contraceptive vaginal ring: The contraceptive vaginal ring is an outer diameter of 5.

The 4mm soft transparent ring only needs to be placed once a month, and women can easily place it into the vagina. After that, they do not need to use other contraceptive methods. It is a hormonal contraceptive method, with a success rate of 92%.

Remove it after 3 weeks and place a new one a week later.

2. Birth control ring: This seemingly scary thing is called a birth control ring, and the “apparatus” is called a built-in uterus device.

It can stay in the womb for five years from the time it is placed in the body.

It is especially suitable for women with excessive menstrual blood and dysmenorrhea, with a success rate of 99%, and it can be said that there is almost no possibility of pregnancy.

3. Female contraceptive patch: The contraceptive patch is about half the size of a business card, just like a small paper-colored sticker.

Through the continuous release of hormones, the skin and blood vessels enter the blood, thereby inhibiting ovulation and achieving a contraceptive effect on the skin.

It can be affixed to any of the four parts of the front end, abdomen, outside of the arm, and side of the front end, but not on the body.

Put a slice on the first day of menstruation or the first Sunday of menstruation, and replace it on the same day of each week for three consecutive weeks.

Not required for the fourth week.

The patch is waterproof, so users do n’t have to worry about it falling off when bathing or swimming.

The success rate is also as high as 92%.

4, medroxyprogesterone contraceptive: It can be used for 3 months.

In menstruation 2?
Inject 150mg once every 7 days, once every 3 months.

Through the above introduction, we know what method of contraception is the best. If we take good contraceptive measures in normal times, it will have a positive effect on our sexual life and normal life, so it is said to take good measures in normal times.The method of contraception is particularly important, we can choose the method of contraception according to our own circumstances.

[Difference between Black Date and Red Date]_Features_Features

[Difference between Black Date and Red Date]_Features_Features

Jujube foods are very popular. The most common one is red dates, but in fact there are also black dates. Among them, black dates are a type of black dates. The main difference between black dates and red dates is the type.Different, its nutritional value is not similar, the effect on the human body is not the same, black dates can regulate the spleen and lungs, and red dates can nourish qi and blood.

The trace elements contained in the two are not the same. For the specific differences, please see the others.

1. The categories are different.

Black jujube is a persimmon and red jujube is a jujube.

2. The nutritional value is different.

Black jujube is rich in precipitated fiber and pectin, which can help digestion and soften the stool.

Jujube is rich in vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin b2 and so on.

3. The main effects are different.

The main effect of black jujube is to nourish the spleen and stomach, while the main effect of red jujube is to nourish blood and medicate.

Jujube can nourish blood veins and is widely recognized by the people as an invigorating qi. It can treat withered face, muscle dehydration, qi and blood dysfunction, anemia, purpura, and emotional irritability in menopause.

Although black jujube is not as widely used as red jujube, it is often known to nourish the kidney and nourish the stomach.

4, the scope of use is different.

If indigestion, accumulation of food, constipation and other conditions occur, then the effect of eating black dates is very good, because black dates contain a lot of pectin and replace fiber.

If the serious illness is getting better, it is better to eat more red dates.

Because jujube is known as a natural vitamin, regular eating can effectively protect the body and improve immunity.

Analysis of nutritional content per 100 grams: content of 228 (kcal) thiamine 0.

07 (mm) calcium 42 (mg) protein 3.

7 (g) riboflavin 0.

09 (mm) Magnesium 46 (mm) Aunt 0.

5 (g) Niacin 1.

1 (mm) iron 3.

7 (mm) Calcium Carbonate 52.

2 (g) Vitamin C6 (mg) Manganese 0.

37 (mm) plasma fiber

2 (g) Vitamin E1.

24 (mg) zinc 1.

71 (mg) Vitamin A0 (μg) Plasma 0 (mg) Copper 0.

97 (millimeters) caroboxin 1.

8 (micrograms) potassium 498 (mg) phosphorus 66 (mg) retinol equivalent 32.

6 (micrograms) sodium 1.

2 (mm) selenium 0.

23 (micrograms).

The nutritional value of jujube1. Jujube consumes protein, trace amounts, sugars, carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin P, and phosphorus, calcium, iron and other ingredients. Among them, the content of vitamin C is among the best in fruits.”Vitamin pills”.

2. Calcium and iron in red dates, they have an important role in osteoporosis and postpartum anemia.

3. The rutin contained in red dates is a substance that softens blood vessels and thus reduces blood pressure, and has therapeutic effects on hypertension.

4, red dates contain a lot of sugars, mainly glucose, but also fructose, sucrose, and oligosaccharides composed of glucose and fructose, Arabian derivatives and galactaldehyde supplements, etc., has a supplemental nourishing effect, can improve the human bodyImmune function and enhance disease resistance.

[Why can’t Banana be eaten when the potion is spotted?

]甘 甘 _Diet Taboos

[Why can’t Banana be eaten when the potion is spotted?
]甘 甘 _Diet Taboos

There are many reasons for long and long spots. Some genetic factors, endocrine disorders, sun exposure, etc., there are many ways to freckle, some medicines freckle, and laser freckle, etc. Pay attention to diet after freckle, do not eat pepper,Do not eat fried foods. Many people do n’t know if they can eat bananas after the freckle is removed.

Let ‘s take a look next.


Why can’t you eat banana with potion to remove spots?
You can eat bananas with a lotion.

Second banana effect 1.

The intestinal laxative banana has a sweet cold taste and can clear intestinal heat. It is often used to treat fever, thirst, and constipation.

Banana contains a certain amount of plasma fiber and a small amount of trace, which can play a laxative and intestinal effect, so banana is an ideal dietetic fruit for patients with habitual constipation.


Antidepressant bananas can help the brain produce serotonin, which can stimulate the spirit and prevent depression.

Depression patients and people with a bad mood eating bananas in moderation can increase the concentration of serotonin in the brain, effectively alleviate their pessimistic depression, and even make the unpleasant mood disappear.


Antihypertensive bananas contain a lot of potassium ions, which can effectively suppress the increase in blood pressure and vascular damage caused by sodium ions. Therefore, high blood pressure and high blood pressure patients are suitable for bananas.

Surveys have shown that people who regularly eat bananas have a lower incidence of stroke than the average person23.

6%, which is related to the potassium contained in bananas that lowers blood pressure.


Elimination of edema Banana is rich in potassium. When too much sodium in the body causes a large amount of water to remain in the cells and cause edema, the potassium in bananas can help the body to discharge these excess water, so that the body reaches a potassium and sodium balance, effectively eliminating edema.

Protecting the gastric mucosa banana can reduce gastric acid, ease the stimulation of gastric mucosal cells, and can promote the growth of gastric mucosal cells, which has a protective effect on gastric ulcers.

Patients with gastric ulcer, after taking the medicine, eat some bananas in moderation can protect the gastric mucosa.


What to pay attention to freckle?

1. Eat healthy and clean detox food. Naturally clean diet can provide billions of nutritional cells.

All cells need high-quality protein, essential fatty acids, and experiments have found that coarse grains, nuts, seeds, and olive oil are rich in these substances.

2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Pure, clean water helps flush out excess toxins.

It is best to replace plastic from glass bottles every day, which is one of the best ways for your body to detox naturally.

Soda, alcohol, black tea and coffee cannot replace water.

3. Eat more foods that eliminate dietary fiber. To ensure that the toxin is not built into your system, such foods include a lot of fresh vegetables, raw fruits, beans, whole grains, and other nutritious high-fiber foods.

4, exercise and fracture your body every day, regular exercise will help you detox naturally.

Have at least an hour and a half of daily exercise and expansion, improve blood circulation, transfer of burnt stored in trace cells to break down toxins, and help you excrete toxic residues through sweat.

5, sweat wicking eliminate waste, in addition to daily physical activity, saunas and warm water baths can use Epsom salt or sea salt to induce sweat and eliminate toxins and heavy metals.

[Authentic steamed white fish]_How to make_How to make

[Authentic steamed white fish]_How to make_How to make

Many people have no way to eat authentic steamed white fish in their daily life. Even if the steamed white fish that they make at home is not so authentic in taste, it is not even delicious. This isYou haven’t mastered the skills and methods required for this alternative cooking. In fact, if you want to make this alternative, the most critical thing is to find a way to make it taste delicious.


Clean up the live white fish, put it in a boiling water pot, blanch it, remove it, scrape the black skin and wash it, and put an oblique cross-blade knife on both sides, put it in the container, add fat carcass, magnolia slices, ham slices, rape segments, refined salt, Cooking wine, pepper, green onion, rice vinegar 2 grams, 15 grams of ginger pieces, 300 grams of chicken broth steamed out of the drawer, remove the onions, ginger pieces and fatty meat do not use.


Put the fish lightly in the soup bowl, pour the original soup into a stir-frying spoon and boil, skim the floating foam, add MSG and pour in the fish bowl, and then place the magnolia slices, ham slices, and rape segments on the fish alternately, and bring rice vinegar when serving, 15 grams of ginger rice served.


Kill the fish, wash them, and stop for an hour to transform.

Then every 1.

Cut with a 3 cm bevel to the spine, and evenly apply a flower knife on both sides.

Cut fresh ginger and scallions into oblique blades and stuff them evenly into each blade of the fish.


Put the green onion, ginger, sweet sauce, garlic, salt and pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, and sesame oil in a small dish.


Put the whole fresh fish in the big fish pond dish, steam it in the steamer for 15 minutes and take it out. Pick the onion and ginger slices and put it in the big fish dish.


When serving, surround the fish with 8 flavor dishes.

Diners can substitute the seasoning according to their favorite taste.

[Process key]1.

When slicing a knife, the depth of the knife must reach the bone, and the blade distance is basically the same.


Steaming must be done with boiling water. Depending on the size of the fish, the time is generally within 10-15 minutes.

[Flavor characteristics]1.

Steamed white fish, founded in the Song Dynasty, is said to be a famous dish of the Lion Restaurant in Yanggu County.

When Wu Song raised his sword and went to the Lion House to hunt down Ximen Qing, he was met by the shop’s second-hand end and was kicked by Wu Song.

The fish among them was steamed white fish, which garnished with hot and sour meatballs, phoenix eggs, and crispy pork. It was known as the “Four Famous Dish” of the Lion House.


The first steamed white fish is steamed white fish, then oiled, seasoned with salt.

In the Qing Dynasty, this dish was passed to Dong’a Town on the east bank of the Yellow River on the east side, and the eating method was also particular about it.

It can not only supplement high-quality yellow river carp, but also dip it with eight seasoning dishes, which greatly increases the flavor. It has been passed down to this day and is now a Dong-A local name snack.

[Children’s Recipes 67 years old]_How to do_How to do

[Children’s Recipes 67 years old]_How to do_How to do

At this age of seven years, it is a good time to grow your body. At this time, the gastrointestinal function will also open up, so the child’s appetite is particularly good. At this time, the child should add more nutrition. This is the most basic.The recipe must include eggs, flour, vegetables and meat. The resulting food has high nutritional value and good taste.

Ingredients for pan-fried potato pancakes: potatoes, 2 eggs, garlic, parsley, flour, salt, allspice, oil method 1, two potatoes shredded, washed with water, then beat two eggs, add garlic and parsley, add flour (according toIf you like more or less dishes, you can add water and flour, if appropriate, and make a thick paste, then add salt and some spices.

2. Add oil to the pan. When it is slightly hot, use chopsticks to pour some vegetable paste into it and adjust it into a round cake shape. Slowly fry over low heat until both sides are yellow.

Ingredients for children’s version of seaweed rolls: 100 grams of rice, 20 grams of spinach, 10 grams of diesel, 10 grams of salmon, 10 grams of cucumber, 5 grams of dried laver, seasoning: 1 grams of soy sauce, 2 grams of salad dressing1.

After the spinach is cooked, squeeze out the water and set aside; 2.

Mix the soy sauce and the sliced fish.


Salmon pine (salmon) mix well with salad dressing and soy sauce; 4.

4. Cut the cucumber into filaments; 5.

Cut the seaweed (seaweed) cut into the appropriate size into two halves, put half the amount of rice, put the prepared materials separately, then roll the seaweed tightly and cut into edible sizes.

Tips: Food: Rice: Rice should not be eaten with horse meat, honey, and cocklebur.

Spinach: Spinach should not be eaten with catfish, leek, cucumber, lean meat.

Cucumber: Cucumber should not be eaten with celery, spinach and other foods supplemented with vitamin c.

Cucumbers should not be eaten with peanuts, otherwise diarrhea is likely to occur.

Laver (dried): Laver should not be eaten with persimmons; it should not be eaten with sour fruits, it is easy to cause repeated use of shiitake mushroom polenta material rice, corn kernels, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, ham Method 1. Wash and soak the rice for 1 hourAbove, the carrots are washed and cut into small pieces.

I use canned corn kernels; shiitake mushrooms and ham are also cut into small pieces.

2. Put some salad oil in the rice, add the mushrooms at the same time, and then start cooking.

3. After opening the pot, add carrots, corn kernels, and stir while cooking. Follow one direction!

4. When you feel ready to cook (about 20 minutes), add diced ham.

5. After opening the pan again, sprinkle the shallots, preferably with salt.

Tips and tricks If you cook this porridge with chicken soup, it tastes better!