World Good Drama · Chinese Audience Theory Week will open, invite Chinese and foreign dramatists to talk for four days

World Good Drama · Chinese Audience Theory Week will open, invite Chinese and foreign dramatists to talk for four days
The value of Chinese drama stems from the demand for drama and the fundamental desire for drama viewing by Chinese audiences. It also comes from the Chinese audience’s understanding of drama and their longing for soul comfort.All this is determined by the drama’s creative and creative ability, the understanding and blending relationship of the Chinese drama creators to the audience, and the understanding and blending ability of the world’s most advanced and advanced drama concepts and techniques.These abilities belong to drama, to China, to the world, and to the core of human civilization.Under this concept, from December 3 to 6, 2019, the world’s best drama co-sponsored by Poly, Yanghua, Sauna Night Net, Beijing Normal University, and the Montpellier Actor Spring Theatre Festival in ChinaThe audience commented that Daozhou Week is about to solemnly hold antiques in Beijing, and a total of 7 large-scale themed activities will be held for 4 days.At that time, the guests who represent the development power of Chinese drama will reconstruct theatrical creation, drama production, theater functions, national drama education, drama incubation, international cooperation and other aspects in depth with European guests who can represent the most advanced forces of international drama.Talk, and gather professional action forces, hoping to inject new energy into the future cultural drama industry and cultural drama market in China as a whole, discover new talents, and open actions for the development of Chinese drama and the prosperity of Chinese drama.The world’s best show · Chinese audience Lun Dao Zhou has changed to open the registration channel for on-site audiences. You can scan or identify the QR code published in the Lun Dao Zhou event introduction on the day of registration, participate, perceive and conduct important live communication.From the fundamental point of view, discuss the current situation, problems and future of drama. For a long time, drama has been regarded as a niche category in the field of Chinese culture.Life, comfort people’s hearts, change people’s mental outlook to achieve the important cultural form of the entire society’s spiritual civilization.With the development in recent years and the improvement of the overall quality of citizens, more and more audiences have entered the theater, and the drama has been adapted into a movie from the stage to the big screen. These changes have greatly promoted the influence of the drama.Let more and more people pay attention to this relatively niche cultural category.At the same time, as China’s support for the cultural industry has increased, China’s drama industry has entered a very favorable era from policy and market segments, and more and more cross-border areas have begun to pay attention and join the drama.Drama festivals, drama exchanges, drama towns, and drama tourism come into being.But no matter how good the external conditions are, the root of the drama is the content.Only when more and more good content appears can Chinese drama truly move towards a stage of benign development, thus becoming a part of the cultural industry and promoting the development of the entire Chinese culture.This discussion week is to start from the fundamental point of drama, and drive the industry and the industry to think about the current situation, problems, and future development direction of drama in China.From this perspective, the open drama theories for the public domain are the first antiques in the development of contemporary Chinese drama.Cutting-edge and powerful, the organizer of the latest discussion week of domestic and foreign heavyweights and leading companies are all industry leaders and groups with practical experience in the domestic and foreign professional fields, walking in the forefront of the market, and the sharpest sense of smell and observation.They are: · Poly Theatre, China’s overall scale and influential theater theater. For the development status of the drama market and market demand, they are the most professional experts with the right to substitute.· Yanghua Drama, an influential drama production unit in the field of domestic drama, is also a domestic performance company with international resources control and the use of international resources to achieve high-quality and excellent works.The accumulation of more than 40 outstanding word-of-mouth works for more than 10 years has provided it with rich professional experience and case-sharing materials in drama selection, production, exploration, marketing and international cooperation.· Sauna Night Net, the most professional and insightful and in-depth analysis mainstream social media with the most investment in the field of cultural reporting and industry observation and reporting.· Beijing Normal University School of Arts and Media, year-round observation and analysis of the theater industry in the academic field, as well as the inheritance and development of drama art, in-depth research on how to make drama education and national basic education and other aspects into academic professional logo art institutions.· The Spring Festival of French Montpellier Actors is a prestigious theatre festival in Europe, with 33 years of historyThe large-scale art festival has extremely high influence and artistic authority in Europe.In addition, this event also brought together heavyweights from the European theatre industry, including: the famous European theatre festival French Montpellier actors Spring Theatre Festival President Jean Varela (Jean Varela); Lithuanian National ExaminationDean of the Nas Theater Egidijus Stancikas (Egidijus Stancikas); President of the French National People ‘s Theatre, famous theater director Jean Bellorini (Jan Bellorini); Israel Carmel TheaterRan Gwetta, general manager; Eric Lacascade, a famous French drama director, whose works have been invited three times to perform at the Avignon Theatre Festival “Papal Palace”; Spanish Theatre ArtDirector, famous drama director Oriol Broggi; famous French clown drama, children’s drama director, screenwriter, actor Philippe Martz; famous French education expert, the national drama movement promotes BuddhaLawrence Marco (Firenze March); Philippe Maurizi, operations management and program consultant for the Spring Theatre Festival of the French Montpellier Lilier; Jean-Pierre, Vice President of the International Association of Performing Critics· Khan (Jean-Pierre Han).The corresponding Chinese guests at the beginning also gathered important forces in the field of Chinese culture and art today. They are: Jiang Yingchun, General Manager of Poly Culture Group Co., Ltd .; Deputy General Manager of Poly Culture Group, Chairman of Beijing Poly Theater Management Co., Ltd., and Guo Wenpeng, General Manager; Song Ganshu, President of Sauna Night Network; famous playwright Wan Fang; Dean, professor and doctoral supervisor of Beijing Normal University School of Art and Media; Hu Zhifeng; director of the Dramatic Opera and Film and Television Professional Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education; Zhou Xing; Kuntai GroupChairman Wei Ping; Director of Beijing Dongcheng District Culture and Tourism Bureau Li Xuemin; Director of Beijing Culture and Art Broadcasting Station Xu Xiuling; Poly Yanghua, Secretary-General of the European Drama Show Season Project Anna Yisi Martin; famous Hong Kong director and screenwriter Situ Huizhuo; Wang Yiwen, deputy dean, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Arts and Media, Beijing Normal University; Wang Keran, chief producer of Yanghua Theatre; famous young director Zhou Ke; Jin Qiu, editorial board member of Sauna Night.The professional actors participating in this Daozhou Week activity are: famous actors Sun Qiang, Zhang Liang, Yan Nan.They will be led by Zhang Yue, a well-known host of CCTV; Bi Xiaonan, a well-known young scholar and host; and three hosts, Mi Xia, a well-known host of Beijing Literature and Art Broadcasting, on the different topics in this forum week and foreign guests.In-depth communication.Therefore, from the first organizer, the guest finals and the content of the event can be trimmed. The first Lun Dao Zhou will truly start from the most realistic problems, gather the top international resources, bring warm and most practical to the development of the Chinese theater industryThe in-depth thinking, even the pulse of the industry as the most practical solution to the strong action.Incubation and international cooperation go hand in hand to accelerate action. The in-depth discussion on the most acute issues of drama will be carried out at the fundamental discussion session of Tan Daosheng, the organizer also launched the first Poly Yanghua on October 29.· Sauna Yewang Youth Drama Creative Talent Incubation Project, led by Poly, Yanghua Drama, Sauna Yewang and Beijing Dongdu Culture and Tourism Bureau, gathers strengths to promote the new development of Chinese drama and create a new power of Chinese drama as the slogan,Through the form of propositions, we recruit drama talents and scripts from the whole society, and finally select the selected works in the first Lun Dao Week, and incubate them into repertoire in the following year to tour in 60 theaters across the country.Such a talent training plan also reflects the “attitude” aspect of the event. The organizers just sit back and talk about it, and show their determination to move forward in the field of drama and promote the development of the industry-mobilize all resources with the best abilityEncourage and promote young drama talents, intensively explore the drama, and make a powerful and actionable contribution to the development and prosperity of the entire industry.What’s more worth mentioning is that during the event, the organizer will also announce a pioneering cooperation between the Chinese drama field and international drama-China’s professional drama team is about to carry out in-depth and long-term cooperation with the top international drama festivals and theater groups.For the first time in drama development, production, communication, education and other fields, deep integration, and ongoing large-scale tour.For the embodiment of Chinese culture going global in the field of international drama, and the introduction of international excellent culture to broaden the horizon of Chinese audiences, many of the heavy messages to be released at this event will be great for both Chinese and foreign drama practitioners and enthusiasts.Exciting good news.Therefore, whether it is every activity held by Dao during the week, or the first announcement of cooperation between Chinese drama and international drama, it is hoped that through continuous exchanges and dialogues with the world’s advanced practitioners of theater ideas, Chinese drama will be quickly letThe exploration of the world is on the same track with the most advanced concepts in the world today, and it also allows the society and the audience to understand what exactly has Chinese theater done in the process of going forward?This is the significance of this operation.All in all, from December 3rd to 6th, “World Shows · Chinese Audience Week” will be grandly opened.Event organizer December 3 of the year Venue: Beijing Wangjing Kuntai Taijiarui Cultural Center Event 1: World Good Show · Chinese Audience Theoretic Week Opening Ceremony[14: 00-15: 00]Dialogue 1: The Spring of Drama-Where is the good show?【15: 20-17 : 00】 December 4 Venue: Beijing Wangjing Kuntai Taijiarui Cultural Center Dialogue 2: Drama and Juvenile-Discussion on the Direction of National Drama Education[14: 00-16: 00]Venue on December 5: Beijing Normal University Activity 2: The Future Power of Drama-Poly · Yanghua · Sauna Yewang Youth Drama Creative Talent Incubation Project Final Review December 6 Location: Beijing Wangjing Kuntai Taijiarui Cultural Center Dialogue 3: Drama Impact Dialogue【13: 30-15: 00】 Activities three and four: Poly · Yanghua 2020 international show season repertoire, Poly · Yanghua 2020 creation repertoire released; Poly · Yanghua · Sauna Night Net youth drama creative talent incubation projectAnnouncement and Closing Ceremony of Selected Works[15: 30-17: 30]Single Event Introduction and Registration Channel Activity 1: World Good Show · Chinese Audience Discussion Week Opening Ceremony Time: December 3, 14: 00-15: 00Person: Zhang Yue Location: Outside Hall of Times Hall, Kuntai Garry Cultural Center Guest: Jean Varela French Montpellier Actor Spring Theatre Festival Chairman Eric La Cascade French famous drama director Lang GuETA Israel Carmel Theater General Manager Egidius Stinchkas Dean of the Lithuanian National Kaunas Theater Oriol Brogi Artistic Director and Director of the Theater 29, La Perla, Catalonia, SpainPhilip Martz, famous French clown drama, children’s drama director, screenwriter, actor Florence Lawrence, famous French education expert, national theatre movement promoter Jean Pierre Khan, vice-chairman of the International Association of Performers, Chinese guest: Jiang Yingchun PauliGeneral Manager of Culture Group Co., Ltd. Song Ganshu, President of Sauna Night Net, Xiang Xudong, Deputy Director of the Propaganda Department of Beijing Dongcheng District Education Committee, Li Xuemin, Director of Beijing Dongcheng District Culture and Tourism BureauXu Xiuling, Director of Beijing Cultural Radio, Chen Xiaohua, Vice President of, Hu Letian, General Manager of Maizuo Business Department, Zhang Chaohui, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Poly Theater Management Co., Ltd., Anna Yisi, Martin Baoli, Yang HuaThe main producer of the drama Zhang Liang, famous actor Yan Nan, famous young stage actors. Contents: World Good Show · Chinese Audience On Dao Week Opening Ceremony, the heavyweight domestic and foreign guests participating in this Dao Week will gradually come together to start the bookThis is a four-day Daoist Week event.At the same time, the opening ceremony itself carried out an important international drama art cooperation launching ceremony, which opened for the glory of Lun Dao Zhou.Dialogue 1: Spring of drama-where is the good drama?Dialogue time: December 3, 15: 20-17: 00 Host: Bi Xiaonan Location: Kuntai Jiarui Cultural Center Times Hall Foreign Dialogue Guest: Jean Varela French Montpellier Actor Spring Theatre Festival Chairman Lang· Guetta, General Manager of the Israel Carmel Theater, Egidius Stinchkas, Dean of the Lithuanian National Kaunas Theater, Eric Lacascade, famous French director of the Chinese dialogue, guest: Situ Huizhuo Hong KongFamous director and screenwriter Zhang Liang’s dialogue with famous actors: Where is the good show?The current Chinese audience needs some kind of good show?Actors want to perform some kind of good show?On the first dialogue of Daozhou, famous artists at home and abroad will jointly discuss the meaning of “good drama”, which will arouse public judgment and thinking.On December 3[Opening Ceremony + Dialogue I]Registration Channel Dialogue 2: Drama and Juvenile-Discussion on the Direction of National Drama Education Time: December 4 14: 00-16: 00 Host: Bi Xiaonan Location: Kuntai Jiarui CultureCentral Times Hall Dialogue Organizer: Yanghua Drama, Langkun Cultural Dialogue Co-organizer: Beijing Normal University School of Art and Media, Beijing Normal University China Excellent Traditional Drama Art Inheritance Base, Greenmonster lab Guest Speaker: Li Youlin China Care Implementation CommitteeUnder-Secretary-General Wei Ping Kuntai Group Chairman Foreign Dialogue Guests: Jean Varela French Montpellier Actor Spring Theatre Festival Chairman Lawrence Marco Famous French education expert, National Drama Movement promoter Eric LacasCard France’s famous drama director Auriol Brogenia Catalonia La Perla 29 theater art director, director of the Chinese dialogue main guest: Zhou Xing Ministry of Education Director of the drama and film professional teaching steering committee ChinaDialogue guests: Zhang Liang, famous actor Wang Yiwen, associate dean, professor, doctoral tutor of Beijing Normal University School of Arts and Media Dialogue: What can drama give children in the widest scope?In this dialogue, Chinese and foreign guests will focus on the current situation of the expansion of drama education in China and Europe. The National Drama Education will conduct in-depth discussions on topics such as the improvement of citizen quality and how to spread the national drama education, and promote the viewpoint of drama education to the whole society.December 4[Dialog 2]Event Registration Channel Activity 2: The Future Power of Drama-Poly · Yanghua · Sauna Night Net Youth Drama Creative Talent Incubation Project Final Evaluation Time: December 5 Organizer: Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd., Yanghua Drama, Sauna Night Network, Beijing Dongcheng District Culture and Tourism Bureau co-sponsored: Beijing Normal University School of Arts and Media, Beijing Normal University, China’s outstanding traditional drama art inheritance base, Lang Kun Culture, Beijing Art Broadcasting Venue: Beijing Normal UniversityUniversity Final Judging Panel: Wang Yiwen, Jin Qiu, Zhang Yue, Zhou Ke, Shang Xiaolei, Sun Qiang, Zhu Guang, Tian Huiqun, He Jianwei, Wang Run, Cheng Hui, Yan Nan, Teng Xuekun Final Supervision Committee: Wan Fang, Wang Keran,Zhang Chaohui’s activities:-Promote the new development of Chinese drama and create a new force of Chinese drama!Poly · Yanghua · Sauna Night Net Youth Drama Creative Talent Incubation Project was launched on October 29, 2019. It explored and nurtured future-oriented Chinese young drama creative talents in the form of theme creation.Incubation of young drama creation talents.At present, the incubation project has received a total of 622 valid manuscripts from contributors from across the country and the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Australia, and other countries.The organizing committee has concluded the preliminary evaluation on November 27 and added the list of 60 finalists announced on November 28. The finalists are invited to come to Beijing to participate in the final evaluation alternate.On December 5, the organizing committee will conduct a final evaluation at Beijing Normal University, and finally select 8-9 works.At that time, the works that were eventually excavated and incubated will be toured in more than 60 theaters across the country in 2020.The event recruits the whole society, discovers and builds the future Chinese drama editors, directs important talents, and starts actions for China’s drama career and the development and prosperity of Chinese drama.(This event is not open to the public.) Dialogue 3: Drama Influence Dialogue Time: December 6 13: 30-15: 00 Moderator: Zhang Yue Location: Kuntai Jiarui Cultural Center Times Hall Co-sponsored by: PolyTheaters around the theater, Beijing Normal University School of Art and Media, Beijing Normal University, China’s outstanding traditional drama art inheritance base, foreign dialogue guests: Jean Valera, French Montpellier Actors Spring Theatre Festival Chairman Jean Bellorini President of the French National People’s Theatre, famous director Ron Gueta, general manager of the Israel Carmel Theater, Aegidius Stanchikas, director of the Lithuanian National Kaunas Theater, Chinese Dialogue Guest: Guo Wenpeng, Deputy General Manager of Poly Culture Group, Chairman and General Manager of Beijing Poly Theater Management Co., Ltd. Situ Huizhu, a famous Hong Kong director, screenwriter Jinqiu Sauna Night Network editorial board activities: What is the impact of the theater on the development of drama?How did the world’s top theaters prosper drama creation?This dialogue will focus on the current status of Chinese theater development and the modern concept of European theater management to discuss the future development direction of Chinese theater.Events 3 and 4: Poly Yanghua ‘s 2020 international show season repertoire, Poly Yanghua ‘s 2020 creation repertoire released; Poly · Young Hua · Sauna Nightnet Youth Drama Creative Talent Incubation Project Selected Works Announcement and Closing Ceremony Time: 126On the 6th, 15: 30-17: 30 Host: Zhang Yue, Mi Xia Location: Kuntai Jiarui Cultural Center Times Hall Foreign guests: Jean Varela French Montpellier Actor Spring Theatre Festival Chairman Jean ·Bellorini Dean of the French National People ‘s Theatre, famous director Eric La Cascade, famous French theater director Ron Gueta, general manager of the Israel Carmel Theatre, Egidius Stanchikas, Lithuanian NationalDirector of the Theatre of Kaunas, Oriol Brogi, Artistic Director of La Perla, Catalonia, Spain, director of Philip Marz, famous French clown drama, director of children’s drama, screenwriter, actor Florence Marco Renowned French education expert and promoter of the National Drama Movement Jean Pierre Khan International Vice President of Performing Arts Critics Association Chinese guests: Guo Wenpeng, deputy general manager of Poly Culture Group, chairman of Beijing Poly Theater Management Co., Ltd., general manager and director of Weiping Kuntai GroupChang Wanfang, famous dramatist, Sun Qiang, famous actor, Anna Yisi, Martin Baoli, Yang Hua, secretary-general of the European Drama Show Season Project, Wang Keran, chief producer of Yang Hua Drama, Jinqiu Sauna Night Net Editorial Board, Yan Nan, famous young actor Content: WorldGood show · In the last event of Chinese audience discussion week, the organizing committee will announce to the whole society the repertoire of Poly Yanghua’s 2020 international exhibition season and the creation of Poly Yanghua’s repertoire in 2020; and announce the first Poly Yanghua ·The selected works of Sauna Yewang Youth Drama Creative Talent Incubation Project draw a happy ending to this Daozhou Week event.December 6 event registration channel: joint organizer site support event organization structure master plan: Guo Wenpeng, Wang Keran Director System: Guo Wenpeng, Song Ganshu, Li Xuemin, Wang Keran Literature Advisor: Wan Fang Chief Producer: Guo Wenpeng Producer: Zhang Chaohui, Wang Keran Planning: Zhang Zhaohui, Wang Yiwen, Tian Huiqun, Bi Xiaonan, Jin Qiu, Zhang Jianfan, Kan Lingyun, Li Xiong, Shang Xiaolei, Tian Lan, Zhu Guang, He Jianwei, Tian Nie, Yu Yue, Liu Zhen, Liang Yefeng, Zhang Yupeng, Zhang Bolun, Miao Hao, Yang Hongguang, Sun near the goal, Mi Xia, Li Yan, Guo Jiaming executive team: Sky Blue, Yu Yue, Zhang Bolun, Zhang Yupeng, Liang Yefeng, He Ming, Wang Qi, Qu Yuxiao, Chen Limei, Liu Qizhuo, Miao Hao, Guo Jiaming,Mach, Kang Kai, Hong Dashan, Li Zonglei, Zhang Rui, Luo Lei, Yao Shuying, Chen Zhikang, Wang Jianfeng, Ma Honghan, Zhou Jingyi, Miao Long, Du Hongda, Na Ouyang, Huang Ruixue, Jia Shihan, Li Songqi, Li Wangshu, Hao Zihan, WuYin Fei, Wang Li, Liu Lu, Liu Dongyang, Qiu Di, Jia Boxiao, Lei Jiawei, Jiang Cheng, Zhu Yue, Li Xinwei, Hu Yangqing, Liu Yang, Bo Shiwen, Chen Mo activities and guests have fine-tuning, please take the dayThe announcement shall prevail.

World Theatre Day International Theatre Association launched an online celebration to encourage artists to inspire people

World Theatre Day International Theatre Association launched an online celebration to encourage artists to inspire people
March 27 is “World Drama Day”. Due to the impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the conditions for not holding celebrations in various countries around the world, the International Theatre Association (ITI) decided to launch the online celebration of World Drama Day 2020.The celebration method will encourage people to express their dedication in World Drama Day 2020 in their own country’s language or drama clips, etc., and record a video to send to the International Theatre Association.In accordance with established practice, in previous years, the Association will invite famous celebrities who have made outstanding contributions in the field of world drama to give speeches to World Theatre Day.A speech at the 2020 World Drama Day called “Drama is a Hall of Fame”.Different from previous years, in addition to the speeches, the Chairman of the International Theatre Association Mohammed Saif Afham issued some letters of encouragement at such a special moment, the letter mentioned: “We need to find new ways to go andPeople in the theater arena; we need to find new ways to connect with children, strangers, seniors, people with disabilities and those who are lonely and helpless.Actors, playwrights, stage directors, or poets, singers, musicians, dancers and even performers of any kind. You are experts in imagination and creativity. In the past, they are, they still are, they are now.You need to stand up and inspire people to go through difficult times!”Mohamed Saif Al-Afkham (left), the president of the International Theatre Association, was founded by the International Theatre Association in 1961. Every year on March 27, the global theatre industry and the International Theatre Association organize various kinds ofDuring the celebration, an international drama master will share his / her thoughts on drama and peace with the world.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Tian Ai Ni proofreading Chen Diyan

[Can boiled potatoes lose weight]_Recommended diet

[Can boiled potatoes lose weight]_Recommended diet

The moment of potatoes is very low. The moment of potatoes of the same quality is only equivalent to 1/4 of rice. Although the starch in potatoes is very high, the starch in potatoes is resistant starch, which has the effect of shrinking tiny cells. In addition,Aunts contained in potatoes are extremely low, so as long as they are consumed properly, eating potatoes has a good weight loss effect. Let ‘s take a look at this.

For people who want to lose weight, they can eat boiled potatoes, which has a good weight loss effect, and the method is relatively simple. First put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, clean the potatoes, and then boil them in the pot.Until it is fully cooked, remove it and place it on a plate. Peel off the potato skin and dip it in some rice vinegar. You can eat it directly.

This method of weight loss works well. Generally, you can eat 2 to 3 potatoes, and it has a good feeling of fullness. It is suitable for those big stomach kings to lose weight. Eating potatoes does not cause obesity. The reasonSome people eat too much potatoes, which is related to the way the potatoes are cooked.

One of the more obvious characteristics of potatoes is that they have a particularly strong adsorption capacity. For example, French fries can cause very high levels of fat in potato fries. When people eat such fries, they can easily cause physical problems.Absorbing more aunts will cause too many problems.

Therefore, the key to whether you can lose weight by eating potatoes is also the cooking method. As long as you do not put too much vegetable or animal oil in the potato, you will get good weight loss. In addition, the potatoes are rich in supplementary fiber.The fiber content is equivalent to that of apples, and the digestive effect of the stomach on potatoes is relatively slow, so that it has a good feeling of fullness, which can promote the metabolism of fat and some garbage, so the weight loss effect of potatoes is very good as long as it is cooked properly

[Hodgepodge Hotpot]_Making Hotpot_How to Make

[Hodgepodge Hotpot]_Making Hotpot_How to Make

With the development of science and technology, the world is getting smaller and smaller. People can fly to any place where people want to go and learn about different humanities and cultures in various regions.

South Korea is a country very close to China. There are also many Koreans and Koreans in China. In this way, Korean culture also appears in the lives of Chinese people.

A lot of Korean food has been passed to China, and the miscellaneous hotpot is a kind of Korean food.

First, hot pot chowder selection: 100 grams each of chicken breast, duck leg meat, pork shank, taro (taro) 400 grams each, pork tongue, pork belly, pork heart 150 grams each, Beijing winter vegetables, cooked winter bamboo shoots 75 grams each, Soy bean sprouts 350 grams, 3 eggs.

Seasoning: 50 grams of rice wine, green onion, ginger, monosodium glutamate, appropriate amount of fine salt, raw oil (actual consumption of 50 grams), flour, 100 grams of dried raw flour, one onion and ginger slices.

System of law: 1.

After the pork belly is degreased and processed (see “Delicious Dirty Belly” on page 148), put the cleaned pork tongue in a boiling water pot and blanch it. Take it out with a knife and scrape it.Clean, then clean the pig heart and put it in a clear water pot, cook it out, cut into thick pieces about 4 cm wide and about 2 cm wide.

In addition, put chicken breast, duck leg, and pork leg (100g) in a water pot and add onion and ginger slices. After boiling, cook over low heat. Also remove and cut into 4 cm long and 2 cm wideThick slices (reserved for the original soup), then put the taro in a cold water pot, boil, switch to low heat and cook, remove and peel, cut into 4 cm thick, about 0 thick.

3 cm sliver.

The cooked winter bamboo shoots are cut into thin slices about the size of cooked pork.


Cut 200 grams of pork leg meat into about 4 cm and about 0 thick.

Put 5 cm pieces of meat in a bowl, add eggs (2), flour, dried raw flour (50 g), fine salt, rice wine and mix well. Put in 50% or 60% hot oil pan, one by oneDeep-fried into golden-yellow “crisp strips.”

About 100 grams of remaining pork leg meat is chopped into fine velvet, add ginger, fine salt, eggs, 25 grams of water, stir vigorously to make a meat paste, and squeeze into pellets by hand (about 2 cm in diameter), Steamed into baskets into meatballs.


Pick the soybean sprouts, wash them, drain them and Jingdong vegetables, pour them into the original soup of boiled chicken, duck and meat, boil over high heat, and switch to medium heat for 15 minutes until the soup is fragrant., Fine salt, monosodium glutamate, boil, all pour into the hot pot, the floating surface is scattered with a layer of taro strips, and then meatballs, pork hearts, pork belly, pork tongue, chicken, duck, porkCover the hot pot lid with the slices and crispy pork strips. After boiling, you can serve.

Second, the characteristics of a wide range of ingredients, there are well-trained, soup strong taste, hot mouth, is one of the major characteristics of the winter diet.

The key: 1.

Pig belly must be removed, pig heart, tongue also need to be washed clean, otherwise the mellow flavor of soup will be seriously affected.


All grades of raw materials must be placed uniformly, neatly, with similar proportions, which is beautiful.

But don’t pile up too much to prevent the soup from overflowing.

[Can pregnant women occasionally eat churros]_Pregnancy_Impact

[Can pregnant women occasionally eat churros]_Pregnancy_Impact

Fritters are a very common food in life, and the taste of this kind of pasta is not crunchy, but also has good tenacity. Most people like to mix churros with soy milk. The name of churros is very much, Some fat soup and twist, fried fruit, etc., but because pregnant women have high dietary requirements, so many pregnant women dare not eat blindly, so pregnant women can occasionally eat churros?

First, can pregnant women occasionally eat fritters?

Pregnant women can occasionally eat churros, but it is best not to eat churros for a long period of time, because churros are not only greasy, but they also contain aluminum elements, which can be harmful to your health.

Pregnant women still rely on high-nutrient, digestible foods.

Second, the diet of pregnant women and mothers should be selected properly. It is very important to avoid eating irritating and non-digestible foods. Fritters are non-digestible foods that do not meet the dietary requirements of pregnant women and mothers.

The essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E contained in fats and fats that have undergone high temperatures are oxidized and destroyed, reducing the nutritional value of fats and oils, and it is difficult to replace the role of multiple nutrients by edible fritters, which causes anorexia.

Third, can pregnant women occasionally eat fritters?

Fritters are high-molecular-weight, high-fat foods that are often consumed. Frequent consumption will increase the burden on the digestive system of pregnant women and is not conducive to nutrient absorption.

Not suitable diet recipes for pregnant women, it is also detrimental to human health.

Can pregnant women eat churros occasionally?


Because you need to add a certain amount of Ming staff when making the fried dough stick, and Ming staff is an inorganic substance containing aluminum.

When fried dough sticks are used, 15 grams of Ming staff are used for every 500 grams of flour. If a pregnant woman eats two sticks of dough sticks a day, it is equivalent to eating 3 grams of Ming staff.

In this way, the accumulation of aluminum every day is quite amazing.

These clear, intermediate levels of aluminum that pass through the placenta, the invasive brain, can become brain disorders, increasing the chance of dementia.

But occasionally one or two is not impossible.

[Homemade green eggplant]_How to do_How to do

[Homemade green eggplant]_How to do_How to do

In the memory, in the summer, eggplant is one of the most common vegetables. It is a common dip on many family tables. Eggplant is rich in vitamins and iron. Eating eggplant often helps to supplement iron. EggplantNot only is it a delicious vegetable, but it also has a specific therapeutic effect. Eggplant has certain effects on clearing heat and stopping bleeding, swelling and pain, and sores on the tongue. It is more common; green-skinned eggplant is also used more often.

Method 1: Ingredients for braised eggplant: shallot, ginger, garlic, eggplant, green pepper, starch, cooking wine, vinegar, soy sauce, oil, tomato sauce, sesame oil, salt, white sugar.

Production steps: pour the eggplant into the salt water for 15 minutes, then remove the eggplant from the salt water to squeeze out the eggplant water, and then sprinkle a thin layer of starch.

Diced green peppers, sliced onions, ginger and garlic.

One spoonful of cooking wine, two spoons of soy sauce, three spoons of sugar, three spoons of vinegar, and sesame oil and water are mixed for later use.

Put the oil in the pot and cook it for seven times, then fry the eggplant until golden.

Leave the oil in the pan, then add the scallion, ginger, garlic and fragrant.

Add green pepper and tomato sauce and stir for one minute. Pour the prepared juice into a pan and boil.

Add the eggplants and stir-fry until the juice is evenly collected. A braised eggplant is ready.

Method 2: Green eggplant with minced meat, one green eggplant, minced pork, salt, cooking wine, sugar, soy sauce, spring onion, ginger.

Production steps: Wash and peel green eggplant, friends who like to eat skin can ignore this step.

Dice the eggplant, sprinkle with a little salt, and wash the eggplant when the water comes out, and blot it with kitchen paper.

Mince pork, add soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, and marinate for a while.

You can add ground ginger and minced garlic without adding a lot or no.

Heat the oil and fry the eggplant until it is half cooked.

Stir-fried minced meat and fry until whitish, add the previous eggplant.

Stir fry for a while and add a tablespoon or a tablespoon of watercress.

Add water starch before cooking.

Method 3: steamed green eggplant ingredients: three green eggplants, garlic cloves, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, sesame oil, spicy oil, pepper oil, coriander, and onion.

Production steps: Wash and drain the eggplant.

The knife crosses three times from the tail of the eggplant to the head, constantly, making the eggplant spread out and easy to taste!

Steam in a boiling water pot for at least 15-2 minutes to completely softly insert and remove the eggplant. Press the steam water inside the eggplant with chopsticks.

Seasonings (garlic, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, pepper oil, spicy oil, sesame oil, you can also put some sesame sauce, onion seeds, crushed parsley) and mix it with steamed eggplant.

[Can lactating mothers eat pumpkin?

What nutrition is there?

]_ Lactation period _ can you eat

[Can lactating mothers eat pumpkin?
What nutrition is there?

]_ Lactation period _ can you eat

Pumpkin is a vegetable with extremely high nutritional value, which is grown all over the world, and it is one of the most important standing ingredients on the table of some people.

Pumpkin’s nutritional value is extremely high, and it has supplementary health effects on people’s body.

But not everyone is suitable for eating pumpkin. Let ‘s take a look at lactating women to eat pumpkin?

What nutrition is there?

People in doubt can find out.

You can eat pumpkin during lactation.

1. Pumpkin has high nutritional value, reduced portion, high dry matter content, non-reducing sugar and starch content, the ratio of starch to whole sugar is greater than 1, fiber content, vitamin A, C content are also relatively large, which is very goodHealth products.

2. If you eat during lactation, it will not affect your health and breastfeeding quality. The lactating mother eats energy and nutrients that can supplement the body, and can also let your baby absorb these nutrients through breast milk.

However, it should not be eaten with foods that can return milk, such as leek, pepper, etc., so as not to affect breastfeeding.

3. Pumpkin is rich in cellulose and pectin, which can combine excess cholesterol, thereby reducing blood plasma content and preventing atherosclerosis.

In addition, it also has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on diabetes.

Breastfeeding mothers have good effects on diabetes, hypertension, and edema.

4, pumpkin and pig liver with the same food can cure night blindness, with yam, with the function of supplementing the spleen and stomach.

In addition, pumpkin is rich in vitamins and pectin. Pectin has a good adsorption effect. It can bind and eliminate bacterial mycin and other harmful substances in the body, such as lead, mercury and absorbing elements in heavy metals.

Breastfeeding mothers can have insecticidal and detoxifying effects.

4, blood beauty.

The wonderful product of pumpkin blood.

Eating pumpkin often can make the stool smooth and the skin beautiful, especially for women, it has a good cosmetic effect.

Breastfeeding mothers have good effects on weight loss and skin care.

[Fennel Practice]_Fennel Vegetable_How to Make_Homemade Practice

銆 愯 尨 飣 黣 廍 厭 桭 抶 汱 掱 鏆 Pick up, 曾 湿 淿 悡 悡 悍 掍 掍 歘 揺 Father’s pot 氭 桶
Gong Gong  鏄  Father’s 餢 璬 咡 冡 垡 咄 嫴 綴 嶆  鐗 ╋ 纴 闄 や 简 璋 冩 枡 尔 叔 嘰 啰 問 啮 問 啫殑韬奖銆傝尨棣欏彲浠ョ敤浜庡埗浣滅倰楗紝鍙互鐢ㄤ簬鐐掕櫨浠併€傝尨棣欏叿鏈夌嫭鐗圭殑棣欏懗锛屽彲浠ュ埗浣滅殑鑿滆偞鏈夊緢澶氱锛屽ぇ瀹朵笉濡ㄥ瀛︿範涓€浜涳紝浣跨敤璧锋潵浼氭洿鍔犳柟渚裤€?鑼撮鐐掗キ鏉愭枡鑼撮锛岄潚璞嗗拰姣涜眴锛屽喎楗紝鐩愶紝涓€鐐圭偣绯栵紝铇戣弴绮撅紝鍜岀敓鎶姐€?锅 氭 硶 1.Gong summary: 雒 鍒 囩  Advice: make up and down. 2.What’s the difference between the cuckoo and the cuckoo? The following questions are coming up: What’s going on? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about?.鏈€鍚庢斁鍐烽キ锛屽姞鐐圭偣姘达紝鍏嶅緱楗暎涓嶅紑銆?4.璋冩枡灏辨槸鐩愶紝涓€鐐圭偣绯栵紝铇戣弴绮撅紝鍜岀敓鎶斤紝濡傛灉涓嶅姞鐢熸娊鐨勮瘽鑼撮鐐掑嚭鏉ヨ繕鏄偅涔堢豢銆備笉杩囪繖娆″彲鑳借尨棣欐斁澶氫簡锛屽悆瀹岀倰楗悗涓€鍝堟皵锛屾弧鍢撮兘鏄尨棣欓鍛碉紝璧剁揣鍚冧袱鐡e皬姗樺瓙鍏堛€傝尨棣欒荆鑼勭倰铏句粊鏉愭枡鑽夎櫨浠?00 toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, and toilets.4 How do you like it?/ 2 澶 у pet: Adorable?/ 4 灏 傓 pets adore the day gong 嫪 嫵 1 叏 pets ?Centre the Jing Niu 掓 湓 汤 1/4 减 傏 pet pot 氭 硶 1.鑽夎櫨浠佹礂鍑€娌ュ共;灏嗚尨棣欒荆鑼勮厡閰辩殑鎵€鏈夋潗鏂欐贩鍚堝潎鍖€锛屾媽鑷虫ぐ绯栨憾鍖栵紝澶What is it?.Haochao?What is the meaning of the sentence? How can you do it? How can you do it? 5 Can you do it? 5 Can you do it? 5 Can you do it?.鐑攨锛屽€掑叆姗勬娌癸紝鏀惧叆闊彍娈电倰棣欍€?.What’s the matter?鐨勮櫨浠佺倰鑷宠〃闈㈠彉绾笖鐔熷嵆鍙€?

[Can safflower be eaten]_Efficacy_Function

銆 愮 儿 鑺 Wei 咘 咖 咨 銆 慱 锷 晥 _ 諊 灭 敤
绾㈣姳鏄竴绉嶅緢甯歌鐨勪繚鍋ュ搧锛屼篃鏄竴绉嶆湁鐫€寰堝鍔熸晥鍜屼綔鐢ㄧ殑椋熺敤鍝併€備竴鑸儏鍐典笅锛屽彧瑕佽嚜宸辩殑浣撹川鍚堥€傜殑鎴峰晩锛岄兘鏄兘鍚冪孩鑺辩殑銆傜孩鑺卞浜庡コ鎬ц€岃█锛屾槸闈炲父濂界殑锛岃繖鏄洜涓虹孩鑺辫兘澶熸椿琛€閫氱粡锛屽吇琛€娲昏锛岄暱鏈熼鐢紝杩樿兘澶熻揪鍒扮編瀹瑰吇棰滅殑鍔熸晥銆備笅闈紝灏变负澶у浠嬬粛涓€涓嬬孩鑺辩殑鐩稿叧鐭ヨ瘑锛佷竴銆佺孩鑺辩殑浣滅敤绾㈣姳鍛宠緵銆佹€ф俯锛屽綊蹇冦€佽倽缁忔皵棣欒鏁o紝鍏ヨ鍒嗗叿鏈夋椿琛€閫氱粡锛岀鐦€姝㈢棝鐨勫姛鏁堜富娌荤棝缁忥紝缁忛棴锛屼骇鍚庤鏅曪紝鐦€婊炶吂鐥涳紝鑳哥椆蹇冪棝锛岃绉紝璺屾墦鐦€鑲匡紝鍏宠妭鐤肩棝锛屼腑椋庣槴鐥紝鏂戠柟绱殫銆傜孩鑺辫兘娲昏閫氱粡锛屽幓鐦€姝㈢棝锛岃兘浣滀负娲昏閫氱粡鑽紝姝ゅ杩樺彲鍏昏锛屾椿琛€锛岀敤浜庣粡闂€佺棝缁忋€佽穼鎵撴崯浼ゃ€傚姞绾㈣姳涓€灏忔妸锛岀罕甯冨寘鐓紑鍙敤涓€澶╀袱娆℃场鑴氾紝閫傜敤鍚勭闈欒剦鏇插紶锛岃娑插惊鐜笉濂斤紝鑵胯剼楹绘湪鎴栭潚绱瓑銆傛椿琛€琛屾皵锛岀鐦€閫氱粶锛屾I ca n’t tell you how to do it. I ‘m going to set it up and down. It ‘s a bit of a joke. It ‘s a bit of a joke. It ‘s a bit of a joke. It ‘s a bit of a joke.嶆剤銆備簩銆佺孩鑺辩殑鍔熸晥绾㈣姳涓惈鏈夋尌鍙戞补銆佸北鏌伴厷銆佺孩鑺遍叜銆佹柊绾㈣姳鑻枫€佽倝璞嗚敾閰搞€佹姒堥吀銆佹补閰搞€佷簹娌归吀銆侀粍鑹茬礌銆佺孩鑹茬礌銆佽吅鑻枫€佸绯栫瓑銆傛姒堥吀Sisters and sisters linking up and down and up and down: complementing up and down chains to capture the realm of the world弻浣滅敤銆傚皢绾㈣姳鐢ㄦ按鐓庢湇鐢ㄥ蹇冭剰鏈夊叴濂嬩綔鐢紝澶х敤閲忔湁鎶戝埗浣滅敤锛屽琛€绠℃湁鏄庢樉鐨勬敹缂╀綔鐢紱鏈夋槑鏄惧鍔犲啝鑴夋祦閲忋€侀晣鐥涖€佹姉鐐庛€佹姉鍑濊鍜屾憾鏍撲綔鐢紱瀵硅灏忔澘鑱氶泦鏈夋槑鏄剧殑鎶戝埗浣滅敤锛涘瀛愬鏈夊叴濂嬩綔鐢ㄣ€備笁銆佺孩鑺辩殑椋熺敤鏂规硶1銆佹不楂樿鍘嬶細灏嗙孩鑺卞拰妲愯姳娣峰寑锛屽垎3娆℃斁鍏ユ澂涓紝浠ユ哺姘村啿娉★紝娓╂蹈鐗囧埢鍚庨ギ鐢ㄣ€?銆佹不鍐犲績鐥咃細鍙栫孩鑺憋紝鐢樿崏銆佸叏鐡滆拰銆佽姳鑼舵贩鍚堬紝鐢ㄥ紑姘村啿娉¤秮鐑ギ鐢ㄣ€?銆佷骇鍚庢伓闇叉湭灏斤細鍙栫孩鑺便€佹浠併€佽丹鑺嶃€佸綊灏撅紝鑲夋銆佸窛鑺庯紝寤惰儭绱€佺墶涓圭毊锛岀敤姘寸厧鏈嶃€?銆佹不鑵圭棝锛氱敤绾㈣姳锛屽北妤傛蹈鍏ョ櫧閰掞紝娴告场7澶╁嵆鍙ギ鐢ㄣ€傛瘡娆¢ギ鐢紝姣忔棩楗敤2娆★紝鏍规嵁鑷繁閰掗噺鐨勫ぇ灏忥紝浠ヤ笉閱変负瀹溿€?

[How old are apple porridges?】 _Infants_How to eat

What is the effect of killing and killing the larvae in the village?
Insects are sluggish and sloppy, and they are sorrowful and sorrowful. They are sorrowful and sorrowful.Teachers and teachers х back to back and forth and back and forth and down and down ▼灭播闈炲父濂界湅锛屽悆璧锋潵鍛抽亾涔熷緢濂斤紝鑰屼笖钀ュ吇浠峰€奸潪甯搁珮锛岃繖鏍风殑鑻规灉绮ョ壒鍒€效悎骞寸邯澶х澶键钥佷汉钖冿纴鍙﹀涔熷緢阃效悎瀹濆疂钖冿纴闾d箞澶t箞澶互ぇ镄勫疂瀹濇墠鍙娴鏋灭播鍛紵鑻规灉绮ラ€傚悎澶氬ぇ瀹濆疂鍚冿紵鑻规灉绮ュ仴搴风編鍛筹紝閫傚悎瀹濆疂鍚冦€傝嫻鏋滅播涓嶄粎淇濈暀浜嗚嫻鏋滅殑钀ュ吇锛岃€屼笖灏嗙背绮ョ殑钀ュ吇铻嶅悎鍦ㄤ竴璧枫€傝嫻鏋滅播涓嶄粎鍙互澧炲You are the one who is in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble.峰揩涔愭垚闀裤€傝嫻鏋滅播鐨勫仛娉曠畝鍗曪紝鎵€鐢ㄦ潗鏂欎篃涓嶅鏉傦紝鑻规灉绮ヨ兘淇冭繘瀛╁瓙鐨勬姷鎶楀姏锛屽府鍔╁瀛愯寔澹仴搴锋垚闀裤€傚鍚冭嫻鏋滅播鍙互璁╅ギ椋熶範鎯彉寰楁洿鍔犲仴搴凤紝閭d箞鑻规灉绮ラ€傚悎澶氬ぇ瀹濆疂鍚冨憿锛熷疂瀹濆叚涓湀浠ュ悗灏卞彲浠ュ悆浜嗭紝杩欎釜灏辩洿鎺ユ妸There is a problem with each other, and it ‘s very difficult to get broken, and the chain is broken, and it ‘s hard to find out how to talk to each other, and how to solve each other.粬浼村湪绮ラ噷锛屽啀涓€璧风粰浠栧悆锛岃繖鏍风殑璇濅篃姣旇緝瀹规槗鍚告敹銆傛敞鎰忎笉瑕佽瀹濆疂鍚冭繃澶氾紝浠ュ厤浼氬紩璧峰疂瀹濇秷鍖栦笉鑹紝娉ㄦ剰璁╁疂瀹濆鍠濇按銆傚疂瀹濊緟椋熺殑娣诲姞搴旈伒寰€傞緞娣诲姞锛屾坊鍔犵殑杈呴蹇呴』涓庡疂瀹濈殑鏈堥緞鐩搁€傚簲锛?Technetium?涓湀鍙姞鐑傜播銆佽泲榛勩€佹灉娉ワ紝鎴栬杽闈㈢墖姹ゅ唴鍔犵鑿溿€侀娌瑰皯璁搞€?Technetium?2涓湀鍙姞杞潰鏉°€侀浮铔嬬竟銆佽眴鑵愩€侀楗ㄣ€佸悇绉嶇鑿溿€侀奔鑲夈€佺槮鑲夋湯绛夈€傚垰寮€濮嬫椂锛屽彧鑳界粰瀹濆疂鍚冧竴绉嶄笌鏈堥緞鐩稿疁鐨勮緟椋燂紝寰呭皾璇曚簡3锝?澶╂垨涓€鍛ㄥ悗锛屽鏋滃疂瀹濈殑娑堝寲鎯呭喌鑹ソ锛屾帓渚挎甯革紝鍐嶈瀹濆疂灏濊瘯鍙︿竴绉嶏紝鍗冧竾涓嶈兘鍦ㄧ煭鏃堕棿鍐呬竴涓嬪瓙澧炲姞濂藉嚑绉嶏紝杩欐牱浼氬鑷村疂瀹濊偁鑳冧笉閫傜殑銆傚疂瀹濊嫻鏋滅播鐨勫仛娉曪細鑻规灉绮ュ師鏂欙細鑻规灉50鍏嬨€佸ぇ绫?0鍏嬪仛娉曪細1銆佸皢澶х背娣樺噣锛屽姞姘存蹈娉″崐灏忔椂锛屾播骞插悗纾ㄧ粏鏈鐢ㄣ€?銆佽嫻鏋滃幓鍑€鐨拰鏍革紝鍒囨垚纰庢湯銆?銆侀攨涓婄伀锛屾斁鍏ュぇ绫虫湯鍜岄€傞噺姘寸啲鐓紝鑷崇播绋犵背鐑傚悗鍔犲叆鑻规灉纰庯紝鎼呮媽鍧囧寑鍐嶇◢鐓嵆鍙€?