“Qin Feng,Do you think Palace Master Dongfang lied to you??Right,You have forgotten my existence, right。”

“What do you mean?”Qin Feng thinks he might have met Qin Tiannan,Otherwise, the familiar feeling won’t appear。But the problem is,Now listen to what Qin Tiannan said,There seems to be something else between them?
“My name is Qin Tiannan,But do you know how you survived?”
“amount.”Qin Feng didn’t understand the inevitable connection。So I don’t know how to respond。
At this time Qin Tiannan laughed,But I laugh at myself in laughter,“Haha,Qin Feng, Qin Feng,You are so sad。wrong,Maybe I am a sad person too。”
Qin Feng felt more and more inexplicable,Because he doesn’t understand。And Qin Tiannan’s thread is obviously wrong at this time。
“Qin Wangchu wanted to let you survive,I used the civet cat for the prince。but me,It’s the shadow that Qin Wangchu brought to the Qin family to play you。Understand?ITMJust a child under ten,But to be sacrificed for you。If you don’t,You can’t be replaced and live。”
Qin Feng heard what Qin Tiannan said,Suddenly feel very sad。If what Qin Tiannan said is true,So this is for a child,Really cruel。
Without waiting for Qin Feng to respond,Qin Tiannan continued:“There is no good person in your Qin family。Your father, Qin Wangchu, knows he is in danger,I know Skynet’s
People will never let him go。Then he didn’t even resist,Accept death safely。Even use106The destruction of Kouqin’s family in exchange for you to survive。
Yes,Maybe others will say,Even if Qin Wangchu did this, it was actually great,Because this is the father,To save the child。He sacrificed his family。But me?What am i?Because I looked a little like you when I was a kid,So what do I want to do??Ha ha,Okay,Your Qin family is dead。But I survived by chance。”
Speaking of which,Qin Tiannan stared at Qin Feng,“how about it,Is it a very ironic story?Still do you think,My father did nothing wrong?You still said I was cold-blooded?All by youbī)from!”

A powerful mental wave came from the remains of the Horned Lord of the Flies,Lu Menglin’s absorption power was instantly weakened by more than half。

Unexpectedly, the Horned Lord of the Flies suffered a nuclear explosion,The flies around you are wiped out,It stands to reason that there is no resistance,Unexpectedly its spiritual energy is not weak,Directly disturb the energy flow in the body with mental shock,Prevent energy outflow。
After all, compared with its huge body,Lu Menglin
Is too small,The life level between each other is too far apart。
If it is under normal circumstances,Don’t talk about absorbing its energy,Lu Menglin couldn’t even get close to it。
Like a mosquito,There is no way to beat one person anyway,But if this person is seriously injured,Immobile,Mosquitoes can take advantage。
But Rao is so,As long as this person can move,Mosquitoes can hardly take advantage,There is even the danger of being shot to death。
Lu Menglin frowned slightly,Withdrew the right palm,He fetched three bullets from the hollow of his waist,Those are three gene bombs。
Everyone’s original plan was to hit the King of the Flies with a genetic bomb.,Change the gene to achieve the purpose of disappearing it。
But there is no chance to use it later,Because no one thought that the Horned Lord of the Flies would completely wake up,I didn’t even think it was a smart creature,And IQ is not low。
but now,The Horned Lord of the Flies is almost motionless,In desperation,Then these three gene bombs are useful。
Lu Menglin flicked his fingertips three times,The kinetic energy generated by the fingertips is comparable to a bullet launch,The three gene bombs were easily shot into the body of the king of the fly。
He is not sure if this thing is really useful,After all, genetic biology is not his major,Just better than nothing。
Changes come faster than imagined!

“Stop dreaming,Wu Xing won’t promise you。”Don’t throw yourself when you see the other party,Lena is even more aura。

I knew this woman would dig Wu Xing,She just said she didn’t agree to let her sit。
For Lena,Cold ice seems to have not heard,Smiled at Wu Xing again,Then turned and left。
“Hey,beauty,You are leaving now?Not sitting much?”at this time,Xin Zhao also cooked the skewers,See the left ice,Asked quickly。
“No more,A few handsome guys,See you next time。”Liang Bing smiled at several people。
“it is good,beauty,See you next time。”See the beauty smile at them,A few people are like springtime,Nodding。
If not for fear,They all want to tell each other directly。
And looking at the appearance of these dicks,Lena hates itchy teeth,I really want to put these shameful guys,Beaten up,Let them know why the flowers are so red!
Chapter Seventy Three:Carl(Two more)
“Wu Xing,You won’t really promise that woman go to work in her company?”Cool ice away,Lena couldn’t wait to ask。
And the daughters of Qiangwei also look at Wu Xing,Obviously also worried。
“Hey,You all look at me like this,You have so little confidence in me?”See their performance,Wu Xing shame。
“No,Because you are a scumbag。”A few women jumped out。
“You are slander,defamation!”Wu Xingyi listen,The whole person is bad,Is your character so bad??
“This is a fact。”Qiangwei added a word。
I heard Qiangwei’s words,Wu Xing knows that the title of this scumbag can’t escape,She still remembered what happened just now。
really,Offend anyone,The only one who can’t offend women,Just like Hae Hee,Gave him a deep impression。
I have been talking less now,The disdainful rose has begun to change。
“Don’t worry,I can’t join her company。”Wu Xing can only say in the end。

Back to the bamboo house,Xia Chenglong adds vegetables to women,Because this is the last time he adds vegetables to the other party,After all, no matter how long you wait, there will be a moment of difference。

Maybe even the one in front of you doesn’t know,The man sitting opposite actually knew everything about what was happening from the beginning。
Why he went like this,Because I miss it too much,Too obsessed with certain things,I want to use fantasy to satisfy。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty Powerful enemy
The meal is over,Murong Qianxue got up,Prepare to practice as before,It was like this when they first met,This habit has been maintained。
“Don’t go,I take you to meet someone today。”
“There are others here?”
Xia Chenglong nodded。
There is indeed another person,And why did he appear here when Murong Qianxue appeared?,Just didn’t show up。
Because he is not strong enough!
Not strong enough to meet,He is waiting for a chance,Appears when his power becomes absolutely powerful。
obviously,This time has come。
After the lakeside path that has been walked countless times,Don’t look boring when you are with the right person,Rather interesting,Can relax people’s nerves。
I happened to meet Tu Cancan who was picking bamboo shoots,At this moment, the woman rolled her eyes when she saw Xia Chenglong,Then ready to leave。
“Tu Cancan,and many more!”

“and also,That a what dragon,Is your brain sick?I suggest you go to the psychiatric department,Don’t pretend to be here!”

When everyone present heard this voice,Can’t help being surprised。
Because the person who spoke said something they thought about but didn’t dare to say it。Anyone who has a conscience,Would never think that what Ah Jianglong did was right。
but,Who is so bold?Dare to stop Master A Jianglong from casting a spell?
Is he going to die??And offended Master A Jianglong,It’s not just a loss of life,Maybe even the entire Nine Clan will be condemned。
Everyone looked suspiciously in the direction of the sound,I saw the person who spoke,It’s a Chinese youth with a strange face。
now,Everyone in the Meimiao family was shocked,Especially that Miss Devi,Her eyes rounded,Staring at the guy who speaks loudly without blinking,Full of shock。
The speaker is Lu Menglin,Stand with him,It is Liu Niu’er who holds his arms and poses a posture of invincible Laozi in the world.。
Of course someone at the scene recognizes Liu Niu’er,All of them were shocked,Some people regret,Someone cheers。
Although Liu Niuer is a great warlord in the Golden Triangle,Recently the limelight,But this is the Valley of the Gods in Myanmar,With his identity and strength,Not qualified to be arrogant here!
What’s more, the national teacher A Jianglong is a magical ghost and unpredictable,Not to mention a golden triangle warlord,Even the master of the secret medicine warrior,He can also kill at the fingertips。
Many people sigh secretly in their hearts,Liu Niu’er is dead,Like him,It’s a shame to die in this place。
A Jianglong also heard what Lu Menglin said,He stopped touching Su Yi,Raise your head,A masterpiece of yellow light in the eyes,Shoots towards Lu Menglin like lightning。
Across the crowd,A Jianglong and Lu Menglin face each other,Fight with sight。
“who are you?”at last,A Jianglong puts away his smile,Asked seriously。
Can move A Jianglong,And show such a solemn expression,Many people present were taken aback,Began to re-examine the young man who just spoke。
If that person is just an ordinary person,Probably as soon as he opened his mouth, he was directly cursed and killed by Lord A Jianglong.?
Moreover, Lord A Jianglong simply ignored Liu Niu’er, the more famous warlord.,Instead, he focused his attention on the Chinese youth,This in itself is a very abnormal thing。
At this moment,Su Yi finally raised her head,And after seeing Lu Menglin,Surprised。
Know without asking,Lu Menglin suddenly appeared here,Must be here to rescue her。

obviously,It is very interested in the soul of Li Shixing Taoist,Don’t want to rush to kill him。

Taoist Li Shixing raised his head,Looking at the dark dragon leader in mid-air with piercing eyes。
“After giving your soul,Kill enough to a hundred of the same race,And dedicated their souls to me,You will be forgiven,Get the qualification to live on。”
That’s it for the Dark Dragon Lord,Deliberately paused,Continue to say。
“The same goes for other human races,Surrender to me,Then act according to my rules of the game,Will survive。”
Many human beings in front of the screen could not help but shocked by these words,Their eyes widened,Finally realized,It turns out that the monster has already sensed the existence of various human forces,And can appear on their heads anytime,Reap everyone’s lives。
otherwise,How could it teleport to the territory of MI6?,Turn the whole city into a sea of fire?
With this monster’s control over the rules of space,It can appear anywhere on earth,And its strength is unfathomable,anyone,No organization can fight it!
Is it,Human beings really want to be as it says,According to its game rules,Kill enough people of the same kind,To continue to live?
Pause time,People who saw this message,Their faces changed a lot。
Because they know,If this news spreads,Will most likely disrupt the entire human social system and order in a short time。
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Transfer
In the face of the pressure of survival,Don’t know what other people will make。
Obey the monster’s will,Raise the butcher knife,Kill the same race,Disobey its will,Will be slaughtered,Whether it was killed by the same race,Still killed by monsters,Most ordinary humans seem to have no choice。

In order to avoid situations that shouldn’t happen。

Of course,This matter is also in compliance with discipline,Even if it is placed in any place, it is said in the past。
After all this is a blessing thing,If anyone dares to stop,This matter will also cause some controversy。
Qin Feng also called Yunxiang,Tell Yunxiang,What’s the situation。
of course,Qin Feng didn’t want to come forward either。
Because Qin Feng wanted to deliberately downplay his own existence。
There are things that people don’t understand,what is happening,But Qin Feng and others understand,If there are no vegetables in Qingshui Village,,The decline of this village was overnight,So those who are sensible will not have any special thoughts。
At noon,Qingshui Village also built a huge stage here,Some people who haven’t moved out yet,That’s also watching this stage,Eyes erratic。
“Hello everyone,I’m Yunxiang, the general manager of Qingshui Village Vegetable Company,I think many people know me?”
Redundant words,I think everyone already knows,That is, today we are going to hold a commendation meeting,Recently, Xu Youling, a major criminal in the next village, was caught,I think you guys know it too?
I want to tell you,That person was reported by Mr. Huang Longwen from our village。to this end,On behalf of our company, I reward him with 100,000 yuan,This is to support him bravely,Also, he will also become the director of our company’s livestock plant。
Yun Xiang said with a serious face,Even he didn’t expect,Qin Feng would make such a decision。
Huang Longwen has some skills,But if you want to be the factory manager,This is too much?

“Yes,Remember the teachings of the six elders!”

Straight up immediately,Indicates strict compliance。
Six Elders nodded,Look at the place covered in mist,Helplessly shook his head。
If Xia Chenglong is really there,,I’m afraid no one can catch。
of course,Most likely will die inside,After all, that kind of place is too weird。
Some things happen in the dark,When I jumped down,Xia Chenglong never thought of these problems,Because he was seriously injured。
The undercurrent of the Qui River itself is too powerful,This made his original serious injury more serious,So that he passed out directly in the end。
Extremely deep river water,Roll Xia Chenglong’s body down,There is a waterspout from the deep peak in various currents,For a man who is already in a coma,Possible without resistance。
Tornado has various things,If Xia Chenglong encounters these things,Sure to die。
At the moment of extreme crisis,The Howling Sword that he was holding firmly in his hand exudes an unusual breath。
This breath actually surrounds Xia Chenglong’s body,Turned into a bodyguard,Forcibly bounce off those rushing objects。
The body is still spinning and sinking,No force can control Xia Chenglong’s body。
In a completely unconscious situation,Xiaotianjian was sucked in with him,There will be no more life in this underground。
The water in the Qui River is always fierce,Even if it has already turned to Minghe on the ground,Still looks very difficult。
Somewhere in Daxinganling,Kuihe here in Hengguan shows its strength。
Deep in the Qui River in a certain section,The same tornado appears,Then a lot of things were spit out,Among them is Xia Chenglong’s body。
Don’t know how long has passed,I don’t know if there is something in the whirlpool channel that harms the man who has lost consciousness.。

No one thought,The space channel they are looking forward to,It was unexpectedly opened by this fat man on their heads。

Wang Shaoxiao himself has a very indifferent expression,He even felt that these people in front of him,They are all true old hats!
Window screen like this,I’ve seen that I’m about to throw up!No sense of accomplishment,But it can shock these people to the point that they are all like dementia。
“Give them another section of the City of Steel。”Wang Shaoxiao shouted cheerfully。
really,His voice just fell,Above everyone’s head,The picture of the space window formed on that ceiling changes again,The camera appeared on the walls of the City of Steel。
Everyone leaned back,Staring at the majestic appearance of the City of Steel without blinking。
“Unexpectedly,A wall of this height!”A representative couldn’t help muttering to himself。
To know,The so-called space strongholds of the Earth Coalition,Not even the stockade,Can only rely on a large number of troops,Stationed in the simplest fortifications,Only barely became a stable two-way channel。
And the city of steel seen by everyone,Although it’s just a small silhouette,Just a glimpse from above the city wall,But it can be easily calculated,The height and thickness of the walls of this male city,And those architectural styles that clearly belong to human steel structure。
And the guard soldier on the wall,Majestic,It’s an elite teacher at a glance。
“This,This is the city of steel?”The strong Russian man shouted with excitement。
He has been to the space base of the Earth Alliance,The conditions there are extremely difficult,And as a price for entry,Strong like them,Have to fight for the army,Nine deaths,Only survive,And those who have become stronger are eligible to come back。
By contrast,The training environment in the City of Steel is too good, right?!If you can get in,Means a strong man like him,Can concentrate on practicing,Don’t worry about any interruptions,Plus the special cultivation environment of Shenmin Mainland,Up to half a year,He has the confidence to break through again。
and so,This big Russian man couldn’t help but yelled with excitement。
“of course!If you don’t believe it,You go around?”Wang Shaoxiao smiled maliciously and asked。
That brawny Russian man was first happy,Then his face changed again。

The security of expectant mother comes from expectant father,Since she wants to rest assured,Just for her。

Reached out and pulled the backing little woman back into her arms,Kiss her face,Slightly aggrieved and continued:“Wife,After my husband found out that I had a baby,You don’t love husband anymore,Husband hope you can understand,Child is baby,Husband is also irreplaceable,The child will grow up in the future,Will have his own home,Husband,Is the one who accompanies you through your life,Don’t favor one another。”
The man’s answer was too unexpected,Of course she knows that children will leave their parents when they grow up,Also start a family,Stay for life,Can only be a partner。
My eyes are foggy again,The man in front of you is so handsome,Outrageously gentle,The heart is floating in the air,Seems to be living in an illusion。
The happiness she wants,Finally came!
If the man answered that the baby is most important,She won’t dispute,At best, I feel uncomfortable,Because in my heart,That’s it。
But the man’s answer is too perfect,She became filthy for her careful thoughts。
Looking at the affectionate husband,Embarrassedly kissed the corner of his mouth,Give him a big thumbs up!
Of course the man sees her careful thinking,To avoid unnecessary trouble,It’s better to treat it as if you don’t know。
Forehead against her forehead,Nose against her nose,Warm breath sprayed on her face,“Wife,Kiss is not enough,Husband needs more substantial rewards。”
Men’s eyes glow with familiar brilliance,Willow trembled,Panicked,“Husband,baby”
“it does not matter,I consulted the third child,He said that the three-month danger period,Can exercise properly。Dear,Rest assured,I won’t hurt you and baby.”