Wu Xiaorou continued,How to deal with Wu Youcai,She hasn’t thought about it yet。

“give it to me,I’m sure to pack it up properly。”
Lei Zhong Bao Dao,Pat the chest,Very confident。
He is like this,In the eyes of Wu Xiaorou,Like an old child。
quickly,The two began to discuss countermeasures,Directly arranged Wu Youcai’s next destiny,Then talk and laugh,Waiting for Wu Youcai and his wife to arrive at nine o’clock。
During the waiting time,Wu Xiaorou did not forget to go to the store next to the station,Buy two bottles of water,One person and one bottle with Lei Zhongbao。
Wu Youcai and his wife were very anxious in the car,Yesterday was close to evening,That call from Wu Xiaorou,So they didn’t sleep well all night,But suffer from no transportation,Can only wait till dawn,Take the minibus that runs every morning to drive to the county。
Bus stop,Both of them wore obvious dark circles,Keep walking,When you get off the train, go outside the station。
But once out,But found,They don’t even know where to find Wu Xiaorou。
This time,What makes Wu Youcai and his wife anxious,Like ants on a hot pot。
“What to do,Talented?”
Lei Xiaoqin pulls Wu Youcai’s clothes corner,Asked with tears in the corners of his eyes,She feels a little flustered,Don’t know what to do。

The cloud blocked the moonlight for a while。

then,Chen Wenjin saw the window appear darker,It seems to blend into the darkness with the window。
Yun left for a while,The moonlight is brighter。
but,Just as before,Only silhouette。
suddenly,Chen Wenjin saw the person on the window sill turning his head,It seems someone knocked on the door and shouted,Then left the window sill。
“Who on earth is it?”Chen Wenjin is more curious,I want to know,I want to know。
He wondered,Should I call and ask?
but,That seems to be deliberately boring again。
mysterious,guess,It’s an important factor that stirs the heartstrings,And at this moment, the curiosity of quiet and boring guessing,This is a rare experience,It feels so rare,Why bother to ruin it?
‘It doesn’t matter who it is,The important thing is to be able to speculate with curiosity for a while,Then keep the fun of this conjecture……’Chen Wenjin thought,Left the balcony,Go to the bathroom,Then take coke。
When he came back,I saw that figure with his hands on the windowsill,Head and face frozen in one direction,Then move to the next place,Like looking for something。But suddenly adjusted,Finally face this side。
then,Just stopped。
Chen Wenjin looked,Thinking,And stand by the railing,Drank cola,Staring at the window sill。

And deep in the Cangliu Mountains,In a huge valley,Two old people sitting in the bamboo house,Looking at the newspaper in hand。

News in the newspaper,It was the Zhao family who won the first place in the fight。
“Tut tut,The dragon king is really the dragon king,Just a few months,I cleaned up the North Sea!”
“no way,The gap between the two sides is too big,But this is also good,The guys in the North Sea are too weak,Self-righteous,Come out for a personal lesson,Maybe something good will happen。”
The elder nodded,Even he didn’t expect,Xia Chenglong actually did such a shocking event after leaving!
“He is also the honorary elder of our Shengde Academy,Can our inner courtyard use this to promote it again?。”Xiao Lao looks cunning。
Great Elder smiled:“I think it can,Anyway, the benefits,Let’s not do it for nothing。”
If Xia Chenglong knew,The two old guys from Shengde College didn’t forget to calculate his meal at this time,I must go back and have a good theory。
After all, he didn’t go to the college to study,At their level,Nobody teaches anyone?
Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Five arrangement
It’s been two days since I came to Bencheng,I saw Qianqian and Xia Xiaolong playing pretty well,Xia Chenglong naturally relaxed a lot。
Bringing a baby,Too difficult for a big man!
The top floor of Zhaojia Group Building,Xia Chenglong is sitting in a huge independent office,of course,This is where Zhao Shaojiu works on weekdays。
Although he helped the Zhao family a lot,But it’s about how to operate,It’s really the other party alone maintaining,have to say,It’s harder than fighting。
“Nine children,Are there any difficulties now?”
Before leaving Ben Thanh,Naturally, I hope to finish everything。
Zhao Shaojiu thought for a while,Of course there are no major events,Just a few small things,It’s quite a headache。


Sitting at the dining table,Zhu Zhengkang smiled and looked at everyone,He is not testing the family’s bottom line,But to everyone,I have crossed out the two words underline。
Zhu Ruzhi picked up the glass,But found that there was no wine in the cup,Shen Sheng said:“Are all gone!”
Everyone is forgiven,All gone,Only Zhu Guosheng and two brothers Zhu Guofu,And Zhu Zhengkang didn’t leave。
“People have come to the door now,Even if we did it wrong,But I don’t allow anyone to spoil my granddaughter’s engagement ceremony!”
Zhu.Ruzhi’s face is gloomy,Serve the people all my life,Now my grandson has done something that runs counter to my beliefs,You can not have it both ways,Family affection finally defeated faith。
“Just killed a person,Don’t be so exciting?The trouble I caused myself,I will find a way to solve it myself!”
Zhu Zhengkang said disapprovingly。
Do your own thing,Zhu Zhengkang understood the truth when he was very young。
That Xiang Chen is indeed quite bluff,But for Zhu Zhengkang now,Nothing terrible。
People who have experienced life and death,Can face anger calmly,This is not false。
Zhu Guosheng smiled noncommittal,I just feel that my nephew is a bit too strong。
“After all, a Chinese citizen,He is not the ant in your imagination,He has his brothers and sisters,He has his beloved relatives。look,At lunch,Isn’t someone already looking for it??”

“can,Not bad!”

Talk to himself unconsciously,Nod and smile,It seems that his choice is not wrong。
This young man will eventually set off a storm in the entire Great China,I just don’t know whether this storm is beneficial or harmful to Dahua.!
After all, this is the weird thing the people above did to him,If you really let that kid find something,Never give up。
Of course it’s still far,Want to touch those things,You have to use enough strength,Xia Chenglong who didn’t even reach the gods,Too far away for these。
In the center of this circle,Old man,Huang Lao。Elder Tujia and others looked at the compass,Everyone has their own minds,Seems very tense。
Because the light that had always been dazzling has dimmed at this moment。
Elder Tujia smiled,This is the result he wants to see,He has a lot of knowledge about that circle,So knowing that the previous light does not mean anything,Now is the beginning。
Nothing,Self-righteous decision,Arrogant thoughts,I really thought I didn’t notice,Fully revealed right now。
Whether it’s the first“Everything fades”Or something that has reached the limit now,Still can’t play any role in front of this old man。
Think about fighting other people,This“Everything fades”How did you pack those guys?,But the effect achieved at this moment,Can only be described as “can’t bear to bet”。
“I know what you are thinking,Do you want to see my mood!”
Xia Chenglong’s internal organs are still suffering,He lies directly on the water,He is not qualified to stand on the bamboo raft。
Unstoppable mood,indeed,He should have his own mood。
“Rejuvenation”I came up with it just to deal with him,He has such strength,So what is the other party’s mood??
If the figures at the moment are memories in his mind,Then he is sure that Feng Duxi didn’t use such an existence before,I suddenly said something like this today,Make a difference。
Feng endless is really showing his artistic conception,This is different from the previous world。
Every mood is the other’s world,And the mood of endless sealing turned out to be above them,A huge black hole appeared。

The voice has not fallen,He just felt a rush of heat sweeping through his body,Then I found out that my portable space was opened。

A dark thing floated out,Floating in the air。
It turned out to be the seed of the Lord of Destruction that Xiaozhi gave him!
“Sacrifice it to me,You will get grace。”The voice of the bright dragon god came from the void。
Lu Menglin suddenly hesitated,Because this seed is a brand new species created by the ship-borne smart Xiaozhi,I don’t know what’s the use yet!
Logically,It’s nothing to sacrifice to the Guangming Dragon God,At most, I have never made this toy,also the same。
but,Lu Menglin immediately thought,The seed of the king of destruction,It’s Xiaozhi who collected the gene fragments from the dragon’s lair,Then combined with the new species created by alien biotechnology,Maybe it will have a big effect。
“If you sacrifice this seed,What can I get?”Lu Menglin stayed calm,Speak。
Dare to bargain with the Guangming Dragon God,This is among the sacrificers,Also scorpion shit,Only one!
“This seed is equivalent to a supreme sacrifice,You can get higher-level magic-building techniques,Such as creating attributes。”
When I heard the answer from the bright dragon god,Lu Menglin’s heart and brain couldn’t help beating wildly。
This old dragon god can surely peer into people’s hearts,So it knows what the sacrificers need most。
but,Only then do you need a heart that can resist temptation most!
Lu Menglin could not fully believe this mysterious and great will,Although it is obviously far beyond the life stage of human beings and gods。
In life,Many times the choice is more important than the effort!Because you don’t know that after making this choice now,Where will your life go。
“Bright Dragon God,I don’t plan to sacrifice this seed yet,Because it is far from mature。Also I want to ask,If you wait for this seed to mature,I will sacrifice again,Will you get greater grace?”Lu Menglin has an idea,Asked rhetorically。
The voice in the void paused for a full three seconds,Finally came a long sigh。
“Yes!If you can nurture it to maturity,Will be a mythical sacrifice,You will get unimaginable grace。”

Finished,Lin Yoona strode out of the bedroom。

And Xiao Fan,He was stunned in place,What is it that I can only watch。
Lin Yoona today,What exactly is going on?
Could it be because last night,Suddenly got such a large amount of fortune and was so happy!
But what does it matter??
Lin Yoona, she only needs to be happy。
As for the reason,That for myself,What does it matter??
Subsequently,Xiao Fan smiled faintly,And walked out of the bedroom。
quickly,Two people had breakfast together,And then came to the company together。
Correct,Yes,Came to the company together。
Since Lin Yoona’s kidnapping happened that day,,Xiao Fan decided to stay by Lin Yuner’s side all the time in the future,Because of that,He really doesn’t want to experience it again。
After coming to the company,Lin Yuna went to the board meeting,Then I arranged some specific tasks。
And Xiao Fan returned to his office。
But it was not long after Xiao Fan sat down,Came from the door of the office“Da da da”The sound of high heels。
As soon as I heard this sound,Xiao Fan doesn’t need to think about who is here。
really,Five seconds of no use,At the door of Xiao Fan’s office, a beautiful woman appeared——Qiao Anan!


Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Seven Air combat?
finally,The president compromised。Just like when China was invaded by many countries,I don’t even have the power to resist,This is the gap!
And now,Qin Feng’s threat also left the President of Myanmar at nowhere。After all, their fighter planes are parked in their country。How to solve?Send troops to attack Qin Feng’s barracks??
just,How many people can fill this hole?
In case the official army was hit with heavy casualties and then be taken advantage of by armed warlords elsewhere,Isn’t it worth the loss??
Qin Feng felt a little skeptical after getting a few target locations。
If those strongholds are hidden places for their special forces,That matter becomes a little big。
But if the President of Myanmar really plays tricks,Didn’t that pit him into it too??So Qin Feng felt,Should not be。
of course,The president also explained it when he sent the message。This is just the information before Qin Feng used the fighter jet,He can’t guarantee that the opponent stayed in place after Qin Feng’s previous bombing.。
But this way,Qin Feng dare not be too sure about many things,But even if the other party gave several coordinates,But Qin Feng still chose to attack the position where the President said to be the leader of the poisonous general Taisha.。
Only half an hour has passed,Qin Feng didn’t know whether he killed that Taisha,Anyway, after razing a certain area to the ground, he drove the fighter plane back to the national highway。
Speaking of,The road outside the core battlefield is still intact,Plus other people know where this road leads,Usually detour,Therefore, the national highway has become the runway for Qin Feng to land。
Watching Qin Feng come back in just half an hour,Vincent asked worriedly,“boss,Has the problem been solved?”
“Vincent,One thing i wanted to ask you for a long time。Is there a way to let people in the special forces know that my fighter plane is designed to attack poisonous generals??Actually I think,Now all the members of the special forces have withdrawn,I bombed this place with a fighter plane and basically solved the problem。Ugh.”
Talking,Qin Feng looked at Lan Phoenix at the same time,After all, her time in the core theater is not short。
“Blue Phoenix,Is there no specific contact information between our special forces teams??”
Lan Fenghuang shook his head,“I thought about contacting,But,Even if the special forces come here together,,But because it’s not on the same team。It is not convenient to cooperate,Even affect each other’s rhythm。So I just fight alone。the most important is,The previous contact signal was broken,Also caused a special team to be fooled,Then wiped out。”

Chen Jiannan frowned,He doesn’t like other people looking at himself in that way。

At this moment,Put a big hand on his shoulder,It’s Chen Guanfeng。
“Jiannan,Do you want to lose?”Chen Guanfeng put his arms around his neck,Whispered in the ear。
Chen Jiannan was taken aback,Shook his head quickly。
“If you want to win,Just kill him!”Chen Guanfeng took Chen Jiannan’s hand,Pointing to Lu Menglin who is supporting his teammate not far away。
Chen Jiannan understood the captain’s meaning in an instant,The game has reached this point,Will the ending win or lose,No one dared to draw conclusions。
But just kill him,Get rid of that unexpected variable,Everything can be back on track。
Thinking about this,Chen Jiannan’s eyes suddenly shot out a strange brilliance。
Wu Song serves from the sideline,Pass the ball to Geng Tao,Geng Tao catches the ball,Shipped twice,Took a look,Passed to Lu Menglin’s hands。
Chen Jiannan opened his arms,Staring at Lu Menglin with a fierce face。
Lu Menglin breaks through with the ball,Chen Jiannan unexpectedly gave in,Reveals a gap to the basket。
Lu Menglin a cat waist,Rushed to the basket,Three-step layup。
however,Just when Lu Menglin’s whole body soared into the air,The moment the basketball was put into the hoop,Chen Jiannan started。
Chen Jiannan moves quickly,As if premeditated,He didn’t jump the cover,But rise up,Pushing against Lu Menglin’s body with his shoulders。
Lu Menglin in mid-air has nowhere to borrow,I lost my center of gravity when I was hit by this top,The whole person fell to the ground。
Bang!This fall,Smashed heavily on the concrete floor,Made a sour sound。
The audience outside the venue were all stunned,Everyone looked at this scene in amazement,Even the whistle blown by the referee teacher fell on deaf ears。
“He did it on purpose!”He Jin’s scalp tingling,Roared with anger。
Geng Tao rushed to Chen Jiannan desperately,Regardless of each other’s size,Pushed him hard。

Liu Wenzhang knows,Nodded vigorously,Stepped away from the team。

Seeing someone in Team Aoki leave,Many of the teams on the field preparing to enter the battlefield have their eyes wide open.,Stared at him tightly。
“Ran!Ran!Some of them flinched!”Someone yelled immediately。
“Too despicable!It must have caused this guy to quit the game with Chiyue equipment,Made us happy!”
“Ha ha!This is indeed a good way,Reduce loss!”
“wrong!Not that simple!Maybe this is just a trick,Deliberately let us think they don’t have Chiyue equipment,Reduce hostility。”
“Not bad,Chiyue’s equipment may not be taken away,They want to win,Of course he will use Chiyue equipment。This must be a suspicion!”
No matter how abused by those team members,How to denigrate,None of them can change Liu Wenzhang’s firm pace,I can only watch his departure reluctantly。
now,The audience in the stands were also angry!
The seed race has been held for hundreds of years,This rarely happens,exactly,It’s never before。
As a god nation,Has a brave tradition,How can you be timid before fighting??
The one who left the battlefield,Will be regarded as deserters by everyone in the room,Too cowardly,Too shame。
Even if he just stepped into the big team battle map,Then give up immediately,It’s better than doing such a shameful thing when entering the map。
For a time,Scolding from the stands around。
“Courageous rat!”