Xia Chenglong still did not speak,Zong Xueqin couldn’t help it at this time,Turned his head and said to him:“Hey,Are you really a piece of wood??”

“I’ve been busy recently,I’m a little tired,I have something to go back first,You are busy!”Xia Chenglong walked out of the gate after speaking。
At this time, Zong Xueqin came to Xia Chenglong’s body.,Stopped Xia Chenglong in one hand:“All said,You are my bodyguard,Come with me to sleep in my villa tonight!”
Xia Chenglong took a step forward and got close to Zong Xueqin,There is only a slight distance between the tips of the noses of two people,At this time, she actually had a little deer’s mind,She raised her head to look at him,I blushed my cheeks so rarely。
“woman,Don’t play with fire,I said i’m not interested in you,But it doesn’t mean I am not a man!”
The threat of Xia Chenglong’s words is obvious,But Zong Xueqin giggled when Xia Chenglong said this:“You say you are a man?Then you are a man,Why dare not touch me?Am i not beautiful enough?”
Zong Xueqin licked her red lips after speaking,Flaming red lips,Champagne,Medieval classical music is also played in the house,The moon in the sky is also perfectly round,Before and after,It’s just that Xia Chenglong didn’t care about it at this time.。
“I don’t want to tell you this kind of thing a second time,Woman, I advise you not to play with fire,Playing with fire**I think you should understand this truth!”
Xia Chenglong said and pushed Zong Xueqin away,At this time, she completely let him push herself away,Did not catch up。
It’s just that Zong Xueqin stared at the direction Xia Chenglong left.,Stood still for a long time,Then the corners of his mouth lifted slightly and a playful smile,She shook the goblet in her hand,Drink all the red wine in the glass。
“This man is really interesting,What my old lady is fond of,There really is nothing unavailable,Wait for my old lady!”
Xia Chenglong, who was already far away, suddenly sneezed heavily.,He rubbed his nose,And then whispered:“Which bastard is scolding Lao Tzu。”
What Xia Chenglong didn’t know was,At this time, he is already thought of。
After Xia Chenglong left here,Came to the place where the mysterious aura disappeared。
This place is an abandoned factory,Disrepair,Streets like doors and windows are crumbling,Cobwebs,It looks like no one has been here for a long time。
Xia Chenglong stepped up and walked in,Just at this time,The mysterious aura that disappeared before was felt by him again。
Xia Chenglong’s expression was also tight at this time,Then he turned his head fiercely。
After Xia Chenglong turns back,I also found a man standing behind me,A man wearing a mask。

It’s me,Don’t do it myself!

Why,Not only did I not lose my strength when I worked hard,Even more energy than you,I don’t have my share when I eat meat?Is it because I was born with a angry face?Cheng Xingming and Sun Shoupeng know very well,It’s on myself,Don’t do it myself。
But in this plan of the Jialing Factory,This mini car project is of great significance to the Jialing plant,Far more significant than the motorcycle project,Unceremoniously,Once this project can be successfully launched,The position of Jialing Factory in the system is moving up.。
the most important is,Chen Geng’s refusal is also intriguing,He didn’t say he couldn’t do it,But rather dissatisfied with the consequences,This is interesting。
The two quickly explained at the same time:“Mr. Chen,We don’t mean that……”
“It doesn’t matter what you mean,The important thing is that this incident has had a serious impact on me,”Chen Geng seems to be very upset,I waved my hand directly:“Two,I am a little uncomfortable,Let’s get here first today?”
Chen Geng used his sickness as an excuse to provoke people,What else can Cheng Xingming and Sun Shoupeng do??Just say goodbye。
Come out from Chen Geng,Sun Shoupeng frowned:“Lao Cheng,I always think we seem to have forgotten something。”
“is it?”Cheng Xingming heard,I frowned and thought for a moment:“Seems to be……”
But what’s the matter?
The two looked at each other,Pat the thigh at the same time……
“The head of the ministry asked us to inquire about it!”
I thought that the ministry had repeatedly told me to figure out things I had forgotten,The two people suddenly felt annoyed。
at the same time,Mirren also asked Chen Geng curiously:“boss,I think this mini car project is good,You really don’t plan to do?”
Chen Geng without any signs of discomfort,Asked rhetorically:“Who said i’m not going to do it?”
“what?”Mirren froze for a while:“You obviously refused just now……”
“I refused because I need Jialing factory to give us better cooperation conditions,”Chen Geng said with a smile,In a good mood:“Want to cooperate with us in the car?Their Jialing factory must show some sincerity。”


Long Shaoyun is naturally more difficult to get used to Qin Feng’s jumping thinking。Besides, isn’t he afraid of accidents when he goes to the law firm??
But Long Shaoyun couldn’t help but shudder when he thought of the other party’s strength beyond human strength.,I even warned myself not to die。At least it’s not the time for Qin Feng to be by his side。
Long Shaoyun’s Revenge,But he knew unless he could find someone who could defeat Qin Feng,Otherwise, he may only be trampled under Qin Feng’s feet in his life, and he will never have a chance for revenge.。
unfortunately,Now people have to bow their heads under the eaves,Long Shaoyun can only follow Qin Feng to the law firm he knows well,Find a lawyer who usually helps Long Shaoyun handle business。
The lawyer even found an opportunity to inform Long Qianyuan,I think that Long Shaoyun was hijacked to do the transfer procedure。It’s just that this lawyer didn’t expect that in the end, even Long Qianyuan would just say that there would be no follow-up response after learning about it。
It is late at night after the procedures are completed,But many lawyers don’t work from 9 to 5,Besides, handling these transfer procedures will cost them a lot of processing fees,Of course they are willing to work overtime。
Did Long Shaoyun hide and leave Qin Feng privately?,But he was somewhat surprised when he saw the other party transfer 80 million to his account。
Because I didn’t expect Long Shaoyun to have a company worth over 100 million when he was in college.。And the working capital already has 80 million,This is really amazing!
of course,No matter how good Long Shaoyun is in business,Now his industry has been taken over by Qin Feng,So he wants to make a comeback, I’m afraid it will take a lot of time。
“Can i go?”Seeing Qin Feng’s smile blooming,Long Shaoyun was bleeding in his heart,But to be able to leave this demon,He can only keep smiling。
“Of course you can pull。Shaoyun brothers,With our deadly friendship, you can naturally leave at any time。the most important is,I didn’t mean to drive you away,If you want to stay in Dongcheng and continue to study and pick up girls,I also welcome。”Qin Feng looked at the money figures in his account and didn’t know what his anger was.。
Even he is still feeling,My previous desperate mercenary missions may not even rob Long Shaoyun this time.。
of course,The most important thing is that Qin Feng doesn’t take many tasks,Although the asking price is quite high,But if it is to deal with the assassination mission of some state administrators and others, Qin Feng will definitely not accept it.。
So even in the mercenary world, Qin Feng is called Death,But it’s not an unreasonable demon。

“Haven’t you been paid yet??”

Xiang Yang looked at Ling Yun suspiciously。
“You two speak Chinese very well,But I knew it was not from Huaxia,I don’t even know that I can store value in an Internet cafe!”
Ling Yun smiled and continued to lead the way,Although I dislike the process of using future money,But thinking that I can’t do much damage to my future,The most important thing is to let the two people behind me have a full meal,worth it!
“Because i don’t have a computer,So when you need to check information,I will come here,Far away,But the environment is not bad!”
All the way,In order to be distracted,Ling Yun chatted with Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang.,Maybe it’s been too long without anyone chatting,Ling Yun’s endless words made Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang feel the pressure。
Then these details,Ling Yun didn’t mean to be quiet at all,Until Ling Yun took out some line graphs in his mobile phone to introduce Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang to his major,I was met again by Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang’s simultaneous stop gesture,That I don’t understand at all。
After a short silence,Ling Yun and the three of them have arrived at their final destination。
Lingyun put the ID card on the machine,From the speaker“Dear member,Happy birthday to you”the sound of。
Ling Yun was taken aback,I have forgotten my birthday,I didn’t expect to be remembered by the machine today。
Although only one of the three of Ling Yun is online,But after the machine reminded happy birthday,The webmaster still gave the gentlest smile and blessing,Then Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang also sent birthday wishes to Ling Yun。
Ling Yun was stunned again,Then happily smiled at the webmaster。
“Help me make three instant noodles,Add ham and braised egg!”
The webmaster goes to help the instant noodles,Ling Yun smiled at Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang again。
“Today is my birthday,Eat something ritual!”
Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang expressed their understanding,It doesn’t matter what you eat,The important thing is to eat!
Ling Yun has not forgotten what Xiang Chen did to those who embarrassed him before,So after eating the meal before,Everyone is not going to have any more intersections。
Ling Yun habitually clicked on the mosaics and discounts that Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang could not understand,Have to admit,Ling Yun was reluctant to say goodbye,But once I imagined the magnificent waves,Ling Yun didn’t think about it long ago,So it’s better to cherish each!
“Xiang Chen,Do you remember how you treated me before?”

In the eyes of Ming Shizun,The situation at the moment is like a game of residual chess,Not last minute,No one knows the outcome。

If everything can’t be held to the end,Give up lightly,Then there will be no Ming Shizun today。
He believes,Just hold on till the last moment,Just like the ones I experienced before,Goddess of Victory will favor him。
at last,There was a huge roar from above everyone’s heads,That is the sound of the helicopter propeller turning。
Followed by,From the wall of Su’s mansion,Rows of helmeted heads appeared。
Those are soldiers with guns,From that special force,They came so fast,And there are so many people here,The Su family’s house has been surrounded silently。
This change,So scared that the Su family’s children all looked at each other,There was a deep fear in the eyes。
Is this the strength of the real rich family??
That Ming Shizun can mobilize such a powerful force?
This helicopter that fell from the sky,And this army that surrounded the mansion,They all represent the unmatched strength of the Su family。
now,Su Yi’s mother and daughter’s face changed drastically,All eyes are the color of fear。
Because they all know,Lu Menglin has a big secret,Now the opponent’s army is dispatched,Does he have a chance to escape??
Although I have seen Lu Menglin’s strength in Myanmar,,But Su Yi is still worried to the extreme,Because this is not Myanmar,But Jinling,Is in inland China,Once Lu Menglin and the army clashed head-on,,There is only one result without suspense,Just to be crushed by the state machinery。
obviously,The soldiers on the fence,Just in charge of siege and alert,Really want to shoot,Not them。
At this moment,The helicopter hatch overhead is wide open,A team of men and horses are in a thunderous manner,Rappelling,Directly fell into the Su’s courtyard.。

Populus did not disappoint everyone,Nodded:“It’s a square basin with the second Jia Chuanhe painted in the Qing Dynasty,I also told brother Zhong Wenqiu before,Crabs have carapace,Reed Homophony,So two crabs and reeds,There is the meaning of Erjia Chuanhe。

This pile of drawings is a bit simple,So the value is a little bit worse,It’s about two million。”
This is still a bit worse?More than two million!
The people in the live room are making a sensation,Watch the anchor,How much money you make for granted,People have that ability、ability。But seeing others get rich,That shock is different。
Maybe after all,They also have a chance,Maybe you can ask Brother Hu for help,Identify a baby,Can fight for decades less immediately。
“Damn!Zhong Wenqiu is going to be so happy。”
“I’m going crazy,More than two million!”
“envy,When will Brother Hu come to our Northwest?We have roasted whole lamb。”
“Come to our Jiangxi!Jiangxi near,It’s three to five hours。”
“Buddies,I must treat this time?”Fitch patted Zhong Wenqiu on the shoulder。
Zhong Wenqiu just recovered,The whole person was trapped just now,Suddenly a windfall of more than two million yuan,Most people have this expression, right?
He nodded immediately:“please,Be sure to treat everyone to a big meal。Thanks brother Hu,If not for you……”
Populus euphratica waved his hand,Interrupt him:“It’s not you who uploaded photos,It’s not that you came all the way with the things,I can’t stand it either,So sometimes some things are won by yourself。”
After listening to everyone,Can’t help but nod,So many people watch the live broadcast,But only this guy is stunned,Came all the way to do identification。
“of course,I don’t encourage everyone to do this,Antiques are not so easy to encounter,Go all the way,If you run away for nothing, you waste time。There are really old things at home,You can upload the picture in the group first,I take a look,Feel certain,Not too late。”Populus suggestion。

But who are we actually sending、What level,Ding Haijun,Minister of Embassy,Administrative level main hall。

The level is too low。
think about it,Chen Geng’s refusal is entirely reasonable。
of course,It may be other reasons,But now it seems,The possibility of this reason is the greatest。
“It is possible,”Minister Huang nodded,Then he turned to look at Ding Haijun who had just rushed back from the United States:“Comrade Navy,What do you think?”
Everyone、The gazes including Director Li all fell on Ding Haijun’s body:I said so much before,In fact, it’s just the guess of myself and others,Compared to these guesses,People actually believe Ding Haijun more,no way,Who makes the relationship between Ding Haijun and Chen Geng the best?。
“This may not be completely absent……”
While talking,Ding Haijun gave Director Li an apologetic look。
Director Li shook his head hurriedly,Said I don’t mind:joke,A fool can also see the weight of Ding Haijun in the eyes of ministers and even higher levels,A fool would have a grudge against him because of this,And he wondered if the Navy could make any useful suggestions.。
Make sure Director Li doesn’t mind that he denies his point of view,Ding Haijun then continued:“But i think,This possibility is not great,”Without waiting for Minister Huang to ask,Ding Haijun then explained:“Based on my understanding of Chen Geng,He is not such a person,I don’t care much about these things,I think……I think……”
Speaking of which,Ding Haijun hesitated,He is not sure what consequences he will have after saying this。
“It’s ok,Just say,”I saw Ding Haijun’s hesitation,Minister Huang immediately spoke。
With these words from Minister Huang,Ding Haijun no longer hesitates:“I think,It may be due to the speed of our policy implementation……”
“Ok?How to say?”
“I have observed the speed of Chen Geng’s investment,Almost any of his decisions can be implemented within two months,But some of his cooperation projects in our country……”
Speaking of which,Ding Haijun gave a wry smile,Did not speak。
First576chapter Please have a killer
? Is it for this reason?

In the end it fell into the hands of others,That’s why she feels that way。

A ninja of his level,Are among the best in the world,But today I was subdued by a guy,The unspeakable mix of flavors in the female ninja。
But even so,The female assassin still didn’t answer Qin Feng’s question。
“You should know,I killed the snipers before。”Qin Feng is not showing off,But want to make some words from this female ninja。
as expected,Mention the previous snipers,The female ninja turned out to be true,Speak。
“Sniper?”The female ninja said with disdain。
“how,Isn’t it?”Although Qin Feng got a few words from the female ninja,But I heard the disdain in her tone,Qin Feng even felt that he was wrong。
Is this female ninja,Really not sent by them?Qin Feng felt unsure for an instant。
“They also deserve to be assassins?”The female ninja said helplessly。
“Why not?”Qin Feng asked patiently。
“They are all rice buckets!”The female ninja looked at Qin Feng without guarding herself,Suddenly slipped,Pretending to fall,Ready to escape。
“You are very dishonest!”Qin Feng didn’t want to kill this charming chick,But now it seems,Maybe I have to change my previous thoughts。
“I……”Qin Feng’s icy tone,Instantly scared the female ninja。
“If it’s not for your beauty,I killed you a long time ago?”See the female ninja end,Qin Feng continued jokingly。

Liu Yi’s heart is tight,Heart is over,I’m still here,No one in the backcourt can stop the monster He Jin!

He Jin Dabu Meteor,Like a broken bamboo,Easily got the first goal of the opening。
The morale of Class 3 took a big hit,They did not expect that the leader Liu Yi would be stopped by Lu Menglin,He even lost the rebound。
And the morale of the first class,He Jin and Geng Tao played vigorously,Perfect cooperation。
Liu Yi’s original idea was to fight Geng Tao by himself,While the others entangled He Jin to death,Just crush these two guys,Others should not worry。
I didn’t know but Lu Menglin suddenly appeared,Although this guy doesn’t have much scoring ability,But very active on the court,Almost covered more than half of the rebounds。
This is pretty terrible!
With Lu Menglin’s rebound,Geng Tao gave full play to his attack power,How to vote how to have。
And here in Class 3,Originally, the only attack power was Liu Yi,If he launches an attack,As long as you miss,Rebounds under the joint hands of He Jin and Lu Menglin,Hardly any suspense。
But if Liu Yi goes inside to grab a rebound,,Not to mention whether he can win those two perverts,There is no way to organize just offense,The success rate can be imagined。
End of first half,The score between the two sides reached 31 to 7,Class 3 has basically lost its fighting spirit。
The students who were watching around kept cheering,Just score every time,There must be applause。

Faced with this very valuable“Big Brother”,Qiao Tianyu can’t put it down,But there was a whisper in my heart,What does it mean?

“This is what the boss Sanchez meant。”
David also took out a phone of the same model from the drawer,Shook in front of Qiao Tianyu。
“I just returned to New York this morning,Sanchez just call me,Made me buy two newest phones。”
“This phone will only be officially launched next month,I was able to get it through the relationship!”
“Sanchez let us work hard,What’s the progress in the next few days,Convenient to report to him at any time。”
“Fuck!Used to monitor me!”
Qiao Tianyu knew what Sanchez meant,I want to smash the phone right away。
But Qiao Tianyu didn’t dare to do this,This trip to Mexico gave him a thorough understanding of Sanchez’s power。
If Qiao Tianyu really wants to fight him,I am afraid that Qiao Tianyu will die tragically at the hands of Mexican agents tonight。
“I know。”Qiao Tianyu put the phone down hard。
“David,Have you taken care of the hedge fund business??”
“All the procedures are done。”David explained。
“As per your proposal,We registered a hedge fund as a zero fund,Registered capital1One hundred million U.S. dollars。”
“You are a fund manager,meet as planned,Sanchez had already put the initial funds1100 million dollars all hit。”
“According to Sanchez,I am in this office building29The entire floor is rented as a zero fund office space,In the afternoon, people have been sent to buy office equipment such as computers,It will be available by noon tomorrow at the latest。”
“As for the staff of the fund,Sanchez means it’s totally up to you,Before you find the right person,You can pick someone from Alpha first,Pick whoever you like,Alpha will fully support the formation of the Zero Fund。”
“In short, Sanchez just said,Be sure to make the Zero Fund operational within three days,Can’t delay next week’s event!”
“it is good,I know。”Qiao Tianyu nodded blankly。
But he was very upset,Is he really going to be a traitorjia