Countless sea water turned into a downpour and fell towards Leo。

Look at the sea water,Leo flashes again,Flashing for two or three times in a row, it was out of the coverage of the sea。
Although he is not very afraid of the sea,But Sigen is right,Once he is corroded by the sea, his strength will weaken。
“Hahaha,Leo Hugh Run!”
Get more excited,Sigen became more violent,The whole body exudes a strong momentum。
Month step-rocket!
Sigen’s body suddenly burst out,He also has the ability to accelerate,I just can’t think Leo is so casual。
Leo gently stepped away,Elegant body,Seems to have no weight。
The attack fails again,Sigen frowned。
Leo’s displacement ability is too annoying,He couldn’t hit at all,Only moves that can be locked can be hit。
But there are too few such attacks。
There are only two attacks in the six forms,I have used it just now。
Only the Rift Punch hit Leo,Unfortunately no effect。

“Ok!Come on!Drink beer after winning!”Feng Xichuan shouted。

After being born,Several people found out that they had entered a brand new map,As if crossing。It’s about the size of a football field that can hold tens of thousands of people,But the style is simple,Like an amphitheater,It should be exclusively for slave owners in the ancient Roman Empire、A place where nobles and free people watched beasts or slaves fighting。
“Colosseum!Here is a one-to-one replay of the Colosseum Arena in ancient Rome!”Lu recognized the source of the map at a glance。
“Cattle!Worthy of being Master Lu!”Zhao Ping praised。
“My master is like this,Hide,Knowledgeable,Dare to do,Heroic……”And Zhang Song started touting mode。
“This arena was built in AD72year,Nearly2Thousand years of history,Located near the Roman market in Italy,Is a symbol of ancient Roman civilization……”Lu Yi continued to introduce。
“This guy should have1Ten thousand square meters?”Zhao Ping asked。
“Do not,It covers an area of2Million square meters,Wall Gundam50Dormi,It is said that it can hold at most910,000 viewers!”Although Shunzi can’t be recognized at a glance,But after Lu Yi’s reminder,He can still open the recitation mode,I just remembered who was in the library《World geography》Have read relevant information in the magazine。
“Then it’s really a giant!”Feng Xichuan said with emotion。
but,What surprised everyone most was,This map was obviously added in the latest update,I didn’t expect the Gun of Glory to be in the second generation“Battle of Glory”After the public beta,Can also make major updates to old games,It shows the extraordinary strength of Fool’s Company。
After all although“Battle of Glory”Is a great attempt,But it needs a dedicated game pod,Shut out many players,Waiting for his promotion,Still need time。
Due to novelty,Let’s take a brief look at the majestic landscape in the game.。Total arena3Floor seat。
The lower layer has80Arches,Can pass through the infield,Samurai and civilians are depicted on the wall,Like soldiers、writer、Scholars and teachers,And foreign monks。

Wang Youcai thought for a while and said:“How about this!You let your daughter-in-law take the bill,Just to supervise us,In this way, the villagers will also appreciate you。But your daughter-in-law has to tell us in advance,How much is on whose land account。Anyway, the measurement should not be less,Just a little more”

“Humph!Your boss can do a great job,How much more land do you have”Aunt Wang said,Little eyes glanced at Wang Youcai secretly。
Wang Youcai lowered his voice and said:“I am based on the original three thousand yuan,I will give you another two thousand。and also,From today,Your daughter-in-law, Julan, is the staff we recruited,Start calculating salary from today,That’s interesting enough!”
“I’m fucking with you,She can’t”Aunt Wang lowered her voice,Said a little anxiously。It feels like Wang Youcai has robbed her daughter-in-law away。
Wang Youcai’s eyes widened and said:“Mischief,This manager must have a culture,If it weren’t for me to care for your face,Just the level of your Julan,Simply can’t reach,Let alone you”
“That line,That’s it,I have to avoid suspicion,Or the villagers would have opinions”Aunt Wang said and ran over。
Huff,The villagers surrounded Aunt Wang,Everyone is talking。It probably means that Aunt Wang came to find them,So Aunt Wang must be responsible for this to the end。
“Everyone quiet,The village chief is away,What I say will count。In order not to make everyone suffer,Wait a while I will let my Julan take the account book to check each,It is definitely not less than the acres measured when it is placed in the household,It should be done like this!”Aunt Wang said loudly。
Her words really work,Those villagers who don’t understand the reason think that they won’t suffer,So it spread out slowly。But there are still a few shrewd,Talking around Aunt Wang。
Wang Youcai is afraid that these people will ruin his good deeds,So shouted loudly:“You all listen,Rent your land this time,Every household basically gets three to four thousand yuan。We will come out millions,Think about it,If you care too much,The boss doesn’t rent any of your land anymore,Where can you find these tens of thousands of losses?”
“More!This lease,Only people in our village know,Never say it,If you talk too much,If the government comes out to interfere in this matter,Then the money you take back will be returned a lot later”Wang Youcai shouted at these people。
At this time,Feng Yan drives a white HyundaiSUVDrove into the village。
First1362chapter Makeover
Next morning,Xia Jian got up very early。He unceremoniously changed into the new clothes Dragon Ball bought him,This is a good saying,Man by clothes horse saddle,This sentence is really true。
Xia Jian put on his new clothes and stood in front of the mirror,Even he himself feels that he has become another person。Have been staying in the countryside recently,He doesn’t care at all about his image。
Just when Xia Jianzheng was looking at herself in the mirror and complacent,Suddenly there was a knock on the door。He opened the door to take a look,I saw Dragon Ball swayed and squeezed in。
“Hey!Really good,Things of this brand are just good,You need to pay attention。Depends on which clothes you wear,Not only has no brand,More importantly, dirty and old”Dragon Ball said,Rolled a glance at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian said with a cold smile:“People who are in the mound every day,What brand to wear。The price of this dress is not low, right!I’m afraid it’s inappropriate to make you spend money!”

This chaotic force,A small number of people enter these worlds,Partly spilled into the void,And more than 80% are guided into the Three Realms by the formation。

This chaotic force,Doesn’t look like much,But it wins in the endless stream。
Under the nourishment of this chaotic force,The vitality of the heavens and the earth in the Three Realms is increasing with a detectable speed—of course,Only these leaders can detect,Ordinary practitioners and even ordinary Taoist ancestors,Don’t have this ability。
“Take the world—This is really big!”Master Hengmu also admired,Creating the world is beyond his reach,But take the world as the array,He can also watch one or two of them。
“Senior Candle Dragon,You chaotic world of nine directions,Eighty One Square World,One hundred and eight thousand small worlds do not know whether we can move the practitioners of the Three Realms!”Suiren sees farther,As a world,He is quite sure that these worlds can allow practitioners to live and practice in them。
of course,Is it allowed,Naturally, it takes Li Ming, the creator, to nod before making a decision。
“This is natural,I opened up these chaotic worlds,The original intention is to train my practitioners in the Three Realms,But my arrangements for these worlds don’t stop there。”
A piece of jade slip suspended,“Fellow fellows, help me see me‘Reincarnation’How is the plan。”
First14chapter Open up the world
Six Paths of Reincarnation Plan。
Or—Main Temple Project。

This is because the contact area is not big。

Although the pressure of sea water is only related to depth,But if the contact surface is large,Then the pressure will be extra great。
And a cover with an area of several hundred meters in the sea water several hundred meters deep,The pressure Leo needs to endure is extremely terrifying。
This is why his physical fitness has improved so fast,The reason why he was able to issue a flying slash at the age of sixteen。
He has no resources and no master teachers,Rely on yourself。
“The previous 600 meters has no effect,Let’s enter the depth of 700 meters this time!”
Leo said to Green Bull。
A bunch of bubbles came out of the green bull’s mouth,Then dive with Leo。
There is no sunlight at this depth,Both are moving by feeling。
As the depth of the dive increases,Leo feels his body is getting more pressure。
It’s like resisting ten thousand catties of heavy objects,Breathless。
This exercise method may have side effects for others by,Or difficult to control the extent of exercise。
But it’s not a problem for Leo,His slaughterhouse can be big or small,Can completely control the pressure on yourself。
Wait until he expands the slaughterhouse to its fullest extent,It also means that this depth has no effect on his exercise,Can continue to dive。
For Green Bull,It’s just that it’s not too difficult to simply resist water pressure。
So Green Bull’s exercise method is somewhat different from his,What Green Bull has to do is not only resist water pressure,More to punch in the sea。
Fight in the deep sea like this,The pressure is also very high,So the exercise effect is very good。

“What did you drink for them?Get the antidote,Otherwise I will break your arm first”Xia Jian said,The strength in the hands is getting bigger and bigger。Wang Laogua can’t stand it anymore,He started to tremble。

“Xia Ge!Stop talking nonsense with him,Let him go first,This person is bad,Be careful of him”Lu Wanting said out of breath,I can see that she is very uncomfortable。
Xia Jian no longer hesitates,One plus strength in the hand,Wang Laogua shouted:“do not!I give the antidote”This old guy can’t stand it anymore。The other hand took a small paper bag from his pocket,Left on the table。
“Call everyone in,Just step in the corner for me,Otherwise, your boss’s arm won’t be kept”Xia Jian said to the big guy who shot him just now。
That person can tell,Wang Laogua wants to escape from Xia Jian,Is not an easy task,He ran out quickly,Not much effort,He called all the guards in the yard, Squatted honestly in the corner with the few in the house。
Father and daughter Lu Wanting taking the antidote,One by one got better。Lu Wanting stood up first,She moved her body,Can’t help but scold:“Wang Laogua!You are not human,What shit did you give grandma?,I was almost uncomfortable”
Gao Deju walked slowly to Xia Jian,Whispered:“Leave this old thing to me,You take a break”Her words haven’t finished,I saw this woman make an uppercut,Hit Wang Laogua’s cheek,Several teeth flew out of his mouth with blood。
Wang Laogua yelled in pain,Gao Deju’s cruelty surprised Xia Jian。He said quickly:“Forgive and forgive,As long as you are okay,Let him go!”
“it is good!Young people are people who do big things,Although this Wang Lao Gu treated me like this,But i can’t hate it,Let him go!”Lu Changfei said,Turned his head aside。
Xia Jianyi listen,Let go,He is afraid that if Gao Deju strikes again,The teeth in this old guy’s mouth may be all polished。
Wang Laogua got out of Xia Jian’s control,He glanced at Lu Changfei and said:“Even if you let me go,But i won’t remember your favor,The mountain does not turn, the water turns,See you later,Either you die or I die”
Wang Laogua finished,Turned around and took his people away quickly,When he goes out,A glimpse of Xia Jiantou,I can see the murderous look in his eyes。
Lu Changfei walked to Xia Jian,Patted him on the shoulder and said:“Young people have good skills,Really rare。Thank you for taking the matter tonight,But can’t spread,This is the rule”
“dad!See what you say,They are not ordinary young people,He is the boss of the startup group”Lu Wanting said proudly。
Gao Deju’s eyes are always sweeping back and forth on Xia Jian,She heard that Xia Jian is the general manager of the venture group,Suddenly came the spirit,She laughed:“Yo!It’s Mr. Xia!Handsome,Good skill,Still have money,No wonder my Wanting never forgets you,If this changes me,me too”
“Save it!The old ones are scum,Still here with tenderness”Lu Changfei couldn’t help but say Gao Deju。
Gao Deju said with a cold snort:“I like!Bullshit”
The old couple,In front of Xia Jian,Started arguing。This makes Lu Wanting so angry,Eyes wide open,She said coldly:“Hurry back,Be careful and kill Wang Laogua again”
“Uncle and Auntie should go,Be careful in everything,This man showed a fierce face when he left,You have to be careful,I want to go back“Xia Jian finished,Turn around and go。
Lu Wanting chased Xia Jian until she reached the alley,She whispered:”Thank you!This tonight,Only you can deal with it,No one else,Only for money。But I know,Even if I gave them money,They may not let us go,So only a complete solution,But among the people I know,Only you have this ability“

“what!Eat porridge?This person is hungry,Besides, it’s noon soon,How can you be full after eating porridge,Let’s have some hard goods!”Xia Jian smiled and said to Bai Ruyu。

Bai Ruyu shook his head and said:“Don’t understand!Stop talking,Come with me and you know if you can eat”
Finished,Bai Ruyu ran lightly,As if her illness has been cured long ago,From Xia Jian’s point of view,It doesn’t matter whether she takes this medicine or not,It’s a pity that 800 yuan。
Little Ring Hotel,A few characters,Can see from afar,Xia Jian thought,A porridge seller,Is it necessary to create such a big momentum??In his image,This one sells porridge,Usually push a car,It’s just a big deal with other pasta,This is clearly a professional selling rice porridge,This is the first time he has seen such a store。
Upon entering the store,Xia Jian was a little surprised,Spacious and bright room,Postgraduate decoration,All make people feel comfortable。What impressed Xia Jian was,In such a big store,There are so many people who actually drink porridge。
Bai Ruyu picked up the menu on the table,Shouted:“Waiter,Two bowls of porridge,A bowl of pickled mountain vegetables,Two tofu corners,Two hot oil cakes,Add two more leek buns”
Oh my god!This is too rich!Xia Jian couldn’t help but swallowed。
First0319chapter In front of power
Almost all the things on the table are what Xia Jian likes to eat,It can be said that all kinds of snacks in Pingdu,Made a collection,All under the name of porridge,This boss is too talented,No wonder this business is so hot,It seems that I dooutUp,I don’t even know such a delicious place。
Out of the hotel,It’s eleven o’clock,The sun at this time has no previous tenderness,Shine on people,There is a hot sensation。
Xia Jian glanced at Bai Ruyu who was a little tired,Whisper:“I will send you back,You have to get a good sleep,Remember to take medicine”
Bai Ruyu nodded obediently,Xia Jian stopped a car on the side of the road,Sent Bai Ruyu to their dormitory,Two talents wave goodbye,Xia Jian could tell from Bai Ruyu’s eyes,How she doesn’t want him to go。

Do you want them to destroy the Du family??

“father,I investigated,We don’t have to meet Zang’s family……We can deal with another person!”Du Mi is sure。
Du Hong looked at his son,Frown。
“A person named Fang Yu……I asked my nephew。All his reasons……That’s why it all。It must be his and Gou Shengtian’s daughter,Gou Shengtian went back to find Zang’s family,So that Zang Jia can take action!
If it fixes him,Our grievance can also be released!”
Du Mi sneered。
Some trouble with Gou’s family。
Zangjia is even more impossible!
but,Deal with these little people。
No need to think about it!
“you sure?”
Du Hong looked at his son,Some hesitation。
If it is so,This person really has to tidy up!
“Is it possible for my nephew to lie to me……In addition to being flexible,Actually, I don’t have much strength!”
Du Mi is sure。

Chen Xiu said this is the key to things all at once,Taiyi unified began to choose Ge Hong as an agent because he hoped that he could become an expert by taking elixir《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》Come to the secret realm to find yourself after the practice,Unexpectedly, too many people stole the dragon jade pendant,Came to the Secret Realm。

People who are too orthodox are not strict about who acts as an agent,Just ask Tai Yi and Ge Hong to decide the outcome,Whoever wins is the sole agent of Taiyi。
Later, too many people trapped Ge Hong underground for more than a thousand years,In these thousand and six hundred years, the fifth ancestor was beaten by Taiyi Exorcism Gate to hide.。
Taiyi Exorcism Gate naturally became Taiyi’s sole agent in the world!
And more than a hundred years ago,Ge Hong escaped from underground;Taiyi Exorcism Gate lost the dragon jade pendant because of Mao Xiaofang’s generation,Reversal of power on both sides。
Taiyi has always thought of changing agents,That’s why Zhang Yuantu is anxious to take advantage of Ge Hong’s time to kill the zombies.!
Zhang Yuantu tells his own affairs one by one without concealing them,Even talking to Chen Xiu:“As far as i know,One of the five ancestors, the white tiger ancestor, also sent zombies to the magic city to find you。
Although I don’t know the gap between you and the ancestor Baihu。but,With your current strength, you can’t compete with the ancestor of the white tiger。”
Zhang Yuantu stretched out his hand,Staring at Chen Xiu and said:“Work with me,Now is the only way you can fight against the ancestors of the white tiger!”
Zhu Huiwei hides and heals,I don’t know how long it will take to recover,Even if it recovers,Zhu Huiwei is not necessarily the opponent of the ancestor of the white tiger。
In this case,Cooperation with Zhang Yuantu is undoubtedly the best choice。
Chen Xiu and Zhang Yuan shake hands,Said:“My cooperation with you is limited to dealing with the ancestors of the white tiger,If Ge Hong doesn’t take the initiative to attack,I won’t help you deal with Ge Hong!”
It’s not that Chen Xiu has a great affection for Ge Hong,He faintly thinks that Ge Hong is unpredictable,I know that the fifth ancestor is unruly towards him,But it is still openly crossing the robbery in Centipede Ridge,Obviously has a killer。
As long as Ge Hong doesn’t provoke himself,Why bother to provoke him!
Zhang Yuantu knows how careful he is,I was thinking:“Five ancestors have been together for thousands of years,Once we join forces to kill the ancestor of the white tiger,This hatred is settled。You are easy on board,Shipwreck!”

Zhao Gang patted Zhu Yi’s arm,Nod to him,“Trust us,Do not impulse,You have to think about your dad,He can’t lie on the hospital bed without one to take care of,Not to wake up easily,Found my wife is gone,Son is gone,Then he can’t hold on。”

Zhu Yi leaned against the wall,Close your eyes,All kinds of messy thoughts in my mind,But too sleepy,Chaos in the brain,He can’t figure out his clues,Nodded,“Ok,It can only be this way,I’ll listen to you first,Now I can’t think of a better way anyway。”
“You are right,Why we came so early,I’m afraid you can’t think about it,Come up with new problems。”Zhang Siwei finally let go。
Qi Muyun was buried today,Mr. Zhu’s friends and business partners have come,Zhu Yi followed Zhao Gang and Zhang Siwei’s methods,Temporarily stabilize your emotions,Control impulse,Can delay a day as a day。
Wang San’s side,He left Zhu Yi,I went directly to Ye Boping,Tracked before,So I know that Ye Boping has two homes。
He first went to the community where Ye Boping and Zhang Si lived,Bring the security guard out for dinner,Pretending to ask inadvertently,“Do you know this person?”Holding a photo in his hand。
Security guards cannibalize,Glanced at the photo,nod,“Ok,Recognized,Is the owner of our community,What are you looking for?”
“Of course looking for him is a business matter,I heard,He is a big boss,I just have no way,Want to meet him。”Wang San tugged and laughed。
“Oh,If it’s this thing,I suggest you forget it,He is no longer rich,Not a big boss anymore。”Security said。
“what?When people told me about him,Said his business is big,And the business involved is also very wide,Why is there suddenly no money??Is the family defeated?,Business at a loss?”Wang San’s eyes are round。
“Is not,Is about to divorce,He relies on his wife to eat,I’ve been kicked out by my wife now。”Ye Boping and Zhang Siwei’s divorce,It’s no secret in the community。
Everyone didn’t know,But after he got drunk,I made trouble downstairs a few times,Zhang Siwei said hello to the security guard not to let him in,In the end, he made a few more noises at the gate,This time,Everyone in the neighborhood knows,The security guards know better。
“Oh,disappointed,I wanted to ask him for help,I thought he was the big boss,”Wang San nodded disappointedly,“Ok,No matter what,Thank you brother too。”
“Nothing,I also thank you for the treat。”The security ate happily。
Wang San holds Ye Boping’s divorce,Happy to report to Fang Na,“People found,A lot of effort,This person is hard to find。”
“Don’t talk nonsense,what’s the situation,Speak directly。”Fang Na looked worried。
“His name is Ye Boping,Divorce now,Xia Shuyue is pregnant with his child。”Wang San is actually guessing,He thinks it can’t be wrong,Because he has seen Xia Shuyue and Ye Boping together many times。
“it is good,Do you know where he lives?”
“of course,Otherwise I can’t eat this bowl of rice,Right,Sister Na。”Wang San smiled triumphantly。
“it is good,You take me now。”Wang San took Fang Na to the gate of Liu Shuqin’s residence。