“Want me to destroy an organization alone,Don’t you think you praise me too much?”

Qin Hao laughed directly,No matter how strong he is, he can’t face a murderous mercenary organization alone.。
“This is your task,”Flying Wolf said again。
“No matter what method you send,Just kill the scorpion tissue,Killing its boss will complete the mission。”
“Not to mention that you have agreed to accept this task,”Flying Wolf continued。
“of course,You can go back,I just ask you to leave the iron and blood blade。”
“The iron-blooded blade does not need a coward who is greedy for life and fear of death,”Flying wolf makes a please gesture。
“Row,I promise,But I need all the information you have,Leave it to me without reservation。”
“can,Thor,Give him the information,”Thor took out a file from a safe in the room。
Two big red letters are printed on it,Top secret。
It’s the top secret file of the highest level。
“Burned directly after watching,”Fei Lang stared at Qin Hao。
Qin Hao tears off the seal,Started browsing,The brain is running fast,Forcibly remembered all the information inside。
“This scorpion organization is really damn,”Qin Hao saw what was recorded in the document,Can’t help getting angry。
Fornication,Do no evil,Not even children。
“I took this task,The mission period is one month?”
“Yes,Because one month later,They will returnyBase camp,Then we won’t have a chance to do it again。”
“If you haven’t come back after a month,We will think you have sacrificed honorably,At that time we will use full coverage artillery strikes。”

Dragon Ball took a breath and said:“What can i say,Of course it is to make her die for your heart。So i said you got married,Because even if you are not married,But the beauty around you is like a cloud,And one is better than one,Where’s her part。You say what i said is right?”

“It seems that having more women around is still a trouble,Need more men”Xia Jian laughed and said。
Dragon Ball drank a cup of tea,Slowly better than when I first came in。She smiled and said:“Let’s talk about work!”
First1168chapter Amazing news
Talking about work with a drunk woman in the middle of the night,Can this be talked about?
Xia Jiangang wants to talk,Suddenly there was another knock on the door。Xia Jian couldn’t help but frown,It seems that he doesn’t want to sleep peacefully tonight。Xia Jian walked to the door,Just opened the door。Guan Tingna jumped in,He threw himself into Xia Jian’s arms,Hold Xia Jian’s neck tightly with both hands and not let go。
Xia Jian was shocked,Hurriedly closed the door,If this is for outsiders to see,He really can’t tell。
“Hey!Wake up,If you are drunk, go back to your room and rest,Stop messing around here”Xia Jian said sharply,I want to pull Guan Tingna’s hands holding his neck away。But this woman is locked tightly,Xia Jian couldn’t start。
Guan Tingna’s soft and elastic body,Tightly on Xia Jian’s chest,Xia Jian’s breathing became hurried for a while。This is how to do?There was another,If she is the only one,Big It’s the same thing。Just when Xia Jianzheng felt embarrassed。
Just listen to Dragon Ball shouting:“who is it!Why not come in?”
This dragon ball,Guan Tingna let go of her hand immediately,Then she stood firm,Smiled inside:“Mr. Long!Not meaningful enough,I haven’t drank with you yet,You ran away”Guan Tingna said,Shook his body and walked inside。
Xia Jian just understood,Guan Tingna was pretending to be drunk,He almost really fell on her,Fortunately there is Dragon Ball,Or she might keep pretending。Xia Jian thought of this,Couldn’t help but smile secretly。
Dragon Ball saw Guan Tingna coming,She laughed and said:“General Guan!You are amazing,People are beautiful,Work well,Even the amount of alcohol is admirable”
“Mr. Long laughed,I’m like this,Like drinking,But can’t drink much。Did i disturb you?”When Guan Tingna said this,,Lowered the voice。

Chapter 21:Beat Yunjia,Meet brothers

Before dawn,The Great Elder has gone to Yun’s house,Mainly because there is no one on the street at this point,Otherwise, let others see that the great elder of the academy goes to Yun’s house to have a bad influence。
The attendant of the Yun family got up early and was sweeping the floor,Suddenly someone fell in front of you,Was taken aback,This is the Yun family,Who dares to stab in like this。
“Who are you,Dare to break into the Yun family!”The attendant screamed,Really ignorant and fearless。
“Go and call Yun Tianpeng, the patriarch of your Yun family,Just say the elder of the college has something to look for him”The elder is not angry,He just glanced at the attendant and said,After all, in his capacity, he will not fight against an ant。
The attendant is the elder of the college,The arrogant arrogance just extinguished instantly,The hands holding the broom are shaking。
“Not hurry up!”Grand Elder is getting a little impatient,The sound is a little bit heavier。
The attendant just realized,Throw down the broom immediately,Go straight to Yun Tianpeng’s bedroom。
Yun Tianpeng is sleeping with his beautiful lady in arms,Suddenly knocked on the door to wake up,Unhappy on the face“Who,Wake me up at this point!”
“Patriarch,The great elder from outside the college came to see you”The attendant at the door hurriedly said。
Yun Tianpeng heard the great elder of the college come to him,Drowsiness is half gone,Get dressed,Opened the door and asked the attendant:“People?”
“Waiting for you in the yard”The attendant bent down and said。
Yun Tianpeng immediately trot all the way,Walk towards the yard,The attendant didn’t close the door,About to close,Suddenly saw the woman inside turn over,There is a big spring on the chest,Swallowed sharply,Immediately closed the door。
Yun Tianpeng ran to the yard and saw the great elder standing holding his hand“I wonder if the great elder is here,Have missed,I hope the elder will not blame”A bunch of polite talks blurted out,But the elder does not eat this set。
“Needless to say,I’m here because of an accident happened in our college admissions test yesterday,After we investigate the man-made signs,and so。。。”
“Grand Elder, you don’t think it was done by our Yun family, right??”I haven’t waited for the elder to finish,Yun Tianpeng speaks first,Didn’t give the elder any face。
The elder frowned and held back the anger that was in his heart“I am not skeptical,You are not worth my doubt,I came here today to tell you the Yun family,I want to make small moves in the future,can!However, similar things are not allowed in the college,otherwise,You weigh the consequences!”Haven’t waited for Yun Tianpeng to speak,The great elder jumped directly into the air and left。
Yun Tianpeng sneered“Ah,Does the threat work??Go tell Kongming,Trouble solved,But tell him that even if he wants to do things in the college,Don’t show your feet!”
“Yes”The attendant turned and left。

When the last big seal falls,The black matter tumbling in the fireworks finally calmed down,Then disappear without a trace like the tide of a flood receding,Shenzang restored Qingming,The sea of vitality reproduces the original blue,The colorful light field is more gorgeous than before,The Jiu Ying who hides behind reacts very quickly,Quickly collected the flames and clouds,Nine heads are missing。

however,The ancient gods in the sky didn’t care about Jiuying,The inverted six-pointed star array is still shining,Stand ready,The majestic god in the center of the array,Still holding the glazed lotus lantern,The body of the black dragon shrank back to its original shape,Walk slowly in the treasure lantern,But it doesn’t seem to be ready for a complete rest,But to rebuild strength。
Li Tianzhi was surprised,Can’t help but cast his eyes to the outside world,The sight that he could see made him take a breath,His body has completely fallen into the dark clouds,The tumbling black substance wrapped his body in airtight,It can be said that the earth-shattering strangulation of the ancient gods is just a black frenzy that cleans up the space of the gods.,And can’t do anything else,This situation is obviously unsustainable,Once the energy of the ancient gods is exhausted,Can no longer drive the big array,Everything Li Tianzhen has will be completely swallowed by darkness。
At this time,Li Tianchou is no longer wondering what he will become after being completely assimilated by dark matter,It’s just a pity that I can’t understand what methods the black hole uses to capture the world。
He faintly guessed,No matter what the world is,No matter what laws the world is made of,Contains huge energy,And dark matter is like an insatiable predator,Devour all energy,Never ending,Continue like this,After the destruction of the heavens,It can’t swallow,Does it mean the collapse and destruction of the entire universe?
This seems to be another kind of destruction theory,But it was Li Tianzheng who saw it with his own eyes、Tangible,The basic elements that make up this huge black hole,He also has a preliminary understanding,Are the countless black sticky particles that invade his body,Tangible and qualitative,Tenacious,But not much better than chaotic matter,Wins,Almost endless,And follow the same rule,There must be laws that restrict it,unfortunately,He has no chance to learn more。
“Li Xiucheng,Not out yet!”The ancient god in the center of the big formation speaks again,The sound is like rolling thunder,Full of anger,“Stubborn,Just think of shit,But so curious,Hurt everyone in such a field,You have to explain!”
“Are you talking about me?”Li Tianzhen is surprised,Obviously, I cannot hide my thoughts from the ancient gods in the gods.,But in the past no matter what he planned,These ancient gods shrouded in the sky always pretended to be deaf and dumb,Jump out to blame,Isn’t it an afterthought??
“Is there a second Li Xiucheng in the world??”
“But i can’t get out,It seems meaningless。”
“Little divine consciousness is of little significance,Let you come out!”
Tiangong Hidden?Yes,Is that light blue space,The god of war Li Xiucheng hides and sleeps in it,But if someone wants to come out,Already came out,Do you still need to shout?And it’s just a glimmer of God’s ability?
Li Tianzhen made such an idea,The ancient god was very dissatisfied,Shen Sheng,“You wait for the original as one,Shirk each other when something big happens,Isn’t it too selfish?If it goes on like this,Just leave it alone,Let him flood the sky!”
The voice of the ancient god just fell,The situation changed drastically,Black frenzy makes a comeback,The black oppresses Uyang Uyang,The momentum of the attack,Far from last time,In an instant it flooded the sea of vitality and the entire continent of the sacred space,Jiuying is extremely shameless,Can’t escape,Li Tianzhen is just a ghost,Except for wandering outside the deep blue space ,Totally helpless。
Although the grievances of the ancient gods are great,But in this case, it’s obviously impossible to ignore it,Had to shoot again,Black Dragon Revealed,The Hexagonal Star Array moves,Overwhelming fireworks burn dark matter,One after another, the big hexagonal seals smashed down,After the sky broke,The invading black frenzy was once again wiped out。
But after this battle,The ancient gods consume a lot,Even the black dragon retracted behind the glazed lotus lantern,Also malaise,Don’t say walking back and forth,I can’t even stand up。
Li Tianzhi is also anxious,Do everything possible to call that divinity,It’s a pity that everything sinks into the sea,No response,Even though all the ancient gods are stunned,That he and the divine are one,It’s all Li Xiucheng’s side,Actually he doesn’t understand divinity at all,Not to mention the influence of divinity,I only know that the two times when his divinity is limited are all at the moment when his life is at stake,This time is more terrifying,If you can’t, you have to confess to this vast void,God’s ability to sit back and watch?
But from another angle,Li Tianyu had to re-examine,Divinity doesn’t help,This dark matter is different from any monsters and ghosts you have encountered before,From the previous battle of the ancient gods,The magical power that destroys the world can’t kill such an opponent,Must master the power of some rules,It is possible to solve the crisis with effective magical powers,But too hasty,These are just hazy feelings,Want to find an effective way,More than just the year of the monkey。
The third dark frenzy came more ferocious,The ancient gods do their best,Squeezed out the soul of the black dragon,Barely suppressed this attack,I can’t imagine the fourth time,Li Tianzhen can only stare and watch。
Many ancient gods showed a decisive look,Just like the moment when the gods died,Unfortunately this time,They no longer have a place to hide,Death,Should be their ultimate destination,In the process of the collapse of the universe,No one can escape。

In Sun Youtai it looks,Originally this thing,I’m afraid more or less,I will continue to toss for a while。

But now,But did not expect,This event will come so quickly。
And seeing these,Actually from the current situation,Start now,these questions,It’s just solved。
however,Seeing here with Sun Youtai,at this time,Sun Youtai’s side,Wang Teng smiled。
“Yes,Already investigated,Please look directly at the old man。”
Sun Youtai took it and looked at it carefully,But after he watched it,His brows wrinkled slightly。
this matter,It looks so simple。
these things,Actually all are contraband。
If you really let this go on,Then then,I’m afraid Winterley won’t be able to keep it。
So now,The more I think about it,In fact, it looks like Sun Youtai,till this moment,Such a problem,In fact, there is no way to control it。
At this moment,Sun Youtai’s eyes moved slightly,Fell straight in front of my eyes。
After all now,these questions,In fact, it should be completely necessary to get it done as soon as possible.。
And stand here,Sun Youtai subconsciously looked in front of him。
“All right,I won’t say so much for now。”
“What you do,I think it’s important,The two are kind to us。”

He raises the height and price of the monster a little each time,Until the end, a monster that is seven or eight meters or even ten meters high,This has to sell for a long time!

“All to the zoo,I will fix it!”Leo says。“Isn’t there a Tianlong people who want me to pay??”
Leo asked calmly,He was actually referring to the Denon who was blown up with a monster by him。
“No,Why did the boss ask?”
Leo shook his head:“Just fine!”
to be frank,Leo is a little strange,Tell Trangot when he left,If a Draco says that there is a problem with the monster and something like Leo is responsible for, let him know,But Tlangote never contacted him。
“This Tianlongren’s receptive ability is too strong, right?”Leo wants to laugh,He remembers that he didn’t stay behind at all,Just stepped on the thigh of the dragon,And also make the monster blew up。
This self-detonation is not too powerful,But it should be possible to severely wound the Tianlong people。
that’s it,That Tianlongren didn’t trouble Leo?
“Tianlongren Niubi,If it happened to me,Must be furious!”
Actually,That Tianlongren was quickly rescued,Because it’s in Mary Joa,So the Tianlongren didn’t actually get hurt。
That little Tianlongren didn’t plan to let Leo go.,It’s a pity that was stopped by other Tianlong people。
Because they still want Leo’s monster,You’re going to find Leo if you’re dead,What if Leo doesn’t dare to sell monsters in the future??
Do we still pretend?
Do you want to watch those four monster-riding guys cry in front of us for a lifetime?
not to mention,Leo is reasonable,I already said that monsters can bite other monsters,But can’t bite。
This is also for their safety,Play around by yourself,Who can be blamed if something goes wrong?。
and so,The dragon’s anger was suppressed that day。
Don’t dare to offend everyone,Everyone is Tianlong, who is afraid of whom,To beat you half to death is for nothing,Won’t get used to。
Knowing that the Chamber of Commerce has nothing to do,So Leo planned to go to Leili。

“it is good!Lin Xian approves,That’s in the future, everyone is their own brothers.!

Hey……Everyone does not meet,Dressed in the same order,Many grace grievances in the rivers and lakes,I kill you today.、Tomorrow, you died in my hand.,I am not a total of all the world.、Can’t manage the dispute between the rivers and lakes。
But all the union brothers gang master,What misunderstood,Dedified unions will try to stop,If it is unable to stop,You can also put down the platform,Let everyone solve the desire of the smallest casualty.,Who is behind the back,Like in Fuzhou……Cough,Some martial arts,Other swords will have to get yours,I am a gas tolerance.!”
Chapter 719 You are also the main owner
With the Chu Deirers with everyone,Wishing the sound of the world’s peace,In a peaceful atmosphere,Wuyue Conference ended successfully……
or……Should be called Feng Zen Martial Arts Wulin Conference?
After all, the drama of Lushan,It is very compressed!
There are more than a dozen gates.,Among them, four of the five-school swords.。
certainly,Dingyi also emphasized some,Just join“Gantry”,Still not with the superstarism,I met the magic head in the next day.……Everyone is bright, the big fight is!
According to Chu Deire,Order、Tianmen feel this is conducive to himself——Magic,Talented to sneak attack!
Our name is,certainly……most of the time,Both is a face!
Zhengzheng will strive to mediate internal contradictions、It is strictly forbidden to confirm each other,Is this not limited to the behavior of the magic??
certainly,Directly put down the ring,They are not the sunshine,Don’t say it is a teacher’s sister.,Just top ten elders、Four big,Wuyue Sword sent these people can’t deal with it.——This is Tianmen、I haven’t thought about it yet.。
I woken up in the left cold,However, when the Chu Deiren asked him if he joined it.,May be around too noisy,Left cold is tired,I spit a few mouthfuls of blood.,I have to temporarily put on hold……
In addition to the four outside,Nearly ten martial arts from other companies,Not a big faction,Even thirty-six cave、The average of 72 islands。
But soon they decided to their own decisions.,Very bright——Appreciate a good penalty,It is also to the Lushan under the lady.!
Estimate this time,Everyone has also been long——sensitive period,Don’t gather、Don’t block large activities!
“Bother,Chu Lee?You always be busy!No one will come into the country this time.?”
Appreciation is very rusing,Penalty 恶 or a sore。
“good,There is indeed a lot of martial arts,Add to Zhengzheng!And you also know,Wuyue Sword,I am also a meeting.……Oh,correct,The cold ice of the Zaishan sent Zuo Zen is very powerful.,I do not know either。”Chu Deirers are very sincere suggestion。
Appreciate the goodness of this and throw a different reaction,Left cold……They also want to ask,However, the rule is a famous hero on the chivalrous list.,Can only be rejected,I don’t know that I will not pick up the left cold.。
“If you want to drink this bowl of Laba porridge,I will wait naturally to sweep up.,in addition……There are other people in our brothers.,Don’t accompany Chou League。”Appreciation makes it a smile。
“Can’t escape!”Penalty evil。
Taking the Kune Deer and the Kung Fu,Many martial arts quickly escaped,How much is it?,Also here,Basically, it is already all people!
Chu Deirers are selling everyone a face,Help delay a few words,Appreciation of good penalty and evil is also a face for selling Chu people.,Say a few words accompany him。
But then the Chu Deiren once again blocks the road.:“Two people want to ask people.,One can have one thing,Chu Mou said……”
“Is it an ant tomb??Chu League,We are all sent by them.。”
Plus all true education Ma Yu is also in the Tianchanda,Appreciation, make it all at all。
“Ancient tomb is naturally not to say more,There is also a thing……When people in the rivers and lakes gather,The initiative invitation is really fast,but……It is also necessary to,Wait until the Fuyang Wulin Conference,I hope that the two don’t close the Sanxiang area.,To avoid misunderstanding。”Chu Deirers serious warning。
If the Xiangyang Wulin Conference,Appreciation of good throws and evils in Sanxiang,I am afraid that there is not much people dare to go.!

“Ok!well done,I really don’t have time,Which little box do you give me“Xia Jian rubbed his head,Said weakly to Mu Rong Sisi。

Mu Rong Sisi packed the small box with a bag for Xia Jian,Asked with a smile“Is it something for a woman?!“
“Don’t ask“Xia Jian smiled slightly,Went downstairs with the bag,
A look at the watch,It’s past ten o’clock in the evening,Waiting to rush back to Xiping Village,Even if it’s almost 11 o’clock,I don’t know if Zhao Hong will fall asleep,Thinking of this woman,Xia Jian was full of energy,Go back!
In the dark night,Xia Jian riding his own car,Running like the wind,He wants to see Zhao Hong as soon as possible,Seeing a woman who makes herself feel excited when she thinks of her。
Xia Jian rode to the entrance of the village,Put out the fire,Pushing the motorcycle back home。
Over eleven o’clock in the countryside,Almost all started to sleep,Xia Jian’s family is no exception,Everyone is in the hospital these days,Although it’s a sick room,Left a bed for the escort,But where to sleep,How to sleep,How can this be relative to home。
Xia Jian parked the motorcycle gently,Took a look at Fang Fang’s room,Her room is also dark,It seems that this time has also exhausted her。
Feeling black out the door,Xia Jian leaped over the wall of Zhao Hong’s house as light as a Yan,Familiar with the road, he touched Zhao Hong’s door。There was a gleam of light in the crack of the door,this means,Zhao Hong hasn’t slept yet。
Xia Jian walked over,Tapped lightly,Zhao Hong lowered her voice and asked“Who?”
“I”Xia Jiangang finished,Zhao Hong opened the door,Then dragged Xia Jian in,Then quickly plugged the door in from inside。
“Can’t you do this,This knock,Easiest to be heard by others”Zhao Hong dressed in clothes,Said a little unhappy。
Xia Jian glanced at Zhao Hong’s curvy body under his thin pajamas,A stoop,Picked her up,Said with a chuckle“The problem will be solved soon”
On the big kang,Zhao Hong lay in Xia Jian’s arms,Playing with the phone Xia Jian gave her,Women sometimes,Easiest to satisfy,Zhao Hong is no exception。“This phone is so beautiful,I like it so much“Zhao Hong said,I turned around and kissed Xia Jian on the face。
Xia Jian quietly told Zhao Hong how to use this phone,Said suddenly“Forgot to apply for your card,This thing is not stuck,Can’t call“Zhao Hongyi listen,Pretending to be angry and turned off the light,The night is starting to not be quiet again。

“it is good!But this Xia Jian is no ordinary person,He is the general manager of the venture group,Secondly, this kid is very capable。The best to bring him down, Just run away,Must not fall into the hands of the police。and also,In case you get caught,Do you know what to say,What not to say“Wang Youcai lowered his voice and said。

Wu Wu smiled and said:“Boss Wang!Have been with you for so long,I still understand the rules on the road“
“Hey!Gao Wei and Lu Monkey didn’t come to look for things again, right?!”Wang Youcai asked again。
Wu Wu shook his head and said:“No,The momentum of our group is great now,Ordinary people don’t dare to provoke us。I think Pingdu is standing still。of course,Boss Wang’s social relationship is not so hard,Smart people will avoid us”
“You can listen to me,Don’t tell who i am,understand?If you miss the wind,You know that I am a rich man,Not just beating you。And your subordinates,Everyone has to take care of his mouth,You have to make a rule about this“When Wang Youcai said this,,Very serious face。
Wu Wu nodded and said:“Boss Wang!Someone is looking for us to protect the place for them,And ask us to collect debts,Do you think this kind of business can accept?“
“Pick up!As long as there is money,These businesses all follow,But you have to train people in this area,There must be tricks in everything,Can’t just hit。Then you can expand your team appropriately,Bring a few more people out,So you’re relaxed。Just let them do general things“Wang Youcai said ambitiously。
Wu Wu is happy to hear it,Didn’t I become a leader?!This guy laughed:“Don’t worry, boss Wang,I will get this done soon“
Wang Youcai yawned,A look of sleepiness。Wu Wu sees it,said laughingly:“Why don’t you call Chen Na over?,This woman keeps asking you these days“
“no need,I’ll go back to the mountains in a while,I can’t bring Tianwa out,You two cooperate in action,Xia Jian is really hard to deal with“Wang Youcai said,Deliberately glanced at Wu Wu。
Wu Wu immediately stood up and said:“Don’t worry, boss Wang,I can handle this,Don’t bother Captain Laotian,Just let him figure out the stall in the mountain“
In fact, Wang Youcai deliberately agitated Wu Wu,Since he said so,This sly guy called on the phone and said:“Candid,not very clear,But you squat for two days at Donglin Building,Feel the bottom,Meet a real person,Remember to act,Understand?”

Xia Jian patted Chen Erniu twice on the shoulder,A few words。

Xia Sanhu yawned and said:“I think you still don’t go,They all drink like this,Go to sleep”
“Nothing!You go back!”
Chen Erniu turned around and left after speaking,He staggers a bit when he walks,Feel unsteady。
Xia Sanhu smiled at Xia Jian:“It’s really not worrying,It seems I have to follow,In case something happens,That’s not good”
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Optimistic about him,He seems to have drunk a lot tonight”
Xia Jian finished,Waved at Xia Sanhu,Then turned back home。When he came home,Everyone seems to be asleep,The whole courtyard is quiet。Xia Jian turned around,Close the door gently,I went back to my room。
I didn’t expect Ma Yan to sleep,She wore a nice pajamas,Leaning on the quilt and reading。Xia Jian walked over,Hehe smiled and said:“Not asleep yet?So hard”
“Conscience,Isn’t they waiting for you??Wouldn’t you be drinking when you drive?!”
Ma Yan said,Then climbed over,She put her nose to Xia Jian’s mouth,Sniffed hard。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I said you don’t drink。Moreover,The road to Shuijing Village is all mountain roads,And the curvature is big”
Xia Jian said,Turned around,He took Ma Yan into his arms,Kissed her on the face。
Ma Yan whispered:“Go to bed now!It’s late”
Xia Jian nodded,He took off his shoes,Just about to undress,Suddenly the phone rang at this moment。Xia Jian’s brow furrowed,Thought,It’s this time,Who is it?
Xia Jian has a look,Xia Sanhu called,He couldn’t help but tremble in his heart。
First2680chapter Persuade
Xia Jian quickly answered the phone,Xia Sanhu’s very anxious voice came over the phone:“Come to Chen Gui’s house,Chen Erniu and Wang Youcai are fighting”
Xia Jianyi listen,Quickly jump under the bed。Ma Yan asked angrily:“what happened again?It’s midnight and people can’t sleep?”
“Chen Erniu and Wang Youcai fought at Chen Gui’s house,I have to go and see。This bastard doesn’t make people worry,Just not let go,But he has to go,Sanhu followed,But he still fought”