About five thousand years have passed,A news came,Only then did Li Ming know how decisive Phoenix’s revenge is。

Phoenix takes the ancient heaven,Taking advantage of the sentence mang to enter the chaos,Suddenly attacked and killed the golden god。
Maybe I don’t even know,He secretly incited Gonggong and Zulong to be dug up。
Ju Mang learned the news,Coming from the chaos。
But now it’s too late!
Phoenix personally leads Zhou Tian’s star battle array,Inspire endless starlight energy from chaos,I turn into endless flames of profound Yin!
Jin Shenling received this crazy siege,Although I tried my best to resist,But never escaped death。
But the last fight before death,However, the actual gods and demons of Pangu Chaos can see the strength of the Golden Ancestor God。
The nine sword lights that burn all divine power,Hit the phoenix hard,Even more into the Zhou Tian star battle array。
The phoenix who met the enemy with the gods and demons was seriously injured by the knife light,Even the left wing was cut off。
And the ancient monster clan has suffered heavy losses,Most of the first batch of people of all races who have cultivated to Daozu were killed and injured。
but,Ye Shou is dead after all。
He provokes Zulong and Gonggong’s decisive battle,The Fall of Ancestral Dragon。
But only after a short time,He followed in the footsteps of Zulong,Become the second fallen ancestor god in Pangu Chaos World!
Be his friend,After Mu Shen Jumang returned to the Chaos World of Pangu,Everything is late。
An angry Jumang shot and killed the seriously injured Phoenix,But the phoenix uses the law of Nirvana,Regain the top。
Phoenix and Jumang fight,It almost fell apart,Out of the Chaos。
But on the other side,The Yaozu Heavenly Court follows Phoenix’s arrangement,After spreading the story of Liaoshou and Styx’s co-work with the dragon,Also attracted the attention of Nuwa Fuxi。
finally,In Fuxi、Under Nuwa’s intervention,Phoenix and Jumang,The two huge forces stopped the war。
After all, the secret calculation reappears,Ju Mang has no position to fight with Phoenix anymore。

This is not the scouts of the mighter.!

“Jinquan Mountain?”
Duan Zhao is very familiar with this topography,There is a water tower on Jinquan Mountain.。The Jinlong Temple in the mountains is sitting next to the mountains and eats water.,People in the next day。
Now the Jinyang army with the gods of the city, the hot fire seems to have not affected the temple that is self-sufficient.。
“Jinlong Temple.!”
This name is very uncomfortable in the heart.!Feeling this is like Gao Baoyi“Tailor”Like the name, even the name is so“Survey”。
Isn’t Jinlong Temple not going to have a gold dragon??Is this a fate??
Duan Yi people think of the nightmare of the night, he seems to premonstrate as long as the Jinyang army is eliminated.,Almost no power to prevent Gao Bo Yi from getting what he wants to get.。
Money beauty is floating clouds,Nine-five positions,Is the ultimate pursuit of Gao Baoyi!
And in Duan Zhaoxin,He didn’t care about it.。so,It’s more like a chaotic thief.!
Why is all people now in mind that they are unfaithful people??
It’s already in the gods that I haven’t walked.。
It is nothing to do with strength.。You have power,can“Shake and white”,Even if I am black,Can also be washed into a white swan。
If there is no strength,Then I can only be buckled with a hat.,You speak, no one will listen to those who hear,It will also be installed.,Because you can’t bring any benefits for those people。
The world is like this。
Duan Yu sighed,Unable to sway your hands,Didn’t say anything。
Go to the handsome account,Tang Wei still counts the remaining grain,How long can it be supported?。See Section,He asked whisper:“Why is filial piety??”
“Gao Biyi may have reached our eyelids.,He wants to touch our bottom!”
Duan Yuxi said,End is already iron。
“This is very in line with Gao Baoyi。I am going to explore news,Get the fact that you may not believe。”
Tang Wei said with a sound color:“At the beginning of the Jiangnan Battle,What you will get defeat,That’s because it is a great name to make a name.,Just watching around you,Then reveal important intelligence to Chen Baoxian!
Today, he has a tribute,Jinquan Mountain,I am afraid it is not good.。”
I heard this pair of hands and holding fists tightly.,For a long time,The last face is laughing:“I also didn’t expect this little animal heart to deeply。”
“So eaten beast,How can it be a small animal??”
Tang Xiao laughed:“In fact, this is also a chance.,Not as good as”
He made a movement of a wipe。
“Just screaming in the report,I just thought about it.,Just always hesitate。”
Duan Yifan ass sitting on the cold loop,Looking at the account of Tang Yu:“How long has it??”
“Save some,About one month。”
“If you are fighting, I am afraid that it is ten days.。”
Grain consumption,It is completely two concepts when he is resting in the big camp.。Tang Yu’s words are very clear,At the moment, it is no longer hesitant.,It is necessary to quickly open the passage of Jincheng to Henan.!
Then,Okay to wash robbery,Grab!What to see?!
Only in this way,In order to be a living road in the dead road。

Yang Li received the second day of notice,Jin Xijie has already taken people.。

And Jin Xijie is now dressing up, it is no longer the previous kind of dress.。
He is currently dressed very low,But the temperament has made anyone can’t ignore。
I heard the things of Jin Xiger take over the artificial lake.。
Shi Jinxiu first, there are some sitting.。
After all, Yang Li is here,What is he said,Yang Li can also promise。
After all, he said the head is the road.,Yang Li is obviously a meaningless existence。
But my heart is not at the end.。
After Jin Xijie,Did not do any changes,How to do it or how to do it?。
Just three days,Shi Jinxiu is also loose。
Because he also investigated Jin Xijie,Jin Xijie is still unbearable,It is a blend of today’s status.。
To say hard strength,Maybe you are not as good as Yang Li。
I immediately told him some people who bought in this time to ask Jin Xijie asking money.。
And this leads in it is Zhang Erqiang’s father.。
Zhang Fugui is now not the previous Zhang Fugui.。
Don’t say that your son has the ability.,It is also a lot of earnings with Li Hui Feng.,Even already have a special excavator team。
I can even say that as long as it is in this town,Him,Can make the excavator of the whole town not to do a project。
Such rights expansion,Also let his mentality expanded。
I even feel that I can take a look at Li.,But thinking that Li Hui’s take care of him this year.,He also did not make things。
“What are you doing??”
Jin Xijie looked at the excavator of downtime,Looking at the smoke in the quiet swallowing。
Zhang Fugui looked at Jin Xijie’s appearance,It is also some dissatisfaction。
“I first said a good Monday finish money,It’s just a week today.,We want to settle money。”
“Settlement pay,Your excavator is not done all.?”
“You are a settlement money?,Still force?”
Jin Xijie’s practices for Zhang Fugui,I am very dissatisfied with my heart.。
in the city,On his three-way land, there has never been such a thing.。
This person in his eyes is lazy and want money.。
It’s just a typical bullying.,Bulder Yang Li。
“We don’t force the palace,Just want to settle money。”

Gu Yi Lin looked up at Gu Anan:“I thought you have your ability.,At least one week is enough,I didn’t expect you to use ten days.,I overestimated your ability.,You want this Gu’s,I give you。”

Gu An An, I heard this.,Look at him in confusion,Face nervous,“How did you know?”
Gu Yi Lin laughed at her sarcasm,“Do you think that what you have done is very secure??Now go to the conference room。”
Gu Yi Lin said to go out。
Gu Xihong and Lin Dami also looked at each other.。
Also followed the meeting room。
Gu Anan,Some uncomfortable heart,Do not,Those shareholders don’t dare to reflect,Those who are in secretly doing,All evidence is in her hands,She is the biggest winner today.。
She followed her confident that she went to the meeting room.。
In the conference room,Gu Yi Lin arranged a good reporter,Already waiting in the conference room。
Gu Anan saw Gu Yi Lin arranged a reporter.,Some uncomfortable heart。
Gu Yi Lin wants to do something?
I saw that Gu Yi Lin’s temperament, such as Hua’s sitting。
I saw a public reporter.,Slightly,Junyi’s face,The luxurious temperament comes out,Let people look at the pleasing。
“Dear reporter friends,Please come here today.,I want to share a very happy thing to share with you.。”His elegant voice,Slowly pass in everyone’s ear。
A female reporter smiled and asked:“Overall,I heard that you are so long ago.,What happiness is now??”
Gu Yi Lin smiled:“This is indeed a very happy thing for our Gu family.,Our house,There is also a daughter,I was lost when I was six years old.,Now we finally found the sister.。”
“Oh!Who is she??”Another male reporter also questioned quickly。
Gu Yi Lin smiled:“Mrs. President of Gu’s Group,Blue Xin,Is my sister。”
Gu Anan’s eyebrows looked at Gu Yi Lin,How can he announce the identity of Gu Yilong in such an occasion??
“Wow!It turned out to be the Lu Group Design Director。I have seen the sister,Natural beauty,Beauty is crushing some red actress,And ability,Let Lu Group have improved the first year of the nearby city.,Especially winter clothing,Just throughout the winter。”
“Yes,This dress on my body is this spring product.,Wear very comfortable,Style is also very good,It is said that,Is their husband and wife and people design,I feel very happy to wear it.。”
Lu’s Group has always been a goal of chasing the news media.。
But you can dig enough from Lu Haozheng’s news.。
Now this news is an explosion.。
“Congratulations on,Congratulations,Found your own loveless woman。”
Gu Xihong and Lin Dami also laughed,They didn’t expect their son to publish this time.。
The reporter looked at Lin Deman and Gu Shihong and smiled.。
Gu Jiahe Lu family became a family,In this river,Does anyone have the status of Blue Xin??
That is just a princess living in the castle.,What’s more, Lu HaoCheng’s favorite,Everyone is obvious to all。
Gu Anan at this time,Just like a forgotten person,She stands behind those reporters,Eye wave is full of angry。
Gu Yi Lin faded at this time:“But today I will also publish a bad news.。”
Hear a bad message,The scene is quiet down.,Even those shareholders have some uneasy look at Gu Yi Lin.。
Gu Yi Lin’s ability,It is also obvious to all in the company.。

“Huang Xiaoding will follow you,You know him so well,”Flying wolf releases his kindness。

From now on, he and Qin Hao will be special forces of the same status,On potential,Qin Hao is bigger than him。
“Thanks a lot,Flying wolf,I’ll go down and make arrangements,”Qin Hao quickly left。
Qin Hao is still a polished company,make,The team did not start to form,Now there are only two of him and Huang Xiaoding。
To find a good seed,Form the team as soon as possible,We must go to each unit to select elite special forces as soon as possible。
This is the same as taking the college entrance examination,The college entrance examination is a way to select talents。
Someone admitted to Qingbei,Also admitted to the excavator。
of course,In the first place, every company chooses the best talents。
Qin Hao and the others have the same idea,Pick the best in special forces。
In this way, they can better add this strength to their team.。
What makes Qin Hao different from other team captains is that,He only needs the elite among the elite。
Nothing else,Not more。
According to Qin Hao’s vision,Their team only accepts up to eight people,Plus ten people including him and Huang Xiaoding。
Why he thinks so,I just want to be a sharp knife in iron and blood,Fangs。
“Brother Hao,I have arranged everything,Are we going to be one step ahead of others,”Huang Xiaoding said casually。
“Correct,Our team is short of people now,Can’t let them get ahead,”Qin Hao answered。
“go,Let’s go to the Spike Brigade,”Qin Hao smack his lips。

suddenly,Chen Erniu and a few villagers ran in with Fang Fang, who was in water,Zhao Hong sitting in the office on the first floor,Couldn’t help asking loudly:“Mr. Xia?”

Fang Fang said while vomiting:“President Xia was washed away by the river”
Zhao Hongyi listen,Head buzzing,No response for a long time。Chen Erniu sees it,Shouted at Mo Yan:“Take care of them”After talking, people have left the village committee compound。
Hundreds of people have gathered at the entrance of the village,It seems that everyone knows that Xia Jian was washed away by the river,Just listen to an old man:“children,Xia Jian was washed away by the flood because of our Xiping Village,So even if you find it in the sea,You have to find him too”
Chen Erniu with red eyes,Arranged loudly,The villagers dispersed by themselves,Along the river,Start looking down。
Rain last night,Surprisingly big,Just a few hours,So that the Xichuan River soared,On both sides of the original river,Have been washed away by the big water。
Due to the construction of the embankment in Xiping Village,In addition, the river was cleared in advance,So the big water just washed down a river bank at the turn of the village entrance,It happened to be caught up by Xia Jian and Fang Fang。
It’s easy,Easy to vent,Chen Erniu led the villagers down the river to search,Zhangwangcun, the nearest to them,Don’t say how miserable,Because the debris in the river has not been cleaned up,The river was forced into the village,Many houses collapsed,The team in the village is a wolf,There are crying from time to time,Sounds very sad。
Zhang Er followed closely behind Chen Erniu,He sighed and said:“President Xia rescued our Xiping Village again,If it weren’t for him, our Xiping Village would be worse than this Wang Village“
“Yes!I was a fool,I almost didn’t listen to him,Almost became a sinner in Xiping Village“Chen Erniu sighed,Nervously searching on both sides of the river。
On both sides of the river bank,The flood has drained,All that is left is mud,There are some trees that are plucked up by the roots,What’s more terrifying are the dead bodies of some animals,As soon as I see these,Chen Erniu felt sad。
Xia Jian, this kid,Fu Da Ming Da,But this time I’m afraid it’s too bad.。
“Chen Erniu,What are you doing in the river?“Ouyang Hong leads a group of cadres in the village,Passing by the country road,She shouted。
Last night,Ouyang Hong answered Xia Jian’s call,I haven’t slept,She calls from village to village,But no one believes。This is not,Someone came to report to her before dawn,Said this village was hit by a disaster,Which village is in distress again,So busy her。
“Mayor!President Xia was washed away by the flood this morning“When Chen Erniu said this,Are crying。
Ouyang Hong can’t believe her ears,Asked loudly:“What are you talking about?“
Deputy Mayor Zhao following her,I have heard what Chen Erniu said clearly,He whispered to Ouyang Hong:“It seems that President Xia was washed away by the river“
“Bastard!How to say?“Ouyang Hong’s bloodshot eyes stared at Deputy Mayor Zhao fiercely,Roar loudly,It seems that this accident was caused by Deputy Mayor Zhao。
Zhao Fuzhen is not angry,But whispered:“Don’t worry,Before the matter is inconclusive,Everything is possible,And our manager Xia,He is not ordinary,Fu Da Ming Da,There should be nothing wrong“
Ouyang Hong panting,Calm down,Whisper:“Come this way,Zhangwang Village was the worst affected,The key is the vegetable greenhouse that Xiping Village helped them build,Basically destroyed,You hurry up to the market,Give a detailed report on the disaster situation here,Especially when Mr. Xia was washed away by the flood,As a key report“

When Deputy Mayor Pang announced that Wang Degui was the director of Xiping Village,The Xia family in the venue almost disappeared。

An election is over,Xiping Village has restored its former calm,The villagers know,No matter who is the village director,You still have to grow it yourself,Pie will never fall from the sky。
The village director has,Of course you have to have documents,Women director,In addition, do we have to come with two team leaders?,I can’t let Wang Degui do it alone!Anyway,He is also a village head,He doesn’t need to go for some small things himself。
Wang Degui’s house is really lively these two days,You come to me,Didn’t Deputy Mayor Pang say something when he left?:“Lao Wang is the old leader of Xiping Village,What kind of person can use,What kind of person can’t use it,He should know it best,So this team work,It’s up to Wang Degui to decide”
Thus,Many people ran to Wang Degui’s house,See if I can get a job。
Finally sent away the last person,Chen Yuejuan quickly closed the door,A little angry shouted at Wang Degui“You dead old man,Why is it so awkward,I think it would be nice to have Wang Lijun write you a clerk,and also,Team leader can’t make more,Let me tell the people in the village,Second, there are too many people to work, you are not tired“
“shut up,Did you accept the gift from Wang Lijun’s mother??Any other team leader,You thought it was before,A village can be divided into three or four teams,It’s different now,No withdrawals,You pay these people’s wages?“Wang Degui won’t wait for Chen Yuejuan to finish,It’s just a scolding。
Chen Yuejuan only takes care of receiving gifts from others,I didn’t expect things to be so difficult now,It’s really different from the original。
Wang Youcai sitting in a chair,Seeing father and mother quarrel again,Had to talk:“mom!Something like this from now on,You still less involved,Wang Lijun is not a good thing,This election,Almost broke in his hands,Fortunately, Chen Gui and the others helped,Or we will really miscalculate this time“
This Wang Youcai,The changes during this time are really big,It’s like a different person,Even Wang Degui sometimes feels that this son doesn’t recognize him。
“What do you think about this?“Wang Degui glanced at Wang Youcai,This vision is full of infinite trust。Chen Yuejuan sees it,Turned his face aside like jealous。
Wang Youcai stood up,Sat next to Wang Degui,Lowered his voice and said:“This Wang Lijun has been outside all these years,Really learned a lot,But this person is thinking,Not good to be by your side,But don’t give him face,He is against you in the village,To say that our family is not afraid of him,But more is worse than less,Let her wife be the director of women!“
“Hey!son,with your’s,Good job,Simply kill two birds with one stone“Wang Degui slapped his thigh with joy。
Chen Yuejuan gave Wang Degui and his son a double glance,Said coldly:“Humph!Women director,What bird use in Xiping Village,I heard that Song Fang is still a secondary school student,It’s hard to tell if she is wrong,Don’t be happy too early“
“mother,Don’t say these useless,To say literate,Zhao Hong has no less ink in her belly than her“Wang Youcai was excited for a while,Actually mentioned this woman again。
Chen Yuejuan looked at her son regretfully,Asked quietly:“Did Zhao Hong leave Xiping??I feel I haven’t seen her for months“
Wang Youcai nodded silently,Can see,He has not forgotten Zhao Hong,But this woman,Quietly,There are still rumors in the village,Zhao Hong is here to find Xia Jian,For this sentence,Wang Youcai couldn’t sleep for a few nights。
The team of the Xiping Village Committee was soon formed,And also announced at the gate of the village committee:Village committee secretary,Part-time by the town,The village chief is naturally Wang Degui,The female director is really Song Fang,The most surprising thing is,Which Chen Gui is the document?,This guy is sneaking around,Done a lot of bad things,Didn’t graduate from junior high school。

Yao Junli picked up the remote and clicked it,A beautiful bedroom appeared in front of you。Yao Junli walked away,This wall is closed again。

Thus,Throughout the office,Only Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong are left。Xia Jian glanced sideways at Ouyang Hong,Only then did I realize that the face of the superwoman who was a bit ambiguous with him was a little haggard。
“What the hell happened?If you still think we are friends,Just tell me”Xia Jian lowered his voice and said。
Ouyang Hong said that her eyes were red at this time:“Something went wrong in the marriage,I can’t figure it out so I came to Yao Junli to play,But she insists on calling you up。I also know,You have a lot of things recently,Sorry to trouble you”
“Your leader is getting more and more outside。We have had friendship for many years,Your business is not necessarily that I can help you,But you can tell,The straightest code will send it a little bit。You hold it like this,Will be sick。You see that your mood is really bad”Xia Jian said patiently。
Ouyang Hong sighed and said:“My husband cheated,I want to divorce him,I didn’t expect his family to come to my house to threaten me”
“What a bastard!Things between you,How can I let my family participate。But you have to think about it,You are different from ordinary people”Xia Jian couldn’t help yelling。
Ouyang Hong suddenly rushed over,Put an arm around Xia Jian’s shoulder,Crying loudly。It seems she is really going to collapse,How much aggrieved。
Xia Jian sat still,Until Ouyang Hong cried enough,Vent all the unhappiness in my heart,He took the facial tissues on the coffee table to her。
“Finished crying,We should seriously consider this matter。You already have kids,So think twice about divorce。Moreover,There are too many temptations outside this world,There is no cat that does not eat fishy,This sentence is not false。I’m not justifying our men,I just told the truth”
“So you have to seriously consider this matter,If you can give him a chance,Just once!As the saying goes,A hundred years of cultivation,Sleep together for thousands of years。You can get married,Explain that you also have destiny”
Ouyang Hong listened to Xia Jian and trained her like a lecture,She couldn’t help but lifted her foot and kicked Xia Jian gently.:“do not talk,You men are all the same”
“Since you think so,Then forgive him!It’s for the children”Xia Jian quickly persuaded。
Ouyang Hong shook her head and said:“Impossible,I have forgiven him three times,But he still doesn’t repent”
“Forgiven three times?Then he’s embarrassed not to divorce this marriage?”Xia Jian asked strangely。
Ouyang Hong sighed and said:“We have long since lost our relationship,He does not divorce because he is afraid of affecting his career。So keep dragging like this,Maybe our union,It was a mistake at the beginning”
Xia Jian heard Ouyang Hong say this,He doesn’t know what to say。As the saying goes,Ning demolished ten temples,Not ruin a marriage。He is persuasive?Still persuade to leave?

Her ambition is not big,Don’t expect to master the strongest way。

Can reach the level of ordinary Taoism,She is satisfied!
A moment of breakthrough,She didn’t hesitate。
A chaotic force appeared,Crazily flooding her body,Even forming a chaotic vortex around the temple of the gods。
An instant,The Divine Pupil Palace moved General Hui Lei out of the palace!
but,General Hui Lei doesn’t care。
Under the guidance of a strong obsession,The Tao tree in her body keeps growing,From a world of thirty-six thousand feet to the extreme,Keep climbing to fifty-four thousand feet。
On behalf of her‘Black’with‘Cyan light’Two fusion paths。
Tao tree keeps growing,The crystal in her body is constantly evolving,Increasing number。
Simultaneously,Divine body、Mana also changes!
quickly,Her power、Mana is increased a thousand times,Reached the level of a monarch!
“One Entry Daojun,But the carp jumped into the dragon gate,And it’s easy to reach the second step。Just three steps,Also have absolute certainty。”Return to Thunder。。Do not,Daojun Hui Lei’s cold eyes are full of surprises,“I can also serve as the elder of the sect,In one day,I will return home,Kill yourself。。。”
Right in the temple,Fengying Daojun’s body is covered by gray air currents!
Fengying Daojun,Are the three disciples of the ancestor of Tianqiong。
he,It is the origin of the chaotic ancestor of a chaotic world,He is the ancestor of wind in that chaotic world,Step into the world early。

Snow covered all sin and killing。

“Let it go,Down on the mountain。”
Gao Bao stands up,Four towards Tri Jade Master:“Master is not helpful,But this heart is felt.。
Today’s war is,Master is still in the city.。”
“Do not,I want to go to Luoyang.。”
The real jade master said slowly.。
what?What are you doing??Don’t you want me?“Honored”?
Gao Biyi face,Some embarrassment:“Yucheng is the most prosperous city in Qi,And will be more prosperous in the future。Master is going to enjoy it??”
“Do you think I care??”
Zhen Jade master asked。
If he is really,Will not be still monk,I still bother to run as a Taoist,Come back and forth multiple times。This is born is a person who is idle.。
“Master is in the temperament, people can’t stand instant,Be a foreground。”
Gao Baoyi face was beaten,He is when he,No one has hit his face like this。
“Just don’t want to see your priestous face,I hope you are so good.。”
The real jade master faded the arms,揉 揉 酸 胀 四,Turned and walked to the backyard of Jinlong Temple,It seems that there is no interest in talking to Gao Baoyi。
Gao Boyi ignores the armor on the ground,Turn straight towards the top of Jinlong Temple。He got a lot of things,Going to the peak of power,That location,I can even see it again.。
However, he also lost a lot of things.,Some old people,Choose no longer work with him。
These,It is the cost of growth。
one day later,Duan Zhao is in a big camp,suddenly,The leader came in.,Hand holding an arrow,Top of a letter。
“Goddess warrant warranty to the front of the big camp,Not waiting for us to react,He rides a horse.。”
Drafting will be tied to Duan Yao。
“Go out,No command,No one can come in。”
Duan Hao’s face has been overcast, you can drop the water.。
Waiting for the soldiers,Duan Yue this only demolition,Direct view,Sure enough, Gyeonggi, Datun, Gao Bo。
I think of my elite knife to die.,Duan Yuxin is in the blood。It’s just that things have passed.,No matter how embarrassed Gao Bo Yi,That is not in trouble。
Everything must be seen forward,Because the time has been nervous, there is no need to commit any mistakes.。
“Duan Duan,There should be no more food in the big camp.?Are you anxious??”
The beginning is such a sentence,Duan Zhaoqiang angry,Continue to see。
“Your believer,Buried in Jinlong Temple,If you have a chance,Remember to pick them。But it is estimated that you will not have the opportunity.。