I don’t know how far I ran,When the youth’s energy is about to run out,Finally saw the dense clouds and mist ahead like cotton,Overwhelming,Can’t see the side at a glance,There is also the sound of waves hitting the rocks,It should be blamed on the beach?How can I not see the sea?

Puff,Teenager fell to the ground,Looking up at the clouds and mist extending to the sky,He seemed to see a ray of golden light tearing through the clouds,In a place of desperation,That golden bloom suddenly,He breathes hard,Want to see what happens next,Will the weirdo appear with the golden light?
It’s a pity he is too tired、Too weak,Or in a short moment,The golden light appeared too fast、Too dazzling,The boy still fainted,And at this moment,The broken knife that had been buzzing came out,Lasing into the sky,I was submerged in that golden light in an instant。
“Don’t think you can hold on,The attributes of fusion have not been fully utilized,Until then,The pain of tearing the soul,You can’t bear it。”
Chaos Little World,juvenile‘eternal’Standing on the top of the mountain,The chaotic matter around is spinning fast,Many substances fuse in rotation,Gradually take shape,It began to settle under the power of the law of a young man,At first it was a solid ground,And soon there was bluestone、Wilderness、Grass slope、pond、Sand dunes and more。
The teenager is talking to Li Tianchou beside him,There is no longer the calmness and elegance of the tone,Replaced by threats,Obviously, Li Tianchou’s soul is underestimated,But there is no better way for the time being。
Hunk‘destroy’Already gone,And the boy has more arms,Also have more eyes,Add the original binocular,It has a weird look with two eyes on the left and right under its forehead,But it doesn’t affect his still delicate face,It just feels more fierce。
seal‘Creation’The white piece of is gone,Without a trace,In juvenile‘Fusion’Has been fully integrated into its body under the law of。
In this way,The strength of the four rough stones is superior,‘Creation’Weakest,Has been swallowed by the teenager as a whole,And the big guy‘destroy’Second,Seems to be struggling in the boy’s body,The extra pair of arms and eyes are proof,Despite the auxiliary role of immortal spar,It’s hard for a teenager to digest it in a short time,To swallow the law with the power of the law is a great risk。
Only Li Tianchou has not changed,He is sleeping,Trying to retrieve the fragments of memory once lost in my sleep,Soul Lock,The outer barrier is just the light blue bubble,Seemingly weak,Break with a poke,But let the boy‘eternal’Exhausted,It’s hard to break through this barrier。
The boy‘Conservation’It is hard to accept and unthinkable,The destructive effect of immortal spar is huge,Li Tianchou swallowed the most,How can I still be unable to win the opponent?In view of the danger,The boy still dare not use brute force too much at this time,It’s just constant transformation and motivating the power of the law,Attempt to break the barrier。

Li Hui Feng, this exit,I have gathered a lot of people.。

I haven’t waited for him.,Those who have prepared for Li Anti-style are also started.。
“Boy,well said,Today, I don’t participate in your street feast. I give me a meager force.。”
“Correct,Count me in。”
“Just rush your mind,Don’t eat, I have to help.。”
Say,Several people go directly to the previous part of the donation box and then take a hundred,Two hundred of the inside。
After a while, I will have a long dragon.。
This curtain is in the eyes.,Le in the heart。
Code his plan success。
“friends,Unused,I feel like this is moral kidnapping.。”
Li Hui Feng’s exit,The big mother wearing a gold wearing silver is still interested.。
“What moral kidnapp?
These are our voluntary,What is the relationship with you??
“that is,What is the relationship with you?。”
I heard this,Li Hui Feng is also a bitter look.。
Xu Laifu saw already successful,When it is connected to the microphone。
“All right,This donation is voluntary,Personal strength,No need to have hundreds of thousands,You are a piece of money.,Just。”
“Here are a few words to ask our Ye Shi.,How about it?”
Ye Shuangzhou has a leader,I am also a glimpse of Xu Lai Fu.。
After all, there is no such thing.。
However, since Xu Lai Fu said so,He can’t go to the stage。
I immediately think about letting the leader have a few words.,But the leadership is very obvious to see the performance of Ye Shuangzhou.。
Ye Shuangzhou is also a bitter laughter:“Today, I didn’t want to speaking.,After all, I came to speaking, I will delay everyone to eat the water.。”
“I have, I have a lot of words.,But see so many friends from the four seas from Wuhu, gather together.,I am not nonsense.。”
“Spring Festival,Today is also Laba Festival,As the saying goes, Laba is the year.,I wish you all a happy New Year in advance.,May all go well with you。”
“Old village,You hurry up to the message.,Look at people’s villagers are waiting.。”
Xu Lu Fu listened to this,It’s also smiling and going。
“Good,Since the secretary of the leaf is so urgent,Then others are definitely anxious.。”
Immediately, Xu Laifu is also a few villagers who are not far away.:“Lotus village,Flow water feast now!”
This is finished,salute,Firecrackers ignited directly。
With the firecrackers,Rapida has a strong venom taste。
And a hot talented talent was also gathered on the top of the head.。
At the beginning, there are also visitors to buy it.,But those who quickly arranged Yang Li directly took someone to eat and drink.。
Sorry more than tourists,There is also an anchor for the double boat。
Di Xiaorou,Ma Xiaoliang,Zhou Qiaoqi them also came to Lianhua Village again.。
Di Xiao’s fans have been cardd in the top of 2 million,I have no big breakthrough。
Ma Xiaoliang is almost。

A few bodyguards came soon!

“I have a way to wake her up quickly!”
Fang Yu rang,There is a silver needle in the pocket。
“you are a doctor?”
Gou Yi doubted。
“Let’s go!”
Fang Yu pondered。
“Go down!”
Gou Yi ordered。
Then take Fang Yu with him。
Come into the room,Fang Yu directly took out the silver needle。
Few stitches,Gou Hui opened his eyes soon!
“Head hurts……Why am i at home,I am not……”
Gou Hui rubbed her head,Looked around in confusion。
Also noticed Fang Yu。
“You have a purpose……Why didn’t you do it in the first place?”
Gou Yi saw this magical scene,Shout at Fang Yu。
“what happened?Little brother,Why is he here……”

“You think clearly,If not,Get in the car in a while,Don’t even think about getting off the car for at least two hours,Pull it up with you。”Tao Meng got angry,Specially lighted a cigarette。

An Yongxiang can’t help it,Rising blush and thick neck,Still nothing,Tao Meng is really not interested in talking nonsense with this guy,Lift this guy’s body,Punch it on An Yongxiang’s lower abdomen,Not strong,But very particular about the location,A little bit lower between the colon and the belly button。
This punch is a folk remedy,Not for constipation,But to have a stomach,In the case of unfavorable cable,Very effective,An Yongxiang’s face turned green at the end,Tao Meng pinched his nose for a long time,It’s so easy to wait for this to be neat,When I returned to the Jinbei car,Old Gu Zheng was holding a big wooden plate and looked around。
“Damn,Where did you go,Scared me,Almost calling someone。”Old Gu looked nervous,Maybe come later,He really wants to call Wen Feng and the others。
in fact,When I got off the car just now,Tao Meng looked at the second floor,Wen Feng、Liu Yongzhi and they are in a private room by the window,He saw Liu Yongzhi,Similarly, Liu Yongzhi also saw them,Just make eye contact between the two,Wen Feng was talking to the waiter at the time,Really didn’t look back and noticed the window,But Ji Xuejun should have seen it too,It doesn’t make sense not to say hello to Old Gu?
“This guy has a stomach,I will take him to solve the problem,I’m bothering Brother Gu。”Tao Meng quickly explained,It’s not easy for Old Gu to bring three dishes and one soup in person,He repeatedly apologized、Thanks。
“Don’t be so polite,Should。Although this is a small place,But arrogant,Bring a plate,Have to run by yourself,no way,Who makes business good。”Old Gu put the plate in the van,“Eat slowly,Not enough to shout,We are in the private room by the window。”
Old Gu just left,The phone on Tao Meng’s waist vibrated,It’s a text message from Liu Yongzhi,There are only four words on it,“Wen has a problem。”
Tao Meng surprised,But didn’t look around,But calmly pulled An Yongxiang into the car,He doesn’t know how Liu Yongzhi saw Wen Feng,But in his opinion,Wen Feng is just so sophisticated,By contrast,Ji Xuejun wants to have problems,It just feels a little bit,Not strong。
Four dishes and one soup in the tray,taste、The color is very attractive,But Tao Meng completely lost his appetite,Liu Yongzhi’s text messages from this stall are meaningful,Old Gu personally delivers food,If he also has a problem,There are countless opportunities to poison the vegetables,This is very scary、And it’s impossible to prevent,But An Yongxiang’s eyes are green,Looking at Tao Meng with eager eyes,Does that mean you can eat it??
“You just want to eat it,Good launching,Wait。”Tao Meng looked around,Don’t shy away from An Yongxiang,Took out a delicate bag from his arms,It’s the treasure he carries around,There are two parts inside,The left side is different in thickness、A weird tool that does not exceed the length of a finger,He picked the thinnest、Mace-shaped tool,Silver shining,Made of sterling silver。
Then he opened the zipper on the right side,Turn out a palm-sized plastic bag from the inside,Inside are rows of slender compartments,There are colorful things like paper strips,Without any label and description,But Tao Meng is very skillful in tearing apart the compartment,Pick a yellow from the inside、One green、One red three-color paper,Then put the plastic bag away carefully。
“police officer,What are you doing?”An Yongxiang despite the flood of saliva,But seeing Tao Meng act so cautiously,He is a little worried。

“Then the divorcee who befriended you can’t be seriously injured,How do you explain?”Take over the conversation immediately。

“Dao Xiu got hurt too?”Li Tianzhen was surprised,He left the other party with small blue beads,He promised to crush the beads and call him whenever he encounters difficult problems and dangers,From beginning to end,The bead didn’t work。
“Are you nonsense?Otherwise see you,We have no grievances with you,Glad to point the gun at you?”Gu Changfeng pretended to be angry,Actually want to use words to stop this endless questioning,There are more important things to talk about,Speak with facts,It’s meaningless to spend so much talk,And he can see,Old man Dong always has a trust in Li Tianchou。
“Evidence in everything,Logical,What caused the Hudao people to hurt,I want to meet this person to know。”
“This is not in a hurry,Step by step。”Old Dong’s Hair Talk,Just choke the topic just now,His original intention of summoning everyone was not a single questioning Li Tianzhu,I don’t want everyone to be trapped in a small circle,But to jump out of these things,Look at a higher level,in other words,Old man Dong doesn’t doubt Li Tianzhi,What he cares about is the big picture,of course,I want to stop everyone’s mouth to prove that,Li Tianzhen must bring out things by himself。
“I just talked about the explosion of two space fissures,By accident?Is there any inevitability??You are more familiar,Talk about。”
“On the surface it is isolated,If you really want to contact,Currently only Panmang,This demon doesn’t know what means he used to summon the great god and demon in the space rift,He used the rift in Wuming Mountain to summon the North Ming of the Asura Realm and the Wide Area Mingjun of the Nether Realm.,After the Wuming Mountain collapsed,Panmang went to Xinglong Mountain again,The gods and demons who are trying to summon are not yet known,The crack exploded,This situation is a bit complicated。”
Seeing Old Man Dong was very interested,No one else objected,Li Tianzhi explained the details of the trip to Xinglong Mountain,Calculate with your fingers,When the rift exploded,In the space channel, the six-headed gods and demons were actually trapped,Including Li Tianzhu’s three monsters,Lianbao Tianzun、And the wide area Mingjun who ran in for some reason,And the great god and demon that Panmang tried to summon。
“How strong are these gods and demons?”
“Very strong,Should be at the same level as Panmang,Three or four monsters combined may not be able to beat a wide area underworld。”
Old man Dong looks awe-inspiring,The two Taoist leaders were even more surprised,Secret road,It’s pretty good?If this Pan Mang is to be summoned like this,How many powerful gods and demons will come to the mortal world?Will the world be in chaos by then?
“It is a pity。”Gu Changfeng looked regretful,He has seen those powerful monsters,Trapped in the space channel,The chance of surviving is slim。
Lao Gu is the one who cares most about these combat methods,The war puppet has made him fall in love,Besides, it’s a much stronger monster,There are endless things in Li Tianzhu’s hands,Getting better,He wants to come over,Because the monsters from other worlds are getting stronger and stronger。
Others don’t care about Gu Changfeng’s sigh,They pay more attention to space rifts,This thing has become the main thread of this struggle,From appearance to disappearance,Not long,Very weird,I don’t know what it means,But it always feels bad。
“Pan Mang summons powerful gods and demons,What is the intention?Didn’t it mean that many worlds were destroyed??So where do these gods and demons come from?How did Panmang establish contact with it?”
“Still unknown。”Li Tianzhen shook his head,“Not easy to guess,Unless Panmang is captured alive,Or go to the other side of the space rift in person,However, the known rifts,Only Liuyunguan is left。”
“Then,According to you,There is no solution?”Casually sneered。
“Not without solution,But it’s hard to guess。”Li Tianzhen is also welcome,The same sneer replied,He paid special attention to these two Taoist priests today,Seen before,Never dealt with,So few impressions,But if it really comes out with ulterior motives,He took the evidence,He won’t give anyone face,Even search for souls on the spot,I also need to find out who is ugly。
And the instructor is also abnormal,Or not today,It’s been low-key for a while,Rarely speak,Don’t even speak,This is completely the same as the instructor in his memory,In Shura Secret Realm,When the Great Asura God was captured alive by Dayan,He once saw a face exactly like the instructor,So there was doubt,The relationship between this instructor and that instructor,But after paying attention for a long time, there is no clue。
Old man Dong waved his hand impatiently,Show that you don’t have to be entangled,Then turned to Li Tianzhen,“The situation abroad is similar,We have got the intelligence of three crack explosions,Plus two domestic,There are five places in total,Because the other party blocked it tightly,No more detailed news for now,But this series of explosions is like a lock reaction,Concentrated in a short time,What’s hiding behind this?Is something we still can’t reach?”

Broad bean picks eyebrows,“and also,Lao You tied up Feng Biao’s family,Can’t contact now,It is not clear whether Feng Biao himself is dead or alive。”

Li Tianchou took a breath,This is a disaster。Everyone is cautious about living in Fukuyama,Walking on thin ice,And just got a foothold,Not too aggressive,Otherwise, you may cause trouble for yourself,Even the catastrophe,Liu Qiang’s warning is not a trifle。
The responsibility is not everyone,It’s all because of my negligence and wrong judgment,He didn’t expect Uncle Geng’s death to stimulate everyone so much,Like a dry gunpowder bucket,Will explode violently at any time。Whether Wang Fan and others were blind or carefully calculated,Choose to provoke and destroy at this time,It is undoubtedly the faint Mars。
Zhang Wen and Qi Baozhu’s affairs are not too big,Ordinary fights,As long as it doesn’t kill,All easy to solve。But Peng Weihua and You Shilong’s problem is serious,Especially the old tour,Even if the family who tied Feng Biao broke the bottom line,Even the rules of the arena are ignored,This is the rhythm of death。
The trend is obvious,I really deserved Fu Er’s word,Go back to the old path of fighting and killing。Experienced so much,Li Tianchou knows very well,Once you fall into the grievances on the road, it will be difficult to extricate yourself,Unless you kill all your opponents。Suddenly came up with such a thought,He is a little unbelievable。But have to admit,The problem before me is really no choice,Unless you let Yuxing evacuate Fushan as a whole,But where can i go?
Thought of here,Li Tianchou’s breathing suddenly became a little short,Cold sweat on palms。It’s so simple between birth and death,After working hard for so long, I still can’t get around,I was finally forced to do this……Then let it come。
Li Tianchou gradually calmed down,Start to figure out what’s in front of you,The urgent task is to find You Shilong,And as soon as possible to find out Feng Biao’s life and death。In addition, Liu Qiang must also explore the reality,No matter how the opponent reacts,At least before letting go。
“Where do you live now?How did Lao Zhu arrange it??”
“Still live in the courtyard,Old Zhu said he would wait for you to go back,Hide Qi Baozhu and the others first。”
“My grass。”Li Tianchou shook his head and didn’t know what to say,I’m afraid Zhu Lei is also forced to be out of action,This posture is to be ready at any time。
at this point,Pursue what is no longer helpful,Li Tianchou thought of the thought that suddenly popped up just now and said nothing。Xiao Song on the side was obviously uneasy,She knows each other,Suddenly become silent in front of such a big event,It must be the surface tranquility before the storm。
The car has left the mountain,Li Tianchou took out his phone,Unexpectedly, he dialed the first call to Wu Fang。
“Oh my grass,You are coming out,It’s upset outside, don’t you know?”Wu Fang’s loud voice came from the microphone。
“Just knew。I won’t say thank you,I want to ask Yuan Hua for a favor。”
“Ha ha,Your kid has been missing for a few days and changed sex?Speak,what’s up?”Wu Fang is as refreshing as ever,And from his tone of voice, you can’t hear the so-called“Upset”Anxiety and boredom。of course,These things had nothing to do with him。
“Brother Mask, do you remember??”Li Tianchou asked slightly。
“Of course,A strange man。”

“If Zheng Yao first, they are ready.,Deliberately delay the attack time?,Ten miles of gun emissions are very neat,And the radio adjustment is very accurate,Can I really do it for half an hour??Wine long,That’s a thousand meters.!”

NS265chapter If you have doubts, you must check it out.
Ding Mi Village said that the wine beauty Huiizi will not be,First of all, this thing is not her hand,The length of the class was a ferry,According to her, she didn’t know the trip of the prince in advance.,According to Ding Mun Village, it should be a consulate or dispatch army.。
The dispatch army has just arrived in Shanghai soon,Info is the senior military officer, and the prince is used to dine.,Basic allper jade,Who will disclose,Is there a wisdom leader and a deputy director of Rockjing,This is not a nonsense。
At that time, the intelligence class was not unfair to investigate,The final answer is that Zheng Yao first, according to the team to judge the prince’s dining place, mortar bombing,No other explanation。
“Ding Dynasty,Killing God is impossible to be the people of our military,You have more!”
“Wine long,Is it possible to be a special person??”
“Ding Dynasty,At that time, the princes of the prince looked around the world.,Who will discret!”
“Don’t you know??”Ding Mun Village did not know this detail,
“I can affirm the prince’s itinerary is top secret.,Special high class is never known in advance,And the officer who knows this thing is full of jade,If you want to doubt,That only left the wisdom leader and the deputy director of the rock.,Because the people who only leave them only。”
“Not dare,I just think this is very embarrassing.,Just all my guess,Please ask the wine well class long.。”Ding Mun Village is not daughter to doubt two consuls,
“so!Ding Dynasty,You have now a lot of tasks now,That is to find this killing。”Wine Yi Yibei said,
“You still have to transfer the mission of the sea tomorrow.,Don’t do something wrong。”
“Already prepared,Guarantee。”
Seeing Ding Ding Village,Li Shun, who waited in the side asked:“Director,Do you talk about the special view of tomorrow’s bank to save people??”
“Slogan,I have seen some top secret files in Tanaka.,Well,Daji cow thirteen,Qiushan Yazi and others are all sentenced to the judge combination,Zheng Yao is just a chartered command,He has now left Shanghai,That sentence combination,Five Agent Group,Killing God and the mysterious female master?”
“Director is to say they are still in Shanghai?”
“Some days ago, the combination of judges and Tan Lin also killed six people.,How suddenly disappeared?。”Ding Mun Village,
“However, Zheng Yao first killed Li De Mao judges and killed the gods. They did not appear.。”
“That is no longer,So there is no need to appear。”
“Director’s meaning tomorrow they will appear?”
“I feel that they will appear!”
“They want to save people!?”
“Do not,They want to kill people!I am too understanding that my last name is.,He will never let the killing of God have a sentence to save people.,Because he is very clear, people will not be rescued.,But he will not take a risk to let Hezheng first trial,I will send someone to send him a process.,So tomorrow is the last chance。”Ding Mun Village is very peaceful,
“Director, you don’t go.,I take people。”
“Do not,If it is really killing,Judgment combination they shoot,I will not let them suspect。”
“But this is too dangerous.!”
“Tomorrow, according to what I said,Nothing danger,Maybe we can also grab the combination of killing gods and sentences.。”
“Can be shipped in the sea,Will they know??Do you want to spread this news?,But this is already,I am afraid I haven’t come.。”
“Hahaha……”Ding Mun Village is laughing,Laugh:“Slogan,No need to spread this news,If you have ambush tomorrow,Then there is a problem in the meeting room today.。”
“Only wine well class,Long pool class,Bamboo,Director,I,Tang Huimin,Grace leader seven people,Who is there a problem??”

“Hey!This woman is also true,Divorced twice,Not living honestly yet,I don’t know what she thinks”Ouyang Hong said puzzledly。

Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“She is taking revenge on Chen Erniu,Is also taking revenge on Xiping Village,Of course it’s revenge on me。She thinks she has fallen to where she is today,Was given to her by Xiping Village。This woman is going crazy,Really can’t underestimate,After all, she is the one who swims through the big rivers and lakes”
“Revenge on you?I just don’t understand”Ouyang Hong looked suspicious。
Xia Jianchao and Ouyang Hong beckoned,Let her sit close,So he told Ouyang Hong about the matter between him and Song Fang quietly.。After listening to Ouyang Hong,Glancing at Xia Jian and said:“Your bone,I don’t know how many more to coax…”
That’s it for Ouyang Hong,Self-knowledge,Smiled embarrassedly,Busy stopped。
Xia Jian had a few bites of food,Just laughed:“Things are like clouds,Don’t mention it。There is a more serious problem at hand,Your government will come to a solution”
“what is the problem?“Ouyang Hong couldn’t help asking。
Xia Jian glanced at Ouyang Hong,Speak slowly:“The number of enterprises in Pingyang Town is increasing,And the surplus labor in Pingyang Town is also a lot,But no one is available,The villagers still don’t work for me,Why is that?“
“The villagers will plant the land,They can’t do many things in the factory,So there will be these problems you said“Ouyang Hong said sharply。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“So your government has to come forward,Free skills training for villagers。For example, start by learning some simple English“Xia Jian analysis layer by layer,Tell Ouyang Hong one by one。Ouyang Hong listened very seriously,He thinks what Xia Jian said,Is the key to solving these problems。
This meal lasted until ten o’clock,Xia Jiancai and Ouyang Hong got up,Bid farewell to the dozing off lady boss。When they talk about work,I forgot about people in this village going to bed early at night。
Ride on a motorcycle,Here comes the problem,Where are you going back??Going to the town government of Pingyang Town is just a frustration,But Xia Jian knew,at this time,Ouyang Hong will never go back。

Sun Yao, who was arguing with Xia Jian, saw the call Qin Xiaomin was calling him,He couldn’t help being surprised。Does Qin Xiaomin already know that Xia Jian is in his hands??It should be impossible!He wanted to rectify Xia Jian,It’s done tightly,From the fake police last night,Get Xia Jian here today。

He has always sent someone to watch,Then fortify layers,What I’m afraid of is being noticed by others。What does Qin Xiaomin mean to call him??Sun Yao’s phone keeps ringing,He dare not pick it up easily。
Xia Jian standing on the side has seen the clue,He laughed and said:“Qin Xiaomin’s call!Don’t hurry up?Your chance to express yourself is here”
Sun Yao glared at Xia Jian and said:“If you dare to speak when I speak,You don’t want to go out here”
Sun Yao threatens Xia Jian,But he still connected。Qin Xiaomin’s aggressive reprimand immediately came over the phone:“you are dead?You won’t answer the phone I have been on for so long”
“Yo!What’s wrong with you so angry”Sun Yao smiled and said to Qin Xiaomin on the phone。
At this moment,Xia Jian, who was optimistic about the opportunity, jumped behind Sun Yao step by step,Shouted loudly at the phone in Sun Yao’s hand:“Qin Xiaomin!I am with Sun Yao,He invited me to drink”
Sun Yao furious,But everything is too late。Just listen to Qin Xiaomin shouting loudly on the phone:“You two are bastards,I won’t let you go”Qin Xiaomin finished scolding,Without waiting for Sun Yao to speak,Where did you hang up the phone。
An angry Sun Yao glared at Xia Jian and said:“You are an old birthday star hanging himself for a long time!”
“Don’t be ignorant of good people!I do this to give you a step down,Otherwise, how will you end this matterDo you really want to kill me,Not too bad!Although you are very powerful now,But killing people is not so simple。If you want to ruin your life,Then do it now!Anyway, Qin Xiaomin already knows that I am in your hands”Xia Jian softly threatened Sun Yao。
Sun Yao gritted his teeth with anger,But Xia Jian was right,He can’t get angry,I have to find myself a step down。Otherwise, it will be really no good for him。
Qin Xiaomin who hung up was so angry that he almost overturned the table,She can’t figure it out,How can Xia Jian be with Sun Yao this time?And according to good analysis,These two people are not familiar,There should be only one side。Not to mention that Sun Yao has nothing,I look down on Xia Jian at all。
That Xia Jian just yelled on the phone that Sun Yao invited him to drink,It seems that this is a bit strange。Qin Xiaomin walked out of the hot pot restaurant,She stood on the side of the road to calm down for a while,I felt that it was no accident that Sun Yao and Xia Jian were together。
Thought of here,Qin Xiaomin immediately called Sun Yao over,This time Sun Yao’s call was received very fast,One call,Qin Xiaomin said in a commanding tone:“Sun Yao!I want to see Xia Jian in half an hour,You figure it out!“

About five thousand years have passed,A news came,Only then did Li Ming know how decisive Phoenix’s revenge is。

Phoenix takes the ancient heaven,Taking advantage of the sentence mang to enter the chaos,Suddenly attacked and killed the golden god。
Maybe I don’t even know,He secretly incited Gonggong and Zulong to be dug up。
Ju Mang learned the news,Coming from the chaos。
But now it’s too late!
Phoenix personally leads Zhou Tian’s star battle array,Inspire endless starlight energy from chaos,I turn into endless flames of profound Yin!
Jin Shenling received this crazy siege,Although I tried my best to resist,But never escaped death。
But the last fight before death,However, the actual gods and demons of Pangu Chaos can see the strength of the Golden Ancestor God。
The nine sword lights that burn all divine power,Hit the phoenix hard,Even more into the Zhou Tian star battle array。
The phoenix who met the enemy with the gods and demons was seriously injured by the knife light,Even the left wing was cut off。
And the ancient monster clan has suffered heavy losses,Most of the first batch of people of all races who have cultivated to Daozu were killed and injured。
but,Ye Shou is dead after all。
He provokes Zulong and Gonggong’s decisive battle,The Fall of Ancestral Dragon。
But only after a short time,He followed in the footsteps of Zulong,Become the second fallen ancestor god in Pangu Chaos World!
Be his friend,After Mu Shen Jumang returned to the Chaos World of Pangu,Everything is late。
An angry Jumang shot and killed the seriously injured Phoenix,But the phoenix uses the law of Nirvana,Regain the top。
Phoenix and Jumang fight,It almost fell apart,Out of the Chaos。
But on the other side,The Yaozu Heavenly Court follows Phoenix’s arrangement,After spreading the story of Liaoshou and Styx’s co-work with the dragon,Also attracted the attention of Nuwa Fuxi。
finally,In Fuxi、Under Nuwa’s intervention,Phoenix and Jumang,The two huge forces stopped the war。
After all, the secret calculation reappears,Ju Mang has no position to fight with Phoenix anymore。