Let’s not counsel,Hit hard,Beat to death!”

“cough、cough……” Principal Zhang Tiande saw their brothers and sisters talk more and more disgusting,Coughed and said:“All right,Finished chores,Time to be serious。
Student Chen Han!”
“For whatever reason,Beating is wrong。”
“can……But my brother said,Wan Zhixing should fight like this……” “cough、cough……” Chen Xiu quickly interrupted her and said:“To shut up,Listen to the principal’s instructions。”
“it is good……Ok。”
Zhang Tiande had a headache,Met such a parent,Really hard,Rubbed his temples and said:“For you,Our school decided to give you a penalty。”
“principal,This……Is it too heavy,She is still a child,Big over on the file,Impact on further studies!”
“rest assured,This record is only temporary,As long as Chen Han doesn’t make any mistakes before graduation,When you graduate, you won’t really keep the bottom of the file。
And this makes all the teachers and students of the school know,No corresponding punishment,How to control other students in the future!”
Chen Xiu nodded and said:“Understandable,I’m causing you trouble this time。”
“Do not,I disagree!”
Chen Han said unconvinced:“I’m correct this time,I do not accept。
If you want to punish,I don’t read it!”

He looked at the Xianxiang again.,I saw the other side of the eyebrows to watch the cavalry team below the high platform.,It seems to be aware of what is wrong。

“Qi Wang,But what is wrong?,朕 精 精。”
Yushu asked some unsolicited。Since A Shizuzi, I sincerity Qi Wangfu,Yu Hao is getting more and more eye-catching。certainly,There is no direct conflict between the two people.,At least no tear。
“His Majesty,This extends,Not good supplement,The secretarian is worried, the less you.,Helmet horses are very expensive。”
The confrontation between North Zhou and North Qi,No five years ten years,It is difficult to divide the victory.。Such an elite cavalry is actually not the most needed.,It is better to change into infantry and light ride。
Yu Hao is very happy,Learn about the strategy,But specific tactics on the front line,But a little known。in other words,He is a favorite“Take your head”Person who decides things。
“Take your head”Decided to be a bad thing??Do not,actually“Take your head”Decision,Most of them are correct,According to the past experience。
For example“Take your head”Decide to go to the door to eat a meal,“Take your head”Go out in the evening。
Similar thing,Actually a lot of many,A person’s energy limited,It is impossible to study everything.,Everything in everyday life,All“Take your head”decided。
However,The average person takes the head,Due to the head,If it is wrong,The problem can be big。
“Those walks,Just like wheat,Cut another one。Only the essence of ride can reverse the Qiankun at the critical moment,These things,You don’t have to worry。”
Yu Yu,Armament,Yu Xian does not know,This is also what he continues to sit in Qi Wang in order to not let the military.。
some things,You sit to the location,Seeing the angle of the problem will become different.。
“Stop,Oh, there is something,I’m leaving。”
I have been disgusting by Uyure.,Yu Yu also has some appetite,It seems that the prestige of the blacklifet,Also become fragrant。
When he leaves,Upper hilarious。When is the emperor?,Nature is your own idea,Will not be around you。Sometimes the other party is really wrong, there is no way.。
If the Tang Wei is separated from the street of narrow and dead,It’s hard to believe this is Zhou Guodu for Chang’an。A city is still divided into three small towns.。
Such a country,Can really defeat the Qi Guo, who is controlled by Gao Bao??
Tang Yu’s brain flashed a question that made himself scared and fear。If Yu Hao can’t do it,So who can do it??
This thought is quickly pressed by him.,Because,No matter how future,Be working hard。Revenge hate,His motivation,Although I can’t get something that he once looked up。
But you can pull Gao Bo Yi to pull the horse,That is also。
“Small man,God is really eye-catching。”
Tang Wei light sigh,Shake the head secretly。
NS1077chapter ready(2)
At this time, Changan’s courtyard,Compared to the city or other hidden city,To be rough and simple。Why do you like this?,In fact, it is said that,It is necessary to start from the Qin Qin to enter the master.。
The 氐 氐 is the so-called“Fifty”one,But they are more thorough,Miscellaneous with Han people on weekdays,Differences between each other and others“Fourhuum”compare with,Have a lot of small。
But this is not the most critical,The most critical problem is,They are for Changan’s architectural style,Brought a very different impact。
The most significant characteristics recorded in the world,It is that they are living with the roof house.,This has detailed in the history of ancient Chinese architecture.。
氐 人 is relative to other fourhu,Comparison,But they are used to cover the cover,You can’t say that there is no need at all,Just playing the building with the Han people,Not a routine。
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“Funeral。”The little dragon girl said the answer。

“what?”Chu Deiren ate。
“It is Wang Zhongyang‘Funeral’,At the beginning, Wang Zhongyang was avoided in the ancient tomb.,Benedict by the ancestors,Later, betted the ancient tomb to the ancestral teacher.,There are still many‘Funeral’,Probably the military capital of Wang Zhongyang,Some of the remaining red goods do not。”Li Mozhen said with a few things。
Red goods,Ancient Co-Characters, etc.,Generally, the people of the darts and the robbery,That’s it……
Means of,This should be regarded as Wang Chongyang falls.“small change”,The quantity and those big treasures,Naturally, not much,But a few mouths that are not prosperous with the ancient tomb.,Sure enough for a long time for a long time。
This is probably Li Mozhen“There is an antique word painting”Prototype!
Seeing Chu Dee people looking at yourself with the same eyes,Li Mo realizes the word,Can’t help but embarrassing topic:“You gave the head,I didn’t bring any greetings.?”She also said“Birthday”。
“How not?Everyone has!I have brought a grandself and Lingbo.。”Chu Deirers said a lot of……
“what is this?”Li Mozhen is so proudly。
“I have special to go to Chongyang Palace.。”Chu Deirers said。
“Chongyang Palace?You are sure‘specialized’,no‘In one way’?”Li Mo slammed。
Mu Yiqu is curious about her,After being observed by Li Mo,Come quickly to twice。
I always feel this“Antician”,And imagination seems to be a bit different……
Chapter 266 The old door is finally entered
“Saying that it is usually the old man.,How do we celebrate this time??”Chu Deirers considered it。
“18-year-old birthday,Is there anything to celebrate??”Li Mozhen frown。
At this time, the custom of the big rivers and lakes,The ancient times in the impression of Chu Deirers,Usually done a life,And not three——Thirty years old、Forty-year-old young people,Be no longer,Celebrate the most at home。
Older,Or is over the age、Full 20 and crown,Take a specific ritual。
In the original, Yang has gave Guo Wei through the 16th birthday.,It’s entirely in trouble。
“What experience do you all??”Chu Deiren looked at some other people,Everyone is shaking head。
“Your hometown‘Birthday’How is it to celebrate??”Huang Rong learned this word,Asked the Chu Deirers。
Chu Deirers thought about it.:“Candle,Then blow off!”
Candles in ancient tombs,After the blow——Listening is very“Ceremony”,And it is a bit of a meal!
“There is also……Longevity noodles,Pastry。”Chu Deirers continue to say。
Obviously still releared!
When Sun Phada came back,Sure enough, I entered the old tomb.,Very dissatisfied,Huang Rong and Mu Yuqing see Sun Phane、Look at the Chu Deirers——kindness,This is the ancient tombs should have painting wind.。
Fortunately, I know that the two are coming to the little dragon girl.,Sun Korean did not have a stiff face。
Although I didn’t say anything,But Sun Phaka bought back rice noodles and vegetables、Oil salt sauce,Also bringing a lot of preserves who don’t buy it.——80% is also the birthday of the little dragon girl。
What to blow candles in the tomb,Think about it,Everyone just eats and drink.,Say some words,Xiaolong female expression changes seems,However, in fact, there is some wave。
Usually there is no such lively……
Because of the environment,In Huang Rong、Mu Yizhen,This is already“Cool off”,However, for the little dragon,already“lively”undoubtedly。
During the year, Sun mother-in-law will not give the small dragon girl.——In fact, the little dragon girl was taken back to the tomb.。

Immediately,Jingpu looked at the red face in front of Lingju and said seriously:

“Or,You run down,I fly slowly in the sky,Wait for you?”
Chapter Thirty Three Thunder Cloud……I was scolded by seniors?!
When the sun slowly rises from the mountains of the Divine Sword Sect,When wisps of red clouds appear,In the sky,Jingpu and Lingju ride a dragon horse together,Rush to Qinghe Town。
Jingpu also feels it’s not good to let Lingju run underneath,Mainly at first Jingpu was afraid that the two would sit together,If I accidentally bump into Lingju,It’s going to be considered a pervert again。
At this time, Lingju blushed and sat in front,Head down slightly,Those beautiful eyes,Looking around randomly,Lingju’s heart is very unstable now。
Jingpu sits behind Lingju,Fortunately, Ryoma is huge,Although they are not far apart,But not close,Almost half an arm’s distance,Jingpu also deliberately separated from Lingju。
It’s just Lingju’s long hair like an ink,After Longma ran up,Floating to Jingpu’s face every now and then,Lanxiang Guifu,Fragrant。
Jingpu, the man in the last life who didn’t even hold a girl’s hand,I’m really complaining now,Especially this Lingju is still such a beautiful country。
Of course,Jingpu has no other ideas,Although I praised Lingju’s appearance before,,But Jingpu only appreciates Lingju。
Jingpu knows his identity,I’m just a mortal,If you have feelings for Lingju,That’s just asking for trouble。
Let’s not talk about whether I am worthy,The key to the problem is,Jingpu is just a mortal,The biggest obstacle,Not strength,State or something,But life。
Cultivator,Eternal life,And this mortal,Live up to seven or eighty years,People are gone。
This kind of thing,Don’t expect,Jingpu’s requirements in this world are very simple,Alive,Live well,Live quietly。

The village chief said nothing,But Wu Wu’s eyes stared,He dare not not。The moment Wang Youcai got in the car,Then I felt that I was alive again。

When I return to the ordinary city again,it’s getting dark。Wu Wu wanted to set a table for Wang Youcai,It’s shocking,But after what happened last night,Let Wang Youcai have a different understanding of life。He has to stay alive,Otherwise too arrogant,May not survive old。
He didn’t go to the hotel,But went to Chen Xiaoju’s rental。He rented this house to Chen Xiaoju,Keep the key with me,But I haven’t used it recently。Wang Youcai thinks,Maybe this place is safer than the hotel。The most important thing is that he doesn’t want to see any acquaintances now。
Wang Youcai asked Wu Wu to drive around the road several times,Then put him down。He walked into the apartment where Chen Xiaoju was renting。
Pingdu at eight or nine o’clock in the evening,Seems extremely quiet。Wang Youcai is walking,Keep paying attention to the people around you,As the saying goes“Once bitten by a snake,Ten years afraid of well rope”If he was more careful last night,I won’t be held hostage by Mason。
Take out the key,Skillfully opened the door。The lights are on in Chen Xiaoju’s bedroom,Just listen to a woman shouting:“Who?”With sound,A beautiful woman walked out。She wore a loose、A little translucent pajamas,The whole body is full of infinite attraction to men。
Wang Youcai took a closer look,This woman is not someone else,I was called out by Chen Xiaoju last night“Xiaoping”Woman。This woman also recognized Wang Youcai,She asked with surprise:“Why are you?”
“Humph!I still want to ask you,Why are you here?”Wang Youcai said,Smoothly locked the door from the inside。
Xiaoping smiled and said:“I was frightened last night,Sister Chen asked me to rest tonight,So he lent his house to me temporarily,Won’t she let you come!”Woman talking,come over。
Looking at such charming Xiaoping,Wang Youcai sneered:“I rented this house to her,Do you still need her to say?”
“Oh!I understand”Xiaoping’s voice has not fallen yet,Was carried into the bedroom by Wang Youcai。
First0893chapter The beauty of the heart has been opened
As the saying goes“There is no cat that does not steal fishy”Xia Jian is the same。
Once he arrived at Yunmao Group,I was fainted by Tie Li’s beauty。I forgot why I came to Yunmao Group。He keeps going like this,How did Gu Yue tell me when he returned home?These very real problems,He doesn’t want to think about it,I just want to spend a day with Tie Li。

But Fang Yu’s method just now,It’s too hard。

Her old waist!
“Now it’s food……and,I thought it was just a meal。and so,I didn’t bring the silver needle……I have to go to the pharmacy later!”
Fang Yu slowly said。
“Miss Zhai,His silver needle therapy is very good。Let’s eat now……Is it possible that you want to get it right now?This was originally a restaurant,Not very suitable……”
Suo Yi reminded。
Zhai Yun knew she was too anxious。
So I smiled awkwardly。
“I go to the bathroom first!”
Fang Yu said something,Left the private room。
“how about it,I’m correct?”
After Fang Yu left,Suo Yi asked。
“Is very good……It didn’t hurt anymore。I feel,I hope to recover……And this does not require surgery……The hospital said he was going for surgery,I don’t have that time!”
Zhai Yun made sure。
“So the cooperative thing……”
Suo Yi looked at Zhai Yun,Smiled。
“Promise your thing,Won’t break his promise……Do not worry!The cooperation must be done……”
Zhai Yun said seriously。

When Xia Jian heard Long Haisheng mentioned the word Tongli。His brain buzzed。He remembered,Remember which photo Chen Xia took。No wonder he thinks this Long Haisheng is a bit familiar,So he is the one in the picture。Then he is Zhou Li’s husband。

Thought of here,Xia Jian suddenly realized。What kind of messy things Long Haisheng said just now,He just understood。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“I understand,You turned out to be Zhou Li’s husband。I tell you frankly,Zhou Li, I know her,We used to be colleagues”
“it is good!Since you know she is my wife,Then why are you still dating her?Before she married me,No matter what kind of relationship between you,I don’t want to manage,But she is my wife now,I don’t allow any personal affair between you”Long Haisheng said this,Gritted his teeth。
Xia Jian’s brain is spinning fast,He just understood。All the actions of Zhou Li,Are under Long Haisheng’s supervision。
He will meet Zhou Li tonight,May be misunderstood by Long Haisheng。This is really yellow mud falling out of the crotch,It’s not shit, it’s shit。
Want to explain this problem clearly,Is a very troublesome thing,But even if it is troublesome,He also has to explain,Otherwise, Long Haisheng will never end this matter with him。
“Long Dong!You may have misunderstood。I know Zhou Li,But that was years ago。She went back to Bucheon this time,The investment project is similar to one of mine,She wants to buy my company,But i won’t do it”
“I originally had dinner with Mr. Yang from Tianguang Group tonight。I didn’t expect it to look like eleven o’clock,Zhou Li called me,Said you have to talk to me about important matters,So I went to the hotel where she was staying。Because I can’t talk together,I went in and came out in a few minutes”
“You should be very clear about all this。What do you think we can have between us?”Xia Jian really wants to say that if there is an affair between us,I should sleep in Zhou Li’s bed right now。
The words came to the lips,Xia Jian swallowed hard again。He doesn’t want to be angry with this old man anymore。
Long Haisheng was silent,He walked around the room,It’s impossible for a while to be sure what Xia Jian said is true or not。It just happened,No man feels bad。
Xia Jian looked at Long Haisheng a little bit tormented,I was thinking。Old cow eating tender grass,I should have prepared for this a long time ago。But what Xia Jian was fortunate in was,His decision tonight was too wise。If he comes out later,Or he really has something with Zhou Li,That would be a big trouble。
Time goes by,Xia Jian looked at Long Haisheng’s increasingly gloomy face and said:“I don’t know if I should say something?”
“You speak!”Long Haisheng raised his brow,Said a little helplessly。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“Zhou Li and I were colleagues before,She is not bad。I mean,Since you are destined to come together,You should be honest。If two people are suspicious,I’m afraid I’m not feeling well this day”
“You are right,I have always believed in Zhou Li。She invests in the north alone,I never doubted her。It’s just that her behavior today is a bit abnormal,So I watched her secretly,I didn’t expect it was so late,But you went to his room,You said…”
Long Haisheng gets angry more and more,Speaking of the latter, I was so angry that I couldn’t continue。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“This time is indeed a bit late。But you have to believe,I didn’t mean to go so late,It’s that I sat with Mr. Yang for too long。Moreover,I didn’t even know Zhou Li lived alone。If i knew,I won’t go there”

“Aye!”Li Ming sneezed,Drew a tissue from the pocket,I wiped my nose and threw it into the trash can。Looks like he is also infectedRvirus,But with his physical fitness and immunity,The symptom of the disease is only that the nose is itchy。

“?”Li Ming’s eyes rolled,He saw about thirty meters away from him,A stray dog penetrating his head caught his attention。
“Some of us here throw the Tibetan mastiff directly outside,I’m not afraid of biting people?”Although this stray dog looks bad,But the height is also 70 cm,Extremely strong body,According to Li Ming’s visual inspection, it might be about 50 kilograms。
And this stray dog has red eyes,A bloody smell came out of the dog’s mouth,I don’t know what other stray animals were attacked。
Li Ming frowned,This large stray dog and ordinary stray dog are two different things,Very aggressive,Ordinary adults are hard to beat。
Hesitated for a while,Li Ming still doesn’t bother。After all, the current dog fans are very powerful,He can’t crawl along the network cable and kill one by one。Say again,Look at this dog’s sick look,I don’t expect to live long,Let him fend for himself。
Stray dogs,Is just an episode。
the next day,Li Ming got a bad news。
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Chapter 2 Despair to Hope
A.D.2015year1month8day,A student in Li Ming’s class,Less than half a month after returning home,Fell ill in bed,Merged in AD2015year1month8Died after rescue failed,This is also the first time a student of Li Ming’s school has died。
And this is just the beginning。
2015year1month9day,Mass deaths in urban areas,Disinfecting water has been sprayed on a large scale in public places。Factory shutdown,School closed,Only the medical and emergency departments are working hard,And the effect。。。Little。
This time the outbreak of the virus is terrible and its spread speed、The lethality far exceeds any plague in human history。

“I landed here more than 600 years ago,Do you think i can be unfamiliar!”

Zhu Huiwei pointed to the southeast and said:“Six hundred years ago, there was a fishing village ten kilometers away,The first time I sucked blood, I sucked up people from a fishing village there!”
Under the moonlight,Zhu Huiwei said these words as cold as autumn water,Chen Xiu is shuddering。
“About 100 kilometers to the south is Saigon, the big city of An Nan,There is a pier near the sea when you go north。”
Zhu Huiwei is very precious to the surrounding environment。
“Don’t say so much useless,An Nan people chase into Lin Ziren,Let’s think about how to escape!”
“Why run!”
“They have guns in their hands,Still submachine gun,Zombies can be penetrated!”
“I am afraid of them if the sea is not covered,Here they are the lamb,I am the wolf!”
“Is it bragging?,You know right away!”
Zhu Huiwei stood up,Jumped directly onto a coconut tree,Jumping high and low among the coconut trees like an ape,Disappeared in a while。
“Do not impulse……”
Chen Xiu watched him go in the direction of An Nan,Like to shout,I’m afraid of attracting An Nan people,I had to follow the direction where Zhu Huiwei disappeared carefully。