Shenyang Municipal Government delegation went to Shanghai Shenzhen to carry out precision investment activities

  (Shenyang Daily, Shen Daily reporter Han Bing) November 12-14, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, the Mayor Lu Zhijiyuan City government delegation went to Shanghai, Shenzhen, with automobile and components, information and communication technology, IC equipment, artificial intelligence, big data, smart city, biomedicine, business version of the industry and other industrial projects, aiming at the Yangtze River Delta, the key head enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region have carried out precision investment activities. The delegation founded the Shanghai General Motor Company, Fosun Group, China Resources Group, Huawei Company and other enterprises, and Wang Yongqing, General Manager of Shanghai General Motors, Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun Group, Wang Xiangming, and Dafu Holdings Group The president Gao Yunpeng, Huawei’s executive supervisor, the chief logistics officer, the vice president of Huawei, Yang Ruikai, president of the digital government, etc. The delegation and entrepreneurs negotiated in-depth discussing the key projects in Shen cooperation and discussed the problem of difficulty in solving the problem of project advancement. Shanghai General Motors will speed up the construction of new generation of Buick, Chevrolet compact car and its variant car projects, boost high-quality development of Shenyang automobile industry; Fosun Group will fully promote Shengjing Long City optimization, live health industry base project, all-round deepening Cooperation; China Resources Group will actively participate in Shenyang State-owned economic industry structure optimization project; the big laser group will vigorously promote the Northeast Headquarters project, help Shenyang to speed up the industrial upgrading to create a wisdom, strong city; Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. will accelerate the Liaoning Regional Headquarters, Zengpeng Ecological Innovation Center The construction of projects such as artificial intelligence computing centers play a role in building a new ecology of digital industries. During the investment, Lu Zhicheng introduced the entrepreneurial in the direction of the economic and social development of Shenyang and the "14th Five-Year Plan".

He pointed out that Shenyang fully implemented the important speech and instruction spirit of General Secretary in the Northeast, Liaoning, and accelerated the construction of "one hub, four-center" in accordance with the functional positioning of the national center city, and strive to promote industrial transformation, urban transformation and Social transformation. Standing at the new starting point, Shenyang has broad prospects, investment opportunities unlimited, I hope that entrepreneurs pay more attention to Shenyang and invest in Shenyang. Shenyang City will adhere to the "project as the king" concept, continue to optimize the business environment, fully support project construction, provide specialized service guarantee, and create good conditions for enterprises in Shen.

  Deputy Mayor Li Songlin participated in the investment activities in Shenzhen.

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The Central Propaganda Department awarded Zhang Guimei "Time Model" title

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 11, in the new era of the new era, the new era is depleted, and the Central Propaganda Department promotes the advanced deeds of Comrade Zhang Guimei to the whole society, and grant her "Times model" title. Zhang Guimei, female, Manchu, member of the Communist Party of China, born in 1957, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, in Dali Xi’an No.1 Middle School, Hualing County Central Middle School, etc. President, Pharming County Children’s Welfare Institute (Horseping Children’s Home) Dean.

  Comrade Zhang Guimei took the root of the frontier of the frontier for more than 40 years, silently, selfless dedication, in order to change the current situation of girls in poor area, in the parties and governments and the help of all walks of life, promote the creation of a free recovery of poor girls, 2008 Since the school has helped more than 1,800 girls walk into the university, use knowledge to change the destiny of poor mountainous area, and use education to block poor intergenerational delivery; she teaches educated people, Li Deman people, guide students from small to build a long-scale, advocate women Self-esteem self-reliance self-improvement, pay attention to the words and teachings, inherit the red gene, let "I feel the party, listen to the party, and the party" becomes the conscious pursuit of the majority of students; she is tough, Gandang ladder, with love and wisdom to light thousands of villages The girl’s life dreams, showing the noble teacher and responsibility of the contemporary people’s teachers, and known as "Zhang Mom" ??is known as the children.

She was elected as the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, won the honorary title of "National Excellent Teachers" "National Excellent Teachers" "National Education and Educational Medicine" and other honorary titles.

  After the advanced deeds of Comrade Zhang Guimei extensively publicized reports, he caused enthusiastic response in the whole society.

The masses of the majority of cadres believe that Zhang Gui Mi is the outstanding model of the General Secretary of the Practice General Secretary, "Four" Good Mr. "is a good example of the education poverty alleviation in the poverty, is the advanced representative of the new era, the new era. It is an outstanding people’s teacher with dreams of lit rural girls.

Everyone has said that it is necessary to take the "Time model" as an example, carefully study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, and more closely unite in the party center of the core of Xi Jinping as the core, strengthen the "four awareness" and firm " Four self-confidence, do "two maintenance", forge ahead, hard work, and strive to create new era of new era in the new era of socialist modernization countries, cast a new history. The "Time Model" release ceremony was read at the scene of the "Times of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the" Times "Times" Times "Times", played a short film reflecting the advanced deeds of Zhang Gui Mei.

The responsible part of the Central Propaganda Department was awarded Zhang Gui Mei awarded the "Time model" medal and certificate.

The National Women’s Federation, the Ministry of Education, the relevant responsible comrades of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, the representatives of local teachers and cadres and masses. (Editor: Yu Ziqing, Yan Yan).

The Ministry of Education is clearly compulsory education and non-discipline scope

Screenshot Source: Ministry of Education Website People’s Network Beijing July 30 (Sun Jing, Li Yihuan) Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the "Notice on Further Clear Compulsory Education Stage" clearly, "Notice" In proSports, sports (or sports and health), art (or music, art) disciplines, and integrated practice activities (including information technology education, labor and technical education) are managed in accordance with non-disciplines.

The reporter noted that the "Opinions on the Development of Students’ Workloads in Compulsory Education" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), the "Opinions"), the disciplines, non-disciplines Training and offline training) governance work has been clearly defined. According to the "Opinions", there is no further disciplinary school training institution for the new compulsory education stage, and the existing discipline training institutions are unified as non-profit organizations. The online subject training institution of the original filing is changed to the approval system. For non-discipline training institutions, all localities must distinguish between sports, cultural art, technology, etc., clearly and corresponding competent authorities, classify and formulate standards, and strict approval.

The discipline training institution must not be listed and financing, and it is strictly forbidden to work. It is strictly prohibited that non-discipline training institutions are engaged in discipline training, and school training institutions shall not occupy national legal holidays, rest days and cold holiday organization discipline training.

Personnel engaged in subject matter must have corresponding teacher qualifications and will be announced in the training institutions and websites.

"Opinions" pointed out that registration of existing discipline training institutions is gradually large, and there are excessive abuse.

For schools, after class service does not meet special needs of some of the economic development of some students, it can be appropriately introduced by the non-disciplinary school training institution to participate in the post-class service, and the education department is responsible for organizing and selecting, and establishing an assessment and exit mechanism. (Editor: Li Yihuan, Hao Mengjia) Sharing let more people see.

Ningxia Yanchi County launched new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control emergency drills

People’s Network Yinchuan November 3 (Gajiary) "Please wear a mask, scan the code temperature, verify the health code, register to be inspected, keep one meter distance …" This is Huamei Town, Yanchi County, Wuzhong, Ningxia A scepter of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control emergency drill, and Yanchi County has recently launched a epidemic prevention and control emergency drill in the county.

It is understood that the emergency drill of the new coronal pneumonia epidemic situation in Yanchi County, the two phases of "desktop performance + actual exercise", ensuring that the epidemic can respond to the first time, and the first time is disposed.

The drill, Salt Town surrounds the case of the case, a quick initiation response, a fast-scale disposal, fast flow traceability, etc., organized the emergency response seminars, and the relevant issues occurred from the situation to the active disposal of the key nodes. All staff systems have mastered the emergency laws, regulations, plans, and related policies of the epidemic emergencies, and establish information collection, record, reporting, and processing of the emergency disposal of epidemic emergencies. At the same time, Yanchi County adopts the field simulation method to show the positive case of neoguan pneumonia as a background. It is mainly based on epidemic discovery, emergency response, on-site assembly, on-site stream, on-site sampling, isolation, disinfection, personnel control, all nucleic acids Scenes and other scenes for emergency drills.

The exercise site implements the real real test, and the whole manner simulates a nucleic acid screening, science has divided into a functional area such as temperature measurement, temporary isolation zone, waiting area, registry, nucleic acid sampling area, seating area.

It is reported that Yanchi County combines the "desktop performance" and "practical drill", summarizes the exercise experience and finds insufficient problems.

Through the control of the key links, combing the workflow, refine the disposal, improve the emergency plan, improve the emergency disposal ability, and control the network. (Editor: Mu Guo Tiger, Jia Ru) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.

Qingdao Zhongxuan four square build China high-speed rail "gold medal"

  On January 22nd, China’s high-speed railway welcomed "Allair Warrior". The CR400AF-G new revival of the CR400AF-G, which is independently developed in Qingdao’s Square Share Company, from Beijing to Harbin. As the latest member of the revival number, the CR400AF-G type train group is a "alpine version" of Revival, with a special skill of cold and snow, can run at a speed of 350 kilometers at speed at a low temperature environment of -40 ° C, It is called the world "most antifreeze" high-speed EMU.

  "High Cold Edition" Revival is a member of the four-way railway transportation equipment industry in the middle of the middle.

In the four parties in the middle, innovation and progress have been happening: With the continuous improvement of innovative strength, the high-speed EMU will produce the speed of three columns every four days; from here, the urban rail subway train saves more than 100 lines at home and abroad; Product exports to 27 countries and regions in the world, becoming a beautiful "Chinese business card" to overseas.

  How is the "high-precision version of the" high-precision version "that can be run at -40 ° C high-speed running through the innovation breakthrough? Jia Xiangjie, director of the Shuangfang Co., Ltd., introduced that the new "Alpine Edition" rejuvenation number from the train used by the train, the electrical components, the steering frame, the steering frame, and the air supply, the air supply is low-temperature design, can Say "cold ability" armed to teeth.

  "Joint" is frozen. In low temperature environments, some carbon steel materials in metallic materials may break, so the train is hanging bolt nuts using anti-low temperature chromium molybdenum alloy, stainless steel material, and the train operates under extreme cold weather, bolts, The nut will not break. "Feet" is frozen.

This train group has a wheel non-slip, anti-lock function. When the wheel speed is detected, automatic reduction of braking, traction, and improve friction through the sandstand device, avoiding the snow and snow, while driving the wheel slip.

  "Blood vessel" antifreeze.

Train tank, water pipe equipped with "warm baby" – heating plate, electric heating line, box and pipe outside wearing a thick "cotton coat" – cold cotton, cold weather is also available normally. Such innovation has long been integrated into the development of the four parties in the middle bus.

  Entering the four-party traffic line of the middle car, a list of the new high-speed EMUs like dragons, ready to go.

The "first" of China’s high-speed rail: China’s first rapid speed is 200-250 kilometers, 300 kilometers per hour, first speed, 380 km high-speed EMU and the first "revival" EMU, is born Here.

  The CRH380A drove here, set the first speed of the world’s high-speed rail operation test; "Revival" EMU achieved 350 kilometers of commercial operation speed, making China a country in the world’s high-speed rail commercial operation.

  In June 2020, the 600-kilometer speed magnetic floating test sample car was successfully tried by the high-speed magnetic floating research and development of China’s high-speed maglev in China.

  Today, from here, there are more than 1,500 standard column high-speed EMUs, which is the largest number of companies in China ‘s online operation.

  Accelerate the way to overseas innovation and drive, and help the enterprise "lead" and win the market in international competition. China’s high-speed rail equipment manufacturing enterprise is "China’s manufacturing" representative, and the middle cars are the leader. In recent years, the four parties in the middle cars have gradually enamel the "One Belt" Construction and the high-speed rail "go out" gold opportunity, vigorously promote the international management, actively explore the overseas market, lead the high-end rail traffic equipment to accelerate the "sea". In April 2017, China’s Jakarta to Wanlong Expressway, which was in the construction of Indonesian corporate cooperation, signed in Indonesia Jakarta. The middle car will provide a high-speed EMU for 350 kilometers from the high-speed rail of Jakarta to Bandung.

This has become the first single "walk out" in China’s high-speed rail.

  In Singapore, the middle cars were four-party, and 916 subway vehicles were obtained, and the breakthroughs of China’s subway vehicles exported.

  In Brazil, September 2017, the four-way cars won 64 urban railway orders, which is the first order of the urban rail vehicles winning in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In Sri Lanka, the four-party in the middle car has accumulated 390 internal combustion engagement orders, accounting for more than 50% of the total number of running vehicles in Sri Lanka, which became the largest railway passenger equipment supplier in Sri Lanka. In Argentina, the TMB has won the total 709 intercity EMU supply contract, which has become the largest intercity motorcycle export order in China.

  It is worth mentioning that the 2020 middle cars also overcome the difficulties of new coronal pneumonia, actively promoting the development of overseas markets, successfully signed a number of overseas export orders, "going out" to achieve new breakthroughs.

  In June 2020, the four-party motorcycle and the Argentine National Railway Company passed the video mode. The "cloud sign" has the maintenance project cooperation agreement of 709 intercity EMUs in Argentina, and the four-way car will provide the other party to provide maintenance programs, technical services and Maintenance accessories. This is another important result of the enterprise "product + technology + service".

  At the same time, China and Laos (Laos) Railway EMU project contract signed that the four parties of the middle car as the leader form a consortium, which will be 160 kilometers to the medium and old railway volume. Subsequently, the Siki Tournament No. 4 (24 vehicles) (24 vehicles) of the National Railway Company "Aramida-Konli" Railway (24)) Internal Combustion – Power Double Power EMUs Order. This is the first dual power rail train project of Chile, and the first dual-active EMU export order for China ‘s rail transportation equipment.

  As of the end of 2020, the four-party rail transit of the middle cars has exported to 27 countries and regions around the world, and became a beautiful "Chinese business card" running overseas.

  Building a industrial cluster in Qingdao, the truck four-party has driven the rail transportation equipment industry to form an industrial cluster, and aggregate to become a "motor train town" with world influence. The Qingdao Chengyang District, which is located in the middle cars, has gathered in the four-party shares of the middle cars, the four-way manufacturing enterprises of the middle cars and the 3 full-vehicle manufacturing enterprises and Wio, O’., etc., industrial collection level The country’s first place.

In 2020, there is a Qingdao Branch of the Medium Car Research, China Call Technology Park (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., and the Central Current Truck Information Technology Branch established in Qingdao, with the four parties of the middle bus, the leading enterprise traction, Qingdao Rail Transit Industry Cluster Development Output source energy constant kinetic energy.

  The continuous increase in scientific research is also helpful for the Qingdao Rail Transportation Equipment Industry.

  Here is China’s first national technology innovation center – National High Speed ??Train Technology Innovation Center. At present, the center has formed a high-end thinking, a high-end high-end research institute, including 21 top experts at home and abroad, and 10 well-known high-end scientific research institutions such as SMEs, Beijing Aviation Materials Research Institute, and with German Dresden University. , Germany Tyssenk Furu, many universities, institutions to carry out deep cooperation, gather more than 230 high-end talents. Today, nearly 60% of the EMUs and 25% of the subway vehicles have been taken here, we have built a national new industrialized industrial demonstration base, the national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base, the first batch of strategic emerging industrial clusters in the country, becoming a veritable " High-speed rail heart.

  At present, Qingdao is doing a high-end equipment industry chain represented by rail transit. It will create a global influence of advanced manufacturing aggregation land, international high-end emerging rail transit technology strategies, internationally recognized rail transit technical standards leading land, international Leading industry innovation resources intersection. With more innovative talents and projects, Qingdao will release more more powerful new kinens in the rail transportation equipment industry.

Sunshine follow-up, father’s day hand drawn video · Prevention and control first line, they are white soldiers, they are …

Guidance unit: Central News Network Comments Network Commentary Organizer: China Internet Development Foundation is another year of Father’s Day life they are children’s father prevention and control front. They are white soldiers to write loyalty to assume that they are safe in SARS. H1N1 flu, Xinguan pneumonia and other sudden public health events Hu Zhongjie have always fought in the forefront from the first case of new crown cases, Hu Zhongjie led the team to enter the emergency state to carry out ordinary clinical screening and treatment of Beijing to enter the "very period" hospital nucleic acid examination Surplified as a doctor and a father Hu Zhongjie has been at the time of war. The 72-year-old Zhang Bo, who is standing. The father and son will join hands to fight the epidemic to fight against Zhang Bo Li, the gallbladder is taken. The old man refuses Zhang Lei. The warrior is always adhere to the first line of the patient’s patients with treatment. "Dad cuts off the hair like smart ‘ah’, wearing protective clothing is to save the hero!" 4-year-old daughter gave him a comics to give him a fuel, Wang Wei, touched, unsuccessful confidence, the epidemic With the daughter on the epidemic prevention and control front, there are still many daughters in the fight. Today, today is Father’s Day. You have worked hard. Happy holidays.

The Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission has strongly controls the "four winds" to promote the construction

  [Original title] Cut the tree and not stop the breeze is rushing.

  Since this year, the Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has conscientiously implemented the Decision-making deployment of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Autonomous Region, and holds a new style of "four winds", and puts strengthening the work style into one of the "Ten Key Tasks", and assists the Autonomous Region Party Committee to formulate "strengthening" The new era new journey is guaranteed to implement the "14th Five-Year Plan" major strategic task to implement the effect of the effect " .

  I am hitting the "four-wind" problem, strengthen "I don’t dare", the original deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Qinzhou Municipal People’s Congress, Xu Gui, many times to accept Huang, Huang, Huang, Huang, Huang Yue, for the other party to help the project; Guigang Deputy Mayor Xu Yongdong has been invited by Qiu, Guangxi, for a long time, to participate in "a table" to eat "a table" in the place where the public operation is not allowed to eat … Before the "May 1st", the Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission violates the central eight provisions. problem. The Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has always maintained the "zero tolerance" situation, and strictly investigate and deal with the problem of "four winds", and the inch is not allowed. From January to September, there were 1160 in violation of the eight provisions of the Central Committee, and 1354 people were punished.

  What is the problem to solve something? In-depth rectification of illegal and eating, illegal drunk driving, violation of granted subsidies, spreading waste, etc.

  Formalism, bureaucracy is the enemy of the party and the people. The Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission jointly established 14 working groups in accordance with the party committee inspection room of the Autonomous Region, in-depth departments of all sets of districts and 31 districts, closely surrounded by General Secretary General Secretary for Peace to inspect the important speech and important instructions of Guangxi, Party The central government decision-making deployment, focusing on the construction of the Western Luhai New Channel, China (Guangxi) Self-trade test area, etc. Specific results.

  The discipline inspection and supervision organs in the district continued to polish the "probe" and focus "said" "" "" "" Opened supervision list, deepening targeted governance, investigating 319 formal bureaucratic issues, 361 people. Adhere to the wind and zero, through the "four winds" deeply dig the corruption problem, and analyze the "four winds" in accordance with corruption. Liao Jian, who was originally discovered by the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of the Fangchenggang City, received a private boss, after the WeChat screenshot of the purchase of ordinary dollars in the mall, and finally took out its violation of the price of 1.38 million yuan of corruption. We will improve the system mechanism, and the "can’t", in June last year, a district straightforward violation, and many violations were issued.

The Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission is seriously investigated and given a serious warning of the part of the party.

  The problem is to check and the vulnerability is more plugged. Under the guidance of the Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, the unit fully combeds the investigation and management vulnerabilities and formulates 28 systems such as "Financial Management Implementation Rules".

  The Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspector adheres to the "four-wind" typical case, guiding the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels to deepen the case, and the problem of repeated, generally occurring problems, from the system mechanism deeply promoted the resolution.

Supervise the organization, finance, people and other departments to combat the organs of the institutions, including the seven categories of regulatory, reform, and special post allowance subsidies, and publicly announced, which are strictly prohibited. Since this year, 177 pieces of violation of the allowance allowance subsidies have been investigated, down by 100

  Catch the wind building, "Key minority" is the key. The Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission Assist the Autonomous Region Party Committee to formulate the implementation of the implementation of the "one hand" and leadership supervision, "driving the upside, and the first level will be seen at first level. Innovative style supervision mechanism.

Coordinate the "chamber group" linkage, take special inspections, etc., deep into the "four winds" of invisible variation.

The big data to establish an organization, financial, and public security and other departments, the "four winds" normalization collaborative mechanisms are established.

Since the third quarter, the information data is compared, and the drunk drunk driving public officials have been discovered. Corrected "four winds" and the new style of the tree, and the General Secretary of "I don’t want to rot", the general secretary of the "I don’t want to rot", made the arms of the Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee "on the protection supervision of the Lijiang Scenic Scenic Area The guidance of cooperative cooperation in accordance with the obvalmentation of the license, "focusing on the demolition, ecological environment rectification, etc., is seriously investigated and otherwise in progress. At the same time, Wang Zhicheng, who is firmly guarding the law enforcement of Lijiang River, chooses the tree for the advanced individuals of Guangxi, and promotes the hard work.

  The Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission insisted on the control of the tree. Organize the 3rd Guangxi Qianxian Advanced Personal Selection Tree Propaganda Campaign, promoting the cultivation, selection of trees at all levels, and promoting more than 6,000 people with advanced individuals.

On the eve of this year, I recognized 49 people with advanced individuals in Guangxi diligent. Combined with party history learning education, use a good balance, Longzhou Uprising, Xiangjiang Battle and other red resources, vigorously promote the party’s glorious tradition and excellent style. Assist the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region "Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of the New Times Leading Cadres", jointly launched the theme activities of Guangxi Party Cadre Family Tutor Tutor Building, to the Family of Party Members and Cadres of the District, to become a honestore assistance proposal, guide party members and cadres Integrity and honest, driving all social winds upwards. Do the same level of warnings.

The 98th district management of the party’s 19th National Congress violates the "four winds" issues to dissect sparrows, and report to the district management cadres. On the eve of "May 1", in the evening of the four-level leading cadres in the corruption cases of corruption; on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, the party members and cadres who investigated and punished this year, the public officials drunk drunk driving. Since this year, there has been a good effect of 71 batch of exposure typical cases, realizing "cadres’ education, the people’s response, and the problem have improved". Implementing the requirements of "three distracted discussion", this year, the whole district has returned 6531 light disputes, and 406 are distinguished or unimped to report the cadres to clarify the correct name, and 38 obetrists are investigated and reported. The banner is clear to take advantage of the drumming as cadres, making the breeze are more filling. (Reporter Wang Chunnan Correspondent Peng Kai Yunning Yongming) +1.