Subway Line 5 stored sprint last 200 meters is expected to be in December

Original title: It is expected that the entire line of the entire line of the wire will be tuned for the workers.At 15 o’clock on November 15th, in the market of the Maitiya Temple Station, Kunming Metro Line 5, the towering Longmen crane was accurately hang into the railings of 25 meters long, and dozens of workers underground were in full swing..At present, the lay track of Metro Line 5 has entered the last sprint stage, and it is expected that "short track pass" in the whole line on November 20, "long rail pass" in December.The lay track of No. 5 is launched since November 2019.According to reports, the track of Metro Line 5 is formed from a 25-meter-long rail, and there is still 200 meters to complete all of the rails, ie "Short Track".If the subway train starts to run, it is necessary to seamlessly welding a root rail, and finally realize the "long rail pass", which is true in the true meaning.

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The thirty-third meeting of the Fifteen National People’s Congress of Hohhot held a second plenary meeting

On October 27, the thirty-third meeting of the Fifteen National People’s Congress of Hohhot held a second plenary meeting.

Chang Yuanzhong, director of the Standing Committee of the Hohhot Municipal People’s Congress, presided over the meeting, Deputy Director Schin, Yan Chunliang, Zhang Hongxia, director of the representative qualification examination committee, Zhang Xiaofan, secretary, attended the meeting, in accordance with the statutory Number of people. Wu Congwang, member of the Standing Committee of Hohhot Municipal People’s Congress, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Director of the Municipal Committee, Director of the Supervision Committee, Wang Yanjun, deputy mayor, Zhao Heimin, the municipal people’s court, the procurator of the Municipal People’s Procuratorate Zhang Zhongming, the relevant departments of the city, the meeting .

The meeting listened to the report of Cui Zhenwu’s "Municipal Supervision" report on special rectification grassroots "micro-corruption" work ", Wang Yancheng’s" Report of the Municipal Government on the Work of Sustaining Employment Work in Our City ", Zhang Zhongdong, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government "The Municipal Government has reported on the recommendations, criticism and opinions of the four conferences of the Municipal People’s Congress, and the recommendations of the Professional Supervision. (Reporter Yun Yanfang) (Editor: Mumbai Wei, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Personal bankruptcy is equal to not paying attention? Never let Lao Lai drilled the sky

Text / Yu Jianming On November 9th, the court published by the Shenzhen Personal Bankruptcy Case Information Network showed that the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court ruling the debtor on November 8th. "Bankruptcy" in the country’s first legal sense. The legal person believes that "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Personal Bankruptcy Ordinance" provides legal protection after the "honest and unfortunate" natural persons, allowing personal operation to fail, and enter the bankruptcy procedure under the premise of retaining the most basic free property. This is conducive to the orderly development of the entire social market economy. (November 10th "Guangzhou Daily") For the debt problem, the Chinese have "father’s debts" say that the debtor should not be integrity, it is absolutely unable to pay, which reflects the simple moral tradition, today should still inherit And carry forward, this is also the basic requirement of integrity society.

Personal bankruptcy has legal support, there is no problem in accordance with the law.

But I think that the most complete legal system may also have a certain vulnerability, let some of the old Lai diamond, maliciously escaping personal debt, becoming a law.

You make people’s creditors have nothing to do, they can eat fragrant, drink spicy, which is obviously unfair, unreasonable. Personal can be ruined by law, but there are several bottom lines that cannot be paid: First, they cannot be named in bankruptcy, and they will transfer personal property in advance, and thereby escape personal debts; the second is not named, maliciously avoiding personal debts, owing people’s debt Not also, and individuals still pursue high consumption, continue to enjoy high quality life; three is not the legitimate rights and interests of bankruptcy, deprive of creditors, will end the debt recruitment period, the disputes of both parties still need law to ruling. Personal bankruptcy-related laws are to give integrity debtors, a chance to re-establish an industry, rather than a person who is unremarking debt, rather than a person who is unreasonably exempt.

Our judiciary must strictly control, truly balance the interests of good creditors, and the debtors, and do not understand and implement, in order to provide a legal environment that provides re-starting, let the other legal rights are not legal, reasonable Powerful protection, resulting in new unfair, unfair.

Personal bankruptcy is a new game rule, which is implemented, and it is social and poor, incentives, more people integrity, and more opportunities to the loser. However, it is not implemented, and it may also have a negative impact, so that the old RTR account, the creditor is damaged. This situation is absolutely not allowed, and it is also in good faith with the integrity society and the legal society.

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Shanxi "00 Post-00" teenage Li Zheng abstract the National Games Diving Man Personal Almighty Bronze

  Original title: [Focus on the National Games] Shanxi "00 Post" teenage Li Zheng picking the diving man personal all-round bronze card September 8, the 14th National Games Diving Competition Men’s personal all-round project battle, Shanxi player Li Zheng We have obtained a quarter with a total score to add a valuable bronze medal for the Shanxi delegation.

  The National Games diving competition is a high-level competition in China’s diving world, and many domestic diving top masters gather.

In the women’s diving competition, the full redness, Zhang Jiaqi, Ren Wei and Chen 芋 4 Olympic champions staged the peak matchrover; men’s diving competition, there is also the Tokyo Olympic Games Champion Cao Yuan, China Diving Men’s Planner First "00 Post" World Championship Championship Jia Junjie and other similar competitions. The diving man in the same day is divided into two projects of 3 m swift and 10 meters away. 24 players are first more than 10 meters, and then the six specified operations of the 3 m jump.

In the first 10-meter jumping platform, Li Zheng ranked later. "The top players in the country are coming, and the pressure is really very large during the scene, and the action is a little mistake. The score is behind, and the heart is very nervous, I want to jump better.

"In the high pressure of the fierce competition, Li Zhengbei took the" Fighting "mentality, after the 3rd meter of the 2nd round of the 2nd round, through a set of retroTeng twists and actions for three and a half and holding knee motion, get points, achievements The total ranked third. In the last two rounds, Li Zheng stabilized, the total score reached a division, and a bronze medal was got.

The Tokyo Olympics 10m jumps to the gold medal winner Cao Yuan, who won the championship of this competition.

"It is to fight, after all, no matter what game, in fact, it is a training, only usually training, and the game can play a level.

Li Zheng said.

(Li Qianqian).

Sichuan actively constructs a new pattern of forest grassland anti-extinguishing publicity and education

People’s Network Chengdu November 16th Recently, the leadership team of the Sichuan Forest Grassland anti-fire fighting special rectification work "Sichuan Forest Grassland anti-extinguishing publicity and education special rectification work implementation plan" (hereinafter referred to as "plan"), effectively enhance the cadre forest Prairie anti-fighting political awareness, responsibility awareness, legal awareness, prevention awareness and safety awareness. In terms of ending fundamentally guiding ideology, the "program" pointed out that the party committees of the party committees at all levels, especially the "three states" (Ganzi Prefecture, Abazhou, Liangshan State, Panzhihua City) party committee and relevant departments should pass the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, the government Standing meeting, party group (committee) meeting, theoretical topic learning conference, etc. In the intensive laws and regulations publicity, the "program" clearly, the annual March, in April, the publicity of the forest grassland anti-fire protection publicity moon, on the website, newspapers and periodicals, etc. Bilingual publicity. In the county (city, district) and township (town), the forest grassland anti-extinguishing knowledge tour, in December and the forest grassland fire prevention period, promote the publicity of laws and regulations in the forest grassland anti-extinguishing laws and regulations Entering the house. Strengthening the case statement, from the case of the case, warning education, from December 2020, in the provincial news media and forest grassland anti-fire protection key area newspaper, radio and television station, public information network, integration medium, etc., etc. A batch of illegal violations use fire and typical cases to guide the cadres in their lives.

In the key fire prevention period, the "program" requires the "two-leg" role in the "two-leg", grasping the fire prevention period, middle, and then time nodes to arrange the forest grassland anti-fire fighting work, guide the norms of villagers to produce live fire behavior, enhance the masses, especially The masses in the ethnic areas use fire in accordance with the law, reasonable fire, and correctly use the fire.

Touching the Spring Festival, Qingming and Minority Traditional Sacrifice Festival, strengthen civilized green sacrificial propaganda, education guide the masses to move the customs.

During the New Year’s Day, the Spring Festival, the Qingming, May 1st, National Day and other holidays have widely advocated civilized travel, civilized tourism, civilized fire. In the spring farming and autumn harvest, the peak season is used to promote and distribute the wild external fire notice. In the focus of the gathering focus, "Program" pointed out that the forest grassland fire propaganda slogan, signage (monument), forest grassland fire is high risk area, high-roots, publicistory, promotion slogans All kinds of natural protective places and key parts of the pastoral area of ??the state-owned forest area, the entrances, attractions and key parts of the tourist scenic spot, the attractions, and the stamping position of the scenic spot, starry hotel, etc. , Rolling the forest grassland anti-fire reminder prompt, promoting publicity and education.

In terms of grasping fine, the "Program" requirements are required to use the Anthonym Night University to open the "anti-fighting special class", according to the households to post the village of the village, and the anti-fire calendar, the annual painting, etc., etc. Good spontaneous relocation households, the deep mountain district is scattered in farmers, left behind the old people publicity and education. It is necessary to strengthen the forest grassland anti-extinguishing publicity and education of the floating population, special crowds, and minors guardians, temples, digital management personnel and visiting personnel. It is necessary to promote the forest grassland anti-fire knowledge "enter the classroom", do a good job in the fire prevention education of primary and secondary school students and the faculty and staff abide by the forest grassland anti-fire protection laws and regulations. In terms of rich publicity and education, the "program" clarifies the use of full media means, using all kinds of Internet new media platforms, widely use village broadcast, promotional vehicles, motorcycles, small speakers, radio television stations, and media center, telecommunications , Mobile, Unicom and other basic telecommunications companies do a good job in legal and regulatory knowledge tour, forest grassland anti-fire public service advertisement, forest grassland anti-fighting public welfare SMS push and other work.

In the development of special publicity activities, "program" requires organizing a group of media interview activities, holding measures such as anti-extinguishing micro video contests, rich group publicity and education activities, talking about forest grassland anti-fire stories, enhancing all walks of life to participate in anti-fighting fire Positive, initiative, guiding relevant social organizations to carry out publicity and education of forest grassland anti-fire protection. In terms of increasing funding investment, "Program" pointed out that all levels of finance and relevant departments, natural protection, tourist scenic spots, state-owned forestry forests and forest honey production units should budget and put enough forest grassland anti-fire protection promotion Educational special funds, ensuring that the measures of anti-fire protection and education are implemented in place. At the same time, the "program" clarifies the special rectification of the forest grassland anti-fire protection and education special rectification, highlighting the list, rectifying the task list, and the improvement system. (Zhu Hong Tan Jing) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei).

The national outstanding party workers Li Xianhua: 27 years, the village is a member of the people

  Li Xianhua, Director of the Party Branch of the Gushui Town, Guangning County, Zhaoqing City, Li Xian, director of the village committee, "The honor I got, is not only my personal, but also belongs to us Zhaoqing, belongs to our Guangning and the majority of party members and party workers.

"Recently, the Liuxianhua, which was" National Excellent Party Worker ", said in an interview with Yangcheng Evening News reporters.

  Li Xianhua, Zhaoqing Guangning County Gushui Town Shirong Village, from April 1994, served as Congcun Cadres, and attended the Village Party Branch in April 2008, the director of the village committee.

In the past year, she has always adhered to the initial mission, and the village is home, and the villagers are kindly called "Flower".

  Jianqiang Village "two committees" team, developing industry rich people, Xingcun, as the first responsible person of the grassroots party, Li Xianhua adheres to the school’s lecture, promoting the school’s political theory to learn theory; using local red resources, organizational Village "two committees" cadres and party members To visit the Red Education Base, the "two committees" cadres’ ability is constantly improving. In recent years, the village has developed three college students, and five retired soldiers under the age of 30 entered the party and improved the team of party members, and made a good foundation for the "two committees" cadres in Jianqiang Village.

  In order to further stimulate the inner motivation of party members and cadres to win the best, she took the initiative to plan to optimize the party organization. The three party teams were established according to the framed area, and the party’s organization and the party’s work were all covered. He formed a branch to drive the party team, and the party team took the party members and party members to drive the "gender" effect of the masses, and then formed the branch dared to create, party members Grab the priority and the masses actively support the vivid situation.

  In the promotion of poverty, rural residence, etc.

  Under the vigor of Li Xianhua, in recent years, the resources of cultivated land and forestry, such as Washi Village have developed agricultural industries, introduced nearly 30-acres of night, fortnola, industrial development projects, agricultural products, increased production, agricultural products Sales channels continue to broaden. Good economic benefits have greatly improved the enthusiasm of the mass industry.

  Under her, the village "two committees" cadres, party members, get rich "起 加 加 干", combined with the village resource endowment to develop agricultural industries, have created more than 20,000 acres of tea bamboo, more than 1,000 boxes of bee breeding, More than 200 acres of high-quality sofante satutamines, the total output value of the whole village is more than 61,12 million yuan.

  In the poverty campaign, Hua Sister also organized the "two committees" cadres in the village, all party members gave 141 people in the village of 53 households, often visited the condolence, and the help of the people often, ask the warmth, talk about the sound, verification " Eight "conditions" to help solve practical difficulties, encourage their hardworking, revitalize their homes.

  The real thing for the people, the rural civilization is a common style to improve the village living environment, Li Xianhua takes the special working group, and we also wear the moon to enter the village to make a good policy publicity and mobilization work, and promote the party members and the people to actively participate in the "three clear three demolitions." She took the lead in the "two committees" team with her leaders, and regularly organized the people’s environmental remediation theme party day activities, and launched the rural environment, so that the masses saw the intuitive changes brought by the environmental remediation of human residence.

  Under her infection, party members have money to pay, powerful, and work together to upgrade the infrastructure in the village, implement 12 kilometers of hard-resistant construction, benefiting 18 natural villages, and the people’s travel is more and more convenient; The labor integrity is more than 1 million yuan to carry out "three clear three demolitions and three remediation", built a high-standard village-level cultural square, library, entertainment room, light basketball court and other facilities, village villages have been greatly improved, Guangming Village We were rated as a traditional cultural characteristic village in the county, and three natural villages were rated as provincial civilized sanitary villages.

  In the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia epidemic, Li Xianhua took the lead in the formation of "Guards" composed of party members, cadres, and village doctors, quickly implementing the declined prevention and control measures, mobilizing party members to give full play to the exemplary role of the pioneer, lead the masses of volunteers day and night Participate in the villages, carpet investigation, prevention and control knowledge promotion, etc.

  In addition, the "I have a practical thing for the masses" activities. He conducts work of "Weekend Counseling Left-behind Children", "Top Wide Village Road Base", and "small incision" promotes the "big changes" of the villagers in their daily life.

  Text / Yangcheng Evening News reporter Yang Zi Rui map / respondent is provided.

The 3rd Sichuan Culinary Invitational Tournament and the opening of Yongchuan Food Culture Festival

The event site. Chen Kehuo’s photographs attracted more than 3,000 merchants in Yongchuan specialty catering enterprises, hotel accommodation merchants, scenic spots, online + lines, and companies participated.

The event also sent a variety of consumption methods for consumers, oversized shopping, surprise gifts, etc.

At the same time, the online will hold Yongchuan "must-eat" "must-live list" and "Yongchuan Top Ten Specialties" selection, offline the "3rd Sichuan-Chongqing Cooking Invitational Tournament" "Sichuan" "Special Food & Beverage Skills Display" "Beanhua Production Skills Experience" and other activities. In recent years, Yongchuan has been implemented in depth to expand its domestic demand strategy, insisting on promoting consumption as an important engine to promote economic development, improve traditional consumption, cultivate emerging consumption, stimulate potential consumption, and build regional shopping consumption highlands, food consumption highlands, etc. "eight major consumption highlands" In order to focus, innovate consumer mode, enrich consumer scenarios, blending online, vigorously develop emerging activities, comprehensive promotion, environmental optimization and business upgrade, accelerate construction regional consumer center city. "The 3rd Sichuan Culinary Invitational Tournament and Yongchuan Food and Culture Festival are platform to promote cultural exchanges in Chengdu, which promotes Yongchuan’s open window. It will accelerate consumption resources, improve consumer services, optimize consumption, and stimulate consumer demand. It will also have a good impact on the promotion of gourmet cultural exchanges in Sichuan Province. "The person in charge of the Yongchuan District Commission said that this event is expected to drive direct consumption of 36 million yuan and social consumption billion.

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The reaction is slow, the isolation person "is running"? The anti-vlorative first-line can not form a formalism bureaucracy

On September 28, the Harbin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission said that since September 21, 2021, Xinzhi Pneumonia has a new champion in Bayan County, Harbin, Songbei District, Bayan County, Individual Party Member and cadres pays attention to it is not enough. Insufficient preparation, incorporating the isolation transporter is not in place, causing adverse effects on the prevention and control of the city. Therefore, the Songbei District, Bayan County Epidemic Prevention and Control and Executive Duty Dead Division Cadres and Cadres. From a notification, it is seen that on September 24th, the Sanya District received a push-to-store information.

The Songbei District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters pushed the information until it was not tracked after its street office. Due to insufficient isolation points, the relevant street offices are not implemented until 9 o’clock in the 28th, it is concentrated. In another case, on September 26th, the Bayan County Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Solidation Transfer Group will transs the two close contacts of the diagnosed case to two hotels in Harbin. Due to the implementation of epidemic prevention and control, the two isolation people have left the isolation room to the hotel lobby. "The embankment is like an ant hole, and the air is irritated." These cases show that some party members and cadres have paralyzed ideas in the "taking the knot", tired of mood, luck, and weak state. In the epidemic prevention and control chain, "disappearing" "misplaced" in any link may disrupt the epidemic prevention and control overall situation, and the consequences are unimaginable.

The above case is some of the alarms of some ideological laverse party members: facing the systemic work of the epidemic prevention and control of this ring rings, must not engage in the set of "Self-sweeping doors", formalism, bureaucracy should not be.

In addition, the reporter found that in Harbin, a case-controlled community in Harbin, and there was also a case where the garbage stack was not cleaned up in time. Life materials guarantee, domestic garbage freight, etc.

Relevant parties need to be powered, perfect personnel deployment, and give people more warmth and peace of mind in the details.

The earth will not be loose in the northeast earth. I hope that the accountability of the discipline inspection department can effectively alert some party members and cadres, and further promote the majority of party members and cadres, and strict implementation of management measures and work requirements, and strive to win this epidemic prevention and control and preventive and control.

This audio-visual feast unique in Jinli Pool in Jinniu District, Chengdu

The Sale of the Pool Pool in Taurus District. Cold Ice People’s Network Chengdu September 28th, "Symphony Jinniu" – 2020 Chengdu Jinniu District Qing Mid-Autumn Festival · Welcome to the National Day "Take the Grassroots" Cultural Huimin Square Music in the lotus pool semi-street street. "Every Mid-Autumn Festival looks like a symphony, I listen to symphony in Taurus."

"Symphony Jin Niu" has been sent to the golden cow people for 16 consecutive years, with the golden citizens walked through each Mid-Autumn Festival.

In 2020, the National Day, the Mid-Autumn Festival, the concert is an opportunity to open the street in the semi-street street of the lotus pool, reproduce the "one pool lotus, full wealth, half-side street, Silk Road" grand scene. This music feeds back to the public in the way of Huimin, and the Chengdu Orchestra is proud to show Mozart "Small Square", the string "Blue Danube" and other classical songs, as well as men and women sing "I and my motherland", female exclusion "Kissing the motherland" and other patriotic tracks, express the deep friendship and good blessings of the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival, showing the unique audio-visual feast, lead the general public into the elegant music hall, feel the new integration of symphony and national music, and continuously improve the cultivation of national art cultivation To make each ordinary audience become artistic creators, inheritors and enjoyments, create a rich music atmosphere, helping Chengdu "International Music capital" to create. After more than 40 years of development, the lotus pool market has been ranked third in the national comprehensive market, and the annual transaction volume is over 100 billion yuan.

In recent years, Jinniu District has fully promoted the upgrade of the area of ??the area, accelerates the "Lotus" gold medal sign, strive to create high quality development, park city construction and traditional industrial transformation and upgrading, upgraded "Zhongde" demonstration benchmark, build a modern atmosphere, with international Fan’s "Fashion Brand of Fashion Brands, Sichuan Clothing Base, Western Trading Center".

Among them, in the promotion of the text, it is positioned with "Lao Jin Niu, North City, International Fan" as a style, collects high-end elements, cultivates high-end industry, strengthens lotus pool characteristics and business experience, and promotes trade, culture, and tourism. Today, I opened the street of the lotus pool in the street, dedicated to leading the "cultural + travel + commercial + industry" cross-borderly integrated street benchmark, and stronger "cultural city" "tourist city" "food capital" core bearer, promoted New consumption ecological circles in the lotus pool.

In addition to the antique "station cultural ancient street" half-edge street, the lotus pool is constantly "new" this year. Committed to build the pool of "China Hanfa Industrial Culture", the Global Fabric Integrated Trading Platform FDC Fabric Library … The relevant person in charge of the Jinniu District introduced that the future, the lotus pool will become a modern atmosphere, the "fashion brand" Du, Sichuan Clothing Base, Western Trading Center.

(冷 宇) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Luo Wei).

Open humidifier = sustain? Water mist particulate matter non-PM2.5

Since the winter, indoor air is dry, and many people start to adjust air humidity with humidifiers.

However, there is a saying of online recently: adding tap water to the humidifier to atomize, equivalent to the smog.

Is it really the truth? Online hot posts, using a humidifier in the family preferably with pure water because the chlorine atoms and microorganisms in tap water may cause contamination with the water fog into the air.

If the tap water is high, the water mist ejected from the humidifier is contained in calcium and magnesium ions, and white powder is contaminated indoor air. The consequences of inhaling this water mist particles may be severe than the laugh.

In this regard, experts said that many people have certain misunderstandings, even in the humidifier to add tap water, the spray is only water mist particles, because the main components of the tap water are still water, only may be mixed A little impurities. However, when detecting air, the detection instrument does not distinguish whether it is dust particles or water particles, so this water mist particle is also counted.

The main ingredient of the smog is mainly dust particles, which is extremely damage to the human respiratory tract, and the water mist particles are almost no damage to the human respiratory tract. In addition, the experts give the following three suggestions for how to use a humidifier correctly. First, do not add other substances other than water in the humidifier.

If an additive of unknown ingredients is added, the immune response of the human lung may be stimulated. Second, we must clean the humidifier regularly. Water will evaporate through the humidifier to the air, but the impurities in the water remain in the humidifier.

Therefore, it is recommended to change water to the humidifier every day, and clean it once a week. Non-clean water mist particles may cause respiratory mold infection, long-term inhalation of pollution source or lead to acute infections in the lungs, that is, "humidification pneumonia". Finally, moderate use of humidifiers moderately.

Appropriate humidity although it makes the human body comfortable, it is also easy to breed bacteria and microorganisms, it is best to open half an hour earlier, medium and late, avoid "wet" overhead.

According to the national indoor air quality standard, good indoor air quality should ensure a certain amount of air volume, and there is a suitable air humidity. The best indoor humidity is generally 45% to 65%, and the wet environment will brew mold, affecting the living environment.

Generally, two to three hours will be deactivated, open the window to circulate indoor and outdoor air.

(Zhang Wenjuan).