When he said it was a pity,A little underfoot,The body is already tens of meters,I disappeared in the woods in a breath。

Gu Rimou is cursing in the direction of the disappearance of the old pervert:“What pearl secret cast,Is Lao Tzu a bad master?!Wu Tingfang,There is a kind of you don’t run,Stay and fight with me for three days and three nights!”
“Lao Mouzi,Don’t hit the swollen face at the fat guy,Lao Tzu knows that your anger is almost exhausted,If I fight with you for another hour,You must do your best,Capture me。I will put you on the face of this little brother tonight,You won’t be so lucky next time!”The voice of the old perverted Wu Tingfang came from the woods,But it goes further and further。
“Humph,Nice to say,What to leave me alone,It’s not that we can’t win together,Don’t run……”
Gu Rimou yelled at the woods for a while,I can’t hear Wu Tingfang again,Finally sat down on the ground,Gasping,Chen Xiu hurriedly went to help him,Care to ask:“Gu Lao,Where did you hurt?”
Gu Rimou waved his hand and said:“Fortunately this old pervert was scared away by your last sword,If he keeps entangled,I won’t be able to succeed without fifty strokes!”
Chen Xiu couldn’t think that Gu Rimou would consume so much zhenqi,It turned out that he was the one who braved all the time。
“Gu Lao,What do we do now?”
“Find a safe place to hide,Except for the old pervert,There are still a group of old people looking for me,I must recover my anger as soon as possible,Others are not old and perverted, so good to deceive!”
An hour later,Snake Valley Cave。
Gu Rimo looked around the group,Nodded and said:“The entrance to this valley is very hidden,Not easy to find,It is indeed a good place to hide。”
“Then your old man should meditate and recover,I’ll go to the hole to help you check the wind。”
“Don’t worry,I consume too much in addition to my qi,I had a few confrontations with that old fellow Liu Dunyue when robbing Qianye Guo,Hurt the internal organs,Not every March can’t recover this year!”
“March!Half a year!”
Chen Xiu was taken aback,He thought that Gu Rimou could recover after meditation,If it takes such a long time,Even if Snake Valley uses secrets here, it will definitely be found for the old perverts。
“take it easy,Sit down and speak slowly,As long as you do me a favor,I naturally have a way out。”
Chen Xiu wondered what else Gu Rimou could do to get out of the eyes of the masters at this time,I saw a watermelon in the palm of Gu Rimou’s palm out of thin air、Seven-petal fold fruit,Chen Xiu was in Chiba Fuji?I saw it from a distance,I recognize this is Chiba Fruit。2018

But except for Zhang’s Sanxiong,There are more than forty zombies behind,This lineup is afraid that an army is not their opponent。

“What about you!”
“You have seen my light work just now。As long as you run,I want to run,They can’t catch me!”
Watching the vehicles behind get closer,Zhang Yuantu knows that this is not the time,Even handed her peach wood sword to Chen Xiu,Gritted his teeth and said:“Don’t try hard!”
“Want to run,Not so easy!”
Zhang Yuantu flew out towards the mountain road,The third of the three heroes of the Zhang clan flies behind him like a big bird。
Chen Xiu also jumped in the air,Cut it off with a peach wood sword,Zhang Laosan is a three-generation zombie,Still afraid of peach wood,Even more dare not make it hard,One tumble backward in midair,Fell to the ground。
“Boss、Second child,This kid has a bit of skill,Go together!”
“it is good!”
Zhang’s boss、As soon as the second child saw Chen Xiu’s shot just now, he knew that his martial arts was superior to his three.,What’s more, there is a peach wood sword that can restrain the three of them,Three people do it at the same time。
Figures from the late Ming Dynasty when the three Zhang brothers came,Before becoming a zombie, there were a few masters in the era,The three teamed up at the same time to use their unique skills“Frozen Palm”,There are still seven、At a distance of eight meters, Chen Xiu felt a biting cold wind.,Shaking all over,Can only carry infuriating resistance。
Seeing that the Zhang Clan’s trio of cold ice power will be photographed,Chen Xiu immediately took a palm,Two instincts,The air between the four is like an explosion。
Chen Xiu shocked his right arm,Dengjue’s cold air penetrated through his skin,Busy luck。
He is actually similar to the three heroes of the Zhang clan,Stalemate。
845 chase

Take care of her grandmother:“What is your hoe??

When did I not change??”
Lu Si whispered:“When will I change?,Always been an old stubborn。”
Take care of your grandmother,Vaditude:“soy Mujer,You are 嘀咕 骂 我?”
Lu Si was shocked,Getting older,The ears are still so good?
“hehe”She brings a lip:“grandmother,I didn’t yell you.,How do I dare to marry you??”
“I say,Pair,Can you help me buy a double shoe??”
Le Yu looked at his own feet,Good territory,She will be sick。
She hates cold,Very annoying。
Shen Jiaqi,Apologize,“Gather,sorry,Just now,Thanks to you。
But the shoes of our two people,I sold a pair of good high heels,I want to wait for the child to be born.,Still new,You put it first.,This place is cool,Blue is not said,Are you afraid of cold??”
Le Yu is a glimpse,I saw Shen Jiaqi,Heart warm,Blue, you can remember that she is afraid of cold,Mu Ziyi remembers that she is afraid of cold,Remember only。
She laughed,It seems that she did not seriously talk about love these three years.。
She looked at Shen Jiaqi laughing:“Jiaqi,give it to me,thank you,Remember that I am afraid of cold。”
She memory,Blue is a very warm person。
Jiaqi is also,Sisi is also,Life is everywhere,But there is always a warm moment。
Shen Jiaqi called someone to take a shoe in the lounge,Give Le Yu。
The clerk quickly cleaned up the store.,The store can be opened normally.。
Shen Jiaqi made her aunt made a big table dish.,Everyone eats together in a small courtyard。
Le Yu is here to think about drinking,But just played a,Many mood have a lot。
Now she doesn’t want to drink alcohol,I want to know about Gujia’s things.,Who is so lacking?,Want to make a good thing?。
Lin Dami sits around Shen Jiaqi,Gu Xiaoyama is also sitting in the other side of Shen Jiaqi.。
Gu Xiaoyamai glanced at Lin Deni,“Hui Mom,What is your low??
A pair of thieves。”
Lin Dami helplessly saw her,In front of the outside,Can she leave myself a little face??
Lu Si is also in front of a fire,“Yes,Gu Boyu,Are you doing something sorry??
Why can’t take it up??”
Lin Dami listened,Just feel that body is tight,How did this, how did this unknown Mu Qingjie??
This nerve strip,No wonder we will divorce。

“I bother!You wait for me,I will go now!”

“You can go directly to the company building,Laboratory results and project team members,Have been transferred。”Wang Yufei said without losing the opportunity。
“Hey,Not for Huaqing,I give you an address,The children are doing experiments there。I will wait for you now!”
“Row,Send us wechat!You can’t eat poor today,I will write the Korean characters around!”
479 Turned out to be true?!
Probably because of Gao Deyuan’s radical method,Han Jingchang arrived even earlier than Wang Yufei and Gao Deyuan。
It’s just that the big Na’s car was stopped outside Changxiang Technology’s building,Can’t get in。
no way,The security of the black rabbit is still in place in terms of safety.。
Han Jingchang obviously also knows the status of Changxiang Technology in China’s technology circle,I didn’t try hard。
Fortunately, it was not too late for the two,Just a bit late、Two minutes。
After helping Han Jingchang apply for a temporary visitor pass following the procedures of the Black Rabbit security,Wang Yufei officially met Han Jingchang。
“Didn’t you say that this project was made by your Huaqing undergraduates??Wang Yufei is a graduate student, right??”
Changxiang Technology Headquarters Building,Han Jingchang questioned。
“Hehe,Old Han,Can’t you afford to lose,Can’t afford to lose!”Gao Deyuan doesn’t care,Continue to excite。
“Pooh!”Han Jingchang despised。
“Things are like this,Teacher Han,You must have heard of Brain Machine Society?”Wang Yufei, who was with the two respected old professors, explained。
“Oh,Brain Machine Society,Speaking of this, I just remember,I was on the Internet for a while,But speaking of those projects selected by the Brain Machine Society are indeed challenging enough,Undergraduates do these things to encourage them,and many more,It seems that there was a high-energy battery project in the brain machine society at that time?”
Obviously because of the turmoil caused by the Brain Machine Society on the Internet before,This led to the news that this big guy who was about to retire was paid attention to。
“Yes,Is the result of this project。”Wang Yufei nodded,No explanation,Facts can prove everything。

Lu Hao nodded,Slightly lip,Two relationships are good,Calling so many years of uncle,Some changes。

“dad,I know,I will pay attention to it later.。”
“Um!Kiki,Don’t give birth to your father.,Everyone will make mistakes。”Gu Xihong smiled and looked loving,Gaze。
I really want to take them back.,Have their brothers and sisters,It must be very lively at home.。
Blue Qiqi is just a nod,“dad,This time I look at my grandfather.,Don’t worry about you.。”
Dad is also the first time.,And she is also wrong,She should check again。
Lu Haocheng took her side to sit down,The long body gas field is extraordinary,Laughing and kneading his head,“Thank you Qiqi,Dad guarantee,There will never be such a thing in the future.。”
“Um!”Lan Qi nodded,Radi-like big eyes floating shiny smile,Make her whole cheek becomes playable。
At this time,Xiao Jun and,Chu Feiyang also came down together。
Lu Si and Le Yu don’t come back to eat,After Yi Tianqi is coming back,Everyone has a good time to eat,Lin Dami and Gu Xihong talented with dumplings。
Lin Dami called the grandmother in advance.,She didn’t eat at dinner.,Just waiting to eat granddaughter to give her dumplings。
Now Gu Yi Lin moved out,Only Gu Yi accompanied him grandmother at home。
Door opening,Looking at my son and her daughter-in-law,Gu Xiandan laughs and gets up,“Oy,You finally come back. 。”
“Yes,Mother,I will give you dumplings.。”Lin Deman laughed,Blue dumplings,The taste is really good。
“Good,I am waiting.?”Gu Xiaoyama looks at the preservation box in her hands.,Already can’t wait。
As if the forgotten Gu Yi is unhappy,“Mother,Don’t I give me this big brother??I haven’t eaten too much.,Just waiting for your dumplings.。”
Lin Mengyi, a son,“Have your partner,Your sister can not forget you,Know your belly,I have prepared a lot for you.,Waiting,I will go down the dumplings.。”
Gu An An entered the door,I heard a small word of two words.,The whole person is stunned.,Just slowly walk。
NS894chapter:Your eyelid cramps
NS894chapter:Your eyelid cramps
Gu Yimei, I saw Gu An’an.,Immediately give Gu Yi to make a look,Let him not mention the sister again。
Guizui Yi is a nerve strip,He also worried about grandmother,“grandmother,How do you take a leather cramp??Are you uncomfortable??”
Take care of your grandmother:“……”How is his grandson be more and more stupid??
“I say,Recall,How do you grow more and more ugly?,As long as you are in the mirror,Should not be disgusting。”
Gu Yi:“……”Grandma is old confused,This eyes can’t,He is ugly?
He is long and people love。
Gu Xiandai and then said:“Recall,When you feel that you are ugly,One is not everywhere,Don’t be too desperate,Because you have at least fat。”
“Cough……”Gu Yi was smashed,“grandmother,What are you suddenly??”
Gu Xiaoyao glanced at him.,“Help you recognize your true face。”
Gu Yi:“??”How did he feel grandmother deliberately?。
“grandmother,Big brother,I am back。”Gu An An language is temperate,Lips with shallow smile。
Gu Yi, I gave birth to an eye.,Suddenly understand the meaning of your grandmother。
He looked at the grandmother,Gu Xiandai glanced at him.。
So there is no eye,She is really worried about the future granddaughter.。
wrong,Prerequisites Is this small child or another thing?。


“General Administration Order,No room for negotiation。”Chen Du stood up,Look at the four and say:“Carry your bag and come with me,Emphasize it again,This is an order,Do not open the backpack privately,Disposal of offenders。”
at the same time,Another picket of the General Administration is also saying the same thing。
The two general bureau pickets are in front,Eight people followed,The officers onlookers gave way。
On the mountain,A tent set up alone,Acting as a makeshift picket room。
Eight people carrying bags standing outside the door,Two general bureau pickets in the tent,Two guards at the door,Live ammunition。
Xiuxiu is the first to go in,Came out in more than half an hour。When coming out,Keep the backpack inside,Carrying a short sword in his right hand,Holding a bamboo slip in the left hand。
Both the short sword and bamboo slips were obtained from the abyss fault,Registered,But she already owns it,At the cost of military merit。
The next one to go in is Daozi,He is carrying two backpacks,Go in for more than an hour,Also leave the backpack inside,a knife,Bring out a roll of bamboo slips。
The other two officers are almost the same,It’s just that the two of them chose to use military service in exchange for different gains.。
Next,Wu Heng go in。
Wu Heng went in for a short time,Come out in ten minutes,Came out with a backpack,He said:“Yifan,Give you that knife counted in my military merit,I have explained。take it easy,None of you have gone down the abyss,It’s just a routine check,it’s your turn,go in。”
First172chapter:I protest!
to be frank,Still moved,But I can’t take care of it now,Nervous!
He has his personal belongings in the backpack,And three knives brought out from the underground space,Plus the broken knife Wu Heng gave him,And the scimitar he brought from home,Five knives,All in the backpack,how to explain?
Besides, he has other ideas……

“Hmmm。”Lu Yi expressed his understanding。

“Let’s start the formal relationship now!”Anna Cao shook her long blonde hair,There was a serious look in his eyes。
“Contact?What kind of relationship?Wait!I,Why should I agree to date you?”Lu Yi couldn’t believe this girl’s nonsense!
“Because I said in front of all the teachers and classmates,To pester you,marry you,It’s killing you!”Anna Cao said。
“are you crazy!I said the news was sent by me,Is not,not me,From other people!”Lu said loudly。
“Yes,Your message is sent in bulk——but me,Although in front of the whole school,But the words,Actually I told you to listen to it alone!You want me to talk,Are everyone laughed at??”Anna Cao explained。
“Your logic,Is robber logic,Make me unable to argue……”Lu Yi was stunned by this big-headed girl。
“Look at our surnames‘Lu’with‘Cao’What a match?You are good at playing games,I am good at playing basketball,Basketball tooGamewhat,We are not good for each other?”Cao Anna smiled and said to Lu Yi。
“I bah,Aren’t you playing taekwondo?”
“look,Say it yourself‘Match’Up!I do not care,from now on,You are responsible to me……”Cao Anna’s skill in acting like a baby is obviously not as good as taekwondo.,Directly caused Lu Yi to suffer tons of internal injuries。
“Classmate,We really can’t be together!”
“why?I checked that we are not long-lost siblings,If you dislike me as your senior sister in my second year,I will go back one level now,That’s the same!I can still be your school girl next year!Believe it or not?”Anna Cao said seriously。
“It’s not a question of believe it or not,Mainly because,because,I already have someone I like……”Lu Yi said。
“Oh,That’s it,Who do you say she is?I help you break up with her!”
“Female doll,Is there such an operation??”The owner of the Internet cafe passed by with a few boxes of instant noodles and said something。
“what——”I saw Cao Anna knocked the owner of the Internet cafe to the corner with a punch,Stuff all over the place。
“Break up?Haven’t caught it yet!Do you think i will tell you who she is?Then let you hurt her?impossible!”Lu Yi is a little angry。
“Good when you are angryMANWhat!Did not catch?It doesn’t matter!Let me help you catch up with her,And then let her break up with you!So you don’t have to be embarrassed!”Although Cao Anna is joking,But he looks very serious。

Hu Huiru took a breath and said:“Say you Xia Jian is suave,But why do you always treat me with oil and salt,It’s my Hu Huiru who turns yellow,I still say that Hu Huiru, in some way, is off your appetite?You are right,The people who chase me may all line up,But I only love you,I know you are married,A gentleman,Let’s sit down,Isn’t it okay to sit and sit emotionally?”

Xia Jian would never have thought of it,Hu Huiru asked him out just to say this。For a time,He doesn’t know how to deal with this scene anymore。
At this time,The phone in his pocket rang。This can be considered a temporary relief for Xia Jian,He was a little embarrassed and said to Hu Huiru:“Vice President Guan’s phone,I’ll answer”
Xia Jian lowered his voice,So I connected Guan Tingna’s call。I didn’t expect a phone call,Guan Tingna on the phone yelled:“where did you go?My dad is here”
“what?Didn’t you say that they just left Bucheon??”
Xia Jian was also surprised,He couldn’t help but ask。
Guan Tingna sighed on the phone and said:“He came and attacked suddenly,People have arrived at my office,it depends on you!”Guan Tingna finished,I was a little angry and hung up。
Hu Huiru said with a cold smile:“Guan Tingna’s dad is here,Not your dad,Why are you so nervous,Unless between you two,Is there any unclear relationship”
“Stop kidding me,I borrowed a lot of money from Guan Tingna’s father this time,If it wasn’t for his help,I can eat you so many items。So he comes,More prestigious than my father。I’m really sorry,If i receive him,If you are still in Pingdu,Then I treat,Let’s talk together”
Xia Jian finished,Got up quickly。If he can’t take off at this time,,I don’t know what else will happen later,That’s hard to say。
From Nanhu Hotel,Xia Jian quickly stopped a car on the side of the road,Rushed to the Donglin Building。
Outside Guan Tingna’s office,Xia Jian meets Bai Li。She lowered her voice:“You go in quickly!Because you are not in the office,Vice President Guan is very angry”
Xia Jian nodded,Two steps over,He gently pushed open the door of Guan Tingna’s office。I saw on the sofa,Guan Zhenshan, Guan Ting’s father,,And beside him,Sitting is his beautiful wife Lin Ruoyun。
“Uncle Guan!Aunt!Hard work all the way。I am sorry,I hear you guys will come in a while,So I went to the project”
Xia Jian was laughing,Hurriedly greeted the past。
Guan Tingna, who stood by, suddenly said coldly:“Anyway, my dad is here,It’s not your dad here,So it doesn’t matter if you are there or not”

“You are really chaotic。”Yuanshen smiled,“Do you think endless void is something anyone can go to?If the cultivation base is a little bit worse, it is difficult to survive there,According to the standards of the gods,Only those who reach the realm of the main god have the ability to explore the void,So you can return to this time and space from the endless void,It’s all due to this chaotic body。”

“Chaos Body?”
Li Tianzhu was completely dumbfounded,He obviously has both parents,Flesh and blood,How can it be the body of chaos?Even the legendary reincarnation of the god of war,It’s better than Yuwen?Unbreakable,That’s naturally amazing,But he was injured countless times,Like ordinary people,It hurts,The bloody one still bleeds,I was shot by Zhang Zhiqiang last time,Almost killed,How can it be unbreakable?
“Because your body is still changing,Far from reaching the true body of chaos。”
“You mean,My bones have turned golden?”
“Far from it。”
It seems that the more you talk, the more endless,Li Tianzhen shook his head vigorously,But curiosity can’t be shaken off,It’s rare that the primordial spirit cares about him today,I have to ask to understand。
“I see runes on the bones,Extremely difficult to identify,Do you recognize?”
“Chaos Body,What will become in the end?”
“Why do you call Yuwen the old thief?Did he offend you before?”
“grass!Then you at least tell me,Where is our temple??There are so many samurai, but only one ugly,I want to understand the cause and effect?”
A series of questions,Li Tianzhen seems to be talking to the air,Li Xiucheng’s soul has long been silent,It’s like this since returning to this time and space,Their communication combined is not as much as today,Yuanshen always treats him indifferently,Li Tianzhen is too lazy to ask again。
Moonlight,The sky is rare and clear,Two red dots moving slowly in the sky,Li Tianzhi knew that it was a drone,It must be the old man Dong who let people fly to explore the unknown mountain at night,I don’t know if you watch him by the way。
Chapter nine hundred and nineteen debate
Li Tianzhen suddenly throbbed,The primordial spirit is showing signs of detachment,He quickly stopped,“Don’t have trouble,Let him go。”

But this figure,It’s a magical shadow。

“Xue Ying,It seems to be on the second floor of the Universe Tower,You have gained a lot!”Xiong Gu Tianshen instinctively felt a threat from Ying Tianshen。
The threat is not strong,But it exists。
“It’s really not small!”A smile appeared on Yingtianshen’s face,The power of the Nine Nethers of the second realm in his hand flashed by。
On the surface,Three hundred years of enlightenment,He only raised the power of Jiuyou by one level,It can only be regarded as a very ordinary one among the 27 true immortals.。
But actually,He sublimated the magical power he had learned,From a magical power that can only be regarded as the cultivation of ordinary gods and demons,Ascend to the real god level,He can now create two shadow clones in one go,The deity changes in the clone at any time,Even concealment。
Notice,There are indeed some lower realms in the real gods,Relying solely on a magical power,Or an innate spirit treasure that crosses the world。
His magic,Although it’s not one of the top 100 magical powers in the world,,But there is something special。
“Achieve a lot,Really very big!”Yingtian God also sighed,“Ming Daoyou,This time it’s really your request,But rest assured,I vowed to follow you for hundreds of millions of years,With my current strength,Should be able to help you。”
“All right,Now that everyone has arrived,Then go back to the Three Realms。”Li Ming also chuckled。
Xiong Gu Tian Shen and Ying Tian Shen are his subordinates,But Deyang God is not,Li Ming naturally doesn’t need to wait for him。
“Not bad,If you don’t want to wait for Xueying,,We’ve all gone back。Fellow Daoist Ming said before, but he wants to take us to see the great world of Zhongshan”Xiong Gu Tianshen also smiled and said,Deliberately joked。
“I know, I know!”Yingtian God also raised his hands,Seems a little helpless,But the corners of his mouth are cocked, it shows his mood。
Follow Ming Dao people for hundreds of millions of years,Not a bad thing in itself,And the other party promised to teach him a great power,My own strength has also improved,Status in the Three Realms will also improve a lot。
“All right,Let’s go!”Li Ming is also smiling,Wave of hand。
The force of the edge directly tore the void。
At the same time, a mana envelops three people,Appear directly within the Three Realms。
The moment when Li Ming’s universe clone appeared,A memory connection。
Many clones currently operating in Zhongshan World,And the clones hidden in Chunyang Dongfu and Chaos Stele opened their eyes at the same time。
A lot of memories connected to each other。