Shanxi promotes the development of urban parking facilities

  Our newspaper Taiyuan, March 22 (Reporter Zheng Yangyang) Recently, four departments including the Shanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Department of Housing and Construction jointly issued the "Implementation Plan on Promoting the Development of City Parking Facilities". The demand for urban parking facilities is basically satisfied.

  Do a good job of parking facilities. All cities have excavated potential land for residential communities, institutions, enterprises and institutions, hospitals, supermarkets, tourist attractions, etc., and use corners, flat reforms, and demolition non -functional buildings (temporary buildings) to supplement parking facilities. Based on road transformation, optimize and transform the entrance space of schools, hospitals and other public facilities, and reserve temporary parking space during peak hours.

  Scientifically set up parking berths.

On the basis of ensuring the smoothness and safety of the roads and fully evaluating the traffic, it can be reasonably planned for temporary berths and taxis and online taxis to stop the berth in the road areas around the centralized areas of public buildings such as hospitals, schools, and business areas. Promote the construction of three -dimensional and mechanical parking garages, and increase the promotion and application of new technologies for parking equipment. Promote the integration of parking charging.

The number of parking spaces with new parking lots (libraries) should be at no less than 10%of the total number of parking spaces, and the proportion of settings is gradually expanded.

  Promote intelligent parking services. Make full use of big data, the Internet of Things, 5G and other technologies to realize the functions of berth information collection, automatic billing, and arrears recovery in the road, and improve the convenient degree of convenience and turnover of the berth in the road. Actively guide government agencies and enterprises and institutions to open to the public when the internal parking facilities are wrong.

Encourage conditions for residential areas and surrounding commercial office buildings to shared parking spaces when they are wrong, and increase the number of shared parking resources in accordance with the actual situation.

  Standardize the temporary parking behavior around the key units such as hospitals and schools such as large -scale parking demand, and alleviate traffic congestion issues caused by shuttle and drop -off, waiting, etc. For all toll parking facilities that are open to the public, it is clearly required to implement the half -hour non -charging policy to alleviate traffic congestion in the road.

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“Put away。”

Zhouzhi silently put down the food,Sitting on the couch。
Yu Guangji hit the nanong on the balcony。
It’s so good to look back from the back.,Home-wearing a personal shirt,Light gray,Texture soft,Outline,Rainbow colored shorts wrapped hips,Bumps,Especially this pose bending the waist water is very attractive.,Let Zhou Dare to see more,I have to see。
It’s really tangled.…… Nanjo did not return:“There is still so long after leaving the school,Just a year, our driver’s license has been a year.,I want to godTake a test,I can buy a small motorcycle.。”
“Oh oh……”
“I have an eye、What is the inside male?,I have a motorcycle look for a long time.。”
“Yin Le。”
“Oh, it is。”
Yin Lener is really no plaque。
Zhou is thinking,Commemorate:“What should I do if my bicycle??”
“Also ride。”
“Oh……His motorcycle is very expensive。”
“I bought cheap。”
“I bought you.,When doing gifts to your gift。”Turn around,Before Nan Ge took his money to buy a fund,Thanks to the luck of last year and Nange,Exceed100,It is a lot of motorcycles who bought Yin Le.,And this is a truthful thing that is flowers.,Or her father and son and her father。
“no!”Nan Ge thought did not want。
“Then you have made so much money for me.……”Zhou Hesi,“Don’t pour too much,See dry,Otherwise it will drown or grow up.。”
“You invite me to eat。”Nan Ge straight together,Faint,“One yard owned by a yard。”
“You can’t take the test?”
“is it hard?”
“Super simple,One or two days。”
“That test。”
“sensible,At that time, I can give you a car.。”Nan Ge bluled the old waist,Also twisted two laps,This is going back,“Then let’s go a few days.。”
“Let me see you.……”
Nan Ge this checked box box。
The group followed by her.,Jumping on a coffee table,Quiet squat,Look at Nan Ge open box——Changed,She yelled when she left the door.,Which is so well?
Zhou Zhiyuan sent a message。
The spring is coming soon.,Also eat。
Her image has changed back,Top now is the most commonly used girl template,It seems that I have a lot of habits.——The pattern is really embarrassed to talk to her.。
“Tomorrow, I will plan to go to Chengjiang City and Nan Ge.,Ride,are you going?”Zhou,“Living for a day in Chengjiang。”

As the tired eunuch behind,He nature knows,The second child is not a good voice for your own pro son.,So a message,I immediately sent him over.。

did not expect,Gao Zhan was hiped by a person who didn’t know.,And the mountain king is actually coming.。
Originally, this is quietly solved.,No matter what the priest is there, there is no belred in Gao Zhan,There is a way to solve the Queen。
And now,The situation seems to be somewhat not。
Because eyewitness is too much,It’s hard to say that you don’t have some rumors.。
“Even if it is too late,Also speaking。Silang does not come,I won’t let people。”
Gao Boyi did not take anything too much,This is not to say that the little is not strong.,In fact,That legend,In the middle of the past, there are all the existence of the upper number.,Darkly maintain the North Qi Zheng Bian Frame,It didn’t change until Northao was destroyed.。
But even if that is too powerful,Here, you can’t stand it.。
Waited for about half an hour,Silang is full of sweating with more than a dozen home.。
The beautiful woman who has always been strong,Directly swear directly,Gao Baoyi black line。
I really endure enough.,Ah,woman。
Silang this Ash,The appearance is a good one,It’s just that the character makes people dare to compliment.。
“Boish brother,This is back to say,Everything has me。”
Silang does not look at Gao Zhan,Staring directly at Gao Baoyi’s eyes。
“Hey,Do not worry,so many people,I just believe you.。”
Gao Boyi vigorously pushes the highness of the arms of the arms,Then take a big step to four lang。
“Nine brothers,Let us enter the palace together.。”
The high speech actually nodded at Gao Bao.,I don’t know if I am grateful.“Seeing righteousness”Or“I remember you.”。
Frightened,Stealing chicken does not erode rice, Gao Zhan, no face, shameful on the road,Erunnated in the palace,That group is also scattered,No longer it is difficult to others, etc.。
“Silang,You are scared today,Go back to your life arrangement,Don’t pass this today.。”
Gao Biyi went to the Sanlang。
“Kindness without saying thanks,This is the best of this.。”
Silang is not awkward,It’s not a good place to speak here.。
“Hey,Others saved you,Never said, thank you, will you say it??”
Gao Bao shouted against Azo of Sanlang。
“Humph,Who makes you multi-tube!”
Beautiful people made a ghost face against Gao Baoyi,Hold the arm of Silang,Two people got a car in the distance,Accompanied by guard,Disappearing in Gao Baoyi。
Save you is not as good as the rescue dog?!I don’t know if I am polite.。Gao Bi is too lazy to spit.。
“Thank you for your truth today.,I am a high-altitude.,Let’s go back。”
“Ming Kong,let me tell you,Look at the countless experience of my woman,After you have the opportunity to come to the fish of the fish,She will definitely not refuse,real,Women are more interested in you……”
Go home on the way home,The four eyes and a face of gossip tell him before“Scent”experience of。
“That line,If you are interested in the next Silairo,You will wait for me to serve her.。”Gao Baoyi didn’t have a good look。
Still want toNTR,What do you think of this?!Didn’t you see that people have become a friend??
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS38chapter Lasting
Gao Biyi thought that Sanlang will come to him soon explain the situation.,But two days passed,His small house is still calm, like a windless pond。
Silang did not come,Gao Zhan has not come,The people of the government have not come,That thing doesn’t seem to have happened.。

Chinese ambassador to Belgium attended the celebration dinner of the Beijing Winter Olympics of the China Economic and Trade Commission

Cao Zhongming, a Chinese ambassador to Belgium, delivered a speech.

Figures of the Chinese Embassy in Belgium.

People’s Daily Online, Brussels, April 21 (Reporter Zhang Penghui) On April 21, the Chinese ambassador to Belgium Cao Zhongming was invited to attend the Beijing Winter Olympic Dinner of the Beijing Winter Olympics and delivered speeches. The chairman of the Council and more than 70 people in the economic and trade community attended the event. In his speech, Cao Zhongming congratulated the excellent performance of the Belgian Winter Olympics delegation first, and expressed his gratitude to the Bi Olympic Committee and the Biwen Olympics delegation for their strong support for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Cao Zhongming said that the Belgian sports athletes were bravely struggling at the Beijing Winter Olympics, and achieved two historic breakthroughs in the first time they won the gold medal and female athletes for the first time in 74 years, vividly interpreted the Olympic spirit. China adheres to the concept of greening, sharing, openness, and integrity, overcoming the influence of the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic, and contributing to the world a "simple, safe, and wonderful" Winter Olympics event, which is inseparable from the understanding of countries around the world, including Belgium and support. Cao Zhongming said that in the Winter Olympics, sports athletes pursue the "higher, faster, and stronger" Olympic spirit. On the track of the global market, China -Bi Entrepreneurs are also working hard to expand economic and trade cooperation, enhance corporate competitiveness, and strive for "leaders". In 2021, the total amount of bilateral trade was US $ 100 million, a year -on -year increase of%. This fully indicates that China -Emperor and Sino -European economic and trade relations have extensive common interests and broad cooperation space. Win -win -win cooperation is our only correct choice. It is hoped that Belgian entrepreneurs will firmly have confidence in China’s high -quality development, understand China’s determination to open up high -level openness, and maintain the perseverance of China -Bei mutual trust. The essence of China -Ben and Sino -European economic and trade relations is mutual benefit and win -win, not that I will win. The political and trade issues are politicized and decoupled and building walls. What destroys the global industrial chain and supply chain. What is damaged is the cooperation foundation and common interests of both parties.

CICC should play the role of bridge, so that China -Bien’s mutual and rational view of each other, telling the story of the cooperation between the two parties, and continue to use the "heart" to write the future chapter of pragmatic cooperation than pragmatic cooperation. The atmosphere. Chairman Dewiton thanked the Chinese Embassy in Belgium for a long time to compare the strong support of the China Economic and Trade Commission, saying that he would help better develop the other party market than Chinese companies. Chairman Sever congratulated China to successfully host the Beijing Winter Olympics, and expressed his willingness to further promote Sports exchanges and cooperation than China. (Responsible editor: Yan Mei, Yang Mu) Share let more people see it.

Hope,Can they succeed?!

Ninth school district。
When the dark thunder falls,The Qing Palace suddenly lifted between the head,Operating staring at the sky,Lianmu’s original life and death is not dead without death.。
“What is the power??!”The Qing Palace is strong to bear the pain at the arm,Hello to turn around to fly up,But,When he sees,But only I saw the instant that Meiqin was dark by the darkness.。
“Namagin!”The Qing Dynasty smashed the eyes,I am rushing to fly in the direction of Meiqin.,But what did him didn’t think of?,I haven’t waited for him close to Meiqin.,It was given back by a powerful current.,This is the direct electricity, the Qing Palace is paralyzed.,Heavy falls on the rooftop!
“careful!”Saudiola shouted,I hurried up and support the Qing Palace.,But the Qing Palace shook her head against her.,Places that still stare at Meiqin。
Inside the Qing Dynasty,A more and stronger fluctuations are being pregnant in the powerful current,And this also makes his heart slowly。
At this moment,Current is slightly weakened,Qing Palace is rushing to stand up,Looking at the direction of beauty,Even the lips are bitten by themselves, there is no feeling.。
at the same time,Central center,Flash a purple。
(This chapter is over)
NS437chapter Mutations
In the eyes of the Qing Dynasty,A touch of purple flashes。
“what is this?!”It is shocked by the Qing Dynasty.,Seeing the purple moment,The Qing Palace seems to have a feeling that is filled with flame.,Let him hurry to return to his eyes,And in the moment of purple,Toward of the Qing Dynasty,A pale-white flame shape is also strange and jumped.。
“Everyone retreats!”Until this time,The Qing Palace really realizes the terrible scary,Hurry,I shouted to the side of Saudila and others,“Leave here!”
“Gossip,People with retreat!”Saudila,I hurriedly shouted behind the people.,And with her,Members of the gossip troops have ordered,With serious injuries, Flana and Fremeya are separated from Tiantou.,finally,There is only only Saudiola, which is left in the same place and the two of Elisa sisters.。
Elisa’s strength,Saudila is not good for forced to take her,It can only stay with it without helplessness.,And others withdrew to a safe building。
And just less than a minute,The arc of the place where the US piano is gradually weakened.,but,The color of the original blue arc is gradually changed.。
An arc is slowly exiting,but,The remaining arc color is getting deeper,Like the color like a color,Change from blue to purple trend,This also makes the Qing Palace in the hearts of the Qing Dynasty.。
“You are also walking soon.!”Take care of nothing,The Qing Dynasty said to Elisa sisters,“Waiting for if there is a problem,I am afraid that you can’t pay attention to you.。”
“good。”Saudila sees the Qing Palace this look,There are not many questions,Directly ignore the eyes of Alissa,I grabbed her waist,Want, go to the opposite building,at this time,The second sound shocks the entire second school area of the nerre of the second school district.。
Qing Palace,Only left hand slowly,then,Gold barrier appears again,The mad thunder that has become deep purple,Guaisa et al.。
Did not arrive in two seconds,Gold barrier crashed,Scattered into a flame fall in front of the Qing Dynasty,Some flames fall on the ground,Also ignited some trees and houses。
However, the Qing Palace has no time to pay attention to these.,Because of his face,Still standing a figure。
Look from the shape,That is a tea girl,It is the Meiqin, a familiar in the Qing Palace.,only,Meiqin at this time is not a bit wrong。
Girls have no expressions at this time,A tea is completely floating in the air at this time.,What is the power of the force,The most frustrated is the girl’s eyes,The left eye is completely black,Like deep black hole,Central in black hole,There is a small highlight,A silk purple arc is moving from it,The girl’s right eye is just the opposite,Is completely pure white,Even the pupil disappeared,Look very shocking。
Girl is still wearing sportswear for the common plate,But in her around,A silk purple arc is constantly moving in the girl.,At this time, the arc color is not a deep purple start.,Instead, it becomes a bright bright purple.,The most ity is,Arc on the girl’s body,Faint entanglement,It looks like two special ribbons,Wrap around the girl’s arm and back,Wings like a butterfly,Look very beautiful,But,This kind of gorgeous has given a feeling of cold and chestnut。
“Namagin?”The opening of the Qing Dynasty is asked.。
Girl does not respond,Just stand quietly in place,Around her body,The purple arc is jumped from time to time.,No one knows what she is doing at the moment。
Girl’s consciousness。
Mercure slowly opened his eyes,Fantastic look around the darkness,Although the eyes see,But I don’t know where I am.。
Where is this??Meiqin’s conscious thinking,I always feel awareness.
and also,who am I
Just as the Meiqin fans look at the darkness of the four weeks,Another figure suddenly appeared behind her behind her。
“Who are you?”Looking at the young girl wearing a nurse after the body,Meiqin is not frightened or strange,Just asked softly。
“who am I?”Another dark girl laughs。
“me,It is a person who can see the urban nature of the Qing School.!”

Guo Ailun’s new challenge to the finals

Original title: Guo Ailun’s new challenge to the finals on April 16th, Liaoning men’s basketball player Guo Ailun (middle) broke through in the game.

The photo was provided by Xinhua News Agency with the third game of the CBA semi -finals. The Liaoning men’s basketball team defeated the Guangdong team 117:116. Guo Ailun scored 23 points, 6 rebounds, and 7 assists in this game. After this campaign, Guo Ailun’s CBA career historical score reached 7994 points. If there was no accident, in the first game of the CBA finals this season, Guo Ailun would usher in another milestone and became the "8000 points club" after the active domestic player relay Jianlian. The second person. Despite the trouble of injuries, as the "11 crowns" of the CBA league, the overall defense quality of the Guangdong team still belongs to the top level of CBA.

In the three semi -finals, the Guangdong team across Guo Ailun’s defensive strategy, that is, clips and large delays, which made Guo Ailun very uncomfortable on the offensive end. It can be imagined that if Guo Ailun is out of control, he will fall into the tactical trap set by the Guangdong team, which will cause trouble to the Liaoning men’s basketball team.

The Guangdong team failed to do so. Most of the time in the semi -finals, Guo Ailun could keep calm. Although he was divided into the three games, he was lower than his level in the regular season, but at a critical moment, he did not have a soft hand. In the last 14 seconds of the overtime of the game, Guo Ailun hit the opponent’s double bag and hit the winning game for the Liaoning men’s basketball team. At the same time, in the face of strict defense, Guo Ailun sent 6 assists for his teammates. It is conceivable that in the finals, Guo Ailun will be the most important weapon for the Liaoning men’s basketball team.

Of course, Guo Ailun needs to solve his own problems in the finals. The first is the feel of the outer shooting. In the semi -final, the Guangdong team was "unprepared" in Guo Ailun, and gambled Guo Allen’s three -pointer.

In addition to 2 of the three -pointer 3 of the second game, the other two semi -finals, Guo Ailun’s three -pointer hit the three -pointer rate of 0 and 9 of 9, respectively. This is not Guo Ailun’s real level, indicating that Guo Ailun’s mentality needs to be adjusted.

In addition, during the playoffs, Guo Ailun has eaten twice technical fouls. If you eat two more technical fouls in the finals, it will be banned one game. This needs to attach full attention from the Liaoning men’s basketball coaching team and himself. In the 2014-2015 season, 21-year-old Guo Ailun stood on the finals of the finals. At that time, he played the role of "aid" by Hudson.

Today, Guo Ailun is already a well -deserved offensive core of the Liaoning men’s basketball team. Whether it was the "40+10" in the 1/4 finals, or sorting out the team’s offense in the semi -finals, Guo Ailun made people see a mature side. What kind of performance will Guo Ailun’s sixth finals? let us wait and see.

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Nalanyu really picked up a bottle of wine from the living room。Xia Jian has a look,Busy talking to Nalanyu:“I will definitely eat with you,But you don’t need to bring this wine。I have drunk a little over the past few days,Besides, maybe we have to do business this afternoon”

Nalanyu smiled and said:“No alcohol,I want to drink a little too,Don’t refuse”Nalanyu doesn’t care about Xia Jian’s persuasion,Go with wine。
The restaurant Nalanyu booked is actually across the street from her house,Arrived in a few steps。Xia Jian and Nalanyu were taken by the waiter to a private room on the second floor and sat down。
Because it is Cantonese,So all the dishes are ordered by Nalanyu。Xia Jianguang reads the recipe and doesn’t speak,He has to learn something,He won’t beg others when he takes friends to eat Cantonese food。
The food in the big restaurant is quite fast。The dishes will be ready in a while,What fish, shrimps are all from the sea。
After the waiter poured the wine on them,Nalanyu sent the waiter out。She raised her glass and said:“I won’t say much if I’m thankful,This can only show that my dad has a relationship with you。He just fell ill,And you happen to be thereGZ。I will do it first”
Nalanyu is really a woman,She lifted her glass and ran away。You know how big this wine is,Normal women can’t drink so much。
Xia Jian can’t sit still,Then he laughed and said:“Since it is an old wine that has been treasured for many years,Shouldn’t drink so hard,But like tasting tea,Sip and drink slowly”
“Don’t tell me this,Good to go,Will drunk people。You did it too!Don’t tell me you can’t drink,In this case, I will underestimate you”Nalanyu said,Poured myself another glass。
Xia Jian had to take a drink,Then I picked up the chopsticks and ate。He is not at all polite in front of Nalanyu。Don’t look at this wine as soft,Mouth fragrant。Good wines that can be collected generally have stamina,Once it happens, it’s very powerful。
Two people drinking,Talked a lot。Fortunately there is only one bottle of wine,Xia Jian knows how to drink this wine again,So I don’t want to finish it soon。
From eleven o’clock noon,This meal lasted until more than two o’clock in the afternoon。A table of seafood is only left in shells。
A bottle of liquor,And they drank it slowly。Kana Lanyu through the wine,Talking is endless,Like an old friend who hasn’t seen each other for many years。
Thus,Even if Xia Jian wants to leave,Can’t get off。Exactly at this time,His cell phone rang untimely。
Display on the phone,Is a strange phone number,And it can be seen from the area code,This phone number should be inGZ。
Xia Jian hesitated and then answered the call。There was a woman’s voice on the phone:“Xia Jian!You are hereGZIs it?I want to see you”
Xia Jianyi listen,I feel that this is Gu Yue’s voice,So he asked quickly:“Are you Gu Yue?I’m hereGZ,Where are you?”
“If you are free,Then please go to Dongping Road326number。Where am i waiting for you,remember,You can come alone”Gu Yue finished,Hung up。
Didn’t Gu Yue go abroad??Xia Jian is confused。But since they asked him,He can’t help but see。

Huashan theory 丨 Let more farmers happy to grow food

The country is based on farmers, and the people take food as the heaven. For a major country like us with a population of more than 1.4 billion, solving the problem of good food is always a top priority to govern the country.

How to consolidate the foundation of food safety and bring "Chinese rice bowl" firmly on your own hands? The enthusiasm of protecting and mobilizing farmers’ farming grains and local agriculture to grasp food is the key.

This year’s Central Document No. 1 clearly states: "reasonably guarantee farmers’ income.

In accordance with the goal of allowing farmers to grow grains and have enthusiasm for grasping food in the main production area, we will improve the guarantee mechanism for farmers’ grain planting income.

"The policy signals of Qiangnong Huihui Farmers and Farmers were released again, showing the country’s attention to farmers, and a" reassurance "for farmers breeding farmers.

"蓑“ ““ ““ ““ “Everywhere.

You have to plow the water foot and look at the years.

"For thousands of years, farmers have been the hardest and the farmers are the hardest. Hundreds of millions of farmers have worked with hard -working sweats and silent cultivation to protect the food of a generation of people and build a large country for the people. However, with my country’s industrialization and urbanization of urbanization The rapid development, the hollowization of rural areas and the aging of farmers’ aging is increasingly prominent. A series of real gold and silver -benefit farmers ‘policies have made a comprehensive effort to mobilize and protect farmers’ enthusiasm for planting grain. According to statistics, in 2021, the national public budget agricultural and forestry and water expenditure arrangements were arranged by 100 million yuan, an increase of%from 2020.

Good policies continue to land on the fields, making agriculture more and more rushing, farmers’ pockets.

In fact, farmers are willing to grow food and how much food is willing to grow, in the final analysis, it depends on how much income can bring food to farmers. Only the "bottom" of policies can be prisoned and the "hand" of the market is well used, so that farmers are supported by farmers and sale of grain, and they can get real benefits. Only the enthusiasm of farmers can be mobilized by farmers. In order to build more and more firmly.

The policy is powerful, so that farmers do not suffer.

Grain is a special product, with high social benefits but relatively low economic benefits. In addition, floods, droughts, and frost often cause serious losses to grain production.

Provide a full -scale guarantee for the farmers of grain planting to make the previous "eating by the sky" into "drought and flood protection" in order to eliminate the worries of farmers and let farmers dare to plant food and plant good food.

It is necessary to "combine boxing" for the "Trinity" support policy of prices, subsidies, and insurance. While giving play to the role of market mechanisms, we will strengthen government support and protection, so that more farmers can really enjoy policy dividends. This year’s Central Document No. 1 pointed out: "In 2022, the minimum purchase price of rice and wheat is appropriately increased, and corn, soybean producer subsidy and rice subsidy policies are stabilized, and three major grain crops are fully cost insurance and plant income insurance. The county is covered with full coverage. "Operations for efficiency to make farmers grow more. Do a good job of wealthy farmers from the "preserved cost" to "increasing income" can make more and more farmers enjoy the land. It is necessary to innovate the grain production and operation model, change the "single fighting" to "get rich" to support family farms, peasant cooperatives, agricultural industrialized leading enterprises, a variety of grains, and planting good grains; Farmers, accelerate the development of agricultural social services, and open up the "last mile" of farmers who serve grain planting. Through order grain, land custody, land transfer and other methods to make farmers grow more worry -free, money, and effort; The cooperation mechanism, do a good job of the "second half" article of the food industrialization operations, drum farmers’ pockets through multiple channels such as order agriculture, processing logistics, and product marketing, and help the road of wealthy farmers with new industries and new formats.

Technical escort allows farmers to plant grain. Grain production is basically arable land, and roads are in technology.

It is necessary to produce production to technology. By introducing mechanized and intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment, the land will be planted to plant land to "wisdom" to continuously improve agricultural production efficiency. The majority of agricultural technicians should go in -depth production, face -to -face and handlers to farmers to send technology, and to send technology to farmers, and to send technologies to farmers. Send guidance and services to ensure that new varieties and new agronomy are sent to the field in time, becoming a good helper for farmers.

To give farmers a higher social status, we must not only increase the rewards for large grain farmers, let people who grow farm have sweets, but also break the bottlenecks of rural talent development, and encourage more farmers to move towards "the land with certificates and technology. The career development path of professional title "makes farmers a decent occupation, and let more" Turkish experts "and" Tian Xiucai "show their skills.

There is food in my hand, and I don’t panic. Stabilizing food is to stabilize the hearts of grain. Only by allowing farmers to grow grain and production and production can we continue to consolidate the good situation of harvesting of grain production for many years, so that more than 1.4 billion people’s rice bowls are more stable and more firm.

(Xi Chen).

Xia Jian couldn’t help but get angry,He shouted“what are you doing?”

“What am i doing?Then i ask you,What are you doing here?”The man yelled。Is this person a divine disease??Why is it so nonsensical。
Do not know why,As soon as this person comes in,In addition to being surprised, Su Yiman,The color of the face has also changed,I saw she stood up abruptly,Closed the door。
“Yo!Are you afraid of others hearing!If you care about your face like this,You shouldn’t do such a thing,I have been with you for a week”Which man shouted at Su Yiman loudly。
That’s it,Xia Jian also heard a general idea,He stood up,When I wanted to explain a few words to a man,Unexpectedly, Su Yiman said coldly:“Lin Ling,You forced it,Let’s divorce!“
“OK!You cheated first,So everything in the house,Have nothing to do with you,Let’s go through the formalities tomorrow“The man named Lin Ling by Su Yiman sneered and said。
Xia Jian just figured it out,This man turned out to be Su Yiman’s husband,Why did he encounter such a thing?Xia Jian is extremely embarrassed,He stood up,Speak softly:“Are you the husband of Su Hang?!Is it a bit too impulsive??“
“go away,Talk to me like you,I’m afraid you dirty me“Lin Ling can’t wait to eat Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“For the sake of meeting President Su and I,I don’t remember with you,What i want to explain is,Nothing happened between me and President Su“
“Alright you!Are you going to sleep at my house?“Lin Ling said angrily。
Su Yiman can’t stand it anymore,She said loudly:“Don’t explain to him,There is something between us“
First0717chapter Green hat that can’t be shaken off
“Do you still use it??You slut,I knew something happened between you,I just haven’t exposed you,I didn’t expect you to become Gali,I can’t bear it”Lin Ling yelled and cursed。
Although the door of the private room is tightly closed,But Xia Jian was convinced,Lin Ling’s curse has shocked many people,Maybe this time,Everyone has circled outside。
Look at this person as a literati,How so unreasonable,Even if his wife turns him green,This should be done at home,This in public,It seems to be bad for anyone!