Xia Chenglong still did not speak,Zong Xueqin couldn’t help it at this time,Turned his head and said to him:“Hey,Are you really a piece of wood??”

“I’ve been busy recently,I’m a little tired,I have something to go back first,You are busy!”Xia Chenglong walked out of the gate after speaking。
At this time, Zong Xueqin came to Xia Chenglong’s body.,Stopped Xia Chenglong in one hand:“All said,You are my bodyguard,Come with me to sleep in my villa tonight!”
Xia Chenglong took a step forward and got close to Zong Xueqin,There is only a slight distance between the tips of the noses of two people,At this time, she actually had a little deer’s mind,She raised her head to look at him,I blushed my cheeks so rarely。
“woman,Don’t play with fire,I said i’m not interested in you,But it doesn’t mean I am not a man!”
The threat of Xia Chenglong’s words is obvious,But Zong Xueqin giggled when Xia Chenglong said this:“You say you are a man?Then you are a man,Why dare not touch me?Am i not beautiful enough?”
Zong Xueqin licked her red lips after speaking,Flaming red lips,Champagne,Medieval classical music is also played in the house,The moon in the sky is also perfectly round,Before and after,It’s just that Xia Chenglong didn’t care about it at this time.。
“I don’t want to tell you this kind of thing a second time,Woman, I advise you not to play with fire,Playing with fire**I think you should understand this truth!”
Xia Chenglong said and pushed Zong Xueqin away,At this time, she completely let him push herself away,Did not catch up。
It’s just that Zong Xueqin stared at the direction Xia Chenglong left.,Stood still for a long time,Then the corners of his mouth lifted slightly and a playful smile,She shook the goblet in her hand,Drink all the red wine in the glass。
“This man is really interesting,What my old lady is fond of,There really is nothing unavailable,Wait for my old lady!”
Xia Chenglong, who was already far away, suddenly sneezed heavily.,He rubbed his nose,And then whispered:“Which bastard is scolding Lao Tzu。”
What Xia Chenglong didn’t know was,At this time, he is already thought of。
After Xia Chenglong left here,Came to the place where the mysterious aura disappeared。
This place is an abandoned factory,Disrepair,Streets like doors and windows are crumbling,Cobwebs,It looks like no one has been here for a long time。
Xia Chenglong stepped up and walked in,Just at this time,The mysterious aura that disappeared before was felt by him again。
Xia Chenglong’s expression was also tight at this time,Then he turned his head fiercely。
After Xia Chenglong turns back,I also found a man standing behind me,A man wearing a mask。