Blood Boy Huang Zitao did not play this time, but also gave the actor a name

“Blood Boy” Huang Zitao did not play this time, but also gave the actor a name
Huang Zitao, Zhang Xueying and Liu Yuning starring in the alternative youth drama “Hot Blood Boy” starring on the video website.The script is higher than the treacherous Shanghai of the 20th century. It is called the legendary Wu Qian and He Hongyi, who are not afraid of hardship and sacrifice, inspiring to expose darkness and justice.A few days ago, Sauna Night Network interviewed the producer Bai Yijing, the producer Han Bing, and the editor-in-chief Tang Qicen. Regarding the love scene between the male and female protagonists in the play, Tang Qicen said that “Blood Boy” does not use love scenesAs a packaging coat, “Neither protagonist is a love brain, but also focuses on ideals and beliefs, and the revolutionary goals to be completed, more like revolutionary comrades.”The rival play of Huang Zitao and Liu Yuning in prison.The picture comes from the online character Huang Zitao is not a “natural” starred in “The Bloody Youth” tells about a group of young people gathered in the chaotic shantytown of society: at the age of seven, they are mixed in the rivers and lakes, and they can hit the “Xinzha Road Little Overlord” who can still be beaten.In order to raise money for my grandmother to treat the disease and humble to be converted to a small police officer, a hot-blooded young girl who frequently overturned her car in a “career” kidnapped in the pit.Among them, Wu Qian, played by Huang Zitao, hides a simple, innocent heart beneath the playful surface.He used fake cultural relics to deceive foreigners, and distributed the deceived ocean to the neighborhood. He set up a registration booth for the Wanshu Conference on the street, admitting the registration fee of gamblers who did not know the truth on the street.According to the chief producer Bai Yijing, the initial actor of the troupe was Huang Zitao, and Huang Zitao added his own ideas at the stage of the script, including that the protagonist ‘s name “Wu Gan” was created by himself. “WeThe main character of the hero is that there is no money, Huang Zitao said that simply called Wu Gan.”For Huang Zitao’s performance in the drama, a large number of netizens think that Wu Qian’s character is very similar to Huang Zitao’s own, which is regarded as his” natural “appearance, but in the view of the editor-in-chief Tang Qicen, WuGan Zitao is more complex and complex than Huang Zitao. Huang Zitao did not appear to be “instinctive”. “Although the previous episodes of Wu Ganluo and Diao Erlang are doing some abductions, he has a process of ideological growth and the rise of revolutionary consciousness.Later he grew very quickly.”In the early stage of” Blood Boy “, Wu Gan only cared about his ability to eat, wear, and warm himself. He didn’t care about the world’s major events. Later, under the influence of the hostess, he began to shoulder his responsibilities, and eventually started from a” little boy “”Grow up to be a passionate teenager who resists foreigners and warlords.””The forgiveness and sacrifice behind Wu Qian are quite different from Huang Zitao’s own character and experience.”” The story doesn’t pack love dramas to Zhang Xueying as the heroine.The picture comes from the introduction of Bai Yizheng on the Internet. The initial direction of the script is “the growth of teenagers”. The reason for putting this theme in the Republic of China is because the environment is complex, chaotic, and various forces are intertwined. The turmoil of the current situation can bring young peopleThere are many different growth points.”If the story happens today, there are not so many external factors that hinder the protagonist’s growth.”In Tang Qicen’s view, although the protagonists of the story are all” little gangsters “, they are very loving and righteous with each other.” This kind of emotion is very rare. In modern dramas, each mayI feel a little fake, but people are very moved in the era of the Republic of China.”The love scene of the hero and heroine in the play is also an important clue. Love is the direct reason that caused Wu Gan to embark on the revolutionary road, but Bai Yizheng did not want to turn it into a love idol drama, in which the love scene is just a branch,”We don’t want to be a hero of Gao Daquan, as if we have a revolutionary gene.Wu Qian ‘s valuation is very basic. I just hope to have food with my brothers and live a better life. He was driven by the heroine on the revolutionary road, and the women let him grow up.Because she likes a girl who is engaged in revolution, she is influenced by women to make revolution.”Tang Qicen said that” Blood Boys “does not use love scenes as packaging, but this character naturally encountered love during the growth process, because love changes itself.It is different, it is a double strong state, the male host is very strong, but the female host is stronger.”The best scene to set is a fantasy drama, the most difficult to match is a real drama. In Bai Yijing’s view, the best scene is a fantasy drama, because no one has ever seen it, as long as it is exaggerated enough.Bizarre, enough visual impact.The most difficult thing to do is precisely the scene with realism, “even if it is a place hundreds of years ago, how to make it more real.”Blood Boy” is basically done with a solid realism. We have to consider that the behavior of people living in it is a certain kind, and we will verify many previous materials and restore the shantytowns of the year.A good scene is to have a texture after the ride, some places need to have some moss, and there should be fireworks near the stove, leaving spots of life.”The series invited Hong Kong’s senior film and art producer Liu Shiyun. Under his control, the series has dealt with many details in place, such as the exquisite small box of Sheng Mahjong, which has both chronological characteristics and modern aestheticFeel.Prisons, streets, barber shops, etc. all have the characteristics of the Republic of China era. Whether it is a splendid high-class social place or a broken brick shantytown alley, it shows a Shanghai beach that meets the sense of the times.In the eyes of the original creators, “Setting the Scenery” is the most difficult replacement for the whole drama.For example, if Wu Gan ‘s play in the shantytown is not the real scene and the real shot, so many plays will not be displayed at all. By follow-up, there will be no sense of hierarchy.Producer Han Bing allegedly introduced that the scenes of the show have been shown in the previous Republican drama, and the two important scenes in the play are shantytowns and prisons. The crew hopes to be different from the previous Republican drama.Among them, as one of the important scenes in the prison drama, after being framed and sent to prison, Wu Gan was suppressed, beaten, tortured, and excluded from all parties, but Wu Gan never conceded defeat and even took the lead to resist and stir up a game. “Prison situation “.”Prior to the Republic of China, the prison was basically a cell, an interrogation room, and there were a few railings on the walls on the four sides. There was not much to show the wind outside. When the” Blood Boys “was in prison, they wanted to be more beautiful and tolerate everyoneInterlace.”Sauna, Ye Wang editor Liu Na proofreading Zhao Lin